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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  August 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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about this crime spree three years ago. >> reporter: monica although 41 stolen cars are off the road, authorities are telling us there may be more and that means more unsuspecting buyers may have bought stolen cars and not even know it. >> had i known that they were doing it, i would have said oh, no, i'm okay. i don't want to buy that car. >> shane spend her tax return on the car, the chevy impala, she was desperate for something to drive her kids around in. >> i was like this is a nice car. >> but the car that looked too good to be true, really was. >> i felt like the grinch going on people's doors and taking their cars. >> cooper was one of 49 victims that fell pray to one of the largest car theft rings in philadelphia. >> they knocked on my door and
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said we have to confiscate your car, it's stolen. >> they say they caught the ring leaders, jihad miller and preston thomas and coconspirators. >> they purchased the vehicles for the purpose of switching the vin. >> the organization is accused of buying scrap, cars online. >> they were involved in violent collisions, they were just parts cars and then coconspirators rented similar cars and reported them stolen and replaced the vines with the salvaged junk cars. >> 31 of the coconspirators are behind bars, one kareem upshur is still wanted. >> this had many moving parts. >> many unsuspecting buyers like
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cooper are left without a car and without money. she hopes to claim some restitution during the trial. the damages are expected to reach a half million dollars. wendy saltzman, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the second teenager wanted for the murder of a rival basketball player is in custody. 16-year-old kwame hill turned himself into police this morning. police say that hill and josh richardson is behind the shooting death of barnes. he was gunned down in southwest philadelphia on july 11th and they say the shooting stemmed from a fight on the basketball court and two other teens were shot but they survived. a 19-year-old is under arrest for the murder of his mother and her boyfriend in montgomery county. they charged joshua trunk for the murder of the double murder in ambler.
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janice and kevin smith were found shot on july 25th. joshua lived with his mom in that apartment. they have not given a motive for the murders a 6-year-old girl is improving after being shot in her neighborhood. chad pradelli is live at the scene of last night's crime with the full story. >> reporter: the shooter or shooters opened fire just in front of us. a couple of bullets hit the minivan and one over there, one bullet went through the vehicle and out the back window, the little girl was sitting just over here when she was shot. surveillance video obtained by "action news" shows the neighborhood in chaos after a stray bullet hit 6-year-old anila garic. you see philadelphia police
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officers rush the girl into their cruiser and take her to einstein hospital. "action news" was there as she was transferred to saint christopher's hospitals for children. >> 20 to 12 shell casing were found at the scene from at least two calibers of weapons meaning there was at least two guns at the scene. >> i looked to my left and there she was and i went to her side. >> this woman says her 6-year-old son was outside with anila when the bullets began to fly. this is surveillance video from another angle. you see one bullet ripped through the back window, it may be the bullet that hit anila. watch closely from this surveillance video from a camera at shelton avenue and woodstock, you see two individuals and at least one opens fire, the video doesn't clearly show the suspect's faces but police continue to search for new leads.
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>> it's a sad state of affairs when a 6-year-old child on a summer evening would have to face something like this. >> there were two other shootings last night in the area, they do not believe it was connected to the shooting of anila. she is in guarded condition at last check at saints christopher's hospital. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a string of former aides took the stand today in the trial against pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane. bruce beamer testified his heart sunk a little when his boss, kane asked him to block the investigation into a grand jury leak. and they saw a newspaper article that contained grand jury information and when he called kane to fine the leaker, her response was don't worry about it it's not a big deal. adrian king spent more than an
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hour on the stand today and kane is charged with leaking the documents and lying to the grand jury. a fun day at the park for a group of campers in wilmington turned out to be quite traumatic. a dozen children were attacked by wasps at rockwood park. three children were taken to the hospital for treatment? >> reporter: that is exactly right. they were taken because of possible allergic reactions to the stings. something that could have turned deadly, they are back home and okay, but quite a terrifying scene, some kids were lying on the ground being treated by paramedics, look behind me this is where it all happened. it's taped off where the nest is and everyone is told to stay away. >> a day at rockwood park quickly turned chaotic for nearly 200 campers moments after the children sat down for lunch in this shaded area of the park. >> we have a day camp in a lot of the parks and today's camp as
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the kids were arriving, apparently someone found a bees nest. >> it was a paper wasps nest sending the insects into attack mode and several children were stung. they quickly call the 911. nine campers were treated on scene and picked up by their parents, three were taken to the hospital for observation and later released. >> all three of them had a known allergy, we thought it was this their best interest to be transported. >> andrew thomas with pest control arrived on site to spray down the nest. >> i never received a call like this here. you put dust inside of the hole, they bump into each other and it works a lot faster. >> none of the children were
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seriously injured but there is no such thing as being too prepared. >> if they have a known allergy have their prescribed epee men with them. allergic reactions can be very severe and cause death of a child or an adult. >> reporter: that exterminator left a little while ago and he is making sure the nest is no longer active. it tends to happen in nature but it's rare. but one thing that helped was that the kids spoke up about the allergies and the counselors knew about the allergies as well. reporting live in wilmington, janet reyes, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. rescuers were called in to help a cyclist that fell down in delaware county this afternoon. chopper 6 hd was over paper mill road at 2:30, crews used a basket to get the victim out.
