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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  September 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> todd: he comes up short, but again, brian kelly's team has enjoyed the luxury of field position advantage this whole second half. he wanted the first down there, but knows he still has a chance to pin texas back and maintain the field position edge. >> joe: so, the guy they call savage, out to punt away here. see if he can flip this field. tyler newsome, as jacorey warrick awaits. >> todd: bad kick. >> joe: that was an umbrella punt off to the side. and texas will have decent field position here as it's out close to the 32. so, we pose the question. can the young guy, the true freshman, bring texas back now? buechele is on-deck. ♪ ♪
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>> joe: great night to be with us, abc primetime college football, presented by capital one. joe tessitore, todd blackledge, holly rowe with you in austin, texas. the stage is now set for shane buechele, the freshman quarterback for texas. as he keeps it. spins. and has a first down to start this drive with over 5:00 to play, trailing by four. >> todd: the first time they've run that play with him, with the option to keep, and it gets them out near the 50 yard line. so, a good start to this drive. you have plenty of time, and two time-outs. >> joe: quickly gets it out to burt. texas, 75-0 when leading by 17 or more, going back to 2004. but the irish have come all the
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way back, thanks to deshone kizer. 75-0 in a span of 12 years when they're up by the margin they were in the third quarter. second and five. jacorey warrick, a quick guy, has a 15-yard reception, and here come the horns. >> todd: notre dame was coming with an outside blitz, they brought a secondary guy, julian love. and buechele saw it, threw right to the voided area. >> joe: with time, and a reception to foreman. >> todd: this is a great start. and look at buechele's eyes. there's calmness in his eyes. i like what i see out of him right now, as he's marching his team down the field. >> joe: foreman. trying to keep his balance, and he does.
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just plows ahead for another first down for the horns. >> todd: see, now, you notice, texas, with this momentum, they're not going as fast, because they want to use some clock as well. >> joe: buechele. was that intercepted? >> todd: no, they're saying incomplete. >> joe: luke made a heck of a play on it. >> referee: the call on the field, incomplete pass. second down. >> joe: they're going to take a second look. but called incomplete. >> todd: the ball bounces back up to him. >> joe: buechele threw it to the inside, and gave luke a chance. and now, a second chance for this texas offense. >> todd: notre dame time-out.
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>> referee: time-out, notre dame. second time-out. notre dame wants to challenge the previous play, where the ball was a catch. >> joe: they're not going to like the result of that challenge. >> todd: bill, i'm assuming that the same rules apply to a defender as a wide receiver on whether a catch is a catch, correct? >> a catch is a catch. you need to control the ball, be inbounds, survive the hit, survive the ground. >> referee: the ruling on the field is confirmed, incomplete pass. >> good call by the officials, good call by replay. >> todd: and new life for shane buechele and the texas offense.
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they need a touchdown. >> referee: notre dame is charged with their second time-out of the second half. >> joe: had the challenge been successful, that wouldn't be the case with the time-out. but that leaves them with one. 3:55 to play. they smashed the longhorns last year, it's been a back and forth brawl all night long. >> todd: and texas has answered the one question, are they going to be more competitive this year. absolutely. >> joe: foreman, good block, inside the 20. it will be third down from there, after a gain of five. sebastian with the tackle. >> todd: the next question, do they have what it takes to find a way to win a game like this? they've played well, played well enough to win in a lot of ways. but they have to figure it out right here.
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>> joe: third down. what a run by deonte foreman!
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blocked. the extra point blocked. it can be returned. are you kidding me? shaun crawford, oh, my! a flag is down. we will check on that. >> todd: i think it was rochell who got his hand on the football. that time, he was in the backfield against the kick. >> referee: during the return, sideline interference against the texas bench. 15-yard penalty will be enforced on the kick. the two points stay in.
