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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  May 18, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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we are holding out hope we may see the sun sometime soon again. david murphy is outdoors on the terrace with the details from accuweather. >> reporter: when i walked out here we actually had some and now faded back behind the clouds, take a look at satellite. things are improving, this morning we had showers popping through allentown and back through lancaster and berks county. had a hard time pushing farther east and now the clouds are thinning out and we are in places getting patches of blue and some sun coming in and on the other side of harrisburg there are additional showers and clouds and some thicker clouds may make a run at us and maybe a spotty shower may come through. i heard an awful lot of you complaining this is more like london or seattle.
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we looked at the last 20 days, and compared it with seattle. we far out paced the pacific northwest in rain. we'll even out with the cloud cover and win out year long. but over the last 20, it's more like you expect elsewhere. 62 currently in philadelphia, after starting out in the low 50s, temperatures started to shoot up over the last couple of hours, especially with the clouds thinning out a bit. as we go through the rest of the day. 4:00, 67 and 6:00, 66 degrees and the high today is 67 at 3:00 and 4:00, before we dip back down into the upper 50s by 10:00 and we see sunny breaks right now and may have a better chance of that in the afternoon. when we step inside we are looking quite a bit better tomorrow and a bit better than that on friday. for now a light jacket and when the sun comes out it feels
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pretty good. >> nice to hear, thank you david. stay with for the latest on our ever changing spring outlook, rely on stormtracker 6 live double scan radar and updates from accuweather to get you through your day. a 19-year-old man is in critical condition after being shot in the winfield section of philadelphia. it happened on the 66 hundred block of lebanon avenue. the suspect shot through the front door and hit the victim in the torso and then through a container with something flammable that started a fire on the front porch. the gunman is on the loose but they have good leads to his identity. members of the naacp and wilmington clergy is calling for an investigation into a deadly police shooting. they want them to investigate the death of jeremy mcdole shot in his wheelchair last
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september. they found no probable cause to charge the four officers involved. >> our justice system in the state of delaware lacks the moral and political and institutional courage to be the trailblazer in doing that which is right and that which is just. >> the group is calling for the immediate dismissal and termination of joseph delos who fired on dole. and they talked about his future with the department, and police are in a conversation with the city's law department and they will determine what will happen next. now to a developing story out of new york city where police revealed new details on what led up to an officer shooting that killed a man with a knife. police say the suspect became belligerent when he tried to buy beer at a grocery store and when
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police arrived the man pulled a knife and refused to drop it. and he was shot on a tourist filled street. an officer was also hurt in the incident but should be okay. now to the race for the white house, bernie sanders is condemning the death threats made against the nevada chairwoman after they said bernie sanders' supporters put her number online. marcy gonzales is following the latest on the race and joins us with more. >> reporter: now, democratic party officials says that sanders' response was not strong enough as he continues to fight for the nomination. fresh off the latest primaries with hillary clinton claiming victory in still too close to call kentucky and bernie sanders celebrating a win in oregon. >> we just won oregon --
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>> the democratic national kpit eraises concerns about the party's upcoming convention in philadelphia worried about angry protests at nevada's national convenience this weekend and death threats made against the state party chairwoman could be a sign of things to come. on the republican side a different type of tense, donald trump in an interview with megan kelly defending his words. >> there was a retweet? >> many times. >> oh okay. excuse me. >> what do you think -- >> not the most horrible thing -- over your life megan you have been called a lot worse wouldn't you say, you have a life that has not about that easy. >> it's not about me, it's the messaging to young girls and other women. >> it's a modern day form of fighting back.
