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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  June 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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gas, that could increase by 23 cents and as early as friday if the lawmakers have their way. the gas price would increase at the same time and the sales tax would decrease. that say 1% decrease from 7% to 6%. the gas hike tax would support the roads and bridges and mass transit. drivers can expect to spend an extra $100 a year. and as for the sales tax families will save $435 a year. and knows that people don't want to pay this gas hike but he says it's the right thing to do and calls it fair tax representation. >> people need relief, they are say that all the time. if we are going to ask them to pay more at the pump to improve roads and bridges and mass
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transit. then we need to give them relief through another venue. i believe the sales tax is the very best way to do that, that is a tax that every new jerseyan pays. >> all right so you hear from the governor there, but this is not a done deal just yet. the senate will vote on this on thursday, of course also there are plenty of opponents of this plan. you'll hear from them at 6:00. >> gray, all right all eyes on that vote. atlantic city casino workers are getting ready for a possible strike. union members spent the day making picket signs at the unite here headquarters they trained on how to manage picket lines along the boardwalk. workers from five casinos say they will walk off the job this friday if they cannot reach a new contract. john rawlins has an update
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coming up at 5:00. we have a change in the weather department as the humidity dropped off even as the sunshine stuck around. meteorologist, adam joseph, outside now with a check of the forecast. >> it's like a weight is lifted off of our shoulders, it's feeling lighter and more comfortable, right now in the 70s in the north western suburbs, 84 in philadelphia and millville. 80 in cape may and atlantic city sitting at a pleasant 84 degrees. a little bit of a sea breeze towards beach haven and atlantic city 9 miles per hour. and the west-northwestly winds 14 in philadelphia and 12 in reading is what is driving in the drier air. the dew points were in the 70s yesterday and back into the 50s today. we are in the comfy zone and we'll stay there over the next 24 hours, philadelphia union in town for the open cup at 7:00
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this evening, nice and clear and low humidity. opening temperature 81 and closing 76 degrees and the accuweather forecast we'll talk about another winning forecast for tomorrow and the tropical feeling is back with unsettled weather on friday. and the 4th of july weekend is mainly dry. >> all right adam thank you. be sure to check the weather any time at you can always get the latest information and an hour by our forecast and ask your weather questions to our team of meteorologists. people went to the hospital of a city trash truck flipped over in juniata park, at l streets and hunting park avenue. police say that the driver swerved to avoid a crash and that sent the truck into a traffic light pole and then into a mailbox and into a fence. one the passengers was hurt the
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worst and he is listed in serious condition with a broken arm and possibly broken ribs and back and neck pain and the driver and other passenger are expected to be okay. police are trying to find the man who held another man at gun point and forced him to drive to his home and robbed him. janet reyes is live with the details on this investigation. >> reporter: brian police want to find this guy, a brazen criminal that approached a man walk ougt of one of these stores here and held him at gun point in broad daylight. and that is just the beginning of this ordeal. >> long time residents and shop owners a lot of these crimes happen around here. >> a 34-year-old man was leaving christian expression store along
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north 5th street in olney, when the suspect approached him with a gun, is he believed to be a man dressed in woman's clothing and forced him into his car and to take him to his home and then went into the apartment and took several items, he attempted to stop him and he lunged at him on choked him. he fled in his ford focus, with $1,000 and a car and watch. >> it happened at 4:30 in the afternoon. >> oh my goodness. >> fed up with the local crime lee started to take precaution years ago to protect herself and her clients. >> that is why i got the surveillance camera. >> the whole neighborhood changes drugs and robberies, you can't leave stuff on your porch, the porch chairs will be gone. >> he is tall with a stocky
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build and a tattoo on his left leg and was wearing orange pants and a handbag. michelle moore is opening for an arrest. and crimes like this will continue to happen if the community doesn't step up. >> if they sit and talk about it and whisper and don't do nothing else. >> fortunately this man was not injured probably a bit shaken and shots were not fired. they are still looking for this man, if you have information police want to speak with you. reporting live in olney, i'm janet reyes channel 6 "action news." >> we continue to learn more about the deadly attack at the airport in istanbul, turkey. the three terrorists arrived by taxi with bombs and guns and killed 42 and injures others.
