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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  June 17, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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call a perfect father's day forecast, nothing but sunshine and comfortable temperatures, just what dad asked for, looking outside at sky 6 hd showing you the beach and boardwalk in atlantic city. a great day to be down at the shore throughout the weekend, melissa magee is out on the terrace enjoying this friday. >> we have comfortable conditions just in time for the start for our father's day weekend. high pressure is dominating and we have numbers in the 70s and 80s at this hour. 79 in philadelphia and 80 in reading and at the coast in cape may 74 and 73 degrees in beach haven. look at the dew points, it's it's level of moisture in the air and it's comfortable. dew points are in the middle to upper 50s. more moisture to the south where there was showers this morning for cape may and dover, those come down as high pressure dominates for the rest of today. low humidity for the rest of our friday. here is satellite 6 along with
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action radar you see the rain, it was a disturbance that moved through overnight and earlier today. those are starting to dissipate and get suppressed to the south and clouds are breaking for more in the way of sunshine as we go through the rest of the day. speaking of day and night the phils are at home first pitch temperature at 7:05, we have the number of 76 degrees once we get into the ninth inning, it will be quite comfortable as well. it's nice with low humidity today on our friday, it's comfortable on the weekend with high pressure in control and nice for dad on sunday as well. we are heating up next week in time for the official start of summer, we'll take a closer look at those numbers with the full and accuweather forecast. >> make sure to check back with, storm tracker radar has an eye on the sky.
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and our meteorologists post regularly on facebook and twitter. in other news, an arrest is made in a hit and run that injured two teenagers earlier this morning. the two boys were struck by a car when riding their bikes on north broad in philadelphia's spring garden section before 2:00 a.m. one suffered severe head trauma and another a broken leg. they found the car blocks away, witnesses positively identified the car and the 34-year-old driver, it's not clear if alcohol may have played a factor. family and friends are gathering in new jersey to remember the voice singer, christina grimmie. the 23-year-old was shot to death while signing autographs in orlando after a show. >> reporter: christina grimmie grew up in marlton, new jersey,
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and her family attended alliance methodist for decades and they asked that only relatives and friends attend today's services. today loved ones will remember 21-year-old christina grimmie, the rising pop star was shot and killed a week ago while signing autographs in orlando after a show. the shooter was identified and her brother tackled him and during the struggle he killed himself. investigators believe he was an obsessed fan. the popular performer also gave this shout-out on social media before the concert. >> please come to the show if you live near orlando florida. grimmie group in marlton and went to cherokee high school. she shot to fame winning third place on the show, "the voice" her career took off, she began
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opening for big acts and winning awards and touring the country. since her death fans and celebrities from the industry have showed an outpouring of emotion. her brother, who she calls her best friend broke his silence. >> she was awesome, she loved this town and loved the lord and she loved me. she was baby sister. >> grimmie's brother posted on his facebook page that rock star adam levine offered to pay for funeral costs. they have not confirmed if anyone from the music industry will attend the services. annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." the wife of the orlando gunman has gone into seclusion
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as authorities look into how omar mateen's wife new about the shooting. and they have not decided if charges will be brought against her or others in the case. and how they will describe out the money raised for the victims and survivorers. the one orlando will be given those affected rather than filtering it through nonprofit agencies, so far $7 million has been raised. the wild fire near santa barbara, california is continuing to be a challenge for fire crews, fires are also burning in arizona and new mexico. karen travers joins us live now with the very latest. >> reporter: good afternoon rick, this area near santa barbara has not seen a wild fire in 60 years that is making it easy for the flames to spread
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quickly. residents thatber evacuate ready anxious to see what they might come home to. sections of highway 101 in california has closed as firefighters battle a raging wild fire. the flames near santa barbara spread overnight as the winds kicked back up. >> we are at mercy of the weather. >> nearly 400 residents were forced to evacuate. >> it's causing a lot of anxiety. >> and evaluating livestock. >> we left out here we loaded 65 head of horses. >> this is the first fire in that canyon in up to 65 years. 4,000 acres so far have burned and the fire only 5% contained. next door in arizona, residents preparing for evacuations in a wild fire there spreads. firefighters are working to keep
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the flames contained. >> and in new mexico a 1200 acre fire being fueled by high winds and dry conditions, more than 400 firefighters battling the fast moving flames. >> i got up this morning and it was calm at 12:00, i had the national guard and state police at my house. >> reporter: and most of these areas dealing with wild fires will see significant heat this weekend, maybe some of the hottest air in 10 to 20 years. and weather is still expected to be a major problem. >> karen thank you. back here firefighters are battle a fire on west chestnut street. it's located at an apartment building and it took crews an hour to get things under control. no word on how the fire started. now to the race for the white house. hillary clinton is working to decide who to choose for her running mate and there is one
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name not on her list, senator bernie sanders. a democrat source says the presumptive nominee is not considering sanders. in the meantime trump continues to stump for his campaign. last night he was in dallas, and says the general election is tougher because of what he called a dishonest press. much more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, steph curry gets egented will game six and a major shift in momentum in the nba finals. and meatloaf collapses during a concert and his fans were asked to leave. more when "action news" continues in just a moment.
