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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  June 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon sara
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bloomquist is off and in the news we have details regarding the 12 children found living in a house in buck county. and donald trump is addressing the firing of his long time campaign manager. but the big story is a steamy and stormy accuweather forecast. as we look live outside sky 6 hd taking a live picture of the commodore barry bridge conditions are hot and humid right now, and some parts of the region could be dealing with strong thunderstorms later today. lets get the latest from david murphy at the "action news" big board. >> we had a couple of storms and a couple of waves down by the storm and a brief one near trenton and some to the north and west and round two is getting its act together near gettysburg and one is now highlighted in white and another one in white. those are the lightning strikes
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in the last couple of minutes. this is moving towards the east and far west right now and we may have another hour before we have to worry about it. it just starts to form and look at all the lightning strikes highlighted by the white streaks. these storms are increasing and getting worse and heading towards the east. may see hail out of those as well. with today's storms as they come in over the next couple of hours, and continuing into the early hour, anything that does form could have strong features, lightning is a high risk of that and downpours in the humid air mass are a possibility. and these are expected to produce strong damaging wind gusts in spots that happen to hit. large hail and a fairly low risk of that. and a low chance of tornadoes but we can't knock out the idea of an isolated tornado in the
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atlantic. if philadelphia 87 degrees, we are setting the table for storms, it's warm and high dew points, up over 60 in philadelphia and look at the dew points down south, this he are really high and that means humid air is in place and a lot of the moisture to use as the storms come through to turn into the downpours we expect and of course there is a possibility of strong stuff. the best chance is philadelphia south, we'll talk more about that and track the storms with future tracker 6 and another round is possible on thursday. >> all right david thank you. this reminder when storms hit your area, share your pictures and video with us on facebook and twitter and check in often at for updated forecasts and the power of stormtracker 6 live double scan radar. and we have breaking news from the strawberry mansion section of philadelphia. police are on the scene outside
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of a scene here because of some type of police activity taking place here for several moments. now we are learn that there is a confirmed shooting here outside of the william dick school at 24th and diamond streets. again, this is the strawberry mansion section, the school has been put on lockdown and police are on the scene and an investigation is underway. we are confirming some type of shooting has happened here near or outside of the school. the william dick school in the strawberry mansion section of philadelphia. we'll keep our eye on the situation and bring you more news on this breaking news stories. and now to new developments the murder of a woman whose body was found in fairmount park. we are learning more about the victim and the woman arrested as police question another possible suspect. annie mccormick joins us live from police headquarters with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: rick, that other
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possible suspect that you just mentioned police are calling a person of interest. a 26-year-old woman is being questioned now in homicide. we are told by the captain that she is expected to be charged today and they believe she is the one that pulled the trigger in the killing of toy bryant. and another woman was charged in connection with bryant's murder, that happened over the weekend. >> this weekend police charged siobhan armstrong. a week ago passerbys discovered the body of toy bryant facedown and handcuffed near the mann center in fairmount park. according to investigators bryant of chester suffered a brutal death where she was tortured and beaten and stabbed and ultimately shot in the head. the motive, bryant owed $500.
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the victim fought for her life. >> it was a brutal homicide, i have never seen a homicide committed by females reaching this level of violence. it's very sad and we are happy to get them off the streets. >> armstrong is charged with murder and conspiracy and kidnapping and robbery and related offenses, police are expecting to charge the person of interest with similar charges as well. they say that the investigation is on going and more arrests could come. annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. buck county authorities are interview some of the 12 girls discovered at the home in feasterville last week. members of the amish community gathered for a hearing regarding the children in doylestown. lee kaplan is charged with statutory assault for allegedly having sex one one of the girls.