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>> the airport is back open and we see new videos and hear chilly new accounts of that chaos yesterday. we want to warn you that some of what you you are about to see is disturbing. these are the three terrorists believed to be responsible pour the terrorism at istanbul airport. it appears to show airport security as one bomb goes off. it hit near the security x-ray machine -- the blast sending panicked passengers running. >> people were shooting on one side and we ran the other way and the bombs went off and people ran the other way and there was more shooting. gun fire through the international terminal. it was non-stop automatic rifles for sure. >> one attacker appears to have hit the ground shot by police, that officer ran away before another massive explosion.
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turkish authorities say that the other terrorist wait ford crowds to rush out of airport before detonating a bomb there. the images from orlando and paris that they come around and shoot you now. it's a terrible feeling that you might done, i mean it's scary. >> in all more than 40 people killed including the three attackers. family members waiting outside of hospitals waiting for updates on the more than 200 injured. but no group claimed responsibility yet. turkey's prime minister believes that isis is behind the attack. and security has now increased at some airports here in the u.s. marcy gonzales, abc news new york. >> and our coverage continues on, look at pictures from the scene and read reaction from turkish americans leaving here
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in philadelphia. >> we are less than a month away from the democratic national convention in philadelphia. if you walked through center city you may have noticed that the signs are everywhere. the action cam followed along as the host committee hung up the welcome banner as long broad street. they will be busy the rest of week hanging up the banners in old city and university city and center city. it begins july 125th and runs through july 28th. it's time for a first check of the "action news" traffic report. lets go live to autumn marisa in for matt pellman. >> reporter: we have a serious accident on 95 southbound in the penn's landing tubes, we just watched fire crews show up and we are still waiting for police to show up. we had just seen this white suv flip over on to its side and they are working diligently to get the driver out at this moment. again this is happening as we
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are speaking and we are just watching and waiting to see what is happening. it looks as if they are trying to go through the trunk to get the driver out of this vehicle right now. all the lanes except the shoulder is closed. the shoulder is getting by but backing things up on 95 southbound through penn's landing. looking at other parts of the region speeds dipping down to single digits on the schuylkill expressway and parted of 95 as well. slow going out there this afternoon. schuylkill expressway westbound lanes expect to tap the brakes the whole way from the vine to the blue route. you see as you make your way to the westbound lanes on the vine street expressway both directions on the vine street expressway are slow. here is a look farther north on 95, the southbound lanes through all of the construction on cotman moving slowly but surely. and remember tap the brakes as you head down to the southbound
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lanes in penn's landing. back to you. >> thank you. still ahead on "action news" at 4:00, a problem is forcing one automaker to take cars off the road. and another problem in the jerry sandusky scandal. why the ncaa wants to speak to that coach that was convicted of sexual abuse. we'll break down what you need to know heading into the holiday weekend.
