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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  August 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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political world and a chilling look at a deadly police shooting in chicago next on action news. >> announcer: action news delaware valley's leading news program, with jim gardner. >> friday night has a big story on action news is breaking news from chopper six, medics on the scene at the bb and t pivotian in camdon when part of a fence
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gave way, the convert venue as what lawn section separate from the seats and gave way and happened during the snoop dog and wiz-kalifa and several fans being taken away in ambulances and don't know the extent of injuries and will update you as we learn more and on and the feds not saying why but have a sweeping series of raids today targeting philadelphia's most powerful boss john dougherty of the ibew and action news reporter live outside the fbi offices tonight in center city with more on that, dan? >> reporter: quietly behind the scenes federal agents swarmed in on powerful union boss john dougherty and some associates at a dozen locations all along johnny doc maintains he has not done anything. >> i've been under scrutiny my
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whole life and don't understand maybe it's because i win too much. >> reporter: johnny dougherty stood outside the fbi and irs agents raided his home and sisterer next door in south philadelphia and an army of philadelphia carried box after box of box of potential evidence from his offices at local 98 of the electrical workers union. >> the government has a job to do and let them do their job. i'm very comfortable with where we are at right now, once we get this ugly scenario by everything will be fine, i'm comfortable that is it. >> reporter: the probe also reached philadelphia city hall. there they raided the offices of city councilman bobby henon and head of local 98 since 1993 and last year he took over the philadelphia trade council and mad money to jim kearney and he
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says he knows nothing about the raids. >> as it plays out we will know and i don't have information and you can ask the question many different ways and no comment because i don't have information. >> reporter: the dougherty probe reached across the river and action news there was there as they removed weapons from the warehouse of mjk electrical in berlin new jersey ex cloe civ experts were called in to investigate what was thought to be explosive materials and not clear the any were found and does work with government agencies among others. just last week local 98 dropped up words of 80,000 on lavish parties and eventss for people at the democratic national convention and george perry talked about today's raids in which a number of warrants were served. >> it would be fair to say they are not fooling around. they have reason to believe that crimes are being committed and they have reason to believe that the searches that they are
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conducting will produce evidence of those crimes. >> reporter: johnny doc dougherty came on the feds radar ten years ago but he has never been charged with a crime. live here at f.b.i. headquarters at center city channel six action news. dougherty was embroiled in an alleged brawl earlier this year part of which was caught on surveillance video and she he is there in the scarf and attorney general investigating if he attached a nonunion contractor outside a south philadelphia repair shop, that man claims dougherty broke his nose but dougherty has not been charged in the january incident and denies being the aggressor and he recused himself to the investigation and sent it to the state and following this story every step of the way on for you and check for updates throughout the weekend or on 6abc news app and action news social media accounts. storms are in the forecast for
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tomorrow so we want to get a first check of accuweather of course from metrologist cecily tynan and the whole weekend is not going to be a work out. >> it certainly won't be and the issue with tomorrow is we have a steamy air mass moving in, a change from today, the high is 85 degrees but the you look out to the west and the south you can see temperatures are in the 90s and that is the air mass that is moving our way tomorrow and dew points are really beginning to creep up. we've had a day of pretty low dew point and actually most of the week dew points have been low and right now 66 and getsing more humid and dew point to the south and the arrows are wind direction and dew points will be climbing in the 70s overnight. that is an oppressively humid air mass and showing if you look across lake eerie you see kinds of a broken line of storms, that is ahead of a cold front, not a lot of activity tonight, that is typical at night. all the storms die down. and tonight here it will be
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muggy with partly cloudy skies 68-73 and tomorrow it gets steamy the high 91 the heat index mid to upper 90s and late in the day and in the evening a round of thunderstorms rolling through with some gusty winds, lightning, heavy downpours and behind it it's less humid and comfortable on sunday, details on the specific timing of the storms, when to expect them in your neighborhood coming up, in the accuweather seven-day forecast, monica. >> all right thank you cecily a driver survived when their car plunged off a pennsylvania turnpike exit ramp tonight and crashed on to the road below and happened near the mid county intersection at 6:00, a tow truck took away the crumped car while the victim was flown by air ambulance to jefferson university hospital. nearly 3,000 casino workers are finding out tonight when they will lose their jobs, many have been already on strike more than a month. the trump tajamahol set monday
