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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  November 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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turn of events on day four of the septa strike. >> a hearing on the injunction is getting under way right now and "action news" reporter dann cuellar live outside of the sheraton in center city where negotiations have been happening all week long. dann what's the latest? >> reporter: rick and monica, the talks are continuing here at the sheraton despite septa going to court seeking a motion to force transit workers back on the job. septa went to court of common pleas at 3 o'clock seeking an emergency injunction because of the problems they say the strike has caused. a spokeswoman says the strike poses a clear and presenter danger to the public threatening health and safety and the right to vote on election day on tuesday. here's more. >> that the strike has caused people to miss critical medical appointments, is making it impossible for some disabled residents to get to facilities for specialty care and get assistance with fundamental life care matters.
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it's causing students to miss school and presents a risk to citizens' right to vote in the november 8 election. >> reporter: now, the transportation workers union are calling this court maneuver a distraction from the negotiations and that septa should be focusing on trying to get a settlement. as i said right now there are no signs that this court maneuver is having any impact on these negotiations. they are continuing right now upstairs. we'll keep you posted. live here in center city, i'm dann cuellar. >> you can join matt tam david and karen starter along the 4:00 a.m. monday. >> we have breaking news from the hunting park section of philadelphia. chopper6 is over the huge water main break that emergency crews are also on the scene as well. the break happened just before
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4:30 this afternoon at fox and abbottsford avenues. again this is hunting park. take a look at all of the water there, a couple of cars you can see submerged as well. details are sketchy but the break was reported near a shop rite supermarket. no word on the size of the break but it look to be very large and we're taking a look at that shopping center, a shop rite and just a number of cars that are under water at this hour because of this huge water main break in hunting park at this afternoon. no word yet on again the size of it or whether these businesses railroad local homes are without water service but emergency crews on the scene trying to determine the problem. now we're learning it's a 60-inch water main break here in hunting park. we'll give you more information as it becomes available to us from the city's hunting park section. >> a murder investigation is under way in lumberton burlington county after police found a body buried lined a house. investigators found the body
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of 23-year-old justin dubois yesterday buried in the backyard of a home in the unit block of spencer court. he was reported missing on halloween. two brothers who lived there with dubois have been arrested 25-year-old brian costello and 27-year-old christopher costello both face murder charges. >> new at 5:00 tonight police are looking for the man who they say stole a check from a cancer patient and then cashed it for himself. even worse, the victim is his girlfriend's grandmother. "action news" reporter bob brooks is live in aston outside of the bank where that suspect cashed the check. bob. >> reporter: rick, good evening. this is absolutely horrible. i don't know what else you can say about this. detectives say the td bank where he he cashed the check in aston. he's accused of stealing the money from a 68-year-old woman whom he knew personally and she's very sick. this is a picture of a 24-year-old caught in the act of a seriously disturbing crime. they say the check in his hand
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he's cash isn't his. it belongs to his girlfriend's 68-year-old grandma. detectives say he forged his name on it and withdrew $400. michael chitwood says the suspect's name is michael allison. before he he cashed the check at the td bank in aston he allegedly stole it from the victim's home in upper darby. >> allegedly to do the young girl's lawn he degree. during-- laundry grandma let hin the house. they steal a check. >> reporter: to make this even more disturbing allison allegedly took the money from a woman who is battling cancer. >> we tried to interview him a couple times and she canceled because she was receiving treatment. >> reporter: chitwood tells us that the 68-year-old confronted her granddaughter because bow what allison is accused of she confessed. >> when confronted by grandmom, the granddaughter
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says well they need money. >> reporter: so grandma called the police. they tracked the check down to the td bank and sure enough police say they saw allison was caught on tape. now you're being asked to take a good look at him and when you see him, immediately call the police. >> the tragedy is grandmom is sickly and she's trying to help out and this bum steals a check. i mean its a sad commentary on society. i mean, he's a real dirt ball. >> reporter: okay, again the suspect's name is michael allison and he is accused of stealing from a 68-year-old wombat ling cancer. if you know where he is, call the police immediately. for now reporting live in aston, bob brooks channel6 "action news." rick and monica. >> all right bob thank you. we're also following developing news out of north jersey tonight. that's where two former aides to governor chris christie were found guilty on all counts in the bridgegate trial. >> one of the defendants christie's former deputy chief of staff bridget kelly was visibly emotional after emerging from the courthouse.