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vice president joe biden issued an ultimatum to cancer research. biden threatened to cut federal funding for cancer studies that failed to release their results to the public. to crack down on medical institutions that do not submit findings to a data base in one
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year. the obama administration is emplor researchers to share more openly to share off one another. >> i believe we can make exden shall progress, we can do in the next five year that would orderly take ten. >> the mission is personal for vice president biden after his son, beau died of brain cancer, he was joined at the summit by actress carol burnett whose daughter died of cancer in 2002. obama is in canada for a meeting with leaders, prime minister justin trudeau met him in ottawa. he talked about climate change and the fallout for britain's vote to leave the european union. in an hour and a half president obama is expected to address canadian parliament, and the
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ninth president to do that and the first since president clinton. the ncaa want to question two men that claim they were abused by former assistant coach, jerry sandusky. the victims claim they suffered the abuse in the 1970s. one of them say he told paterno about it in 1976, he asked a judge to protect his identity but the ncaa wants to talk to both accusers, because it could help the defamation lawsuit filed by paterno's family. the school says his conduct is quote, incongruent with the values of the university. they gave cosby the doctorate of fine arts in 1996 and has since been accused of drugging and molesting women and is going to
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trial in montgomery county. analysts expect some 43 million americans to hit the roads and rails and skies and waterways this 4th of july weekend 36 million of them going by car. aaa says the reason for the wander lust is more money in our pockets. >> over the last year u.s. drivers saved $20 billion in gasoline and for the philly area and delaware the price of gas today is about 50 cents less than it was last year. also of note, airfares are down 9% over last year, if new jersey passes the gas tax increase, that could take effect for the weekend and that could alter expectations. toyota is recalling millions of vehicles because of a pair of problems, the japanese lawmakers pulling 1.4 million vehicles off the roads because of defective
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airbags including the prius and lexus c 200, and toyota is recalling almost 3 million vehicles because of a fuel tank issue, that problem affects a wide variety of toyota models. all right here is a look at today's closing numbers, we have green arrows across the board today as the market continues to react to leave the eu, the stocks today gaining more than half of what it lost after the brexit exit vote. and the dow up 284 points and the nasdaq up 87 and s&p 500 up more than 35.5 points. and speaking of the brexit vote, it has vote aphone threatening to leave the uk. the world's second largest telecom company is threatening to leave and is one of the anchors of the british exchange but most revenue comes from
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europe and most employees are located there as well. the company says it is still evaluating its options. if your 401(k) is suffering, this may make you feel better. philadelphia's first traveling beer garden makes a stop at the schuylkill river. it opened near the walnut street bridge in center city. one truck sells beer and one and the other a choice of sandwiches and snacks, it moves to 14 different city parks this summer, providing seating and restrooms and fun for the family. >> active parts are healthy parks and safe parks we hope the program will help bring together a new generation of park supporters that will come to care for and take care of the the parks in the long run. >> city parks will also benefit from a partial proceeds from parks on tap. >> a number of us got an idea
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where to go after work. >> it's time now for the accuweather forecast. >> is he still there? adam joseph? >> i was halfway out of the studio but then you said not until 5:00. a live look now at eastern pennsylvania, northampton county at the nurt nature center, the puffy cumulous clouds dotting the sky. 84 degrees and the dew point nice and low and yesterday we were in the 70s. winds westerly 14 miles per hour and the pressure is falling a little bit and the ocean temperature is pleasant at 72 degrees. 81 in the lehigh valley, and 80 in reading and 77 in lancaster, and 76 in beach haven and low 80s to the south. numbers are average and maybe a degree or two lower than normal
