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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  June 15, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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it is tuesday night and the the big story on "action news" is breaking news, a total of five people have been shot on van buren street near elm street. three of the victims are juveniles. let's get right to the scene and "action news" reporter dann cuellar. dann, what's the situation? >> reporter: well, jim, crime scene investigators just wrapped up collecting evidence and gathering documenting what happened here in this very wild and violent shooting that police say left five people shot including possibly a 13-year-old girl. now, police say they responded here to south van buren near read after reports of multiple gunshots just before 9:15. when police arrived, they found three of the victims on van buren, two others on nearby harrison. three were rushed to a.i. dupont hospital. two others to christiana. all are now said to be in stable condition. now i'm told that at least three of the victims are juveniles. there's no word yet on the shooter or shooters.
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police are hooking into the possibility that this may be related to another shotshootingg that hapt last night. there a 24-year-old male was shot in his shoulder and was taken by private vehicle to st. francis hospital who's said to be in stable condition. right now police are saying it's too early to tell if that shooting is related to the latest shooting here tonight that left five people shot, again possibly including a 13-year-old girl. this is developing story. live in wilmington,it, i'm dann cuellar, "channel 6 action ns >> thank you, dann. here is the latest now on the probe into omar mateen. he, of course, is the gunman who opened fire at the gay dance club in orlando killing 49 people and wounding 53 others. and tonight, the fbi is investigating whether mateen led a secret life as a gay man. there are now reports that mateen was seen regularly at the pulse dance club approached
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other men at the bar and used gay dating apps. one psychologist says he was conflicted and lashed out against gays. of course, he proclaimed allegiance to terrorist groups including isis. investigators are also looking into mateen's wife, noor salman and have taken her into custody. they want to determine if she knew in advance that her husband intended to attack the club. she could be criminally charged. some reports say she tried to dissuade him from carrying out his plot but drove him to buy his guns and drove him to the club to case it out. tonight, six victims are still listed in critical condition at orlando regional medical center. the stories of the victims, both of survivors and those who lost their lives have been touching the hearts and souls of millions of americans. "action news" reporter chad pral is in orlando tonight with the story of three young women from philadelphia. chad.
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>> reporter: jim, they were taken hostage by mateen. they'd spend three horrifying hours in a bathroom. and only two would survive. >> i just keep seeing her face. [ sobbing ] >> reporter: the vacation w a celebration of life. akyra murray graduated fromest catholic high last week and received a basketball scholarship to mercyhurst college. murray, her cousin, tiara parker, and friend, patience carter, begged to go to pul >> the night of it happening, she -- i didn't really wanto go. and she just kept begging me. dad, take me. i was saying to myself les on vacation. >> reporter: akyra snapped is photo, and the three were dancing. but soon, omar mateen opened fire. akyra and patience got out of the club but went back in tget tiara. >> we just went into the g storm, kind of like dove on other people because it was like people piled on top of each other.
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>> reporter: they began texting their parents, "please come get us now, please, they shooting." the bullets would go silent. then they'd hear mateen footsteps in the bathroom a loading his guns. >> he came in and start shoi and wherever he could shootnd i felt the pressure on my thigh, but at some point, i just thought it was somebody falling on me. >> reporter: the murrays frantically drove 30 miles the scene as the three girland the hostages shut the stall door. akyra was losing blood fast. mateen opened fire once again on the stall as s.w.a.t. moved in. >> he said hey, you, and he shot three more times. but i was too scared to lookp because i didt ntim shoot me in my face or me in my he onoin >> he goes into a shooting war with them. i'm getting burned by the -- like the bullets bouncing and ricocheting off us and the gunpowder.
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>> reporter: patience would survive too. but akyra did not. they say the loss is surrea >> i just have to keep it positive and know that my daughter died for a good cau and saving her cousins and h friend and just knowing th s was happy up until the day s stopped breathing. >> reporter: and the murrays still have not seen the daughter's body. an autopsy is pending and funeral arrangements still ve not been made. live in orlando, chad pradelli, "channel 6 action news." jim. >> thank you, chad. we heard from patience carter today. her harrowing ordeal as she was trapped inside that bathroom shot in both legs. >> so we're all like scrambling around in the bathroom screeping at the top of our lungs when he was in there for the first time and then you know, people were getting hit by bullets. like, blood is everywhere. and there was a moment where he stopped. shooting in the bathroom.