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jay burkette from our sister station wa were. c was in court for that verdict. he has more from newark. >> reporter: the verdict left bridget kelly devastated. a single mother of four young children who faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in federal prison. she stood beside her defense attorney and struggled to keep her composure as he promised to appeal. >> i told bridget this is the first step in the process. this is the first step in the process and this is not over. i assure you we'll have another news conference but it may take a year or two but it will be a different news conference. >> reporter: her co-defendant bill barone flee was defiant. >> i am innocent of these charges and i am very, very looking forward to this appeal. >> reporter: both baroni and ms. kelly told the jury that they believed that the lane closures were part of a legitimate traffic study and that new jersey governor chris christie signed off on it.
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>> are you willing to be the fall guy for governor christie. >> reporter: but david wildstein the self confessed mastermind testified there was no study, that he carried out the lane closures on orders from barone and kell to punish the mayor of fort lee with five days of gridlock for refuseing to sort christie's reelection. she texted wildstein during the lane closures asking is it wrong that i am smiling. ms. kelly insisted throughout the trial that her e-mails and texts were misunderstood. >> no comment. >> reporter: the jurors seven men and five women rushed from the courthouse and refused to discuss their verdict. u.s. attorney paul fishman. >> we indicted only the people hewabled we had evidence beyond a reasonable doubt which as you know is the constitutional standard evidence beyond a reasonable doubt to convict in this courthouse. >> reporter: although both defendants face a maximum of
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20 years in federal prison their actual sentences are expected to be closer to three years. the sentencing is scheduled for february of next year. in newark, new jersey, jay burlington county channel6 "action -- burkette. >> a long week for commuters and drivers and hopefully we can finish on a high note. >> no, let's ends it with a long ride. taking to the tracks this afternoon with the regional rails. they're delayed once again. not quite as bad as we've seen some of the afternoons this week but still a bunch of delays up to about 22 minutes that's our worst right now on a couple of the lines. gridlock once again around center city as we have extra traffic continuing because of the septa strike. also watching a crash in olde city just north of the vine along fourth at willow and thousand water main break in hunting park what a mess along fox street at the shop rite. watch outer for crews out there. same spot where we had a water main break in june of last year so little over a year ago same spot another water main
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break. this is 95 in bucks county northbound accident here at new hope is gone. still have the construction though so that's why we're jammed up headed towards the scudder falls bridge. southampton burlington county crash along 206 near the red line circle. in bear delaware jammed solid both ways on highway one because of a crash. i would come down 13, seven, even 896, highway one is an absolute mess. we'll check it again rick and monica, in the next half hour. >> all right, will do. thank you, matt. much more still ahead on "action news at 5:00 tonight inform health check the local ymca program that's giving cancer survivors a fighting chance to get their strength back. >> plus, it is a party that's been more than a century he in the making. the big surprise at the end of today's world series celebration for the chicago cubs. cecily. >> monica, get ready for a clear and cool friday night and then i've got a fine fall weekend on the way. i'll have all the details in the accuweather forecast. rick and monica. >> all right, thank you z -- cecily. breaking news in east
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falls sec of philadelphia where we're looking at that water main break. a 40-inch water main that -- a 40-inch water main and you can take a look at all of the gushing water as emergency crews try to fix the problem. >> this is at fox and aborts ford avenues causing huge headaches. some cars already starting to get water under them. you see a train nearby. we'll keep an eye on it as they try to get this water main under control. we'll be back. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you?
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>> back to one of our breaking stories. the bad news for folks in east falls is that a 48-inch water main has broken and is flooding some businesses in the shop rite shopping center. there's also a ross store there wendy's and other things. fire department tried to get a handle on it and get the philadelphia water department to turn that main off. the good news again no injuries here but at rush hour this could not happen at a worst time and these store owners are upset because a very similar devastating water main broke about a year ago. they've already had to do cleanup and damage control from a year ago and get rid of waterlogged merchandise and broken store parts because of water in their area. now they'll have to go through that again right before the holidays when it is the store's busiest time of year.
