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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  June 15, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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lagoon last night. he was on the beach that said closed to swimmers. >> it has been now about 15 hours since the child was taken into the water by the alligator so we know that we are working on recovering the body of the child. we have in excess of 50 personnel from the orange county sheriff's office alone that is working on this recovery effort. we are going to be here throughout -- >> out of caution today walt disney officials have closed the resort officials and they have already removed and euthanized five alligators. we'll bring you the latest on air and online at disney is the parent company of 6 abc. the police and fbi are expected to update their
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investigation in orlando, in the meantime, they are looking more closely at the shooter's wife. officials want to know what she knew and when. gloria rivera is live in washington with the latest. >> reporter: good afternoon rick and sara, that is exactly right. what we know now is that the gunman's wife is being heavily questioned and that she allegedly suggested to the fbi that she tried to talk her husband out of harming anyone, we don't know if she knew the attack was imminent and if she did she could face charges. investigators are focusing on noor salmon. she is shown with him at various locations. she allegedly went with her husband to buy ammo and were at pulse nightclub together at least once. it's not clear if she knew his plans for mass murder or had been questioned by the fbi on
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terror ties. >> would you have liked to have known that the fbi was investigating him for terrorism. >> it would have been fantastic, he wouldn't have gotten a gun. >> the portrait of a conflicted man -- his father says that his father disavowed sexuality. but a former law enforcement classmate tells abc that mateen showed interest in gay men. >> he said if you were gay you would be my type of guy. >> a survivor of mateen's rampage shot six times, recalled the horror. >> seeing him shoot people already on the floor, leave us alone you already hurt us and the gunshots got closer and closer. >> in the political realm here in washington, in reaction to the shooting, donald trump announcing on twitter he will meet with the nra to discuss
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banning those on the no fly list, that is a restriction that the nra and gop long opposed. >> all right thank you for that report gloria. meanwhile students and parents and teachers and alumni at west high school will honor akyra murray who died in orlando. tonight's vigil is set at 6:00 but closed to the public. we'll continue to follow the latest developments on the shooting, you can get updates on air and online at police in wilmington, delaware are searching for suspects for a shooting that injured four children t. happened in the area of south van buren and south street. a 14-year-old boy and 13-year-old girl was playing tag when they were hit by gun fire. two boys ages 15 and 16 were
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also hit and one remains in critical condition. on monday a man was injured in another shooting in this very same neighborhood. the jury now has the case against pennsylvania congressman, chaka fattah and his corruption trial. he is accused of making an illegal $1 million loan to fund his failed mayoral bid. vernon odom is live with the latest. >> reporter: good afternoon sara. that is one of five separate schemes in which the veteran congressman is implicated and for which he stood trial here. the federal judge will charge the jury for another half hour. the jury will then take a lunch break and then formerly start deliberations. >> congressman fattah and his lawyers entered court knowing that his fate will be in the hands of the jury. federal judge, harvey bartles
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charging the jury with instructions to follow the letter of the law. fattah the 11 term congressman and four of his long time associates. including his deputy herb vetterman. he is portrayed as a crook using federal money to pay off a failed campaign. and accused of launding them through his employees and associated. two of his former operates entered guilty pleas. fattah says he is the victim of a multiyear witch hunt by prosecutors. there are 29 separate counts against him. >> the jury has not been sequestered during this trial. some were late getting to court this morning because of the massive tie-up on i-95, that is
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why it's running a little late. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. fire investigators in trenton are looking for the cause of a blaze that damaged three row homes, chopper 6 hd was overhead as firefighters put out flames around sunrise. the blaze damaged the roof of a home at butler street and the flames spread to two neighboring homes. no serious injuries were reported . the a nice start to the morning but still on the cool side. we have to watch out for a few rain showers, lets go live outdoors. a pretty picture, you can get outside and enjoy the weather. david murphy is outside on the terrace with the details from accuweather. >> reporter: most of us across the region are looking up and saying no chance of rain right? as you look at stormtracker 6 live double scan you see it all depends on where you are. we are squeezing out sunshine in philadelphia and the northern suburbs and over to the southeast but down to the south