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at that point we knew that this wasn't -- this wasn't a game. this was very real. and this is -- and this is something that was really happening to us right now. and it was -- shocked. we just went from having the time of our lives to the worst night of our lives all within a matter of minutes. >> the 20-year-old patience carter is a university city high school graduate. she is now attending nyu in new york. akyra murray's mother tells "action news" that scammers are trying to take advantage this whole situation by setting up bogus "go fund me" sites in akyra's name. but the family not involved with any of them. if you do want to donate, the memorial fund is directly through citizen's bank. meanwhile, channel 6's parent company, disney, announced a $1 million donation today to one orlando fund to assist those affected by the nightclub massacre. walt disney world hotels are also hosting families and friends of the victims free of charge. our coverage of the massacre in
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orlando continues at and the "action news" facebook page. we're sharing the stories of those lost and the survivors and we're posting updates as new information comes in. other news at this hour, a multi-alarm fire broke out an hour ago at a house in ewing township, mercer county. chopper 6 is over the scene on the union block of drive. so far there have been no injuries reported. firefighters continue to work to extinguish the blaze. philadelphia homicide detectives are getting close tonight to identifying the woman who was found handcuffed, stabbed and shot to death in fairmount park near the mann music center. investigators say she did put up a fight. they know from defensive wounds. and they don't think the murder happened on the 5300 block of north georgeis hill drive. police believe the victim's body was dumped there about ten feet off the road sometime last night. the father of the
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17-year-old girl who was killed by a hit-and-run driver is pleading for someone to come forward. markalyah jackson was killed while crossing roosevelt boulevard at adams avenue last night in sommerdale. police say a minivan hit her, knocked her 180 feet down the street. the driver never stopped. investigators say the minivan is likely white or silver with damage to its front end and windshield. jackson's family has a message for the driver. >> comecome forward. just come forward. it's overwhelming. i can't speak right now. i'm at a loss of words. i just want the person who hit my daughter to come forward. >> jackson was about to graduate from excel academy. a judge has ruled the police interview with a new jersey father charged with murdering his young son will be used as evidence in trial. during the hearing today, part of an hour-long interview was played. david criado allegedly told his police that his then 17-year-old
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girlfriend resented his son brendan. the prosecution alleges he killed brendan and left him in a wooded area in october to appease his girlfriend. the defense argued to have the video suppressed saying he was not read his miranda rights, but a judge ruled that he gave the information freely and so the interview is admissible. 32-year-old raheem felton will spend the next 22 to 44 years in jail for murdering a transgender philadelphia woman. in court today, he admitted to stabbing 21-year-old london chanel to death in north philadelphia in may of last year. police say the killing was motivated by a domestic argument not a hate crime. we have learned that atlantic city's revel will not be reopening tomorrow as originally planned. city officials say the resort
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doesn't have all of its permits and some inspections still need to be done. "action news" spotted the new owner, glen straube on site tonight as last-minute work was being done. he has not revealed the property's new name, though he did hint it might have an asian theme. and the casino section isn't ready yet. straube hopes to offer gambling by late august. earlier today, he said 900 hotel rooms and several amenity also be available to the public. an aide to the atlantic city mayor said that won't happen till thursday at earliest. a number of philadelphia music legends are getting the prestigious marian anderson award. mayor jim kinne announced this year's recipients tonight and they will be grammy-award winner pattpatti labelle. they will receive the honor during november 15th . the award, of course, named after the legendary philadelphia opera singer and recognizes
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artists for their humidity efforts. still to dom on "action news" tonight, the president takes on donald trump in the aftermath of the orlando massacre. a change in position. pennsylvania will soon have new requirements for how babies must ride in car seats. plus -- portion control after the fact. we'll show you the new fda-approved device and what it requires you to do to lose weight. cecily? well, we're clearnd comfortable tonight. but i amtraking some wet weather on the way. i'll have details and also an early look at your all-important father's day weekend in the "action news at 10:00". and ducis rodgers with the philly taking on the blue jays when "action news" continues tonight.
