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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  June 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon in the news this noon. the search continues for a
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gunman after a man is shot and killed outside of a montgomery county mcdonald's. >> and get ready for major road work on a popular roadway in philadelphia. but the big story is severe storms moving across our area. parts of the delaware valley are under a severe storm watch this hour. lets look at sky 6 hd under the center city skyline. the storms begin moving into late this morning and they are potentially dangerous conditions that could last throughout the afternoon in our area. melissa magee in for david murphy joins us at the big board with the details. >> reporter: this is a very fast moving but strong system affecting the delaware and lehigh valleys. you see the moisture on stormtracker 6 live double scan radar, along the 95 corridor and areas north and west and we have the severe thunderstorm warn that was issued. staying up until 12:15 this
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afternoon. gusts of wind up to 60 miles per hour and the possibility of hail. this extends to the north to landed dale and horsham and philadelphia and as far south as portions of new jersey for camden and gloucester county. this stays up for 12:15 this afternoon about 49 lightning strikes in the past 15 minutes as it quickly races to the east at 45 miles per hour. nonetheless moderate to heavy pockets of rain and philadelphia is getting in on the action as well. we have the wet weather overhead, if you have looked outside of the window, we have blustery conditions, winds gusting as high as 48 miles per hour in philadelphia and 39 miles per hour in dover and a gust as high as 32 miles per hour in the poconos. so if you are heading over to citizens bank park checking ougts the phils taking on the
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cubs, it's cloudy and windy. first pitch temperature 66 degrees and in the ninth, 69 degrees. now until 3:00 this afternoon the showers are brief but fast moving, we have the heavy wind gusts and the possibility of pea size hail. we have more in the accuweather forecast. >> could the baseball game be in jeopardy? >> they could be delayed. because of these thunderstorms moving on through. this noon, hundreds of protesters came to city hall this morning. chopper 6 hd was over dillworth plaza as the crowd begins to gather, to protest against a proposed sugar tax. on whether to levy a tax on soft drinks. john rawlins has more. >> reporter: a day of reckoning for lawmakers, a new tax for philadelphia. the mayor proposed a 3 cent per
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ounce tax on sugary drinks. it is controversial. there are alternatives suggested still the proponents held a major rally against any sort of soda tax. if council members were in their offices, it's hard to imagine they didn't hear the horns of the circling soda and grocery trucks. the well organized tax soda campaign, while an expansion of pre-k is a good thing, a narrow based tax that singles out sodas and soft drinks is not a good one. >> this tax will be passed on to the philadelphia citizens. >> pre-k funding is important for the city, can't we find alternatives before we jump to conclusions before we get this tax up. there must be alternatives out
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there. >> i don't believe that they believe there is 2,000 jobs at stake here. >> raise taxes to throw people out of the city and companies out of the city. >> the mayor and everybody in the room want all of these things, they don't know how to pay for it so they come after your pocketbook and wallet. when is enough enough? >> city council will meet to discuss the issue, and it could be a long meeting, while they consider yes or no or something else with the soda tax. >> with that protest going on outside. preschoolers gathered in support of the soda tax in city hall. organizers of this event maintain the soda tax will provide 6500 children in philadelphia with a quality pre-k education. emergency responders had to
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rescue a person after a car crashed into a home in gloucester township. the car plowed into a home at the intersection of kirsten and yardley roads. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the driver to lose control. traffic is moving again after a serious crash in southhampton buck county. it happened in the westbound lanes a mile west of the route 1 interchange. you see vehicles in the right shoulder. at least one driver was taken to the hospital. police have not released details about their condition. police in montgomery county are asking for help after a man was shot and killed outside of an mcdonald's. he was found in the drive-thru lanes of the norristown restaurant. katherine scott has more on the investigation. >> reporter: the victim was 24 years old. his name is withheld pending
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family notification, norristown police and county detectives are investigating after the 24-year-old man was shot and killed outside of this mcdonald's, located on main street in norristown. this happened around 11:40 last night. neighbors reported hearing a number of shots and screaming, the victim was shot at least six times in the torso, he collapsed near the mcdonald's drive-thru window. at the time this all happened, the dining room of the mcdonald's was closed but the drive-thru was open. they roped off the entire area including the bp gas station next door. there are cameras on the property but it's unclear if they captured anything that could help in the investigation. into information on the suspect or suspects has been released .
