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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  November 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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employees to work on election day. >> as for negotiations in general. lets go live to the sheridan downtown hotel. and john rawlins, what is the situation there. >> the optimism of yesterday has definitely faded. there was an offer made and there was a counter offer made but no break through at this point. there is an exchange of sharp words in print. septa saying that the union halted the talks and the union saying that septa keeps talking about suspending the strike for the election it's not helpful at all. but with all of that said they are back and exchanging ideas. >> despite the rhetorical finger pointing, both sides back at the hotel and exchanging ideas at noon time. they are offering to drop the current earnings cap on pensions and enhance it by 8% but offsetting that they must play
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more for their health care plan, currently $42 a month going to $164. and a salary bump, average earners go from $68,000 a year to $87,000 over the life of the deal. and could the strike hold downturnout for the election. congressman bob brady is the chairman of the democratic committee and tells how the transit shut down may cause problems. >> everybody talks about the polling places in walking distance but you if get up at 8:00 and go to 7:00 to vote and now you get out at 7:00 and you don't have time to vote and later coming home. >> you don't have time to vote then? >> i am worried about that yes. >> this hangs over the talks and the talks continue with the exchange of ideas, through the
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state mediator and one-third party involved as described as being involved in shuttle diplomacy, and at this point things continue and there doesn't look to be a break through any time soon. live at the sheridan downtown. channel 6 "action news." >> thank you john. of course the "action news" morning team is on a half our early again tomorrow 4:00 a.m. to help you navigate the latest travel situation and join us for up to the minute situation on the septa strike. a second teenager is now under arrest in connection with the shooting in rittenhouse square two weeks ago. philadelphia police say that 18-year-old nasir turned himself. they were trying to commit a robbery on october 19th and a passerby tried to inveen and he
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grabbed a gun and shot the passerby multiple times. montgomery county board of elections has been granted an extension for the deadline for absentee ballots after voters expressed concerns that ballots were sent out too late to meet the deadline, absentee ballots must reach the office of voter services in norristown on tuesday at 8:00 p.m. when the polls close on election day instead of tomorrow at 5:00. you can find a break down of expanded hours at the voter service hours at melania trump hit the campaign trail today for the first time since the republican national convention and it brought her to the main line, gray hall is live at the main line sports center in berwyn, and gray melania is trying to appeal to suburban women what did she have to say today. >> melania trump touched on issues climb cyber bullying and
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womens equality. the main objective here in berwyn is pushing her husband's message that if he is elects president he will make america great again. >> it's not a campaign but a movement. >> she started with strong words, and in her other speech it was praised until it was realized that some of her words were taken by first lady, michelle obama. and with that clearly behind her trump is on the campaign trail encouraging people to vote for her husband, donald trump. >> he will make america fair and make america safe and prosperous and make america proud. >> trump says she is an immigrant and understands what the american dream is all about and have the vision to give all americans the same opportunities. and she thinks she will support
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womens rights and equality. in light of trump's controversial statement about women. >> it's hard and what he says it's inappropriate and she agrees as well. she is so gracious and wonderful. i can overlook that because i don't want hillary to be president. >> the crowd was energized and eager to hear who could be the next first lady of the united states of america. >> loved it. she is saying what every woman wants to hear. >> the what america is and he is the tip of the spear for a movement far greater than any poll taken at the moment. >> reporter: so back out live, election day happens next week and donald trump recently in an interview with abc news says that melania trump will give several more of these interviews, he calls the speeches really important.
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a push to get the voters to go out and vote. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you gray. we learn this today. democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton will end her campaign in philadelphia. after a saturday performance with katy perry at the mann center clinton will be back on monday night to hold her final rally, joined by bill clinton and daughter chelsea and president obama and michelle obama. support ofs gathered outside of center in berwyn where melania was speaking and called donald trump degrading and demeaning to women and actions that they say make him unfit to be president. federal investigators slap the penn state university with a $2 million fine in connection with the jerry sandusky case. they say that the school violated the cleary act that inquires universities to report
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campus crimes that penn state should have warned students and employees that sandusky was about to be charged with child sex abuse in 2011. a delaware firefighter finally left the hospital today. vernon odom has the story. >> reporter: to the cheers from scores of first responders, brad speakman a severely injured wilmington firefighter checked out of the hospital today. been here 41 days in all recovering from the severe burns he sustained on that night on lake view road. an arson that killed two of his veteran colleagues and severely injured another. artim hope remained hospitalized here. speakman is the father of two a 7-year-old and 5-year-old. >> i want to get home and spend time with my family. and get to see my kidded after a long time. >> this definitely going to help
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us out tremendously with everybody's emotional recovery. >> the accused arsonist murderer remains behind bars. the wilmington fire department is in a deep state of mourning over the loss of those two veteran firefighters but at the same time praying for the recovery of the two veterans that survived the september inferno. >> hope is listed in stable but critical condition and prayers are with her today. >> don't run away from us, we need your help with arty, she is doing some good things and making some strides. >> arty is upstairs still battling and we can't wait to join here for her discharge as well. >> accompanied by an honor guard and firefighters from the area. he says that he plans to return to work for the wilmington fire department as soon as possible.
