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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  June 11, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, the concert shooting. popular singer christina grimmie gunned down after this performance. ♪ dying from her wounds just hours after encouraging online fans to come see her. >> hey, guy, what's up? we're in orlando today. please come to the show. >> the shooter then taking his own life. why did he open fire? candidates on the trail. protesters greeting donald trump as he fine-tunes his famous message. >> make america great again. i'm adding for everyone. >> plus, the move to block a reported deposition, which could be ammo for hillary clinton's campaign, and her latest meeting. has she picked her running mate?
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in the business world, a body slam. the controversial media company gawker now filing for bankruptcy after losing a $140 million lawsuit to the pro wrestler hulk hogan over a sex tape. gawker is now up for sale. but is this really the end? what the ceo is saying this morning. and taking the lead, the warriors shooting their way to victory over the cavaliers. >> thompson pops it out to curry. three-pointer. puts it in. >> the splash brothers coming alive. their team one win away from repeating the title. next up the do-or-die game. hey, good morning. and let's get straight to the breaking news overnight, that fatal shooting of a popular young singer after a concert. >> you may recognize her. this is christina grimmie. the star of youtube and reality tv. after this performance in orlando, she was greeting her fans when a man pulled out a gun
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and shot her. >> the shooter was then tackled by grimmie's own brother and then he shot himself. >> yeah, a member of the orlando police department saying that brother is a hero for preventing further tragedy, but the big question this morning is why. what was the motive, and abc's adrienne bankert is on the story for us this morning. hi, adrienne. >> reporter: hi, paula. yes, a lot of tears overnight, young, ambitious and beloved by her fans, and now her death is striking a different chord. ♪ overnight aspiring singer and former star of "the voice" christina grimmie shot and killed soon after this intimate performance in orlando. ♪ oh baby >> hey, guys, what's up. we're in orlando today. please come to the show if you live near orlando, florida. >> reporter: the youtube sensation attacked right in front of her fans. >> engine 6 metro 169, per the caller it's going to be two patients. the female patient and the shooter. >> reporter: according to police grimmie was gunned down by a man in the crowd.
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>> they were selling merchandise and signing autographs. the suspect walked up and shot christina. ♪ whoa >> reporter: her brother mark who often joined her on her youtube channel tackled the gunman. >> her brother is a hero for saving and stopping him from not hurting anyone else. >> reporter: that gunman dead after turning the gun on himself. police say he was carrying two firearms. no word yet on whether he knew christina personally. ♪ fellow artists and fans stunned as the #prayforchristina began trending. nick jonas tweeting, "my heart hurts hearing this news. so terrible." demi lovato tweeting, "my thoughts and prayers are with her loved ones." ♪ well look into your eyes >> reporter: her
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publicist releasing this statement, "we ask at this time that you respect the privacy of her family and friends in their time of mourning." ♪ the sun rise there's so much >> reporter: and from fans to the famous condolences just keep pouring in today. just now rocker adam levine posting this on instagram, "i'm sad, shocked and confused. we love you so much, grimmie." christie's family will be setting up a go fund me page in this very difficult time that was supposed to be a celebration. >> sad and mystifying. thank you, adrienne. appreciate it. we're going to move to presidential politics and donald trump reportedly scrambling this morning to keep some potential ammunition out of hillary clinton's hands. it involves a video deposition he gave in that trump university lawsuit. abc's mary bruce has the story from washington. mary, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning chl. # well, trump's attorneys are reportedly racing this morning to block the release of his video deposition recorded as part of that lawsuit. now, if made public, the video could possibly be used in attack ads against him.
