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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  May 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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we are in for a sunday soaking as we look live at the philadelphia international airport. meteorologist chris sowers is tracking the rain moving into the area right now. "action news" is there as the drenched by determined runners compete in this morning's broad street run. the rain is beginning to fall there. philadelphia ten miler to the navy yard. septa detours are going into effect for the broad street run. we'll tell you about service changes. good morning 6:00 a.m., meteorologist sourest source has a check -- chris sowers has a check of the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. not good timing for the rain moving.
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>> reporter: honestly everyday there's a chance of rain. we're stuck in an unlawful pattern to be honest with you. looking live in atlantic city, the showers are starting to push through south jersey. steadier rains have made their way through center city. we'll flip it over to the radar. look at the shield of moisture west to east there's still more to come. looks like a half inch to an inch of rain depending on your location. every now and then you'll see the yellow and oranges pop up. that's the heaviest rain. 676, the schuylkill right there, again, the steadiest at this point is right over the city. few you're traveling into philadelphia from new jersey, the roads are wet. we're seeing ponding on the roads now, 42, route 130, everything is welt. you'll have to slow it down this morning. allow yourself extra time. here's future tracker 6 there's a high resolution forecast model, 8:00 a.m. this is a
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steady shield of rain to occasionally heavy across the entire viewing area. as you progress this along it will continue in the morning into the first part of the afternoon. 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., the steady heavy rains pull out to sea. at that point we're left overwith clouds and showers and patchy drizzle. the morning for certain looks really damp chilly and raw. 7:00 a.m., 49. same thing by 8:00 a.m. 9:00. 50 degrees, same thing with 10:00 a.m., 52. expect a steady soaking rain just about all morning long. when i come back in a few minutes there's a chance of drizzle and showers falling from the clouds, i'll have the details when i see you in just a bit. guys? chris thank you, remember you can get the seven day forecast and storm tracker 6 live at any time at 6:02 if you are just waking up with us, they need training for this for months now.
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thousands of runners ready to hit broad street for the nation's biggest ten mile run. it is show time in front of thousands of cheering fans. the 37th annual broad street run stepped off at central high school and olney section of philadelphia. katherine scott is live, the rain is not going to stop the runner also. >> reporter: you want to be prepared for the rain whether you're in the race, or watching the race. it's been picking up over the last hour sore so. do come prepared. we're standing at the starting line right now. i wouldn't be able to stand where i'm standing two hours from now, because thousands of runners will be crossing the starting line and making their way down broad street and heading to the navy yard. we're not seeing the runners yet, they will be showing up soon, though. up to 40,000 runners are expected to show up.
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some are seasoned runners some are just taking part and they just want to finish the race. looking around the starting line it's basically crews working right now. you see the police police office gates, the tents. they are preparing for the runners who are starting to show up pretty soon start to stretch and warm up and get ready for the broad street run. we start at 8:00 a.m., it's expected to be a soggy day. it's going to get worse but should be fun for the people taking part. a little water never hurt anybody, right? thanks katherine. here's what you need to know about septa, route 16 bus is detoured. dozen of other bus routes begin at 7:30 a.m. 12 express broad street line trains are running to the race at the olney transportation center and fern rock transportation center.
