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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  June 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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6:00 a.m., monday, june 27. tam is off, nydia han joins us, here's what's happening. >> a delaware county police officer perhaps to leave the hospital trouble information emerges about radio communications on the day he was shot. >> a fight over a woman turns deadly in west philadelphia. >> students are reflecting on their trip controversy seas and the meeting with the pope. >> let's start out with weather and traffic with david abbey -- and karen. >> reporter: we're starting out with high clouds, and showers on
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the other side of pittsburgh, later tonight in allentown and reading you might pick up a shower or pop-up thunderstorm. 58 in allentown. 63 in wilmington. 67 in cape may. but, as we roll through the day we're looking at changes. comfortable nump for the work -- enough for the workout between 9 and 10:00 a.m. by noon, 76 and 3:00 p.m., 85. the thing about the afternoon it will grow more and more humid, again late in the day, north and west there's a chance of pop-up shower or thunderstorm. i had a guy on twitter asking me, i'm riding my bike home from work from king of prussia to south philadelphia will i be okay this afternoon for the ride. yeah, showers and thunderstorms are well out to the north and west. it will change tomorrow. it will be humid and better chance of spotty showers and thunderstorms everywhere. i'll show you that on future
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tracker 6. >> reporter: he is putting us all to shame riding his bike from king of prussia down here. 42 northbound traffic at creek road. pretty light volume no major issue on 42. we'll see light volume as people come back from the shore. 9 minute ride on the ac expressway. no problems. we have a problem on route 55. a tractor-trailer fire 55 approaching woodbury glassboro road. 55 southbound approaching woodbury glassboro road tractor-trailer fire crews on the scene blocking the right lane. crews no longer on church road at penny road. turnpike we have construction blocking the right lane you might see slowing eastbound between valley forge and for the washington, other than that a good morning commute. >> folcroft police officer
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christopher dorman will be released from the hospital days after being shot seven times. meanwhile, new information is coming out about a possible communications failure around the time of the shooting. "action news" reporter, katherine scott is live at pep pep -- penn presbyterian hospital in university city where dorman is recovering. >> reporter: a computer malfunction meant dispatchers couldn't hear watches going on the ground when the officer was shot. the good news the officer is expected to be released from the hospital when he does he'll get a fire and police escort home to folcroft. >> i'm shot in the face, i'm shot in the face. >> reporter: we've heard the recording of officer christopher dorman's call for help and sergeant baird rushing the critically injured officer to the hospital. as officer christopher dorman plans to head home there's series questions about the
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delaware county communications system. "action news" learned that the radio calls and others never made it to dispatchers at the communications center. a computer rebooted for several minutes, the communications center had no idea the officer was shot. sergeant baird said it lasted 6 minutes, fortunately police could hear each other. >> we had experienced officers on the street thank god we communicated information back and forth description where we are, blocking intersections off to get him to the hospital, as soon as possible. >> reporter: the county council issued a statement saying it has directed the department of emergency services to investigate all communications utilized during the incident. the computer crash didn't affect the outcome. >> this is our lifeline, it's not the dispatchers themselves they have no control over it, the system shut down.
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>> reporter: and we've since heard there was an outage on saturday that affected police in darby and last night folcroft police tweeted delco 911 told all police sectors to use their mobile radios through the night due to atmospheric interference. it's unclear how long the issues have been going on. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. new this morning, a man was killed trying to confront his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend. this happened on the 200 block south edge wood street in west philadelphia. the man was armed and broke into her ex-boyfriend's house to confront her new partner. the new partner shot and killed the ex. police arrested him a short distance from the home. gunfire erupted in
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wilmington and the teenager took a bullet. the action cam was on the scene 27th an moore street. the victim is in stable condition. no word on suspects or motive. all sides will try to avoid a looming strike by atlantic city casinos work hes. workers. they are demanding raises and better benefit citing a rise in casino profits . the supreme court is expected to issue riewlings on several croaferlg rulings on several controversial cases. there's a good chance the court which remains at 8 members could issue 4 to 4 split decisions, this is expected to be the justices' final meeting before
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they can on break. this is the first full week of trading after britain voted to leave the union. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq the reaction to the vote has not been good. >> reporter: investors are on edge waiting for trading to get underway following the uk vote to leave the european union. stocks overseas are lower with the down. walmart is going to try not call police after shoplifting, some are paying restitution calls to the police are down