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the search is on for person or people that vandalized cars at east norris and york streets. reads woke up to find broken glass across the street. turning now for the race for the white house. hillary clinton is the first woman in u.s. history to be a major political party's presumptive nominee. her competitor, bernie sanders is refusing to throw in the towel and will take his campaign to the convention here in philadelphia next month. >> reporter: sara and rick, despite hillary clinton's success as you mentioned, bernie sanders still in the race. questions now about how long he can remain in. sanders says he received phone calls with both hillary clinton and president obama last night. he will meet with the president
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tomorrow morning. >> we have reached a milestone. first time in our nation's history that say woman will be a major party's nominee [ applause ] >> clinton raking in victories in four out of six nominating contests. including delegate rich california, securing enough to clinch the nomination. telling david muir how significant she thinks a female president would be. >> it's symbolic. >> and bernie sanders vows to fight to the convention. >> we take our fight for social economic and racial justice to philadelphia, pennsylvania! >> on the republican side, donald trump, already trying to poach sander's support. >> we welcome you with open
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arms. >> donald trump reading from a teleprompt teleprompter. >> and responding to comments he made about the mexican american judge. >> too racist for the party for me. >> after a big night for the departure for the long primary season, the candidates have zero events on the calendar today. >> lauren thank you. be sure to download the 6 abc news app. this election season, to get breaking news alerts from the campaign trail. still to come on "action news" at noon, an attempted kidnapping is caught on camera, details on how police were able to quickly arrest the suspects. police in berks county are searching for police, looking
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this is dramatic
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surveillance video as a man tried to kidnap a teenage girl in florida. police say that 30-year-old craig bore looked around and tried to steal a 13-year-old girl. he let go of the girl and ran into a sheriff's deputy and was quickly arrested. hear from wigts coming up at 12:30. rangers at yellowstone national park are looking for a man that allegedly fell into a hot spring. he was last seen walking off the boardwalk in the north geyser basin area. the basin is the hottest spring in the park reaching 200 degrees farenheit. the search is on for a thief that stole a beloved mascot from a berks county church. smog the dragon was taken from
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church of christ in hamburg, it's named after the dragon in the hobity. the church moved smog outside to a garden display a year ago. >> he heant a lot to our kids. >> i went from angry to disgusted. >> the dragon is six feet long. in michigan police have arrested a truck driver suspected in a hit and run crash that killed five people on bicycles, authorities say the man struck a group of bicyclists and fled the scene. five people were killed and three others were injured. one remains in critical condition. a plane that disappeared in canada was found parked on a grazier, they made a money landing in british columbia. the 31-year-old pilot decided to land the plane after making a
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routes are available for less than $100 round trip. but many are only available on tuesdays and wednesdays. there are a few offers on saturdays and mondays and if you are looking for a weekend get away. the sale began yesterday. ralph lauren is closing 50 stores and reducing their staff by 18%. the plan is to reduce inventory and position the company to better respond to what customers want. it's expected to save $220 million over the next year. health check this noon, americans are losing the battle of the bulge particularly women. a new stud yes shows that obesity increased by 5% over the last decade and more than 40% of women are obese and men stayed steady at 35%.
