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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  June 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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being attacked by a gator, it happened while the family was on vacation at disney. >> i'm dan rybrian taff. >> and i'm monica malpass the big story is the little boy drag of by an alligator in orlando. >> reporter: officials say nothing like this has ever happened in the more than four decades that disney has been open here. they say there is no hope of finding the boy alive. they are trying to big some sort of closure to this devastated family. >> scouring a vast area of waterway looking for signs of that 2-year-old boy or the alligator after he was snatched. >> the not survivable at this point to be sub merged for this long. we know this is a recovery effort. >> at least 50 law enforcement
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officials and helicopters and on boated diving in the murky water since the horrifying 911 call came in at 9:00 last night. the family vacationing from nebraska was on the shore of the seven seas lagoon, the boy playing in inches of water when the four to seven foot gator grabbed him. the parents trying desperately to save the father. the father entered the water and tried to grab the child and was not successful in doing so and at some point the mother also may have entered the water. the area was clearly marked with swimming signs but no warnings about alligator, disney now closing this and other lake side beached. >> everyone here at the walt disney world resort is devastated by this tragic accident.
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>> officials say they have captured and euthanized gators here today but not the one they are looking for. they will keep looking as long as it takes. in lake buena vista, florida, marcy gonzales channel 6 "action news." >> we expect a news conference on that shortly. authorities are trying to piece together the months, hours and minutes before omar mateen killed 49 people at a nightclub in orlando. all the firearmed are sent for processing and they are recovering evidence from the crime scene and hoping to speak to every person that ever spoke to mateen. >> after our interviews if someone is able to be charged we will bring them to justice. >> the philadelphia teenager who
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died in the shooting is honored with a vigil at west catholic high school. the service begins at 6:00 and only for members of that school community. well, monica the victims ables range from 12 to 16 all survived and each was injured and one of them critically. >> i saw blood. he was in shock and trembling. >> darlene van riper was talking about her 12-year-old grandson, christian williams, among three young people shot on van buren street in wilmington. he was playing a game of tag with essence at the time and essence says as soon as the shots rang out everybody ran.
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>> i was going to go back and get chris, but i went home. they both got away and he is eps is recovering from a gunshot wound to the thigh and christian remains hospitalized in critical condition after being shot twice. >> chris dodged behind a car and i looked back and he was on the ground with gunshot wounds. >> he was in shock, he had a gunshot in his leg and a gunshot in his side. the other two victims are identified address a 15-year-old boy hospitalized in critical condition with gunshot wounds to the stomach, hand and leg and the other is a 16-year-old shot in the right leg and arm. darlene van riper says that what happened to her grandson can be described as a testimony to what has become of her neighborhood. >> the violence, the neighborhood has changed. it has changed over the years.
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and the neighborhood was never like this. >> reporter: now investigators are looking into reports that last night's shooting involving at least two people was somehow linked to another shooting this week and last night was the third shooting in the hedgeville neighborhood in the last week. as for the latest case no suspects and no arrested. walter perez, channel 6 "action news" five people were hurt when an suv collided with a car and almost hit a church. the video is here at olney, officers were on the way to the call when it happened. the officers when to the hospital and so did three other people including a 10-year-old girl. we are waiting to find out how badly the police were hurt. plenty of sunshine earlier today and we saw on walter's live report some of you are
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seeing rain. lets take it to melissa magee and find out what is going on. she is in for adam. >> reporter: hi brian and monica, we have varying degrees of temperatures because of the moisture. outside across the delaware and lehigh valleys. 78 in philadelphia and brighter to the north in allentown and lower 80s and much cooler to the south in dover and cape may. temperatures there in the upper 60s and that is because we are tracking moisture, here is satellite 6 along with action radar you can see the rain kind of moving in from a northwest to southeast direction and with that comes more in the way of cloud cover, we are expecting more on the way as we go through the rest of tonight. enjoying the overnight hours. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan 3-d you can see something that has yet to redevelop in western sections of pennsylvania, that is heading our way as we head throughout the night. future tracker 6 showing you at 5:00 in the morning a boyfriend of heavier rain moving in philadelphia and areas to the
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south as we get into the start of our thursday. we are tracking the late night rain, it becomes showery on thursday. things improve for our weekend and it's nice for father's day. we'll talk about the details in the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> dad deserve its thank you. the hotel portion of revel casino did not reopen as planned today. even if the permit issue kept it closed a little while longer, the reason it was open was reason for optimism. gray hall is live in atlantic city with a boost for summer tourists. gray. >> reporter: hi brian. many tourists are excited about the future openings of places like revel here in atlantic city. despite the financial hardships leaders remind everyone that the ocean is here and beaches are open and businesses are ready for customers. >> for years atlantic city is on