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this all comes as trump is under fire for his racially tinged comments. he had shown signs he might be toning it down, but this morning it seems trump is back to his old self. overnight clashes outside this donald trump rally in virginia, but inside signs the famously bombastic trump is fine-tuning his message. >> make america great again, i'm adding for everyone. >> reporter: a more inclusive slogan after leaders of his own party called trump's comments racist. but former gop nominee mitt romney says, it's too late. there's nothing trump can do to win his support. >> a trickle down racism, a trickle down bigotry, a trickle down misogyny. all these things are extraordinarily dangerous. >> reporter: trump rejecting the label. >> i am the least racist person. give me a break. >> reporter: but moments later this attack against hillary clinton's powerful new ally, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. >> pocahontas is not happy.
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>> reporter: trump mocking warren for claiming she has native american ancestors and their feud is now playing out on twitter. trump saying she has a nasty mouth. warren telling trump, "no, seriously delete your account," this as speculation mounts that clinton is eyeing warren for vp. the two met for over an hour friday at clinton's home. now, all this comes as trump is getting ready to launch a tour through key battleground states next week. but the question now, which trump will show up? >> yeah, a lot of supporters watching with great interest. mary, this morning there are reports that a big republican name is now saying she may support hillary clinton? >> reporter: that's right. longtime republican donor hewlett-packard ceo meg whitman is now indicating she could support hillary clinton over donald trump after his latest comments. dan. >> yes, this would be a major development in presidential politics. mary bruce, thank you. paula, over to you. >> thanks, dan. and we want to move now to new details in the stanford sex assault case. brock turner, an olympic hopeful
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has been banned for life from usa swimming, in addition to his prison sentence and lifelong sex offender registration. and we're learning more about what happened that night and what the victim's sister as well as the victim's boyfriend are saying about it, and abc's eva pilgrim is here with the story for us this morning. hi, eva. >> reporter: good morning, paula. intense scrutiny this morning as to why a judge sentenced a former star stanford swimmer to only six months in jail for a drunken sexual assault at a university campus party. now new details of that case are public and the shattered lives it left behind. >> do you have anything to say? >> reporter: this morning explosive new court documents released exposing disturbing new details of what happened that night on the stanford campus. >> the real bombshell in these documents is the accusation that he was on the prowl that night. >> reporter: the sexual assault victim's sister recalls trying to get away from brock turner at the party. "he tried to kiss me earlier in the evening." >> this doesn't look like an
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isolated incident. >> reporter: the sister's message to brock turner, "the damage you inflicted is irreversible." the victim's boyfriend says she habitually hides in our apartment bathroom and locks the door. in the probation report turner stopped short of apologizing having imposed suffering on someone else, i can barely live with myself, but the prosecutor calling that report baffling saying it inaccurately portrays sincere remorse. >> he did not know her. he took her behind a dumpster. she was completely unconscious. >> reporter: activists enraged by what they're calling a light sentence, delivering nearly a million signatures fighting for the removal of the judge in the case. turner's mother foresaw it all writing to the judge before the sentencing that her son would be a target and all the publicity would be a death sentence for him adding, he'd have to register as a sex offender on the same level as a pedophile. now a group of california legislators are also calling for the removal of the judge on this case. it continues to go on.
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>> continues to go on. i know this judge, though, a lot thought he was a fair judge and that's both sides of the aisle, as well. so he's under a lot of pressure and scrutiny this morning. >> indeed. many more developments to come, eva, thank you. now to that large and moving tribute to muhammad ali. tens of thousands of people lining the streets of louisville to say good-bye to the greatest before a memorial service, packed with family friends, celebrities and even a former president, and abc's ryan smith is right there in louisville this morning. hey, ryan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. as you can see behind me from the outpouring of love here at the ali center, this city belonged to muhammad ali during the celebration. his name chanted through the streets during his procession and the speeches at his memorial service filled with emotion, humor, inspiration and calls to action embodying the champ himself. this is exactly as he wanted it. his way of saying good-bye to the world. it was a day fit for the greatest of all time. >> i think he decided very young to write his own life story. >> reporter: a life story touching everyone from world
8:10 am
leaders and celebrities to fans and friends. muhammad ali's final farewell by his design, uniting them in his hometown. >> all: ali, ali, ali. >> reporter: tens of thousands lining the street for his version of a victory lap, a 19-mile procession through the streets of his beloved louisville then a memorial service for the ages. more than 20,000 packing this arena to pay their respects. ♪ people of all faiths sharing their memorable moments with ali and his bigger-than-life legacy. >> he was our heart, and that heart beats here still. >> reporter: the mood, humorous. >> he was the most perfect athlete you ever saw, and those were his own words. [ laughter ] >> reporter: emotional. >> because of muhammad ali, we all win. thank you so much, muhammad. [ applause ] >> reporter: inspired.