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all this is on the homepage. happening today, a memorial service will be held for the wilmington teenager who was beaten inside the bathroom inside her high school, 16-year-old amy joyner-francis seen here. she died april 25th. the service begins at 5:00 p.m., amy joyner-francis was a sophomore at howard high school of technology. three female students were suspended from school. police say they have to if i fih their investigation before they can file any charges. down south flash flooding is inundating several towns and taking a deadly toll. a young child was evacuated safely from a home in arkansas. the home was surrounded by water that gushed from a swollen river. a family in texas was devastated by the flash flooding. elizabeth hur has more. >> reporter: in texas, floodwaters so ferocious they
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literally split the earth apart. the man who shot this video making it out of his car just in time. the flash flooding turned fatal in palestine texas when a creek overflowed in the dead of night. ems. >> reporter: first responders could not beat the raging waters to the home where the 64-year-old drown with her four great grandchildren all under 9 years old. neighbors listened helplessly to their cries. the water was so high they went under. she was trying to swim, she had four kids it was kind of hard to do it by herself. i'm trying to hold myself together. overnight, tornado slashed their way across texas and oklahoma. chris allen rescued his six children. we stayed at the school
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they had a safe room up there. we waited until the storm passed. this is what we come back to. >> reporter: storm winds damaged a dozens homes and tore apart the stores leaving owners to pick through the wreckage. as heavy rains pushed eastward flood watches are in effect. elizabeth hur in new york. turning to the race for the president, donald trump, cruz and bernie sanders plan to campaign in indiana. that's the site of the next primary on tuesday. ted cruz and john kasich spent yesterday speaking in california. they are courting delegates ahead of the primary on june 7. cruz believes the contest could be the knockout for donald trump. california could decide the republican nomination. it's critical. yesterday most of
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delaware's delegates going to the gop national conconvention in cleveland pledged support for trump. bernie sanders is hoping a win for him in indiana slows hillary clinton's momentum. inside story digs deeper into the presidential race and the pennsylvania primary. there's much more to come on "action news" sunday morning. seth williams gets into a fight outside of the courtroom. this was for a good cause. also ahead. i'm not sure i'm using this right. president obama poked fun at the candidates vying to replace him. standup comedy from the commander and chief coming up. more than $300 million on
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the line last night's powerball drawing, we'll tell you if anyone struck it rich. chris. the rain has arrived, it is steady and heavy at times. this will be pulling through this morning i hope you like the wet weather, because we have rain and showers in the forecast almost every single day this week. details coming up when we come right back. blinds to go's new cascade shades. gentle diffused light when you want it. darkened privacy when you don't. modern elegance always. right now take 30% off our entire selection
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morning, it is 6:12, 49 degrees, sky6 live hd taking a live look at the commodor barry bridge you can see the rain has already moved in, but that won't stop the country's largest ten mile an miler from stepping off this morning. >> reporter: i did one of these races in the chicago and we were in the snow there were folks everywhere. there's a big difference when people are out there cheering for you. >> reporter: it's a motivator, right? let's get you to double scan live and show you what's going on. the rain has arrived. you can see we have a steady shield west to east across the viewing area. it has not made it to cape may just yet, but should be there quickly. we'll zoom into south jersey first, buena, along route 40 in mays landing.
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delsea drive, white horse pike, a steady to moderate rain. closer to philadelphia shows the steady rain over the city and cherry hill and haddonfield and steady rain indicated by the yellows and oranges, it is shifting east at 20 to 25 miles per hour. we don't have a break in the action. as this starts to move through, it will continue steadily for four or five hours. things will taper off west to east later this afternoon. here's double scan we'll set it in motion, here's the shield of moisture overspreading the keystone state. the cut off line that arrives by 2:00 p.m. in the city of philadelphia, but again from now until then it's going to be raining light to occasionally moderately and sometimes heavily. you can see showers and thunderstorms off to the south. so does not look like a lovely
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finish to the weekend. 468 degrees along with the rain and the clouds we'll see chilly temperatures, highs today will struggle. we'll top out around 56, 57. philadelphia, 49. dover, 50 degrees, cape may 50, atlantic city and beach haven 50 degrees. lancaster and reading, 45 and 46. as we go wider on radar, we're getting areas of low pressure riding a stalled out front. as they work off the coast we get another one developing. this is one is west of new orleans tomorrow morning. that's followed by another one tuesday morning. there's a potential for cut off low, that means if the jet stream is something like this this is the main steering mechanism across the country. that means the low just sits there. wednesday, thursday and friday, we'll be feeling the effects of that, as well. every single day there's a chance of rain or drizzle or
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showers. the steady rain pushing through 2:00 p.m. they should be through the city at that point or close. western suburbs starting to dry out a little bit. it will be cloudy and damp and chilly and raw, 6:00, same thing. and leftover showers possible. rain early, heavy at time. during the afternoon it transitions over to leftover showers. it remains damp and cloudy throughout the day. rainfall total range from a half inch to an inch dpedged -- depending on your location. rain and showers, chilly, raw, 56 degrees is the forecasted high. hour by hour we go, it's a little bit better by afternoon, but still leftover showers. 3:00 p.m., 55, 5:00 p.m., 56 degrees, overnight tonight, leftover showers, patchy fog, 47 degrees outlying suburbs, 52 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, does not
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look pretty. take a look at this, every single day a shower is possible for tomorrow morning. otherwise the afternoon is all right, clouds and sun, 73. spotty shower tuesday, shower late wednesday. damp rain thursday, damp showers friday, more showers for thursday, friday and saturday, nydia. i'll take it, chris, good morning to you, by the way all the rain in the forecast. bring sunshine, chris. the powerball jackpot is soaring there were no winners in the $314 million drawing. that makes next drawing listen to this, $348 million. the numbers, 3, 12, 16, 32, 34, the powerball 14 and the power play number 3. you can see wednesday winningest numbers on "action news" at 11:00 p.m. after accuweather. you would split it with me if you won the powerball wouldn't you? i would.