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a downward spiral strapped for cash and in jeopardy of a state takeover. they have six months to balance the books for the next five years. but can atlantic city bounce back? joe kelly of the chamber of commerce says yes. >> we have a great amount of investment. >> there seems like there is a dark cloud over the city but billions in investments. the showboat casino hotel is reopening, don't expect to hit the slots, it's a non-gambling hotel and should open in july. >> the bleak forecast is only in the city of atlantic city. the forecast for business is reaching up. >> the revel shut its doors in 2014 and was sold for $82 million, the new owner is
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working to resolve permit issues. they hope it will draw big crowds and increase revenue for atlantic city. >> we think about what the revel represents. maybe a maicrocosm. several casinos have shut down in the last few years and people are excited to hear about the future openings and some are worried about the area's sustainability. it would take creativity and a lot of unconventional thinking, i would think. obviously it's not working. >> reporter: all right back out live, despite the future openings, there is more trouble for atlantic city. tomorrow casino and hotel workers are vote to see if they will strike against several casinos in the area. they want better pay and better medical benefits. live in atlantic city, gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> hoping to see the beaches
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packed thank you gray. it's time for a first check of the "action news" traffic report. matt pellman is here. >> we would revel in an easy ride home but that is not going to happen. outside it's definitely heavy in both directions by girard avenue, but it's a whole lot better than this morning. a big tractor trailer here in the northbound lanes and girard. everything is reopen for this afternoon's ride and they'll come out tonight at 10:00 and 2:00 a.m. to work on the guardrail damaged in the accident. northbound is locked up from peps landing to this point heading up to the work zone at cotman avenue with normal afternoon volume. we have downed wires closing grange avenue. and big delaware delays on the southbound side of the highway 1, coming off 95 through
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christiana, approaching newcastle red line. that is where there is a crash and traffic is squeezing by on the shoulder. you see slow speeds like 8 miles per hour. if you want to stay on 301 and 896 and even route 9 could work as well. once begun this afternoon it's not pleasant on the admiral wilson boulevard. parked from the ben franklin bridge approaching the old airport circle because of the emergency construction all week causing lane restrictions, that one is with us all afternoon long. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this hump day afternoon. a crash on 42 southbound by 295. we'll check it again brian and monica in the next half hour. >> thank you. still ahead the trial of congressman, chaka fattah, goes to the jury. and an explosion rocks a local
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building and a viewer captured what happened on video. and historically people are unhappy with their candidates, challenges that donald trump and hillary clinton have to overcome if they want to win the white house.
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we have been update on breaking news on the scene of that viola energy complex. the site of a blast that many of you heard across center city philadelphia. we are learning now that officials are asking residents in the immediate area to stay indoors. the media is being pushed back even as we arrive on the scene. it is not yet clear what caused the explosion but there is lingering concern at the plant as residents are advised to stay indoors. a woman outside was hit by flying glass, she refused
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hospitalization, and residents are asked to stay indoors at 26th and christian as they investigate the explosion at the peco substation in south philadelphia today. meanwhile, investigators are looking for the reason for a fire and explosion in coatesville. thick smoke and flames shot from the roof before the building exploded. it happened at 1:00 on west lincoln highway. and it took a while before the crews got the upper hand. jury deliberations are underway in the trial of congressman, chaka fattah. he is accused of paying back a campaign loan with a federal grant and using nonprofit money to help out family and friends. but chaka fattah says the money spent was not part of a bribery
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scheme. this may not come to flus to many of you but americans are not happy with their presidential candidates and they have a particularly bad opinion of donald trump. what is the finding of the "washington post" poll. 70% of americans, 70% have an unfavorable view of donald trump. compared to 29% that view him favorably. that one point away from his all-time high when he enter the race last year. the break down with other groups. 62% of men view trump unfavorably and women that jumps up to 77% and african-americans 94%. lets take a look on the other side. hillary clinton not fairing a whole lot beltner this particular poll. 55% of americans have an
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unfavorable view of her. that is the highest for her going back to 1992, just 43% viewing her favorably. and other numbers, breaking down by gender, her challenge particularly sleep with men and white voters, 63% of men have an unfavorable view and 68% of white voters overall. iran as finalized a deal to buy passenger jets from boeing, iran air will acquire at least 100 airliners from the company. it will be the largest deal from a u.s. based company and iran. since the sanctions were lightened six months ago and that means that american planes will fly over iran since 1969 revolution there. a middle school is now open in knowledge.
