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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  June 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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detonated their explosive belts, in addition to the dead there are at least 60 people injured. at least. this happened one day after turkey established diplomatic relations with israel and the u.s. yesterday updated their travel alert for turkey. isis has reportedly claimed responsibility for this attack according to one news organization but experts say indeed it looks like the work of isis, all flights from the u.s. to turkey is suspended. world news tonight with david muir will have continuing coverage of this next at 6:30 right after "action news." back here parts of the tri-state area are under a thunderstorm watch at this hour. the big problem right now is the sky high humidity which of course can cause heavy downpours
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and that is exactly what we are looking for. lets go to meteorologist, adam joseph at big board. what is the latest from accuweather? >> we have the thunderstorm watch for most of the area until 10:00 tonight. the exception is the shore communities in southern parts of new jersey not within a watch. that means the potential is there when storms fire up that they could turn to severe limits that is winds over 60 miles per hour and the possibility of small hail, and vivid lightning and torrential rain. as we look wide on stormtracker 6 live double scan you see the broken line to the north and west approaching the western part of our viewing area and the northern part of the area in the lehigh valley at the present time. we close in closer here we have this area in parts of lancaster and southern berks county, only 5 lightning strikes in the last half hour. it's fall ago part but we are tracking this as it approaches honey brook and downings town
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and kutztown a flair-up and a downpour. and lehigh valley and easton and martins creek and route 33, 50 lightning strikes in the last 15 minutes, and this slowly moving and releasing a quick inch of rain or so. once they develop they have a lot of rain in a short am of time. and that is because of the dew points, notice to the north and west dew points in the 50s that dry air will come in tomorrow. we'll take a closer look at storm tracker and the timing of the storms in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. we'll find out on thursday if the new jersey state assembly will approve a 26 cent increase in the gas tax. it would fund a massive effort
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to rebuild roads and bridges in the garden state. nora muchanic is live. and this would be accompanied by other tax decreases. >> for months the plan was to eliminate the hated estate tax but at the state house things happened unexpectedly last night. they took a turn at 12:30 in the morning when late working assembly members threw that plan out the window. >> they want to raise it 10 cents or 15 cents? but 26 cents i have a problem with that. >> mary buys her gas in new jersey where they voted to raise the gas tax 26 cents a gallon. to pay for road and bridges repaired. >> we need them improved that i agree with. i'm not happy with it, no i'm
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not. >> we need the roads fixed and that is not just new jersey. >> new jersey as the second lowest gas tax in the nation, and to soften the blow the plan had been to cut a number of other taxes but in the last minute governor christie suggested lowering the sales tax from 7% to 6%. >> people will be able to afford more because lowering the taxes -- >> about there are concerns that cutting the sales tax could blow a hole in the already strapped state budget. they hope to return to the originally proposed cuts including the estate tax that they believe is driving people out of knowledge. >> we see a successive months in job losses, we have to stem that and turn it around and addressing the estate tax is one way to do that.
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>> i'm from pennsylvania, any time i have work here i come here and fill up for gas. >> but if it goes up 23 cents a gallon? >> it will match pennsylvania. >> senate president steve sweeney is not on board with the gas tax, he has to look at what it means for the state budget. >> thank you nora. officials in camden county are investigating the collapse of a deck late this morning, that injured a man, authorities were called to a scene at the 8700 block of windham road in pennsauken. it took a half hour to rescue the man from the debris. he is in his 70s. several people were taken away in handcuffs following a protest over immigration in the spring garden section of philadelphia this afternoon. demonstrators blocked the ramp
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connecting the vine street expressway to 15th street. the group linked arms and sat in the road and they are protesting the supreme court decision ta blocked president obama's plan to shield millions of immigrants from deportation. police arrested five demonstrators. one of the most popular coaches to ever work in philadelphia has died. former eagles head coach, buddy ryan died at age 82. and jaime apody, ryan really tapped into the philadelphia culture and fans adored him. >> despite the fact that buddy ryan never even won a playoff game here. ryan was the most philadelphian coach we ever had. he was from oklahoma and he was tough and brash and his players played that way for him. he made a name with the chicago bears as the defense coordinator, the blitzing
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attacking d gave them a super bowl title in 1985 and ryan was the first defensive coordinator to be carried off the field by the players. his record of 43 wins here and 38 losses and a tie nothing special here. and went 0-3 in the post season but it was his personality and passion that endeared him to the fans in family. the bounty bowl and body bag game. his swagger and those things made him a legend. >> the big thing for me was he was such a good person outside of his knowledge of the game and his knowledge of the game especially defenses second to none. >> buddy ryan was only 43-38-is and never won a playoff game here but is on the mt. rushmore of coaches in this town, always beloved and an iconic figure.
