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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 19, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, the republican national convention, melania trump speaking to america about her husband's kindness and compassion. but allegations of plagiarism overshadowing her appearance. >> that your work is your bond and you do what you say and keep your promise. >> that your word is your bond, that you do what you say you're going to do. >> oh, her comments sounding a lot like michelle obama's speech. this morning the trump campaign responds. delegates walk out after a fight on the convention floor. we're live in cleveland. >> medical mystery. new fears about the zika virus after a caregiver in the u.s. is infected while looking after someone with the virus. severe storms turn deadly. over 100 million americans are about to experience the worst
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heat wave in a long time. good morning, day two of the republican national convention gets under way today with the theme, make america work again, after a very eventful day one. >> yeah, it was. >> complete with a delegate revolt and keynote kicking up controversy. >> yes, it wouldn't be a convention without controversy. donald trump made a grand entrance looking beyonce style here appearing in silhouette flanked by blinding white lights and broke tradition by taking the stage on day one to introduce his wife, melania. she used her ten-minute speech to show her husband's softer side but some were strikingly familiar to michelle obama's speech eight years ago. the latest from stephanie ramos live at the convention site in cleveland. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: kendis and diane, good morning. there was so much buzz about the big headliner for night one,
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donald trump's wife melania. well, guess what there still the. #melania is trending on twitter and for all the wrong reasons. day one of the republican national convention proved to be as unconventional as expected. ♪ we are the champions >> reporter: donald trump popping up the very first day to introduce his wife melania. >> an amazing mother, an incredible woman, melania trump. >> reporter: melania taking the stage introducing herself to america and making the case for her husband. >> he's tough when he has to be but he's also kind and fair and caring. >> reporter: her speech though sparking controversy with allegations of plagiarism, some portions of the speech sounding nearly identical to first lady michelle obama's 2008 convention speech. >> we want our children and all children in this nation to know that the only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dream and your
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willingness to work for them. >> reporter: the convention got off to a chaotic start. delegates on the floor trying and failing to take steps to block trump's nomination. >> in the opinion of the chair the ayes have it. >> reporter: the night's theme was to make america safe again. meant to focus on national security but the theme that took over, the case against hillary clinton. >> who would trust hillary clinton to protect them? i wouldn't. would you? >> all: no. >> reporter: but inside the clinton campaign's war room, staffers watched the rnc and fired back swiftly with videos, tweets, also from cleveland. the trump campaign defending melania trump's speech this morning saying melania's team of writers took notes on her own life inspirations and included fragments that reflected her own thinking. kendis and diane, back to you. >> all right, a lot of people talking about that one today.
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stephanie ramos live in cleveland, thank you. okay, so as she mentioned it did set off a flurry of criticisms on social media. all over the place. for a more in-depth look we want to play the lines in question. i guess there were two of them side by side. the first lady's speech. take a listen. >> both: raised with so many of the same values -- >> that you work hard for what you want. >> you work hard for what you want. >> that your work is your bond. >> that your word is your bond. >> that you keep your promise. >> that you treat people -- >> with respect. >> with the dignity and respect even if you don't know them and even if you don't agree with them. and barack and i set out to build lives guided by these value s and to pass them on the next generation because we want all children in this nation to know that the only limits of the height of your achievement is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work hard
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for them. >> and your willingness to work for them. >> as you can see there, two main paragraphs in the speech very similar only two, three words different there. and aside from a statement, the trump campaign that stephanie mentioned did issue, donald trump tweeted that he's proud of his wife, calling her speech and her demeanor absolutely incredible and she did after the speech receive lots of praise for the message and for her poise, but people started digging and finding similarities and now it's changed quite a bit. >> about an hour or so later it all came out and "the new york daily news" no real supporter of donald trump, seizing the opportunity. >> absolutely, just saying, thanks, mrs. obama here pointing at his wife in the meantime. >> it's still early obviously in the day but no explanation yet on exactly how this happened. melania had said earlier that she got just a little bit of help from writers that she wrote a lot of the speech herself but
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trump came out saying she did have a team of writers so a lot of questions still left to be answered. >> their pr machine needs to get into gear. >> of course, lots of buzz about the convention with this and other topics that dominated social media overnight. >> yeah. >> these are the three most tweeted about it. melania's speech. trump introducing melania and rudy giuliani's speech when he addressed terrorism. the most retweeted tweet was hillary clinton's. she sent out a quote from giuliani in 2010 when he apparently said that clinton was doing a good job. clinton then added, republicans have a lot of nice things to say when it's not an election year. thanks, mayor giuliani. >> his speech was quite fiery, as well. abc's powerhouse political team is there in cleveland with exclusive reporting throughout the day and evening including a live special report to all time zones at 10:00 p.m. tonight. you can find a livestream of the convention on abc news digital. shifting gears now, one person is dead after a severe
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thunderstorm battered the northeast. a 26-year-old was killed in new jersey when downed wires fell on her car as she was trying to get out of it and uprooted many trees knocking out power for thousands of people. and there were several heavy hailstorms in new england yesterday like this one in phillips in the southern part of the state. a tornado was also reported in northern maine near the canadian border. and the central u.s. is facing dangerous heat this week. temperatures will be in the mid to upper 90s and are heading higher later in the week creates unsafe conditions. heat advisories and warnings posted in 16 states for 130 americans. experts say this could be the worst heat wave in a few decades. still ahead right here, new details from baton rouge where three police officers were gunned down as police release new images from the rampage. plus, a zika virus mystery. health officials are on alert after a caregiver was infected while treating someone else that had the virus. caught on camera. surprise for a paddle boarder after a humpback whale gets a
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little too close.