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scooter got crushed beneath a duck boat ride in boston, a man riding the scooter with the woman suffered minor injuries. there were 0 passengers on board the duck boat at the time of the accident. nobs was hurt. the investigation into prince's death is focusing on a
6:20 am
walgreens near the music lend's home. they are trying to figure out what medications he had been prescribed. there's new information about whole inherent his $300 million estate. he has 6 surviving siblings and sources say there is another potential heir. convicted child predator, jerry sandusky is serving 30 to 60 year prison sentence. his attorney will argue that grand jury leaks tainted the first trial. last week the judge threw out a question for a new trial for three administrators. 15 million americans work the schedule occasionally. nurses police officers and janitors and others, harvard researchers who say those who
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>> reporter: welcome back everyone, 6:23 sunday morning, double scan showing a shield of moisture moving over top of the philadelphia area. it's a good 100 to 125 miles wide drifting off to the east at 15 to 20 miles per hour. it will take time to get it through. note the darker shades of green and yellows that represents heavy rain that's falling across
6:24 am
the area. we'll go hour by hour for you. 9:00 a.m., there's philadelphia right here, by 10:00 a.m., same thing looking at a steady to occasionally heavy rain. by 11:00 a.m., same thing, by lunchtime pretty much the same thing. the steadiest at that point starting to shift east and push over to the garden state of new jersey and out to sea. you get the idea here, the morning looks really, really damp and chilly and raw. rain to showers, morning rain, afternoon showers, damp and chilly, highs topping out in the mid 50s, guys? thank you so much, in sports the weather not so hot, but the phillies are. here's ducis rogers. >> reporter: good morning, don't sleep on the phillies even though the rest of baseball has. the phils and indians, the phillies enter the game with a four game win streak. first inning freddie galvis with
6:25 am
a man on. two-run homer his third of the year. 2-0. the defense in the second inning. roberto perez thinks he has a single. hernandez has other ideas. fast forward to the 7. galvis again that brings in the go ahead run 4-3. 9th inning phils cling to the one run lead, gomez, two men on, the phils take it 4-# to five straight wins in 8 out out of their last nine. eagles picketed -- picked up 6 more players. we know doll small wood, a shorter -- wejts -- wendal small
6:26 am
wood comes with baggage, he was arrested. i was young and hanging out with the wrong people, i was never around, i was never involved, there was no evidence, it came out to be true, all the stuff was clear, i learned from the situation and try to moved forward and be a better man. we do a lot of research on the guys, we don't want to throw away guys because they had one incident, in this case five or six years ago, this was someone when we met and spent time with and did our homework on we felt comfortable bringing to philadelphia. here's the eagles picks from saturday. they mainly focused on defense. quarterback out of auburn. the birds take a player from oregon. joe walker, here's howie roseman on his work. we made an aggressive mood to get carson.
