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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  May 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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county. and dumping on philadelphia neighborhoods, a special investigation next. ♪ sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. it's the semi-annual sale! save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. only at a sleep number store. ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. monday night, and the big story on "action news" is one of the most despicable cases of child abuse we can remember. the victims are months old and the alleged abusers are their
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parents. live with the story tonight is "action news" reporter chad pradelli in bucks county. chad, a terrible story. >> reporter: yeah, jim, details of the alleged abuse are outlined in this criminal complaint and are gut-wrenching. and outside of the police department that investigated the case, the detectives did not have to go far, the alleged abuse helping across the street. investigators describe a violent hell inside of apartment e. michael and melissa shales accused of abusing twin girls just a couple of months old. one child with a broken leg so swollen that 12-month-old clothing was tight. the doctors said if left untreated the injury could have resulted in death. and also had a fractured rib and spinal injuries. and her sister multiple fractures to both legs. >> to do something like that it is heart-breaking. >> neighbors kristina and tim
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didn't know much about the shales but often heard the twins' 2-year-old brother crying. court records reveal that all three children were malnourished and the home deplorable. >> there was trash everywhere. not a space on the floor where there was not some type of garbage, dirty diapers, just stuff laying around everywhere. >> melissa shales told detect e detectives that she grabbed one child in an angered state and swung her, hit her on the daybed and she went to the floor on her back. >> it is sickening. >> in march another neighbor watching the twins and the woman noticed that the child was making a gurgling sound, was blue and they claimed the child was choking on cotton and they retrieved it with tweezers. >> i am glad they are locked up
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and hope they spend a long time behind bars. >> and aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and other charges. and the children are recovered and child protection is involved in the case. chad pradelli for channel 6 "action news." we have tragedy on i-95 tonight in wilmington. construction worker hit by a minivan pronounced dead at christiana hospital. part of a crew placing barrels and signs on the northbound side of highway. the worker struck at a high rate of speed. the police at the scene tried to help, one even performing c.p.r. he was rushed off in the ambulance but the bad news from the hospital. the accident shutdown the right two lanes of 95 causing a major traffic jam tonight. ♪ distracted driving,
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essentially what the ntsb is said to conclude that caused the deadlymtrak crash a year ago. and the report will say that bostian was distracted by radio traffic about a septa train struck by rocks elsewhere on the tracks. the incidents happened shortly before the derailment in north philadelphia four miles before the port richmond crash scene. and "action news" learning it is more than just alleged human error. a government official briefed on the report said that investigators believe there were issues with the train's emergency windows. of the eight people who died, some were killed because they were ejected through the windows. tomorrow the ntsb will officially release the results of the year-long investigation
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and "action news" will be there. you can follow reports throughout the day from "action news" reporter john rawlins in washington. the family of amy joyner-francis wants to do a second autopsy. the girl who died after being assaulted in a bathroom by three girls at howard high school of technology in wilmington. the first autopsy report says that joyner-francis died of a long-standing heart condition triggered by the assault of the family thinks the girls should be charged with more serious offenses. and a well-known doctor says that the heart condition should not have caused sudden death. i do and a new element to the outreach to homeless. designating four areas in center city for extra attention and christie ileto live in one of those four areas, rittenhouse square. christie? >> that's right.
