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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  June 30, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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female driver is looking to get clear of the criminal case. proposed new jersey gas tax vote takes place today. >> let's get weather and traffic with david and karen, david is this going to be a ten today? >> reporter: yes, it's going to be warm, if you're outside toiling, it's going to be hot you'll want cool drinks. beautiful day, lack of sunshine on sunshine -- lack of clouds on the way. 60s in trenton and wilmington, 70 for the early morning stroll next to the water in cape may. dewpoints morning are lower in the 50s in most neighborhoods. that's definitely feeling comfortable, 66-degree reading in cape may. 62 in dover. humid to the south, most of us are enjoying a comfortable start. if you want to get out there and
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get your exercise done. 70 degrees by 7:00 a.m. low humidity, 10:00 a.m., 78. it starts to get warmer in the afternoon. 83 by noon. the high 87 degrees by 3:00 p.m. under mostly sunny skies with low humidity. karen, changes coming in the seven day. it gets more humid and as times stormy tomorrow and a bit of a change for the 4th. >> reporter: we should enjoy today while we can, we have no weather weather-related problems, this guy is stuck on the road. i-95 at front street disabled vehicle. let's look in chester county we have a problem with a downed tree it continues to block phoenixville pike in both directions between spring mill drive and warner lane. stick to 29. ben franklin bridge looking good, just a few cars out and about, westbound traffic, roads clear and dry, no big issues there. hopping into new jersey, extra
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overnight construction that caused so many headaches cleared at 5:00 a.m. moving better. they had three lanes blocked, everything is moving okay on 42. >> police say teenagers got their hands on a gun in germantown, the curious kids began to play with the weapon when it went off shooting a 1-year-old in the face. anne -- annie mccormick is outside police headquarters with more. >> reporter: investigators believe the teens were playing with the weapon before it went off tragically killing the 1-year-old. a teenager turned himself in with a family member, we're waiting to hear more about that from police. before 5:30 yesterday evening, police responded to the back beyond a reasonable doubt of a home on walnut lane. >> there a man found his son.
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>> words is unexplainable. he was too young to die. he don't deserve it. >> reporter: "action news" was there as the family processed the news, detectives and crime scene investigators focused their attention on the back yard where the young man was found. it is believed he was with several friends. they may have been playing with the gun when it went off. teen's neighbors are in shock. >> i heard fireworks one time. >> it's unbelievable. it's the first time i ever heard somebody got shot. and now cease-fire p-a is plan to go hold a vigil at 5:00 p.m. on that block. back to you. >> the search continues for the tax passenger who stabbed the driver in camden.
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surveil video shows the attacker squeezing out the back window and running away as the cab crashed into a parked car. the cabbie is recovering. family members say he wrecked the cab on purpose in hopes of getting help. a reading police officer is looking to be officially cleared of all charges in shocking incident he was seen punching a female driver in april. katherine scott has reaction from the woman live from the satellite center. >> reporter: matt, the officer appeared in court for his preliminary hearing, after four hours, the district judge decided to dismiss all charges. let's go to the video of the officer walking out of court with his lawyer after the charge were dropped. here's video from early april when the officer confronted a driver in reading. it was around 12:30 p.m., the officer pulled over the 30-year-old for reportedly not using her turn signal even though surveillance video shows
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he did. he finds out she doesn't have a driver's license. he grabbed and tossed her cell phone she was using to record him. she sat in jail for three days until charges were dropped. lamp the district attorney charged the officer a four year veteran with the fours with tampering with evidence and other offenses. the officer's said the woman refused orders and assaulted the client first, the driver and passenger were stunned. >> she don't know how the law works around here, pretty much he got away with it. >> the officer is a good guy trying to do his job, if you comply with the request of police officers on the street. we have a place to challenge that and the place to challenge is our courthouse. >> the district attorney said
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he and his staff will review the case before they refile charges. an internal investigation will be completed before they decide the future within the department for this officer. we're live in the satellite center, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> be -- okay, katherine, thank you. turkey issue meet -- turkish state media said 13 suspects have been detained over the airport bombing, a former tsa official said it's not enough. >> what's on the outside of an airport, glass, glass with an explosive like that will cost more dam from a smament standpoint that will i happen reflect mass casualties. >> military officials claim
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airstrikes in the iraq killed 250 isis militants leaving fallujah. >> gas tax hike in new jersey goes up for a vote in the state senate. if approved, drivers pay 23 cents more for gas starting tomorrow. itit will add up to $100 a year. governor christie plans to slash the sales tax 1% to off set the prices at the pump. the gas tax revenue goes toward repairing roads and bridges. a mouth watering way to ring in the fourth of july. action cam is inside the national constitution center where volunteers are constructing a 6-ton hoagie. it is part of the wawa welcome america celebration. they will march the hoagie to