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>> and sometime today trump is scheduled to meet with former secretary of state, henry kissinger to discuss foreign policy. students in south philadelphia are learning about the dangers of cyber bullyings, judge jackie frazier lee, the daughter of boxing great joe frazier had a forum at the institute charter school this morning. they talked to students about the different forms of bullying and the impact on kids and urged the students to be champions in life. dozens of police officers were honored for their dedication in serving the community. one was handed out to officer robert wilson iii who died last year. >> every day we go out to do the right thing. >> reporter: today dozens of police officers were recognized
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for their efforts at the police lodge 5 in philadelphia. presented with awards for bravery and valor and heroism. >> we are proud of what you have done to get here today we are equally proud of what you do every day. >> anthony rubelawas among them. the victim may have died if not for their efforts. >> we came on scene and the gentlemen was shot several times and applied a tourniquet to both of his legs actually and transported him to the hospital. >> the mayor was among the dignitaries on stage presenting these honors. >> it's a difficult time to be a police officer in the united states of america and we are trying to move our department through this so you can do your jobs efficiently and keep our neighborhoods safe. >> reporter: some officers were not expecting recognition they
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were just doing their jobs but are proud to be here today. >> it's great to serve the city of philadelphia. >> a lot of times the police get a lot of flak for negative things, it's a good event to show there is a positive. >> in northeast philadelphia, katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> the sixers have the first overall pick in the nba draft and they have a big decision to make next month. they have to decide who to pick at number one on june 23rd. ben simmons and brandon inge from duke. the sixers are celebrating the number one draft pick, they held a dunk show on the art museum steps earlier today. you see the massive sixers logo in the background. more ahead at 12:30, one explosion after the other, as
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fire caused major travel trouble for commuters. doctors say that testing for autism is key and can you do it online now for free.
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the nation's second busiest commuter rail line is back up and running but the trast nightmare is not yet over for new york city commuters. a huge fire under the tracks shut down the metro north rail line and service will be affected until at least friday. -- whoa. >> reporter: one explosion after another. and flames filling the skies shut down a major commuter rail line into and out of new york city overnight. >> like a big explosion. >> we heard multiple big pops.
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>> the fire ignited underneath the tracks with two construction trailers with a lot of flammable materials inside including lumber and fertilizer and propane tanks. >> there was propane and bolts popped out of the steel and that gave the impression of explosions. >> this is an example of a bolt that popped. it's obvious that there was a certain amount of shifting in the steel. >> the blaze so intense it bent steel and damaged the steel support beams, requiring inspectors and teams to work through the night to avoid a scene like this at grand central last night. >> we are doing the temporary repair and take the load off the column and move it another section and restore normal service. >> you see the work continuing at this hour. crews are repairing and reinforcing the beams to try to
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have normal service restored as soon as possible. the goal right now according to authorities is friday morning. in east harlem, new york, i'm elizabeth herr channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a guatemalan man is in custody of u.s. customs, officials say they caught him with $600,000 worth of cocaine and agentses at hartsfield-jackson airport were inspecting the man's bag and found uncooked red beans and found the substance inside of the bags. the piece of space history arrived in los angeles, a barge carrying nasa last space shuttle exterior tank, it will be added to the orbiter endeavour and displayed at its final home at the california science center.
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>> for the third year in a row. washington, d.c. wins the fittest city in the entire united states. they released the ninth annual fitness ratings. it's based on the environmental fitness and the low rate of smoking pushes it to the top and is followed by st. paul and the denver area. still ahead another check of the forecast stepping live outside, sky 6 hd showing you philadelphia international airport and david murphy has your update from accuweather.