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voorhees middle school cut the ribbon on the viking trail. it was constructed solely by studented there and everyone had a nice time outside today. >> what a nice project. until this point it was really nice out there today. some of you are seeing rain though. >> really drippy, lets go to melissa magee to find out how widespread the showers are there. >> locations tonight and especially during the overnight hours, stormtracker 6 live double scan radar, for the most part the quiet and if you move south of philadelphia especially areas in south jersey, we are tracking showers, we go in tighter on street level with stormtracker 6 live double scan. south of philadelphia on i-95 in wilmington and showers if you are traveling along route 49 north and west of millville. and fortescue and sea isle city and cape may county pressing into cape may at this point.
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they are light in nature but we are tracking moisture overnight tonight. sky 6 hd down the shore in cape may, the showers are not enough to deter the folks on the beach and sand. it's on the cool side. cloudy conditions to the south but brighter skies to the north and west of philadelphia north of the i-95 corridor. here are the temperatures, 83 in allentown, 78 in reading and same thing in philadelphia but cooler at the coast in cape may. 66 and lower 70s for both millville and dover. here is satellite 6 along with action radar not a lot of sip tase to track, but if you look off to the west in western pennsylvania, we are tracking energy that will be developing later tonight and as we go throughout the overnight hours. we dip to the south and east tomorrow morning. in the near term if you head to chester tonight, we have mostly cloudy skies, mild temperatures for the start of the game and temperature coming in at 77
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degrees, and the philadelphia union for the finish, expect a temperature coming in at 71 at that time. here is future tracker 6 as we put things into motion here, cloudy with showers approaching from the north and west. they will drift to the south and east as we get into the overnight hours, we see the wet weather coming in at 5:00 a.m. it may be slow going for the commute in the morning. 8:00 the showers start to dissipate and we have a mostly cloudy sky and i would anticipate a couple of left over showers and notice brightening will occur while the showers break apart in the region. something to keep in mind, we have a concert going on in dover, the firefly in dover, thursday is not the best start with the showers and storms, by friday another wave of energy, that moves on in, showers to some sun and just in time for the start of the weekend. temperatures saturday and sunday in the upper 70s and lower 80s. here is the four day at 4:00. we have a bit of a change coming
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this is cool for june, a few showers left over and a high of 74. on friday, morning rain to the south and afternoon sun, and not a bad day. the finish coming in at 80. saturday 82 and brian sunny and warm for dad, a high temperature of 85. a little bit of wet weather but a nice recovery just in time for the weekend. >> a little hint to give ties if you want. >> pocket squares if you like that too. >> melissa thank you. still ahead a man is caught on camera stealing a package off someone's front steps and police want your help tracking them down. >> it's been four weeks since graduation but a school that decided to do it again. the moving tribute.
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philadelphia police are looking for the man that stole a package right off someone's doorstep in spring garden, they gave us surveillance video from
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last wednesday, the man walked up to the house on brown street at 3:00 in the afternoon and took the package and walked away and the package had clothing inside. police want anyone that recognizes it's suspect to please call them. we want to take you live to a press conference in florida about the alligator in a grabbed a little 2-year-old. >> we are here to give you an update where we are with this recovery effort. we'll share with you that we just met with the family, spent some time with them. and delivered this update. at about 1:45 today members of the orange county sheriff's dive team located what is believed to be the remains of the deceased,
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a 2-year-old and i'll identify him in just a few moments. at 3:30 today we recovered the remains of the 2-year-old from the water and that body has now been turned over to the orange county medical examiners office for an autopsy. the family, i'm going to go ahead and identify the parents are matt and melissa graves from elk horn, nebraska. their 2-year-old is lane graves. i will share with you that the child was found, his body was completely intact. so at this time we are go through the formality of making a formal identification.
