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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 7, 2016 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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feel the difference with k-y ultragel. >> omaha. omaha. 44 he's mike. bags montana. i don't know it doesn't seem to work, as well for me. >> not quite. that's the president welcoming the super bowl champion denver broncos with a tribute to now retired quarterback peyton manning. this of course, is the last time he'll meet a super bowl winner as president. mr. obama said manning had some advice on retirement, telling him try it. don't overstay your welcome. >> to the sport of mixed martial arts has lost one of its most recognizable names. kim bow slice died. the announcement came late monday. he had been in the hospital earlier in the day. near his home in south florida for an indisclosed reason. his caught of death has not been
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released. foul play is not expected. kim bow slice was 4 years old. we're learning more details about the funeral for muhammad ali. actor will smith and former heavyweight champ lennox lewis will be among the paul bearers at the funeral on friday. there will also be an islamic service in his hometown of louisville thursday before that larger public service the following day. as we learn more about the long good-bye to the boxing legend, we're also reminded about his words that are really transcending his life. >> and his words on a much more profound level than his fists never failed to deliver a punch. here's abc's david wright. >> i have wrestled with an al gate area, tussled with a whale. i done handcuffed lightning thrown thunder in jail. >> reporter: he was poetry in motion. >> i'm handsome. i'm fast. i'm pretty and can't possibly be beat. >> reporter: nobody ever so fast on his feet. >> too much speed.
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too fast. i'm too fast. >> reporter: so quick with a comeback. >> you're being extremely truculent. >> whatever truculent mean, if that's good, i'm that. >> reporter: his dominance complete. he made sure the whole world had a ringside seat. >> i murdered a rock. angelo stone, hospitalized a brick. i'm so mean i made medicine sick. >> reporter: the louisville lip his words packed a punch. >> it will be a killer and a chiller and a thriller when i get the goor ril la in manila. i don't care how small the ring, i'll fight that chump in a telephone booth. >> reporter: telling all his opponents. >> i can back up any word. and i'll whoop any man in the world and i want everybody out there on tv to snow. >> reporter: he would eat them for lunch. >> i saw sonny liston a few days ago, cassius. >> he's too ugly to be the world's champ. the world champ should be pretty like me.
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when nixon resigned, wait till i kick someone's behind. >> reporter: muhammad ali loves talking smack. >> float like a butter phi and sting like a bee. >> he was trying to psych me out. i was every name in the book. i was this, i was that, you know. and i said, wow. >> reporter: all of it, just part of his plan of attack. >> clay comes out to meet liston and listen to starts to retreat. if liston goes back any farther, he'll end up in a ringside seat. >> reporter: david wright, abc news, san francisco. >> the closing words, kind of funny. he says i would like to be remembered as a botcher but i'd be okay if folks forgot that i was pretty. that was a key thing with him. >> can't deal with that. coming up, how do you mend a broken heart? >> it could be as easy as a trip to los angeles and the visit to the museum of broken relationships. you're watching "world news now." >> sign me up. >> announcer: "world
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♪ sitting here with a black hole in my chest ♪ snoonls quite a picture off l.a.'s city hall where it's expected to be in the 70s later on today. pretty nice. >> see if the weather can help mend some broken hearts. >> quite possibly. >> it's supposed to be one of the most painful things people
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go through. there's always been that question of how do you get over that. >> how do you mend that broken heart? a los angeles lawyer believes he's created just the cure. we're up "up all nightline" now with abc's nick watt. >> reporter: true tales, mementos of lost love donated by members of the public for closure, catharsis, revenge? >> he made me wear them during sex because they turned him on. >> reporter: preserved and displayed here on hollywood boulevard. >> this is my favorite museum i have ever been to. >> reporter: we generally prefer to celebrate finding love, falling in love, beat ago the odds, the promise of happily ever after. earlier this evening, i giggled watching the bachelorette when jo jo took chase on a yoga date. >> how long have you guys been intimate? >> never. >> okay. >> we met about a week ago. >> reporter: we'd all like to believe sally is still with harry. >> i love that you get cold when it's 71 degrees out. i love that it takes you an hour
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and a half to order a sandwich. >> reporter: listen up. nearly 50% of marriages end in divorce. face facts, face reality. visit the museum of broken relationships. >> it's making me reflect on my own relationships. it's beautiful. >> reporter: we asked an expert is this serving any purpose whatsoever? >> immediately i thought this is ridiculous. when i started to think more deeply about it, i thought well, actually, there's a lot of people who need closure. >> did you see this one? >> reporter: yes. we've had behind the scenes access since this place looked like this. it used to be a lingerie store, the famous frederick's of hollywood. fitting transformation. back to that lawyer who made all this happen. all started last summer on a family vacation to croatia. >> they had a guide book that said there was a mum of broken relationships. i thought we've got see that. the first museum of broken relationships opened in croatia five yearsing. > we came out of there all of us
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moved by it. this is a universal human experience. everybody has had a broken relationship, of one kind or another. >> reporter: john quinn starred collecting for an l.a. version. >> this woman's former boyfriend had encouraged her strongly encouraged her to get breast implants. he wanted her to have larger breasts. an. >> reporter: sounds like a great guy. it's all anonymous. >> all of it's anonymous. >> so the stories i imagine would be slightly differently told if you had to put your name? >> i think so. i think that by keeping it anonymous, people are willing to tell the whole story. >> reporter: it's not just failed romance. >> sometimes family, religion, countries, you know, everything. there's all kinds of broken relationships. >> reporter: but the truth is, we've all been there one way or another and this may be the most universally relatable museum on earth. i'm nick watt for "nightline." in hollywood.
