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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  June 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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seminary. the plan has the approval of archbishop chaput, they plan to move it to another local college or university. so far no partnership has been announced and it's not clear when anything of this would happen. now, all of it comes 8 months after pope francis came and stayed at st. charles while in philadelphia. it comes amidst the financial trouble. no word if it's complex will be sold but previous plans involved the sale of a large part of that campus we'll have more on this coming up on "action news." it's tuesday afternoon, i'm brian taff. >> i'm sharrie williams, we are also tracking scattered storms moving through the area right now. lets go to cecily tynan in for adam at the big board. >> reporter: we have an approaching cold front this is
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triggering the storms. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing not everyone is seeing them but we have a pretty concentrated line of storms moving through the i-95 corridor right now. it is now pushed through center city philadelphia and is heading into south jersey, crossing routes 130, this view alone, the past 15 minutes, we have 21 lightning strikes and there is a pretty good concentration of heavy downpours working into cherry hill and this is pushing to the east be that line extends through southern new jersey and southern delaware, it passed through wilmington. and salem you are getting hit very hard with downpours, 33 lightning strikes in this view alone. that being said, they are not severe, we are not looking at damaging winds or large hail. but we do have lightning and heavy downpours. and the possibility of small hail as they work through over the next few hours and this with a front means behind it the skies will clear and temperatures dropping down into the 50s overnight and behind
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this system we have a cool air mass. look at that, temperatures in the 60s that is what we'll be dealing with tomorrow in addition to that. we have a window of opportunity for more storms tomorrow. i'll let you know what to expect in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. we are also following a busy day in politics as voters in new jersey and five other states head to the polls for primaries and caucuses. nora muchanic is live in trenton today. nora there are a lot of local contests but the focus for most people is the race for the white house. >> absolutely brian. usually by this time the nominations are wrapped up. democrats thought hillary clinton would be able to put her over the top tonight with the vote, but it appears she already has the votes and delegates she needs for the nomination. we look at one of the polling
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places and hear what voters are saying. there are local, county and congressional races but the focus on much of it as voters head into the booth is the race for president. in hamilton township they say that turnout has been good. and we talked to voters about who they are supporting. >> bernie. >> her husband lou voted for former secretary, clinton. who now has enough votes to clinch the nomination. >> she has the experience, she served. >> i like his ideas, i have a grandson who loves bernie so he convinced me. >> i'm voting for hillary. >> tell me about it? >> from a policy perspective she has the most experience and can get the most done.
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>> businessmen like donald trump got enough delegates to get it done. texas senator, ted cruz and ohio governor, john kasich. >> donald trump is the only one i can vote for. i wish there were better candidates. >> i feel like he is the only adult left in the room. >> governor christie defended donald trump's most reaccept comments. >> donald trump declared that a mexican born judge is unable to hear his case. >> donald trump is not a racist. >> voters who are not afellated can declare a party and vote as a republican or democrat. there are over 2.5 million people in this state who are not a member of the republican or democratic party. the polls are open until 8:00
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tonight. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you nora. we'll have results and reactions from new jersey and all the primaries tonight on "action news" you can get live results and real time updates on and the 6 abc news app. >> brand new now at 4:00, the man wanted for murdering a south philadelphia man has turned himself in. clark was wanted for the murder of joseph daly, he was strangled and beaten to death in his home. clark is charged with robbery and burglary and a list of other charges. meanwhile, police are looking for the man who is robbing people at gun point on the strike. they say he has struck five times and makes a sinister threat to his victims. walter perez is live in logan where the crimes are happening. >> reporter: sharrie, this does
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seem to be ground zero for the armed robberies, five holdups over the past week covering several blocks. he made away with hundreds of dollars in cash, cell phones and credit cards and each person was robbed of a personal i.d. card. >> i hope they catch him soon. that is not good. >> roxanne is talking about a string of holdups that were performed by this man. and that this these is taking robbery to a new level, demanding that they turn over an identification card like a drivers license. >> he informs them if they make a police report he will come back and find them and he threatened to shoot their entire family. five holdups have been reported and three occurred in the span of one hour last friday around the 5200 block of north broad.
