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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  June 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> this surveillance video shows the dramatic ends of a mile long chase where a local man went after a suspect that he found burglarizing his car. >> he observed a male breaking into his car and runs out of hi apartment and chases the male who also jumps into another car. >> it ended at bridge street. can you see the thief's suv careened around the corner and smashed into the front of a beauty shop and then jumped out of his car as did the resident chasing him who fired two shots and hitting the would be thief shattering his elbow. >> we heard a loud bang followed by gunshoted after that. >> the thief was taken to the regional medical center in trenton and he underwent surgery to repair his elbow. you can see the gun used in the
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shooting on top of car. neither man has been charged. >> you see the car directly in front of the shop. if it wasn't for the trash cam that they hit it would have came through the shop. >> surveillance cameras recorded the crash and shooting. >> it was frightening, to think that happens here in a place we are doing business for 15 years. >> reporter: back live now, you are looking at the holes at the back of the beauty salon, they anticipate charging both individuals in this incident and likely the charges will come tomorrow. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you nora. at the big board now with the history making vote today by philadelphia city council. mayor jim kenney's beverage tax was passed by a vote of 15-4. philadelphia is the first major
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city poised to put a tax on soda. dann cuellar is standing by live with more on the tax and the controversy. >> reporter: all right rick the tax on sugary beverages passed. >> the eyes are 13 and the nays are 4. >> the historic new tax passed by a 13-4 vote making philadelphia the first major american city to have such a tax. mayor jim kenney was euphoric. >> this is a terrific day but just the beginning of the process, certainly a long road to get here, but this is the beginning of the process of changing the narrative of poverty in our city. >> mayor kenney called it the first step to find the resources
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and revenue needed to get kids pre-k education. the 1.5 cent tax is expected to generate millions. >> as you heard from many small businesses, they will pass the tax on to consumers, a business cannot survive without passing on the cost of this unprecedented regressive tax. >> yes, every child should have the opportunity however not on the back of hard working philadelphians in one industry. >> the industry vows to fight to the bitter end in court. >> we are ready. we believe we are on strong legal ground and we'll see how they approach it. they spent a long time twisting the facts of this debate on television with millions of dollars and that was not effective and we'll fight the next fight when it comes. >> now mayor kenney says the new
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tax will generate $386 million over five years and will sign it into law on monday and the city will not start collecting it until january. i'm dann cuellar, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you dan. now to the latest out of orlando after the deadly attack at the pulse nightclub. >> right now president obama and vice president biden are in orlando paying their last respects to the victims and their families. they laid a wreath at the makeshift memorial to the victims that is steadily growing since the shooting. they laid bouquets made of 49 white roses in honor of each person killed. president obama spoke with the attack calling for stronger gun control measures and ramping up the fight against terrorism. >> these families could be our families. in fact, they are our family. part of the american family. today the vice president and i
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told them on behalf of the american people that our hearted are broken too and that we stand with you. and that we are here for you. and that we are remembering those who you loved so deeply. >> the president also met privately with the loved ones those killed and the owners of the pulse nightclub. two victims were employees of that club. meantime officials say those injured are improving, at this hour 23 people are still hospitalized at orlando regional medical center down from 29 on monday. six people are still in critical condition, and three are in guarded condition and down from five earlier this week. >> meanwhile, tributes for the victims continue to pour in from around country, new jersey governor chris christie ordered all state buildings to fly flags
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half staff in honor of those killed in the attack. and it set off a fierce debate over gun control in the u.s. lawmakers are now pushing two different amendments to related to the sale of guns and we'll have more on this coming up tonight at 5:0030. officials in florida say that charges are unlikely against a nebraska couple whose 2-year-old was attacked by an alligator at disney world and the theme park is reviewing if they should add warnings about alligators. and we are hearing from the family for the first time. lana zach is live now with all the details. >> reporter: hello there monica. fish and wildlife tell me they have retrieved at least five alligators from the waters here at disney but they cannot confirm that one alligator was the aggressor or if that alligator is still out there.