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saturday. sports authority is going out of business, there were $93 million in outstanding sports authority gift cards since march. as of tomorrow, the cards are worthless, look over what you're purchasing, final sale no returns, make sure that size is right. >> you got it. >> so david what you got with weather. >> reporter: we're starting out sunny and nice in the beginning. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you a lack of rain. when we look outside, it's from an quill, the camera is bouncing around, not much wind out there. the wind is out of the south and will affect changes during the day. 58 in allentown. 60 in trenton. 67 in millville. down the on the boards, 67 at the shore, that's the official number in cape may. future tracker 6 showing cloud cover out there right now, but generally speaking sunny. midday, and 3:00 p.m., more
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clouds will filter in. with the southerly wind it will feel humid. that's the many change you will feel as we head into the late morning and afternoon hours. the humidity building later in the afternoon and evening there's a chance of pop-up shower or thunderstorm maybe a thunderstorm mainly in the northern and western areas. the model has some of this coming close to the southern berks county border and montgomery county, chester county, getting a little bit of this. the best chance in the northern and western suburbs. the big story today is clouds increasing, humidity increasing and maybe a secondary story is the possibility of shower or thunderstorm. spotty and mainly in the northern and western areas. lehigh valley is one of the places that could get the spotty shower or thunderstorm. otherwise it's sun to clouds and high of 85 humidity on the rise. at the shore, no rain, it will be stickier as the day goes on. nonetheless, 77 degrees on the
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beach. in philadelphia, sun and clouds, more humid through the day and probably staying dry in the city with winds out of the southwest at 8 to 16 miles per hour. overnight tonight, cloudy, there's a chance of a spotty overnight pop up you shower or storm across the region. 70 degrees is the overnight low, it will be muggy. we wake you mean tomorrow morning, it looks like there will be a chance of showers or thunderstorms early, a few more of these passing through, model has them mostly by the shore in the morning up to noon. later in the afternoon they could pop up anywhere, by 6:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m., there could be a line of thunderstorms coming through. tomorrow bumpier than today. 86 degrees, sun to clouds, more humid as the day goes on. tomorrow, thunderstorms on and off, not a washout, but everybody has a chance of seeing that. shower on wednesday morning is
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not out of the question, generally speaking wednesday is a day of improvement. dropping humidity, 85 degrees, mice weather for the union at night and thursday looks really nice, low humidity, warm, high of 87. probably more humid on friday, there's a slight chance of a pop up scattered thunderstorm late in the day or early in the evening. 89 the high there. pair of 88s for the weekend. mainly dry on saturday, definitely dry on sunday. the 4th looking good. 6:11. wild required, an inverted rollercoaster crashes to the ground with children on board. >> flood-ravaged west virginia braces for more rain. >> reporter: southbound traffic at baltimore pike, a few more people out and about now, we'll check on the tractor-trailer fire. pope francis asks for foab
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foab -- forgiveness on behalf of the catholic church. that's next on "action news."
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morning, looks so nice out there, doesn't it? sky6 live hd taking a live look at atlantic city. it is 65 degrees. >> toes in the sand, the tide comes in rolling over them.
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sunshine. >> reporter: i didn't get to go to the beach this weekend, a lot of people did, it was beautiful out there, you'll see more and more people coming back from the shore and the shorepoints will be jammed up. let's see what's going on here, north philadelphia aramingo avenue at somerset avenue, traffic moving nicely, no delays heading into center city. there's been an okay commute. we have a problem a tractor-trailer fire in gloucester county on 55 southbound approaching woodbury glassboro road. it continues to block the right lane. emergency workers on the scene. tractor-trailer fire causing problems this morning. let's look outside and see what's going on on the boulevard. that's the boulevard southbound heading toward the schuylkill expressway. starting to get slow on the boulevard heading southbound as you approach the schuylkill expressway. no major problems, no weather-related issues, even
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though it was hard to see from the shot for the most part we're looking at sunshine this morning. 65 degrees in philadelphia. 58 in allentown. 65 in millville. 67 in cape may. it's a warm one today we're heading up to 86. we're seeing early sunshine, so, yes, you'll have sun glare. we'll have more clouds and more humidity this afternoon. chance of a shower or thunderstorm in the northwest suburbs. >> three the children are in serious condition after a rollercoaster crashed in scotland. the ride derailed and crashed to the ground. 8 children and two adults were injured. the ride can reach speeds up to 40 miles per hour as it goes through cork screw twists. investigators are trying to determine what caused the derailment. >> a mother took matters into her own hands when she found a stranger in her child's belt room. the woman was out with her two
6:17 am
children that morning when she and the kids got home, the mom saw the man in one of her kids bedroom. armed with a handgun she opened fire and shot him. an autopsy is scheduled for today. the women cooperated with investigators abbey not arrested. two new polls indicate support for donald trump has plunged handling hillary clinton a double digit lead. >> washington post abc news survey shows clinton ahead by 12 points, 51% to 39%. a "wall street journal" poll has clinton clinton at 5 points. trump fired his campaign manager and has had trouble fundraising for the general election. local students returned from a mission to eurasia that included a visit with the pope. >> reporter: i want to show you dewpoints this morning, anything over 60 humid. philadelphia, 61 barely sticky. look at the 50s, so far so good,
6:18 am
right? it's a more humid in cape may and dover. winds are out of the south. that's one of the changes we're looking at today an increase in humidity. what about rain? i'll have the day planner forecast next, we'll talk about that and take you to the airport.