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>> he leaves behind three sons including rex and rob. we'll have more coming up in sports. "action news" reporter sara bloomquist spoke to one eagles fan today that saw ryan through a different prism than most of us. >> there is nobody like him and never be a guy like him. >> jaime was a young woman working in television when she tagged along and met buddy ryan, in 1986, they hit it off immediately and became close friends for years to come. >> he was like a father figure and very dad-like, that is what drew me to him and we were constantly laughing. she talked about the fun times she and ryan shared looking at photos at her manayunk home. >> we started to have lunch every time and had eggplant
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parmesan and two beers every time we went. >> ryan named two horses after her. >> the first bun was ginny's pursuit. and the second one was lucky lasko. i i won $90 on him one time. >> this city may remember buddy ryan as blunt and brash and of foul mouthed and physical at times but lasko came to flow and love a gentler side of the man. >> he touches everybody and so generous and so kind, and always cared about what was going on in your life. >> ryan bought lasko a new winter coat every year concerned she wasn't staying warm. they last talked by phone three years ago and he was not doing well. a friend called with the sad news this morning. >> he was suffering, and now he is with his wife in heaven. >> sara bloomquist, channel 6
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"action news." >> and we are remembering buddy ryan's legacy at we have more reaction to the passing of the former eagles coach and photos of his unforgettable time in philadelphia. go to our facebook page to share your memories of buddy ryan coming up tonight the sports world mourning the loss of basketball coaching legend, pat summit, and a sneak peek in the king of prussia mall. and a thunderstorm watch, we'll track them on accuweather.
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work continues on the new shopping corridor at the king of prussia mall. with the notion that the mall can always use new stores. >> reporter: the big debut is fast approaching. right now crews are putting on the final touches. >> my husband probably won't let me come back anymore. >> if high send stores up your fashion alley, you answer this question the same way. >> are you a big shopper? >> i am. >> it may feel like christmas in just a matter of weeks. >> "action news" got a hard hat tour of king of prussia mall's new corridor. >> customers can finally walk from one side of the property to another without getting wet or cold. >> that alone is a welcome kmang
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for moms like stephanie. >> i'm excited we don't have to go outside, i have two small kids. >> the stylish addition will house new tenants, shoppers can also enjoy concierge and valet services and food. >> a dining pavilion that will have six really unique farm to table little casual dining restaurants. >> healthy food is certainly a bonus for some customers but if you have to choose which is most exciting it's probably a no brainer. >> that is great too but it's definitely the shopping. >> if you have a cell phone you'll appreciate this, this is a charging station and it will be installed throughout the connecter that is set to open in mid-august of this year. reporting at king of prussia mall.
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more about the death of buddy ryan. if you ask eagles fans, their most favorite coach in eagles history it's buddy ryan, he did not win a super bowl or take them. we mourn buddy ryan at 82 years old. buddy ryan never won a game but you would never know it. what he did win is the fan's hearts. he will go down as one of the most beloved coaches in history. he was here for five games from the body bag game to the brawl. ryan was tough, he was philadelphia even though he was not from here. one of the greatest defensive minds in nfl history. ryan made his mark with the chicago bears where he made the 46 defense where they attacked and blitzed and the result was a
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super bowl championship in 1985. he was the first coordinate toward be carried off the field by his players. no coach in eagles history has ever been more endeared by his eagles players. those he coached would do anything for him not because of his record but because of his personality and passion. >> we have a rich legacy that buddy ryan left the game not just the philadelphia eagles and his time in philadelphia. but his stamp on the game is something that will live on for a long time. >> you knew he stood behind you 100%, so there for you would run through a brick wall because in return he would do anything for you. >> one of the greatest defensive coordinators ever and a great defensive innovator but as a leader of men he was
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unsurpassed. >> eagles owner issued this statement, buddy ryan was arguably one of the best defensive masterminds in nfl history and left his mark on the eagles and the city of philadelphia. it was easy to sense his passion for the game and how much his players loved playing for him. he is a legend in our sport. and i guess heaven need aid couple great coaches because the sports world lost another lend today. pat summit, will go down as one of the best coaches in history. no division one coach had more wins. she won eight national championships and went to 10 final fours. summit's record was a remarkable 19 -- she battled alzheimer's and was just 64 years old. moving to the phillies