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there could be some blockage on fox and abbottsford avenues in east falls. that's where this is happening. it started about 45 minutes ago. you see a shopping cart there under water and they're using some of their emergency equipment trying to get closer to this 48-inch water main that is still gushing rivers of water in that neighborhood. really a nightmare over for the folks and this woman looks like she's just been taken from one of the stores. it appears to be a rescue but we don't have any information about that. good news for her the firefighters were there with their rubber dingy or boat to help get her out of that area where it's being impacted. you see other firefighters wading through what appears to be knee deep water. we'll keep an eye on it for you in the east falls section, a really difficult evening tonight. >> an estimated 5 million people turned out to celebrate the chicago cubs history making world series win today. [cheers and applause] the team parade the commission err's trophy from
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wrigley field down michigan avenue to grant park. first baseman anthony rizzo who had been holding onto the ball from the game winning out surprised the crowd and the team right there, there's the ball, he handled over to owner tom rickets. fans have been waiting all their life for this moment in the windy city. >> presidential politics and while the race for the white house has been very contentious the competition for delaware's next governor has been arguably more civil. >> "action news" reporter vernon odom spoke to both candidates in that gubernatorial race tonight. >> reporter: congressman john karen he knee a democrat and senator colin beniny. no dirty tricks. just the major issues facing the state of delaware from taxes to deficits to infrastructure to crime in the schools and all across the big city of wilmington.
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>> we can better target the bad guys within the city of wilmington and we need better community policing model that works where we're developing better relationships between law enforcement and the community. >> the fact that we are addressing these issues sort of an oh we don't want to hurt anybody's feelings, we're concerned about the police union, we're concerned about the city of wilmington, nonsense many people are getting shot. >> we've got to address the root causes of these problems and it's all about the inability or the ineffective education of kids growing up in the city. >> that means combining police forces whatever it is that's necessary to do we have to get in there and do that and once we get safety in those neighborhoods then we can start talking about improving education. >> a recent university of delaware poll shows karen --
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carney by 30 points. >> being a republican nell wear. the national debate has been so divisive i think it hurts all of us. >> i appreciate our friendship and i look forward to working with sam whatever happens in november. >> the political civility here is legendary. it never seems to change no matter how stony the weather is at the national level. i'm vernon odom channel6 "action news" in wilmington delaware.
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>> ♪ >> back to our breaking news story. right now chopper6 once again over this large water main break. the water continuing to gush as you can see here from the east falls section of philadelphia. it broke just around 4:30 this afternoon at fox street and abbottsford avenue again in east falls and it is completely flooded out a large strip mall as we continue to see a number of submerged cars. apparently a number of shoppers were stranded and had to be rescued. others were evacuated and the fire crews are trying to get a handle on this situation but a 48-inch water main break in east falls as we continue to watch this breaking news story from chopper6. >> as we're going in tighter you can see some shoppers there and firefighters trying
5:21 pm
rally them get them out of the shop rite because clearly if it's this deep on the outside it is also flooding probably into the store and as we pan back over, if our camera crew from chopper6 can show you, one of these street signs, a stop sign in the parking lot is almost submerged. you can see only the top of the stop sign as we come back over you'll see he in a moment and if they remove this lower portion. there it is. the stop sign is partially under water. the entire post is covered there it appears to be creeping up some of the light posts there. this car obviously, the tires are no longer visible. this is the third time in two and a half years this has been a problem. the water main broke in january of 2014, broke again, 16 months later, 18 months later in june of 2015 and now here we go again in november of 2016. this is both a streets department issue fixing the main and a water department issue cutting off that surging water. so, they're getting all the city crews out there to turn off what is now a waterfall
5:22 pm
happening throughout this east falls neighborhood. it is at fox street and abbottsford avenue and trying now to get a handle on what is going wrong repeatedly a three time notoriously bad water main where the folk at the ross store and the shop rite and wendy's. >> we're continuing to stream this rescue operation live on we'll bring you more information as it becomes available here from the east falls section of philadelphia. we'll take a quick break be right back with more news. stay with us. when government bureaucrats refused to approve a cancer vaccine equally for both girls and boys, i stepped in to change that rule. when my own party held up recovery funds after sandy hit us, i took them on and won. and when veterans were forced to travel out of state for health care, i brought in new local clinics and expanded services.