6:27 am
we felt focused about the job we had to do and we had a hit on some guys for us, we have to come out of this, 6, 7th with contributors whether that's from day one or two years from now. i'm ducis rogers you have yourself a terrific weekend. people are talking about the so-called litigation situation. it's what event organizers dubbed against the philadelphia district and another attorney. williams did not get the win, but multiple charities did, they will split the proceeds from the night at the fight. all for a good cause. people were really jazzed. 6:27 we have much more "action news" straight ahead. we'll be right back. ♪
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been a nice weekend. the soaking begins today, it could be a while before the clouds go away. but the weather won't stop one of the largest races of its kind. we're an hour and half away before the start of the biggest ten mile run. i want to point out, i was off all week. i'm just relaying a message
6:30 am
here. let's get you outside, it's funny, cesily is blaming me, adam is blaming me. let's go live on sky6 live hd and show you the view. to put salt on the wound here, there's a chance of rain or showers all week long. at least at some point, not every hour of everyday it will be raining but it will be unsettled everyday. double scan live we're seeing the rain, west to east, the entire keystone state with the exception of pittsburgh seeing wet weather. every now and then we get into the heavier pockets the downpours here. we zoom into philadelphia, there you go, really, i mean it's just a solid shield from new jersey to malvern and radnor and manayunk reporting moderate rain occasionally it is coming down at a heavier clip. take it slow this morning, you're making your by -- way
6:31 am
into the city for the purpose of the broad street run, take it slow. 44 in pottstown, saint davids, 46. chester, 46. center city, 49. quakertown, 44 into south jersey we go, same thing mid to upper 40s with the chilly east/northeasterly breeze. blahs borough 48 degrees. gandys beach, 46 degrees. soaking rain from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. temperatures climbing out of the upper 40s into the low 50s. this afternoon the steady rain transitions over to leftover showers. as i mentioned we have more showers in the forecast for tomorrow, tuesday and wednesday. when i come back in just a few minutes i'll detail it out for you in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. look forward to it. early this morning, a fleet of tow trucks were clearing cars making the way ready for the
6:32 am
broad street run. 40,000 runners are expected to take part in one of the largest races in the country. septa bus routes that normally cross over broad street will be detoured. the race starts at broad street and sommerville. katherine scott is live at the starting line, are folks starting to line up, katherine? >> reporter: we are seeing some of the runners coming in here, i don't think anybody is in a hiewblg rush to -- huge rush to get in here. the runners i spoke to said yeah it's raining, but they will be here today. let's look at what's going on broad street by fisher avenue. it's starting to get busier since we last spoke, a lot of crews that work here, ready to receive thousands of runners. 40,000 are expected this year. some are first timers for others it's an annual tradition.
6:33 am
this year's run will be a damp run, whether you're running or going to be a spectator be prepared for the rain, it's going to be raining for hours. there are runners to cheer on, along the route you see drill teams and cheerleading squads. there's a lot of fun to be had along the route. with all the closures you want to make sure you use public transportation. there's too many closures and crowds, you don't want to be driving around the city. use public transportation. on broad street we are seeing runners showing up, they have raincoats on right now, they will ditch them for the run, they say this is something they need training for and they will be for the run along broad street. you can find more on the forecast and dawbl scan radar
6:34 am
at -- double scan radar at as people continue to mourn prince there are questions about the future of the fortune he left behind. always investigators look into the health scare he had before he died. abc's eva pilgrim has more. >> reporter: new information about who stands to inherent prince's 300 million-dollar estate. his sister seen here greeting fans filed court documents that the superstar has heirs and identities to be determined. there is a 7th potential heir a granddaughter of one of prince' half brother who died years ago, as we see images of principles' health scare -- prince' health scare days before he died.
6:35 am
law enforce. reportedly investigating if a doctor was on the plane and whether a doctor prescribed drugs for the star in recent weeks. authorities have computed search warrant at local walgreens. sources say prescription medication was found on prince and in his home after he died. no official word on the cause. toxicology results weeks away. some of his family are expected in court on monday as they move forward settling his estate. if the superstar turned out to have a child, the child would inherit the entire estate. eva pilgrim news minnesota. ay hundreds of protesters broke through the wall around the green zone and stormed the parliament building. many remained in the square outside parliament.
6:36 am
the crowd many of them followers of influential shiite cleric, want an end to the widespread cruption in the government. it houses the foreign embassy. secretary of state john kerry made an appearance at the white house correspondents dinner before flying off to geneva. he will take off to seer -- syria. he will meet with the u.n. envoy to syria as well as from foreign ministers for japan and saudi arabia. he is looking to revive peace talks between syria and rebel groups. airport departure hall is open for business for the purpose of the first time since the deadly islamic extremist attack on march 2. brussels airport has resumed
6:37 am
some flights. two suicide bombings that killed 16 people at the airport caused widespread damage to the hall there. serious side of world affairs took a back seat for a few hours in washington, d.c. indeed it did, president obama turned comedian in chief as he take aim at the president appear candidates at the correspondents dinner. bernie sanders you look like a million bucks, or 37,000 donation also of $27 each. hillary clinton trying to appeal to young voters is like your relative who signed up for i have an opinion. dear america did you get my poke, is it apping on your -- appearing on your wall. some candidates are not polling high enough tore qualify
6:38 am
for their own joke tonight. is this dinner too tacky are to the donald. what could he possibly be doing instead, is he at home eating a trump steak? donald trump was not crowd about the joke about the steak line. nothing was off limits for the president. he poked fun at britain's prince george. some foreign leaders looking ahead anticipating my departure, last week, prince george showed up to our meeting in his bath robe. that was a slap in the face. proceeds from the funny night will help at a for journalism scholarships. it is one of my favorite nights of the year. nice to see him crack jokes every once in a while. 6:38 the time. there could be a simple way to keep bedbugs from coming into the home.