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amtrak started to settle lawsuits of victims of last year's deadly derailment in philadelphia. the first was with two women, a confidentiality clause keeps them from telling how much their pailouts were. they are capped under federal law at $295 million. lawyers say the compensation could easily be exhausted given the number of deaths and serious injuries. pennsylvania senator, pat toomey condemned his opponent today for his stance on sanctuary cities. toomey cited a case in philadelphia, a man that was one deported came back to the states and was arrested for assault. the suspect was not held for federal authorities, once released he allegedly raped a child and says that sanctuary
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cities are dangerous. >> my opponent katie mcginty refuses to join the bipartisan chorus to end this policy. >> an mcginty spokesperson said that he wants donald trump to be president but wants to lecture us on how to keep our community safe. she wants local and state law enforcement to work together to keep people safe. and the call to feed hungry children this summer. officials differed 4,000 pounds of food to the never say never facility in. it's the food for thought food and book drive, hoping to increase the demand now that children are on summer vacation and no longer have access to free school programs, they delivered donated books to the children's crisis treatment center. are you ready for football?
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eagles quarterback carson went z getses time in this preseason game. and produce is not perfect but will feed hungry families. coming up. and heat index now in philadelphia coming in at 98 degrees, even hotter to the south and west. and there is no relief in sight as there is an excessive heat warning in place. >> thank you, those stories and more when "action news" continues tonight. prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, all giant produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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only from fios. everything naand it doesn't take is so wholesothe whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant. fresh produce is not really affordable for hungry families
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but tonight volunteers in gloucester county are helping out by picking up left over tomatoes for families. >> at the farm in mullica hill, they are in the fields gleaning tomatoes taking surplus produce from the vine for the formers program. >> one in six people are hungry across the united states and it makes sense to collect what we can that would be wasted otherwise, and distributed to people that need fresh healthy food. >> on this hot day, 20 volunteers from the u.s. department of agriculture are on the farm picking from the tom o tomato tomatoes, they are shared with 70 churches and food pantries. >> this would normally go to waste and it is being utilized and consumed by someone that need its. >> people get produce that may
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not look great but tastes just as delicious. >> the program was started by new jersey farmers that wanted to donate surplus crops, 7500 people benefit each week by what is gleaned at dozens of farms. the glean team collected 20,000 of produce each year that would normally rot. >> that food is helping others and going to youth which is what all farmers want their food to do, to be eaten and enjoyed. >> giving two hours to help families that can't afford this produce, to make ends meet. >> that couple hours was well spent. >> the volunteers picked 4,000 pounds of tomatoes that will be on dinner tables in the next few days. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news."
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today, guns can be bought over the internet, or at a weekend gun show. and if the wrong people get a gun... we know what can happen. pat toomey put our safety ahead of partisan politics. toomey crossed party lines twice, first to support background checks, and now to stop gun sales to suspects on the terror watch list. no wonder pennsylvania cops endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families.
