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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  June 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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duty philadelphia police officer firing his weapon at a motorist. but was it justified. it happened at 11:15 last night on the 5 --. the officer was bumped by a car on his motorcycle and that is when the trouble began. sara bloomquist is live with the details. >> reporter: they are telling "action news" they are in the early stages of this collision and whether the off duty officer was justified when he fired his weapon multiple times. >> in the aftermath of the shots fired. the officer's motorcycle was in the street nearby. and the crime scene unit marked three shell casings in the street and more at temple university outpatient center. the officer just left work and
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was riding the motorcycle when he and a turning car collided. he got to his feet and approached the car. >> he grabbed on to the door handle and they took off dragging him. >> told the driver was law enforcement and he saw the man reaching for the center console and what he saw was a weapon. the officer fired several times at the vehicle. >> luckily the temple outpatient center was closed and unoccupied at the time. the driver of this dark colored chevy monte carlo turned himself in and the car is surrounded by crime tape. >> the investigation is on going and active. we are just waiting to get all the particulars and details
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about the incident itself. >> reporter: we just learned that the officer is an eight year veteran of the force and did suffer cuts to his knees and elbows from the fall from the motorcycle and he was treated and released. the driver of the car was not injured and not yet charged with any crime however this is an investigation that continues tonight. live at police headquarters, i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> police are saying that a man found dead in south philadelphia was beaten and strangled. investigators identified the victim as 78-year-old joseph daly, a navy veteran, that picture taken years ago. daly was discovered dead in his home on theodore street yesterday afternoon. the search continues for his killer or killers, witnesses reported seeing as many as three people running from the home. and the victim's van and keys are missing. tens of thousands of verizon
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employees went back to work after nearly seven weeks on strike. we were outside of the verizon's headquarters this morning as employees returned. about 40,000 workers in nine states and washington, d.c. have been off the job since april. the strike ended last week with a deal that includes new jobs and 11% increases over four years. union members still have to officially vote on the agreement. with the california and new jersey primaries coming up on tuesday we are reminded that we are now less than two months away from the democratic national convenience in philadelphia. so we are entering a new phase of preparations. there is also the matter of a $10 million shortfall. chad pradelli is live at the wells fargo center. time will move quickly where are we on all of this? >> reporter: well, the fundraising is in full force mode but dnc officials say they
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are confident they will close the $10 million shortfall and the road to the dnc is underway. building security fencing and infrastructure for the democratic national convenience costs money and host chairman ed rendell is trying to close the $10 million shortfall on a $64 million budget. he is busy on the phones with traditional donors. >> those that have not contributed yet will get a phone call or when they open the door i'll be there. >> among the problems the dnc is getting no federal or city money and donald trump. many companies give to both conventions but are balking now. >> to be bipartisan they would not contribute to us either. >> security corporations are flush with money. the money goes to everything from police wages to parking to
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equipment. at least a half dozen pro bernie sanders' demonstrations are expected in late july and police plan like they do for any other major events. police tell me they will make sure any demonstrators or police and attendees are safe at the dnc. i'm chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. after course you can download the 6 abc news app this election season to get breaking news alerts from the campaign trail and live results on election night and the 6 abc news app is air free download for your mobile device, it could take two years to write regulations and make marijuana available through retailers in pennsylvania. dr. karen murphy says they are surveying other states that developed comprehensive marijuana programs. governor tom wolf signed the law
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in april making pennsylvania the 4th state to legalize medical marijuana that means that eligible patients would be able to take marijuana in pill, vapor, ointment, or liquid form. no smokes will be allowed by law. june 1st is the first day of the hurricane season and cecily tynan informed us it would be more active than recent years. officials at the jersey shore are already on alert. "action news" reporter, gray hall has the story. >> reporter: it's a picture perfect day at avalon beach, superman kites danced in the wind and beach goers soaked up rays, many say that thoughts of superstorm sandy are still fresh. the storm battered the shore, claiming lives and destroying homes and causing billions of dollars in damage. >> when you are a person that enjoys coming to the beach every day you don't want to think