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>> joe: in one of the oddest ways you can ever dream up to tie a game, it just happened. welcome back, college football. give me more. shaun crawford, incredible return off this blocked extra point. >> todd: kick was low. crawford picks it up, on the hop. and the interference on the texas bench, this play was running down the notre dame sideline. so, all i can think is, they got in the way of an official running down the field, and made contact. there's the block. and it bounces right up to crawford. rochell was in there, and jones, number 94, both of those guys had penetration. i think it might have been jones who got his hand on it. >> joe: 6'5" senior got up, was
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able to get it. >> todd: and the penalty ensures that notre dame should be able to force a long field situation for the texas offense. >> joe: can you believe how we've arrived at 37-37, todd? of all the ways you can dream it up. try to come up with that one. and there was confusion prior to the snap there. >> todd: well, the official looks at the clock, and then looks to the ball. if the ball is moving when it hits zero, they don't make a call. holly? >> holly: when they were getting ready to line up, williams, the offensive tackle -- had to find him and get him out there late. they had to rush the kick,
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because williams was late getting there. >> todd: really costly penalty, as notre dame is going to get good field position. >> joe: fields it from the 11. and gets it out near the 29 yard line. 3:23 to play in an outrageously entertaining game here in austin. and i don't think that young man is fazed at all. he has been awesome, deshone kizer. four touchdown passes and a touchdown run for the irish. brought them all the way back. then texas came back. then special teams wackiness has us tied.
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folston, wrapped up. spun. and a minimum gain as jefferson gets to him. >> todd: notre dame in the last possession defensively had to use a time-out. there was some confusion, so they used their second time-out. right now, with 3:00 left in the game, they only have one time-out left. >> joe: the coach's challenge cost them the time-out. under 3:00 to play. play action. kizer. he's going to go down. that was p.j. locke coming in from that nickel spot. third sack of the night for texas. >> todd: it was play action away, and p.j. locke is coming unblocked to the outside. and kizer doesn't pick him up
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until too late. they fooled kizer with the outside pressure. >> joe: this is a wall of sound. take it in. third and 12. conservative. and they'll be punting. as we're under 2:00. >> referee: time-out, texas. their second time-out in the second half. >> joe: so, texas wisely uses the time-out. holds on to one. they'll be getting the ball back, 1:56 remains. "monday night football" is coming back with a good one. the double-header of week one. steelers/redskins at 6:55 p.m.
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eastern, then 10:15 p.m., niners and rams. and "monday night countdown," 5:00 p.m. eastern on espn. >> todd: how interesting is it, for texas on this possession, it could come down to a field goal attempt by a kicker that they had no idea they were even going to have. they thought kicking was going to be a major problem, and out of nowhere, they end up with domingue, a graduate transfer from lsu, and he may have a chance to win the biggest game in a long time. >> joe: let's see if he gets that chance. newsome to punt. warrick on his 30. calls for the fair catch around the 32. plenty of time. the one time-out, and the youth
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and confidence of shane buechele. they put together a nice-looking drive last time out. but the blocked p.a.t. and the return by crawford has charlie strong sitting there, staring at 37-37. can the new kid in town do it? let's find out. they're going to start on the ground with foreman, who gets to the edge, and rips off a pretty good one. he's out to the 48 yard line, 15 yards on first down. >> todd: 123 yards on the night now, on 21 carries for foreman.
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>> joe: they're going to stay with him. as he crosses midfield, a gain of four. martini able to corral him. and we got 90 seconds remaining in regulation in this thriller. will domingue get his chance? he was set to be the starter at lsu. les says, i'm going to need that scholarship, got to be a walk-on. he said, no thanks. buechele, weaving his way inside the 35. >> todd: he wanted to throw it, tucked it, went straight up the field for a big first down. >> joe: domingue's career long is 45 yards. so, they have some work to do to make him comfortable. flag comes in here. >> todd: oh.
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>> referee: chop block. number 77. on the offense. 15-yard penalty. repeat first down. >> todd: very costly penalty, because they were moving closer to field goal range. and now, they're outside of it, with just under 1:00 left to play. patrick vahe, number 77. >> joe: they're bringing the ball back to the 49 yard line. one time-out remains, but it's first and 25. bad snap again, and texas, all
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of a sudden, is going in the wrong direction, todd. >> todd: now, at this point, if you're charlie strong, you got to think, do i start thinking about overtime now, or do i take one more big shot here? >> joe: clock is counting down. half a minute in regulation. play action. buechele. taking his time, and throwing it away. so, a couple times tonight, it's been the freshman center, off the mark. freshman quarterback for the most part, has been right on that target. >> todd: that chop block penalty took the wind out of their sails. they were moving, they had momentum, now they've been going backwards ever since.