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>> impossible is nothing. [ applause ] >> reporter: ali's wife lani fighting back tears sharing his message of hope. >> muhammad wants young people of every background to see his life as proof that adversity can make you stronger. >> all: ali, ali, ali. >> reporter: his burial the only private portion of yesterday's celebration. his family burying him to the east towards mecca. but his memory will live on in this community and around the world as billy crystal so aptly put it, he is gone, but he will never die. dan, paula. >> thanks, ryan. pretty touching to see the tributes just pouring in worldwide but also that city of louisville, his hometown, just completely embracing him as a hometown hero. >> they love him. over to ron with the other stories. good to see you, ron. >> thank you. good morning, paula and dan. sara. robert, the whole group and good morning, america. we begin with a manhunt for two
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inmates who escaped from a nebraska prison. authorities warn that they are dangerous. convicted sex offenders 37-year-old armon dixon and 52-year-old timothy clausen declared missing yesterday afternoon from the lincoln correctional center after a routine head count found them missing. police believe the same duo were involved in a car chase with police officers after allegedly stealing a pickup truck from a car -- from a church parking lot and ended up crashing that truck and then escaping on foot. a wild scene at dallas' love field airport and you can hear the shots fired there. it was police shooting and wounding a rock-wielding man who was apparently enraged after a domestic dispute. terrified travelers nearby as officers opened fire on 29-year-old shawn nicholas diamond after he defied their commands to drop what appeared to be a rock that he was holding in each hand. diamond instead attempting to circle one of the officers who then shot him several times.
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he is recovering, the suspect, in a hospital. the airport now back to normal this morning. and the world of sports losing another great, gordie howe, the rough and tumble hockey star from saskatchewan canada died friday at the age of 88 nicknamed mr. hockey. howe played professionally for 32 seasons most of them with the detroit red wings as paula knows. he didn't retire for good until he was 52 years of age. he was known for the gordie howe hat trick, that is a goal, an assist and a fight, all in the same game, although i checked it out. he actually only did that once or twice in his long career. president obama's daughter malia is now officially a high school graduate. the first family's eldest daughter got her diploma from sidwell friends school in washington, d.c. on friday. the 17-year-old will now take off a year before going off to a college in cambridge, massachusetts, also known as harvard university. the first family also had something else to celebrate the same day. malia's
8:14 am
also turned 15 years of age the same day. finally some people outside of a walmart in eagle point, oregon, couldn't believe their eyes when a man tried to steal a bike. it wasn't the theft. the alleged theft that amazed them but what happened next. a bystander, robert borba, jumped on his horse, jumped on his horse and went and lassoed the suspect and the rope was around the guy's feet, the suspect, the cowboy said he rode off like he would with cattle. that suspect now under arrest. >> yeah, he heard there were some rustlers on the other side of town and he wanted to go round them up as well. >> sounds like the beginning of a joke. >> so, he jumped on his horse and then what happened. >> keep it here on the rest of the show. because ron is actually going to go for a gordie howe hat trick during the broadcast. >> who is he going to fight, though. that's what i want to know. >> i'm stepping away. >> i have a feeling i'm going down. >> the connecticut bomber here. >> that's right, baby. come on. >> remember rocky marciano. >> rocky marciano. we're going to talk to rob coming up but we do want to talk first about the nba finals and
8:15 am
the golden state warriors really on the cusp of another championship. steph curry and golden state going up 3-1 against the cavs. >> that's right. espn "sportscenter" anchor kevin negandhi is here with the highlights from the game and a look at if cleveland can dig itself out of the hole and get back in this series. good morning to you, kevin. great to have you. >> good morning, paula and dan, lebron james answered the call on wednesday night with a big game three win, prompting golden state warriors coach steve kerr to call his team soft. so, how would steph curry respond? last night the reigning two-time mvp played his best game in the finals as the defending champs responded on the road, and they put the pressure back on lebron. overnight, all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't help cleveland tie up the series. >> and the warriors with their largest lead of the night. >> reporter: the golden state warriors bouncing back in a big way, wiping out the cavaliers in a hard-hitting game four of the nba finals.