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sadness and prayers for 2-year-old lane graves and his family in his home town church in nebraska. today his family issued their first public statement. words cannot describe the shock and grief our family is experience after the loss of their son. they thanked those that searched for 16 hours outside of the disney resort. all the beaches are still closed after the dive team found the body of the child in tabt 15 yards from where he was attacked. business any saying now they will be reviewing their warning signs. authorities found and euthanized five gators from the lagoon and comparing bite marks to see if they found the aggressor. >> residents are used to seeing them outside of homes and even swimming pools but vacationers may be unfamiliar with their threat.
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here is the sign by the beach, it says no swimming. but is that enough. >> there was no signs posted that says anything aboutal getters that likely to change? >> we are still researching but the signs we have seen are no swimming. >> disney is the parent company of 6 abc, and they say that in addition to signs they are working swiftly to review all of their protocols and procedures. an autopsy done on the child late they are afternoon was just released and they ruled the death to drowning and traumatic injuries. reporting live lana zach, channel 6 "action news" back to you rick. >> thank you. back here a montgomery county teacher accused of having a sexual relationship with a student is heading to trial. only the acts cam was there as rose demilely walked into ambler for a
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for a preliminary hearing. police say she had an inappropriate sexual relationship with a student beginning last december. >> time for a check of our "action news" traffic report thursday night. matt pellman is in the traffic center what is the story. it's almost friday and we'll hold on to that. especially rough especially on the schuylkill expressway. some progress on south street it's off to the side, both lane residence open but slow go from passyunk to south. and eastbound the crash at 307b8g street is cleared but slow there from past city avenue on in to approaching south. south street remains closed at queen village at 4th and 3rd because of a fire have you to go around the block in that area. if you go across the river at the ben franklin bridge, don't go on the admiral wilson boulevard, and the construction continues and the 38
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construction we hear will last through next friday. it's a pain. people are using 676 southbound and that is busy. brace road is closed in cherry hill because of downed wires. something for everybody. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you matt. more ahead on "action news" at 5:00 tonight. new developments in the missing egypt air flight 804. in health check ali gorman has more information from the cdc on the status of the zika virus in the united states. i am tracking warmer day as head for the father's day weekend, i'll have more when "action news" returns.
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officials say they recovered the voice recorder from egypt flight 804, the recorder was damaged but the memory unit was unharmed. a month after they lost the flight. flight 804 crashed last month on route from paris to cairo and all 66 people on board were
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killed. a suspect is in custody after a british lawmaker was killed. labor legislator joe cox was shot in northern england today. cox has been campaignling recently for britain to remain in the european union. time for health check now, we get a picture of the toll that the zika virus is taking. >> the cdc says there are six pregnancies with defects in the u.s. in women affected by the virus. ali gorman is at the big board with more on that tonight. >> reporter: just to be clear, all the women were infect ed outside of u.s. and gave birth here. this is the first time the cdc has released information about the number of zika related birth defects and the agency is
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monitoring 230 more for example man women with zika in the u.s. and 189 in puerto rico and other u.s. territories. meanwhile officials in camden county, new jersey, have started to monitor mosquitos there are no cases transmitted locally but they want to be proactive. >> and patient screening guidelines are out for colin rectal cancer. getting tested is important, for people with an average risk, newer tests like virtual colonoscopy that look for -- linked to cancer. it's not the traditional colon osby. >> you can discuss those with your clinician. >> the test is a signal for insurance companies to start
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covering their costs. you should talk to your doctor about what is right for you. if you are looking too lose weight and taking med case there are two that seem to work better than anybody else. they are shown to help patiented lose 5%. people taking it show the highest chance of losing the most weight. doctors say that everyone responds to these drugs differently and have different side effects and if you look to take the drug talk to a health care provider that specializes in weight loss. they are not magic, they require you to diet and request sides. >> thank you ali. more ahead on "action news" tonight. more than two dozen people that have reasons to celebrate thanks to a class that is the first of
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its kind in philadelphia. >> a local teacher retiring after 45 years on the job.