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rittenhouse is one of those hot spots. the city still has its 24/7 homeless outreach, but now they are adding more feet on the street to help to target those areas with more of a need. >> what is your name? >> along with the high-end stores on walnut and rittenhouse also are those living on the sidewalk. >> one, it is not good to be homeless and two, not everyone's needs are met at the same time. >> and outreach workers by jessica are focusing on the hot spots or high-volume areas with homelessness, rittenhouse, convention center. >> and it is more targeted. outreach existed. just trying to link people with service. >> it is a community problem, a city problem, all of our problem. >> they say there are more homeless in center city especially after love park closed for renovation. >> outreach, how are you doing? >> this man didn't want his face
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on the camera but living on the streets since 2011. >> what are you hearing? >> people out here making money panhandling, that's what they do. >> and mayor kenney says it is not to criminalize people living on the city streets. >> we are with outreach, ok. >> only to connected them to the help they need. and the new effort is it a pilot program in place for the spring and summer months. reporting live, christie ileto for channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. upper darby police say this is the first video they have of a suspect committing the crime of upskirting. happening as the woman stood in line at the pretzel factory. the man keeps doing it until the woman realize what is is going on, turns around to confront him and slaps him. >> it is a shame she didn't knock him out because this derelict is doing in there doing whatever he is doing, what a sicko. and he is running like a coward, like a captured rat.
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>> it happened last tuesday. upp upper darby police ask you to help identify the suspect. and the case against congress man fattah. and blaming consultants for crimes that occurred because of his failed bid for mayor. the government says that fattah took an illegal $1 million loan to finance the campaign and then used federal funds and comparable moneys to pay part of it back. philadelphia's new fire commissioner sworn in this morning during a private ceremony at headquarters. and he served as virginia's deputy secretary of safety and homeland security. and robert wilson spoken about across the country. president barack obama handed out the medal of valor to 13 law enforcement officers, 12
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survived. but wilson paid the ultimate sacrifice consulting two at a game stop in march of 2015. as employees and customers huddled behind a counter. >> he gave his life when two men opened fire in a video game store where sergeant wilson was buying his son a birthday present. to his family, who is here. his grandmother, constance, and his brother and sister, please know how deeply sorry we are for your loss. how grateful we are for sergeant wilson's service. >> wilson's grandmother accepted the medal saying a big hole was put in her heart, but wilson loved his job and did what he was trained to do. still to come on "action news" tonight, step to it. another health benefit to exercise that may motivate you to get up and get moving. and somebody from the "action news" team sweeps in to
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rescue an injured baby bird. cecily? we have some rain swooping in tomorrow and details of the timing of it and what it means for your compute in the full accuweather forecast. parts of philadelphia have become a dumping ground for garbage and debris. and tonight, wendy saltzman is tracking down the culprit. >> and making communities look like trash when they dump their junk. and we're catching the people responsible on camera and getting answers about why they are turning our city into a dump. and ducis rodgers with the sixers focusing on lottery balls not basketballs when "action news" continues tonight.
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your city, our city, littered with trash. it is a blight costing philadelphia taxpayers millions to clean up. "action news" investigative reporter, wendy saltzman is tracking down illegal dumpers to help keep the city clean. >> construction booming in
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philadelphia, but the problem is that not all builders are residents are playing by the rules. covert cameras are catching the problem in action and on the trail of dumpers finding out why they are trashing your neighborhoods. in the middle of kensington, cleaning up this once drug-infested neighborhood. and on the side streets it turned into the wild west of illegal dumping. >> caught on camera. >> one made a mistake then. >> a neighbor documented workers chucking trash on camera. dozens of pictures with trucks filled with bricks and concrete and every day garbage making the neighborhood a mess. >> it disrupts the neighborhood. >> i am going to have to figure out. >> philadelphia and the streets department has a total of 16 surveillance cameras set up across the city. >> from a to z. whatever you can imagine it is
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dumped on the street. >> part of enforcement including undercover stings checking them in the act. >> and chronic dumpers. and they adjust their dumping strategies. >> and estimating about 50% of jump from construction debris, and the other half is residents' every day trash. >> this stuff has been here for awhile. >> costing you the taxpayers $3 million a year for clean-up. >> we are pulling things apart and looking for pieces of the puzzle. >> sanitation officers have the dirty job of inspecting the heaps on the roadside looking for clues that can lead to a $300 littering fine. >> creating a list of the 12 most common sites from the southwest to the northeast, and areas that they call the dirty dozen. >> a man walking down the street with a wheelbarrow full of bricks. >> and catching him dumping