8:16 am
>> thompson pops it out to curry. three-pointer. puts it it in. >> reporter: the splash brothers steph curry and klay thompson finally coming alive. the duo making it rain from downtown. >> thompson long three-pointer. >> reporter: to help the warriors knock down 17 threes, an nba finals record. >> we got back to enjoying the process and the challenge of winning playoff games, especially in the finals. >> reporter: and while lebron james provided some firepower to give the cavaliers a fourth quarter lead, it just wasn't enough. >> by curry, corner three, it's three. >> reporter: king james at times appearing frustrated tangling up with draymond green spiraling into this heated exchange. >> some words that came out of his mouth was a little bit overboard. >> reporter: the cavs suffering their first home loss of the playoffs. and the cleveland crowd stunned. >> i say get one. you know, we got to get out there and play obviously better than we played tonight. >> reporter: off the court curry facing fierce backlash on social
8:17 am
media for the release of his new under armour shoes, now commonly known as the dad shoe. >> if i had them in the road bag i definitely would have worn them how showing fire they are. >> steph handling the jokes quite well there. nour, he may have the last laugh here. no team in nba finals history has ever blown a 3-1 series lead. so the pressure now shifting to lebron for survival. >> he's got math on his side but maybe not fashion. >> i do like the green jacket. it's a good look for lebron. >> yeah, i like the green jacket. i'm talking about the shoes. >> i like the the dad shoes and the dad bod. let's put that out there. kevin, come on back. great to have you. you can see the golden state warriors take on the cleveland cavaliers game five on monday starting at 9:00 eastern on abc. >> as promised let's get minnesota southeast of minneapolis, big time winds yesterday, 75 miles per hour, plus, knocking down trees and damage to houses.
8:18 am
no injuries thankfully. the power was knocked out at the height of the storm for 40,000 people. we have severe weather that will threaten populated areas, hartford to the northeast an philly and chicago and die moin lightning and -- des moines, lightning and strong winds. eastern montana isolated tornado with this. heat buckled the concrete expanders. we'll see that again today for south dakota. 101 in rapid city. you couple it with the humidity it will feel like 100 degrees in chicago before it cools down a little bit tomorrow. that's a check on the national outlook, here's what's going on locally for you. >> reporter: they can keep that stuff out there. good morning everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update.
