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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  June 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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playing in this house, an abandoned house. they played with the gun and passed it aaround from kid to kid and the 15-year-old fired it one time and it struck and killed a 13-year-old. the vigil is held for the victim tonight. there is more on the vigil and charges the 15-year-old shooter now faces coming up in a live report at 5:00. also, breaking tonight and now, prosecutors just announced charges against a teen driver that struck and killed the school superintendant in robbinsville new jersey, dr. steven mayer and his dog both were killed. they determined that the teen was texting on her cell phone and drove away even know she knew what happened. her name is not released. she is charged with death by auto and leaving the scene of
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the accidents. the gas tax in new jersey will not be increasing at least for now. because the state senate does not like the bill that would raise the tax by 23 cents a gallon and also cut the sales tax. nora muchanic is live in trenton with the latest. >> hi there brian. there was lots of anticipation here today hundreds of construction workers hoping to have a vote but they walked away dispointsed. because the senate has concerns about how to fund desperately needed road repairs and they were not ready to take action today. >> it was suppose to be the day that the senate considered legislation to hike the gas tax 23 cent a gallon to pay for road and bridge projects in the state. they were going to pass the project for the transportation trust fund. >> it would create a lot of jobs, they need to vote yes and
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get it done. >> the assembly already approved the gas tax while lowering the sales tax. >> they are able to buy the basics, they don't care whether it's 6% or 7%. it's not worth the big hole in the budget. >> they did not produce a democrats that they could accept. and the republicans are reluctant to support it. >> i would say there is not a lot in our side swren to find a solution, we have to get it fixed. >> are you getting close? >> no. >> all i hear from democrats for two years as you have too is that this is a crisis and has to be done by june 30th, and here we are and the people are holding it up are the democrats in the senate. >> governor christie supports the gas tax and the sales tax cut. that he helped to broker.
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>> i think we'll go to the drawing board and keep working on it. i'm opposed to the gas tax and i am opposed to the gas tax in whatever form it is. >> the senate has work to do to hammer out a deal on this, but that is still on the table. the good news is, you don't have to worry about paying more at the pumps this holiday weekend. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you. >> governor chris christie is being vetted as a potential vice president for donald trump. sources familiar with the process has received his paperwork. christie has continuously defended trump through controversy saying they have been friends for 14 years. >> three atlantic city casinos are no longer facing a threat of strike this weekend. they reached a deal with union workers today. they were expected to trike
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through the busy holiday weekend. and caesars and bally's and harrah's reached and agreement. a virginia man will spend decades behind bars for kidnapping a woman in philadelphia. the crime happened in november of 2014 in german town, the video shows delvin barnes grabbing a woman and forcing her into his car. john rawlins is live now with the sentencing today. >> reporter: hi brian, the victim spoke in court and in a quiet voice spoke about life since that crime but has completed her schooling and is a certified nurse's assistant and he was diagnosed with ptsd and has flashbacks and thinks people are following her and literally at times checks under her own bed. remember this chilling video, a
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22-year-old student violently dragged and grabbed by a stranger into his car. and she went screaming and kicked out a car window, and three agonizing days later, authorities using a gps device tracking the car and the victim found alive in maryland. the kidnapper delvin barnes was arrest. he admitted he sexually exploited his captive, it was an act of desperation following a botched robbery. >> he intended the abduction because he had zip ties in his car and forced her into the trunk. that was his explanation as to how this started. the result was a forcibly abduction of a young woman off the street. >> he received a plea deal of 35 years in prison and will be well into his 70s when he is released. barnes had a violence pastp law
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enforcement credits the victim with keeping herself alive, convincing barnes to using an atm where cameras recorded him. >> he got him comfortable with her and that way he did not harm her. she made him care about her. >> the victim says she is satisfied with the plea deal of 35 years, the judge in this case. curtis joiner was vexed that this guy would ever get out of jail but barnes actually sobbed when he spoke in court that barnes was convicted nine times prior to the kidnapping and was just out of prison after a lengthy stay in that prison off assaulting his former wife. another stunner of a day, lets go outside to meteorologist, adam joseph.