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if it's got to be clean, it's got to be tide. so a school lunch has long been considered the bottom of the culinary totem pole. >> there's no doubt it has been evolving a little bit for the better over the years. but a group of student chefs is cooking up a plan to move the school lunch into the 21st century you might say. here's abc's catherine falders. >> reporter: they come from high schools across the country to the nation's capital. these young student chefs taking control of their school lunches in an effort to create healthy eating in school cafeterias through a program called cooking for change. the challenge? making healthy and delicious meal while meeting an the u.s. department of agriculture guidelines on a tight budget. about $1 per lunch. no easy task. it's a challenge schools deal with nationwide. >> what is the message that you're hoping that these ten students send to kids across the
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country. >> well, really, the core message is the importance of healthy eating and the fact that healthy food can be tasty food. i think you haired the students describe the meals they've created, these are going to be very tasty meals but also are carefully designed to meet health requirements. >> reporter: meet jeremy traveling all the way from dallas, texas, on a mission to fulfill his dream of becoming a chef following in his mother's footsteps. >> my mom is a chef. i kind of grew up beside her on a little stool in the kitchen. and i've just been growing in the kitchen with her and then when i got to high school, i took a culinary class and that just opened up a bunch of doors for me. >> reporter: and it wasn't easy getting here. >> tell me a little bit about the training and how many hours you put in to being able to come to the nation's capital and compete here today. >> oh, my gosh. hours and hours a day. we would be in the kitchen tasting things. >> reporter: two hours in the kitchen monday re-creating their winning recipes and scored by a
2:57 am
17-person celebrity judging panel. including qua may and watchchy from top chef cooking everything from barbecue chicken, pizza kay sa delas to stuffed zucchini all out key ingredients of ol lichb oil and salt. >> reporter: the team from orange county took home the gold with the moroccan stuffed zucchini. all of the lunches will be served to thousands of students across their respective school districts. >> our thanks to catherine there for us. >> such a good idea. it's not that hard sometimes to cook inexpensive healthy meals. requires a little more thought and effort. >> not when it's considered like a potato is a vegetable. those are the guidelines. yeah, but those are the guidelines they have to work with. hungry. >> they did a good job. >> i'm starving. i did everything i could to make her party perfect.
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this morning on "world news now," hillary clinton's getting a major boost on primary day. >> clinton inching closer to history gaining enough delegates to become the presumptive nominee but not counting her chickens before they hatch. what she's telling voters in six states that hit the polls today. >> tropical storm colin bringing huge wind gusts and massive downpours to the southeast threatening millions with flash floods, damaging winds and the possibility of tornados. we're track where it's headed today. >> dramatic moment of a would be terrorist caught in the act. the suspect seen moving an arsenal of weapons. when police move in before the mass murder plot could be carried out. and get ready to get pumped up with the ultimate wedding play list. we've got the full list of top songs to help you shake it like a polaroid picture for this wedding season.