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across a couple of locations especially to the north and west. we have again, some cumulous clouds especially the lehigh valley and the poconos, the front is to the south with the humidity off the carolinas, the front behaves tomorrow and then lifts back to the north as we get into the end of the week, for tonight low temperatures in the 50s and some of those suburbs in the northwest 60 millville and 66 in philadelphia and a lot of stars and again comfortable here tonight early tomorrow morning. future tracker not showing a lot. not a cloud in the sky tomorrow morning and maybe a few high clouds streaming in tomorrow afternoon at 4:30 and temperatures top off a little warmer and the human remains on the low side. 86 in allentown and 85 in millville and tomorrow there will be a sea breeze in the afternoon and that will drop numbers in the afternoon to the upper 70s for all of the beach resorts, as we look at the dew points, what we are watching
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here is friday, 57 and then we spike again to the tropical levels like yesterday on friday that will get us into trouble with downpours and thunderstorms, and notice it drops off over the weekend and we are setting up toer a nice start to the 4th of july weekend. as we look at the four day at 4:00, sunny and low humidity, friday it's muggy once again and unsettled at times both in the morning and afternoon. we are not going to wait here it's going to get going with the pop-ups around at 86 degrees and it pushed away for saturday and sunday and refreshing and sunny both days and the low humidity, 86 to 87 degrees and minor changes going into the 4th of july. >> we look forward to it. >> and up next, he tried to steal a donation jar for alex's lemonade stand. but witnesses would not let him. how they came together to take
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one man has died after he was hit by two cars in delaware county. it happened at midnight in millborn county. the second car hit him in the road and he died at the scene. police have not told us his name. the drivers stopped and neither will face charges. police went to a rita's ice for a report of a robbery. when they got there they found out that the owner took the matter in his own hand. and now we are hearing the story. the police got the call for ritas in boyers town. they say that someone stole the alex's lemonade donation jar and ran off. but alex and two others ran after him and they found him and had caught up with the suspected
4:27 pm
thief. >> when he ran we tackled him and grabbed him by the shirt and held him on the ground until the police came which was only a minute or two later. the suspect's name is alexander crass. our lady of port richmond regional catholic school was awarded $60,000 today the money will be used to expand the school's pre-k program and make classrooms bigger as enrollment increases by 40 students. it was made possibly the philadelphia school partnership. still ahead here good samaritans to the rescue. witnesses rush to help a taxi driver stabbed by a passenger this morning. we are live in camden with the latest.
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a fundraiser benefiting chris dorman who was ambushed last week. and coming up in big talkers, parenting in the digital able. a dad uses social media to teach
4:30 pm
his teenage daughter quite the lesson and the results as you see are hilarious. >> but first camden county police just released video of an early morning cab ride that turn nood a crime scene. police are looking for the passenger that stabbed a taxi driver and crediting a passerby for helping the victim. sara bloomquist is live outside of the cooper medical center. >> he is out of the icu now and recovering in stable condition at cooper tonight, he suffered at least four stab wounds to his shoulder and a defensive wound to his hand, police released to us surveillance video showing the suspect in the stabbing of this cab driverer, it shows the suspect fleeing after stabbing the cab driver multiple times, he is still on the run at this hour. >> he crashed the car on purpose to cause a scene so people could
4:31 pm
just draw attention. >> brendan ramos spoke with us at cooper medical center, after leaving the bedside of his girlfriend's father. he said that he explained to him what happened when he was driving his cab overnight. he picked up a young man asking to go to state and north front street. when they arrived the passenger asked for change of a $50 bill. >> he looked in the rear view mirror and the guy said what are you looking at and red flag immediately. >> he immediately began to attack the cab driver and stabbed the cab driver several times in the upper shoulder. >> and he grabbed the knife and got a cut on his hand, not too bad. >> at this point he accelerated the cab and rammed it into a
4:32 pm
parked car to draw attention and the suspect fled the vehicle and a woman whose car was damaged came out and drove him to the hospital herself. another cab driver was assaulted in camden and punch two times. >> these last two incidents are a concern to me. >> no money was taken in either case although robbery is believed to be the motive. you are looking at surveillance video of the suspect in the stabbing last night. describes as a hispanic male wearing the white colored or light colored shirt. if you recognize him call camden police. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a man climbed on the roof to escape an early morning house fire, he suffered burns but managed to climb to safety. the fire broke out at the 200 block and once down from the roof the injured man was rushed
