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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  May 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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and fulfill the purpose of my life. >> and with ted cruz ending his campaign last night that leaves only donald trump still standing. and the presumptive nominee. trump was asked today if kasich would be among those that he would like to vet as a potential running mate. but kasich says he has no interest in being a vice president and would be the worst
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vice president in history. world news tonight will have more on the race for the white house next on channel 6. it happened in the overbrook section of philadelphia, police killed a man driving a minivan and the investigation has already begun and gray hall is live in overbrook, what are the details on this. >> we have new information on this moments ago. police release the name of a driver involved in this deadly situation and the driver is identified as roger ferreti. the 52-year-old man did not have a weapon but one officer felt threatened enough to fire his weapon and tonight the investigation continues. this overbrook neighborhood is in shock after philadelphia police were forced to shoot and
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kill a man. >> why would they chase him? and lose a life. it's sad. >> i heard freeze, stop and pop pop pop and then everything froze. >> police say they got calls that this minivan did not belong in the area and seemed suspicious and officers responded and tried to get the man to stop and he wouldn't and patrols eventually cornered the man and he still refused to stop and cornered the officers and that is when one officer fired several shots and killed the driver. >> he attempted to flee from them and trapping one of the officers between the car and another area where he did not feel like he could escape and he discharged hi weapon. >> commissioner richard ross is conducting an internal investigation and reviewing cameras in the area and talking to witnesses. >> i'm not making judgments about the investigation whether it's good or bad at this
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particular time. we'll have to see. >> one woman says she didn't see the shooting but believes she heard the driver screaming before he was shot and killed. >> i heard the kid yelling, i'm stopping, i'm stopping and then pow pow pow. >> reporter: back out live the latest information the driver is identified at robert ferreti. as we learn more we'll bring it to you. >> thank you gray. the search for an escape prisoner from atlantic county prompted several school districts in ocean county to shelter in place. a stolen truck believed to be driven by arthur buckle was found at a cvs in barnegat. they spent time searching near the garden state parkway and nearby areas.
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buckle was missing yesterday at the bay side prison in hammonton. today in center city they are talking about the proposed soda tax and people gathered around city hall to protest the tax. the conversation moved inside to a public hearing before city council, and "action news" reporter christie aleto was outside of city hall. what are they saying this afternoon? >> reporter: jim, basically the same thing we heard outside of the rally and over the last couple of months. supporters say that the dollars will fund much needed city programs while proponents like small businesses and consumers that say this will hurt their wallets and cut into their bottom line. >> why are you out here today. to fight this soda tax.
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>> it's aimed to -- protesters rallied outside of city hall while those on both sides take their opinions to a public hear that just started in council chambers. >> if you look at it in terms of what it can do for kids and neighborhoods and public health, it's actually a progressive tax and not regressive at all. >> we are talking about a lot of stores will close down, it's going to cut our store business and also the consumers. >> each day i go to the store and buy a can of soda, and i have to pay that much, i would run out of so much money. >> we have not recovered yet from the cigarette taxes and now north tax coming from the sugar tax, the sugar tax, it's too much. >> cheesesteak? pretzel? a bagel in the morning?