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an outpouring of emotion for the police officers ambushed in baton rouge. hundreds gathered for a candlelight vigil to honor the officers. earlier police said she's surveillance photos show the gunman intentionally targeted and assassinated the officers. the shooter was carrying two rifles and a pistol and was killed by a s.w.a.t. team sniper who fired from a hundred yards away. they believe if he wasn't taken down he would have caused more bloodshed. another cop was acquitted in
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connection with the death of freddie gray. gray suffered a fatal spinal injury while riding in the back of a police van sparking riots around the city but a judge ruled prosecutors did not prove that lieutenant brian rice willfully allowed him to be injured. three other officers have been acquitted. a fourth cop's trial ended in a mistrial. overseas the ax attack on board a german train may have been inspired by isis. german officials say a hand painted isis flag was found in the room of the attacker. a 17-year-old afghan refugee. four people from hong kong were injured and a woman off the train as well fled from the scene. it is sure to raise more debate about refugees in europe. germany has admitted nearly a million in the past year. the college student from california killed in last week's terror attack in france is being remembered today. friends of nicolas leslie gathered on uc berkeley's campus to remember his life and
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remembered him as upbeat, caring and charismatic with an infectious sense of humor. he was one of three killed in that attack. a powerful moment at the white house. president obama awarded the medal of honor to retired lieutenant colonel charles kettles, a vietnam war helicopter commander. kettles risked his own life running missions that daved more than 40 soldiers after an ambush. the president called him a wonderful inspiration. >> that, indeed. when we come back abc's one-on-one with ivanka trump. what she's saying about gop leaders skipping the convention. a man under arrest after causing a massive pileup at a bike race. bad headaches. they steal moments from my life. that's why i use excedrin. it starts to relieve migraine pain in just 30 minutes. and it works on sensitivity to light, sound, even nausea, all of it. it works fast, and lasts for hours. excedrin specializes in treating migraines.
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don't start humira if you have an infection. ready for a new chapter? talk to your rheumatologist. this is humira at work. so getting a boat into the water can be a little more complicated than it seems and this driver in washington state learned that the hard way launching his truck as well as his boat. miss say the man actually forgot to set his parking brake before he stepped out of the truck. the truck then rolled into the water, boat and all. >> oh, man. so drivers may be rolling through water in the entire deep south. ohio valley and up into the northern great lakess. roads will also be wet in the southern rockies. if you're flying expect airport delays in atlanta, charlotte and denver. well, a bit of controversy as republicans gather in cleveland today for day two of the convention. >> that's right. so melania trump praised her husband as a kind, caring family man but she's now under fire accused of stealing two lines from michelle obama's 2008
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convention speech. the theme of the night was make america safe again. former new york mayor rudy giuliani and others slammed hillary clinton and insisted trump would be great for national security. senator bob dole is the only past nominee in attendance at this year's gop convention. dole now 92 sat next to trump's running mate mike pence and melania actually gave him a shoutout during her speech recognizing him as a great veteran. many key republicans are not endorsing donald trump and not even going to the convention as you mentioned including the bush family, mitt romney and senator joplin mccain. now, lara spencer got reaction on the no-shows in a one-on-one interview with donald trump's trusted adviser, his daughter, ivanka. >> that's their choice. you know, if they don't want to be part of the narrative, if they don't want to be part of the future, that is their decision but this really is about a forward-looking moment. >> just over a year ago that you
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announced your father's presidential bid and in just a few days you'll do it again this time though as the presidential nominee. >> it's almost impossible to describe to travel around the country to meet so many people, to hear their enthusiasm for his candidacy. he's the people's candidate. >> and coming up at 7:00 we'll have more from the potential first daughter and how she plans to support her dad should he win the presidency. meanwhile, health officials are investigating a development in the zika virus. in utah a person caring for a zika infected relative also got the virus without sexual contact or a mosquito involved. at least not suspected. it's looking at how that person was infected. for those following today is a rest day in the tour de france but we have cycling to talk about and show you. this was the scene in china.