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and west we have thicker clouds and some are depositing rain in places like dover and some in cape may county. light showers and sprinkles there, for the most part this is in and out of light shower activity through dover and perhaps clipping cumberland and cape may county. this line may slide farther to the east and if you are in areas like sea isle city keep an eye out for a sprinkle there as well s it's likely we'll see the showers to the south and west. right now low single digits in spots. including allentown and trenton. a 9 miles per hour breeze in philadelphia. i would dwids cool drinks if you head out to do something there. 78 in philadelphia, cooler down in washington because you have the thicker clouds in play and showers in that vicinity. 79 in new york city where there
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is more sun. dew points are not bad locally. philadelphia 52 and sound south it's stickier. center city could hit 83 and a high of 82 in philadelphia. the rest of the afternoon into evening will be pretty warm and we fall off into the 70s tonight and hopefully staying dry we have a phillies game and union contest and stuff going on around the region. we'll talk about the sporting events and another round of rain coming in that could feature rumbles of thunder and then the weekend it's all ahead in the seven-day forecast. >> a lot of things going on. with rain if the forecast get regular updates from our meteorologist, by following them on facebook and twitter and keep handy. including images from double scan live radar. the philadelphia fire department is stressing safety, hosting a fire and life safety
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outreach program. the idea is to educate and enhance the performance of emergency responders. they are having a q&a and the department partnered with the prevention for fire committee. it continues tomorrow. the classroom is coming to the playground outside of philadelphia schools, school superintendant, dr. william hite took part in a ground breaking and next year the playground will become labbed and help students explore the stem concept. the foundation is playing for the makeover. and breaking news from the olney section of philadelphia. the philadelphia police cruiser or suv it appears was involved in an accidents just a short time ago at noon. it was at 4th and tabor in the olney section. it looks like this suv has
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landed on the front steps of the church or school there. looks to be a church right here at 4th and tabor right here in philadelphia. again philadelphia police involved in the crash in the olney section, we'll pay attention to this scene here and try to get an update on the officer's condition who is involved in this crash and another car there, a black sedan was involved both ending up on the front steps of the church in the olney section of philadelphia. we'll keep an eye on this and look for updates at much more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, in the meantime, prince william is making a stand in making history with this magazine cover in the uk. >> and warmer weather and no school means the kids on bicycles, how to make sure the little ones are safe when they go out for a ride.
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a pilot in kansas had to
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call 911 when his plane tried to take off without him. it was spinning in circles in a field when the emergency vehicle as rived. it can be started from the outside they believe the back wheel got stuck and that is why it was spinning, they were stumped to let it run out of gas. prince william is showing his support for kids that get bullied for their sexuality. he is on the cover of the magnitude "attitude" william called on young people being bullied for their sexuality, to seek help, no one should have to put up with that kind of hate. after he signed a book of condole lances for the victims in florida. for weeks the fed was expected to consider raising rates but this month the
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government caught the financial world off guard when they said employers added just 38,000 jobs in may. the weakest gain in five years. americans are generous, they gave a record breaking $7.3 billion in donations last year. that is according to the tracker, individuals gave the most money and more americans have more money to spend in part because the housing market is better. most went to religious and education charities. coming up another can check of the forecast. >> stepping live outside sky 6 hd showing you the beach in cape may, david murphy has your update from accuweather.
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schools are letting out in
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the area and you'll see more children on bicycles and that increases the chance of accidents with those bikes. erin o'hearn has the abc's of bike safety. >> reporter: bikes often give children their first tastes of independence. they are second only to cars in injuries to kids. one basic is to make sure the bike is the right size. >> have him sit on the seat of the bike and his feet should rest flatly on the ground. the handle bars should be a reach not a stretch. a is for advocate air and b. is for working brakes and c. is for security chain. and lights on the wheels on the back. >> the bigger the better. >> and helmets.