3:01 am
so which songs made the top three. what do you think? >> i think some of those are some of our top three. >> "world news now" is going to give it to you on this tuesday, june 7th. >> going to give it to you. ♪ >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> what was your favorite like wedding song? >> uptown funk. >> is that one. >> what one gets everybody on the floor. >> for a really long time, it was let's get it started by the black eyed peas. >> let's get it started. >> that was always a huge hit and great opener back in my wedding season days. >> also the electric slide. >> the electric slide. that's new and hip. all of the cool kids are doing that these days. >> i hear the next one coming up is the macarena. >> it's going to be huge. >> the kids love that one. >> so we start things off with politics today. a historic day in the race for the white house as donald trump faces growing criticism from both parties. hillary clinton has reached a
3:02 am
major mile seen in clinton is now the first woman in the country ever to become the presumptive nominee of a major political party. now she secured 2,383 delegates, enough to clinch the democratic nomination. she tweeted last night we're flattered but we've got primaries to win. and she listed the six states voting today which happens to be eight years to the day when she dropped out of the race against president obama. it is your voice, your vote. we get the latest from abc's stephanie rap mos. >> reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders are not slowing down campaigning just a day before six states vote in primaries including the delegate rich states of new jersey and california. >> well, tomorrow is a really big day, everybody. >> reporter: based on new a.p. super delegate endorsements abc news estimates clinton is already there, securing enough delegates to clinch the democratic nomination. but sanders is still pushing forward, rejecting this claim based on the fact that clinton
3:03 am
needs the support of super delegates who can change their minds to lock it down. >> we are working as hard as we can. >> reporter: clinton however taking on donald trump. >> so trump doesn't want you to pay attention tox what this case is revealing. so he is attacking the judge. >> reporter: trump reportedly urging top supporters to defend his attacks on the judge presiding over the trump university federal cases. sticking with a claim in an interview that he's been treated unfairly by the american born judge whose parents are from mexico. >> if you are saying he can't do his job because of his race, is that not the definition of racism? >> no, i don't think so at all. >> reporter: clinton pouncing. > i'm waiting for him to say because of all the big got things he has said about women that a woman judge couldn't preside. >> reporter: the white house has hinted president obama will endorse the democratic presumptive nominee very soon, possibly later this week. aides say he's eager to campaign and brushing up on his stump
3:04 am
skills looking to directly challenge donald trump. kendis and diane, back over to you. >> thank you. more republicans are blasting donald trump over his comments about the judge. senator lindsey graham among them. unleashing some of the harshest criticism yet saying it's the most un-american thing from a politics since joe mccarthy. he urged republican who have backed trump to rescind their endorsements. john kasich is calling for trump to apologize. marco rubio urged him to symptom. >> breaking news now. dangerous weather moving across florida and into georgia this morning. tropical storm colin is bringing rains and thousands of power outages along the gulf coast. the area around caesar key was hit with four inches of rain seasoning several counties. the governor declared a state of emergency in 34 counties. they're already sandbag along the south carolina coast. colin could bring up to eight inches of rain to the charleston area with winds gusting to 50 miles hour. there are also concerns about powerful rip currents and beach
3:05 am
erosion. and taking a live look at the radar, you can see the storm as it heads up the east coast. there's an isolated tornado threat across south georgia and the carolinas through this morning. some alarming moments for passengers on an american airlines flight from seattle to dallas. they were waiting and the gate when smoke started billowing outside the windows. a starter machine apparently caught fire. that's a device hooked up to the plane to help start the engines. the plane wasn't damaged but passengers were placed on other flights. we have now seen an image of the missile believed to have taken down malaysia airlines flight mh-17. the jet that exploded over ukraine two years ago. we still don't know who fired it. it's been determined it was russian made. russia and ukraine blame each other. the crash killed all 298 people on board. the list of famous names who will say good-bye to the greatest continues to grow. will smith who received an oscar
3:06 am
nomination for his portrayal of the champ will be among the ball payers at the funeral on friday. tributes continue to pour in as his home twroun prepares for the funeral. abc's ryan smith has more from louisville. >> reporter: those closest to muhammad ali remembering a heavyweight with a tender side. his daughter, laila, posting this on facebook, writing, "i was blessed to be touched by an angel. we all were." >> i felt like he was trapped inside of his body, so, i have comfort in knowing that he's not suffering anymore. >> reporter: the champ's youngest son, saying his father is at peace. >> he just wants everybody to be happy and celebrate his life, celebrate his legacy, you know, not shed tears of sadness. shed tears of joy. >> reporter: his funeral plans, as only ali would have it, specified by the champ years in advance. on friday, a procession through his hometown and a massive public memorial. a growing list of celebrities and dignitaries speaking. the king of gordon added to the list that includes bill
3:07 am