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>> reporter: the low humidity and mixture of sunshine and clouds and seasonable temperatures. philadelphia we are sitting at 85 degrees, and north and west for the lehigh valley and trenton. 82 in wilmington and a sea breeze at the shore. upper 70s there with the ocean 73 and the poconos also in the upper 70s. again, the humidity remains low with the dew points in the 50s in the mid-atlantic and richmond at 67 degrees, for that dew point and the southerly winds continue to push the air to the north overnight tonight and throughout your friday. stormtracker 6 live double scan will show the eruption of those downpours and storms with the humidity in the carolinas and the panhandle of florida and all of this is lifting to the north and it turns unsettled as we go into your friday and temperature-wise for the next 12 hours, temperatures drop back into the upper 60s by early tomorrow morning. notice at 6:00 a.m., a cloud on the icon as it is unsettled here to end the week and more changes
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arriving on saturday, and we'll give you that 4 and of july forecast and the timing of the downpours and storms and how long they progress or if they do progress into the weekend. >> the holiday weekend is approaching, stay with, stormtracker 6 live double scan radar your best defense against rained out picnics and use facebook and twitter to follow our team of meteorologists. many people are kicking off their 4th of july weekend early by doing sightseeing around philadelphia. janet reyes is live around independence mall where it has been busy today janet. >> reporter: it has been, the list of things to do at independence mall goes on and on. we have seen free food and fun and games and you can't ignore this beautiful weather, law
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enforcement officials are making preparations of their own to make sure you are safe. even a kid knows the place to be on the days leading up to the 4th of july and it's easy to see why. >> what is the most exciting part of today? >> the music. the hoagies and how it's free, and they are so good. >> i got free hoagies today. >> and met new friends. >> thousands filled independence mall today one of the many days packed with activities, tonight at 9:00 attendees can watch the movie national treasure at penn's landing or the string band for the mummers summer concert. and the philadelphia orchestra will wow the crowd and several museums have free admission into the weekend. >> what do you think about philly? >> it's really fun. >> but while you are having fun
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local law enforcement is beefing of security to keep safe the tens of thousands of people that are expected to come out. >> we are working diligently with law enforcement agencies and the 4th of july will be one of the places to be. >> and while safety is the ultimate goal youngsters will remind you what they came here for. >> what are you trying to do this weekend? >> have fun. >> police won't go into detail about what they going to do exactly to make sure everyone is safe. as prepared as they are, they need your help. as the saying goes, if you see something say something and report it to law enforcement officials. in the meantime, have some fun as well. back inside to you. >> all right janet. good advice, have fun but be
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vigilant. >> yes. time for the "action news" traffic report. autumn marisa in for matt. >> we are here at gulph mills a disabled tractor trailer taking out the right lane and we were already backed up from the purn took and now back to 202 and the turnpike gate. we are waiting for a tow to get that out of there. we'll keep an eye on that. moving along and showing you speeds across the region, dipping down to the low teens and single digits on the schuylkill expressway eastbound and westbound, slow on the blue route and an earlier accident at broomall and that is cleared out of the way. another accident to report to you, this one is on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound right past the northeast expassenger taking out the left hand lane in the eastbound lanes. the vine street expressway slow
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going in the eastbound lanes up to 95 at a crawl. not bad if you make your way to the schuylkill in the westbound lanes. over to 95 we go through the construction zone at cotman, volume is starting to pick up there. we'll bring you an update in the next half hour. back to you. >> thank you. coming up the pentagon makes a big announcements on transgender people in the
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now to the latest in turkey season the death toll continues to rise in the wake of the triple suicide attack at istanbul's airport. a 25-year-old airport employee wounded in the attack has died from his injuries and that brings the death toll to at least 44. and today we are learning new information about the suicide bombers that targeted that airport. one of the world's busiest. looking for links to isis. turkish authorities carried out 16 raided arresting more than a dozen people. there are three suspected terrorists believed to be behind the attacks, one is from russia and two are from former severe
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yet republicans in central asia, pictures here after arriving at the airport in a taxi just before 10:00 tuesday night. >> they knew the places they wanted to be and acted in a coordinated fashion, and all are indications that that was a well orchestrated attack. >> they used automatic weapons and detonated three bombs, killing 44 people and injuring more than 230 others. homeland security confirms one american is among the injured. in the wake of the attack there will be stepped up security across the u.s. this holiday weekend. thank you. the pentagon will now allow transgender people to serve openly in the military. secretary, ash carter, made the announcement today. the qualifications are the only thing that matters and no other restrictions for serving in the military.