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>> joe: buechele. downfield he goes, complete! now they're saying he's out. >> referee: ruling on the field, incomplete pass. fourth down. >> joe: armanti foreman tried to tiptoe the sidelines. that texas bench was crowding that sideline, blocking our view from up here. nobody is back for notre dame. >> todd: they're in a safe punt formation. goes into the end zone, and seven ticks will remain.
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do you enjoy being back to work, my friend? >> todd: yeah, this is pretty fun. >> joe: that kid is pretty fun to watch, isn't he? kizer has been something in this second half. who's up for overtime? don't go anywhere. join in the fun for a little longer. down here in austin, texas. abc primetime college football presented by capital one will continue after this message and
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>> joe: oh, what a night down here in austin. number ten notre dame, who trailed by 17, rallied back, texas answered. and then, one of the oddest plays you'll ever see. an extra point blocked and returned for a two-point conversion to get us to overtime. >> referee: each team will get possession in overtime. notre dame has used their challenge, so they don't have a challenge. each team will have one time-out. if we go to a third overtime,
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and you score a touchdown, you have to go for two. the winner of the toss will have the option of offense, defense, or the end of the field. notre dame, what do you call? >> tails. >> it is tails. notre dame, you won the toss. >> offense, defense, or end of the field? >> defense. >> they want defense. which end of the field do you want to play? turn your back, back here. texas will have the first possession, first and ten at the 25. >> joe: so, coin toss advantage, notre dame. they'll know exactly what they have to do in the first overtime. what a weekend of college football, my partner. >> todd: this is great. and a couple of kicking mistakes, either team thinking, we could have won this game. as it is, we go to overtime.
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and both teams in the overtime have what it takes, because they've had good run and pass balance. i don't just favor kizer because he's a little older. i think buechele has played above his years. plus, texas has the 18-wheeler package that may come into effect in the red zone. >> joe: that's a great point. the shortened field, they've had success with swoopes running the field. we'll see if that's what we get at some point here. how deep into the night will we go? buechele to pass on first down. gets complete to warrick, who gets free, and is just tripped up, but it's going to be first and goal, texas, a 20-yard pitch and catch. >> todd: really quick feet by warrick. eludes the one defender, almost
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takes it into the end zone on the first play. >> joe: great start for buechele. foreman was met, tried to bounce free. but onwualu and martini bring him to the ground. >> todd: here comes swoopes. nope, i thought they were going to bring him in. he was moving up towards sterlin gilbert, but they changed their mind. second and goal. >> joe: freshman quarterback inside the 5, taken down by rochell. as shane buechele, such a big moment. here comes that 18-wheeler. you hear the crowd. with the swoopes call. big boys are coming in.
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little freshmen coming out. loaded backfield, with a whole lot of heavies. >> todd: notre dame trying to run a guy on late. >> joe: play clock down to five. third and goal. swoopes. into the end zone! touchdown, texas! >> todd: it's a counterplay. swoops swoopes is going to get in behind the guards. a 250-pound quarterback, and texas scores first in overtime. >> joe: they had better block
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well here on this extra point. >> todd: remember last time, it was rochell with the penetration, and jones, number 94, got his hand on the football. they're right there in the middle. >> joe: up and through. so, a touchdown margin notre dame has to match. reminder, we invite you to stay tuned for the ford wrap-up after this thriller. look at that bounce in that step. he has that giddy-up. natural born winner, shane buechele. and tyrone swoopes has played his role. >> todd: he has.
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and i'm impressed with his maturity, handling this situation, a young freshman quarterback starting ahead of him. and being ready to play and play his role well when his number was called. >> joe: but the irish, the whole second half, their offense has found a way. kizer, trying to set up the screen. sanders, inside the 10. oh, we may have a second overtime if an extra point can go in here! >> todd: kizer had to double-clutch this. wasn't able to throw it when he first wanted to. starts to throw, pulls it back down, and reloads. good execution, as the linemen got downfield. equanimeous st.


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