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universal screening for
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autism seems to be paying off. kids seem to be diagnosed a year earlier and that means treatment earlier. erin o'hearn introduces us to a local family who says early intervention is so important. >> 10-year-old brayden goes full tilt whether it's hoops with his family or practicing his drums. it's quite the reversal. when he was a toddler nicole and sean wright knew his behavior was not normal. >> he climbed under the table and not interacting with any of the other kids. >> they were assured his behavior would change. >> one doctor took notice urging he be tested for autism and guidelines now recommend that every child be screened at 18,
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24 and 36 months. >> we are looking for children with delays, and catching anyone that could be at risk. >> 90% of the children flagged by the question air and the followup interview are diagnosed with developmental delays, many used to slip through and not get caught until much later. >> the earlier you can inveen. >> once we got the diagnosis it opened up so many doors. >> braden now plays basketball and other sports with special olympics. >> and he loves music. >> he would not be the child he is today without all the services. >> it may take time to get the formal diagnosis but early invention could start sooner. we have resources at david back with another check of the accuweather forecast. and things are improving. >> they are, we are starting to see holes in the clouds, every
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now and then sun is poking its head out from behind the clouds. looking at stormtracker 6 live double scan it's basically dry across the region and i'll zoom in west of the area and a hint of showers coming out of harrisburg and this stuff tended to break apart as it got into lancaster and berks county and that may be the case again here, but there are showers to the west and some of you may pick up a little bit of that this afternoon. as we look outside, we have chopper 6 hd taking a look at the ben franklin bridge earlier. the clouds were winning the day overall and thinning out here and there and letting the sun through. we have clouds in play. tomorrow we'll get nor sun back in and by friday lots of sun and with the improvement in sky cover comes an improvement in temperatures. 62 degrees is your current temperature in philadelphia, winds out of the east at 12
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miles per hour. not all that strong but when the sun is not poking through the clouds, there are the showers, you see how robust they are, and we were talking about how they fall apart and some stuff manages to come through and a lot of it manages to fall apart and evaporate to the west. future tracker 6 playing up the idea of clouds and not much rain, between now and 6:30, clouds could get thicker and there is still a possibility of holes here and there and 67 degrees in philadelphia. that is your high, 66 in allentown and fairly even numbers beneath the cloud cover and cooler next to the ocean water, for the phillies and marlins, they are starting it up at the ballpark. 67 in the ninth inning and probably dry, as we roll through the rest of the afternoon and evening 66 at 2:00 and the high is at 3:00 and 4:00 at 67 and
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later tonight back down into the upper 50s. that applies if you are out and about tonight. things start to get nicer, the high pressure center gets closer taos and we see sun and clouds mixing through the day and a nice high of 74 degrees. your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast today's high is 67, mostly cloudy skies with sunny breaks, mainly dry, tomorrow clouds and sun and milder and 74 degrees and friday mostly sunny and nice with a high all the way up to 76 degrees, if you have plans to be out in the evening for the union or phillies game, i have tickets to that one. it's a nice evening for that. get your plans out of the way on friday because saturday still looks like it will be unsettled. we are looking at a cloudy and cooler day and a high of 76 degrees. there will be periods of rain.
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one model has it has steadier rain. but that is an iffy day but sunday a mix of clouds and sun and unsettled with a cloud here and there and maybe a pop-up thunderstorm in the afternoon. don't get too depressed there is sunshine. and a mainly dry day. monday clouds and sun and high of 70 and still unsettled on tuesday with a high of 72 and a mix of clouds and sun and spotty shower there as well. matt and tam were asking me all morning when do we get a stretch where we are not getting a shower. maybe thursday and beyond looks to be warmer and drier. >> everybody is blaming you david. >> as long as i get the credit when it's nice. friday i am your friend. on the people scene, abc's late night host jimmy kimmel keeps the laughs coming for
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three more years, his show is in the 14th season, making him the longest running show amongst his competitors. he will host the 68th prime time emmy awards, here on 6 abc. didn't we tell you about eavesdropping -- >> coming up tonight on 6 abc, the season finale for blackish, you can see the show plays homage to good times. jay fall as sleep watching the sitcom and dream ez is in the show. here is the entire lineup, watch the middle followed by the goldbergs and then modern family at 9:00 and establish at at 9:30 and nashville at 10:00.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy.
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lets get a final check from accuweather before we leave for the afternoon. highs of 60s in most neighborhoods. mostly cloudy in the northern and western suburbs, i'm posting a spotty shower and it's a good chance most of you stay dry. you see the mid to upper 60s. a lot of 66's and 67's around the i-95 corridor and winds 7 to 14 miles per hour. down the shore mainly cloudy and mainly dry and temperatures at the beach in the low 60s. finally this noon, meet ella may from south carolina, who attempted at the age of 100 to run the 100 yard dash, they fell short her first attempt. but the next time she did it. she shatters the record crossing
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the finish line in just 46 seconds. she ran in high school and in her holder years walked three miles every day. coming up at 4:00, today we head to the zoo for the first time this year, cecily tynan is there hanging out with the rhinos. and emergency repairs brought traffic to a crawl on a local bridge and we are getting a better idea of the money the state missed out on when this was going on. don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. i'm sara bloomquist have a great afternoon.
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