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here is a look at the closing numbers and gains across the board. the dow up 240 points and nasdaq up 63 and s&p up 23 points today. we have a consumer alert. the government is telling owners of older hyundai and accuras to stop driving them because the chances are high that the takata airbag inflaters could explode in a crash. they include 2001 and 2003 model years, at least 11 people have died and more than 100 people injured from the metal shrapnel from those airbags we a list of all the models and years at we have another check of the accuweather forecast. inching towards the holiday weekend. adam joseph is here to tell us there is a lot to think about
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from now until then. >> reporter: do i need to say more with this picture behind me? a sea of blue here in cape may. folks there enjoying the sand and sea breeze and full sunshine and a perfect thursday and yes changes loom on the horizon. as we look at allentown 85 and 85 in philadelphia and 82 in wilmington, you see the 70s at the immediate shore and dover 79 with the wind coming in from the southeasterly direction. we look at satellite and radar, we are good, a few cumulous clouds pulling up from the south. showers and downpours getting going here in the carolinas and all of this is lifting through the northern part of the mid-atlantic region. and eventually the northeast as we go into the end of the week. just a few patchy clouds dancing through the sky and turning muggy 63 and 66 in millville and upper 60s along the shore. and again the dew point numbers that is a measure of the
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moisture in the air, we are in the 60s now and stays there until 8:00 tonight and bump to 63 at 2:00 in the morning but by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morn you'll feel the tropical humidity and dew point 68 and back into the 70s tomorrow afternoon and that gets us into trouble with downpours and thunderstorms. 7:00 tomorrow morning showing scattered downpours and showers around and then we start to see more in the way of action around lunch time especially south of philadelphia, any of these will contain heavy rainfall and gusty winds and vivid lightning. and a cold front approaching from the north and west. this is hit or miss and will push off the coast on saturday as the cold front wipes through and we start to dry out the atmosphere for the weekend. for your get away forecast, hazy at the shore tomorrow with a scattered storm and 76 and the
4:21 pm
city humid with numerous pop-ups around and many downpours and thunderstorms tomorrow in the poconos with the temperature of 74. your four day at 4:00 forecast. tomorrow again very unsettled with the pop-ups at any given time at 84 degrees but the cold front again pushes everything off the coast in time for the weekend so it's picture perfect and low humidity, 84 here saturday and sunny and warm and comfy on sunday and 86. and sunshine on the 4th of july and clouds in the afternoon and it looks like rain should hold off until at least the evening hours on monday with a temperature of 86 degrees. a really nice weekend despite rocky at times tomorrow. >> thank you adam. still ahead tonight. there are a few animals at the philadelphia zoo celebrating birthdays, plus the donkeys are getting ready to be installed in philadelphia ahead of the democratic convention.
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the democratic national convention will descend upon philadelphia in exactly 25 days and we are awaiting the delegates and the donkey as rived. fiberglass donkeys are being installed across the city. this one saluting the delegation from colorado makes their spot outside of union league on broad street. the donkeys around town represent the 50 states, 5 u.s. territories and washington, d.c. and democrats aboard. the mural arts program worked with the delegations to capture what they want to showcase, the tens of thousands of visitors headed to our city for the big event. red rendell wants people to get a first peek of the art display. >> we wanted the people to get a real chance to see them first.
