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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  June 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program with meteorologist, melissa magee, jeff skversky and sarah bloomquist and walter perez. please, let's just all get along. we're on this earth for such a short time. >> is there anguish and grief in florida avenue the worst mass shooting in the history of our country. at least 50 people were killed
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and 53 were injured after a crazed gunman who pledged allegiance to isis open fire inside a gay nightclub in orlando. i'm walter perez. unspeakable massacre that occurred in orlando. tonight president obama ordered flags to be flown at half staff all across the country as investigators, poured through omar mateen's background to get a better understanding of the motive behind this despicable act. we have team coverage tonight. "action news" reporter jeff chirico and trish hartman has reaction from the lb gt community and security measures taken across our region. christie ileto spoke with the former official from home land security, and chad pradelli is in orlando with what we know about the suspect. we will begin with abc's marci gonzales on how horror unfolded. >> good evening. it started at pulse nightclub at around 2:00 this morning and continued, for about three hours, and that is when the swat team moved into try to rescue dozens of hostages and killed the gun man. we are now learning more about him and how this massacre
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unfolded. horrifying, moments from the worse mass shooting in american history, captured on camera. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: gunman opening fire earlier this morning at a gay nightclub in orlando, florida. >> bam, bam, bam. >> bodies were every where. i just kept crawling. >> reporter: at least 50 people killed, more than 50 others were injured. >> this was an act of terror, and a act of hate. attacks on any american, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation is an attack on all of us. >> it is sickening. we should make every american angry. >> reporter: people rushing to the scene after getting calls and text messages from loved ones inside the club. >> my son got shot three times. >> they said he was going to die, he loved me, last thing i remember. >> reporter: hours later many of them still waiting for
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news. >> they cannot identify anybody. so it could be ours, and hours. >> reporter: gunman killed at the scene identified by investigators as 29 year-old omar mateen, law enforcement officials say after the shooting began he called 911 to pledge his allegiance to isis. >> there were 911 calls in which there was conversation between the subject, and law enforcement representatives, with 911 dispatchers. >> reporter: mateen was known to law enforcement, fbi interviewed him three times back in 203 and 2014, but he was not deemed a threat. authorities say he drove to orlando from his home in fort peers florida armed with the assault weapon and handgun. >> he drove two hours to go to the gay nightclub and to kill people. i think that speaks for itself. >> reporter: federal officials say gunman bought weapons used in the attack in the past week and they were purchased legally. scene here still block off as investigators worked to identify all of the victims. marci gonzales for abc news,
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orlando. >> we will move on to "action news" reporter chad pradelli live from orlando for better look the at who omar mateen is and what investigators know about him so far, chad? >> reporter: yeah, walter we are a couple blocks from the pulse nightclub where this tragedy happen. it is bustling with media and law enforcement. you can see law enforcement command center behind me just in front of the nightclub. when mateen allegedly opened fire, killing dozens and injuring dozens more earlier this morning it was not the first time, he popped up on law enforcement's radar. he was known to authorities. he had been questioned, begging to question, could this have may have been prevented. the fbi says they have interviewed omar mateen three times between 2013 and 2014. a 29 year-old was interviewed twice when he made inflammatory comments to his co work's alleging possible ties to terror. >> in the course of the investigation, mateen was interviewed twice, ultimately
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we were unable to verify substance of his comments and investigation was closed. >> reporter: he was again questioned in 2014, after it was revealed he had possible ties to american suicide bomber, both cases, however were eventually closed. mateen was born to afghan parents, family moved to port saint lucy, florida. mateen was divorced in 2011 and his ex-wife today, reportedly said that he was violent and mentally unstable. she also said he wasn't very religious. they say mateen legally purchased the assault rifle and handgun believed to have been used, in the a tack in recent days. >> he is not a illegal person. they can acquire and purchase firearms. he did so. did he so in the last week are so. >> reporter: authorities say that mateen work as a security guard and had a license to carry. he was from fort pierce