8:19 am
the radars are clear. we are expecting heavy thunderstorms later this afternoon. let's get you outside and show you the view overlooking the commodor barry bridge. we have a high, thin cirrus deck overspreading the skyline. we'll see the storms firing up after 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. 90 degrees. one day of the hot stuff. feeling like 95. tomorrow is warmer you can 88. cooler monday and tuesday. hour of the show. >> i'm guessing there is an app for that. right? >> there should be. >> we'll develop one. >> i'm working on it. and now to the party fit for a queen. england celebrating the official birthday of queen elizabeth this weekend who turned 90 back in april. abc's lama hasan has more on the festivities from buckingham palace. good morning, lama. >> reporter: and good morning to you, sara. yes, this is the moment everyone here has been waiting for, that famous balcony appearance, the queen front and center flanked by members of the royal family,
8:20 am
and, of course, this year it's a little extra special because princess charlotte is making her debut appearance as she marks the queen's official 90th birthday. ♪ this morning, the queen looking every bit the birthday girl with the best birthday present princess charlotte making her debut appearance on the balcony. kicking off the day with a carriage procession joined by her beloved husband prince philip. with the younger royals in tow. pomp and pageantry fit for a queen with a birthday parade marking the monarch milestone. ♪ a military marvel known as trooping the colour. ♪ after the queen inspects the guards, the royals head back to buckingham palace to get the best seat in the house on that iconic balcony watching an air force flyby. the scene stealer this year, little 13-month-old princess
8:21 am
charlotte upstaging most of her relatives and her loyal subjects below absolutely loved it. >> i think everyone is really excited about the thought of seeing princess charlotte on the balcony. she's so cute. we don't get to see her very often and everyone would love to see her. >> reporter: last year it was older brother prince george wowing the crowd with that perfect regal wave looking just like his father, prince william did more than 30 years ago when he made his first balcony appearance. and the party ain't over yet. there's a massive street party here with 10,000 lucky guests chowing down on a picnic lunch tomorrow. dan and paula, wish you were here. >> we wish we were there too although rob told us about the rain so bring your umbrella. thank you, lama. coming up here on "gma," a stunning turnabout for the controversial website gawker after losing that multimillion dollar lawsuit, sex tape lawsuit against hulk hogan, the company is now filing for bankruptcy, so what's next for gawker? "good morning america" is
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morning, sky6 live hd looking at penns landing. it is a nice morning, but get the umbrella prepared because we're tracking potential strong storms heading our way later today. thank you for waking up with us, i'm gray hall. let's go over to chris sowers. >> reporter: it's probably a good time to put the
8:28 am
air-conditioning on as well. once the warm front punches through you'll notice a huge change. 90 degrees later on, it will feel like 95. late-day thunderstorm a good bet between 8 and 4:00 p.m. northwest to southeast, strong gusty wind possible. orlando police are investigating the shooting of christina grimmie marlton native and former contestant on the the voice had just finished a concert. more on this story, now, back to "g.m.a."
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8:30 am
welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. the breaking news overnight, youtube star christina grimmie shot to death while signing autographs after a concert in orlando. the shooter then killed himself. police are not revealing the suspect's identity or their theory about a motive for this shooting. and in other news, the sun powered solar impulse is making a historic flight over new york harbor. it made that overnight passing the statue of liberty before touching down at jfk airport. new york city is the last u.s. stop on the fuel-free plane's journey around the globe. and it is race day at belmont, some of the fastest thoroughbreds from around the world are getting ready to run the last leg of the triple crown, the belmont stakes. preakness winner exaggerator is considered the overall favorite for today's race. >> and ron will be spending the day at the otb as usual on a
8:31 am
saturday. and coming up from his rise to football to his epic fall from grace, this new documentary on o.j. simpson that reveals a surprising tactic his dream team used on the jurors deciding his murder case. so many talking about this documentary which hairs right here on abc tonight. a huge, huge twist for the popular and controversial media company gawker, now filing for bankruptcy protection. >> the move is coming three months after pro wrestler hulk hogan won a $140 million verdict against the company for publishing a tape of him having sex, and abc's linzie janis has more on these new developments. >> reporter: overnight, hulk hogan's crushing legal victory over gawker media forcing the company to file for bankruptcy. just three months ago a florida jury awarding hogan, whose real name is terry bollea, $140 million punishing gawker for invading the former pro wrestler's privacy by publishing
8:32 am