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in chester, i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." coming up on "action news" tonight, a delaware county congressman is calling on a federal investigation into voter fraud. jeff skversky is live in south philadelphia with the eagles decision to cut josh huff. >> reporter: jim, what josh huff's former eagles teammates is saying about his release tonight coming up in sports. another unseasonably warm day today and the winds of changes are blowing in. we'll have that and more when "action news" continues tonight. you out.
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no warning, no hearing. it's a lending practice so outrageous, most states banned it. but at the bank founded by pat toomey it was business as usual. forcing small business owners out of their homes. toomey even used his power in the senate to help himself, voting to gut rules that protect us and crack down on big banks. pat toomey. out for himself, not us. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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the issue of voter fraud has become part of the voter issues this year with the client complaints coming mostly from the republican side. >> reporter: this morning congressman patrick meehan called for loretta lynch to launch an investigation into fieldworks llc, they build themselves as a democratic grass roots organization. state police raided their organization early this week looking for evidence of voter registration fraud. they question if 7,000 voter registrations were submitted before the deadline and other irregularities. >> what do you do for the 55 registrations there is no valid
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address. not just that there is no valid address, there is no such location in delaware county. >> they denied any wrongdoing and said it's cooperating with investigators. meehan's opponent for the seventh congressional district says she never heard of fieldworks and is unaware of the investigation. >> i believe this is part of the republican effort to suppress voter turnout. >> meehan denied the claim. and the committee of 70 the government watch dog group. just tune it out and vote. >> the candidates and parties trying to leverage a few more votes, it's hard to tell what is going on with these investigations. tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. the voter administration commission will hold a hearing for the timeliness of those forms. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action
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news." >> and late today the pennsylvania department of state told "action news" that they plan to deliver paperwork to that hearing determining that applications from fieldworks were received by the deadline. "action news" has you covered on election night. rick williams and monica malpass will be with the trump and clinton campaigns and crews and reporters fanned out in our region could having all the major local regions. plus special digital coverage for the first time. please join me for our panel of experts, all of our reporters and special guests out in the field following all the results after the polls close that begins at 8:00 p.m. on mayor jim kenney appointed joyce wilkerson to replace neff her first meeting is december
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15th, she joined commission members. wilkerson is an executive at temple university. z25pkz zi0z
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donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!" we are talking about consequences yesterday. the consequences were fast and severe. >> very severe for one josh huff, a mistake that cost him his job. they decided in the end to cut receiver josh huff following that arrest on tuesday. jeff skversky is live now with
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the details. >> reporter: ducis, eagles players say they were shocked and they were surprised. when a crying josh huff walked into the locker room before practice today and told everyone he had just been cut. they were surpriced because yesterday coach doug peterson said that huff would play sunday against the giants. but huff had to clear out his locker after meeting with peterson and football operations and howie roseman who says after further reviewing this they were all on board with releasing huff who was caught carrying a gun in new jersey with hollow point bullets and marijuana. >> we care about josh that is the business we are in, we spend a lot of time with them and these decisions are hard but we have to do what is right for the philadelphia eagles. >> i wouldn't say it was unfair, when you break the rules and the
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law, there is always repercussions there is no way to justify that. >> reporter: in a statements huff says first i want to apologize to mr. lurie and his family and coaches and teammates and all eagles fans. i'm sorry that any action by me brought negative light to this o. huff admits knows that his actions come with consequences and he is facing jail time if convicted on the charges. jeff skversky channel 6 "action news.." >> huff is not the first player to run into trouble. despite that espn analyst, ron jaworsky says you have to use better judgment. >> some players get caught in the me syndrome and i syndrome and don't think about the people you hurt and offend when you make the wrong decisions. i'm talking about life decisions
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not football. have you to make the right decisions, in this case josh huff made the wrong decision into ryan howard's 13 year run with the phillies came to an end and the phils formerly declined the option on his contract. it ends in the wee hours of the morning but worth the wait for the cubs and their long awaiting fans. they won 8-7 in 10 inning, and they rephrased a deficit and rephrased 108 years of heart ache. the first title since 1908. one other note the flyers skate with the islanders tonight. never thought i would see that happen, the cubs winning the world series sfwlz a combination pep rally and reunion at radnor high school. these men call themselves the has beens and they are all former football players and they sat down with the currents players to share their stories
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and inspiration because they play long time rival lower merion on monday. the first meeting between those two schools took place back in 1897. this is an individual who mocked a disabled reporter... i don't know what i said, ahh... who attributed a reporter's questions to her menstrual cycle. trump: blood coming out of her...wherever. he is not a person who is equipped in temperament, judgment or character to lead our troops. donald trump has created a toxic atmosphere pitting one group against another. he's a mexican. claiming a person can't do the job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment.