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breaking news out of dis wor in orlando. police are searching for a 2-year-old child who was reportedly dragged into a lake by an alligator. it happened near disney's grand florida dwran resort and spa about an hour and a half ago. deputies are currently searching the seven seas lagoon. we are waiting for more details. pennsylvania parents, there will new rules of the road. children under 2 will now read knead to ride in a rear-facing car seat. "action news" reporter christie ileto explains. >> 95 percentile for both height and weight so she's too big to face that bap that way. >> she is over 30 pounds he can face forward. >> repoerbufothe der age thegef whhan't outgrown thhehtndeig rrent ty veo be in aar-facing car seat. it's now pennsylvania law could cost you a $125 fine. >> without the law, we got to
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make sure that safety is first. >> reporter: but the dir was never set in stone ti now. critics have long argued cuent state law only specified a child under 4 be strapped into a car seat leaving everything to the parents' discretion. >> when the child is forward-facing, it is literally only the harness straps no >> reporter: this woman is a safety tech in new jersey, o of three states already wi this law. >> the child is five times less likely to have a severe or fat injury traveling rear-fi under the age of 2 than they would be forward facing. >> reporter: one of the reans, toddler's bones are still soft and haven't fully hardene the debate over the new law is blowing up on our "action news" facebook page. several parents say they still welcome this change. >> i think it's for the betr, as long as my kids are safe >> reporter: now, in the l first year, the driver will only be cited with a warning, but it goes into effect in te days. reporting live in center cit
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christie ileto for "channel 6 action news." president obama this morning delivered a blistering attack against donald trump and trump's response to the orlando attack. obama took particular issue with trump's plan to ban muslims from entering the united states. in the past, obama has portrayed trump as something of a buffoon or a huxtableter, but today, he challenged trump as a dangerous threat to the nation's safety to religious freedom and to diversity. and he said the country's past should teach americans to reject trump. >> we've gone through moments in our history before when we octobered out of fear. and we came to regret it. we don't have religious tests here. our founders, our constitution, our bill of rights are clear about that. >> trump held a rally tonight in greensboro, north carolina. he stood by his ban on muslims, and even though omar mateen was born in new york, trump continued to use his example to
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justify banning refugees from areas of the world with ties to terrorism. hillary clinton echoed president obama's rant against trump in her rally in pittsburgh tonight. but tonight she has been meeting with rival bernie sanders in washington. tonight's meeting could determine the tone at the democratic national convention in philadelphia. said clinton today, "i am very much looking forward to having his support, sanders' support, because donald trump poses a serious threat to our nation." meanwhile clinton cruised to an overwhelming victory tonight in the washington, d.c., primary with 79% of the vote. tonight's vote ended one of the more eventful primary seasons in both parties that anyone can remember. "healthcheck" at 11:00 tonight. going to extremes to lose weight. the fda has just approved the new antiobesity device but with a burden for users. they have to empty their stomach
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themselves. the aspire assist involves a thin tube that sim planted into the stomach. about 30 minutes after eating, users connect the tube to a device to drain about a third of the partially div jested food directly into a toilet. the manufacturer says the system is a minimally invasive alternative to bariatric surgery. it only takes 15 minutes to implant the device. it is fully reversible. let's get that accuweather forecast seven days with meteorologist cecily tynan. >> and jim, clear and comfortable tonight. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing certainly no rain out there and really no clouds either. before 9, the iss, international space station was visible. some people sent me pictures of this. but i also got this fantastic photo from ronald of the waxing gibbis moon, 73% illuminated. and obviously ronald has a pretty nice camera lens, is a
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good photographer. you can see a lot of the features in the moon, even the craters. and it also shows just how clear the skies are. currently in philadelphia, 71 degrees, most of our viewing area, though, already dropping well into the sticts -- 60s. mill wim, 61. trenton, 68. allentown, 66. wilmington, 66. and the poconos already down to a cool 54 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar showing you can see this kind of slice of nice, thanks to high pressure keeping our skies clear, but this are some clouds trying to advance from the west with a warm front. and that will be pushing in during the day tomorrow. so tomorrow will start off with sunshine, then increasing clouds. a lot of the them will be high and thin. so we'll see filtered sunshine a good part of the day. a little warmer with a high of 82 degrees. then on thursday, this is when low pressure develops off the coast from that front and that will bring us some showers. future tracker showing looks like the concentration of most of the showers will be during the morning so the thursday
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morning dhut -- commute could be a wet one. still a lot of the clouds and scattered showers and even the possibility a scattered shower will linger into friday morning. so the exclusive accuweather forecast, a pretty nice day. although the cloud also be on rise as we head through the day with high of 82 degrees. thursday, you'll need the umbrella at least part of the day. mostly cloudy, quite a bit coomer with a high of 72 and a occasional showers especially the first half of the day. friday is the transition. starts with a few lingering showers but high pressure nudges in brightening the skies late in the day with a high of 79 degrees. and that high pressure will bring us a spectacular father's day weekend. saturday, sunny, pleasant, 82. on sunday for dad, we warm it up to 85 degrees, but we keep the humidity in check. so still a pretty nice dieday. and sunday when summer officially arrives, it's going to feel like it with a high of 90 degrees and tuesday it gets hot. it gets more humid with a high
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of 91. so the kind of hurdle in the seven-day forecast is thursday. the week and at this point looking really nice. >> you're no longer worried about a storm system lurking off the coast. >> looks like it's going to be east of bermuda. spring is in full bloom tonight in cherry hill. the horticulture society of south jersey presented its annual spring flower show. dozens of flowers and plants were on display and the gardeners competed for all kinds of prizes. hundreds of students proved tonight you're never too old for a second chance. 250 graduates earned their degrees through the kehmlot education program. camelot caters to people who have dropped out of school, fallen behind. the graduates got their diplomas tonight at the l'ecuyeras center at temple and all of these graduates are either furthering their graduation or going into the workforce.