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the bet awards paid tribute to prince. one of his collaborators joined his ex-wife on stage. beyounce kicked off the show by dancing and singing in a pool of water. she won video of the year and viewers choice award for formation. >> they said beyounce what do you need as a prompt? >> a pool. >> reporter: i could watch her
6:21 am
do anything she is amazing. 422 at 23, no delays, no problems, we've got sunshine and you are good to go. we have shut busing on median elwin line and routes 10 and 11 trolleys. they are doing new track work, patco high speed line is running on emergency track work schedule until the end of rush hour. that's new and just coming in. >> reporter: if you have exercise plans or walking to the bus it's a good morning for it. 64 degrees by 9:00 a.m. not all that humid early on. 66 degrees by 10:00 a.m. it will become more humid as the day goes on. the high today 86 degrees, we'll slap that in around 3:30 p.m. or 4:00 p.m. late in the day or evening there's a chance of pop-up shower or thunderstorm. matt and nydia, the best chance of that is well off to the north and west of philadelphia.
6:22 am
places like berks county and the lehigh valley and not so much around the city itself. in "healthcheck," aids delaware is encouraging people to get tested for hiv. today is national hiv testing day. aids delaware says it will have special testing hours from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. anyone who wants to get tested can make an appointment or walk in. >> the phillies open a three game series tonight. aaron nola affidavit took another beating in the 8-7 loss to the san francisco giants. he was hit hard for the 4th straight start and he hit batters pretty hard, as you see there. >> i will be at citizens bank park on thursday. looking forward toilet. up here's a local student who return from a visit with the
6:23 am
pope. katherine scott has a report on the folcroft police officer and the investigation into his shooting. katherine. >> reporter: matt, officer christopher dorman is heading home today, we're live with the story at 6 story. ♪ keep on track with dunkin' donuts' fruit smoothies, made with low-fat yogurt and real fruit blended into feel-good flavors like new wildberry. american runs on dunkin'.
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in areas hit hard in west virginia. flood watches are in place for 22 counties. the national weather service
6:26 am
predicts some of the streams could breach their banks. 25 people have been killed in the floods since thursday. pope francis said gays deserve an apology from the catholic church. he was asked whether he agreed with one of his advisors who made a comment in the wake of the shooting in orlando. the aid said the church most apologize to the guys who marginalized them. students from malvern prepartory school were greeted with cheers after returning from being with the pope. a cancer survivor was delighted when he was invited to kiss his ring. >> i became speechless after
6:27 am
that. the trip was part of the malvern prep christian services program that served those in need across the globe. the boys spent two weeks in armenia where she volunteered in a camp for children. the folcroft police officer who was shot seven times last week is going home today. >> philadelphia police are sorting out the details of a shooting that injured a 14-year-old boy, the overnight update is next. ♪ hey!
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news," the folcroft police officer who was shot in the line of duty perhaps for his release from the hospital. >> a man is charged with killing his girlfriend with a cross bow as police try to uncover a motive for the murder. an explosive end to an emergency landing.