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each time the suspect is described address approximately 25 years old. 5'3" tall and a goatee and a thin build and carrying a black and silver gun. people that live and work in this part of the city are understandably concerned. >> i'm scared. if a guy pulls out a gun and then demands my drivers license and then will come back and do harm to me. >> it makes you want to not bring your kids around at all. >> you can't bring your kids around knowing someone is doing something like that. >> reporter: now the most recent robbery occurred last night on shoe avenue. nobody has been injured so far in these cases. anyone with information is asked to call northeast detectives. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thanks walter.
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the prosecutor at a center of an email scandal has resigned from his job at the philadelphia d.a.'s office. frank fina was with the office since 2013. he is also tied to the pornographic email scandal that already forced two state supreme court justices to step down. the line was wrapped around the showboat casino in atlantic city. it's two years since it was shut down and now they are looking to fill hundreds of jobs. it will open as 253 rooms as just a hotel and not a casino. hundreds turned out who were looking for work since it closed in 2014. and the positions will be there. >> we are hiring for all
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positions, front desk, housekeeping, food and beverage and maintenance. we expect to hire around 200 people. >> a great opportunity for the people in the town to gain employment. something productive for people to come and have a good time and i'm grad to see the building back open. >> today's job fair is still going on and runs until 7:00 tonight and if you are interested there is time to get down there and drop off a resume. showboat opens as a non-casino hotel sometime in july. and we are told it will be luxury. >> thanks alicia. lets get a check of the evening commute. >> lets go live to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> it's good to be colorful but we don't like when the radar on the traffic map is this colorful. the heavy rain is moving into salem county so around the delaware memorial bridge we see
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the heavy rain now and the slow speeds. just 8 miles per hour as you head toward the bridge. not helping us out is construction on the dmb heading into delaware until 8:00 tonight. two left lanes are out of commission for the suspension cables there, they are doing it today next tuesday, and the tuesday after that. i would stay on the commodore barry bridge as an alternate. this is delaware county, 95 it's a little bit wet here and the traffic is slow on the northbound side as you approach highland avenue toward the blue route, and center city more than slow on the vine street expressway we are jammed packed in both directions here by the schuylkill and the vine closes tonight at 11:00 for construction. in northeast philadelphia watching a crash at woodhaven road it's off to the side. and also downed wires in medford
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is closing skeet road. lets grab the ipad done the commuter report. problems on i-95 a crash by edgemore road stay on 95 northbound instead of 495 northbound this afternoon. we'll check it again coming up in the next half hour. >> up next a man breaks into a local business but he wasn't after the money, what police say he told after the heist. and the latest on the death of muhammad ali we learn more about the plans for his public memorial. and the playboy mention has a new owner, you may not know the billionaire buyers name, you definitely know his company.
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there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. a thief made off with personal information from a tax office.
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the thief broke into the office in north philadelphia last month. investigators say he took a number of files containing personal tax information along with $100 from a desk. philadelphia police have arrested a man they say tried to rape a woman in northeast philadelphia. 44-year-old felix ramos is facing a long list of charges. police say he attacked a woman behind the del air shopping store. police say the attack was random. and now they are talking about memorial plans about muhammad ali. and doctors are talking about his battle with parkinson's disease. ali estimated he took 29,000 hits to the head during his time as a fighter. his doctors is confirming that the head injuries were not a major factor in the parkinson's
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disease and his children says he never blamed boxing for his illness and never felt sorry for himself. >> he never said why me. >> muhammad had typical parkinson's disease, the only real difference was the early age of onset. >> also, today a new look at intimate pictures of the 74-year-old's incredible life. meantime his home town the city of louisville are preparing for a big sendoff on friday. there is an inter faith service and will smith, who played him in the movie, will serve as a pall bearer. they expect dignities and celebrities and the like but there are seats for fans. today the fans are lining up to pick up their tickets to say a final farewell to a champion.