4:33 pm
to the hospital and first responders were able to get the fire under control and no word on what caused it. from our delaware newsroom, "action news" is hearing from students of a popular teacher accused of sharing child pornography. william herkins was arrested yesterday, he is a teacher in wilmington, former student, cas casey wanamaker was shocked and hurt to hear about the arrest. >> he was like a father figure and never put us in harm's way and made us feel loved. anybody on earth you know, but not him. >> the school district is cooperating with the attorney general's office, investigators say their investigation is on going and more charges may be filed. >> well, someone is taking tires straight off of cars in berks
4:34 pm
county and leaving cinder blocked in their place. the most recent crime was white oak drive in spring township. they took all four tires off this car leaving the vehicle stranded. police say they have a few leads and the possibility that these cases are connected. delaware state police are asking for help finding this man today. they say that 26-year-old nathan lewandowski stole a golf cart and then a car on monday. he took off on the golfer's cart while the owner was playing. he took the keys from the cart and stole his truck from the parking lot. the truck was later found in camden. and he is wanted for several other crimes including burglary and weapons offenses. a delaware county gym is holding fundraisers for the
4:35 pm
folcroft police officer ambushed and shot several times. it will offset the cost of dorman's recovery. the organizer and gym owner grew up in folcroft, she believes this is a small way to show appreciation. >> anyone can come in and support and participate and we are collecting donations and we'll donate to his go fund me account. everybody is welcome. >> if you want to help there is time to join in, the gym is holding additional workouts at 5:30, and 6:30 and 8:00 tonight for officer dorman. he was released from the hospital on monday. >> love how the community has come together in the wake of that tragedy. >> 84 degrees and barely any humidity. it's perfect. >> a sigh of relief or breath of fresh air when you step out the door here. a live look at ocean city, new jersey, along the boardwalk, a
4:36 pm
lot of folks sitting on the sand and enjoying the day 80 degrees down there and taking a stroll along the boardwalk, the dew point is high at the shore, still a little muggy there, with the heat index of 83 degrees, 3 degrees above the air temperature but in center city, and inland locations notice the temperature and heat index exactly the same because of drier air and a few puffy cumulous clouds slowly drifting through the sky with the westerly wind at 14 miles per hour. it's turning more comfortable and again because of those dew point temperatures falling into the 50s across much of the area, and you can still see 60s in the area in delaware, even there we invade the dry air. last place because of the northwesterly winds to rip the humidity away. we talk about the return of the tropical humidity and the storms including that long weekend ahead for most of us for the 4th of july.
4:37 pm
>> thank you. >> see you in a bit. school is out for the summer but leaders in the philadelphia school district are hard at work, today at roxborough high, superintendant, william hite made an announcement on the hiring front. they reached 99% of the goal to hire 800 new teachers. hite expects to have only 45 open positions by the of this week. a trip into the city requires planning on anyone's part but a group required extra assistance and septa was there to help. >> dozens of visitors from amish country wanted to make a visit to the philadelphia zoo with their children but none of them has a drivers license that is where septa stepped in, new at 5:00 how the transit agency helped to get them from point a to point b and back safely and on time.
4:38 pm
and why the fda is asking for specific information from the makers of hand sanitizers. we'll have that and more coming up at 5:00. >> thank you. two homes in the logan section of philadelphia got a big makeover thanks to a big group of volunteers, the action cam was along the 2900 block when the final renovations were revealed. 180 students transformed the one dilapidated properties. they got a lot of help from a building supply company based in malvern, they are models for affordable yet sustainable living. >> coming up details on uber's new plan to keep you safe by keeping a close eye on its drivers. >> and a dad uses social media to teach his teenage daughter a lesson and he is getting the message loud and clear. their viral story is coming up in big talkers. and adam joseph will be back
4:39 pm
with the full forecast from accuweather.
