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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  June 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> good morning everyone, 67:00 a.m., friday, june 24, tam is off, erin o'hern joins us we're following a developing story. >> british bombshell, david cameron resigns as prime minister as britain votes to leave the european union. a 4-year-old girl was shot in the eye at a philadelphia home. police believe they know who pulled the trigger. >> team officials will introduce the nba number one draft pick. >> let's turn to dave and karen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning
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everybody, a little bit muggy to start out. we have a fair amount of cloud cover around. we have rain and thunderstorm activity in parts of south jersey and cape may county and southern cumberland county being hit by this. not a lot of lightning from the storm, only one strike in the last ten minutes. we have rain pushing away from the ac expressway in atlantic city. satellite shows clearing north and west, the humid air in parts of the region is in the process of getting out of here. 72 in philadelphia. 64 in allentown, breezy and comfortable. 07 in wilmington, 70 on the boardwalk in cape may. the dewpoint is beginning to drop a little bit. we were at 69 down we're down to 67. anything over 60 indicates humid air. it's going to be a warm one. 70 degrees at 8:00 a.m. the high today 85 degrees, lower humidity partly sunny skies
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slight chance off spotty shower, overall a nice day. weekend looking great. i'll have the details on the shore, the poconos and philadelphia coming up. >> reporter: i have to say traffic is behaving nicely. we don't have any major accidents or problems, not a big delay looking live on i-95 approaching cottman, southbound traffic light volume as you head toward center city, seeing low clouds in the distance, we're dry on i-95 no major problems coming into the city. we have a down tree from the storms earlier, west goshen township blocked 322 in both directions, they removed the tree and everything is moving better. admiral wilson boulevard this is an issue with the construction. we have the left lane blocked. not causing a delay just yet. usually later in the morning hours we see the backup with the left lane being blocked. the issue they have three lanes blocked near 38. that's why we're seeing so many
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headaches. today should be the last day for construction there. live on the schuylkill expressway approaching belmont westbound traffic moving just fine, no delays, no problems just yet on the schuylkill expressway. >> thanks, karen. the 76ers think they have found at that player to move away from laughing stock and to a great franchise, ben simmon was the number one pick in the nba draft. annie mccormick is live at the sports complex to talk about big ben. >> reporter: big ben, everybody is excited for him to come to town. he's known the coach for his entire life he practiced with the sixers and he said he got good vibes from the team. fans got good vibes, too. sixers fans went wild, ben simmons is coming to philadelphia. >> a great pick, i think it's
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going to be a good season. >> best player in the draft he has a lot of talent. >> best ben in the nba. they are passionate about their sports in philly, that's where i want to be out. >> reporter: 6'10", 19-year-old responded to fans excitement. the australian native is coming from louisiana state university. his skills have garnered national attention since his high school games in florida. he has ties to the 76ers, simmons dad played 1 seasons in the national basketball league. his coach was brett brown. >> ben's versatility and his physicality combined with how we feel we can grow his skill package, especially shooting. >> reporter: and the sixers will have a press conference this afternoon and make the introduction and announce several other players they have
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drafted, that fans will be excited about, as well. report be live in south philadelphia, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> tell us if you think ben simmons is worth all the hype. leave an answer at our "action news" facebook page and like our page. >> a local man is charged with falsely performing radon tests contact the police. a child was shot in the head on the 1800 block of north 20th street yesterday afternoon. a source tells "action news" investigators believe the girl accidentally shot herself.
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her 3-year-old sister was inside the home along with her mother. >> it's ashame, she was a little angel you know. and to see her little sister bend over and see her like that. >> police say the weapon has been recovered. investigators are not sure if there was anyone else at the home at the time of the incident. three people accused of being gang members in wilmington are charged with murdering brandon wingo a 15-year-old high school student. grand jury the indicted they meo plotted the may 19th killing in advance. they have not offered a motive. >> we're following a developing story this morning a political and economical shakeup for great britain. british prime minister, david cameron said he is resigning now that the british voters decided to leave the european union.