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we have a weekend preview it's thursday night. what about the accuweather preview? >> looking great but reality check. temperatures more in line where they should be for this time of year. a cold front is moving through stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that it is bringing some scattered showers some downpours and not really all that widespread. we have one band right now moving through bristol and
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florence and crossing the new jersey turnpike towards georgetown in new jersey. no lightning but a brief heavy downpour and a little scattered shower activity. it's crossing the delaware now heading in dibs town one over wilmington this is with a cold front bringing united states the reality check and another one on a walk on the mild side. records in areas in allentown 71 degrees, not a record but the atlantic city airport made it up to 81 degrees tying the record and dover a new record high of 82 and philadelphia 72 degrees not a record but 11 degrees above normal but now the temperatures drop but also the clock. we fall back on saturday night that means sunday eastern standard time, the sun is setting before 5:00, november 30th, the sun will be setting at 4:36 and by the end of december days begin to get longer, 4:46 the sunsets. there is good news as we head
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through winter. right now 68 in philadelphia. dover still mild 72 and atlantic city airport 71 and allentown 62 and the poconos dropping to 53 degrees, behind the cold front and satellite 6 along with action radar showing the first pro funnel trough that moved through this afternoon with showers robbed the atmosphere of its moisture, and that is the actual cold front you see how that line of showers is really breaking up and behind that system the clouds are diminishing and the wind out of the northwest and this is what will be moving in for tomorrow for the weekend and actually the first half of next week a broad area of high pressure and that means loads of sunshine and seasonably cool temperatures. so tonight, behind that front with a few scattered showers turns breezy and partly cloudy and 50 in philadelphia and 44 in allentown and 50 in cape may and wilmington 49. the day planner showing lots of sunshine and on the windy side with win gusts of 30 miles per
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hour. and temperatures start in the 50s in the morning and by the afternoon up to 60 degrees that is about where we should be for this time of year. saturday the cold front just affecting new england and high pressure means here less wind and loads of sunshine with a high of 60. so the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast sunny but windy tomorrow, 61 degrees and weekend should be beautiful. saturday great weather for the unity cup 60 degrees and sunday 62 degrees begin the sunsetting before 5:00 and we drop down to 59 degrees on monday with plenty of sunshine and tuesday should be mild for voters and dry no weather problems for election day 65 degrees and then we get into wednesday a slight chance of a shower, more clouds and 64 and thursday partly sunny and a high of 62 degrees. five days straight with no chance of rain good time to get your car washed. >> december 22nd the days get longer. >> yes, one we are past the
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winter solstice. world news is next on channel 6 and news continued at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff and sharrie williams. and join us at 11:00 here on channel 6 for an investigation into a local farmers market. investigate of reporter, wendy saltzman has a preview. >> fruits and vegetables sold at a local farmers market. be aware you may not be getting what you think you are paying for. we go undercover to see what is actually being sold at a farmers market it is actually fresh or flown in. and we confront the owner about them repackaging mass produced products. tonight at 11:00. >> for "action news" i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us tonight at 11:00. dangerous thing.
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when i come home and dinner's not ready i go through the roof. grab 'em by the p*á*á". when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. more accusers coming forward to say they were sexually assaulted by donald trump. i'll go backstage before a show... yes.. and everyone's getting dressed. donald trump walked into the dressing room while contestants, some as young as 15 were changing. standing there with no clothes. you see these incredible looking women. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. do you treat women with respect? uh... i can't say that either. alright, good. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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tonight, breaking news. donald trump, hillary clinton. the new polls just out. there is new hope for both of them in unexpected states. where this race now stands. plus, melania's moment. her solo speech today. and the big plan revealed for president obama, the first lady and hillary clinton on election eve. the stunning and gruesome discovery at a home. a woman missing for months. allegedly chained inside a storage container. tonight, she's been rescued. the realtor under arrest. and authorities say, it does not end there. the moment that caused national outrage. tonight, that officer on trial. the man killed, walter scott, his mother on the stand. the plane crash. the chopper overhead, capturing it all. >> clearing a building. >> the incredible moment that comes next. and your money tonight. a new warning. if you've ever bought a g


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