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independence mall where it will be sliced up for free servings at lunchtime for the public. >> you can march a half ton of that over here. >> it's a great day to sit outside an enjoy that hoagie. >> reporter: it's a fantastic day, they couldn't pick a better one. sky6 live hd lots of sunshine coming up over the platt bridge. we have low humidity across the majority of the region really feeling nice as you step outside. 67 degrees, dewpoints in the pursues where we like. the winds from the north northwest where the dry air resides, 7 miles per hour. a light breeze, but comfortable. satellite shows you lack of cloud cover, too, there's weather in pittsburgh and ohio, but generally speaking mostly sunny skies and warm. 72 degrees, comfortable by
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8:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m., 78 degrees, if there's a complaint about today it's going to be that it's going to get warm. not all that humid, lots of sunnen and 87 degrees, keep the cool drengs handy if you're -- drinks handy if you're outside toiling. mid 80s in wilmington and millville. down the shore, beach temperatures topping out close to 80 degrees, a closer look at that shows there will be an afternoon sea breeze keeping the temperatures on or about 80. 71 in the water. uv index is high. make sure you use the sunscreen. it's more of the same in cape may and tad warmer in bethany beach and rehoboth beach today. before dawn up to noon, we could have drenchers or pocket of precipitation. the deal tomorrow, the humidity will come zipping back, as you
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step outside, it will be stickier and in the afternoon we could have tropical humidity. with the front come we'll fire up drenching downpours this is the 5:00 p.m. view and gusty thunderstorms here and there. 7:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m., there's still some of this coming through, this model wants to put it over the i-95 corridor. i can't vouch this is the placement we'll see. you get the idea, off and on don pours. tomorrow, showers and thunderstorms, muggy, high of 86. back to the nice weather for saturday and sunday, mid 80s lots of sun. the change comes on monday, the 4th of july looking perhaps unsettled over the last 18 to 24 hours, models are beginning to projects a faster approaching storm system from the west.
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we'll have showers on sunday and chance of a late-day thunderstorm, the 4th might go south forecast. this is the change that's beginning to pop up on the models, not a sure thing, yet. >> maybe the parade is not as you would like it to be, fireworks that night. weather move out in time? >> reporter: no, no, i tried to put a happy face on it 5:41. several people including seven children were stuck on a rollercoaster. we'll tell you how they got them down. >> reporter: a trooper is not a accused of wrong doing after body slamming a person in louisiana. >> reporter: you no problems looking here, we'll take you to
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fort washington. >> we we have a preview to ths this week's "fyi philly." there's one place where america's pastime is preserved for all time.
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view here on sky6 live hd be look at that perfect sunrise coming up in atlantic city. 5:44, 67 degrees, that looks like willie wonka space he
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elevator. >> reporter: kudos for stephanie getting these great shots. we have no weather-related problems as you head out coming from the suburbs into the city. 309, live in for fort washingto, light volume coming in from perkisie or montgomeryville no problems just yet. vine street expressway, westbound volume eastbound is moving okay. westbound heading toward the schuylkill expressway not a jam just yet. you can see that in the making. tonight the crews will be back at 11:00, shut the vine down in both directs. let's continue our camera tour and hop into delaware county. traffic is moving nicely, no major problems out there. how about the weather, look at this beautiful shot on sky6 live hd looking at the platt bridge, gorgeous today, the high 87 degrees, you'll see lots of
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beautiful sunshine until the sun sets at 8:33. enjoy the sunrise and a day full of sun. >> new this morning, we're hearing from the i don't think riders who were stuck on the rollercoaster in oklahoma city yesterday. they were rescued one by one down a cat walk. >> i was excited to get on it again. >> the children took the scare in stride. nobody was hurt. the fire chief said the silver bullet ride didn't make it over a hill. >> a trooper in new orleans was caught body slamming a man on bourbon street. the trooper had just finished shift early saturday morning when he was asked to step into a bar because michael hoffman refused to leave. >> stand back stand back. >> police are not identifying
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the trooper and say there is no need for an investigation, because hoffman wasn't listening to the state trooper or even his own brother who was seen in the black shirt after they were asked to leave. hoffman faces a number of charges including public intoxication. an illinois bar is getting reputation for serving big spender. nicole was working on father's day, one customer picked up a tab for another customer and left a 500-dollar tip. nicole's father came into the public and picked up that customer's tab and added another 500-dollar tip on top of it. that's the 6th time in a year, an employee has received a tip of $1,000. "fyi philly" outdoor dining options and summer hair trends, here's karen rogers with a preview. >> reporter: people are looking for a shift when it comes to
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summer. it's all about choosing a style that's easy to do and easy maintain. >> these are highlights. you see subtle highlights. >> reporter: it's a style issue way to keep the hair off your face on a supper day. >> if you're looking for a slight update. try an aissemi metric bob. >> that's a look, right. >> it's fun for the summer it will keep her cool. something if you're trying a fun new color, nick recommends the oil slick. >> rainbow hair is getting all the attention, this is a little more subtle than going out rainbow hair.