6:30 am
passenger watch an entire plane wing go up in flames before they were able to get out. good morning, 6:30, tam is off, nydia han joins us along with david murphy and karen rogers. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, it is failure comfortable out here, satellite showing there's a lack of cloud cover locally. there are clouds out by pittsburgh, pennsylvania. later today we'll see clouds and pop-up showers north and west of philadelphia. 68 in allentown. 60 in trenton. 63 in wilmington. 68 in cape may at this early hour. as we roll through the day we're looking at various changes. 7:00 a.m., 64 degrees, 10:00 a.m., 71. humidity okay in through there, but the humidity levels are going to rise gradually as we go through the afternoon and the clouds will thicken, too, 3:00 p.m., 85. the high today is 86. probably around 3:30 p.m. or
6:31 am
4:00 p.m. notice at 6:00 p.m. i've got 80s and more clouds and posting a chance of a shower or thunderstorm. late today or this evening, there's a chance, but again, the best chance is north and west of philadelphia, lehigh valley berks county and farther out than that. karen rogers there's a better chance of spotty showers and thunderstorms across the entire region tomorrow. i'll have the details coming up. >> reporter: we have sun glare as we are traveling. live look i-95 at academy. volume picking up from last time we looked at i-95 from woodhaven to the vine. southbound traffic heading toward center city not looking bad at all. we have a problem in gloucester county, a tractor-trailer fire. we have crews on the scene, 55 southbound approaching woodbury glass borough road. they have the right lane blocked watch for slowing with crews responding to a tractor-trailer fire. live on on the vine street expressway, note the jam on the
6:32 am
vine. look for this car off to the side. westbound jamming up toward the schuylkill expressway. there he goes, you can't just stop you have to get in line. we have no construction on the vine everything is open, but starting to slow down. one more live look, i want to show you the ben, nice and clear, summertime volume no problems just yet. >> folcroft police officer who was shot seven times while on duty last week goes home today. while there are new concerns about the communications process in the moments surrounding the violent ambush. katherine scott is live outside penn presbyterian hospital where officer christopher dorman will receive a full police and fire escort, katherine. >> reporter: that's right, matt, officer christopher dorman will receive a fire and police escort today. it all comes as issues have come up regarding what the minutes
6:33 am
around the dispatch. what was happening, whether dispatchers knew if the shooting was happening on friday. folcroft officer christopher dorman is expected to be heading home today just days after being shot seven times. we've heard the recording of officer christopher dorman's call for help followed by william baird telling dispatchers he is rushing the critically injured officer to the hospital. "action news" learned that the radios calls and others never reached dispatchers at the delaware county communication center. >> every time we call, we call our call number and call into the radio room and getting no response. >> reporter: county officials say a computer rebooted for several minutes, the communications center had no idea the officer was shot. sergeant baird said the outage
6:34 am
lasts 6 minutes leaving officers without a lifeline. >> we had experienced officers on the street and thank god we commune indicated back and forth description where we are, block and intersections off to get him to the hospital as soon as. >> reporter: baird said thankfully the computer crash didn't average the outcome, but doesn't want to take another chance. county council issued a statement saying it has directed the department of emergency services to investigate all communications system utilized during incident. >> reporter: there was an outage on saturday that affected the police in darby. folcroft police tweeted that delco 911 told outline police sectors to use -- all police sectors to use their mobile radios due to atmospheric interference. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> officer christopher dorman has an open invitation to share a beer and watch an eagles game
6:35 am
with kenny chesney. the country music star misteanl misteanl -- mistakenly told the crowd that the officer died. he said he was caught up in the moment and his emotions got the best of him. he called officer christopher dorman to apologize. a 14-year-old was shot in the arm in west philadelphia. the teen is in stable condition. police are looking for a gray dodge charger seen heading southbound on haverford avenue. we're hoping to learn more about the motive behind a cross bow murder in northeast philadelphia. "action news" reporter, annie mccormick is live outside police headquarters with the full story. an unusual weapon, annie. >> reporter: nydia, that's right a 40-year-old man was questioned by homicide detectives and in custody. he is reportedly the victim's
6:36 am
boyfriend. even though the woman was injured with the cross bow she managed to get to a neighbor to get help. this is video from the scene, police were called out around 9:30 p.m. in the northeast in the 3100 block of willits road. the victim, a 42 yorld woman was shot ---year-old woman was shot with the cross bow and hit in the torso and taken to the hospital in critical condition. >> the suspect shot the victim in the chest with the hunting cross bow, the bolt of the cross bow penetrated her body went through the couch and into the wall. >> the victim died about an hour later at the hospital. at this point police are investigating this. it's not clear if this was an accident or any intent. so far no charges have been filed. reporting live outside police headquarters, annie mccormick, back to you. >> happening today, secretary