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the october 10 as official closing date and warning notices required by law in these situations have now been filed with the state labor department. tests of the elevators will be conducted throughout the weekend in philadelphia criminal justice center in the wake of yesterday's freak accident and find out sunday if the courts will be open for business on monday and sergeant paul owens is in critical condition with a broken back after an elevator went out of control and crashed into the top of the shaft and court clerk beverly smith was hurt and got out of the hospital yesterday. police body cam video here from chicago shows a show down with a suspected car thief even as officers opened fire. they then chased down that suspect, shoot and kill him. this case is drawing so much scrutiny because the 18-year-old afric african/american teen paul o'neal was unarmed and ran away
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and not recorded either the camera malfunctioned or fell off during the chase. the teen's family is not buying it. >> i'm very hurt. words cannot describe how i feel at this moment and how i felt when it happened but i really want everybody to know that paul was loved. >> reporter: another view of how it all started an officer opened fire on the suspect's car which crashes into the squad car and then speeds off as police keep shooting but the fatal shot was not until the teen had abandon his vehicle and was on foot. the state supreme court ruling that declared delaware's death pen ity unconstitutional is not the last word on this subject republican lawmakers today announced intention to introduce new legislation to reinstate capital punishment crafting it to overcome that court's objection. friends and family came together to remember one of the victims killed in a double murder in
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montgomery county with a benefit tonight for kevin smith's family at the american legon and were dead this an apartment 100 block of forest avenue sunday night, police have not made any arrests. candlelight vigil for victims of domestic violence and gathered at the high school to remember her and according to police the 24-year-old was a victim of domestic violence and killed last month in germantown and police charged her boy trend with her murder. jury selection is set to begin monday in the criminal trial against pennsylvania attorney general kathleen cane because the state supreme court today denied her request to intervene. kaine claims grand jury investigation was unlawful and unconstitutional, a court issued a one- sentence order turning down her request. a man is at wits end after
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someone stole his wheelchair and can't get around to buy groceries anymore and bill hopes someone will have a change of heart and bob brooks reports tonight. >> this is bill dire and we don't have to explain this and you can see from the video how hard it is for him to walk around and the kensington man fell victim to a freak accident years ago. >> hit by a train. >> reporter: someone like bill relies on his power chair to get around and normally it's chained to this porch railing and you can see the chain was cut around two weeks ago, sadly someone stole his power chair. >> it was my total independence, that's what it was, like all my independence and the independence is gone now. >> reporter: the cost? >> like $5,000. >> reporter: money he doesn't have and trusting others with the money he has to get things he needs. >> i have been other people do it for me but i'm like nervous about giving pin numbers out and stuff like that. >> reporter: you can see walking with bill how hard it is
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for him to do this, just a simple task to the corner market now takes him several minutes and instead when he had his chair it was a few seconds. >> i have to do what i have to do, i can't just starve to death. >> reporter: the average person likely takes walking for granted obviously that is not a luxury bill has. his plan now is to wait for the suspect to have a change of heart. >> you wouldn't want to have this done to your grandmother and if you would return it to me that's my livelihood and would very much appreciate it. >> reporter: okay back out here it is friday night but bill he is staying in, as you see in the video so hard for him to get around and hopeful someone is going to come to his aid. for now reporting in kensington bob brooks channel six action news. philadelphia wants to shut down a mile of city streets next month and pitching it as positive and called philly free streets to ban car traffic so bicyclists and pedestrians can have a safer route to explore
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and get to know 15 different neighborhoods and only last for five hours from 5:00 rather 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on september 24th. the route grows from river to river along south street along the river trail and alk drive to west fair montpark business owners we talked to are mostly supportive but some question whether it's good for their bottom line. >> the business owner to close off the streets have a lot of foot traffic. i think it's almost like a mini festival. >> when the people are walking you think they are going to walk right into you but these people that are walking they don't know about the businesses. you -- the people have to know about this business, this business so you want to get to the 3% oh, yeah, let's just walk up in here. >> reporter: organizers plan to have visual and performing arts as well as fitness and health set ups along the route. the stages are set for the annual musikfest. ♪
