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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  August 21, 2016 11:45pm-12:01am EDT

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it's pure insurance. the projected starters are banged up right now. he's a veteran guy that can step in there and play pretty much any one of those positions. jeff: and i also it's his fourth player that's played under jim schwartz under him. >> he's a hard nosed player. he's not going to hurt you but he's not gg to go to the bro bowl. >> they need a guy who can go to the pro bowl by the way at that linebacker spot. >> at least one. do the eagles need help on
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offense? sam bradford looked at me like i had three heads thursday night when i asked if he was worried about the eagles offense. should we be concerned at all? >> which hand am i talking to right now? yes. the answer is yes. if you look at this game they went underneath and checked down the whole game. they could not throw the ball down the field. they don't have guys they can throw the ball down the field. bradford is not comfortable throwing it down the field. i don't think he likes throwing interceptions at all. you can see he has no mobility either way. you can't win that way. you can't nickel and dime your way down the field in the nfl also your defense is really good. and gives you good enough field position to do that. >> they have been without jordan matthews but just how concerned is bradford? >> i'm not really concerned at
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all. thought we did some really good things there tonight but i don't think there's a lot of concern for me right now. >> it's not the end of the world for me. i know what they have depend doing in practice and i know the types of reps we've been giving our guys. we don't put a ton of game planning into games. we just want to see execution. >> in all fairness to pederson and bradford, it is the preseason. everyone is thinking he's going to be a pro bowl quarterback. >> what's the reason for not going down the field? people go down the field all the time. >> they play the steelers in week flee. >> i understand that but any long pattern is a long pattern. it's not like they're going to say they're going to go long on this particular play. you have to have that in your repertoire to stretch your defense. bradford just does not look
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comfortable standing in the pocket and delivering it long. he looks more comfortable being safe and that's not going to work. >> the eagles are having issues of course. doyle green-beckham, they acquired him in a trade. he comes here with baggage but it appears to be worth the risk. >> for dennis kelly it is worth the risk but you have to wonder why a team would give up on a talent like se not a lot of them work. we'll see if this one works. >> they need receivers. beckham had off the field issues in college.
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he's getting a second shot to prove his worth. >> how do you feel you fit in? >> i feel like i fit in good. being a receiver we don't have big receivers. i feel like i can come in here and make a row. >> does it light a fire under you a little more to say i can be a star in this league? >> yeah. it does. it puts a chip on your shoulder but things happen. every day, things happen for a reason. i feel like that was a wake up call and me being here now i mean i'm comfortable and feel good being here and being an eagle. >> hopefully this is a wake up call. and how about the defense. they've stood out so far. how about eight forced turnovers in two games. if they win games this year it's going to be because of the defense winning those games. do you buy that? as much as we kill the offense, do you buy it? >> i do. i think he's right. what makes the secondary better? i was always worried about the cornerbacks.
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the pressure of the front four, jeff, is getting in quarterback space. melissa: a nice afternoon and sunny and pleasant on tuesday. at 82 we warm up quickly on wednesday up to 87 on the high. humidity increases by thursday. hot on friday with a high up to 92. more on action news sunday after the break.
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walter: chase utley gets a standing ovation as he returns with the dodgers. utley, two homers in his return including a grand slam in that first game back. two curtain calls. some people are a little upset that he's getting too much love as he's destroying the phillies. >> normally i would agree with that because i'm an old school baseball guy. but it's chase utley and the entity of chase utley was bigger than the entity of the phillies. if they were in the pennant race maybe it's too over the top but the guy did an amazing thing. i thought it was perfectly fine. now, the next night if they had come back with it, i'd say, no, because you're embars ariining rasing the players at that point. >> vince velasquez beat up and
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in trouble against st. louis and he allows two more homers today over his last three starts. eight homers allowed. 19 earned runs. done for the day after six. the cardinals are not. st. louis battling around in the eighth. phils crushed 9-0. they've lost ten of their last 14 to the cardinals. all right. we have to talk about obviously the olympics. the u.s. teem winning 121 gold medals. winning it all. however, ryan lochte, are you embarrassed?>> it seemed more ln from the movie the hangover than a guy that's supposed to be a professional and supposed to be representing your country.
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>> what was going on? >> i don't even know what was going on. i've heard the story five different times. did they vandalize the bathroom? if not, then the brazilian police are out of line. they're probably looking for some ugly americans. did he rip a poster off the wall? it's over the top if you draw your gun. i don't get the story. ryan lochte is a total gaffe >> there are a lot of language barriers in this situation. at the end of the day, a gun was still pulled out on him. robbery? extortion. was he being shaken down? what was the situation? he admitted to getting drunk in rio. he goes down there and makes a fool of himself along with three other swimmers and now they're in hot water for embellishing the story and for making brazil look bad. tourism is at risk down there. >> how does it make brazil look
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bad? if the brazilian security forces were out of line, does that make brazil look bad? >> talk about how dangerous it is. lochte says he caused a ruckus down there and he's sorry. >> i take full responsibility and i just want the people of brazil to know how truly sorry i am because i'm embarrassed for myself, my family, my country. i was highly intoxicated and it was -- i'm human. >> should he be banned from the 2020 games for this? >> no. i don't think he's going to go to the 2020 games but i don't think he'll be banned for this. people forget. >> i'm jeff. that's mike. don't cause a ruckus this week. we'll see you next week. good night.
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>> i'm karen rogers. >> and i'm melissa magee. saturday/tonight on fyi philly. it is the best of philly! >> philadelphia magazine's annual roundup of the best our city and region have to offer. >> from international flavors to sandwiches, snacks and booze. >> the best in fitness, fashion, and fun. >> we are celebrating the winners. >> and helping you draw up that bucket list >> hi everybody and welcome to our special fyi philly best of philly. >> we are at the john b. kelly pool ranked by philadelphia magazine as the best public pool. >> and for good reason. it is an oasis in the city. >> 8 tree-lined lanes in fairmount park, right beside the please touch museum. >> it is one of about 300 best of philly winners, this year. >> and we're going to celebrate as many as we can squeeze in to the next half hour. >> so let's get started with food, of course.


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