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where does it stop? >> several dozen people are set to speak at the hearing and that is happening now. and ultimately city council will decide the fate of the soda tax. that will be in june. >> thank you. a suspected gunman is in custody tonight after a shooting in trenton this afternoon. police were called to the unit block of conrad street at 4:00, one victim was taken to the hospital and the shooting comes hours after the city officials announce plans to step up police patrols. the focus is on community policing, every officer regardless of rank will be put on patrol. police have put four men from the bronx in jail all accused of taking part in a retail theft ring. live tonight is walter perez. how did police bust this operation? >> it was being in the right
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place at the right time. gloucester township police are working to see if these four men are part of a larger credit card fraud ring. they are not trying to steal or get bye bye stealing. that is david harkins describing the men that nearly got away with thousands of dollars of merchandise from the gloucester premium outlets. officers spotted a man inside of a shop trying to make a purchase with several credit cards and debit cards that were being denied. he walked to another vehicle where three other men were coming and going. he approached to ask questions. the others started to panic. the other one who didn't know we were watching was trying to hide
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the falsified credit cards underneath dirt and mulch. >> that was enough to move in and arrest all the men who were from the bronx. they even found the equipment used to make the phoney debit and credit cards. >> they had a laptop commuter and plastic printer, they were creating gift cards and making numbers, they had stolen information, we are still working on that as to how they got that information. >> deputy chief harkins says the arrest is gratified because it's the first bust by the new retail investigation unit. >> the suspects face a slew of charges including theft by deception and receiving stolen property and conspiracy. >> thank you walter. it was a grand opening today for the francis house of peace.
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the new affordable housing complex in chinatown has 94 units and the facility is for residents that have experienced or are at risk for homelessness. it's named for pope francis, there are remembrances around including the knotted grotto including a stool blessed by francis himself. and police officers and firefighters are honored for their ultimate sacrifice in philadelphia. and the upper level low over the great lakes continues to bring us cool, unsettled weather and i'll time out the next round of rain and let you know when we clear this out in the accuweather forecast.
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almost 300 firefighters and police officers have died in the line of duty in the history of philadelphia. they do this every year in philadelphia. vernon odom was there today. ♪ ♪ the raw weather could not dampen the spirit of this solemn ceremony. the living flame ceremony for fallen firefighters and police officers were celebrated today. they joined the city's top brass and paid their respects. >> the city started this tradition is more than 20 years
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ago and it honors the memory of 500 police officers and firefighters who have fallen in the line of duty. >> fire department records dating back to 1891. since 1828, 328 recorded deaths of police officers that died in service in philadelphia. >> people come to place flowers on the memorial and the number of lives and the loss of our brave people have caused such change in so many lives. >> walter and his mother, worked to conceal each other as they brought the name of walter dewitt on the roster here. he spent 20 years on the police force, after succumbing last year to injuries suffered in 1995. >> he suffered an injury in 19 5 when the police cruiser lost
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control on him at a high rate of speed. >> we pray that no more names will be added to the living flame monument. when they gather here next year same time same place. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." a massive main line estate will become a 42 acre public garden. they are donating the estate stonily, leonard haas, the son remembered how his parents liked to share the beauty of the property with the public. the gardens open to the public in about a year half. that is the voice of septa's new bus turn alert system. designed to give a heads up to pedestrians and bicyclists, the system has been installed on 12
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buses and will be eventually be installed on the entire fleet. it's part of septa's safety awareness day today.
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there have baseball times in the eagles history when they had a quarterback problem. this is a different kind of a quarterback problem. the eagles drafting of carson wentz was to help solidify the quarterback position. sam bradford remains an unhappy camper. the eagles for their part say that is not what they want to do. they want bradford to be their starting quarterback when the season begins against cleveland. but bradford does not believe to attend any voluntary training camps. >> he will have to show up and do some apologizing and i think he will show up. at the end of the day it's only
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the guys in the locker room that matter, and are you part of that team and part of the fabric of the philadelphia eagles, do you want to be part of our success or failure and only sam can answer that. cards and phil tonight. nola was stellar last night. he kept the cardinals off balance all night. seven innings no runs and 12 strikeouts. the phillies only managed one run but that was all he needed. ryan howard belted the homer. the nba playoffs continue and a local product had quite the moment. kyle lowry may have a rabbits foot in his shoe. his raptors were trailing by three and from half-court. hello. that tied the game and sent it
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into overtime. and they went on to win the game -- it does not come close to the shot. the one that gave nova the championship. one month ago today. we relive that moment through the eyes of the player that made it happen. >> chris jenkins villanova university. it's a month ago that the shot went down and we became a part of villanova history. i made the decision to give the team another option and i played. and i was able to get there and ryan heard me calling his name and he threw the perfect pass. bang. >> for the championship! >> history. >> national champions!