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rachel platon performed tonight to kickoff the fest in bethlehem and 500 performances on dozens of stages in the ten day festival and run dmc to lady antebellum and comedy shows and vendors and 6abc is the media partner. several records set on wall street and in a campaign event donald trump reverses course on a controversy this week and solitary benefit, on health check the report on the advantages of staying single. future tracker showing tomorrow afternoon the heat index pouring in the upper 90s ahead of the storms and timing of the storms and what to expect in the shore and the poconos in the accuweather forecast, and to ducis rodgers with more injuries from eagles camp and one of the players has a disagreement with the way things are going when
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a father in georgia is charged with manslaughter after his two children died from being left in a hot car. police alleged the father had been drinking before he left the 15-month-old twins in their car seats and they saw the dad screaming and carrying the children to an inflatable pool in the yard trying to give them water to revive them. they are trying to determine how long the children were left in the hot car. in vote 2016 tonight donald trump is trying to mend fences among his own party. he went to wisconsin tonight home of house speaker paul ryan and officially endorsed him while reading off a script. >> in our shared mission to make america great again i support and endorse our speaker of the house paul ryan. [cheers] the republican nominee endorsed
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john mccain another high profile he had support for over the past week and tonight saying he holds mccain in the highest esteem. democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton is clarifying some comments about her e-mail scandal on the campaign trail. clinton says she may have short circuited her response in a weekend interview when she claimed the f.b.i. director said her answers were quote truthful and james comey did not use the words and acknowledging most persons don't trust her and says she will work hard to build their confidence. the jobs report took many folks by surprise today posting a gain of $255,000 in july, much higher than expected. in fact, that is the second straight month of robust hiring, employment is 4.9% and analysts say the report was solid on all fronts, jobs were created in almost all sectors wages are up for the lowest paid workers and people of all skill levels and
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educational backgrounds are finding jobs. [bell rings] traders on wall street cheered the good news about the economic buying up stocks and dumping safe haven assets like treasury goals and sent them to new record highs and the dow joans was 191 to 18543, the nasdaq advanced nearly 55 to a record 5221 and the s&p 500 claimed 19 to a record 2182. are you better off alone? in the health check a new scientific research paper suggests some serious benefits to being single. a harvard doctor presented findings at the american psychological association meeting showing that singles may actually be more connected to family and friends, more likely to report personal growth and development and more freedom when it comes to making
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decisions, there has been a friend of fewer americans getting married nearly half of all u.s. adults are now single. a residence few ocean liner sitting at the philadelphia yard is not getting an overhaul and ss united states was slated to be restored after 20 years of sitting idol but the company had a change of heart saying it's not feasible. instead they are donating $350,000 to a conservation group that owns the ship. all right time to see how the weekend is shaping up and looks pretty steamy to start. >> first half of the weekend is steamy and stormy and second half is comfortable and kind of 50/50 weekend and the tracker double scan showing no rain or storms out there tonight and action came in center city and great shop taking a look through the breeze and the leaves up at philly, penn on this warm summer friday night, currently in philadelphia at 76 degrees down from a high of 85 which is two
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degrees below average, allentown 72, wilmington 77, kate may 75 and dew points are beginning to creep up. yesterday we had dew points in the upper 50s now mid 60s in philadelphia so it's a little on the muggy side and kate may and dover dew points are already in the 70s and with the winds out of the south the dew points will be increasing overnight so you wake up tomorrow morning and step outside it's going to be very muggy and satellite 6 along with action radar is showing a broken line of storms, that is ahead of the cold front that will be moving through as we head through the afternoon tomorrow. so future tracker showing in the morning lots of clouds, could be a few spotty showers prefrontal, not a lot of organized activity, that really waits until the afternoon and future tracker showing the northwest suburbs likely between 1:00-3:00 in the afternoon some showers and thunderstorms, they head towards philadelphia rounds 4:30 and