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florida and attended a mosque there for ten years, abc talked to the imam there who told abc that mateen was more scotiaable in past years. he has grown withdrawn in recent years and often attended mosque with his young son but didn't socialized much but did not show, or display any extreme views. they say that this attack came out of no where. live from orlando, chad pradelli for channel six "action news". >> chad, thanks for that report. mateen as we have reported target aid gay nightclub for his rampage. today in philadelphia, the lgbt community is celebrating its annual pride festival with added security. "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live from center city with that part of the story, jeff. >> reporter: walter, gay pride celebrations are taking place across the city, including here in what is commonly called the gayborhood, the attack in orlando has police and club managers here in the
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gayborhood rethinking their security efforts. people danced and parties outside this afternoon their thoughts are to the victims of the massacre but on this gay pride weekend, these folks refuse to let fear keep them away. >> this is something i look forward to every year and something i fully support, and there is not nothing in the world that can stop me from being here right the now. >> reporter: do you feel nervous being out here. >> not at all, we are standing up for what we believe in. if i'm murdered for that so be it. >> reporter: attack prompted management and police to beef up security at the gay club at 13th and walnut. bags were checked and guests padded down. philadelphia police called the club owner this morning about adding extra presence. >> they staged some extra police officers in front of our place and fbi. >> reporter: woody's co-owner michael white says the attack comes amid one of the busiest weekend for his business. >> it does hit home but what will you do. you cannot run and hide. you have to do business.
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you have to move on with your life because you can't give up, and then they win. >> reporter: nonetheless 50 dead and possibly targeted for their sexual orientation and justin smith thinking twice before coming to philadelphia today. >> i'm definitely watching out, listening for anything that is happening, it is just kind of making me scared a little bit, and on edge. >> reporter: and back out here live counter terrorism officials with the philadelphia police department have just pulled in here, on 13th street, here just across the street from woody's, some 25,000 people expected in the city for this gay pride weekend and fortunately here it seems everyone is having a very good time. live from center city, jeff chirico for channel six "action news", walter. we will move to "action news" reporter trish hartman at penns landing hoist covering local pride events throughout the day for more reaction, trish? >> reporter: well, walter many were shaken by the mass shooting in orlando overnight
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that did not stop tens of thousands of people from celebrating, gay pride here in philadelphia a today. many say that they wanted to be here, to honor the lives lost in orlando. draped in rainbow flags, these and costumes, they marched down the streets of philadelphia, they had maybe a little bit more pride then usual. >> it just makes it all of the more important to show that they are proud to be here. >> reporter: annual lb gt pride parade was held just hours after the mass shooting at pulse a popular gay nightclub in orlando. moment of silence was held to remember the victims. some found out about the shootings, at the parade. >> i am walking and next thing i hear, oh, did you hear about the shooting in orlando. >> reporter: some wondered if they should go after hearing the news. gave you a little pause this morning. >> yes, yes, we have to pray for what happed. >> no matter where you are, or what you are doing. >> senseless tragedy that happens in our country far too
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often and you know, i don't know what the answer is, to it other than try to keep ourselves as safe as possible. >> reporter: that is people making their way in the pride festival at philadelphia penns landing. philadelphia police add just ted their security plan in light of the shootings overnight. >> the main thing we want to do is just be looking more visible then we are, in other years. we certainly don't want to have people feel over policed but in light of what happened, it will probably make people feel comfortable to see police nearby. >> reporter: and festival just wrapped up, here at penns landing at 6:00 p.m. folks are making their way out and for many people, the celebration, of lb gt pride will continue into the night as they make their way to gay bars and clubs, in the city. live at penns landing, trish hartman for channel six "action news". walter? clearer pictures of the gunman takes shape many are wand fairing there was any