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pomp and circumstance at cherry hill high school east today. they got their diplomas just about an hour ago. the 450 graduates went across the bridge to temple university for the ceremony, don't they look nice? congratulations to the class of 2016. a nation a recognizes job program in the german town section have a reason to celebrate. 25 folks graduated from the platform to employment program, they completed a graduate class at no cost. the hard work and dedication of long time teacher at archbishop ryan high school were recognized today. they were honored at a luncheon. among them is adrian walter, mother of adrian walter, she taught at archbishop ryan for the last 45 years, and was born
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in italy and started the italian language program at the school. congratulations to adrian and all the retirees. and 6 abc was there for the support of older philadelphians, they held a fundraiser and lunch en. public affairs manager, nicky hawkins accepted an award for our art of aging program. >> as we look outside sky 6 hd showing you the ben franklin bridge under kind of cloudy skies for your thursday. meteorologist, cecily tynan, has the exclusive accuweather forecast.
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time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. cecily tynan is here to tell us how things are shaping up at the end of the week here. >> definitely improving. the showers from this morning have cleared out and there is still a lot of clouds and with the easterly flow temperatures on the cool side. 69 degrees and cape may point 66 and wilmington 68 and allentown seeing breaks of sunshine and they have warmed up to 72 degrees, double scan live radar showing a wider view, they are getting rocked with severe weather to the southwest. there is one main line, the
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squall line east of pittsburgh now and pushing to the east. what we are getting ahead of it is super cells developing and some of those have become tornadic. one confirmed in the virginia panhandle. this is fredericksburg an hour south and very populated area, we are getting that low level lock. we see the rotation so they have a tornado warning in effect there. reports of golf ball-size hail and fortunate for our region this severe weather is sliding down to the south, it's just too cool for us to get any of that. mostly dry and cloudy and some thunderstorms could clip extreme southern delaware and new jersey with the low pressure diving down to the south. temperatures mild and 64 degrees, and seasonable, and allentown 58 and cape may 63 degrees, future tracker 6
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showing as we head through the evening, the main line is bowing out and wind damage is expected near washington, d.c. with the main line and that drifts way down to the south and could be clipping southern delaware and perhaps cape may county, very early tomorrow morning, the wee hours of tomorrow morning as we head through the late morning hours, any clouds will be clearing out from the north to the south as high pressure builds in and that dominates our weather through father's day weekend the timing is everything and the timing is great with this. down the shore we wake up with clouds and sunshine by the afternoon. 73 degrees and philadelphia turning sunny and a high of 80. so the five-day at 5:00, tomorrow improving perhaps early showers and extreme southern delaware and new jersey, sunshine across the board with the high of 80 degrees, saturday just gorgeous, low humidity and
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83. sunday for dad we bump it up to 85. and hotter on tuesday with the chance of late day thunderstorms, 92 degrees and right now it's great to be in ocean city with melissa magee, she is making a crepe for me right? >> yes, that is right cecily, we heard the call and we have got your order coming, we have your crepe with a spread of nutella, look at that, all that yummy goodness. we'll have more from opa's. and all the hot happenings this weekend in time for dad for father's day. oh my gosh what is this? butter fingers on top. >> oh come on. >> that is nice and healthy too, i'll take one of those. >> looks amazing. >> more "action news" coming your way.
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"action news" continues. with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. hello again. here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. the future of gun control is now front and center in the u.s.
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senate tonight. two different approaches with one common goal, keeping america safe. dozens of residents in this high rise apartment building are forced out because of a fast moving fire. and the eagles lock in fletcher cox. who he called first after signing on the dotted line. we are in the midst of a showdown after the orlando massacre. one thing they agree on is doing nothing is not an option. republicans and democrats have different ideas on what is right. and a senator in connecticut would lived through the sandy hook tragedy spearheaded the debate. >> my heart is strong this morning because i know we made a difference yesterday. >> chris murphy joined by 40
5:31 pm
other democrats stage aid 15 hour bill filibuster. they want to make sure no legislation infringes on people's constitutional rights. karen travers is live with more from capitol hill. >> it's the same debate we have heard many time. >> at least there is an agreement to hold votes but none are expected to have the bipartisan support to pass. there will likely be votes on gun control just not this week. democrats spoke for nearly 15 hours on the senate floor trying to push republicans to take action. connecticut senator, chris murphy, took charge. talking about the 2012 shooting at sandy hook elementary. >> i have had enough.