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more on the economic impact of the uk historic vote we turn to maribel a about aber. >> it's not just david cameron suffering, global markets are in turmoil on the decision to leave the european union, a decision that shocked investors. japan's nikkei had its worse near. london stock's plunged 6.5%. gold prices are rising. stocks rallied yesterday as investors bet that the uk would remain in the young. new jersey is the latest state to pass a 15-dollar minimum wage. the state senate passed the
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legislation that would raise the wage. new jersey will laura bush on tk to raise -- new jersey will be on track to raise the wage behind california and new york. governor christie is expected to veto the measure. we'll be keeping a close eye on the market all day as we brace for the impact on britain's vote on the markets today. >> it could be a good buying opportunity if you're still investing in stocks. >> reporter: you'll be buying them low, yeah. storm tracker 6 live double scan right now we have showers and a couple of thunderstorms down south. if we go into the two dimensional view, a few recent lightning strikes, 3 in the last 15 minutes, pushing east toward sea isle city, cape may is just missing the heavy downpour. the movement is from west to east. there's another cell pushing through dover, delaware. no lightning out of that just yet. that will be crossing the bay
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and down around cape may later. everything else is spotty. as we look outside we have cloudy skies over the ben franklin bridge, some brightening here and there in the clouds. generally speaking we expect to transition to partly sunny skies later on. temperature, 72 on the way out the door. still feeling muggy. 64 and comfortable in allentown. 66 in reading, 67 in trenton. 70 in wilmington. drier air is on its way in. we'll see the skies brighten and the humidity level will drop as we go through the morning and afternoon. future tracker 6 not a whole lot out there, by 9:00 a.m. there could showers or thunderstorms around. the noon the latest model run has sprinkles and showers south of physical. we'll allow for a sprinkle or shower doesn't look like it will be that wet and dry mostly today and tonight. lehigh valley, less humid and partly sunny skies. sticky dowfnt -- down the shore,
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76 to 80 depending on where you are. spotty shower can't be ruled out. we'll call for a spotty shower in philadelphia. i think as you just saw on the model, mostly dry. 85 degrees, east windy humidity dropping as we go through the day. 64 overnight tonight. a nice evening ahead and nice overnight. for the weekend at the shore, 75 up to 80 depending on where you are today. 76 more or less on the beach saturday and sunday with sunshine in the poconos, a little bit warmer, nice weekend lots of sun and going into the low 80s by sunday. for the union on saturday night. whitecaps in town, 81 for the start, 75 for the finish. tonight looks good, saturday night looks good, if you have plans to be out on sunday night, not too bad. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 85 is today's high, under partly sunny skies. 87 on saturday, 88 on sunday.
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we get choppy on monday and tuesday, spotty pop-up shower or thunderstorm both days. wednesday and thursday, partly sunny, mainly dry, but i have to allow for thunderstorms in a couple of spots. not too bad after all. >> 6:11 state of emergency, a desperate search is underconvey for are a child gone missing in a flood. >> a mother loses her children for keeping them in line. social media is weighing in. >> reporter: looking good on 202 past paoli pike, nice and dry and clear here, as well. we'll take you to the ben franklin bridge and have a live check of i-95 coming up. the famously low gas prices in new jersey might not be staying that way, later on "action news."
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>> 6:14 a.m., there are storms on the jersey shore early, there are a few cells, but it will be okay. >> looks like it is clearing out. karen, how does the traffic look? >> reporter: now that the
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philadelphia school kids are off we're seeing less volume on the road. we're not dry everywhere, but we're dry at dekalb pike at welsh road no problems coming down from lansdale or doylestown or perkisie. just a few cars out and about. all the area bridges are looking good, as we switch to the live view, westbound traffic, a few more cars on the roads, but no delays. we expect problems on the ben because of the construction we've had admiral wilson boulevard and 38. here we're live in delaware county, i-95 approaching the airport, we see traffic moving fine, southbound traffic right there. in and out of delaware we're looking at an easy 5 or of minute ride between there thereto blue route. i was on the waze app, jy meow.