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>> he fought to the end thank you. while boxing fans mourned the loss of ali, mixed martial arts mme lost a popular fighter. kimball slice was 42, a strip club bouncer that started to compete in street fights, videos went viral and he ended up competing in mme. his real name was kevin fergusson and leaves behind six children. police say they are not investigating. a look at today's closing numbers on wall street. not a lot in the way of movement here, the dow up 18 points, the nasdaq falling 7 minutes and the s&p rising about 3 points on the day. the playboy mansion has a new owner although it does not have a new tenent s darren metropolis, the heir to hostess
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bought the mansion. the asking price was a staggering $200 million. metropolis owns the company that brought back the twinkie and cofounded pap brewing. some florida cities got up to 10 inches of rain and high wind that took out trees. florida governor, rick scott is turning his attention to the cleanup. he is particularly concerned about getting rid of standing water that could attract more mosquitos and potentially more cases of the zika virus. >> bound to be standing water around here as we see rain in the area. >> lets head over to meteorologist, cecily tynan, keeping an eye on all of this for tuesday. >> the same system sparking our
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showers and storms is actually pushing the remnants of colin out to sea. stormtracker 6 live double scan show that we do have a scattering of downpours however it's most concentrated now across south jersey especially over the new jersey turnpike towards mount laurel, moving east at 30 miles per hour. 14 lightning strikes in the past 15 minutes, the main threat is heavy rain, vincent town and red lion are all in the path of these storms. with the lightning you'll want to get the kids inside. as soon as you hear the rumble of thunder. this is the rainfall rate, we see it weakening a bit. about 15 minutes ago the rain was falling at the rate of 3 inches per hour and now about an inch and a half an hour, but that is heavy enough if you are trying to drive through it, it can be tough. if have you friends traveling
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near the new jersey turnpike at mount laurel tell them to pull over and the storm will clear out. but behind the system much cooler air will be arriving. a rain cooled 74 in philadelphia and wilmington 65 degrees, we were at 80 earlier today. millville 86 where the storms haven't hit. atlantic city airport 88 degrees, but the winds change tomorrow and that brings us a cool down, something we haven't experienced for a while. since the 24th of may we have had 15 consecutive day of above average temperatures. temperatures during this period. 7 degrees above average. remember the first half of may we had temperatures about 4 degre degrees below average. now we cool things off. satellite 6 along with action radar showing the actual cold front is west of philadelphia and if you look across the great
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lakes, you can see the clouds from a troth swinging through tomorrow and that will bring us another round of showers and thunderstorms, this will happen earlier in the day than today. future tracker 6 showing we are clearing things out by 11:00 not a cloud in the sky and temperatures in the 60s. tomorrow morning, temperatures will be dropping into the 50s. 7:00 we are still clear and the morning commute should be okay. it's between 9:00 in the morning and 1:00 in the afternoon. we'll see scats showers and thunderstorms and 10:00 in the northwest suburbs, they race offshore by 1:00, 1:30 if the afternoon and we begin to clear things up. the four day at 4:00 we show an unsettled day, windy with wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour. very cool and a high of 70 that, is 10 degrees below normal. and mid-day showers and thunderstorms, we clear things out on thursday. a refreshing breeze, friday gorgeous, 78 degrees and saturday looking good, we could
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get a few evening thunderstorms with a high of 82. i'll talk more about the weekend in the full accuweather forecast. it's amazing we are going from two weeks above normal to tomorrow's high 10 degrees below normal.