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bricks from the south a few blocks down. >> did you drop this brick off at this spot? >> yeah. yeah. like in a wheelbarrow. >> when we tracked down the owner, he agreed to clean up the debris that his subcontractor illegally dumped. >> remove it from this spot. >> back in kensington, a sign left in the abandoned lot led us to this hair studio. an upset owner pointed to the company she paid to replace and legally disregard the sign. >> not working with them anymore. >> and he says he fired the contractor responsible and personally went back to the lot and picked up the discarded sign. >> is this common practice? >> not at all, no. >> and says that it was his partner who dumped, issued two tickets for a total of $600 and they are going to retrieve their
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dumped debris. >> i don't know if someone told them they can dump there. >> and also fined $300 for illegally dumping on this lot. and the owner on the phone told us he thought it was legal. the streets department says the majority of things the residents are dumping are things that will be picked up on a normal trash day. and as soon as they clean up the lots they are filled back up with trash. if you are caught you can have a fine and possibly foot the bit for clean-up. >> and commercial dumpers save money, but residenceal, what are they saving? >> sometimes it is time, not waiting until trash day, or feeling like they have too much stuff. >> and an event in fish town celebrated those who inspire change in education. hosting the party 2016 at the fillmore. the second lady of the united
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states, dr. jill biden was the evening's featured guest presenting the stand and deliver award to the former philadelphia mayor, michael nutter, so his commitment to education. the first candidate is off and running in the race to replace new jersey governor chris christie. the democrat murphy declared his candidacy in the video although the election is not until next year. and murphy a former u.s. ambassador to germany. and another benefit to exercise, reduced risk of cancer. researchers paid more than a million people in the united states and europe. the most active 10% had a lower risk of cancer than the bottom 20%. and less likely to get esophageal, lung or kidney cancer. and colon and breast cancer also less common, but melanoma is
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more common when you exercise because it is directly linked to exposure to the sun. does your dog get terrified of thunder storms and fireworks? cecily says yes. tonight, a new jersey company says it is launching the first f.d.a.-approved prescription medicine to treat dog anxiety over loud noises. owners of at least one in three dogs in the u.s. says this is a problem. until now, dogs were treated with human medicine like xanax or tranquilize tranquilizers, o therapy. and the medicine administered orally as a gel is available through veterinarians within a week, keep your dog anxiety-free. who else has been our own animal lover, meteorologist cecily tynan, to swoop in and rescue an injured owl. cecily came upon the baby
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screech owl in distress while out on a trail this morning. cecily tenderly scooped it up in a shirt to get it to safety. >> hey, buddy, i gotcha. >> the owl now in the care of the schuylkill wildlife rehabilitation center. and it was later indicated that the owl does not watch television. do you know why? when it said cecily tynan rescued you, the owl said "who"? >> that was horrible by the way. [laughter] the experts said it did not have broken bones, it was malnourished. thinking that the mother was probably killed by a fox, and he fill out of his nest and with a whole bunch of owl orphans and has i.v. fluids and hopefully released to the wild in august. >> that's terrific.
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>> and so i will be there for that. and if not, i want him as a pet, we behind of bonded. the weather was nice, i had to go for a run. and double scan showing dry weather, but yet a cool day and windy day. we had a roller coaster ride the last three days. friday felt like may. 76, and the cold front rolled through. yesterday the high only 59. today 67 degrees. 7 degrees below normal. this has been the trend this may. in fact, we are half way through may now and six days when our high temperature did not climb out of the 50s. to have that many in may you have to go back to 1978. so far this month temperatures averaging close to 4 degrees below normal. maybe the first month with below-normal temperatures in more than a year. this is unusual. philadelphia 58, trenton 56, cape may 58, wilmington 56 degrees. it is not going to get as cool
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as last night because we have clouds rolling in. the clouds like an atmospheric blanket. but these clouds will eventually lead to some showers during the day tomorrow. the good news is, it looks like it will be dry for the morning commute. a lot of clouds. the temperature at 6:00, 53. by 8:00, 54 degrees. the showers will be rolling in right around lunchtime. futuretracker showing by noon we've got kind of a little ribbon of some light showers. it will be filling in during the afternoon. the evening commute will likely be wet, generally light rain, and some of the showers may try to hang on into early wednesday morning. just a few spotty showers. by the afternoon, the sunshine will be back. so wednesday the weather improving later in the day tuesday, weather going downhill as we head through the day. the exclusive seven-day forecast tomorrow you will not need the umbrella for the morning commute, but take it for the ride home. showers developing, 62 degrees. wednesday, flip it around.