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but there's much more to do. my mission is to protect south jersey's way of life. i'm frank lobiondo and i approve this message. i'm frank lobiondo z25pmz zi0z y25pmy yi0y
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y25pky yi0y >> time for a check of accuweather at the "action news" big board. >> cecily tynan has the weekend forecast, first weekend of november. will it be november-like cecily. >> it will and it will be beautiful. going to be a fine fall weekend. we are live on sky6 taking a look. this is just a beautiful shot the commodore barry bridge looking for clouds in all the wrong places. not a cloud in the sky. bright blue skies and you can see the sun now pretty low on the horizon reflecting off the bridge. beautiful weather today and temperatures back where they should be for this time of the year. 58 degrees in philadelphia right now. earlier today we were at 61. the normal high for this time of the year is 60. allentown and reading 57. cape may 60. wilmington 59 and trenton also 59 degrees and satellite6 along with action radar showing again not a cloud in the sky. very strong area of high pressure is building in and
5:26 pm
that will bring us loads of sunshine right through the weekend but without any clouds to insulate the earth and with the fact that the high pressure is building in, the winds will diminish it is going to be a chilly night. if you're heading to the high school football games definitely bundle up. winds early this evening about six to 12 miles per hour and then they'll really begin to die down. clear and chilly kickoff temperatures around 50. by the fourth quarter, down to 45 degrees and of course we'll have a lot of highlights on high school huddle on "action news after the 11 o'clock news tonight. i get to throw he that football as well. tonight though looking nice, looking cold. tomorrow beautiful weather. temperatures a smidge higher than today, 63 degrees in philadelphia. allentown 60. wilmington 62. cape may 60. it will be on the breezy side with winds generally about seven to 14 miles per hour so not quite as windy as today. so, if you're heading to citizens bank park for the unity cup doesn't get much better than this. at noon when the festival starts 56 degrees in the
5:27 pm
afternoon for the youth football games temperatures rising into the low 60's by 6 o'clock for the championship game back down to 58 degrees and then the fall foliage if you want to do some leaf peeping this is a great weekend to do it. far northwest across the lehigh valley and the poconos really past peak but most our viewing area is peaking right now and with the great weather this weekend it's a good weekend to get outside. so, the five day at 5::showing loads of sunshine right through the weekend. tomorrow's high 63. don't forget to turn those clocks back one hour saturday night as we head back to eastern standard time. on sunday sun he knee and breezy, 62. the sun setting before 5:00. monday temperatures drop a little bit. 58 degrees but then on tuesday before election -- for election day it will be warm, 69 degrees, dry conditions and wednesday partly sunny, 63 and adam will let you know if this beautiful weather continues into the end of next week. >> thank you cecily. as we go to break we want to remind you we're following
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this breaking news story from the east falls section of philadelphia. we're also streaming it on a huge water main break that has flooded out an entire strip mall here. we'll continue to follow this story for you, update you on the rescues and the evacuations when we come right back. stay with us. >> ♪ katie: my mom was a restaurant hostess at a neighborhood favorite - a place for a good, family meal. she juggled customers, cooks, waitresses - and never complained. my dad was a police officer walking his beat. i learned from both what it means to be honest, to work hard, and love family.
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>> "action news" at 5:00 continues as we continue to monitor this breaking news story out of philadelphia's east falls section tonight. chopper6 live one more time over that 48-inch water main break in a shopping center near the 2800 block of fox street and abbottsford avenue. you can see some of the shoppers there who had been rescued he slowly but surely making it to their car, making it to safety. the shopping center includes a shop rite a ross state wine and liquor store. cars in the parking lot as you can see he are being swallowed by water. looks like a mother and little boy rescued by fire crews and emergency officials. firefighters and other rescuers arrived a short timing a and they have been walking people out of the area one by one much that's where the water main happened a.m. 48-inch water main break in east falls. some people have been wading through the water themselves carrying bags of groceries.