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there is no reason for us to believe that the body that was recovered is not that of lane graves. the efforts to continue with the wildlife management here at disney will go forward, i'm going to turn it over at this time the executive director for fwc who will share with you more details about their efforts. >> thank you sheriff. well, first again we just want to say that our thoughts and prayers are with this family. >> you are listening to a grim update. they have recovered the 2-year-old body of lane grays,
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from orlando, florida, he was dragged into the lagoon in orlando.
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back at 4:30 now we are following breaking news out of south philadelphia. there has been and explosion at an energy plant there. officials tell residents to stay inside now, the hazmat situation is not yet under control. with you know that one person
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was hit by flying glass and she decided not to go to the hospital. minor injuries it would appear. they are launching a full investigation to figure out what happened and what caused the explosion. meantime viewer jennifer sent us these photos after the blast. she was just getting on the schuylkill westbound when she saw the billowing smoke. she and other people pulled over and sent us these photos. join the action by sending your photos to leaders are trying to make a change as children become the victims of recent shootings. nora muchanic is live outside of the police department with plans to make it safer. >> reporter: last weekend it was a 15-year-old boy start to death and april it was a 16-year-old
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girl in addition to the 55 shootings that happened in this city since the beginning of the year. as summer approached they plan to crack down on the violence before more people become victims. >> this was a vigil held earlier this week in trenton after the murder of a 15-year-old boy. maurice was shot and killed in broad daylight last saturday at a housing complex. >> it's summer, and this will not be the last young person to die. or be shot this year. city officials are strategizing on how to avoid that and address the growing gun violence in trenton. >> we'll increase our foot patrol and bring in outside agencies of law enforcement. and enact the curfew. >> there are curfews on the books now but they are rarely enforced. maybe it would do something to
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control the gun violence and fear. >> it's dangerous for a woman like me to walk around the corner. and being a mother it's worry some. you never know what will happen if your child comes out to play. >> getting shot around here? why? for what? what is the purpose for that? i don't understand that? >> police chief says that part of the answer is the public sharing information about crimes with police and knowing where their children are and what they are doing. >> they have to be involved in the process and you have to let people know what their children are doing and know where your children are. >> now the director says it will go into effect july 1st and anyone that goes out after midnight. they will call their parents to
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come pick them up. police have identified the woman found in fairmount park. 26-year-old toy bryant was the person stabbed shot and han cuffed. a young cup spotted her body on north georges drive, detectives believe she was killed at some other location, they are not sure where or why and no suspects have been named. philadelphia police have released video of a vehicle, investigators think that the silver chevy minivan was involved. it may have front end damage and a shattered windshield. jackson was killed while crossing roosevelt boulevard and adams avenue monday night. and she was about to graduate from excel academy. a fire damaged three rowhouses in trenton early this morning. chopper 6 hd shows the damage to the roof there, it broke out at
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5:30 a.m. at butler street. no word on how this fire started and nobody was injured . in philadelphia a group of first responders spent the day learning about responses. it brings several agencies together to make the community safer. the seminar will continue tomorrow. conrad schools of science in wilmington will find out tonight if they have to find a new nickname. school board members are pleating to make a final decision if they should change the red skins name and logo, supporters argue that it honors american heritage. there will be time for the public to comment about it tonight. a septa construction project will begin impacting commuters this weekend. they are entering a critical
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face of chrome viaduct replacement. shuttle buses replaces all train service between elwin and morton stations on saturday and sunday and buses continue to operate between elwin and swarthmore until september 4th. a highly decorated marine from chester county, got a sendoff to pay respects to private first class jessie thomas, he was the last living team that raised the american flag at the end of the world war ii, he died one day before his 90th birthday. it was held at the methodist cemetery. the search is on in the lehigh valley for an armed robber that held up a bank this morning. rick williams is live in the newsroom with details on this one. >> thank you. they are hoping they can catch him thanks to his rather unique
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disguise, he was caught on camera inside of the bank and police will tell you who they are looking for tonight at 5:00. and the gary papa run is just days away, father's day in fact. ali gorman talks to a local celebrity who is using star power to raise awareness against prostate cancer. we'll see you at 5:00 in just a little bit. >> thank you rick. it was a walk of dreams for some graduates today in montgomery county. seniors from cheltenham high school got to wear their caps and gowns and promenade through their grade school again while the k through third graders marched. they walked past thetive and and sixth graders, the senior walk by the way is a poignant annual tradition for seniors.