clinton and billy crystal. the comedian, dubbed "little brother" by ali, his spot-on impression of the champ. >> i'm so fast i can play ping-pong by myself. >> reporter: and generations marking a once in a lifetime figure. what does muhammad ali mean to you? >> he's our hero. he was never scared to speak his mind and i'm just proud to say that he was from here. >> reporter: many people wanting to here to celebrate ali as a life. his family announcing 30,000 tickets will be available for the memorial and prayer service. rib ryan smith, abc news. >> a los angeles jury sentenced grim sleeper to death. the same jury convicted lonnie franklin junior of the brutal slayings of at least ten women from 1985 to 2007. jury deliberated for nearly nine hours before reaching that decision. prosecutors say franklin killed his victims and discarded their bodies in alleys or dumpsters. in japan, the u.s. navy
3:08 am
banned brinking by u.s. personnel after a series of incidents that outraged the japanese. most recent incident was the drunk driving arrest of a sailor stationed at okinawa on sunday. who allegedly drove the wong way on a busy highway causing an accident. two months ago, a former marine was arrested in the murder of a young woman. the navy confined all u.s. personnel to their bases. gorilla world at the cincinnati zoo is expected to reopen today. the zoo now has a higher reinforced barrier in place after a child made it into the enclosure two weeks ago. the prosecutor yesterday declined to charge the mother with child endangerment saying there was nothing she could have done. >> had she been in the bathroom smoking crack and let her kids run around the zoo, that would be a different story. that's not what happened here. >> he came through the bushes and fell right here and quite frankly, i don't know how he wasn't hurt. >> an endanger reggied male
3:09 am
silverback gorilla was shot and kid to protect the little boy. the u.s. department of agriculture is still reviewing the case for possible sanctions against the zoo. reigning nba mvp steph curry is giving up a shot at another title unfortunately for the cleveland cavaliers we're not talking about an nba crown. he will sit out the summer olympics in rio citing recent leg sxwroirpz his golden state warriors are two wins away from their second straight nba title. game three, by the way, of the finals is right here on abc tomorrow night. and u.s. olympic jimnist gabby douglas is again showing her fierce side. when asked if she's worried about the zika virus warnings in brazil, she said mosquitos? i don't care about no stupid bugs. she won gold in 2012 as part of the u.s. squad back in london. in next story will likely be considered sacrilegetology cheeseheads. their leader has given undare ray. >> aaron rodgers has dropped
3:10 am
milk products including that wisconsin favorite cheese. from his diet" 32-year-old made the change to try to hold back father time. he says more truths and veggies will help him play longer. giving up dairy in wisconsin. >> i wonder what it's like when a change in your diet makes news? the whole world talks about the fact that you don't eat cheese anymore. rob gronkowski has shed weight from the top of his head. he shed his locks to raise cash. >> gronk and some of his teammates sat in the barber chair this weekend for the seventh annual buzz off to help kids fighting cancer. more than 1,000 people took part and raised nearly $1 million. >> are you okay with that. >> i like the look. >> they're stealing your. >> they're stealing my look. he's been doing it every year for five years. >> you should swing by. free haircut. >> i would do that same event buff just like.
3:11 am
>> very confused. >> like every barber shop i walk into. coming up later in mix," it's a marriage of the burrito and the whopper. >> but first, if you've been trying to avoid burritos and whoppers because your body isn't quite ready yet, don't worry. you're not the only one stressed out about it. we're going to look an the anxiety caused in some relationships when one partner is more in tape shape than the other. >> also ahead, the shocking rape case from one of the country's top schools. a stanford squimer convicted of sexual assault. many saying his sentence is beak a slap on the wrist. >> you can always weigh in on facebook at you're watching "world news now." choose to smooth.
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those are three very lucky boaters being rescued by the coast guard in the waters of lick michigan. their boat capsized about 11 miles offshore over the weekend. a coast guard crew was on a training mission nearby and luckily able to get to them quickly. they credited the men for wearing life jackets and staying with their overturned boat. >> in ukraine officials say they've arrested a suspected terrorist planning to attack france. the french national can be seen in this video wrapping a cache of heavy weapons and loading them into a van. moments late area law enforcement officials wrestle the suspect to the ground. he was allegedly planning 15 attacks on bridges, railways and
3:16 am
places of worship. the championships get under way this friday in france. here at home, anger mounting over a college sex assault case out of san francisco. >> the scar swimmer at stanford university has been sentenced to only six months in jail or sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. >> it's what the man's father said to the judge that sparked a blank. here's abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: outrage building over a son's crime and his father's commentary. before swimmer brock allen turner was sentenced to six months in jail for the sexual assault of a woman at a campus party, his father complaining the verdict was a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action. >> the dad said, it's 20 minutes for a lifetime of sentence. and, like, what do you think the woman had to deal with? >> reporter: but another letter was read in court that day. >> it was one of the most eloquent and articulate letters i've ever read. i don't think anything like it has ever been written. >> reporter: the victim reading 12 pages, her gaze locked in on turner.