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another dual in the desert. looking to make it two in a row. last night vince valesquez made his first start since off the dl. stayed in seven with five scoreless innings and got plenty of offense behind him. the phils erupted for 16 hits, their best output of the year and shut out the d'backs 8-0. hopefully something left in the bats tonight. >> thank you. children in camden enjoyed a full day of fun and fitness today. the boys and girls club of camden county held a field day for more than 100 kids and took part in activities including an obstacle court and team building and exercises the goal was to help the children with a healthy lifestyle and to get active
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. late word from accuweather and we still have some stormy weather out there. >> at least through 10:00 we have a severe watch and potential is there for storms to turn severe but not everyone is seeing them. looking at stormtracker 6 live double scan we have the super high humidity out there. fueling the downpours and storms. you can see it's mainly west of philadelphia and broken in nature. not a solid line that we are tracking. the worst of it at this point just to the west of philadelphia is in southern parts of lancaster county on the brisk of heading into southern parts of chester county near coatesville and south of honey brook. 67 lightning strikes in the last 15 minutes, and the northern e
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contents is light showers from honey brook to pottstown and on it's brink of green lane. we'll continue to track this as it moves to the east at 20 to 25 miles per hour. the problem with these heavy thunderstorms is they are so slow moving you can get a quick inch or two in a short amount of time and as we head toward the lehigh valley toward easton, dealing with heavy downpours lifting to the north. and no severe storms at the time. and jim thorpe getting a thunderstorm and something trying to fire up at i-78. these will continue to develop and pop around the region through much of the the late evening and early overnight hours. as we look at temperatures, hazy sun has broken out. 70s along the shore and sea breeze is in effect. and the marine layer coming in that helps to break the storms up as they head into southern
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new jersey. a spin near toronto, this is a front pivoting through here late tonight and into early tomorrow morning. the key to the storms over the next 12 hours is that they are slow moving and with the humidity out there 1 to 2 inches of rain in spots and the other threat with the storm and not all of them could be strong wind gusts, future tracker 6, 7:30 tonight slow moving west of philadelphia and dry new jersey and most of the delaware, 10:00 tonight they start to break apart as it sinks south of philadelphia and peppering part of the region in the lehigh valley. and at midnight really beginning to fall apart and by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning lingering clouds are around but the rain is gone. at the same time at 7:00 a.m., the dew points are humid in the mid-60s and upper 60s at the shore but by the afternoon tomorrow, we are funneling in the dry air as dew points drop
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into the 50s throughout your wednesday, and it's because of high pressure coming in from the great lakes and improvement tomorrow and a mixture of sun and clouds and seasonably warm at 85 degrees and the high begins to shrink a bit on thursday and 87 and we'll await this front to the south to swing to the north on friday to bring the humidity back and chance of storms, the exclusive accuweather forecast, turning less humid at the shore humid in the morning and clouds and dropping humid in the afternoon and looks good on thursday and friday again we bring up up the humidity and turns unsettled with pop-ups of 88 degrees and saturday drier and humidity drops once again and 88 it's warm and sun and clouds and most of the 4th of july weekend looking good sunshine and clouds on sunday and 86 and staying warm on the 4th itself and not much in the way of change on tuesday at 88. and i'll have an update tonight at 11:00 to see if storms are sticking around.
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kids being treated at childrens hospital were inspired today by dogs. patients from chop and dogs from the university of pennsylvania school of veterinary medicine mingled at best friends's bash at university city. students that undergone cranean procedures got to meet six dogs that have undergone the same procedures, they get to see how dogs with similar issues have adapted and thrived. abc world news with david muir is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, adam joseph, for the entire "action news" tame i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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breaking news. airport terror attack. suicide bombers and gun fire rock the istanbul airport. images coming in at this hour. more than two dozen killed. emergency crews rushing to help the wounded. new questions tonight about airport security here at home. the benghazi report. new details about what happened during the deadly attack. is this the final word? tonight, clinton says it's time to move on. collision on the tracks. two freight trains crash head on, burst into flames. cars twisted and piled up on the rails. the area evacuated. federal investigators race to the scene. and celebrating a pioneer. pat summitt, the winningest coach in college basketball, she inspired generations of athletes with fierce determination and unbreakable spirit.


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