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the e series. legendary john deere quality. unexpected low price. e series compact tractors come with an industry-best, six-year, no-cost powertrain warranty. two men who robbed and shot a pizza delivery driver remain at large this afternoon. the victim is identified as 34-year-old surah. he was ambushed while making a delivery in southwest philadelphia. two men shot him in the head and stole his vehicle along with $60 and a cell phone. officers found him bleeding and took him to the hospital and said at that time to be in stable condition. the detectives have recovered his stolen car and are still searching for the gunman. chad pradelli will update this story tonight at 5:00.
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some graduating high school seniors are celebrating their future by returning to where it all began. the class of to 16 was greeted with cheers as they walked the hallways of their former and middle school. they wore their caps and gowns, this is a rehearsal. the kids are psyched to get a glimpse into their future. and other high school students are moving on the the mastery charter school held a signing ceremony. all 726 graduates are continuing their education by going to college, joining the military or entering a job training program. they have selectively earned $28 million in scholarships. nearly a dozen community based organizations are working together to save lives.
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the philadelphia regional cpr awareness coalition kicked off their big awareness campaign today. called cpr ready, it's to dramatically increase the number of people in the philadelphia region who are qualified and willing to perform bystander cpr. dozens took part in the hands on day of training in philadelphia. it included training on defibrilla defibrillators. still ahead today fed up with violence and calling for action. emotional words from the family of a little boy shot by a stray bullet. we are live with the update on his condition. i'm nad nid yeah han, especially treated clothing promises to protect you from mosquitos we'll have more on what's the deal.
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it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with details about a long awaited update to pennsylvania's liquor law. and a new jersey shore town is in need of help keeping beach goers safe this summer. more on their lifeguard shortage later. and the moment this man waited 108 years for. how his meeting with the president is going viral. and a young boy is doing
4:30 pm
well today but still hospitalized after being shot last night in chester. 5-year-old mark andrews jr. was about to eat a snack when a bullet flew through a window. sara bloomquist just spoke to mark's family. what are they saying sara? >> reporter: police here of course still trying to identify the shooter, meantime the child remains at crozier medical center, the bullet that struck him remains lodged under his armpit. we spoke with his mother and grandmother when they returned this afternoon. >> we shouldn't have to live like this. natasha hayes does not want to bring her son back to the place they call home at the 400 block of chester. after he is released from the hospital. understandable. after bullets came tearing through the row home she shares with her husband, son and two
4:31 pm
other children. >> my little son will have a bullet lodged inside of him because of this ridiculousness. i'm tired, so tired. >> the gun fighting started shortly before 10:00. hayes was home from work cooking with her daughter and heard multiple shots fire. i. >> i grabbed my daughter and pushed her down. and i grabbed mark, little mark, boo boo, i grabbed him and laid on top of him and his dad laid on top of me. >> he yelled he had been shot. neighbors are fearful and saddened. >> people need to start talking, they really do. this violence needs to stop.
4:32 pm
>> i have great grandchildren. and i fear for them. and my prayers go out to the family of the child that got shot. >> given the violence here in chester, they are calling for a state of money season at minimum they want an increase in police presence. his mother expects him to be released from the hospital tomorrow but it will be a while before the bullet is removed because of the swelling. >> sara thank you. from our delaware newsroom, police are trying to figure out who shot and killed a man in wilmington, someone opened fire on the unit block of jenson drive at 8:30 this morning. investigators say that a 30-year-old man had been shot multiple times and was found out side of a home. he was rushed to the emergency room where he passed away, you are asked to call detectives or "crimestoppers" if you know anything about what happened. >> "action news" is learning new
4:33 pm
details about this crash involving a school bus in lower saucon township. police say that 37 seniors from wayne valley high school were on board headed to dorney park. five of them, a school employee and the bus driver were taken to the area hospital and a nurse met the rest of the group at at park where they were checked out. the crash also involved the fedex tractor trailer and a tanker truck. the bus had engine problems and was pulling over when it was sideswiped by the fedex truck. pennsylvania is one step closer to allowing grocery stores to sell wine. lawmakers sent the bill to tom wolf's desk. it makes selling beer at convenience stores legal. wolf call its historic legislation, promising to review to to make sure they bring the system into the 21st century.