3:17 am
skewering her attacker for insisting the assault beside a frat house dumpster was consensual. outrage sweeping the stanford campus. online, nearly 6 million clicking on her letter on buzzfeed. many blasting the father and the judge. and the victim sending this text to the d.a. >> "i'm coming to you simply as a woman wanting to be heard. yes, there's plenty more i'd like to tell you about me. for now, i'm every woman." >> reporter: the probation department recommended that six-month sentence. now, turner is already in jail and could be out in three months. on good behavior. but he'll remain a sex offender for the rest of his life. matt gutman, abc news, stanford. >> coming up in our next half hour, heartfelt words from bobby brown. the exclusive interview with robin roberts about moving forward after the two most devastating losses of his life. but first, hitting the beach and tackling swimsuit anxiety. apparently it's even worse when you feel like your partner is in better shape than you are. one couple's empowering story about how they balanced the
3:18 am
scales. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: " p?p?o?gv
3:19 am
♪ >> okay, so it's already prime beach season in many parts of the country. >> but just the idea of squeezing into a bathing suit is enough for many people to break into a cold sweat. apparently, it can be even worse if your partner is in better shape than you are. >> yeah, but one couple figured out a way to balance the scales. here's abc's jesse palmer. >> reporter: with warm temps come bathing suits. a show of skin that can bring serious anxiety for some. like hannah. she and her boyfriend dalton met while studying abroad in paris. >> i was shoving croissants down my throat and evers training for
3:20 am
a marathon. >> reporter: hannah at mites her insecures get a workout when she wears a bikini next to her beau. you would think that would change when you're in a relationship. i do feel self-conscious at the beach next to somebody who is so active. >> reporter: they're not alone. while evidence is anecdotal, it's not uncommon for couples to feel anxiety when one person doesn't feel as attractive as their partner. >> it can be tough on a couple if one or both members doesn't feel completely happy with their body. talk with each other how you feel and work through insecurities together. >> reporter: the young couple saying communication has been key to helping them avoid conflicts around the issue. >> we've seen serious meltdowns where i'm shopping and nothing looks good. it breaks you down emotionally. >> just celebrating what i love about her i know that brings confidence to her. >> reporter: ultimately it might be scary to bare it all on the beach but experts say it's
3:21 am
important to find qualities you love about yourself. >> you love the way your shoulders look strong and this bikini that you have or you love your legs can power you through a long walk. that will bring your whole self-image up. >> feeling is confident in my chest and curviness and celebrating that has helped kind of overpower the insecurities. >> reporter: and that newfound confidence shines through. >> how she feels and how i feel you feed off of each other. she's got this this different strut about her when she's feeling more confident and i love it. >> i just don't get it. exactly. because i think they both have great bodies. i don't know who was the one that has the body issues. >> people get self-conscious about these things. in our family it, didn't happen. because so many people in the family will tell you you've got a little fat the same way they'll tell you your hair got long. it's not that big a deal.
3:22 am
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feel the difference with k-y ultragel. . so our colleagues over at 538, that's a good song for a wedding but it isn't the most popular song. no, the mix song is not. >> didn't make the cut. >> the folks at 538 came up with the ultimate wedding play list. so the top three, can you guess what's number three? >> hmm. >> do we have a clue? >> put on your dancing shoes. ♪ saturday night and we're in the spot don't believe me just watch swroets. >> june town funk number three according to 538. >> only number three. i thought that would be higher on the list. >> one of the most popular songs. number two on the list. can you believe it. ♪ i want to feel the heat with somebody. >> that's a good one. >> i'm surprised this is still up there in this day and age.
3:26 am
"i want to dance with somebody." >> always a hit. >> you want to feel the heat. >> and number one, you were surprised by this. >> i like this song. i thought that people, i don't know, i didn't think it would last this long. >> hey ya by outcast. >> number one most popular song at weddings. i think they missed one though. >> i think they missed a really good one. >> do you hear? >> to the right, to the right, to the right. ♪ to the left, to the left, to the left ♪ ♪ kick, kick, kick, kick. ♪ now walk it by yourself walk it by yourself ♪ >> this would be my black card. >> i'm sorry, dad. i apologize for all black people. >> should we move onto the mack cane ra. >> this is amazing. > we just talked about being body conscious.
3:27 am
burger king came out with the whopper rito, a combination between a chopper and a burrito. >> that looks awesome. >> sorry to say only available at a handful of locations including hermitage, pennsylvania. >> we'll be doing a road trip to hermitage, pennsylvania. take a look at this video. it looks frightening. you have this panther kind of like creeping up going up for the kill. this guy's just chilling out like i wonder what's going on later for lunch and then this panther is keep creeping up behind him. you think it's going to pounce. no, hey. let's kind of kiss it out at a mexican sanctuary in mexico. he's a trainer and owner there. >> panther still does not look super friendly. >> tell you who is super friendly this adorable labrador. he doesn't want to let it go. he loves the snow. he's try desperately to hold onto the last patch that's
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
breaking news this morning on "world news now." tropical storm colin is gaining speed. the fast-moving rainmaker is unloading on florida right now and getting ready to turn up the east coast and cause major travel delays. we have the forecast just ahead. primary push as voters in six states head to the polls today. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are set to battle it out despite clinton's seemingly locking up the nomination overnight. as the top dogs of the republican party grimace at donald trump's tough stance against a judge that he sees as biased. and new this half hour, anger mismanagement on the baseball diamond. >> a college baseball manager goes ballistic. getting in the faces of umpires even showcasing a little spin move for better positioning. very nice twirl. see what set him off. the playboy mansion has a new owner. we'll look at the man who
3:31 am
reportedly dropped nine figures for the storied estate and what he plans to do with it. the full story ahead in "the skinny" on this tuesday, june 7th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> i think a few things need to be done to the mansion. >> power wash. >> how about that baseball coach though, the manager? he's got some moves. >> he did a little spinderella move. a little angry. we'll get to him a little bit later. we want to begin with something whirling over the southeast. the heavy rains from tropical storm colin on the move right now. >> much of florida is under a state of emergency as thousands are without power, up to 8 inches of rain is expected to fall before colin moves across the state and up the east coast. 50-mile-an-hour winds have brought down trees and power lines already. and homes and businesses have been damaged, as well. and they're prepare forth storm along the carolina coast. residents of low lying areas of north were busy filling sand bags to keep water out.