5:32 pm
it's been four years and nothing has been done. >> republicans say this is not the right response to the orlando massacre. >> this is a terrorist attack and we are turning it into a gun debate. >> they are proposing a no fly no buy bill. if are you on a terrorist watch list you should not be able to buy a gun. >> there is fierce opposition, the nra and most republicans and some libertarians oppose banning gun sales. because some americans are included that shouldn't be on the list. they are pushing for a hold for someone on the watch list to give authorities time to review the sale and potentially block it. and both put forth amendments on background checks including gun shows and internet sales. >> but no plans to take action. >> is going after the second
5:33 pm
amendment how you stop terrorism? no. >> speaker ryan says the focus should be on foreign policy and stopping home grown radicals. karen travers, channel 6 "action news." >> pennsylvania republican senator, pat toomey by the way has his own solution for tougher gun legislation. >> that would allow the attorney general to put dangerous people on the list that would be alerted and triggers and prevent these people from buying guns but at the same time it would require judicial review of the list and the opportunity for someone to appeal. >> he calls the new bill, common sense, common ground approach that brings both sides of the aisle together. >> world news tonight with david muir has more on the gun debate. you can watch that following "action news" at 6:00. residents in a trenton, new
5:34 pm
jersey, apartment building were forced out in the rain because of a fire. this was the scene at 1:30 p.m. on state street. the entire building had to be evacuated. it's not clear if anyone was injured or how the fire started. a female paramedic escaped serious injury after being struck by the side of a car in the east falls section of philadelphia, it happened on henry avenue near philadelphia university drive. medics were responding to the call when the woman was hit by a side mirror of an on coming vehicle, she was taken to the hospital to be checked out and the driver did not stop. philadelphia city council passed a bill to have all fire escapes inspected. they signed off on the legislation yesterday. it requires all fire escapes to be inspected every five years
5:35 pm
and the first must happen by next year. the event is to prevent fire escapes from collapsing. the leader of a chester county drug ring learns his sentence. he was sentenced to 27 to 55 years in prison. authorities say that the operation used $60 million worth of cocaine out of east marlboro township over two decaded. they used a landscaping business and other businesses to hide his money. the coast guard worked to save a fisherman in a medical vice irs. 60 miles from atlantic city. they used a pulley to lower the stretcher down to the boat and the fisherman was flown to the medical center for furnish treatment. it's time to see what is going on down at the shore this weekend. melissa magee is live in ocean city, new jersey, tonight and she is having a tasty time.
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>> reporter: yes, you guys, i asked last hour is it rude of me to eat on television. is that not nice? is that mean? we are at o px a's and they are known for their crepe. it has the nutella, look at all the layers and layers of yummy goodness. nutella and bananas and strawberries and powdered sugar on top. this is their ninth summer season on the boards. there say lot going on once the weather clears up. if you are not in ocean city here he goes with the nutella again, spread is on thick. here is what is going on down at the shore. >> reporter: sea isle city's promenade is buzzing with activity for the summer festival. it's a two day family event that
5:37 pm
featured 240 vendors and enjoy dancing and new this year amusement rides. it runs through sunday. >> one lucky lady will be crowned miss knowledge in ocean city. the pageant kicked off yesterday with a parade on the boardwalk. 30 hopefuls are vying for the 2016 title. catch the finals at the music pier. >> it's time to celebrate dads at maury's piers. on father's day dad gets some extra tlc. that is right dads can expect free admission to rides and slides, head out 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to the surf side pier and mariners landing pier to join in on the fun. hope to see you down at the shore. >> reporter: all right so we have links to all the hot
5:38 pm
happenings on our website at and our own karen rogers will be emceeing the miss new jersey finals. i have eaten enough. i promise you i did not try this one, you can have it. we have other crepes we are serving up as well. rick was the funny joke you told nutella something. >> whatever it was it's hilarious. >> we love nutella. >> opa! >> see you soon. remember the power of stormtracker 6 live double scan it's just a tap, swipe or mouse click away with other forecasting tools for you at, you can also share what is happening in your life and follow our team of meteorologists on facebook and twitter. now, thousands of fans are in dover, delaware for the