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and the increase is among teenagers. the "action news" team is out working on news stories for tonight beginning at 4:00. alicia vitarelli has a preview. >> have you been outside? you may want to stay in. >> i ran into the building moments before the skies opened. coming up today at 4:00 in what's the deal? we help you get organized. we are attacking the pile of clutter, but these tips are easy and inexpensive and quick and kind of chic we'll break it all down coming up. and a georgia student's life is changed forever after eating a flesh eating bacteria. amy copeland is back with a viral social media post about acceptance. we'll talk about her inspiring story in big talkers. and take us with you on the go,
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we'll get to the accuweather forecast but we have power out ables through the area. about 46 people in bucks and 18,000 in chester. 16,000 in delaware county. montgomery county just over 9,000 and just under 200 people in the city of philadelphia. those are strong storms. >> yes, the thunderstorms are moving on in, that is why we are getting the power outages popping up. a lot of moisture to track now. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan you can see that short wave that is move on through. it's fast moving but pretty strong, you can see the showers along the 95 corridor and areas to the east as well. the severe thunderstorm warning
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for philadelphia has since expired. and now we have the thunderstorm warning pressing eastward into portions of new jersey, we'll go on tighter at street level with stormtracker 6 live double scan the heavy rain is pushing north and east of philadelphia and in willow grove at this hour. if you travel along the new jersey turnpike just to the east of trenton, we have the heavy rain 29 lightning strikes in the past 15 minutes, and showers and the cluster of activity we are tracking in this region. and areas of east new jersey, pockets rain in medford and medford lakes extending to berlin and hammonton and malaga at this hour. the showers continue to roll on through our region and spread to the east as we go through the rest of early afternoon hours. sky 6 hd at philadelphia international airport, we are getting a lot of reports of delays because of the weather.
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some storm reports to share with you. philadelphia international airport had gusts of 59 miles per hour when the heavy cell moved on through. buck county pea size hail and trees and wires down in middletown. frankford avenue here in philadelphia, we are getting reports of trees and wires down at this hour. even in sickleville new jersey, there are reports of pea size hail. it's packing a bit of a punch as well. we have a bit of a warm stretch until now, 15 straight days with temperatures above normal. they have been 7 degrees above average and that is obviously changing today. numbers in philadelphia are only in the 50s. 22 degrees colder in the city than the same time yesterday. 58 in the city and 57 in wilmington and reading 55 and 47
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in the poconos. and the front has yet to move on through for beach haven to cape may. here is satellite 6 along with action radar the upper level low is moving on through, it doesn't look like a whole lot until it reaches the surface and you see the heavy rain and showers and storms and it's pressing on off to the east as well. future tracker 6 showing you at 1:00 this afternoon, the heaviest of that rain pressing out of philadelphia and at that time in areas of south jersey, by 4:00 in the afternoon a lot of that heavy precipitation is moving offshore and spotty showers at 4:00 p.m. and just in time for the evening commute, we are under a mostly clear sky and drying out with a westerly wind as well. the exclusive accuweather forecast showing you today it's a cooler day, we'll max out closer to 70 in philadelphia, and much cooler tracking the showers and storms and cool start to june on thursday with a high up to 75 and breezy and sunny on friday in at 78
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degrees, on saturday it gets a touch warmer high of 82 and clouds to sun, on sunday and 81. and the showers and storms are quickly moving to the east 45 miles per hour but lots of reports of damage at this hour as well. >> thank you. an arizona state trooper went above and beyond the call of duty to help a mother duck and her babies. traffic cameras spotted the ducks trying to cross a busy area during rush hour. the trooper stopped the traffic and directed the ducks away. updates on our foul weather when we come back. people are lining up in kentucky to get a chance to say a final farewell to a boxing legend. >> and a local star is recognized for breaking records her freshman year.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. hello again we begin at 12:30 now with the latest on the forecast, strong storms are moving through our area this afternoon. heavy showers and thunderstorms are hit our region. sky 6 hd showing you center city. the skies are just beginning to clear and looking brighter than they did just 30 minutes ago. in fact, take a look at this video we captured earlier, as the dark storm cloud rolled
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across the city. this image captured on our camera, the platt bridge, the rain fell hard and the wind was really whipping around, lets get the latest from the "action news" big board. is it still a warning or watch? >> we have the warning that expired for philadelphia, but east of the city and areas of south jersey, the severe warning supuntil 12:45 because of the moisture. stormtracker 6 live double scan radar showing you the heaviest moving out wilmington and philadelphia. but north of the i-95 corridor in trenton, we are getting heavy poquettes of rain and into south jersey. the severe thunderstorm warning is up until 12:45, we are tracking the line of showers and storms with winds as high as 60 miles per hour, we have seen reports of pea size hail in the path of these


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