3:32 am
swimmers are being told to stay out of the water because of the rip tide risk, too. the storm caused long lines at the atlanta airport. last we checked, flight schedules seem to have gotten back to normal or more or less anyway for those wait times. >> so what's next for colin's wrath. >> let's go to accuweather's paul williams tracking the storm for us. >> good morning to you, diane kendis. colin is expected to accelerate beyond the carolina coast and possibly move out towards the water. we're hopeful of that, but in the meantime, we're looking for rough surf as well as localized flooding and very gusty winds from charleston to wilmington towards cape hatteras was heavy downpours in some areas. heavy rain showers expected in the northeast, as well. we're looking for isolated thunderstorms from boston up towards maine. this is going to be the result of the front that's pushing through. we'll have a sharp contrast with warm air neath it with isolated thunderstorms from boston up towards portland. we're going to brace for strong storms to bring local damaging winds as well as hail from
3:33 am
boston up to bangor. get ready. it's going to hit the northeast. diane, kendis. >> thanks, paul. hillary clinton is one step closer to the white house after securing enough delegates to clinch the democratic nomination. as the presumptive nominee, she is poised to become the first woman at the top of a presidential ticket of a major u.s. political party. she wrapped up a five-day campaign swing in california, clinton appeared to be holding off any celebrations until today's primaries are over. >> according to the news, we are on the brink of a historic, historic unprecedented moment. but we still have work to do, don't we? we have six elections tomorrow. and we're going to fight hard for every single vote especially right here in california. >> as for bernie sanders, here in san francisco, making no mention of clinton's delegate
3:34 am
count during that evening rally. he continued to criticize clinton for her super pac money and vowed to win california. but sanders would need to flip more than half of her superdelegates to win the nomination. abc news in the meantime has learned that sanders spoke with president obama on sunday. the president made the phone call reportedly to talk about the future of sanders' campaign. president obama is now preparing to endorse hillary clinton and assume a more active role in the 2016 campaign possibly as soon as tomorrow. well, today marks the final day of voting for the primary season. polls will be open in six states including california, new jersey, new mexico, montana, as well as the dakotas. california of course, is the big prize. 475 pledged delegates up for grabs. >> now to donald trump digging in as he faces criticism from a growing number of fellow republicans. after coming under fire for remarks about the mexican heritage of a federal judge,
3:35 am
trump had some new marching orders for his most loyal supporters. we get more now from abc's tom llamas. >> reporter: donald trump urging top supporters to defend his attacks on the mexican-american judge in the trump university case. >> do you regret making it personal with the judge? >> look, i've had very, very unfair decisions. people said this should have gone away a long time ago in summary judgment. i don't care if the judge is mexican or not. i'm going to do great with the mexican people, because i provide jobs. so, i don't care about mexican. but we're being treated very unfairly, bill. very, very unfairly. >> reporter: trump claims judge gonzalo curiel, an american citizen born in indiana, is biased against him because the judge's parents are from mexico. >> if you are saying he can't do his job because of his race, is that not the definition of racism? >> no, i don't think so at all. this judge is giving us unfair rulings. now, i say, why? well, i want to -- i'm building a wall, okay? and it's a wall between mexico, not another country, and -- >> but he's not from mexico. he's from indiana. >> he's mexican heritage.
3:36 am
and he's very proud of it. >> reporter: trump then taking it even further, implying his proposed muslim ban would also disqualify a muslim judge from the trump university case. >> if it were a muslim judge, would you also feel like they wouldn't be able to treat you fairly because of that policy of yours? >> ah, it's possible, yes, yeah, that would be possible, absolutely. >> reporter: now, even trump's biggest supporters say he's out of line. >> it goes against our whole model of being an american. once you go down that road, you destroy america. >> trump convening a tense conference call of top supporters to address the campaign crisis. bloomberg news reporting the candidate urged them to attack judge curiel, insisting, "we will overcome." trump also reportedly asking them to hit reporters saying "the people asking the questions, those are the racists. i would go at them." for weeks many top republicans have been able to defend his controversial statements or policies by saying he's a different type of candidate. many are saying on this issue, trump is wrong.