5:31 pm
the 48-inch main still spilling thousands of gallons of water into the area, this strip mall. taking a live look again at the efforts to get people out. this is not the first time a water main this size has occurred here. we don't know if anyone has been injured or how many people may be stranded because of the flooding but rescue operations under way tonight and officials are telling people to avoid this area, avoid this shopping center if at all costs and of course we have an "action news" crew on the way to the scene. we'll continue to bring you updates as they become available to us from the east falls connection -- section of the city. >> cars not to speak of the people who are in danger but imagine going to your gross he restore and coming out to he see your car has been completely flooded out. now the water we see is so deep it's continuing to gush out that many of those cars in the lower part of your screen were to two-thirds submerged so way past where the engine would have been stalled out by the water rendering them unusable certainly. people are having tremendous
5:32 pm
issues following this water main break that broke at about 4:45 so now about 45 minutes ago, 4:30ish. firefighters in their wet gear having what appears to be air packs on the back in case they would get submerged but at the very least wearing rescue gear and taking rafts in to try to get people out of the store who may be standing on shelves or doing what they have to do to get away from the water and bringing that many outside but they would be coming out to no vehicle taking them to higher ground trying to get them help to get home. they'll have to worry about cars and vehicles and other possessions at a later date. they're just trying to save people right now. >> we want to go to the phones and speak with john di julio with the philadelphia water department. john are you there. >> i'm here. >> thanks for calling in for us. can you update us on the situation here as we continue to look live at this strip
5:33 pm
mall here in east falls. what can you tell us to the best of your knowledge, don. >> at the moment very preliminarily we believe there's a water main break on at least one of our 48-inch water mains we have there. there are four. so i know that we've had several water main breaks in that exact location however they have not been on the same water main. association we'll have to figure out which water main is broken. that could take some time to figure out which ones to shut down. i know we're in the process of doing some valve operations working to reduce the water flow and that's the primary goal right now make sure that we get this water main turned off and, you know make sure all the customers in that shopping vendor able to be safely -- we're working with our partners at the fire department. and we will do our best to get this done as quickly as possible. >> don, monica malpass here as
5:34 pm
well. just a couple quick questions. is there any way of knowing how many hundreds of thousands of gallons have already gushed out? it is literally covering two-thirds of some of the cars in what appears to be to the lower part of the park lot closest to the front door of these stores. >> we'll be able to do the math after the fact. it is determined upon how long the main was broken for or how long the water is running for. we have an estimation that we can come up with based on the volume of water we're losing per day and then let's say we lost x millions of gallons per 24 hours we would divide that by how many hours the water main ran for. safe to assume it's in the millions of gallons not hundreds of thousands. but we he will have lost millions of gallons of water through this water main break. >> and john as we continue to look from chopper6 we see a number of cars. we can also see we assume shoppers who were apparently in these stores when this happened. can we assume that everyone has been evacuated safely or in the process of being
5:35 pm
rescued at this hour? no more shoppers in any of these stores that we're looking at, correct. >> unfortunately i'm not able to answer that question. i'm in my own vehicle headed out there right now. what i can tell you is that i understand the fire department is on scene, so any rescue operations are taking place or being handled by the fire department and emergency management. any questions you can probably check with them. once we're all on scene together i'm sure we'll be happy to answer any questions via, you know,, excuse me when the reporters are there and we can talk to you guys, hold a quick press conference and answer those questions again. >> john a couple more quick questions and we'll let you drive there safely because we know it's dangerous to try to drive and talk at the same time. you said there are four different huge mains there and different ones have been breaking. we were talking earlier about how there have been three big breaks and now we understand of different mains over the last two and a half years. what do you think is causing the mains to break? is it
5:36 pm
simply age? is that this area's hyland developed and perhaps too much strain on the system? what's your idea here? >> you know, those questions that i can't answer honestly right now. those mains were installed in the late 1800s so there is an age factor. but, you know, the development is new. i certainly can't speak to anything about what's causing it without, you know, our assessments that we'll do. we will likely have this water main looked at by an engineering firm to see if there's anything that they can point to, different stressors and things like that but it's too early in the investigation to say. >> certainly if you're reducing water flow we see now from our chopper shot john i'm just going to tell you we see what appears to be a river of water and you're calling it millions of gallons have come out of this 48 main that's broken so just a torrential river showing through the streets. so you said you were reducing
5:37 pm