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about the destruction and everything that could happen to those that are close by. >> it's a six month season and the possibility of hitting the area is all too real that is why atlantic city electric and the cape may county office of emergency management hosted an emergency management conference, they want to make sure everyone is ready. >> we have to stand on our own for at least 72 hours after a major disaster. they learned how municipalities dealed with emergencies and walk add way with better ways to prepare for hurricanes with resources before and after a storm. they say that counties and municipalities are the first line of defense. >> we are looking at individual households and the private sector to be part of the emergency teams. >> every storm is different and emergency workers say that preparation is the key that could save lives, that is why they continue to review plans and procedures and provide the public with safety tips before
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the storm approaches. >> i keep track of the tropics and i keep my water supply and canned supply of food and we don't wait until the last minute, we get out. >> hurricane season runs through november 30th and you can keep track of the weather by downloading the 6 abc news app. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." and organization that has helped thousands of superstorm sandy survivors has been devastated by fire for the second time in as many years. home town heroes had office space in this building in toms river, it was destroyed by fire early yesterday and they moved their operations here after their other location went up in flames two years ago. the organization's president says the claim from the first fire has not been settled yet. >> we are fighting with attorneys and insurance
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companies for the last fire. it took a lot of challenges to get into this building and now it's even more daunting. >> home town heroes was started in 2008 and helps those in need including survivors of sandy. officials signed the final steel beam before it was put into place on a new head start facility in atlantic city. it provides early childhood education for 300 youngsters. it replaces four others severely damaged by superstorm sandy. coming up on "action news" lost and found, a new app is making it easier to reconnect lost pets with their owners. >> and phillies bench the ryan howard. they do bench ryan howard. of course he has seen a lot of the bench recently any way. we'll find out what he has to
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say about the development. another summer like day with temperatures overall in the upper 80s. scattered downpours out there and a front to the west that will bring unsettled weather our way. >> those stories and more --
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a new program called produce prescription will bring fresh fruits and vegetables to tables that need them most. the food bank of delaware and delaware pediatrics this morning. more than 100 families need prescriptions enabling them to
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get produce from the food bank. and there seems to be an app for everything these days and that includes lost pets. they call it fur alert. >> reporter: gloucester township police are getting help finding pets with a new app, called fur alert. the apps creator explained it. >> one is as a pet owner and the other is as the community. if i lose a pet are you there to help me and if i lose a pet, you are there to help me. >> it used technology to immediately alert users up to a 10 mile radius if a dog or cat is missing. >> if are you in california you don't need to know my pet is missing but if you are in gloucester township there say good chance you can help me find
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my pet. >> they say lost pets don't take up a lot of their daily calls but on their facebook page they see more and more. according to calvin it gets more every year. >> any person calling about hire lost dog is important to us. >> it's not a replacement for traditional ways to find your pets. microchip your pet and call local animal shelters if they go missing anything to bring those little guys, like 12-week-old daisy home. a chester county high school senior is celebrating a ground breaking science project and a big victory. michael zang of conestoga high school is taking first place at the talent search in washington.
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the 18-year-old smitted his work for gene science to tweak genes in a living cell. he feels his work could be a game changer for cancer and rare genetic diseases. >> results of dna in our cells we don't really want, and can you imagine we could use gene editing and potentially cure the diseases. >> his comishment comes with a $75,000 check he mans to use for his tuition at harvard university.
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it's been a topic of conversation for sometime. and the issue is ryan howard. >> he is going to be benched. the problem of ryan howard has been an issue for manager pete mccannon. lets go live to jaime apody at the ball part for the latest on the continuing saga of ryan
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howard will do. >> he will sit the big guy down. his .154 batting average is what matters he hulled him aside and said take three or four days to clear your head. lets see what tommy can do. his batting average under .100 in the month of may. >> if you are happy with the news then why are you playing? we are all competitors and if you don't want to play you might as well pack it up and go home. >> i'm not going to quit. that is not in the vocabulary. you know it's the easiest thing to do to give up when things get hard. you see what you are made of
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when things are not going the way you want them to go. >> howard a true competitor taking the high road. fans point to the high contract but i think this is really a matter of father time catching up to the guy. it's it's 1,000th regular game today at citizens bank park. jaime apody, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. phils trying to avoid losing six straight tonight to the nationals. to say the eagles dropped the ball is an understatement. the receivers had the most dropped ball in the nfl. and now they are working on fixing the mistakes. agholor says he did not seize the season. he had only one touch down. >> i look at last season and i say, i did not take advantage of a great opportunity. and at the end of the day that is what i must do this year.