3:37 am
tom llamas, abc news, new york. in tampa, florida, 14 burglars were caught in the act on a home security system. but there's a bit of a twist. the home security system is actually disguised so well in fact that one of the suspects looks straight into the camera at one point trying to figure out what it is. you then see them go through the house, stealing jewelry, cash, golf clubs. they even got away with the victim's car but not very far. all the items were recovered and the suspects arrested. in southern california, more sharks have been captured on camera, as well. that led to a one mile long section of the beach in huntington beach being closed. lieu of guars posted signs warning swimmers to stay out of the water. there have been multiple shark sightings and one attack in the area in the last few weeks. >> in northern california, not a good night for sharks that make their home on ice. the pittsburgh penguins and san jose against the sharks in game four of the stanley cup final. the home team down 2-1 in the
3:38 am
series and down 2-0 in the game. after evgeni malkin scored in the second, san jose cut it to 2-1. eric fehr scored in the third. penguins winning it all, 3-1. they're up 3-1 in the series and can clinch their third stanley cup at home thursday night. mario is happy there. >> oh, yeah. it's playoff time in college baseball. things got a little heated on tobacco road you could say. >> yeah. so you have north carolina head coach elliott abbott who was not happy with the strike zone against coastal carolina. he let the umps know. first he's in the umpire's face who is three times his size. when one of the other umps comes over, he puts on the nice spin move to get away. he kept it up till he finally grabbed his bag and walked off. by the way, nc state won the game. >> i like the roll dodge move. >> that little spin was -- >> got some skills.
3:39 am
maybe he should coach football, too. >> true. >> coming up, bobby brown opens up to our robin roberts. what the r & b star is now saying about moving forward after suffering the back to back devastating losses of both whitney houston and their daughter bobbi kristina. >> rick astley, the big news from the '80s heartthrob ahead in "the skinny." you're watching "world news now." ♪ never going to say good-bye >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by american advisors. weather, brought to you by american advisors. sometimes we use k-y ultragel to enhance my body's natural
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moisture so i can get into it a bit quicker. and when i know she's into it, i get into it and... feel the difference with k-y ultragel. come over here. >> the denver area was hit by hail yesterday afternoon, including this young girl who was caught in the middle of it. she seemed prepared with that
3:43 am
bike helmet and all. but still enough is enough. she was soon overcome by tears. that's our denver station coming to her rescue. giving her shelter from the storm. >> i was going to complain people were videoing and no one was helping her. but they did help her, i'm glad to see. >> the other stations just watched. >> the nev department of corrections has released a new mugshot of o.j. simpson. he's not been seen in a mugshot since 2013. simpson smiles for the camera. prison officials say they routinely update photos for their records. the former nfl star is serving 33 years in prison for armed robbery. >> now to some heartfelt words and new revelations in fact, from bobby brown about the two devastating losses that he suffered just three years apart. >> the r & b star opened up to our own robin roberts about life after whitney houston and their daughter bobbi kristina. >> on january 21st, 2015,
3:44 am
she was found lifeless in a bathtub at her georgia home, a scene eerily similar to her mother's death. reports labeled bobbi kristina's accident a mystery. but bobby brown had his suspicions. >> it was not a mystery to me. the same thing that happened to my daughter is what happened to whitney. there's only one person that was around both occasions. >> you won't say his name. nick gordon is who you're referring to. >> i won't say his name. >> gordon was rumored to be whitney's adopts son, but after whitney's death, the couple claimed they were much more. >> i'm married. and we're fine. we're really -- we're really, really very happy. >> reporter: there have been no legal documents to prove that the couple ever married. >> nick gordon, the things that are being said by him recently, how do you approach that? >> he knows what happened. i don't know what happened that night. but he does. >> reporter: for six months,
3:45 am
bobbi kristina lay in a coma. on july 26th, 2015, she passed away. her official cause of death was lobar pneumonia due to drowning and a toxic cocktail of drugs in her system. just last month, bobby joined her estate in filing a $10 million wrongful death suit against nick gordon. gordon's attorneys call the lawsuit heartless saying that he has been heart broken over the loss of bobbi kristina en an it's shameful such baseless allegations have been presented publicly but bobby brown says loss, not a lawsuit, has been his toughest challenge. >> hardest thing i had to do in my life was tell my daughter to let go. >> i can't even imagine the pain that whole family is going through. it's hard enough to have lost whitney but then to deal with that loss of bobbi kristina. for so many months trying to hold on to hope, it's heart breaking. >> it's a tough interview to watch but an interesting one
3:46 am
indeed. it's going to be tonight on "20/20" at 10:00 p.m. right here on abc. >> when we come back, the chad drama continues "the bachelorette." >> and guess who just bought the playboy mansion. "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny, so skinny topping our skinny headlines this morning, it was all about chad last night on "the bachelorette." >> week three saw the show's favorite villain chad with all his muscles being described as a caveman, a cartoon character and another name we can't repeat on air. >> a few of them. >> chad's retort? there are too many dudes on the bachelorette. >> that will happen. >> there are way too many details to go into here. but it's not over yet. part 2 airs tonight at 8:00 p.m. right here on abc. we will have a full recap tomorrow morning with our senior bachelorette analyst jack sheehan. >> and part one ended with like this big, big cliffhanger. like think who shot j.r.? you know, it was huge. like i was there and like no. he was coming in. he had spoken with chris. and he was going after the fellows. >> what's going to happen? >> part two tonight. >> no cocktail party, pool party instead. >> yes. >> it's going to be a good one.