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firefly music festival. it ticked off a half hour ago at the woodlands, it includes mumford and sons and florence and the machine. this runned through sunday and this is the fifth year in dover. >> looks like fun. time to see what is going on with the traffic scene. >> but it's almost friday. >> we are holding on to that, people are heading down to dover for the exciting weekend, expect plenty of congestion in the southbound lanes of highway 1, they closed off the off ramp and parts of tree lane are blocked because of the festival attracting 90,000 people to dover this weekend. you may feel like you are in the midst of 90,000 people if you try to get on the admiral wilson boulevard once again parked because of the construction ahead and 38 eastbound we hear that the construction on 38 will last through next friday, that is really bad news, i am saying
5:40 pm
get on 676 off the ben but that is jammed now too. you may want to stay local. haddon avenue or the betsy ross bridge instead. one direction at a time on brace road because of the downed wires. and plenty of traffic on the schuylkill with issues both ways at south street. headed to the philled game it's jammed eastbound. >> thank you matt. still it come on "action news" tonight. a massive effort is underway to contain a growing wild fire that shows no signs of slowing down. >> and pope francis invites a special audience to the vatican, we'll explain why red noses were an essential part of the event. a powerful storm system is bringing severe weather to the south and west and details on where that is heading and a nice holiday weekend coming up in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. and jeff skversky has sports
5:41 pm
including fletcher cox's new deal with the eagles.
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crews in southern california are battling a growing wild fire. so the called sherpa fire started yesterday and quickly spread, burning 1200 acres. the popular freeway in the area is closed and people are ordered to evacuate. firefighters are battling the flames with aircraft dropping water and retardants. fletcher cox signed on the dotted line. >> they believe it will pay off down the road. who is the first person you would call if you were offered $103 million. the first person fletcher cox called was his mom. he flew up from his home in mississippi, to sign his deal,
5:45 pm
the richest deal in nfl history for a running back. the former first round pick says he just wants to pick up where he left off last year and wants to be better. >> it's mind blowing, dealing with that much money, it's really mind blowing, i'm really, really exciting, i have ways to grow, i don't think i hit the ceiling yet and it will start on the practice field, for me to be the player i want to be it starts on the practice field. >> if you add it all. all the cash the eagles paid out this offseason, it comes to 280 million there's in guaranteed money that is more than double any other team. so what's the deal? howie roseman wants to lock up talent early. >> as they get close toward free agency the more expensive that will be. phillies were the worst team
5:46 pm
in baseball over the last month. they need all the help they can get and they will get some tonight. miguel franco is back in the lineup against toronto. the phils first base man is feeling better and he will bat third as the phils look to not lose for their 20th time in the last 26 games. alec asher who is in aaa, is suspended 80 games for testing positive for a performance enhancing drug. it was yet another bad trade by the flyers and they are finally giving up on rj umburger. they arequired him for scott hartnell, and had 14 fewer goals
5:47 pm
since the trade. was this a tough decision? >> you don't want to make rash decisions but that is the way we are leaning, we need the space and i think it's probably better for rj and for us. >> bensalem native christopher crawford waited his entire life to play in the u.s. open, so what is another day. the rain washed away his tee time until tomorrow. game six of the nba finals here on 6 abc tonight. lebron james and the cavs will try to even the series against steph curry and the golden state warriors. can't wait for game six tonight. >> i think there will be a game seven. >> i'd love to see it. i'm so sorry, ms. maroney.
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pope francis welcomed different visitors today at the vatican. a traveling circus, the pope had a chance to pet a panther cub and white tiger cub. he thanked them for bringing laughter to a world that is often sad and gloomy.
