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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  June 24, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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county. a folcroft police officer is shot multiple times and a massive manhunt continues for the suspect. the officer is in critical but stable condition now, it happened at the intersection of elm street. we have gray hall outside of penn presbyterian hospital but lets begin with john rawlins is joins us live near the scene. >> we are live at elm wood in folcroft to the right is the folcroft train station ton the left is the folcroft police station and the focus is to the north here along elm wood to a series of apartments. a kcontingent of heavily arms officers were in an armored vehicle at the time and it
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appears that a 26-year-old police officer with one year on the force was responding to drug activity and ambushed. shot multiple times. we spoke with a resident she picks up from there. >> heard the shot, pop pop pop. i said oh my gosh someone is shooting. then tons of cops came and they shot a cop. there is constant drug activity going on on the third floor. the sheriff's office was just there this week getting people out of there. >> over the past couple of days there was concern with drug activity in that apartment building and the officer was responding to a report of drug activity. this is very much an active police situation and the police have not said a lot publically, we thought we would have a briefing a short time ago, that
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is suspended at this point in time. and a number of officers are involved from a number of different departments as well address the federal government and the atf is here. and the officer shot, 26-year-old, some critical but stable condition. we spoke with one witness that was not that close to the scene but he heard a series of three rapid shots fired and a pause and then four rapid shots fired and he looked up at the clock tonight was 10:00 this morning. this is an active scene for several hours now. >> hour team coverage continues with gray hall outside of penn presbyterian hospital where the officer is being treated.
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>> reporter: i want to give you updated information, we hear that the chief will be on scene here in 10 minutes or so, the chief was actually out of town when the shooting occurred and state pd will rush him here to the hospital. and then come outside and give us a briefing. we are waiting on word from the chief of folcroft police department to give us an update on the officer's condition. we foe that the officer was shot several time. we heard originally three but now we are learning he was shot seven times. lets set the scene, where the officer is recovering throughout the day. a strong show of support from multiple police agencies showing support for this injured police officer. this officer 26 years old was on the force for a little over a year, lets take you to video, at one point we counted a dozen
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police officers here at penn presbyterian hospital and we saw several officers running into the hospital to check on the condition of the officer, he is listed in critical but stable condition, the officer doing his job responding to drug activity and was shot multiple times and an intense manhunt underway now looking for the individual or individuals responsible for shooting this officer. this is a grim reminder of the challenging job of our police officers, this officer shot not once but several times. the police chief should be out in 15 minutes or so. they treat over 2,000 individuals every year at the hospital with a survival rate of 97%. our thoughts and prayers are with that injured 26-year-old officers we are all hoping for the best and the latest information we are waiting for
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the police chief to come out and brief us on the condition of this 26-year-old injured folcroft police officer. >> thank you. and we are learning that that officer was indeed wearing a vest when he was shot and hopefully that saved his life. we are continuing to follow this story all morning long and through the afternoon and online and on air and our social media accounts as well. don't miss out on important updates follow us at and on twitter @6 abc. we are following breaking news on britain's decision to exit the european union. it's being felt in the u.s. not just economically but politically as well. >> reporter: speaking from scotland, donald trump praised the vote to leave the eu. the scottish voters chose to remain and that folks in america
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may follow the lead. >> people see a parallel and people are talking about that, not just the united states but other countries, people want to take their country back and have independence in a sense. >> the parallels are strong, economic frustrations particularly among working class voters in the uk and influx of refugees into the area are influencing this vote. donald trump was asked about it? >> i don't think anybody should listen to me i haven't looked at it. >> and in ireland less exuberant. >> i must say we looked for a different outcome. preferred a different outcome. >> and hillary clinton's statement took a shot at donald trump. this calls for calm, steady leadership in the white house to