water flow in that area certainly to cause the damage to be lessened or at least to stop the damage and save these people who were stranded in the stores. i would assume that's impacting everybody for how far, miles? >> so, what i can tell you is that these water mains are transmission mains, not distribution mains. each one of them serves a different purpose. without knowing exactly which one is broken i can speak to what impact it would have on the community. some of them are mains that simply carry water from our plant to reservoirs or from our plant to distribution pipes. so they don't necessarily have to be supplying homes or businesses water so people may not notice a he reduction in water pressure. but again, i'm not familiar with which one is broken and i'm not sure that our crews are able to tell me that right now, either. they're currently just assessing -- because there's four right next to each other, there's nothing that says, oh, it's here, you know. >> right. >> so, it just has to be a
5:38 pm
process of going -- working on each valve individually and when they find the valves that are reducing the flow then they'll know which mains. in that regard we'll know what the impact could be but if we're not aware of any lost pressure or any pressure issues from customers it very likely is not one of the transmission mains that's supplying the distribution system. >> all right. john di houle he yo'. we have an "action news" crew at the scene and hopefully we'll be able to talk with you again once you arrive here. just to he reiterate this breaking news story from the city he's east falls section tonight a huge water main break that is flooded out this strip mall here. the 2800 block of fox street. several stores here a ross', a shop rite grocery store, all of these stores evacuated. a number of shoppers had to be rescued. you can see a number of cars
5:39 pm
there from shoppers still left there submerged in water and again, fire crews and the water department trying to bring an end to this and of course we will continue to bring you more information as we -- as it becomes more available to us as we look at these rescues live from chopper6. >> quickly as we're seeing in this interview screen it looks like another boat load of people being evacuated at this time so people still are stranded in these stores and they are being taken out sale. that's the good news. a rough day here in east falls. now on to our political coverage. this fourth day or rather let's go to our septa strike coverage. this is the fourth day of the septa strike in the philadelphia area. leader with the transit agency filed an injunction in court trying to force septa workers back on the job as soon as possible. they say having septa shut down presents "a clear and present danger to the health safety and welfare of the community." septa officials say residents have missed necessary medical care school they may not get to vote next tuesday and they
5:40 pm
have other problems. all of this they say is a direct result of the strike. a common pleas judge is hearing that case right now at philadelphia city hall. as soon as a decision is made we'll bring it to you live. >> after such a tough commute this week with the septa strike it's a pretty safe bet that a lot of folks will be happy to be heading home this evening. >> that's right and probably staying put more than they would normally. how is it looking out there matt. >> once they make it home i'm sure they'll and happy. we have a lot of delays. more of the same fare rick and monica, bunch of delays on the regional rails which are running during this strike but throughout the days they have been running behind especially during the rush hour. right now seeing a bunch of delays around 21, 20, 17 minutes. they're not awful but they're also not very pleasant. and of course this big breaking news story with the water main break right on the east falls-nicetown border is turning into a traffic story as well. i would expect fox street to be blocked off at roberts avenue where the shop rite center is. seeing really slow speeds just 5 miles per hour on hunting
5:41 pm
park of a just a bit to the south. for your east west travels i would stick with henry avenue and wissahickon avenue obviously not fox street. i think that's going to be blocked off and if you can for your north-south travels i would stay on the other side of the boulevard maybe on queen lane schoolhouse lane some of them. this is just off just about two blocks off of the roosevelt boulevard route one. we're live here on the boulevard at fox street. that's fox right there and you can see the congestion as people wait to exit onto fox street which again right down there is blocked off by the shop rite center. so we'll keep tabs on. that we've been watching a crash on delaware on highway one that cleared out. still slow southbound speeds. 295 in camden county jammed southbound because of a crash at warwick road. rick and monica, enjoy the extra hour of sleep this week. >> we will. thank you very much matt. we want to remind you the "action news morning team will get an early start monday morning to help you navigate the strike. so join matt tam karen and david one more time a half hour early at 4:00 a.m. for the latest information on how to get where you need to go.
5:42 pm
that's at 4:00 a.m. monday morning right here on 6abc. we'll be right back. >> ♪ dangerous thing. when i come home and dinner's not ready i go through the roof. grab 'em by the p*á*á". when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. more accusers coming forward to say they were sexually assaulted by donald trump. i'll go backstage before a show... yes.. and everyone's getting dressed. donald trump walked into the dressing room while contestants, some as young as 15 were changing. standing there with no clothes. you see these incredible looking women.
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i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. do you treat women with respect? uh... i can't say that either. alright, good. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
5:44 pm
i was there that day congresswoman gabby giffords was shot. i'm the one that wrestled the clip from the gunman's hands as people lay dying beside me. i wish pat toomey could have seen firsthand how gun violence destroys lives. instead, toomey opposes a ban on assault weapons and opposes banning high-capacity ammo clips. we need real leaders to stop gun violence. that's not pat toomey. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising.