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>> you can see it on "fyi philly" saturday on 6abc at 7:00 p.m. a close call for people who dodged a car that slammed into a midwest hair salon. >> reporter: we were talking about the dewpoints being over in the 60s, this morning they are down in the in the 50s frome may to dover. it's more comfortable this morning than it was the last couple of mornings. we'll have the day planner next and let's you know where the temperatures are going today. if you're using this toothpaste,
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keep on track with dunkin' donuts' fruit smoothies, made with low-fat yogurt and real fruit blended into feel-good flavors like new wildberry. american runs on dunkin'. into feel-good flavors like new wildberry. main break may be to blame for a sinkhole in berks county. the giant crater is on abington drive in wymissing.
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seven homes and area businesses are without water service. crazy. >> reporter: yeah, unfortunate for them, right? let's see what the commute looks like outside let's see what's going on on it is schuylkill expressway, not a whole lot just yet. approaching belmont. an easy 14 minute ride in either direction. mass transit is looking good, we have the media/elwyn busing through september, and 10 and 15 is shuttle busing, too. >> reporter: 67 in center city is not too shabby. 62 in hammonton. 70 in sea isle city, where you see this brighter shade of yellow it's humid in places like dover and sea isle city. if you're running errands, 8:00 a.m., comfortable, low humidity, 72. lots of sun, 78 by 10:00. this afternoon does get warm.
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we'll see a high of 87 decrease. we'll get that at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon, mid 80s to 4:00 p.m. mostly sunny. despite the warmth, the humidity is low. it will be comfortable. >> when storms roll in that will be soon, but not today, you can go to cameras recorded a hair raising experience for worker at a beauty salon in illinois. no warnings as the car crashed into the business in willamette, yesterday afternoon. the 83-year-old driver hit the gas instead of the brakes. the salon plans to reopen sometime today despite the fact they had a hole in the front because of the car.
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>> man oh, man, are we getting great sunrises this morning, this is from the ben franklin bridge. looks like the sun is going to bounce from the camden side all the way over to philadelphia and we're going to play volleyball. >> with the sun? >> with the yellow ball, yes we could do that, 86 degrees, it's going to be a wonderful day. fbi needs help identifying an armed bank robber who use his all kinds of disguises. he uses everything from a mask to straw hats and pillow case
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with holes cut out for eyes. detectives released a sketch of the robber, as well. i guess we have all these pictures which is good enough. there's the sketch. that's the sketch. they hope that the pictures or the sketch will lead them to new clues. governor state budget is waiting for the signature of jack markell that allows increase in spending for the new fiscal year. the state house will be take a vote on the slightly altered version of the budget bill. it calls for a 5% increase in spending and new funds for public schools. it's not as much as governor wolf requested. the sense he will sign the budget since it got a yes vote from every state democrat yesterday. armed ambush, a woman tells
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police she was attacked along a walking trail in delaware. later how anticonservive claims against facebook will impact your account.
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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m., thursday, june 30th. here's what's going on. >> police believe several teens were playing with a gun when it went off killing a 1-year-old -- 13-year-old boy. >> atlantic city workers might go on strike right before a holiday weekend. kerry washington is part of a film that honors the


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