4:26 pm
the delegates arrive on the 24th, you'll have three weeks for the people of philadelphia. >> he had stern words of keeping the donkeys safe, surveillance is set up for each and every donkey and the city is taking the consequences seriously, after the convenience they can either ship theirs home or leave them here and proceeds go to the artists who created them. if you are wondering what the pennsylvania donkey looks like. i'll zoom back in. you can find the pennsylvania donkey at the double tree hotel at the corner of broad and locust. they are cool and look amazing around downtown. do not mess with the donkeys you have been warned. >> thanks. a center for local veterans are celebrating big upgrades today. the archdiocese of philadelphia
4:27 pm
showed off the renovations at the operating base, cecelia in coatesville. the center has a new kitchen, a laundry facility and a disabled access lift. since opening in 2013, it provides service to 500 service members. the philadelphia zoo is holding a weekend long bash to celebrate some birth daze. several of the lions, and tigers and leopard are celebrating birthdays this week they got treats today and there will be activities all week long for zoo guests. >> next on "action news," we are learning new details about a man hit by a car and killed while waiting at a bus stop this afternoon. and police believe the driver responsible was under the influence.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. hello again 4:30 now "action news" continues with an arrest in the sexual assault case where the victim was attacked in broad daylight. and this famous painting was stolen from a local home 40 years ago, tonight the fbi is asking for help tracking it down. >> and an nfl star hurt a year ago shares his story to warn about the real dangers of
4:30 pm
fireworks his powerful message coming up in big talkers. >> and first "action news" is learning new information about it's man hit and killed in a crash this afternoon. police say he was standing at a bus stop along roosevelt boulevard near northampton road when a suspected drunk driver hit him. sara bloomquist is live at the scene with the full story. >> reporter: sharrie, the victim of this crash lived around the corner at a drug and control facility in the northeast. this morning he was standing at this bus stop behind me on the sidewalk when the pickup truck hit is the curb. the police believe the young man was under the influence. >> it could have been me, because we all use this bus stop. >> michael salman was one of anderson's roommates at the drug and alcohol treatment facility located at south hamilton and roosevelt boulevard he came out
4:31 pm
this morning after 11:30, saw police and learned his friend was hit and killed while waiting for the bus at this stop on the boulevard. >> i just recently talked to him and i know that he is not here no more and what really happened blows my mind. >> witnesses tell us that the driver of this green pickup truck ran the light and somehow collided with the white sedan, he died in route to the hospital. previously homeless anderson lived at the treatment facility for 10 months and was turning his life around. >> he was happy because he heard about a new job position that he got, because and he was happy because he was down about financing and things were working out better for him. we laughed about it and wished him well and that was last night and now -- >> police tell "action news"
4:32 pm
that the 25-year-old driver of the pickup truck is charged with driving under the influence. >> he was on the right track because he was, you know, he was changing his life and he had good people backing him whatever treatment he was receiving was working. officials tell us that anderson leaves behind a daughter and other family members in philadelphia. live in northeast philadelphia, i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. from our delaware newsroom today. state police have arrested a man they believe is responsible for a brazen sexual assault, detectives say that dekwan rodriguez confessed to the crime and showed a weapon and forced the victim into a secluded area. he is facing rape, robbery and
4:33 pm
possession of a deadly weapon. we are learning new detailed about an officer-involved shooting in fredericka, delaware state police say this is a picture of what ramon hudson was waiving at officers, it looks like a gun but it turns out that the officer that shot and killed hudson is on administrative leave. firefighters in montgomery township spent part of their day checking on residents smoke detecters, members of the department of health and members of the red cross, the group installed 10 new smoke detecters. and mayor jim kenney joined officials from septa at the visitors center to reveal the new sign today. transit officials say the updated name will help visitors find their way to the major
4:34 pm