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protect american's pocketbooks and livelihoods. >> winston churchill would be proud of us, well done great britain. well done. >> it so divided the nation it literally split the country. scotland and ireland are deciding if being a part of the eu is better than being part of the uk. >> and a dramatic day on wall street, the dow is down almost 500 points and how it could impact the global economy. our coverage of this developing story continues throughout the day. look for details coming up on "action news" tonight beginning at 4:00. turning to the weather now, there was rain this morning. that has moved out but now we are seeing some cloudy skies on the horizon. this is a live look from our
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temple university cam at the center city skyline. lets turn it over to melissa magee for the details on the accuweather forecast. a nice weekend ahead for us? >> reporter: yes, some things to look forward to on saturday and sunday and for today we are tracking showers mainly south of philadelphia, here is stormtracker 6 live double scan you see the moisture across areas in south jersey and also into delaware. we'll go in tighter on to street level, if you see we are south and east of the turnpike and elmer and glassboro and even into fortescue, south of millville, we have 22 lightning strikes in the past 15 minutes with this cluster moving through and along route 1, in between middletown and wilmington we are dealing with the moisture. we are not finding the moisture temperatures are in the 80s. 83 in philadelphia and 83 in
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allentown un75 in wilmington where there are showers. and 76 in cape may. and beach haven 71 degrees especially with the moisture and easterly wind at this hour. if you step out it is a friday and later on we have you covered with the evening commute. 4:00, 82 degrees and partly to mostly sunny sky. and the weekend call, we have improvement on the way on saturday, bright and sunny and a high up to 87 with low humidity on the way and temperatures both days over the weekend near 90 on sunday, 88 and more sun and looks to be warm. coming up we'll take a closer look and let you know when the showers depart later on today. details coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you melissa. in other news, one person was taken to the hospital after a mysterious odor filled a building at villanova's campus.
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chopper 6 hd was over the driscol college of nursing in bryn mawr. numerous people got sick from an odor in the building. no word on what caused the smell. philadelphia police say a gunman ambushed a man sitting in a pickup truck hitting him several times. the suspect ran away and the 26-year-old victim is in serious but stable condition. evidence points towards drugs as the motive. the bullet went through a house with a 66-year-old woman was asleep on the second floor. she was not injured . officials have issued an air quality advisory at rehoboth beach. swimming is not banned but warnings are posted on the back of lifeguard stands, officials
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say the bacteria is likely caused by the recent rainfall. and wreckage from malaysian flight 370, is found off the african coast. it vanished in 2014 with 239 people on board. transport minister darren chester says a piece of debris was found. president obama's approval rate stands at 52%, up one point from last month. obama's approval rating for managing the economy stands in positive territory at 51% and favorability climbed to 53%. the owner of that orlando nightclub where a gunman shot and killed 49 people held a
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party. the club's owner said they have not decided if the club will ever reopen. mateen died in a gun bat well police and in a 911 call he pledged solidarity with isis. the marine corps wrapped up this iconic image of u.s. troops raising the flag in world war ii, they found that one man in the photo was misidentified for years, that medic john bradley was in fact not one of the six men pictures, the true identity is private first class harold shultz. bradley's fun said he took part in a different flag raising. >> he was part of that day and excitement of that day. it's still an important story to share. the marines will now use
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shultz's name instead of bradley when recognizing the flag raisers. still to come, new jersey's gas tax could be going up making it one of the highest in the country. and a police officer shot multiple times in delaware county. if you have medicare parts a and b and want more coverage, guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan whenever you want.
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a police officer is hospitalized at this hour and we expect to hear from police officials about the gunman that remains at large. the massive manhunt is continuing in folcroft, after the 26-year-old police officer was shot this morning.
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apparently ambushed while investigating drug activity. we'll continue to follow this story on air and online. the search is continuing for the gunman in folcroft, delaware county. a proposed gas tax hike is one step closer to becoming law in new jersey. the bipartisan proposal is approve bid two key committees, the added revenue would be used to pay for road and bridge work and brings gas taxes to 37 cents per gallon, the third highest in the country. atlantic city's tropicana casino completed a 40 million renovation project coming on top of a $50 million upgrade last year. it includes renovations to 500 hotel rooms new lights and a luxury spa and a corner market
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spa accessible from the street and they debuted a high limit slots particler -- parlor. sky 6 hd is showing you the scene from penn's landing and the ben franklin bridge, a cloudy afternoon but melissa magee says the weekend is a winner. she will have the update from accuweather.