3:49 am
okay, speaking of cocktail parties, i'm sure playboy mansion had a few of this em. >> a few of them. pool parties, as well. >> new owner. >> barely six months after hugh hefner put the estate on the market, the 1927 gothic revival mansion has reportedly been sold to 32-year-old investor darren metropoulos of hostess brands and the one-time heir to the pabst brewing company. >> hefner listed it for $200 million. tmz reports they're paying approximately $100 million. the young investor agreed to let the 90-year-old hefner live out the rest of his days inside the fabled mansion. >> he already owns the property next door, an $18 million pad and reportedly he intends to keep the exterior of the playboy mansion intact but he'll likely gut and restore the interior. maybe a few more things, as well. >> exactly. >> next to big news across the pond. >> we're talking about '80s heartthrob rick astley hit the
3:50 am
is taken? central london last night to help launch his new album. he's back. ♪ never going to give you up, never going to let you down never going to run around and desert you ♪ >> psych. >> we just rick rolled you. seriously though, he really. >> he's not ready to give us that. ♪ this old house, this old houhous house ♪ >> huh. >> okay. >> the voice still sounds the same. >> i think i know all the words already. >> this old house. what's the title for it? "this old house," or course. >> this old house. >> this is one of the new tracks on astley's new album "50" which is not coincidentally his age. the album is expected to be released this october. i expect a lot of rick rolling. >> ooze not giving us up. rick rolling is a thing 20 years ago. finally, last night, was game four of the stanley cup playoffs. the san jose sharks hosting the pittsburgh penguins. >> in case you missed it, this
3:51 am
happened. ♪ >> and take that, carlos santana. >> and the crowd goes wild. >> as they should. long time shark fans metallica lead singer james hetfield and guitarist kirk hammett performing the star spangled banner, in beautiful fashion. it wasn't enough to keep the sharks from losing to pittsburgh 3-1 with the penguins leading the series. >> at least they had some good music. >> they did. coming up, the first lady flexes her muscles out in the garden. >> it was harvest day at the white house as school children from across the nation rolled up their sleeves and dug in. you're watching "world news now." ♪ never going to say good-bye
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forever. let's be clear. clearasil works fast. ♪ ♪ in my garden >> as opposed to all the other garden songs that they had to choose from. you do reap what you sow. it's a life lesson being learned firsthand by a group of school children right in the white house kitchen garden. >> and first lady michelle obama was right there with them leading the way. abc's arlette saenz has the story. >> ready? get to work. >> reporter: it's not every day you're pulling turnips with the first lady. but when you plant a garden at
3:56 am
the white house, you have to reap those veggies. >> are you guys ready to do some harvesting? >> reporter: students from across the country joined michelle obama in harvesting the white house kitchen garden. the kids planted this garden back in april. now, they're seeing an fruits of their labor. kale, cauliflower and snap peas. >> it's big. >> it's cool to see how fast it's grown. >> reporter: something new in this year's garden is the outrageous lettuce used, the same seeds used on the international space station. the beds of red lettuce grew so fast, the white house already replanted them. it's all part of the first lady's campaign for kids to embrace healthy diets and active lifestyles. >> folks across the country are starting to do what we're doing here at the white house. it's helping a lot of kids eat better. >> reporter: along the way, mrs. obama has employed the help of her celebrity friends like basketball star steph curry. >> turnip for what?
3:57 am
>> reporter: and chefs frankie celenza and rachael ray who stirred up some curried vegetables. >> you are what you eat. and this is really good stuff. you start early and i think it makes a big difference. >> reporter: for trinity and christian from colorado that's a message that's already resonating. > i'll probably try eating salad, no french fries. >> reporter: the white house kitchen garden started as part of the first lady's let's move campaign in 2009. she hopes it's going to continue with the next president. arlette saenz, abc news, the white house. it is always a beautiful event for many people in d.c. and the students there. >> turnip for what? i love it. >> and tours of the white house kitchen garden are open to any school and community group that has an interest in gardening and healthy eating. > don't miss our updates on facebook at >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. informing insomniacs for two decades.
3:58 am
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making news in america this morning, hillary clinton's historic moment. the first woman in a major political party to become the presumptive nominee reaching the magic number but focused on today's major primaries, plus more trouble for donald trump as top republicans urge other party members to unendorse the candidate. we're live. tracking colin. it's pounding florida. the storm's latest path as it heads up the east coast. a large cat crawling towards a man with its power fful jaws. a judge gives a teenager a choice go to jail or sing a song at a busy intersection.


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