a tape of him having sex. failing to pay up gawker media asseting include its websites, gizmodo and jezebel will now be auctioned off. the company saying the sale and filing are intended to safeguard the jobs of journalists and allow gawker media to fund the appeal. >> the appeals court would need to resolve this case. >> reporter: gawker maintaining its actions were protected by the first amendment saying even hogan publicly discussed that sex tape. >> talking about it is a lot different than having somebody illegally post the tape when you're seen naked in front of 7 million people. >> reporter: shortly after the news of gawker going out of business broke, hogan tweeted, "what a beautiful day. only good happens to me." >> the jury verdict in the hulk hogan case was extraordinary, unprecedented in many ways. >> reporter: it was recently
8:33 am
revealed that paypal co-founder peter theil helped bankroll hogan's legal costs apparent payback after gawker outed theil as gay. gawker ceo nick denton overnight tweeting even with his billions theil will not silence our writers. our sites will thrive under new ownership and we'll win in court. >> the hulk hogan gawker case is far from over. we should expect to see lots of legal wrangling. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> it could drag on for years and it's time now to check in with rob marciano and, rob, i see a bouncing beach ball. are we going to talk about some sort of beach weather? ? way, why not. it's saturday. a lot of folks are dealing with heat and the temperatures are warming up. >> you're going to strain your neck. >> stretching that -- 60s, 70s 60s, 70s, the toes are not as purple now that we're getting into the june temperatures. on the beaches, 80s and 90s. there will be thunderstorms across the jersey coast, a
8:34 am
disturbance will roll through and pump in heat, some of the storms could be strong we mentioned that across upstate new york, as well. we had .01 rain. the dry season. relative humidity will drop into the teens that will certainly be prime, so hopefully no sparks flying there. 90 degrees in houston him maybe showers across florida and heat and humidity in the northern plains it will be stifling. that's a look nationally here's what's shaking locally. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. radars are clear. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, radars will become active later this afternoon between the hours of 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., strong thunderstorms possible, with damaging winds. >> are you pretty sure about
8:35 am
that disturbance rolling through philly? how confident are you? i'm just curious. >> we got the belmont stakes, as well. >> you just avoided that question. >> yeah, yeah. >> yeah, noticed? >> got a 50% chance of seeing a storm. >> thinks there might be a disturbance rolling through but there may. >> nothing, nothing good could come out of this. so on the other hand i love you both. coming up here on "gma," fresh revelations in the o.j. simpson trial coming to light in the new documentary getting a lot of buzz. what his dream team of lawyers did the day the jurors paid a visit to the home of the football legend. and "the force awakens'" daisy ridley showing off her hidden talent as a singer straight ahead in "pop news."
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from football legend to murder defendant, americans have been fascinated with the story of o.j. simpson for decades. >> now an explosive new five-part documentary chronicles the rise and the fall of this american icon, and abc's juju chang sat down with the man behind it. >> reporter: you may think you know all about that infamous bronco chase, that ill-fitting glove and that verdict, but
8:40 am
espn's new documentary, "o.j.: made in america," will no doubt prove you wrong. why 20 years later do you think the o.j. case continues to fascinate? >> i think it's the lack of resolution. you know, americans love a cliffhanger. >> reporter: from o.j.'s meteoric rise as heisman trophy winner to his epic fall from grace. o.j. really was one of the first black men to be fully accepted in white america. >> no black athlete had ever been on tv hawking products, and he had deals with chevrolet and r.c. cola before he played a down in the nfl, and that idea of a 21-year-old guy in 1969 having that platform, it was really revolutionary. >> his famous quote was, i'm not black, i'm o.j., and he achieved this sort of colorlessness and yet when he was charged with murder, he used sort of his racial identity as his defense. >> well, that's sort of one of the great ironies of the story. >> reporter: ezra edelman's film explores the explosive history of race relations and the lapd and how his dream team
8:41 am
used it to appeal to the mostly black jurors when they visited o.j.'s rockingham estate. >> we took all his white friends down and put all these black people up, pictures he probably had never seen before because that's what we were told the jury would identify with. >> you have got to be kidding me. it was night and day. >> i said, marcia, what are you talking about? how dare you accuse us of such things. >> i was miserable. i was angry. that is very dirty pool. >> if we had had a latin jury, we would have had a picture of a sombrero. there would have been a mariachi band out front. we would have had a pinata at the upper staircase. >> one of the jurors admits to you that this was payback for rodney king point blank. >> yeah, and, you know, and to have something voiced so plainly, which is in line with what so many people in america think, was shocking. >> reporter: for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. >> it looks fascinating.