5:51 pm
>> talk about gloomy weather are we clearing things out cecily? >> by tomorrow afternoon bright sunshine and father's day weekend is looking great. stormtracker 6 live double scan getting a break after working overtime this morning. we had showers and thunderstorms this morning and now a break in the action. and overnight tonight we could have another round of showers and thunderstorms really clip the southern part ofs of our viewing area. it's definitely on the cool side. cool for june, philadelphia currently 69 degrees, wilmington 68 and cape may 66 the ocean temperature is 65. and allentown brighter and 62 and reading 68 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar showing that we are just stuck in the clouds now and one low pressure moved off the eastern seaboard. another one though is spinning out of the midwest and you can see we have a vicious squall line of thunderstorms working out of western pennsylvania,
5:52 pm
ahead of it super cells and a confirmed tornado in the eastern panhandle of west virginia but this whole system is sliding to the south and tonight mostly cloudy and isolated shower possible and parts of southern delaware and extreme southern new jersey could get clipped by the system with the possibility of a thunderstorm in the wee hours of the morning and 64 for center city and as we head through the day tomorrow improving conditions, it is going to be cloudy and cooler near the shore for much of the day. and cape may 71 and the boardwalk 72 and philadelphia the clouds clear out quickly and 80 degrees, allentown and reading you are mostly sunny through the day with temperatures in the low to mid-80s. heading into the weekend this is what you want to see on a weekend, high pressure a very strong area over us, that means we'll have a happy father's day weekend weather wise and lots of sunshine and low humidity. temperatures climbing from the low 80s to mid-80s.
5:53 pm
looking good for outdoor activities. and a ray of sunshine in ocean city, new jersey, meteorologist melissa magee, has the forecast. some clouds and improving and you are making friends address well. >> reporter: i have guys doing tricks behind us, we have the forecast coming as well. it's clearing out tomorrow and clouds are breaking for sun and a high temperature of 72 and high pressure moves in as we get into friday night and it stays with us for saturday and sunday and sunny and beautiful on saturday high of 83 and sunny and nice on sunday a nice sea breeze, the ocean temperature 65 degrees. it's cloudy here on the boards in ocean city. but we can always have a good time. wave hello. cecily have fun this weekend, i ate your nutella crepe by the
5:54 pm
way. >> get another one! that looks great. if you head to dover for firefly festival, it's looking fantastic, a morning shower and sunshine by the afternoon 74 degrees and saturday, sunny and comfortable and 77 and sunday is looking great, spectacular in fact with a high of 79, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow kind of transition day, morning clouds and showers south and afternoon sunshine and the high up to 89 degrees and saturday seasonable and 83 degrees and fantastic for father's day 85 degrees and lots of sunshine and on monday when sunshine officially begins, it will feel like it. warm and humid. 88 degrees and the heat is on tuesday with a high of 92 degrees it will be humid and then a cold front brings us a round of showers and thunderstorms and behind the system we are back behind a comfortable air mass. 55 on wednesday, 83 and all in all a nice looking forecast, i
5:55 pm
think the weather is so nice you don't need a gift for father's day. mother nature is providing it. that is all you need, a beautiful day. >> i hope my son is not watching. >> nicholas you are off the hook. >> no, you're not.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
the next generation of businessmen and women graduated in north philadelphia. the high school for inter nation affairs here donned their caps and gowns while they got their diplomas. it was hat temple performing arts center. some may get to travel for internships. >> congrats to them. next on "action news" at 6:00 -- a vote in city council makes philadelphia the first major city with a beverage tax. and a man takes it's law in his own hands as he chased and
5:58 pm
shot a suspected thief. i'm monica malpass have a good night.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. thursday night and a major development plan is announced for the area around 30th street station and a judge granted jerry sandusky a hearing to appeal his sex abuse convince. but the big story is president barack obama visiting orlando with a message of compassion and
6:00 pm
also conviction. the president arrived in orlando with vice president joe biden and florida center marco rubio, they met with survivors and families of the dead and police responders and doctors. the meeting was private but later we saw president obama and vice president biden deliver white roses, a total of 49 roses. obama took the opportunity to once again call on congress to approve gun control measures. he says the people he spoke to don't care about the politics of it all they just want to keep weaponed out of the hands of people bent on war. >> if we don't act we'll keep seeing more massacres like this. because we'll be choosing to allow them to have it. we'll have said we don't


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