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watch as a man causes a massive crash. he walked straight through into a charging group of riders. they're about a mile from the finish and were going about 45 miles an hour. the guy who caused the crash was taken into custody. several riders suffered broken bones. and then this scene back here in california, half moon bay, a paddleboarder getting an up close look at a humpback whale, wait for it, the massive animal breaches the surface. >> oh. >> as it was feeding on herring. slow motion there, shows you just how close the encounter was. the woman on the paddleboarder says she plays the flute for the whales and they come to her. she surely couldn't have expected that. >> effective. >> her flute was really good. a note about next season's march madness for the first time ever the tournament's overall number one seed will get to choose the location where it will play its first and second round games. >> that is a big one right there. so that should save on travel at least.
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now though some highlights including some hoops from our guys at espn. they are playing basketball now. >> good morning, america. kevin connors, john anderson. a little something happened on the way to chris sales' bid for his major league leading 15th win? nobody throws complete games anymore and maybe they should. sales and the white sox, 14 wins, most of the majors going for 15, complete control. sale, eight innings pitched. one hit, no runs, 100 pitches and then in the ninth meltdown. david robertson gives up four runs including the go homer to adam lindsey. a three-run show and ms happy to go. 4-3 winners. mid-july. why do we care about a basketball game. bulls down three to the wolves, closing second, former michigan state star denzel valentine. that's a three-pointer to tie the game up and mom and dad love
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it so we're going to ot. in ot tie game, who's going to win it? denzel valentine is going to win it and the bulls go undefeated in the summer league. they win and still not sure that's the craziest thing that happened in vegas on monday night. >> that doesn't make the top 30 on monday. the weekend doesn't make the top 100. i believe that's all we have, is that correct. >> that's all we have. >> valentine, i heart you, america. >> thank you. up next in "the pulse," one of the most talked about moments from the rnc, that dramatic entrance from donald trump now drawing some comparisons. and paul ryan under fire for posting this picture of capitol hill interns. can you spot why? >> what's wrong with it? who knew hpv could lead to certain cancers? who knew my risk for hpv would increase as i got older? who knew that there was something that could have helped protect me from hpv when i was 11 or 12, way before i would even be exposed to it?
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topping "the pulse" here. donald trump's rock star entrance at the republican convention. >> trump stepped on the stage like no other nominee before him appearing in silhouette with bright lights shining from behind and queen's "we are the champions" blaring through the convention hall. i think he was trying to channel the rock star. >> he achieved it and twitter quickly explodesed showing comparisons including this one from wwe's undertaker saying, it's a bit more like wrestlemania. >> one twitter user posted this one saying the entrance reminded him of ivan drag go's walk to the ring in "rocky iv." >> all he needed was the fan for the hair. can't mess up trump's hair, though. next up house speaker paul ryan is taking some heat over a photo he posted. there it is, ryan in front of a large group of young people. >> so the speaker adding the line i think this sets a record for the most number of capitol hill interns in a single selfie. critics who were playing where's
4:24 am
waldo quickly pointed out a lack of diversity among the almost all white group. >> in today's day and age no excuse for not having a diverse staff of interns. >> see if you can spot him. all right. here's a great example of life imitating art featuring michael j. fox and coldplay. you may recall fox leading a band in a version of johnny b. good while playing marty mcfly in "back to the future". >> sunday night before a huge crowd at new jersey's metlife stadium fox joined coldplay and jammed the song again. check it out. ♪ ♪ go go go johnny go go go ♪ go go go ♪ go johnny go 2k3w go >> for the "back to the future" fans they also played "earth angel." >> from the soundtrack. cool.
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>> ♪ >> central states. finally a highly decorated military veteran was one of the highlights of the convention last night just bringing the whole crowd to its feet. >> talking about retired navy
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s.e.a.l. marcus luttrell behind the 2013 film "lone survivor" starring mark wahlberg and shared some tough love. >> to the next generation, this is for you. your war is here. you don't have to go searching for it. your people are afraid. i stand among you walking. i was allowed to walk with giants, all right. and now we're looking for the next generation of giants. who among you will love something more than you love yourself. who among you are going to step up and take the fight to the enemy because it's here. i challenge all of you to fight for this country and for each and every one of us. look, the world outside of our borders is a dark place, a scary place. america is the light. and her people are the goodness that grows from that. she'll always be worth fighting for and it was my greatest honor to fight for her every day of my adult life, all right.
4:29 am
and i -- [ applause ] i just wanted to come up here and thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to serve you for 20 years and i swear to god i'm going to spend the next 20 paying you back. so thank you again. god bless. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's one way to drop the mike absolutely at the convention floor. there was that other moment from the republican convention, this young showstopper who kicked off last night's prime time events. >> so good. ♪ o say, can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ >> that's marlana vanhoose who couldn't see the crowd last night because she was born blind. now not only does she sing she also plays the piano, by the way, but she may not have seen the crowd but she did get a standing ovation. very well dese
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morni it's 4:30 on this tuesday july 19. >> we're following two breaking news stories to your. a driver in atlantic city struck and killed a pedestrian and kept on going.


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