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>> it looks like a blast. congrats to them. still ahead. demanding action on gun control, a connecticut lawmaker takes over the floor of the senate, his message after the break. it's hard to keep your makeup looking fresh but there are ways to keep it from melting off your face. there'll are secrets to sweat proof your look. >> we can use that under the lights here. melissa magee is back with the full accuweather forecast.
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we have been update from breaking news tonight. at the viola north american plant. folks in that area were told to stay inside until the all clear. good news we got the all clear that hazmat situation is cleared up and it's safe to go back out again. a democratic senator from
4:41 pm
connecticut is in the middle of an hours long filibuster on capitol hill on the heels of the orlando shooting massacre. chris murphy is trying to get congress to vote on gun control legislation. >> i am prepared to stand on this floor and talk about the need for this body to come together on keeping terrorists away from getting guns -- >> he also talked about the 2012 shooting in newtown, connecticut, he says congress has done nothing since then. other senators are expected to join murphy there on the floor. meanwhile, presumptive gop nominee, donald trump, is meeting with nra to talk about gun control. about not allowing people on no fly lists and terrorist lists to buy guns. >> the group opposes a proposal
4:42 pm
that would bar sales of guns and explosives to people that it expects of being terrorists. hillary clinton is taking trump to task once again tore his call to block muslims from entering the u.s., here during a discussion in virginia today she called the idea reckless and said it would make americans less safe by damaging partnerships with the muslim community. and anti-immigration policies will not keep people like omar mateen who was a u.s. citizen from becoming radicalized. a mom known for her fun fitness tips causing controversy. melanie darnel posts a lot of workouts on her page and gets her kids involved using household items. she writes, no gym no problem. she does everything from pushups
4:43 pm
to side planks over the crib with her daughter in the crib right beneath her. critics say they worry about the stability of the crib and in an interview darnel defended herself because she knows her skills and followers should not follow her unless they know she can do it. a talented 9-year-old may have set a new guinness record. james savage swam from the san francisco shore line to alcatraz and back again. he is said to be the youngest to ever accomplish thefeat. >> i kept on going, they said i believe in you. >> a promise from his dad also gave him a second wind.
4:44 pm
the dad said he would give him 1$100 and that was enough. he completed the swim in under two hours, that is incredible given the current. the dad was so impressed he upped the payout to $200. and the thoughtfulness and friendship by a group of high school graduated. two weeks ago they had their graduation ceremony at east juniata high but scott huhn was not there he was in a coma following a car crash a few days before, he was devastated to find out he missed commencement, unaware his friends had to intense to let that happen. and three weeks after they graduated half of his classmates came back to have another graduation for one. >> i'm speechless. i don't know what to say.
4:45 pm
i'm speechless. >> i'm so proud of you. i love you. >> scott is now focused on just getting better. big job made better knowing is truly surrounded by love from friends and family. just unbelievable. you see all the mothers there. unreal. >> to have that many friends, good story. let get a check of the roads out there. >> matt pellman is standing by with an update. >> if you head to the schuylkill you are surrounded address well. this is not a lovely situation, a whole lot of heavy eastbound traffic passing montgomery drive and it will be heavy on the schuylkill for hours, dolly parton is at the mann music center that mean a ton of people are exiting from the eastbound side of the schuylkill here at montgomery. it will be a delay from montgomery to the mann music
4:46 pm
center. tons of volume as well in delaware, it's a bear getting through bear. on highway 1 southbound side approaching newcastle red line, traffic is squeezing by on the shoulder. use 13 or route 9 but highway 1 southbound is not before you want to be. a disabled vehicle at route 130 and 42. and maybe use the betsy ross instead. we'll talk about it again in the 5:00 hour. >> sounds good matt thank you. meteorologist, melissa magee has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast for you.