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she was gifted to kaplan to pay him back to a debt. she is 18 now and has given birth to two of his children. they are looking into whether there was criminal conduct with any other children in the house. philadelphia police are releasing surveillance video of two men wanted for violent crimes in the city. they were walking at the time they shot one man and robbed another. the first happened at 3:15 a.m. at broad and walnut, a 26-year-old man left wawa when two strangers punched him in the face and another man was robbed of a cell phone, and the suspect fired one shot during a struggle and no one was hit, if you recognize either suspect you are asked to contact philadelphia police. still no verdict in the
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corruption trial of chaka fattah. the jury resumed deliberations this morning. fattah is accused of taking bribes to pay off personal debts. right now hillary clinton is delivery a speech in one of the nation's top battleground states. her address in iowa is happening one day off donald trump fired his long time manager. >> reporter: good afternoon rick, both candidates are back out there on the campaign trail. hillary clinton talking about economics and donald trump meeting with religious leaders as the trump campaign tries to refocus their efforts while they see them losing ground among men and independent voters. >> donald trump stands by his campaign manager even after showing him the door. >> we have done a great job but we are going a different route.
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>> trump is falling behind hillary clinton raising 84% less cash in the month of may and the critical state of florida, clinton opens up a large lead 47% to 39% for trump. but it may be personal reasons, they say it's trump's three older children that were the biggest influence. >> there does have to be a transition, someone that has this experience. >> lewandowski says there is no hard feeling. >> i have a good relationship for a long time. >> and we are learning about michael sam ford and his plan to assassinate trump. they show he was plotting his attack for about a year. at the trump rally sanford allegedly reached for an officer's gun but was subdued. >> this is clearly a person that has the intent and desire to commit the crime but doesn't
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have the ways and means. >> a new day and new campaigns. donald trump will deliver the anti-clinton speech, he says that will be happening tomorrow. back to you rick. >> thank you. much more to come on "action news" at noon, a dangerous situation near los angeles, two wild fires are at risk of merging into one massive inferno. and a long time teacher is retiring after 30 years in the philadelphia school district, how she arrived in style on her final day of class. the national storm prediction center adjusted the area that is under severe risk. it's philadelphia, chester counties, we'll look at the storms on future tracker 6 when i come right back.
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officials in california fear that two wild fires will merge into one massive inferno. the fires are burning near the national forest and they are now separated by a canyon, but they are growing fast and southing
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toward each other, several thousand people are forced to flee their homes and firefighters are warning residents to be on stand by. >> we could be putting more evacuations and have more homes that are under threat. right now we don't have that. the head of the fire is burn ago way from the homes but if we get a wind shift, i want the people in the surrounding communities to make sure they are ready for an evacuation order. >> the wild fires north of l.a. have burned seven square miles. a private funeral is held at this hour for 2-year-old lane graves, the boy attacked by an alligator in orlando, florida. he was snatched by the gator at the grand floridian resort. he was in the water not far from his dad. disney is the parent company of
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6 abc. federal investigators are looking into the sudden death of actor anton yelchin, he was best known as chekov in the star trek movies. he was pinned and it may be due to a design flaw in his vehicle. the car rolled down his driveway and pinned him to a brick post in his home in los angeles. fi fiat issued a recall, it can lead to confusion if the vehicle was actually in park. >> we don't know the cause of yelchin's accident but we know that the shifter was a hazard and his grand cherokee was in the recall of this design. >> more than 100 injuries were reported after they rolled away when they should have been in the park position and it may be (in more than a million cars. the company will begin repairs
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after replacement parts become available. still to come at noon, a sweet treat without the regret. how local researchers invented a healthier chocolate with less fat and a new way to get birth control without going to the doctor.
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breaking news from center city philadelphia, a verdict is reach in the corruption trial of long time congressman, chaka fattah. vernon odom is in court awaiting the announcement.