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it's not going to be a solid line and looks light a broken line of storms and not everyone will get them and it's fast-moving by 7:00 it moves off the coast, those who see the storms though will get some heavy downpours, some lightning, maybe even some gusty wednesdays and hail so you definitely do want to head inside right away when you hear that rumble of thunder and ahead of the system it's hot and it's humid, 91 degrees but the heat index the way it feels in the upper 90s but then once this front moves through saturday night, by sunday morning a breath of fresh air, it's going to be a warm day, 89 degrees, loads of sunshine, noticeably less humid with dew points dropping in the upper 50s so if you are down the shore tomorrow most of the day is fine, storms rolling in late in the afternoon, 88 degrees sunday, it will be sunny, it will be cooler 86, the poconos and storms moving in likely rounds around lunchtime and early afternoon storms and 80 the high and humid and sunday is bright and refreshing, much
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lower humidity 78 and exclusive seven-day forecast muggy with gusty thunderstorms late in the day tomorrow 91 and sunday we are in the bright sunshine and low humidity 89 and monday is a beautiful day, 86 and seasonable with sunshine and low humidity and keep that air mass on tuesday and then on wednesday and thursday we get back in the heat and humidity both days around 90 degrees with some afternoon thunderstorms, looks like temperatures ease back a little bit on friday but still on the muggy side, still a little bit unsettled with a high of 88 and of course chris will have the update on the timing of the storms coming up, tomorrow morning on action news at 5:30 >> thank you cecily and halloween is months away and not stopping folks for showing off the freightening skills and are zombies at the eastern penitentiary terror behind the walls to pick the best zombies and terror behind the walls is one of the largest haunted
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houses in the country. from philadelphia they put on their dancing shoes and some wore their best hawaii shirt for an luo dance and held at the spark facility which provides services for folks with intellectual and developmental disabilities. ♪ ♪
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios. are getting hurt now. >> a couple injuries to keep an eye on and the first preseason
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game coming up, on thursday and a bug floating on eagles camp the injury bug after seeing jenkins get nicked up and leaves practice with a sore knee, a lot of hitting going out there and tight end ertz was cleared and he is a lickel erked defensive players have been going a bit low tackling in practice. >> the rookies come in and don't know what the atmosphere is like and respect that during practice. >> get the message through and just protect each other, try not to go low if you can't. it is reactionary stuff and you can't fault the players for trying to make plays. >> reporter: the eagles get some good news and running back ryan matthews and guard brandon brooks made appearances at training camp and matthews nursing an ankle while brooks had a hamstring issue and brooks says he is happy to get out there. >> rehab buddies in there the whole time and we have been talking as far as you know what
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we are seeing or how he sees it with the running game and stuff and looking forward to the big things from now, everywhere he has been he has done pretty well. >> reporter: college football up in happy valley penn state training camp kicked off, many view this as a make or break season for head coach james franklin and entering his third year at the school and back to back 7-16. >> we are still a really young team, one of the youngest teams in the country and really young last year and we are still young. our roster is still somewhat out of whack but yeah i think it's going to be interesting to see where the identity you know comes out. >> reporter: still ahead the phillies and padres underway and iverson can still whoa them on the basketball court. >> announcer: accuweather with the power of storm tracker six double scan. the most powerful live radar in the region, two scans pinpointing severe weather keeping you out of harm's way
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again, the first stop on the west coast trip is san diego and pete mccannen with jeremy the first since monday deadline and second inning to outs and rbi single right back up the box and score this far 2-0padres in the third inning a scene that brings us back to 2001 and iverson was on the court and ai hosted the celebrity games and can still dish it out and 4,000 fans in attendance and the money raised helps pal and iverson was once young himself and had advice for this young sixers team we will soon see. >> one game, it can be over.
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you feel me? so every time you step out there on the basketball court you know there is honor and it's a blessing and you give everything you got. >> reporter: he can still play. 41 years old. >> is he wow makes it look easy and at 11:00 car lovers took a ride back this history, the linda walt classic car show and concert was this camdon county and go to the park and admiring dozens of cars and jimmy kimmel is next followed by night line and action 6 with craig hall and for us and jim gardner the entire action team i'm monica and have a great night tonight and a great weekend.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- viggo mortensen. george lopez. jake byrd at the republican national convention. this week in unnecessary censorship. and music from colin hay. with cleto and the cletones. and now, by all means, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you for watching.


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