4:34 pm
it does not affect sales of hard liquor or affect any of the state owned alcohol stores. we see different colors popping up on the radar. you are tracking storms in the area? >> it's weaken as it moves to the east, so it's not severe, some heavy downpours and lightning with it, double scan live radar showing a little bit of scattered activity along the northeast suburbs, the main line through philadelphia a half hour ago, right now it's moving through jacksons mills and moves towards georgetown and medford and the past 15 minutes we have three lightning strikes in the view, that is an indication that the storms are weakening and kind of broken and more intense farther to the south. gloucester county and elmer and malaga, and extends towards fortescue, and we have five lightning strikes associated with this. it will bring us a few things,
4:35 pm
much cooler air tomorrow and intense wind gusts and tomorrow there will be an opportunity for more showers and thunderstorms, i'll let you know when to expect those and also talk about much cooler air on the way and what it means for your weekend coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> it's only tuesday. >> thank you. three men were caught on surveillance camera, loading up their van with equipment from the construction site at the point breeze section of philadelphia. they grabbed hardwood floors and plumbing and a water heater, they got away with $18,000 worth of stolen items. an old burlington county business is finally being torn down to make way for new construction. crews began demolition on what is known as the old bank building. it was replaced with 24 apartments and 40,000 square
4:36 pm
feet of space. atlantic city is struggling to find enough lifeguards to keep watch over the businesses, they are currently 30 guards short, they are holding a tryout camp, and staffing issues come down to money. a first year lifeguard makes about $100 a day and it needs 300 guards for their shore line. anger is growing after a judge sentenced a star swimmer for only months in prison for a sexual assault on stanford campus. >> that is right thousands of people are voicing their outrage tonight on the punishment that the stanford swimmer received. he was sentenced to 6 months for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. some say the punishment is not harsh enough. >> and some athletes suffer from
4:37 pm
sports induced asthma. in health check we'll explain what to look for and how it can be treated. those stories and more when we see you in a bit at 5:00. >> thank you rick. an excited group of high school seniors had their big moment this morning. the action cam was there as conwell egan's class of 2016 crossed the stage to receive their diplomas, the catholic high school held their graduation at holy family university in northeast philadelphia. congratulations to all that walked that stage today. up next on a tuesday afternoon, with updated safety features, visitors to the cincinnati zoo are allowed to see the gorillas again. plus, need a hand with the pesky weekly shores, a new amazing machine is ready to help out with laundry duty. see the robot ahead in big talkers. cecily tynan is standing by
4:38 pm
with the full accuweather forecast.
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the gorilla exhibit is back open at the philadelphia zoo now with the higher reenforced barrier. the zoo reopened the enclosure after a 3-year-old boy got inside. worker his to kill a silver back, harambe. >> losing harambe is like losing a family members. zoo workers care about their animals very much. we lean on each other and stick together and it's time to move on. >> the previous gorilla barrier did pass inspections but decided to upgrade it to keep the visitors be animals safe. >> for the first time since his daughter's death bobby brown is talking publically about the devastating loss. the singer sat down with robin
4:41 pm
roberts to focus on his new book. brown reveals new details about his often rocky relationship with his ex-wife, whitney houston. >> when i showed him the picture from their wedding day and asked what thoughts come to mind. he said how happy and loved, but he said that was the first time he saw her doing hard drugs and as he said it, was doing a line of cocaine. >> you can watch robin roberts exclusive interview tonight on a special 20/20 bobby brown, every little step i take. >> big talkers now we start way moment so powerful and so beautiful and gut-wrenching it's captivating millions across the globe. it was an emotional farewell for
4:42 pm
britney. the last known 9/11 search dog. they lined the path up to the fairfield animal hospital there for britney, and her owner walked her in. corless says the heroic golden retrevor was 16 and it was time to put her to sleep. tears were flowing. >> britney is part of our family. i've known her her entire life. >> she is one of us. so it's hard. >> the department members all agreeing that she was a selfless hero like any other in uniform and today they added the black mourning badge to their uniform to honor her passing. now, to an amazingly powerful woman of another kind and both men involved are touched by it. lester townsend 108 years old
4:43 pm