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showers in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon, 66. and high pressure visiting two days. and these are the days to get outside this week. thursday, 72 and bright sunshine. friday we bump it up to 74, but then it looks like our luck will be running out for the weekend much upper-level low likely bringing us waves of rain saturday. good chance of showers sunday, and even monday clouds will be dominating the skies. few breaks of sunshine and a high of 72. take your umbrella tomorrow and david murphy with an update of the timing of the showers beginning at 4:30. and a deserving group of high school seniors receiving designer prom gowns tonight. the when in need foundation hosted the prom dress give away at the please touch museum. and 31 young women nominated from their schools able to pick out the prom dress of their dreams, beautiful. the wheel of fortune
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philadelphia week, and a woman holding a watch party to see her in action. and showing up in glenside wearing her name tag from the show. the large group of her family and friends cheered her on as she won more than $69,000 tonight.
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>> hosting the marlins. >> 162, you cannot win them all. the culprit, shaking pitching and zero timing hitting. the sixth inning, miami leads 2-1 and eickhoff tagged and the solo homer goes a long way.
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and eickhoff gives up 3 runs in six innings, 3-1 marlins. and now the 4-1 game, and the r.b.i. double, 5-2. and still 5-2 in the ninth. and two on and franco if this is out, the game is tied. and he just missed it. sacrifice fly, the only run at the would add. the phillies 1-13 with runners in scoring position tonight losing 5-3. >> hopefully as the season goes on we will improve offensively and get more of the big hits. the sixers gearing up for next month's nba draft. and today they worked out local prospects. and hart still contemplating staying in the nba and returning to nova for his senior season. >> and it is going to be a gut feeling. so that's why it makes it so
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tough. i think it would be a little easier, you know. >> tomorrow night brett brown in new york city for the draft lottery. the sixers with the best odds to land the number one pick and could get four first-round selections. >> i am quietly confident and surprised that the draft is as deep in the higher end as it is. there are some good players really at that high end of the draft. a slight change coming to the sixers' uniforms. they have a deal with stubhub allowing the company to advertise on the players' jerseys. going into effect next year. the sixers the first u.s. team among the four major pro sports allowing this type of advertising. more sports after this.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad. this afternoon, refresh yourself on the outside and inside with a medium sweet tea, sweet tea lemonade, or original iced tea from dunkin'. sip one for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'.
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major league baseball will hold its draft on june 9. two of the top prospects in the nation are from our area. and they got together tonight in camden to do some good. jason and tyler took part in a charity game. and 14 strikeouts tonight, and also going in the first round, and 10 k's for him and proceeds going towards charity. >> finally, the bat boy's job fairly simple, reprieve the bat. and one adds entertainer to the job title. and cutting a rug, call it what you will. if only "dancing with the stars" didn't have an age requirement. i think i pulled a muscle watching him. >> all right, coaches from a variety of different sports came
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together tonight in philadelphia the second annual coach's conference tomorrow at drexel university. tonight's opening session in honored, seniors received congressional recognition and certificates. and the recruiters and family also there to thank students in chance for their service.
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"jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, russell crowe, mike birbiglia. and music from dead & company. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: we have a fun show for you tonight from the new movie


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