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we have an on the road. thanks for that. we have clouds along the coastline 3 or 4 miles per hour visibility because of the storms we see there. let's go into storm tracker 6 live double scan you can see most of the area is dry. today there's nothing more than a spotty shower in the afternoon. you're dealing with this this morning. in dover we're getting hit with heavy rain. that rain has moved to fortescue, seeing lightning strikes with the cells right now. cape may, some of the hardest rain has moved off the coastline traveling up the garden state parkway. we mentioned atlantic city you can see showers north of atlantic city certainly near mays landings on the white horse pike. >> rescue efforts will resume today for a little boy who was swept away by floodwaters in southeastern west virginia. the child is between two and four careers old. ten inches of rain fell in one county strong enough to move cars and then there's this, a
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house on fire, being swept away. a louisiana mother arrested for the way she dismind children is out -- disciplined her children is out of jail now that her story has gone viral. she saw three of her 6 children stealing items from a neighbor's home. she grabbed a colder and started hitting them. after sheriffs found out, they arrested her for child cruelty. >> i have them in the best of schools. they are on the honor rules. they are being kids being followers, i thought this was what you're not supposed to to do, you don't steal people's stuff. >> her case is underreview. >> time 6:17 neighborhood on alert. is a south jersey had to fight off a fox that bit him in his own backyard.
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>> reporter: you might have plans to go out tonight, i would recommend it's going to be beautiful with humidity on the low side and stars coming out. temperatures in the mid 70s by 8:00 a.m. down to the upper 60s by 11. what about the day planner forecast we'll get you to the shore and the poconos. >> reporter: instagram is rolling out new channels that pick for you. >> it is based on on your personal preferences and you won't need to set your preferences. because they know how you use the app based on on alga rhythmses. the car was dropped by swiss college student. check out a spot mini robot. it makes itself right at home getting around the dining room. it ducks under the table. >> reporter: it looks like it belongs on the dance floor it
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can help you load the dishwasher. >> we need that. those are tech bytes.
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lottery jackpot is $360 million. i know everybody wants the billion dollar jackpot. it's the largest mega millions since 2014 when it was 414. so the drawing is tonight. buy a ticket. >> reporter: that's a lot of money, man. let's take you outside and see the commute. see if we can hit the jacket pot here route 100 at 113. not too many problems, it's early yet.
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mass transit is looking good, don't forget the new schedules with the dart buses, media/elwyn line construction has it shuttle busing all summer dave. >> reporter: a couple of showers in south jersey, no lightning strikes over the last 15 minutes. we have seen some near fortescue. all this passing into and through cape may county over the next couple of hours. these hours to the north are getting off the coast quickly. 71 degrees by 7:00 a.m. 76 by 9:00 a.m. in through here it might feel humid, but the humidity is going to drop as we go into the afternoon. the high today is warm 85 degrees, partly sunny skies slight chance of a pop-up shower later on. what about the shore this weekend? well it looks like it will be on the warm side. 735 degrees up to 80 depending on where you are today. lots of sun, saturday and sunday, highs in the i had 70s, upper 70s in the poconos on saturday, 81 on sunday. >> in "healthcheck" a child's
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toys could pose a risk to their health. researchers say certain viruses such as influence with -- flu cd survive on toys for a number of days. decontaminate toys often. phillies snapped a 9-game losing streak with a 7-3 win over the twins. that's freddie galvis knocked in a career-high five runs, including a home run in the 8th inning his 7th of the season. that ties his career high. more reaction from the nba draft, from the team's number one draft pick to the next. alan iverson talks about what it means for the team's future.
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>> now from our new jersey newsroom a proposed 23 cent per gallon gas tax hike is one step closer to becoming law, the bipartisan proposal is approved by two key committees. it will bring the state gas taxes to 37 cents per gallon, the 7th highest in the nation. new jersey has not seen a gas tax increase since 1998. people in burlington county
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new jersey are on alert after a rabid fox attacked a man. he is the animal was not aggressive at first, but that changed quickly. >> he jumped up and kind of hooked me like that. that's where you get the by the. when he let go of the skin he was still on the pants, the pants pulled out like that. >> campbell had to punch and kick to get away from the fox. he managed to trap the fox in his garage and called animal control and headed to the emergency room. authorities wants people to avoid close contact with foxes and any other wild animal. don't approach them and do not feed them. >> the united kingdom votes to leave the european union brand new reaction is next. >> a shooter takes aim at a target and the bullet misses him and the it flies into a house. what police are saying about the overnight ambush next.