the grandson of a slave and was in awe of meeting a president for the first time. mr. obama was just as taken aback by his story and age -- >> so how come you look so good? >> i haven't found it. >> what are you eating? >> whatever they bring me. i never thoughts i would live to see this. >> what an honor to see you. >> the white house released the video on twitter and as you can imagine went incredibly viral. >> and laundry warriors, it steams and sorts and does not contribute to the laundry pile. here is where technology gets us, it really gets us -- foldy mate is a 30 foot high row do the that gets out all the wrinkles and folds it in less
4:44 pm
than a minute. the internet is going nuts over this. it costs between $750 and $800. here is what have you to do, you have to wash and foldy mate does not do towels and undergarments and socks, probable little because it doesn't want to be blamed for the missing socks. but any way if you don't like folding or steaming or sorting. >> those are three things i do not like, i am excited about this. why didn't i think of that? >> i'm in. >> $800. lets get a check of the roads right now. matt pellman has the update right now. >> you know what else is getting washed? our roads tonight. downpours are rolling through the region and we try to deal
4:45 pm
with all the problems left over after the downpours, the good news is they are moving through quickly and here on the new jersey turnpike it was soaked a minute ago and now it's starting to dry out. but south of here as you approach the delaware memorial bridge are you treated to speeds like 10 miles per hour because of that construction i am talking about all day long on the bridge itself heading into delaware. the two left lanes are blocked until 8:00 tonight and they do this each tuesday for eight weeks, head to the commodore barry bridge. in wilmington a crash on 495, northbound side at edge more road causing restrictions, stay on 95 northbound through wilmington instead of 495. and reports of downed trees and wires where the downpours and lightning storms are happening. here in medford, skeet road is blocked because of downed wires. and in evesham township another set along tomlinson road.
4:46 pm
and northbound is heavy with a crash up around the walt whitman bridge and a wreck at the roosevelt boulevard northbound side beyond ridge avenue, one vehicle left off to the side but it remains jammed. we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. >> thank you. meteorologist, cecily tynan, standing by with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast next.
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4:48 pm
>> meteorologist, cecily tynan is with us tracking your active afternoon. >> we have a stormy cool down on the way. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that this is creating some stormy weather, the bulk of it right now is across south jersey with a line, kind of a broken line of heavy downpours, the heaviest right now right over the atlantic city
4:49 pm
expressway. right over hammonton. one lightning strike, this is just a very heavy downpour. just moving quickly to the east at 30 miles per hour. elwood and pleasant mills and green bank and washington all in the path of this system. this line extends farther down to the south so sea isle city and stone harbor you'll likely get clipped by this. the most severe part of this is south of fortescue where we have quite a few lightning strikes. if you have friends on the beach in sea isle city, give them a call and tell them to get off the beach. and don't forget about the northwest suburbs we have spotty activity now, this moved through elverson and this is moving quickly to the east and crossing 100 and spots town in the next five minutes. atlantic city airport 88 and
4:50 pm
millville and dover 86 and behind the front we begin to cool off. wilmington 67 and philadelphia 71, and allentown 73 degrees, satellite 6 along with action radar showing there is another feature with this system. the actual cold front is moving through now and there is a trough, a piece of energy lagging behind. this will be tomorrow morning and into the early afternoon. clearing and cool overnight low 55 in the cooler suburbs and 60 for center city. and at 9:00 this is weapon we get our second wave of showers developing in the far northwest suburbs and it rolls through quickly and should move offshore at 1:30 in afternoon and with this we get wind gusts of up to 30 miles per hour and cool air. in fact the next three days we have the dip in the jet stream, what this will do is pull in the
4:51 pm
cool air from canada, temperatures below normal for the next three days. we are going be able to give our air conditioning units a nice break for the next few days. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast very unsettled and windy and cool and thunderstorms around mid-day. the afternoon high 70 degrees and thursday is breezy but we dry things out. loads of sunshine and 75 and friday beautiful 78 and mostly sunny and saturday we warm back into the low 80s, 82 degrees and a few evening thunderstorms are possible and most of the day is rain free and sunday we start with clouds and increasing sunshine 81 degrees, monday temperatures take a drop back into the 70s. 77 degrees and tuesday partly sunny with a high of 80 degrees, everyone explaining about their air conditioning bills the past few days, go ahead and turn them off. we have a cool down on the way.