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once again breaking news from delaware county and philadelphia. we are awaiting a news conference outside of penn presbyterian hospital on the officer's condition. the 26-year-old folcroft police officer that was shot numerous time this morning while investigating drug activity in folcroft county. a massive manhunt continues for the suspect that shot the police officer. we are awaiting the news conference from officials to update us on the status of the
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manhunt. an officer on the force just a year before shot in the line of duty. we are continuing to follow the story on air and online and we'll bring you the news conference as soon as it happens outside of the hospital. in the meantime, melissa magee is here with a check of the accuweather forecast. >> we have showers south of philadelphia at this hour rick. we'll show you what is going on on stormtracker 6 live double scan. sun is giving way to clouds and showers are cross south jersey and also into delaware. we'll go in tighter on storm tracker 6, i-95 pressing into newark, delaware at this hour and along state road 1 between newark and middletown at this hour. pressing over into areas of south jersey and elmer heavy pockets at this hour. and 21 lightning strikes within the past 15 minutes with this cluster, it's moving to the east and you look at that moisture in chestertown out of the viewing
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area, we have to watch that as it scoots eastward in southern delaware and south jersey later on today. we show you the picture live outside in hd, from the temple university camera, we had sunshine earlier today and we watch the clouds roll on in because of this frontal boundary having an impact on our weather this afternoon. philadelphia 81 degrees, dew point 66, you can feel the moisture and humidity outside at this hour. the pressure 30.01 and on the rise and high pressure returns to the start of our weekend here. winds from the east at 14 miles per hour. the easterly component bringing in the cloud cover and the ocean temperature at 64. numbers north and west of town in the upper 70s and 80s. 82 in slatington and 80 in quakertown and 70 in new holland and coatesville. and 78 in chester. down in new jersey along the
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immediate coastline especially with the easterly wind it's just 73 in woodbine and 76 in sea isle city and 69 at the boardwalk in a.c. and cinnaminson and glassboro and 80 in smyrna. here is satellite 6 along with action radar you saw the frontal boundary affecting virginia and south of our area, but that energy is riding northward into our region, we are dealing with those showers south of philadelphia at this hour and we have to allow for some precipitation to move in later on this evening, otherwise weekend warmth, saturday and sunday looks nice with high pressure returning and highs both days near 90 degrees, partly sunny be showers to watch out for. we max out at 85 in the city with the easterly wind and tonight it's clear and
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comfortable and 64 degrees for the overnight low. satellite 6 along with action radar showing 3:30 in the afternoon showing showers and same at 6:00 in the evening but pressing north and west. here is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 85 degrees today and warm and sunny on saturday and 87 and sunday mostly sunny and warm and 88 degrees and monday clouds and sun and a thunderstorm is possible and 87 and upper 80s next tuesday and 84, 85, next wednesday and thursday. >> thank you again. quick break and more news when we come right back.
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once again we are standing by awaiting a news conference from police officials to update us on it's 26-year-old police
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officer shot in the line of duty. whenever this conference starts, we'll bring you it to you live on air and online. in the meantime one final check -- there is the scene one more time and the manhunt continues throughout that county. we'll bring you the latest throughout the afternoon. melissa magee has the forecast. >> a partly sunny skies and we are tracking showers south of philadelphia at this hour. so sunshine and clouds, that is the call from accuweather today, a couple of showers to the south and 85 in philadelphia. millville 82 and 80 in toms river, and improvement into the weekend and temperatures in the 90s both days. aspiring first responders but the their skills to the test at ardmore, 25 campers spent the day learning first response techniques and cpr. each camper received a certificate for their
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