landmark. septa is trying to make their service more tourist friendly. it's time to head down to the shore. meteorologist, melissa magee, is now live in ventnor where there is a barbecue going on on the beach and melissa is at the helm of the grill. >> you know that i had to fire up the grill guys because we are getting ready for the 4th of july weekend and we have essentially a beach side barbecue here in ventnor and i have rich here manning the grill and ella she is going to the third grade next year and she is my helper. we have live music. how is everybody doing? >> woo! >> we have live music and vendors and a whole lot of fun. we have congress hall and a b bicentennial celebration. >> congress hall in cape may is
4:35 pm
celebrating 200 year sfwlz it's amazing to think about a place being here in 1816 when there was just 20 stars on the flag and the country was only 50 years old and. >> and while it has been renovated and has modern conveniences and services the past is represented. >> the bones of this place is still the same and the stairs still creek a little bit and to us that is a good thing. >> the steps bear the names of the presidents that stayed here. >> it hark ened back to the presidents that stays with us. >> and bars served up seasonable cocktails and the blue pig offers first class dining. >> the family friendly atmosphere has generations coming back year after year. >> people come here to be with their loved ones and relax and have a good time and forget about the work a day world so to speak. >> this stretches through labor
4:36 pm
day. >> we have having a giant birthday party all summer long. >> all right you guys, not only are they having a birthday party there in cape may, we are celebrating the fourth everywhere, we have the remedy band behind us and we are moving and grooving and you can see it -- everybody is having a great time here, they are hiding and i'll put them on television. coming up in the next half hour it's all about the 4th of july and the celebrations and fireworks and the fun, i know you guys wish you were here. i'm tired and the party is just getting started. brian an sharrie sending it back inside to you. who is hungry? don't mind if i do? >> she has the best job. >> she has food and feet in the sand and is dancing. line dancing -- this is what i want to be doing right now. alicia? yes, yes all of us. >> we'll go back to the shore
4:37 pm
later. >> and one of philadelphia's delicious 4th of july traditions is back and bigger than ever. wawa featured a sandwich weighing 6 tons, volunteers assembled the hoagie this morning before serving it to the public for free along independence mall. festivities were dedicated to our home town military heroes, and cadets from the youth academy are experiencing what it takes to be a police officer. >> today was the community service portion of their two week training portion. the cadets when to the sunday breakfast mission to sort goods. they started the youth academy to create a positive relationship with the youngest residents to teach them about responsible. >> a group of young campers in wilmington came together to fight cancer, they sold lemonade to benefit alex's lemonade
4:38 pm
foundation. they did it all in honor of one of their classmates to beat the disease. and they had a lot of customers come out to support their cause. still ahead on "action news" today, a new reason not to eat raw cookie dough and this has nothing to do with concerns about eggs. >> and then in big talkers an nfl star shares his real life experience and the dangers of fireworks. and adam joseph is back with the full 4th of july forecast.
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4:40 pm
four decades after it was stolen in cherry hill. the fbi hopes you can help track down a piece of art. this is known as "taking a
4:41 pm
break," the work of renowned artist norman rockwell but was stolen back on this day in 1976 and was never recovered. anybody that may know where it is or who took, is asked to call the fbi or police. it's a sweet proposal that will not happen. late this afternoon hershey chocolate's board unanimously rejected a take over bid from the maker of oreos, they offered $23 billion to buy hershey, the plan was to protect jobs and keep the company name hershey and relocate the global headquarters to hershey, pennsylvania. the board said there was no need for further discussion. the fda is warning people not to eat raw cookie dough not because of the raw eggs, this time they are warning about uncooked flour in the wake of an
4:42 pm
e. coli outbreak linked to general mills products. at least 30 people in 20 states have been sickened. big talkers now and as we head into this 4th of july holiday weekend, we have a personal plea to play it stave with fireworks from a public figure who knows a thing or two about the dangers. >> in a second or two it brew off my whole hand. >> that is new york giants defensive end, jason pierre paul or as he is known, jpp. he lit a professional grade fire work and it blew up while still in his hand. they show a reenactment and what happened to his hand. he lost an index finger and severely injured the rest of his hand. >> i can only think about my