5:45 pm
>> ♪ >> politics now after more than 510 days of campaigns rallies and debates, hillary clinton and donald trump have just four more days to convince the american people they're ready to lead the country. >> this final weekend before the general election will be jam packed for the presidential nominees who will make several stops in our area. >> we're four days away from the change you've been waiting for your entire life. i'm ready. i'm ready. >> donald trump heading into the home stretch by hitting the battleground states of pennsylvania michigan and later ohio. the republican and his running mate taking every opportunity to sway the minds of undecided voters. >> doesn't he see what we see? the millions of moms and dads struggling to make ends meet, balance the demands of work and family or does he just not care. >> democratic nominee blasted her opponent in pittsburgh today saying his plans as president would spell disaster for working families. hillary clinton will head to michigan and ohio later tonight. >> meanwhile mayor jim kenney was in north philadelphia today talking about the
5:46 pm
importance of voting. he stopped by the mosque on germantown avenue this afternoon. mayor kenney told dozens of voters there that they should help each other get to the polls so that they can vote on tuesday. he told the group that it is not only their american right but their obligation to vote. >> and "action news" will have live team coverage on election night for you. rick and i will be at donald trump and hillary clinton's headquarters as the results come in. we'll also have crews fanned out across this area covering the major local raises. we're giving i was chance to add your thoughts on election night with our special digital coverage. join jim gardner and our panel of experts following the local state and national races after the polls close. that starts at 8 p.m. on >> two young children continue to fight for their lives after they were pulled from their burning home in olney. this as detectives try to pin point the cause of the fire. "action news" reporter gray hall has the details. >> reporter: fire investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong at
5:47 pm
this home thursday night just before 10 o'clock. flames ripped through the up level of this row home along the 300 block of sheldon street. firefighters rescued two young victims. one is believed to be just 11 months old and the other child is said to be six. neighbors say they saw thick smoke and flames shooting from the windows. >> i just pretty much heard a big boom and then glass broke and i looked out the window and it was a lot of smoke, a lot of flames. >> reporter: it took crews about 10 minutes to put this fire out. once inside, they discovered the two young victims in the upper level of the home. >> it was a horrible scene. i don't know what happened with the kids. we haven't heard nothing, nothing about the kids. hopefully thanking and praying god that they will be fine imone victim was transported to saint christopher's hospital to children and other was rushed to einstein medical center. both were in critical condition. neighbors say they looked on as horror as medics performed cpr. everyone is hoping those children pull through. >> i'm raising to grand kids.
5:48 pm
you could imagine. it's horrible. but i'm praying god this morning when i wake up always praying god that i hope the kids are fine and, you know, this is a horrible scene. >> reporter: the cause of this fire is still under investigation. it's not clear if the home had working smoke he detectors. we also don't know if any adults were inside this home at the time of the fire. reporting in olney gray hall channel6 "action news". fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we guarantee to make switching easier. we'll show up on time. you're right on time. as promised, to install fios and set up the wi-fi that janet, jamie, jenny, jemma and jasmine need on their birthday. thank you. for all their new devices. you want a piece of cake? you can't break me. switching to fios is easier than ever. now get 100 meg internet, plus tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. hurry, this is the final week to get our best offer ever. only from fios.
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for the content of this advertising. >> time for sports. jaime apody is here. eagles getting are there for the giants sunday. a he key sieve -- divisional matchup. >> he said when huff would play on sunday they were still gathering information on the situation. with all the information they feel they made the best decision for the team. out with huff in with bryce treggs. he was released by the 49ers spent college catching balls. he doesn't lack confidence. he says he he's ready for the opportunity to replace huff. >> yeah i definitely feel that way because of my speed. i can stretch the field. i'd be lying if i say i'm not a guy that could stretch the field. i'm looking forward to doing that carson is looking forward to doing that. >> obviously the speed, he catch the ball well. you know, he's a smooth route runner and plus, too, he's young and he hasn't played for
5:52 pm
us so teams really don't know much about him. >> bowl eligible and in the driver's seat the temple owls have another tough test tonight against uconn. matt rhule worries about uconn defense 26 in the nation against stopping the run. rhule points out these two teams are familiar with each other. >> there's not one part of our team as you know that thinks of us as a favorite in this game. i mean we all grew up playing against each other. this is the one game of the year we're playing against guys we played against in high school. the guys from connecticut are going back home. this is a -- one of the few regional games we play. this is an exciting game for us. >> break down lope full al temple win tomorrow morning on temple football playbook bright and early i'll be here 9:45 a.m. on channel6 "action news." >> thank you jamie. >> the philadelphia 76ers helped kick off a new program today for middle school students in camden.