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independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. the phillies are winning one so far, trying to avoid this
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worst stretch against the dodgers in eight years. this series with chase utley and the dodgers did not i start the way they wanted it to. thanks to the starters, they gave up 16 earned runs. the dog days of summer. have a dodger dog to get rid of the bad taste in your mouth. after allowing a first inning run, he retires 15 of 16 and retires with back pain. the third starter to get hurt in the last week. and trying to avoid a painful sweep, freddy galvis a three-run homer and the phillies take a two-run lead and dodgers threatening in the eighth and galvis what a play to rob john peterson to save the potential tying run and since the phillies
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blew it open, up 6-2 in the ninth. eagles coach doug peterson held a walk through when the eagles rehearsed their scripted play for when sam bradford and carson wentz come for the season opener, they get their first look at wentz at the linc and is started to start the third quarter and expected to play the majority of the second half. he will try to keep things simple. >> i'm going to go out and show what i can do. i'm not going to try to blow any anyone away but just play ball. and i think the rest will take care of itself. >> i want to see the timing and accuracy with him and see you know, him being able to move our offense, especially coming out of the locker room, potentially the second half of the game and starting fast and whatever happens at the coin toss and i
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want to see the execution and see him lead the football team especially in the first game. >> well, the winningest football team in town in the last 12 years is not the eagles but the soul of the arena league, ron jaworsky's team is getting ready for the title game on sunday. darius reynolds knows what to expect. he won with san jose last year. >> we played every team we'll play from here on out, probably beat them. we are not going to see anything different just more brought to it, because it is playoffs. but we are doing the same thing all year. i say keep doing what you have been doing we'll be all right. kyle lowry and the olympic mens basketball team are underway in rio against australia, also undefeated. the women's basketball dominated serbia. finally this deserves an olympic
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gold medal. professional softball, look at the right fielder, over the fence, a.j. andrews of the akron racers. meantime, lucky fans banked on their eagles pride to score school prizes. they set a twitter activated atm machine, it was stocked with eagles prizes including home game tickets and jerseys, to get your hands on free stuff, fan his to tweet a unique code given by the machine, it will be set up for the preseason game at the link.
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and spent eleven months in a pow vcamp.m what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace.
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meteorologist, melissa magee is here and cecily is at the zoo. >> a steamy story. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan radar. it's dry and no issues with precipitation but there is a spotty shower or street level storm tracker 6, we can zoom in on it to the north of bethlehem and north of musikfest. if you are traveling on route 512 and newburg road we are dealing with a moderate pocket of moisture and i would allow for some of this activity to continue through the early evening hours on our wednesday night. we'll show you the picture outside. the action cam was outside earlier in edgemore, delaware looking at the clouds at fox
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state park. we have clouds and sunshine and a lot of humid air overhead as well. talking about the highlights into our weekend, that goes up for the i-95 corridor and to the north and west and south and east. and tomorrow through the start of the weekend, here is part of the reason why, a dangerous stretch on the way, thursday we call for a high of 93, heat index more like 102, feeling like 105, when you factor in the humidity, 96 the forecast high on saturday, we factor in the heat and humidity close to 106 here in philadelphia. outside at this hour, the south-southwestly wind, feeling like 98 in the city and 97 in wilmington and at the coast in cape may 93, and that number coming in at 93, here is satellite 6 along with action radar we have the ridge of high
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pressure a bermuda high, you look at the rotation, you can see clouds and moisture going up the periphery and with the heat and humidity and the high pressure offshore, we have the pop-up showers and storms with us through the next several day, the call from accuweather for the rest of tonight, the warm and sticky and a spotty shower or thunderstorm is likely and the best place to find that activity is north and west of the i-95 corridor. and 77 in cape may and 72 in lancaster. future tracker 6 showing you activity in allentown and lancaster. the poconos it's spotty but when you get a thunderstorm moving on through you could find a heavy downpour. tomorrow clouds and sunshine and we'll find more on the way of pop-up showers and storms as we go throughout the afternoon especially when you tap into the heating of the day and this pattern continues through the weekend here.
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the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast it's sultry tomorrow with showers and thunderstorms around and high of 93 and scorching sunshine 95, and 96 on saturday, with dangerous heat, still stifling on sun and 91 and some relief coming our way as we get into next tuesday with a high of 86. >> we'll be ready thank you. finally tonight abc world news with david muir is coming up next. and "action news" continues on phl 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams and ducis rogers. and join us for "action news" of course at 11:00 here on channel 6. for jim gardner, cecily tynan, melissa magee, jeff skversky and ducis rogers i'm monica malpass have a great night. my son has meningitis b.
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tonight, breaking news. tense moments on the campaign trail. the secret service rushes the stage at a hillary clinton rally. as donald trump tonight stands by his words aimed at, quote, second amendment people, that they could do something. and late today, this image. a man climbing trump tower. police watching. also tonight, the police officer who discharged a live round during a practice drill, killing a wife, a retired librarian. the news conference late today. severe weather at this hour. a tornado just confirmed here in the northeast. and the flood worries tonight across the south. the webcam warning. parents who thought they were protecting their twin daughters, strangers then hacking into that camera. gold rush. michael phelps, and that moment with his rye value. the zstory behind it. and the mystery solved tonight. why is that pool g


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