4:43 pm
son. i am truly blessed to be alive. >> the consumer safety commission is behind this psa. and by the way even sparklers are dangerous. please leave the fireworks to the pros. and we are about to burst your balloon here, well 100 balloons, and the cutie doing the popping broke a guinness world record. talk about strategy, that is squeaky, from california, breaking the record by bursting 100 balloons in 30.9 seconds, take that kallie dog over in the uk considering your 41 second record. yesterday's news. now a passion for popping is in the family, twinkie's mother,
4:44 pm
anastasia previously held the record. it's in the family. >> what is the training process, annoying? >> lets gets a check of the roads right now. autumn marisa in for matt. >> reporter: hi sharrie and brian, we'll burst some bubbles on the schuylkill expressway if you head from 202 in the eastbound lanes, we have a disabled tractor trailer that has been towed out of the way that is good news but still down to one lane from the 202 and turnpike that should take you 6 minutes right now taking you 25 minutes, the whole length of the schuylkill from the blue route to the vine but the commute from king of prussia to the vine street a whopping 50 minutes right now. looking at speeds across the region, down into the teens on the schuylkill and the blue route. we had an earlier accident in the southbound lanes near broomall. that is slowing us down in the southbound lanes as well. and one of our slower roadways
4:45 pm
is the 42 freeway, at creek road we see the volume pick up as they start their holiday weekend early. definitely seeming more like a friday than a thursday afternoon out there. and on the eastbound lanes of the turnpike, right past the northeast extension an accident taking out the left hand lane and what is out there for a time now. we'll keep an eye on things and bring you an update in the next half hour. >> thank you autumn. adam joseph is standing by with the accuweather forecast. coming up next.
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4:48 pm
the weather department. and then we smooth it out into the holiday weekend itself. it was a picture perfect day today. a few clouds here and there, but no rain we are tracking but this time tomorrow this radar will be completely different and rather active. 85 in philadelphia, trenton as well as the lehigh valley, and 82 in wilmington and the sea breeze is at the shore with the wind coming in off the water, it's choppy on the ocean side and the temperatures in the upper 70s. satellite and radar, a few clouds pulling in from the south and that is the way it will remain overnight tonight. and dry and patchy clouds, with the humidity that is suppressed to the carolinas is finally released to the north with a southerly wind and it turns muggy overnight. and 63 in the suburbs and 69 in center city with a light wind around 2 to 4 miles per hour. future tracker 6, 8:00 tomorrow morning a warm front comes through and we'll see scattered
4:49 pm
downpours and storms tomorrow. it's not a washout, not everyone will encounter one of these pop-ups but they will occur anywhere at any time. and 2:00 in the afternoon you see the action south and west of philadelphia as we await a cold front from the west, 8:00 tomorrow evening, still dealing with lines of thunderstorms around and those very heavy downpours and then the cold front pulls through early on saturday morning, it's perfect timing for the weekend 3:30 a.m. on saturday, and even the clouds are beginning to push off the coast. tomorrow with the pop-ups the biggest concern is vivid lightning and torrential downpours and some could have moderate risk for strong winds and the tornado threat for the large hail and tornado threat is on the low side. if are you at the shore, ocean 73 degrees humid and hazy and clouds at times and scattered thunderstorms around with the high temperature of 76 but i'll
4:50 pm
let meteorologist, melissa magee, talk about the better part of the weekend forecast down at the shore. enjoying some dancing and grilling and eating -- you know how to have a party down there. where did you learn it from? >> my mama taught me best. >> no credit? >> it runs if the family aj, i don't know what else to tell you. we are having a good time with our beach side barbecue, south of atlantic city and folks are on the beach and sand enjoying a beautiful afternoon. we have the shore forecast covered for you on saturday it looks to be better and better as we head into the weekend as adam mentioned. a high temperature of saturday 80 degrees and bright sunshine, it is perfect on sunday with plenty of sunshine and high temperature coming in at 80. for the 4 and of july holiday on monday, the clouds start to increase with a temperature of 78 degrees and could be showers by days end on monday, keep in