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i am in a position to take advance of a great opportunity. >> can the union do the same? they are hanging on to the top spot in the east by the skin of their teeth. nba finals tip-off tomorrow on abc at 9:00. rematch of last year's final. golden state against cleveland. finally the biggest stars in college basketball. villanova on cloud nine after visiting the white house yesterday. they are dancing outside of 1600 pennsylvania avenue. it's the latest dance craze taking over social media. maybe we can join them. maybe not. >> they are having fun. >> they had a great time. >> good for them too. dozens of bicycles went up for auction today in atlantic
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adam joseph and that accuweather forecast. >> another hot one out there today. a couple of downpours in spots and we say hello to june and temperatures stay well below normal. as we look at double scan live radar about 98% of us are in the dry and a couple of downpours that are popped in a few locations. as we take a closer look at double scan live radar. one cluster now really falling
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apart. kind of pulled itself together west of willow grove, near ambler and 309 and along the pennsylvania turnpike, now just showers lifting towards landed dale and central parts of montgomery county. overall in this area, the split of 309 on the turnpike an inch of rain and for the next hour quick rising waters on the roadways and quickly receding as the rain did not lost long. as we go into the new month hopefully not as much rain as the month of may. look at these five cities here we have in the first highlight and may ranking as the 10th wettest month in philadelphia's history of 6.65 and wilmington 4th and 4th wettest for atlantic city and 5th for mt. pocono. and 6th for reading. the next highlight, another nice day tomorrow, without the chance
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for pop-ups it's cooler along the shore with an easterly wind, we'll pull the numbers back into the lower 80s and most of the inland locations especially from philadelphia to the lehigh valley. and as we look at the present numbers, you see the cooler number in montgomery county where the rain fell, temperature in warrington 78 degrees and 79 in quakertown and 80s in delaware county and berks and lancaster county and 80s in southwestern new jersey, for glassboro and vineland, along the shore it's cooler with wind coming in off the ocean and with the temperature 48 degrees you are in the 70s. the remnants of bonnie on the edge of the screen, as we wide out, a cold front to the west come together for the end of the week and this turns us very unsettled on friday but we eke out again tomorrow on the dry side. 50s in the suburbs and comfortable overnight tonight after the early scattered
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shower, 63 for philadelphia and 62 in dover, and we'll watch the front to the west here tomorrow and partly sunny and warm with a temperature of 84 degrees, and the remnants of bonnie kind of colliding with this front and it's very cloudy on friday and very humid at 80 degrees and numerous downpours and thunderstorms in the morning and going into the afternoon. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 84 and dry for tomorrow. still low humidity and we spike the humidity with a chance for rain for a good part of the day on friday of 80 degrees, drys out temporarily on saturday and more sun to the north and cloudier to the south, if you head to the beaches in delaware and cape may county, some showers on saturday that far south and then more downpours and storms kind of a wet sunday of 79 and monday and tuesday some instability and pop-up showers and temperatures near 80 and cool for june, only 75 a week from now. we are not tracking any big warm
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newspaper any time soon. >> finally tonight new homes are going up in north philadelphia. "habitat for humanity" and driving financial, building new homes at 15 and and fontaine street. the diamond park svelte is "habitat for humanity's" largest project in philadelphia to date and the first homes are scheduled for completion in june of 2017. world news is next on channel 6 and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams, adam joseph, and ducis rogers and please join us for "action news" at 11:00. and for cecily tynan and ducis rogers, i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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. tonight, we're on the scene. the deadly shooting on an american campus. students barricading themselves inside classrooms. the campus and surrounding communities put on lockdown. students lined up on the sidewalk. police going room to room, searching for the gunman. for the first time, the frantic 911 calls. the mother, after her son falls in the gorilla exhibit. >> he's dragging my son. i can't watch this. >> and tonight, what the parents are now asking for. new scrutiny on trump university. did donald trump's school suggest students max their credit cards to cover tuition? and later, to invest with their retirement savings? amid a new poll here tonight, who is leading in this clinton/trump battle? the major bus crash on an american highway. dozens rushed to the hospital. the massive house explosion today. and one very important safety


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