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dramatic surveillance video shows a liquor store owner fighting back against a would be thief. they say that charles messic
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tried to steal a bottle of liquor. he pulled out a handle and take its and strikes him several times in the head with it. the store owner is expected to be okay. a massive fire ripped through a warehouse in florida this morning. flames from the six alarm blaze quickly shot up from the roof of the warehouse in sarasota, the flames were spread across the roof to two adjoining buildings, one was an apartment. no reports of injuries and no word yet on the cause of the fire. game six of the nba finals, didn't lack excitement or controversy last night. steph curry is ejected and fined $25,000. lebron james led the cafes to a victory over the warrior. tj holmes looks back at a night of pure basketball drama. >> a foul on curry and he will get a technical. >> the two time mvp simply lost
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it. steph curry was ejected in the fourth quarter after tossing his mouth piece hitting a fan. >> i had some stuff to get off my chest tonight after the way the game went and that was it. >> curry can't get at the ball james the rebound. >> a frustrating night for curry and his golden state warriors as lebron james had another huge performance for the cleveland cavaliers. scoring 41 but also defending and doing a little jawing at curry. >> the two time mvp get it out of here. they have tied the series, at 3-3 to force a deciding game seven in oakland on saturday. >> i'll take it it doesn't matter to me. >> two of the greatest words in the world and that is game seven, i'll play it anywhere. >> curry was upset about fall calls did go over and apologize
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to the fan but curry's wife eyesha was apologizing for this tweet. saying the game was absolutely rigged for money, or ratings. >> eyesha curry deleted that post after tweeting it. you can watch the game saturday night coverage starts at 8:00. a couple of cowboys are traveling to washington, d.c. on horse back. the pair is making the 1500 mile trek to raise awareness of suicide among veterans. they stopped at the hospital in sue falls. >> i know how they feel and what their needs are, they may just need a hug or handshake or thank you. >> they have other things to do, they could be out there making money, but it shows what is more important, what they are doing.
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>> the men were driven to do this by special veterans in their lives. they plan to arrive in d.c. by september. coming up another check of forecast as we look live at sky 6 hd at philadelphia international airport a nice afternoon and the weekend looks even better, melissa magee has your update from accuweather when we come right back.
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melissa is here now with the forecast. the sun has broken through? >> yes, and it stays into the weekend as well. lets see what is going on with stormtracker 6 live double scan it's dry and quiet and no issues with precipitation, high pressure is dominating and sky 6 hd looking at penn's landing and the delaware river and folks out and enjoying what is a nice friday afternoon. currently if philadelphia we come in at 79 degrees, looking at the dew point, they are in
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the upper 50s to nice and comfortable, low humidity overhead and the pressure 29.92 it's on the rise as high pressure works its way into the region. an easterly wind at 8 miles per hour and the ocean temperature is 66. numbers north and west of town, 79 in slatington and 82 in martins creek and 79 in center city and 80 in new holland. down along the immediate coastline, it's cooler, temperatures only in the 70s, 71 at the boardwalk and 73 in sea isle city, and glassboro 80 and 80 in hockessin and 80 in ewing. here is satellite 6 along with action radar you can see we have this area of low pressure that moved through earlier today and with that came showers across areas in south jersey and delaware. a lot of moisture starting to suppress to the south and high pressure to the north, noses southward across our region and really across much of new
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england, across the mid-atlantic region as well. the call from accuweather, clouds to sun and a warmer day, because today we don't have any wet weather to deal with, a high temperature of 82, average for us this time of year is 83. not too far away from the mark. overnight clearing and comfortable underneath a moon lit sky, we drop down to 60 with wind of 6 to 12 miles per hour. we are calling for weekend perfection tomorrow and sunday as high pressure stays in control and helps to keep cloud cover away and it's bright and sunny and temperatures in the 80s and it's warm and dry and we can say happy father's day on sunday, comfortable conditions there for dad as well. here is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast sunny this afternoon and high temperature of 82, on saturday it's sunny and beautiful with a high temperature of 84 and on sunday it's warm and nice and the temperature in at 87 and we start to warm up by then and keep in mind we have the gary papa run to help raise awareness