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time to check the accuweather forecast. in for adam. it's looking mostly good? >> yes, it does. we have to get through the overnight and tomorrow, but nice for the weekend. a picture outside, the action cam was outside at penn's landing there in the delaware river, nice day to be out and about on the boat and you see the boats passing, the uss battleship new jersey on this wednesday afternoon. plenty of sunshine earlier today and now the clouds are starting to move on through and you can see the reason why. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan a weak little boundary setting up in our region, spotty showers now in areas in south jersey these will start to dissipate before more action moves in overnight tonight and as we get into the day on thursday. had a high earlier today in philadelphia in at 80 degrees and the temperature so far, coming in at 78 in the city, 83
4:50 pm
in allentown and not bad in the poconos coming in at 79 and cooler at the coast where we find the clouds and the showers and temperature coming in at 66. here is satellite 6 along with action radar you can see the boundary that we are tracking across our region. it's yet to form and hard to find out and detect what is coming our way. i'll show it to you any way. these clusters in western pennsylvania, that organizes and moves through later tonight. and the main piece of energy comes in late thursday into friday dipping well down to the south. here is future tracker 6 you can see at midnight it's cloudy with showers approaching from a northwest to southeast direction. as you get into 6:00 in the morning give yourself extra time for the commute we have the rain some of which is heavy at times. i would not be surprised in the overnight hours to find a rumble of thunder and still left over showers into thursday afternoon and there could be a few more
4:51 pm
sunny breaks coming through. we'll break it down and let you know what to expect with the showers and chances of rain, early morning on thursday, a round of rain and a thunderstorm is likely as well. during the daytime hours on thursday, a couple of showers left over and clouds are breaking for a few peaks of sun, by friday morning we are brushed with rain and that main energy comes in late thursday night into friday morning and it could brush areas of south jersey and into delaware. here is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast a few showers around on thursday during the day and cool for june standards, a high temperature of just 74. on friday morning rain to the south and afternoon sun. a high coming in at 80 degrees. for the start of the weekend it's beautiful a high up to 82 and sunday for father's day a high temperature of 85 and we have the gary papa run. a 5-k and 10-k run.
4:52 pm
10:00 we are coming in at 73. heating up by monday a mostly sunny skies with a high temperature of 90 and tuesday an afternoon thunderstorm overhead in at 92 and wednesday cooler and less humid, that is a good looking day high temperature of 85. a little unsettled tomorrow and friday and clear out for the weekend and the gary papa run too guys. >> a great event. thank you melissa. what's the deal? is coming up next.
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of course with summer comes sun and humidity, for women it feels like makeup is melting off your face. it doesn't have to be the case. alicia vitarelli has tipped on keeping yourself fresh in the heat. oil free moisturizer, oil free for the summer.
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>> the makeup artist from house of clarity says when sweat proofing your looks primer is clutch. >> this helps to keep everything in place and primer for the eyelid. to keep it from smearing all over your face when you get hot. these are summer proof looks, no matter your skin tone skip the heavy foundation, i would stick to moisturizer and tint. >> and easy way to make your skin look perfect and takes one minute. >> next, break up with blush and dust on a powdered bronzer, i give the forehead a nice brush stroke. >> by the ears making it look natural like the sun did it. and same for eye shadow a light hand and light hue. >> i will go in with gold and
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shimmer. and eye liner line as you normally would and then go over it with a black powder. it sets it in. >> and waterproof mascara is a must. >> i would ditch your lip liner too. >> and the lipstick. >> dewey gloss or light coral or brighter pink. >> finish off with a few pumps of a setting spray so everything locks into place. >> give two or three mists and let it dry. >> and blotting paper to whisk away any unwanted moisture. >> bring on the sun and sand and sweat. alicia vitarelli, channel 6 "action news." >> 90 degree days are coming, good advice. that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, for monica malpass, melissa magee i'm brian taff. hope you'll join me tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. here is rick with a look
4:57 pm
ahead at 5:00. >> thank you. good evening everyone coming up n on "action news" at 5:00, new developments out of florida after a 2-year-old was attacked by an alligator at disney world. and two philadelphia police officers are recovering after a crash sent their vehicle into a church and both of them to the hospital. and the construction trial of congressman, chaka fattah is officially in the hands of the jury.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. it is 5:00 and we begin with breaking news out of south philadelphia tonight. people were being told to stay in their homes after an explosion 90 minutes ago. >> but an all clear was called and people are safe to go outside again. john rawlins live on the scene with much more. >> people are starting to come outside, it's the all clear past everybody at this time. the plant owned by viola energy,
5:00 pm
known as their schuylkill station, it's a steam plant it provides steam to the center city steam loop in center city philadelphia. today at 3:30 an explosion rocked this area, we'll show you some photos here from viewers that showed how dust and debris was sent in a column of smoke above the plant, one of two primary boilers exploded fortunately a safety valve system worked a very big sound but minor damage as deputy chief gary losh explains. >> that is where it's designed to blowout in the boiler for safety reasons, it caused windows in a nearby maintenance building to blowout and minor injury to an employee. and no power outages


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