5:53 pm
sixers youth foundation held this pep rally at kip cooper norcross academy. they started the score program. 75 fifth grade students will take part in 20 week curriculum expressing the importance of healthy bay -- behavior. lloyd pierce was there to talk about the importance of goal setting. >> first weekends of november. meteorologist adam joseph at the big board. hey adam. >> what a drop in temperatures. yesterday our high was 72 today just 62 december for our high which is more typical for this time of year. right now sitting in the lower 50 in the lehigh valley. 59 trenton philadelphia, near 60 for millville and the atlantic city airport and these numbers will drop pretty quickly and those winds we experienced through much of the day gusting near 30 miles an hour will relax some overnight tonight. high pressure is in control and this is a beast of a high. you can see east of the rockies very little going on and very little in the way of cloud cover.
5:54 pm
whatsoever. so, a beautiful fall weekend setting up for many of us here in the united states especially east of the rockies. clear and chilly overnight tonight. less wind. that wind goes back to around three to 6 miles per hour but it's going to be a chilly night back to around freezing in those northern and western suburbs especially near the lehigh valley and berks county. 39 degrees for center city and that high pressure will he remain the dominant feature saturday into sunday and we'll continue with the light breeze both days out of the west-northwesterly direction. 63 on saturday. ly full sunshine. same thing on sunday, full sun and the temperature of 62 and a he reminder for the weekend you got to set those clocks back an hour before you head to bed on saturday night. also a good time to check the smoke he detector batteries as you're doing that so we do lose a little daylight during the evening hours of sunday. sunset at 4:52 but then you gain a little sunlight during the morning hours. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast again a
5:55 pm
breathtaking weekend. above average low 60's. touch cooler monday high temperature of 58 degrees and then election day it looks flawless right now near 70 degrees, a lot of sunshine, very warm. don't even need a jacket to head to the polls here on tuesday. and then wednesday partly sunny still above normal at he 63 and just a few clouds thursday into veterans day with temperatures between 62 and 64 degrees. so, quite a remarkable seven day setting up here as we go into the second week of november. >> okay,. >> thank you so much. >> quick break. more news when we come right back. stay with us. pat toomey and donald trump both would defund planned parenthood,
5:56 pm
and criminalize women's right to choose. "there has to be some form of punishment." "for the woman?" "yeah." "i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors... who perform them." and when donald trump insulted women and bragged about... sexual assault, pat toomey refused to reject him. pat toomey: won't stand up to trump. won't stand up for women. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves!
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you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!" pat toomey and donald trump: they're just wrong for the women of pennsylvania. "new fallout for donald trump." "should a woman be punshied for having an abortion?" "there has to be some form of punishment." "for the woman?" "yeah, there has to be some form." "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would, suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: they're not for you. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> "action news" at 6:00 coming up next. have a good night an great weekend. >> good night. this is an individual who mocked a disabled reporter... i don't know what i said, ahh... who attributed a reporter's questions to her menstrual cycle. trump: blood coming out of her...wherever. he is not a person who is equipped in temperament, judgment or character to lead our troops. donald trump has created a toxic atmosphere pitting one group against another. he's a mexican. claiming a person can't do the job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment. priorities usa action is responsible
5:59 pm
for the content of this advertising. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> we have breaking news in the east falls section of philadelphia and it's a real problem. it is friday night and the big story on "action news tonight is a water main break that plunged the outside of a strip mall under water. you are looking live from
6:00 pm
chopper6 at fox street and abbottsford avenue, the scene of a shop rite supermarket, a ross clothing store, a state liquor store, another clothing store. you can see here a number of shoppers were stranded and had to be rescued. crews were using rubber rescue boats to get people out of the stores into their cars in the parking lot. waterfalls strung up at various -- sprung up at various locates of the property. this is the southeast former tastykake factory. water flowing out of the back of the shopping center onto train tracks. this is a freight train line and it's taking a lot of water right out in. actually the situation has begun to subside. no injuries have been reported but let's go first, it is one of four water mains on this property. >> we've h


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