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further indication that the gunman was radicalized. "action news" reporter christie ileto spoke with the former deputy director of home land security and she joins us live from a mosque in germantown, christie. >> reporter: well, we know that he had been on the feds radar before but so much has been said that if this could have been prevented. the gruesome act has many people here in the local muslim community condemning what has happened. as they do one of their five daily prayers at germantown mosque they are condemning the senseless slaughtering of dozens of innocent people in orlando by suspect gunman omar mateen. >> it is actual sadness and condolence goes out to everyone who lost their life in this attack, and their families and at the same time outrage that these people punish our religion. >> reporter: seventh day of ramadann and he says mateen's actions are not representative of islam. in the middle of the early
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morning massacre the 29 year-old u.s. citizens, called 911 and pledged allegiance to isis terrorist group. apartly mateen had been on the fed's radar twice before. could this have been prevented if this individual had been posting or doing something that indicated that he was prepared to become an active shooter, then somebody missed signals it could have been prevented. if this individual was below the radar screen. maybe it is a last minute thing. maybe something acted as a trigger, how do you prevent that? >> reporter: coming days feds will look at who mateen has been in contact with, his cyber footprint and was he self radicalized. do you feel like there are a lot of the members of the islamic state that are following victims to this on line radicalization. >> i don't think many people are fallen victim f there is one in the million that is too many. it will affect many innocent people. many innocent people will be
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looked and found upon or suspected that had nothing to do with this. >> reporter: now i did ask him what do you say to those hoff similar beliefs asthma teen. he said islamic faith that murder is a quick trip to hell, and not to paradise. reporting live from germantown, christie ileto for channel six "action news". >> thanks, christie. the mayor of the los angeles eric garseti says police may have thwarted a attack on that cities gay pride parade. the mayor says that a man, in possession of guns and explosives was arrested in santa monica earlier today. he said to investigators that he was on his way to the pride parade in l.a. it came after a tip from one of the suspect neighbors. officials do the not think that incident is related to the orlando massacre. six has been updating this story all day, through can seed the latest information, see photos from the scene and check out first
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hand accounts from witnesses of this horrific event. meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of "action news" followers have been keeping up with the story on our social media pages too. like us at abc "action news", and follow us on twitter at six abc. we will keep you up to dayton inportant details as we learn them. be sure to tune into a special addition of 2020 tonight starting at 10:00 o'clock right here on channel six for a wrap up of the day's event as well as very latest on the investigation. much more to come on "action news" tonight, dozens of people were evacuated this morning in west philadelphia after a fire erupted inside of an apartment building, we will have the latest, melissa. walter another warm, windy day across the delaware and lehigh valleys but for the start of the workweek it will stay warm but comfortable as well as humidity. we have details coming up with the accu weather forecast. and jeff skversky has sports when "action news" comes right back.
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a smokey three alarm fire forced evacuation of a hundred people from inside of an apartment building this morning in west philadelphia. the fire broke out in the fourth floor of the netherland apartment of the 4300 block of chestnut street shortly before 5:00 a.m. it was put under control at 9:00 this morning, no injuries have been reported and in word on a cause. the sights and sound of an african marketplace took over south street today. >> ♪ >> as you can see even the littlees ones were getting in tune with the odunde festival 12 block area around 23rd and south featured latin music and more than a hundred vendors along with african caribbean and soul foods. odunde festival is now a 41 year tradition. to grow up.
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but teachers like mr. elliot saw something in me. made a connection with me. now i'm a teacher myself, right here in camden. i'm just passing it along to my own students and making those same connections my teachers made with me. now that's some beautiful music. i'm jamal dickerson, and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
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jeff skversky has a check on sports. phillies trying on dig themselves out of a hole. >> it has been a brutal stretch, nine games out trying to get back into this thing. they are trying to avoid losing six straight to the washington nationals and first time ever. end a drought adam morgan out there who is stuck in his own five game ruth. phillies and nationals have a moment of cile tones pay their respects to the victims of the terrorist attack in orlando. adam morgan, put phillies in a three to nothing hole. worst run support in baseball. well, how about that, some runs. codey asche living up to his twitter handle, codey smashy. solo home run. phillies within two. next inning in the sixth, they get two more. freddie galvis with the rbi single. tying it up at three. that is where it stand right now, in the bottom of the eighth.