8:42 am
and "o.j.: made in america" debuts tonight 9:00 eastern right here on abc. >> must see. coming up here on "gma," jerry o'connell, this sis a big booking for us. he joins us with details. hey, man, sit still. >> so talented. >> brand-new show on abc tonight. we'll do a little fun and games after this break. >> tiny dancer. one of those moments... every what? this is ridiculous! there's one of these... sam, i gotta go... is this my car? what? this is ridiculous! this can't be happening! this can't be happening! oh, it's happening sweetheart. oh, it's happening sweetheart. shut up! shut up! that's why state farm is there, what a day... with car insurance, for when things go wrong. but also here with car loans, to help life go right. state farm. what a day!!
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8:45 am
hi, everyone. i'm paula abdul from "people's list," and i'm here today at the white house to support some amazing kids. kick ball change. kick ball change. >> paula abdul having a little fun in the nation's capital, part of a brand-new series that premieres tonight called "people's list" and brings you the best of "people" magazine and more with unprecedented access to your favorite stars. >> we're so excited about it and
8:46 am
the co-hosts are literally doing whatever it takes to get the story. jerry o'connell even got into the ring with actress paula patton who was training for her new film "warcraft." jerry, you got into the ring. sounds like a great summer series to check out. >> it is fun. thank you guys for having me. it's a really good time. "people's list" is the perfect marriage of "people" magazine and abc, and we bring you everything that happened this week in celebrity news, trends, social meds news. and we -- >> social meds? social meds, that's what we call it at peoples, "peeps list." you know, come on, you got to stay hip with the kids. everything is abbreviated these days. sosh meds. and we encapsuleize it. >> you got a game you want us to play? >> i got a game. it's called -- this is a potential segment on our show. it's called "obsessed or unsubscribe." i'm going to give you some topics here. and you have a choice
8:47 am
you're obsessed with it or unsubscribe. "the bachelorette." >> i'm going to say obsessed because that show airs on abc and i want to keep my job. >> of course. how could you unsubscribe to that? >> i don't -- sorry. >> also, rob marciano, please answer the rumors. are you the next bachelor? >> no. >> yay or nay? >> there's talk he's going to be the next bachelor. no? okay. >> no. >> unsubscribe. rob unsubscribes to that. snapchat, snapchat, obsessed -- >> i don't know anything about it but i know i need something about it. >> obsessed. >> i'm confused. >> let me tell you about it. i'll explain it exactly. whatever you point out it disappears in three seconds. >> that's what they say. >> you can show whatever you want. okay, obsessed or unsubscribed. "hamilton," the musical. >> going tonight. obsessed. >> how did you get tickets? >> my brother paid a lot of money. >> wow. friends in high place. >> yes. >> magic, the "now you see me 2"
8:48 am
junket. we have a big story on that. david copperfield. >> i met the director so obsessed i want to see it. >> i'm a contrarian. i'm just keeping it balanced, jerry. you know what we are with you, we're obsessed with you and this new show. "people's list" premieres 8:00, 7:00 central. come on back. >> and that o.j. show, it's going to be a lot of fun. >> see you. >> "pop news" is next, everybody. we'll be right back. erybody. we'll be right back. everybody. to your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. every ingredient is the main ingredient. the strawberry poppyseed... romaine, mandarin,
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♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by pronamel toothpaste. protect your enamel against the effects of everyday acids. >> as we like to say, it all leads up to this. mama haines, what you got? i might be wearing a really sparkly ring. okay. that's all i've got. daisy ridley shows how fierce she can be in "the force awakens" but she's got a hidden talent. she appears on barbra streisand's new album "encore: movie partners sing broadway." encore movie partners sing broadway.