4:52 pm
>> cecily thank you. next on "action news," going beyond bug spray. we look at clothe that promises to ward off pesky insects but how well do they protect you. find out next in what's the deal.
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4:54 pm
with so many people concerned about the zika virus, all kinds of ways to ward off mosquitos are selling like hot cakes including specialty treated clothing. here is our nydia han with the details. >> reporter: clothing that claims to protect you from mosquitos don't come cheap. some cost more than $70, consumer reports tested to see if they are worth buying. >> this is the enemy and stores are offering you a weapon. clothing with bug protection. some ll bean shirts promise to repel mosquitos for up to 70
4:55 pm
washings. >> it's a chemical insecticide. it's epa approved to protect against a wide range of insects from tics to mosquitos. >> they tested to see how well they protected against bites both new and after 25 washes. >> they put their arms in cages with 200 mosquitos. >> it did stunt or kill most that landed but it was not fool proof against bites. after the shirt had been washed. the mosquito bit three out of four testers. with the other shirts all four seventy testers received bites from as well as the mosquito that carries west nile virus. consumer reports contacted them and both cited formal studies and field data to underscore the
4:56 pm
effectiveness of their products and that the clothing could reduce the number of mosquitos around you. there is another way to protect yourself. any repel enthat works on your skin should work just as long when applied to clothing. they tried it with a regular shirt sprayed with a 30% deet repellant. and none of the volunteers got bitten. spray your clothes before you put them on and wait until they are completely dry. i'm nydia han, channel 6 "action news." >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00 today. for sharrie williams, alicia vitarelli, cecily tynan and adam joseph i hope you'll join me tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. now a look ahead at 9:00. >> thank you. coming up tonight we are following developing news after a driver was shot on i-95, also two men hold a delivery driver
4:57 pm
at gun point but was able to get away after being kidnapped and shot. plus, it is election day in new jersey and several other states, we are in new york as hillary clinton prepares to celebrate and donald trump is dealing with backlash from his own party and details from when craft haines is closing its plant in the lehigh valley.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. tuesday night we are following breaking news out of philadelphia. police are searching for this man, they say he shot at a driver along i-95. >> the shooting happened at 6:30 this morning in the northbound lanes at the girard point bridge. luckily nobody was injured. christie just talked to investigators. >> reporter: state police says that he was tailing the victim before he took the road rage too far and shot out the victim's tire. this is the sketch of the person they believe shot into another
5:00 pm
vehicle. this is the car they believe he was driving a chevrolet impala or malibu. it reportedly hit the side section of the victim's car before the suspect sped off at the broad street exit. police believe the gunman used a semi automatic handgun. >> he was driving in an erratic manner behind the victim, at the time the suspect displayed a firearm and was driving the victim and fired one round into the passenger side rear of the vehicle. >> and it hit the tire? >> yes, the tire area. >> reporter: now state police say that the suspect is facing aggravated assault and attempted homicide. anyone with information is asked to contact police. >> thank you christie. right now voters in new jersey are headed to the polls, this is a live look as folk goes in to vo i


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