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>> now on "action news" a philadelphia community perhaps for a final farewell to the youngest victim of the orlando massacre. >> developing overseas, the uk votes to leave the european union, world markets rattled and the prime minister says he is out. >> philadelphia welcomes the new face of the sixers ben simmons. tam is off, erin o'hern joins us, david has weather and karen rogers has traffic good morning. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan shows our focus of rain is in cape may county and southern new jersey. doesn't look like there's no lightning down south, but there was earlier.
6:31 am
looks like it will be going on for another hour and a half or so. you see clearing north and west, we'll alow for a spotty pop-up shower, but generally speaking it's sun and clouds, lowering humidity and dry most of the time. 72 degrees currently. feeling comfortable on it is terrace already. let's check out dewpoints, 66 in philadelphia. anything over 60 indicates humid air. obviously it's worse down south where you see the darker shades of green. we roll through the day, 71 degrees for the morning run. 10:00, 79. it gets warm high 85. the humidity dropping as we go through the day. today is a nice evening and great summer weekend ahead i'll have the details on all that coming up in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. is there anybody on the cars on the road today? >> reporter: it's a decidely nice morning commute --
6:32 am
decidedly sunrise morning commute, this is route 100, southbound at 113. we have the right lane blocked it's not causing much of a delay, good shot of the roads, clear and dry. the one issue we have is admiral wilson boulevard. this is supposed to be the last day of it. there's the arrow board they are blocking the left lane approaching 130 and blocking three lanes on 38 eastbound creating headaches for two weeks now. i-95 this is unheard of 16 minute ride, this is where we see a jam on i-95. maybe people calling it a weekend and enjoying it. live on new jersey, 42 northbound traffic we're seeing more volume than we saw earlier. an easy 9 minute ride from the ac express way to 295. so far so good. >> we're following a developing
6:33 am
story overseas it could have a dramatic impact on american business and your money. the people of great britain has voted 352 to 48% to leave the european union. the global market is in tailspin prime minister david cameron who supported remaining in the eu has announcerred his resignation effective in the fall. >> i will do i can as prime minister to steady the ship over the coming weeks and months. i do not think it would be right for me to try to be the captain that steers our country to the next destination. >> president obama is expected to speak with cameron sometime over the next day. likely gop nominee donald trump is saluting the uk vote saying he took back their country that's a great thing. democrat hillary clinton campaign's told reporters that
6:34 am
she values a strong british voice in the eu. "good morning america" will continue our coverage of the historic vote and how it impacts us at 7:00 a.m. the youngest victim of the orlando massacre will be made to rest today. it will be 8 to 10:00 a.m. at money monumental baptist church. murray graduated from west catholic prep a few weeks ago. new this morning, a gunman am bushedz a -- ambushed a man sitting in a pick up truck mall knoll i -- magnolia street in et mount airy. philadelphia police say evidence points towards drugs as the motive. >> at the hospital, the victim had a large amount of cash in
6:35 am
his pocket and he also had a large amount of what appears to be crack cocaine. >> a stray bullet went through a screen door of a house where a 67-year-old woman was asleep on the second floor, thankfully she was not hurt. happening today, the philadelphia 76ers will formally introduce number one draft pick ben simmons as the city hopes will be the start of a winning era in local basketball. annie mccormick is live at the sports complex where new ben is coming to town anney. >> reporter: everyone has been buzzing about ben all week, he knows it is coach, he prakdz with -- practiced with the sixers. even though it wasn't a advise, fans were excited. >> the first pick of the 2016 nba draft the philadelphia 7 -- 76ers select ben simmons.
6:36 am
>> reporter: thousands of fans went wild. it was not secret he was coming to philadelphia, but now it's official. >> it's been a lot of down years, we need this. famous team alums are excited few. >> we have a history of having those types of players who come in and change things. >> we deserve it as sixers fans we deserve excitement. >> reporter: the australian native is coming from louisiana state university where he played a single season in his freshman year. his skills have garnered national attention since his high school games in florida. simmon as dad played 13 seasons in the australian national basketball league, his coach was brett brown. the number one pick spoke one on one with jeff skeverski. >> reporter: how will you fit in. >> i'm not taking anyone's
6:37 am
position, i'm looking forward to building chemistry on and off the court. it will be a good time. >> reporter: the team will make that introduction later this afternoon and "action news" will bring you the latest later on today. reporting live from south philadelphia, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> st. joe's forward was drafted by atlanta at that hawks 21st overall. atlantic city raised much needed cash with a property auction. the struggle shore community sold $1.7 million worth of homes and development sites and an entire city block that went for $300,000. they will auction off bader field next month. they must get their finances in in order by the end of year or face a state takeover.