6:39 am
we'll tell you which color suitcase could keep the pesky bugs away. did you ever wonder what uncle sam does with your tax money? we'll break it down up next. up next, meteorologist chris sowers will update you on the forecast. he's been telling you about this for a while, rain rain rain rain and more rain. the forecast right after this.
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on a sunday morning, it is now 6:41 a.m., you're looking live sky6 live hd from the temple university camera looking down north broad street where the runners will be running today for the broad street run. more rain expected throughout the day. meteorologist chris sowers says more rain or a chance of rain everyday next week. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. i hope everything is well. we just cleaned our deck, too. >> reporter: the good news it's not clean with pollen. you're right. >> reporter: let's get you outside we'll talk a little weather here this morning and really that tells the story right there. as we go live on sky6 live hd looking at the philadelphia international airport. it is very damp out there. the steady rains have pushed through they are in the process of pushing through i should say this will continue at least for the next four or five hours, by afternoon things begin to let up a little bit. double scan live we go round and round, again, no break in sight.
6:43 am
everybody seeing light to moderate rainfall. cape may is still clear. delaware bay getting wet. philadelphia getting soaked rains to the west lancaster reading and allentown. as we zoom into philadelphia county there's manayunk and radnor. note the darker shades of green that's the moderate rain that's falling at this point. it extends back into malvern and chester and harrisburg it's raining moderately. you have to address accordingly this morning to keep yourself dry maybe a poncho, even i've seen pictures, adam sent me a picture his shoes are taped. he is not wearing cotton you will blister up for the race if it gets wet. steady rains heavy. by afternoon they start to get into this batch where it's leftover showers, even still there's a chance of a downpour
6:44 am
or two by afternoon. allentown, 48 degrees, reading, 46. lancaster, 45. millville, 48 degrees. 50 the number for dover and cape may. trenton 47. we're picking up an easterly breeze, with the cloud cover in place, the wind shifting off the ocean waters, it's a chilly raw day. high temperatures in the mid 50s, normally we should be close to 70. we have a batch of moisture around charleston and the virginias. this guy pulse -- pulls through tribune a miserable finish to the weekend. the steady to moderate raining continuing until 2:00 p.m. there's the back edge right there. it's still cloudy and damp once the rain clears the coast, with more rain developing this evening, they could be heavy at times and rumble of thunders across delaware and dover points
6:45 am
south. rain early, heavy at times, leftover showers by afternoon. cloudy an damp throughout the day, most of tomorrow looks damp and chilly, as well. actually not chilly. it's warmer tomorrow, but damp. rainfall totals ranging anywhere from a half inch to an inch depending only your location. this particular model has us over an inch for southern areas, dover and wildwood, an inch. close to 3 quarters of an inch for philadelphia. and three-quarters of a inch across the poconos and western suburbs. reading and allentown, 54, morning rain transitioning over to afternoon showers damp and chilly. philadelphia a raw 56 degrees, millville are 57 and cape may, 58. steady rain this morning and scattered showers by afternoon. overnight tonight leftover hours continue, 52 for philadelphia. millville, 352. cape may, 56.
6:46 am
the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast morning showers giving way to some afternoon sunshine for monday. it's a warmer day high of 73. tuesday is cloudy, spotty showers possible, so it's not an all day rain. 62. same thing wednesday, late in the day a shower 0 possible. thursday a damp, friday damp, saturday is damp. we get the picture. where did you hide it? >> reporter: what? the sun. >> reporter: really. texas officials have confirmed a 6th death caused by flash flooding in the eastern part of the state. authorities found the body after flash flooding in the city of palestine. flash flood killed a woman and her four great grandchildren. a steady rain fell in palestine 100 miles southeast of dallas. red cross has set up a temporary shelter for a dozen people in the area. 35 homes and businesses stained significant damage.