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>> it should fit. with two finger space. there are multisports helmet good for skate boarding and skating. make sure it fitted federal standards. and to start young when children are riding tricycles, they know ever time they get on the bike they put the helmet on. kids shouldn't ride until they prove to you they know the rules of the road. >> consumer reports has these guidelines you online you can print them out and put them in a handy spot. lets go back to the breaking news story in the olney section of the city where a police involved accident here outside of a church at 4th street and tabor road. you see authorities are still on the scene here, a suv on the front steps along with another black vehicle in front of this church. there are five people transported to the hospital. we are told a 50-year-old man
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and 10-year-old girl and three adult women all have been taken to einstein hospital, all of them are said to be in stable condition at this hour. no word on how this accident occurred. or the status of the the officers that may have been involved here. the accidents is still under investigation, five people taken to the hospital all of them in stable condition. we'll continue to monitor the situation and bring you more information as it becomes available to us. lets get a check of the accuweather forecast. some rain? >> some rain south and west. maybe we get some in philadelphia later but the clouds are the main thing you see build and become more of a factor into the afternoon. the rain is north and west of philadelphia and as we go in closer it's covering dover, delaware and has moved into the southern half of cape may county. and it will probably tend to clear before too much longer and a break up of this precipitation and later in the afternoon you
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may transition into areas seeing the steadier stuff into lighter precipitation, a couple of lighter cells up near wilmington as well. real quick go ahead and lapse it, this is all moving to the south, looking like salem will pick up some of that. want to give you the wide view too. all the rain to the south. we have chopper 6 hd a little earlier out over philadelphia, you can see how the sunshine was in play a little bit ago when we were flying around and it still is across much of the region. it's south and west where the clouds are thicker. 78 in philadelphia and dew points down in the 50s. winds south southwest at 9 miles per hour. the ocean temperature is starting to come up a bit 65 degrees, cloud cover a bit thicker to the west and the rain is staying south and west of philadelphia and we can't rule out a sprinkle in the city as
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well. the clouds continue to overtake us west to east as we go through the rest of afternoon and evening. it's warm out there, a high of 82 in philadelphia and 83 in allentown and trenton. you'll have more sun up there and toms river up to about 86 and 77 in millville and mid-70s down the shore and warmer than it was earlier in the week down the shore. 82 by 2:00 and that will be your high, it looks like a fairly early day high. by 4:00, 79 and upper 70s by 6:00 and mid-70s by 8:00 and 7:00, 70 degrees, that is your afternoon and evening call. as far as the phillies are concerned, mostly cloudy skies and 77 degrees for the first pitch, 70 for the blue jays and the second half of that home set that started on toronto on monday. it's dry tonight into you get a
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sprinkle our shower, overnight tonight, this is midnight on future tracker 6, a shower or thunderstorm is possible north and west and then overnight into the morning broadcast, some showers and thunderstorms may wake you up this morning as we get through the rush hour and through the morning broadcast real track the showers and thunderstorms as they head towards the coast and the rest of morning is basically cloudy with a couple of light sprinkles, later in the day we dry out and we may also see drier air returning sunshine into the air tomorrow. today's high is 82 and increasing clouds and warm and some sprinkles and showers around south and west of philadelphia, tomorrow that damp start with a shower or thunderstorm and then we dry out during the afternoon hours and maybe get late sunshine in and a high of 76. another morning shower is possible and in the afternoon we dry out again and sun is possible on friday afternoon with a high of 82, it's these
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two mornings thursday and friday with an issue of precip. the weekend is looking great and 83 and sunny and 87 and warm and nice for father's day and that bodes well for the gary papa run in the morning at the art museum. we had concerns of a cloud cover but that is now off the model. and monand tuesday, how about the low 90s in time for the official arrival of summer on monday. and it will be hot and humid and feeling like summer on tuesday, maybe t storms that day. >> all right david think about it.
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we want to go back to breaking news of a police vehicle and another vehicle,
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sixth district officers were responding to a call when they were involved in a collision with a black sedan, both vehicles ended up on the front steps of the church here. the two officers were injured and two civilians injured. the officers and civilians being transported to einstein hospital. the condition of the officers is unknown at this time. >> in the meantime, one final check of the forecast. david murphy -- >> warm in the western suburbs, low 80s in kutztown and warmer in allentown unquakertown and some even warmer numbers heading up toward trenton, mid-80s there, the farther north and west the less heat you'll see and showers around in parts of delaware and south jersey and increasing clouds with a spotty shower in south jersey and delaware. more than spot showers in parts of delaware. but that should lighten up a
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bit. a look at stories coming up later today on "action news" begin agent 4:00. a mother known for her post baby workouts is causing controversy with one of hire latest videos, see why some followers are questioning her idea. coming up in big talkers. >> it can be difficult to keep your makeup looking fresh but ways to keep it from melting off your face. the secret to sweat proof your look coming up in what's the deal? >> don't forget to join us tonight at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >> for rick williams and david murphy i'm sara bloomquist have a great afternoon.
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