6:38 am
>> we have lingering showers in south jersey. >> reporter: we do, these were producing lightsenning bolts over -- lightning bottle over the last half-hour or so. let's go into the two dimensional view you can see that lightning bolt by dover, delaware. that second cell now beginning to produce lightning. looks like lighter showers for the most part in cape may county and southern cumberland county. southern cumberland getting a heavier downpour and light stuff pushing off atlantic city. looks like over the next hour and a half you'll be in and out of this stuff. not a great start to the day, but we're looking for a drying pattern later this morning and into the afternoon. as we look outside sky6 live hd talen energy stadium where the union will be playing at home against vancouver saturday evening, i was at the that night game. a lot of excitement at talen
6:39 am
energy. cloud cover over the stadium. 72 degrees. dewpoint, 66 that will be dropping. we've seen it drop a little bit this morning. as long as as it's over 60 it's humid air. winds oift -- out of the east/northeast at 8 miles per hour. up until noon wedged we -- we cd have light sprinkles or showers. the afternoon is dry, we can't rule out a shower, but generally speaking it's mainly dry and we're setting ourselves up for a very nice evening. warm, but you'll want cool drinks around, noon, 82. 3:00 p.m., 85 degrees, humidity on the lower side under partly sunny skies. high temperatures across the region, 835 in allentown. 83 in trenton and wilmington. 82 in millville. down the shore, ranging between 77 up to 80 degrees 64 in the water off ac right now.
6:40 am
a closer look at the shore forecasts anywhere from 76 to 80 along the north jersey shore to atlantic city. looks like upper 70s and maybe up to 80. moderate risk of rip currents swim near the lifeguards today. as we go through the weekend looks like we warm up probably a little below 90 for saturday and sunday, low humidity and nice conditions. at the shore, 76 on saturday and sunday, lots of sun, 78 and up to 81 for the poconos this weekend. the seven day in philadelphia shows a high of 85 humidity dropping, warm and sunny on saturday, 83 lots of sun on sunday, high of 88. we get up to monday and tuesday, highs of 87 there's a chance of spotty thunderstorm monday maybe a couple of more on a tuesday. the rest of the week is dry, but we're throwing thunderstorm icon in for slight instability. overall no big washouts over the
6:41 am
next seven days. a woman accused of a crime spree has a strange excuse involving a fast food restaurants. >> is if going to commit a crime don't boast about it on facebook. >> reporter: volume buildings at city avenue. we'll see what it looks like on the boulevard coming up. >> when it's time to redo a classic movie theme song when you going to call? find out later on "action news." >> ben, ben, ben, that's all
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we're talking about this morning. looking live at the ben franklin bridge, we've been talking about bensimhon moneys this morning. if -- ben simmons this morning. >> reporter: if he win the championship we'll have to name a bridge after him. >> reporter: looking outside we're dry and clear, this is upper state road at county line road. no delays or accidents out there. there's the roosevelt boulevard southbound traffic moving okay, no big delays, but volume heading toward the schuylkill expressway on the boulevard.