8:53 am
the song also features oscar winning "les mis" actress anne hathaway. "encore" will be released on august 26th. i had no idea she could sing. >> well, now you do. >> who, barbra streisand? >> and now we do. >> who is that? who is that? >> just messing with you. >> no, i've got that one. >> welcome back. >> lovely barbra. >> almost to that gordie howe hat trick. almost. >> one is going to get beat down by the end of this and i think it's going to be me. shanghai disney resort doesn't officially open until next week but abc news correspondent bob woodruff got a chance to experience the tron cycle power run. take a look. >> oh, my word. >> that is the one camera you never want on you are those ride cams because they see what you're truly feeling on this ride. >> you never get to look dignified. >> although bob does look dignified. >> he does, and he's pedaling so smooth and so quickly.
8:54 am
>> yeah, he's not pedaling. it is part roller coaster and part simulator representing parts of the classic film and robin will be reporting from shanghai all this week. i think i drew the short stick. i didn't get to go. >> next year. >> you're stuck with us. is that what you're saying? >> i actually didn't get a choice at drawing a stick, which is one notch below the short stick. and one adorable dog named ginger might be our spirit animal this morning. the 3-year-old red toy poodle ginger is faced with a ruff challenge to make it out of a laundry basket that her owners filled with toy balls. the pup doesn't quite make it out of that makeshift ball pit in the end, but ginger's determination to achieve the possible still warrants a round of a-paws. >> a-paws. >> look how cute she is. >> i'm not sure that's determination. just kind of gingerly -- >> i think she's giving in to it all. >> darwin would have a field day with that. >> i don't want to hear about darwin on my happy, fluffy story. this is to my teaser, my
8:55 am
beautiful -- all the single ladies -- ♪ all the single ladies june is national candy month which i thought was year round and to celebrate this occasion, we have an assortment of classic ring pops -- >> i love bubble gum. >> ring pop, gummy chains and bazooka gum. now, the average american eats almost 25 pounds of candy each year and one out of four americans eats candy every day. i am one out of four americans. >> the average american eats 25 pounds of candy? >> pounds. that's explains why this is our weight trajectory. >> you eat candy every day? >> well -- >> she does not. that's not -- >> i don't eat candy every day but, well -- >> i like candy. >> as fascinated as we are by your diet, ido have to say we're out of time, unfortunately, but sara will be back talking many other important issues tomorrow. >> thank you, dan, i do. we'll see you tomorrow. >> mwah. next week, robin invites you to -- >> come along to the most awesome adventure of a lifetime. >> to the top of the great wall
8:56 am
to being this close with pandas. and who doesn't love pandas to the biggest castle and fastest roller coaster disney has ever built and experience the spectacular and historic grand opening of disney shanghai. >> it's going to be magical. >> next week, your jaws are about to drop in awe. >> just wait until you see where we take you on "gma." good morning, america, from china. china. i'm gray hall, coming up next on "action news," saturday morning at 9:00 a.m., a former contestant on the the voice from south jest is killed after a concert. an outpouring of grief. nelson agholor is underinvestigation -- is under investigation for alleged sexual assault. those stories all next on
8:57 am
"action news" saturday morning. ♪ ♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'.
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you, saturday, june 11, i'm gray hall. here's some of the stories we're following for you right now on "action news," breaking news, a gunman opens fire at a concert
9:00 am
venue in florida killing a new jersey resident him we have the latest. hit-and-run in center city, a suspect is in custody. temperatures are turning hot and humid we could be in for some strong thunderstorms. let's get you over to the accuweather forecast with meteorologist chris sowers. >> reporter: it will be after 4:00 p.m., northwest to southeast across the viewing area, it will get into the city at 4:30, 50:00 p.m. we'll start out with a mixture of clouds and sun. not only do the numbers increase, so, too, does the humidity. 70 refreshing degrees. dover, 73. millville, 73. mid to upper 60s north and west. 66 in reading, trenton, 68. here's satellite and radar showing the storm system that we're watching is actually sitting up here across the southern


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