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well, sixers brandon ingram over ben simmons, that is million-dollar decision. it has to be made. so sixers, how are they leaning here? they will get another look at ingram tomorrow when he works out here in philadelphia. the duke freshman will personally work out for sixers at their practice facility for the first time. sixers have watched the 18 year-old work out two other times in a group setting over the last month. nba draft is 11 days away. >> what you want to see number one and number two, even fall to number three. you never know where you will go. you always keep your eyes opened and whatever organizations are out there i will work towards my goals. >> should it be ingram or simmons. we will debate it tonight on "action news" sports sunday. mike missanelli joins me coming up at 11:45. final round of the senior pga championship at philadelphia cricket club in flourtown. bernard in trouble on eighth, a one shot lead, needs a putt
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a final check of the accu weather forecast. >> it was hot today, walter, some might say it was pretty warm and wind a cross the region. humidity was low for a nice change. storm tracker six live double scan radar it is strong, no issues of precipitation. different story to day.
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it was slower, as far as humidity was concerned but the wind are blustery out of the northwest. atlantic city had a wind gusts of 44 miles an hour, same thing in wilmington. philadelphia had a gust of 41 miles an hour. 39 miles an hour in millville. pottstown coming in at 35 miles an hour. we've got a northwesterly wind starting to dry out, but still warm. eighty-five in the city. eighty for reading and lancaster. the at the coast in cape may may 80. sixty in the poconos. we have talk about the level of moisture a lot, anytime we have dew point numbers below 60 degrees we have a very, very comfortable air mass overhead. numbers are in the upper 30's, and middle 40's across the region. so no complaints when you step outdoors. here's satellite six with action radar, the moisture we had across our region are racing through north and east. we have high pressure over great lakes that will work its way in our region for start of our workweek. so call from accu weather for rest of tonight, mainly clear, breezy and cooler then last night. we dropped down to 51 in the
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suburbs and 59 degrees in philelphia. for the overnight low. here's the future tracker six showing you 6:00 a.m. tomorrow no complaints. temperatures will be in the 50's and as we get into the rest of the day we will max out in the upper 70's. accu weather forecast looks like this, not bad tomorrow. high of 81. sunny and nice, for tuesday and 80 degrees. the sunshine around, wednesday at 85. late wednesday into thursday, possibly on friday, we are tracking some showers, and with highs in the 80's and then dipping down in the 70's. saturday 82. fathers day next sunday, walter high coming in at 84. >> thanks, melissa. recapping our top story tonight on "action news" flags are flying at half staff all across the country tonight for the 50 people killed and 53 wounded in the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. victims were gunned down during a three hour hostage standoff inside of a gay nightclub in orlando, florida. gunman identified as 29 year-old omar mateen died
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during the ensuing shoot-out with police m teen was born in new york. his parents from afghan stan and he work as a security guard. fbi investigated him twice in the past for possible terror connections but those cases were closed, after agents uncovered, no conclusive ties, to terror organizations. much more on action abc world news sunday next on channel six and as aftermath in orlando continues to unfold, through the evening, make sure to tune into a special addition of 2020 starting at 10:00 o'clock right here on channel six. we're back here on "action news" at 11:00. now for melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez. we will see you right back here at 11:00 o'clock. >> ♪
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tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight." terror in orlando. the worst mass shooting in american history. at least 50 killed. dozens more wounded. the gunman armed with an assault rifle and handgun, firing at will. hostages held in inside. >> oh, my god. >> the s.w.a.t. team in a three-hour standoff. >> we haven't been able to call him or text him. >> the mother in anguish, waiting to hear if her son is still inside. >> breaking details on the shooter. calling 911, pleading his allegiance to isis. we're learning he bought his guns legally this past week. and american cities on high alert. as we ask, how many lone wolves is the fbi tracking? our entire team is on this


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