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we'll bring you the verdict when it's announced on air and at there say verdict in the corruption trial of chaka fattah, we'll bring it to you as soon as we learn what it is. turning to health check this noon, there is a new way for women to get birth control without a visit to the doctor. a growing number of websites and apps are making birth control available online. in most programs they answer questions about their medical history and they are connected to a video chat with a doctor and the founder of one company hopes to make birth control more easily accessible. >> we think that using telehealth as access to medical, is the only way we can do it. >> it's easier than actually going to the office and being able to chat with them in a way that is comfortable and not so intimidating. >> the new websites required no legislative approval since the
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prescriptions are still written by a doctor and some say it's not one size fits all and should require an inperson visit. >> researchers at temple university claim to have created a healthier tastier chocolate. it's zapping it while in production, normally taking away the fat make its too thick. but the patent process make its easy to flow even after removing 10% to 20% of the fat. here now is alicia vitarelli with a preview of today at 4:00. >> you caught my attention there, sign me up for the chocolate study. coming up at 4:00, if you are waiting for the new emoji to come out, a selfie to eagle to even bacon, they are all
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mitchell elementary school in southeast philadelphia. a final day of school for betty graham who is retiring after 30 years, betty arrived in a chauffeur driven limo as students waited with signs and flowers, and hugs and a tear or two. as she was honored for a job well done. >> david murphy has the latest for storms heading our way. rick, stormtracker 6 live double scan shows you that most of the area is dry and it's muggy and warm as you step outside. as you go close toert storms you see most of them are in gettysbu gettysburg, the white stripe you see every now and then say lightning strike on storm tracker, and they are pushing to the east and as we get past 2:00, 3:00, we have to be on the lookout for these, and in some cases just a shower or downpour,
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but in some cases severe weather. as we look outside we have chopper 6 flying over citizens bank park it's one of those places that is warm and sticky. 86 degrees right now in philadelphia, the dew point is over the 60 degree threshold for humid air and it feels rather sticky and worse the farther south you go through the region, winds are running 5 miles per hour right now, temperatures are zooming and 81 in allentown and 82 humid degrees in trenton and 84 in wilmington and 86 in millville and cape may we are at 84 warm degrees. future tracker 6 picking up the storm story, every time we get a new model run in it places the storm in different places, just about anywhere but especially close to philadelphia and south there is a chance of a pop-up shower and drenching shower and
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thunderstorm that could come through a couple of hours. by 4:00 we look active on the latest model run and after 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, it looks like most of this settles to the south and goes off the map, having said that we are under a slight risk of severe weather today. the storm prediction center this afternoon and this evening says that anything that pops in chester county and points south could produce strong damaging winds gusts and perhaps small hail along with the usual downpours and lightning. and an outside chance in this area all wait down through baltimore and washington, that we see a tornado. not a big chance of that but something else that should get you thinking in terms of head indoors. up in the lehigh valley and clouds and sun, and a thunderstorm cannot be ruled out but the better chance is farther south and strong thunderstorms at the shore not out of question and 82.
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65 in the water, not a bad beach day, if you hear the rumble of thunder get off the beach immediately. and a moderate risk of rip currents. today's high in philadelphia 88 degrees and clouds and sun after 2:00 or 3:00, and take cover indoors for the storms, they could pack a punch. once the storms get out of here the humidity will drop. today's high is 88 degrees and humid and strong thunderstorms are possible in spots, tomorrow we get a break and less humid and 88 degrees is the high and we get to crank it up again, and friday, saturday and sunday look great, mid to upper 80s and dry conditions. already thank you david. we want to update you on the breaking news story from philadelphia, chaka fattah is found guilty of nine counts so far in federal court. we are waiting for the full
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call now to request your free decision guide. it could help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that works for you. these types of plans have no networks, so you get to choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients. rates are competitive, and they're the only plans of their kind endorsed by aarp. remember - these plans let you apply all year round. so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. "action news" at 12:30 continues. >> hello again, we are continuing to follow breaking news from center city philadelphia. congressman, chaka fattah, is found guilty of 15 counts of christmas. he is accused of taking bribes
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to pay off personal and political debt. vernon odom is there and hopefully will have a live report in a few moments. again chaka fattah found guilty of at least 15 counts in his corruption trial. now the details on the weather, you can feel the heat and humidity rising outside. it could bring a chance of strong storms for us this afternoon. we have team coverage timing out when the storms arrive in the area. lets start with reporter katherine scott, she is live with how people are trying to stay cool and getting ready for the precipitation and parts of our area could see strong storms. lets look live from sky 6 hd from the jersey shore in cape may. lets get the latest from katherine scott. >> reporter: hey rick, i am at one of the fan give-aways happening across the area today. the fans are loads u


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