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>> that is good. >> a national championship buzzer beater for the title. >> villanova basketball 50 years later. >> and of course he is coming back. >> he is coming back. i get chills watching that video. it's awesome. the phillies kicked off an annual tree planting program with youngsters. in southwest philadelphia, they joined the philly phanatic to plant the first official tree in the phillies home run for trees initiative. it was tagged with the phillies first base man, franco, it's more than 100 trees around the city named for phillies players.
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you'll excuse everybody if we are getting impatient with the weather. >> but next week it's looking nice. it's not raining right now. >> not right now. yes, exactly. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing it's not raining see. we did have strong storms along the coast. they are now heading up to long island, but they left a mark. misty postd this photo on my facebook page in west creek small hail the size of peas covering her porch and this shows the strength of the storms. keep posting these pictures on my facebook page i'll share them
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on "action news." this is friday morning as low pressure pivots closer to us, we could get a soaking rain, until then not a lot of organized precipitation and plenty of clouds and cool air. may so far hasn't been very pretty. sunday 54 and monday we saw peeks of sunshine and made it up to 65 and yesterday 59 and the high only 54 degrees, the average high for this time of year is 70. nowhere near that. 53 in philadelphia, and the same in wilmington and allentown 52 and trenton 49 and cape may 51 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar, showing a coastal low pressure that is moving away but this is causing minor coastal flooding so the coastal flood advisory in effect tonight. the main low pressure i'm tracking will bring unsettled weather is spinning across the great lakes and that will not be getting out of here until the send half of the weekend. we are trapping under that mega
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block. it blocks the weather systems and that brought us beautiful weather, it was warm and nine days in a row of dry weather, two weeks ago when we had the high pressure over us. the problem this week, we have a nasal block, but the whole system shifts to the west so we are trapped under this trough of low pressure and that lasts again into the weekend. tonight, no rain and no heavy rain and thunderstorms, a little bit of drizzle and clouds and 49 in philadelphia and allentown 47 and cape may 49. and more of the same tomorrow. 7:30 in the morning, i don't expect rain just cloudy and cool conditions, that holds into the evening, that steady rain will be arriving on friday. so the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, another day for the jacket tomorrow. 58 degrees, and cool and cloudy and damp and friday is when i
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expect. 58 degrees and saturday limited sun with the possibility of instability showers at noon, the high is 68 degrees and future tracker 6 showing saturday afternoon rain but not a washout but light showers, sunday afternoon it improves, mothers day we wake up with clouds and maybe a shower in the morning. temperatures back to 70 degrees and monday beautiful, partly sunny and 74 and we warm it up to 78 degrees on tuesday and wednesday, temperatures making a run at 79, and see it gets much better next week. >> that is what i like. abc world news is next on channel 6 and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams, adam joseph and ducis rogers. and join us for a special report
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at 11:00 here on channel 6. we look at a new device that promises to get rid of cellulite. here is erin o'hearn with a preview. >> reporter: diet and exercise weapon fix it but a break through device may treat a once untreatable problem. >> this could let women avoid the recurrence of cellulite for decades. >> it could give women the freedom to wear the short shorts. for cecily tynan and ducis rogers i'm jim gardner, we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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tonight, breaking news as we come on. john kasich drops out. donald trump is now the last man standing. also tonight, the new poll numbers. if the election were held right now, who wins? donald trump or hillary clinton? also dropping, an entire city on fire. a state of emergency in effect at this hour. hundreds of homes destroyed. breaking news in the deadly workplace shooting today. a former employee armed, walking in. what he shouted and who he killed. we're on the scene tonight. stunning new video coming in. americans under attack. the navy s.e.a.l. killed by isis. and his incredible life story. martha raddatz standing by. and a major new turn tonight in the prince investigation, as we learn who had just arrived at prince's compound that morning.


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