6:37 am
of state john kerry will visit brussels and london to figure out how to respond to the uk vote to leave the european union. british chancellor george osborne spoke assuring that the treasury will handle the transition ahead. scotland is considering the possibility of leaving the uk because most scot's voted in staying in in the eu. >> we know that the eu faces uncertainty so independence may be the best option of securing stability for scotland and that's an option we must have the right to consider. >> asian stock markets are higher today and the u.s. shares are heading for a lower open reflecting the on going opening. >> reporter: i do love listening to people with scottish act --
6:38 am
accents. that is fun. we look outside, we have bright sunshine over the airport. tranquil conditions, the cameras are not bouncing very much. the winds are light. 65 degrees in philadelphia. now, the dewpoint is 61. that's slightly humid, most of the us in the 50s, though, that's not what we consider humid air, we're starting out comfortable early. look at the southerly component of the wind at 7 miles per hour. down south is where the humidity is currently residing. we'll wind up drawing that into play today. between now and up until 11:30 getting up to lunchtime we're bright, but a few more clouds are going to develop. as we get later into the afternoon it will feel more humid with the southerly flow and to the north and west of philadelphia there's a chance of pop-up shower or thunderstorm. notice how all the way up to 6:00 this is off to the north and west that's the center of the action for precip. later on tonight we're mostly
6:39 am
dry. so, the story today is most of us today are dry, northwest chance of shower. 78 by 10:00 a.m. humid by noon, 76. stickier through the afternoon, 85 degrees at 3:00 p.m., high of 86 around 3:30 p.m. or 4:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m., 83, i'm posting the chance of shower or thunderstorm north and west. 85 in allentown. # 4 -- 84 in wilmington. down the shore, upper 70sen the beach. anywhere from 77 to 78 degrees. how about the 71 in the ocean temperature. might make you think about taking a dip today. only near the lifeguards because there's a moderate risk of rip currents down the shore. 70s in the waters in rehoboth beach and 70s on beach there, as well. uv index high because we'll get the early sunshine. tomorrow by the time we're on the air there's a chance of
6:40 am
pop-up showers or thunderstorms. instead of being in the west they could pop up anywhere across the region. you can see as we move toward 3:00 p.m. it's not a washout, but every now and then you see that. later in the afternoon and evening there's a chance that a cold front gets closer to us with a couple of lines of showers and thunderstorms moving through. those may not be over until after midnight. today, sun to clouds, 86. tomorrow, chance of spotty thundershowers and thunderstorms anywhere not a total washout. 85 is the high. wednesday, there could be an early shower, after that the humidity drops and afternoon looks better, 85. warm and thursday, low humidity, 87. could get stickier toward the end of week, friday, pop-up thunderstorm, 89. 88 on the weekend. i don't think friday is a
6:41 am
washout. sunday and monday looking good. >> 6:41 on a wing and prayer. passengers see their plane burst into flames and live to tell about it. >> a teen's offer become his family's saving grace. >> reporter: montgomery drive, eastbound travel, 19 minute ride westbound, 18 minutes eastbound. we can handle that. we have new problems coming. i'll have all the latest details when "action news" comes right back. >> 6:44 on the nose, monday,
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6:44 am
sky6 live hd trach ago live look at center city -- sky6 live hd taking a live look at center city philadelphia, blue skies abound. let's go over to karen rogers looks like you have a problem behind you. >> reporter: we have an issue tacony street abandoned vehicle, we have penndot on the scene. it's a one lane street so people can't get around it. tacony at barnett street. penndot is trying to help you out. we have a problem pottsgrove township at sunny side avenue at pebble beach lane, watch for an accident coming in right now in montgomery county. doesn't look like a serious one. northeast extension a new problem involving an overturned truck happening off on the
6:45 am
off-ramp to quakertown. speeds 10 and 12 miles per hour. 55 southbound we have a tractor-trailer fire happening approaching woodbury-glassboro road. slowing speeds, heavier volume is northbound as everyone heads into 42 and heading toward the city. here if you're on 42 we have russell robinson reporting a minor accident on 42 near brooklawn not far from kings highway. watch for that. no weather relate the problems, 65 in philadelphia. just in the upper 50s in allentown, 60 in millville. 68 in cape may. it's a warm one today high of 86 matt. >> chopper 6 hd is live over breaking news, police have responded to a report after suspicious device in the lawndale section of philadelphia. it is unclear exactly what it is
6:46 am
or if it is what's sitting next to the fire hydrant. i see something there, we don't know what they are looking at. object is at rising sun avenue near mcgee avenue. we'll stand by and check out what's going on and let you know. new this morning, everyone on board a singapore airlines flight survived an fiery emergency landing. take a look at this, dramatic video from inside the plane shows us the right wing engulfed in flames. ground crews extinguished the fire and the plane was evacuated safely. the boeing 777 was on it's way to milan when it turned back due to a oil warning. officials worry that the death toll in central california wildfire could go up. two people are dead. cadaver dogs were brought in to search foreother victims.