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you always want to see ule well in his major league debut. it didn't happen today. >> he did not have his best
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stuff out there today. got knocked around the yard a little bit. 22-year-old zach eflin made his major league debut today against the toronto blue jays. he called it "the time ofis life." this after he had got lit up like a chrimatre eflin pitching in place of vince velazquez who was put te disabled list last week. second inning, already 1-0, ue jays. kevin pillar. that one's not come back. a solo homer. 2-0, toronto. and this is just the begig. third inning now. 3-0. carrera, that's a two-run homer in r field. it's now 5-pop -- 5-0. later in the inning, josh donaldson with a grand slam. eflin lasted 2 2/3 innings. he gives up 9 runs, 8 earned. the phillies lose 11-3. they've dropped 14 of their last 18 games. for two years sixers fans have been waiting for dario saric to join the team. well, that wait might continu the gm and head coach recently went to turkey to check in on saric.
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the sixers still own his draft rights but he's still und contract overseas. will he come over or won't he? that's anyone's guess. >> i wasn't pessimistic. i wasn't optimistic. i was somewhat neutral as to whether or not i felt hw be coming over and i still el that way. >> how things work out withim and the actual buyout and negotiations with the teaat have to be undertaken with the player and the team, it's entirely different than whatur objectives are. game six of the nba finals is thursday here on 6abc. the warriors lead the series 3-2. but the series heads back to cleveland. coverage begins at 9:00. while he may or may not get drafted next weeing, he may still find work in the nba. he says he is enjoying this process. >> we're fortunate enough to win the national championship. but for me, i can't let that dawn on me too long because i have another job that i have to secure. going through this process is
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fun, ind. it's a lot of hard work. a lot of challenges but i'm looking forward to it. still ahead, the u.s. open is on the horizon. hear why the favorite calls this a stressful week. at perdue, we take some unexpected extra steps to raise healthy chickens with
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no antibiotics ever. for example, thyme. it's part of our 100% veggie diet that we feed our chickens and helps support their immune system. and we don't need to add antibiotics to their diet. if you want some sage advice, you should use thyme. okay, rosemary. thyme, just one more way we bring you chicken raised with no antibiotics ever. it's not the easy way. it's the perdue way.
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,$8drw the 116th u.s. op get underway thursday mor a oakmont just outside pittsbgh. jason day is one of the favorites and for good reaso he is the number one ranked golfer in the world. day has four top ten finishes at the u.s. open. he finished second twice and
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this might be the year he finally gets it. >> being very close to winng a u.s. open, especially over the last few years, and had t second-place finishes and this is one turn toment that is very stressful, and i feel like i thrive on the stress and hopefully i can do that this year. last week we told but drexel's chris crawford. he represently qualified f t u.s. open but he suffered a setback today. during a practice today, his caddy, billy hennigan, fe io a bunker and broke his ankl crawford has asked his college coach ben feld to tend his bag this week. finally tonight, ane has ever held a golf club has dreamed of holding one from the fairway. this kind of counts, i think. a professional disk golfer, disk golf,a5 with a blind shot and howbo this? about 400 feet away. right into the basket. >> a trick shot. >> it's an albatross. >> no, it's a trick shot. >> it works for me. [ laughter ] >> 2 out of 5.
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>> okay. finally, hundreds of people enjoyed an evening of fine dining for a worthy cause in south philadelphia. they attended the 11th annual great chefs charity event. more than 45 acclaimed chefs from around the world served up all kinds of dishes. "action news'" alicia vitarelli helped emcee the event tonight. money raised tonight goes to fight childhood cancer. "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6 followed by "nightline." "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edwards, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers, and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. have a good night.
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