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crews battling a wild fire in arizona are starting to gain control of the blaze. they are diligently working to strengthen fire lines to protect homes and keep flame as way from a major interstate. the wild fire came frighteninging close to houses in the lakes area yesterday. those that had to evacuate were allowed to return home this morning. three crew members missing after a fiery freight train crash in texas are presumed dead. what was a rescue mission turn nood a recovery operation this afternoon. the crew members have not been seen since two trains hit head-on. the one crew member jumped to safety and has non-life-threatening injuries. uber is promising to keep a closer eye on all of its
4:42 pm
drivers, they will start testing new software to test speeding and sudden stops, the smart phone sensors will tell them if they are holding phones while they drive and all of this information will be sent to drivers in daily progress reports of after that uber will decide whether or not to expand it. at the "action news" big board with the big talkers. this toddler hugging a package of diapers is melting hearts across the internet. rose bennett, says her son a 1-year-old named ben thought the pampers baby was a picture of himself. >> mom says she didn't pay any attention to the child on the package she was only worried about the price but was happy that her young son was surrounded by diversity. the adorable moment was shared
4:43 pm
thousands of times on twitter. to another story now and another father teaching a daughter a lesson. a dad that had it with some of the selfies his daughter was posting is poking fun at here and gaining a lot of laugh as long the way. chris martin asked his 19-year-old daughter to tone down her pictures on social media but he didn't do that, and he decided to mock her and recreate a post. she is wearing some heavy eye liner so dad grabbed the eye liner and went heavy around his own eyes and here she is in a tank top and flower head band and dad posted his version with his chest out and a bush of leaves literally thrown across his head and she is wearing the crop top in the mirror taking a selfie to dad drew a fake tattoo on the belly and let the belly
4:44 pm
hang out. he wanted his daughter to see how the pictures come across and she says she appreciates her dad even more. >> there has been so many people posting that, father of the year, and this is hilarious, like dad goals. >> dad posted the picks and now parents and teen as like are sharing them like crazy on social media, the daughter did admit at first she was a little embarrassed. >> sometimes you have to turn the mirror around to let them see how -- >> how you are looking here. dad had the tattoos and everything. >> good move dad. let get a check of the roads now. autumn marisa in for matt. >> we are back on 95 the southbound accident through the penn's landing area, you can see they are have flipped the vehicle back on all four wheels, it was tipped over on its side we saw the ambulance leave and
4:45 pm
the fire trucks leave. all lanes are getting by except the right lane, it's slowing down but much better than before. lets move along and show you the big picture, speeds across the region nice and low, teens on the schuylkill expressway slow in the eastbound and westbound lanes. you can see here vine street expressway slow especially heading up to the airport in the westbound lanes, it's at a crawl there. backing you up to 95 now. incidents to tell you about 295 eastbound an accident to report and one in horsham township at welsh road and tennis avenue. and route 35 an accident also and 42 thruway nice and clear after the accident at 130 is cleared out of the way. back to you sharrie and brian. >> autumn thank you. coming up meteorologist, adam joseph, has the exclusive accuweather forecast including
4:46 pm
the holiday weekend. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
4:47 pm
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you know the upside to weather like this is that every day feels like a friday and the downside is it's only wednesday. >> it ain't friday. >> hump day. as we take a look at double scan live radar very different than yesterday. it's quiet and lots of sunshine and just a few puffy cumulous clouds north and west and so far in philadelphia today our high is 84 degrees, as you take a look at the number of days we hit 90 or greater in philadelphia so far this year. we have hit eight days and that is perfectly on par and typical for where we should be, because up through the end of june that is tomorrow, normal days 90 or above for philadelphia is sitting at eight.
4:49 pm
so so far this summer season behaving as it should. as we look into the month one more today tomorrow, a bag of mixed days, a string of above and a string of below and now run degree above for the month of june. lets hope we stay this way with these nice comfortable stretches. 82 dover and wilmington and 77 in lancaster and shore communities equally as warm with temperatures between 80 and 84 degrees. there is a few of those cumulous clouds to the north and west and the front is pushed to the south with the heat and humidity. storms are popping up in the carolinas and it stays to the south and lifts to the north by the enof the week, a lot of stars around and staying comfortable. 58 in the suburbs especially toward the lehigh valley and 66 for center city. high pressure is weaken but in
4:50 pm
control tomorrow and another gorgeous day and comfortable and 87 degrees, a bit above normal for the last day of june. and human lifts back through the region on friday in addition to that, we'll have another cold front approaching from the west, so many pop-ups here from the start to the finish on friday, and tropically humid again at 86 degrees, so down the shore tomorrow, it's a winning forecast, ocean 72 and low risk for rip currents with an afternoon sea breeze tomorrow and the temperature at 79. the exclusive accuweather forecast upper 80s for tomorrow with the low humidity and turning muggy on friday. and calling it unsettled at times, and the warm fronts comes in in the morning and future tracker at 7:00 a.m. with downpours and thunderstorms around and not a washout like yesterday or friday and expect pop-ups to occur all throughout the day on friday. but the cold front to the west wipes the humidity away and refreshing and sunny for
4:51 pm
saturday of 86 and sunshine dominates on sunday of 87 degrees and clouds are increasing on the 4th of july in the afternoon and something i was worried about and a southern system i was worried about that is rushing in monday evening and we'll continue to track the changes with that at 86, and most of monday looks dry and tuesday an unsettled day of 90 degrees. at least 80% of the weekend is looking nice. >> we'll take it. >> thank you. >> what's the deal? with bike helmets coming up.