6:47 am
6:48 am
6:49 am
so glad you stayed with us, it is now 6:48. there's a push to solve the murder of a popular fruit vendor killed outside his home in south philadelphia. he was killed three years ago, still no justice. here's rick williams with this morning's crime fighter's report. marry lee vined her father -- described her fare as as -- father as a hard working man. at 5:00 a.m., the 68-year-old was loading up his cart in front of his home in the 400 block of as a volmer street in south philadelphia. police do not believe it was robbery because the wallet was $200 in cash was still on him.
6:50 am
>> reporter: police have released surveillance video of the suspect described as a light skinned black or spanish male 5'8", facial hair and thin build. he was wearing dark colored clothing and dark knit hat. the citizens' crime commission is posting 5,000-dollar reward and the city is posting $20,000 call 215-546-tips. all calls are anonymous. for crime fighters i'm rick williams channel 6 "action news." in "healthcheck" fighting bedbugs may be getting easier. a study found insects are attracted to certain colors. they like dark red and black. sunny colored suitcases could
6:51 am
prevent bedbugs from hitching a ride on your luggage. listening to music may boost a baby's language skills. researchers studied babies 9 months old, babies who listened to the music had increased activity to the areas of the brain processing music patterns and speech sounds. ♪ they sound good, music students from philadelphia showed off their skills at the philly pops jazz festival. it happened at temple university at pops in school program brings music into city classrooms at the time when the district is cutting back on arts programs. the next generation of leaders spent their saturday tackling into tough topics they
6:52 am
face in school everyday, they talked about bullying, self-esteem and the juvenile justice system. elmo, cookie monster and oscar the grouch welcomed families to sesame place in langhorne, bucks county. the characters posed for pictures and gave out hugs. they took to the stage to debut their brand new show called the magic of art. you
6:53 am
6:54 am
so glad you stayed with us and waking up with us on sunday
6:55 am
morning, 6:54 is your time. the action camming is giving you a -- action cam is giving you a live glimpse glimpse of broad street in olney. chris sowers said if you're heading to the race prepare for the rain it will be heavy throughout the day. tax season has come and gone, what will uncle sam do with your dollars? >> reporter: that tax bill can be a headache. unlike most bills it's hard to know what you're paying for. the folks at the national priorities project broke it down based on on the projections of u.s. office of management and budget. last year, the federal budget was $4.2 trillion. npp looked at the budget and saw how much was spent where. 50% of your taxes fund two areas, health and safety. the biggest spender health programs, those took up 28% of the budget. next in line, the pentagon and
6:56 am
military spending more than 25% of the budget. the other chunk 13% goes to pay interest on our debt. everything else gets a smaller piece of the pie. unemployment and labor programs account for 8%. veterans benefitses benefits 5%, all the rest gets 2% each of the budget that includes housing and community, energy and environmental programs, international affairs programs, transportation funding and last, but not least, science funding, now you know where your money goes, i'm mary maloney. if you want to see down to the penny what your specific in connection income tax pays for check out national gospel music filled the air on the 3600 block of north broad
6:57 am
street. the action cam was there as the cathedral choir got started. it the event benefits the arts fest in august. a homeowner association wants a tennessee man to get rid of his yard art. he calls his zombie statue cloudy. cl all of theaude. he said he has remove claude to make everybody happy. another hour of "action news" is straight ahead. storm tracker 6 live double scan is showing you rain is inching our way. it has arrived in time for the broad street run. plus we preview the program
6:58 am
of first we'll see you after the break. get ready for a sunday
6:59 am
soaking as sky6 live hd takes a live look at philadelphia international airport. meteorologist chris sowers is tracking the rain in our area right now. of course, "action news" is there as the drenched boo determined runners -- but determined runners compete in the broad street run, it's philadelphia's ten miler to the
7:00 am
navy yard. septa detours are going into effect for the broad street run. we'll tell you about service changes. 6:59 good morning, chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. the rain and cooler weather is better for the runners at least rather than hot conditions. >> reporter: salute. i've run in the -- absolutely, i've run in the rain in the heat this it is better to run in the cooler weather. we have rain points west it will pushing to the coast in the next couple of hours, as well. there's no escaping this wherever you are in the delaware and lehigh valleys. you'll see rain later this morning. let's flipped it over to the radars. here we go we set it in motion, a large swath of rain covering the entire state of new jersey and delaware, maryland is getting rained on, as well. as well as the heavier stuff to the


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