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for prostate cancer and sunny and low humidity and temperature of 64 and 10:00 on sunday morning a temperature of 73 at eakins oval. a 5-k and 10-k run we are participating in here at 6 abc. monday getting warmer for the official start of summer and 89 degrees and tuesday 92, and on wednesday lower humidity on the way, it's nice as our philadelphia union are at home at chester, a high temperature coming in at 85 degrees, and thursday, next thursday, it's partly sunny and a high of 82. this is the weather we like as we get ready to kick off the official start of summer next week. >> thank you melissa. well, the manayunk art festival is celebrating the 27th year, next week artisans are taking over main street. alicia vitarelli is at the "action news" big board with a
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preview. a lot of us will be there. >> we will. this is an annual sell brings of all things hand crafted and hand made from jewelry to treasures, if it's made by hand it will be at the manayunk arts festival. i had a chance to see what they are creating for the big event. >> we have over 300 artists from across the country. >> one of the largest outdoor art festivals in the tri-state area. >> we have fiber arts, photography, wood sensculpture and painting. >> sudan beard is a photography artist. >> we are merging dogs and cats with the renaissance painting, she calls it regal beagle and it's perfect for any pet lover. >> this is someone's dog as the mona lisa. how cool is that. >> david winagrad won best in
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show for the whirly gig. >> it's an old type of folk art but you are recreating them. >> we corporate wood and other materials. >> he makes each one by hand. >> it's almost peaceful to watch it. >> we utilize wind power to create exotic and organic movement. >> how special if you live in the area to have something so unique and hand made of your area that you can hang out in the house and she paints scenes from neighborhoods like chestnut hill and manayunk. along with the artist offers, restaurants serve food along main street. >> how many crab cake dozen you go through? >> hundreds. >> they have been handing out these panko encrusted crab cakes since the first year. >> this is your art. >> yes. >> i took a bite and it was good. don't forget to look for the 6 abc booth, some members of our
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team will be there for a meet and greet. it's happening next saturday and sunday. the manayunk arts festival and catch fyi philly here on saturday on 6 abc. >> i'll be the one with the hamburger and french fry zbrz -- >> median michelle collins leaving the view. today the show's executive producer sent an email to the staff calling michelle a gracious presence on the set but will no longer be a part of the show. topping our people scene, rock singer, meatloaf is in good condition after collapsing in concert. video of the performance shows meatloaf dropping his microphone and falling to the floor. his band stopped playing and ran to help him. concert goers were asked to leave the arena. he canceled two other performances recently.
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the singer suffers from asthma and a medical condition that cause an irregular heartbeat. he is in stable condition. it's official. hamilton star, lin-manuel m miranda is stepping down from his role as alexander hamilton on june 9th. his understudy will take over the role and is focuses on other projects inclusiving a movie.
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melissa is back with a check of the friday forecast. >> it's looking good today, the high today in philadelphia, 82 and plenty of sunshine and warm and comfortable with low humidity. 83 in allentown for a high today. and 79 for both millville and
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cape may. toms river maxing out at 79. we are looking good for father's day as well. finally at noon police officers in luzerne are offering citations for good behavior. they are calling them ice-cream citations. >> we give them to every kid we see riding their bicycle with a helmet. >> police say the safe summer initiative seems to be working, it makes kids practice safe habits and building a possive relationship with law enforcement. and you get to eat ice-cream. a look at stories coming up today at 4:00, in the wake of a shooting in orlando, there say renewed conversation all across america about guns, today we are talking to gun makers from the area including pennsylvania senators about what they stand
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on the issue and what they plan to do going forward. we'll break it down today at 4:00. don't forget to join us later today at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. for melissa magee and david murphy and sara bloomquist and the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams have a nice afternoon. we'll see you later on "action news" beginning at 4:00.
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