4:51 pm
mind that the ocean temperature is not bad in the lower 70s and a low risk of rip currents, make sure if you venture out into the ocean, you swim where lifeguards are on duty and present. we have little kids here and fans. wave hello guys. >> hello! >> they are having some fun down at the shore and we'll keep the party going in the next hour we'll break out some more moves. how about that? >> i look forward to it. if you head to the poconos for the upcoming weekend, low 70s for highs on saturday and sunday and for monday for the 4th, sun and clouds and 76. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 84 tomorrow and humid with the pop-ups and again the weekend is looking great saturday and sunday, 84 to 86 degrees, clouds are on the increase and the 4th of july in the afternoon at this point it looks like the rain should hold
4:52 pm
off into the overnight hours of monday, very unsettled here with storms on tuesday of 83 and that will bring the heat and the humidity, the middle part of next week with temperatures climbing to near 90 degrees. i kind of wanted a tiny bit of credit for teaching her six years of what to do down there. her mom? she gets all the credit. >> mama mcghee. great woman. what is the deal? is next on "action news." today we take to you a new store that is sure to be a home run for fashion forward bargain hundredors. hello!
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don't just bank. bank human. we have a great new store where you can make cash from whatever is cluttering your closet and get a discount on new clothes all in one trip. here is nydia han to explain.
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>> this new boutique is run by a mother and daughter team and it's not a typical consignment store. >> the typical woman that likes to get a good deal and likes to shop. >> did you hear of plato's closet. style encore is its big sister. you'll find casual attire here. >> and jimmy choo to athletic sneakers, some popular brands are lost and white house black market. >> you'll fine louis vuitton and tory birch. expect prices that are about 70% off retail. and if are you looking to sell your gently used things you'll like the way it works. >> it's not an appointment, it's on a first come first serve basis. we buy all the time all season. >> a computer generates a price
4:56 pm
and then immediate gratification, you get cash on the spot you don't have to wait for the stuff to sell. you get it that day. >> style encore is run by the same mother and daughter team that runs plato's closet next door. >> my daughter manages the store and she knows a lot about business. >> we get along really well and it's fun. >> for location and store hours go to i'm nydia han, channel 6 "action news." >> we all love a good deal. >> yes, that will do it for "action news" at 4:00. for brian taff and alicia vitarelli i'm sharrie williams. join me along with brian and ducis rogers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. >> now here is monica malpass with a look at what is coming up at 5:00. a teen is facing serious charges after police say he
4:57 pm
accidentally shot and killed his friend. and a sentence today for a man that abduct aid woman kicking and screaming off the street. and hundreds of people are invited to join to the academy of arts and sciences. that and more coming your way next at 5:00.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. you know -- oh my god he got shot, he got shot. >> right now a vigil is getting underway for a 13-year-old who police say was accidentally shot and killed by his close friend. tonight that friend is facing charges in a situation that many are calling simply tragic. thursday night and rick is off and brian taff joins us, the big story is the investigation into the accidental shooting in allentown. >> it happened this time last night on the unit block of east walnut lane that is where we find "action news" reporter, chad pradelli live with the details tonight. >> reporter: brian, you can hear the music and see the
5:00 pm
philadelphia cease fire caravan and that vigil is set to get underway any minute now, police tell me that a 15-year-old is charged with involuntarily manslaughter and allegedly found the gun in a house a few doors down and shot his friend. >> they are like you know -- oh my god, he got shot, he got shot. >> tia reed said the fear in her son's face was one she had never seen. her son and several friends were playing basketball in the backyard like they often do and they ened up in a vacant home next door. >> they found a gun and passed it around from kid to kid and unfortunately the 15-year-old pointed it and fired it one time and struck and killed the 13-year-old. >> you heard the loud pop, and i'm like what is that? i see them running from the back and i'm running from the kitchen -- >> a source says that


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