6:47 am
the 68 square mile fire is an area where there are many retirees. a state of emergency remains in effect. >> 6:47 are a live preview of "good morning america" is next. chance meeting begins new hope to a struggling teen and his sick mother. max and i just discovered
6:48 am
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this new dog treat called dentalife. it's really different. see? it's flexible... ...and it has a chewy, porous texture, full of little tiny air pockets that gives dogs' teeth a clean scrub all the way down to the gum line. (vo) introducing purina dentalife. for life. morning america." >> we turn to ginger zee live in the "g.m.a." studios to the
6:50 am
run down. good morning ginger. >> reporter: good morning, matt and nydia. good to be would you. coming up on "g.m.a." we'll follow with the brexit fallout. millions signing a petition asking for a do over. the stock market plunging 600 points in the u.s. the race for the white house, a new poll shows clinton surging 12 point lead over donald trump. big turn around from a month ago. can trump recover? the slender man case a mother speaking out after her daughter and another girl were charged with stabbing a friend 19 times. of course that was to please the fictional car slender man. why she is arguing her daughter should be tried as a child. big night at the bet awards, the show playing tribute
6:51 am
to for instance. we'll have all the highlights coming up next on "g.m.a." >> that swimming pool looked cool. >> reporter: i want to go dancing in one, now, i have a feeling it's not going to look like. >> reporter: if you're about to head to the tacony-palmyra bridge, you want to watch for the abandoned vehicle at tacony-palmyra street at barnett nearby. penndot is on the scene. another problem with mass transit. patco high speed line running on an emergency track schedule until the end of rush hour. they are have an emergency fixing the track. shut busing on median elwin line and routes 10 and 11 trolleys. >> reporter: it's not all that humid out there right now, but with the southerly breeze, it's going to increase the humidity as we go through the day. that's a change we're seeing.
6:52 am
another one is how it will cloud up later. starting out bright, 64 by 8:00 a.m. comfortable in through here. it's cloudy and humid through the day. noon, 76. 2:00 p.m., 83. the high of 86 around 4:00 p.m. there's a chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm later today that's out in the northern and western suburbs. nydia not in philadelphia. >> a man in memphis is paying it forward after a 16-year-old carried his groceries in change for food. chauncey jones approached matt white two weeks ago, he said he was getting good grades in school and working odd jobs to help his sick mom. when he saw they didn't have furniture he started a fundraiser generating more than $100,000. >> you're going to get a house, a nice house, i don't know what to say, someone told me not to cry. i might breakdown in tears.
6:53 am
so appreciating so much. i can't appreciate it no more. >> chawns see has plans to start his own business so he can help others the way white helps him. >> we'll be back in a moment with the top stories. ♪
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officer christopher dorman will be released from the hospital later today. he was shot seven times on duty on friday. communications were down for several minutes at the time dorman was shot due to radio system malfunction. a man is accused of killing his woman with a cross bow. 40-year-old man fired the bow into her chest and did not offer a motive. let's go outside for the morning commute. i-95 approaching cottman, southbound traffic heading toward center city. we're seeing the summertime volume not as much volume as we have been. watch for this accident it involves an overturned truck on the northeast at quakertown. >> reporter: starting out sunny, 64 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 71 degrees by 10:00 a.m. today is a day of change. clouds increase and the humidity will rise. late in the afternoon there's a chance of pop-up shower or thunderstorm in the northwestern
6:57 am
suburbs. 86 is the high. how do you like them apples. this is the first full week for everyone out of school. do your summer reading. >>. >> reporter: and your math. >> see you later.
6:58 am
♪ roll all summer with a classic -- dunkin's savory pork roll breakfast sandwich is back. crave it while you can. america runs on dunkin'.
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good morning, america. bracing for brexit. millions in britain call for a do-over. big questions here at home. all eyes on the market after the dow's 600-point drop. we're live at the stock exchange. a brand-new abc news poll showing hillary clinton now with a double-digit lead over donald trump. trump firing back calling the poll a disgrace but is he losing his momentum? major air scare. a plane's engine bursts into flames after an emergency landing. more than 200 on board. firefighters rush to the scene to battle the blaze. passengers say they just escaped death. ♪ freedom freedom >> oh, my, b.e.t. blow-out. beyonce's huge surprise making a splash. and bringing the heat. but the night belonging to prince. ♪ i know i know


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