6:45 am
we're seeing low clouds in one or two spots. you mentioned the ben franklin bridge, we'll take a better look at it, westbound traffic coming into the city not creating a delay between the tolls and 8th and vine. on the commuter traffic report we have an accident on east main street in morristown. i want to show you storm tracker 6 live double scan we're dry through the i-95 corridor, but certainly in dover and cape may we've been watching the storms. you have heavier rain there in dover along route 1. you can see the lightens strike in fortescue you're getting hit with this sea isle city, delsea drive and mays landing a shower there, as well. be careful, damp in spots. some of the heavier rain has moved out partly sunny, a spotty shower. it's a day that dry, warm and muggy, 85 for the high. >> penn state's former top
6:46 am
lawyer said he advised the universities to report assistant football coach back -- sandusky back in 2001. he advised gary shultz to tell a state agency that sandusky showered with a boy on campus. he said nobody followed up with him about it. shultz is on trial for not properly reporting sandusky actions. tom wolf has ten days to replace chaka fattah after he stepped down for congress. the 59-year-old democrat said earlier in the week he would leave office when he was sentenced for racketeering in october, but house speaker paul ryan urged him to step down immediately. a georgia woman accused of going on a deadly crime spree is claiming chick-fil-a. she said someone spiked her
6:47 am
drink she accused of robbing a business and running down a 71-year-old woman and carjacking and crashing the stolen car. she called 911 and admitted to what she had done. a judge is waiting on toxicology results. >> a live preview of "good morning "good morning america" is next. >> reporter: no major displays at the airport, all green aircraft at the all destinations. we'll have day planner forecast next.
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ride with matthew mcconaughey. it is friday. amy robach we had a commercial we had to say something. what's going on on "g.m.a." >> reporter: good morning, to you matt and erin we're talking about the breaking news from overnight united kingdom voting to leave the european union. david cameron resigning. we'll take you around the world and tell you what it means for your mother. deadly flooding, that flod carrying a burning house down the creek. it is friday we're going to the park and brad paisley is
6:51 am
live with a special guest kicking off your weekend all next on "g.m.a." back to you. >> looking forward to it, thank you amy. >> reporter: we have an easy commute we have an accident coming in, county line road and warminster road off to the shoulder, should not be causing too many problems. you can see on 276, 611 all the green traffic flow major roads looking good. mass transit on time. new schedules with dart. media/elwyn line shuttle busing through the summer, dave. >> reporter: showers in south jersey, those close to atlantic city are getting out of here these are starting to deintensify a bit. we did get lightning strikes south of dover it will be in cape may in the next hour. damp down south. we transition to partly sunny skies, 76 by 9:00 a.m. humidity lowering as the temperature rise. this afternoon's high, 85 degrees and partly sunny
6:52 am
skies, just a slight chance of a pop-up shower during the afternoon. most of you will be dry. it's a great night to get out on the town and see dinner -- or see a movie and eat dinner. 71 by 9:00 a.m. upper 60s by 11:00 p.m., the stars come out tonight. police in south jersey florida say they caught two burglars after they posted videos of themselves bragging about the crimes on fake. detectives connected the men to the high end heist of a safe containing half a million dollars in jewelry. once they were arrested police found more jewelry from other break-ins. classic ghost buster's theme song is getting a makeover as the movie hits theaters in a few weeks. it features a hip hop section.
6:53 am
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>> top story 6al -- 67al 55. investigators leave a child accidently shot herself in the head yesterday afternoon.
6:56 am
the youngest victim in the orlando massacre will be laid to rest today. akyra murray graduated from st. joe's prep. she was a scholar and standout basketball star. >> ben simmons has joined the sixers. >> reporter: look at this, this is 100. i was going to warn you about construction blocking the route lane, but who cares you're fine. we have an accident at county line road and warminster road. >> reporter: somebody in that shot had to merge. 72 by 8:00. 81 by noon, 85 by 3:00 p.m. it's going to be a warm one, but humidity will drop partly sunny, slight chance of a pop-up shower. we have showers in south jersey this morning. >> i think ben simmons will feel right at home.
6:57 am
he will be a great talent. let's hope the sixers head back this way. >> for david murphy, erin o'hern, karen rogers, i'm matt o'donnell. "g.m.a." is next. you ♪
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breaking news, britain voters stunned the world choosing to go it alone and leave the european union then suddenly the prime minister vows to resign. >> i think the country requires fresh leadership to take it in this direction. >> markets plunging around the world as panic and confusion sets in. the u.s. stock market bracing for a deep dive. donald trump is overseas this morning calling it a great thing saying they took their country back. our team covering every angle for you this morning. also this morning, happening now, deadly floods rocking the country. this home in the east consumed by flames, a flash flood carrying it down that river. 500 people trapped in this walmart as wildfires explode in the west. >> really surreal. i've never been in a wildland fire where i've see


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