4:52 pm
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner's to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. all right what is the deal now. a lot of us love to ride our bikes during it's summer months but you have to be careful bike falls land thousands of people in the emergency room every
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year. here is nydia han with tips to keep you safe. >> a helmet can save your life but only 20% of adults wear one. elliot scott loves biking but two years ago he collided with a fellow biker at 30 miles per hour sending him flying through the air. >> the impact was hard be many bones were broken and my head came down hard on the pavement. >> they tested helmets to see how well they resisted impact and force. the chin straps and buckles were also tested for stretching or breaking. consumer reports checked for ventilation too by judging air flow at high speeds, some of the helmets have mit technology aimed to reduce force at an angle and mitts may lower the risk of traumatic brain injury. >> we found it reduces 23% to
4:55 pm
43%. the scott rx plus for $125 and the bell gauge for $195 and the bell draft for $60 were waemed. >> we found good helmets without mitts. >> the cannondale quick for $40 and the inexcept for $22. it's essential to always wear a helmet, just ask elliot. >> if i didn't have my helmet on i'm pretty sure i would have been killed. >> for maximum effectiveness make sure it fits properly and the straps fit like a y around the ears. i'm nydia han, channel 6 "action news." and finally at 4:00, a curious cat caused a lot of damage at a shelter in florida. the humane society president says that the cats were playing when some how one of them turned on a faucet.
4:56 pm
and water flowed through the pompono beach building during the night causing $5,000 in damage. cabinets and drywall and flooring all have to be ripped out. the shelter learned its lesson and already installed new faucet handles. >> hopefully cat proof. >> yes, that will do it for "action news" at 4:00. i'm brian taff, hope you'll join me along with sharrie tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. now, here monica malpass with a look ahead. >> coming up next at 5:00 a strike threat is looming in atlantic city. the deal casinos are trying to strike with their workers before the holiday weekend hits. and gun activists looking to lobby for gun control. and putting on the go thanks to a converted dart bus.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass.
4:59 pm
the clock is ticking in atlantic city tonight as casino workers prepare to strike. five of the city's eight casinos have less than 48 hours to reach a deal if they don't the cash strapped city could be in more dire straights going into a busy holiday weekend. rick is off and brian taff is joining us and the big story is the strike threat in atlantic city. >> john rawlins is live in atlantic city with the details here. >> reporter: friday is the key date but the actual deadline hour has not been announced. we are told that talks when on today and are scheduled for all day tomorrow. five casinos belong to two different groups, caesars has three of them and carl icon has interest in the other two. the casinos are not talking today but the union is. strike organizers are making
5:00 pm
picket signs. in the dark days the union members gave back benefits equal to 1500 there's a worker and now they say the surviving casinos are thriving. >> we gave it back in 2011 when the economy went back and i want my holidays paid and keep my benef benefits. >> when we gave those things up so when things get better we need those things back. >> we are in talk with ballies and caesars and taj mahal and tropicana. >> the average wage of $11.74 has grown little and asking for a $3 hike over five years. perhaps the biggest hurdle will be the taj mahal. two years ago a bankruptcy judge terminated healthnd


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