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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 5, 2016 1:42am-2:11am EDT

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the big story on "action newses" is breaking news from the city of chester, two children have been shot. both caught in the crossfire of the 600 block of central avenue. the gunfire wounded a six-year-old boy and 13-year-old girl while playing in the yard. the six-year-old is in children's hospital. the 13-year-old has less serious injuries. we have no word about the gunman. >> at its worst the area outside of a shopping center was a lake. people had to be rescued as a water main break flooded the shopping center. the big question, what's causing water mains to keep bursting at this shopping center. "action newses" dan is at the baker center at the 3400 block.
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this is getting dangerous not to mention extensionive. >> that's right. the water mains are over a hundred years old. some were saying here we go again. the fourth water main break at this location. customers scramble to get to safety. >> from the chopper you get the full advantage of what happened, water qushing out on the 3400 block of fox. it turned the lot into a river. some were through this before. >> a man came in and said there was water out there. i said hell no and started hopping out of the store. >> i panicked, ran through the water not looking. >> look at this, from first glance in the air, it looked like a body. soon fire rescue crews could be seen getting people to safety.
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>> we moved across the water 75 people, sheltered 150 at various locations throughout the shopping center. >> this is the fourth time one of the four water transmission lines that run through here ruptured since january 2015. because of the history -- >> the valves were not fully opened. we wanted to get a quicker shut. it's 100 plus turns. >> that's a lot of turns. >> yes. >> by the time they shut it off officials felt there was $500,00$500,000 worth of damageo businesses and people's cars. >> i was ringing it. i just got my rugs clean. they are soaking wet. >> some think it's time to find another place to shop. >> this place is cursed. >> this is the site of the old tasty cake factory. before the latest break they had
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expedited plans to reroute the transmission lines out of here. it takes time, they say, at a cost of millions of dollars. channel6 "action newses." ♪ ♪ ♪ >> there is not enough evidence that an injunction is necessary. those are the words of a judge late today responding to septa's request that the judge send striking employees back to work. court execution may be in the offing. live at the sheraton hotel, jeff, what about the negotiation front? any progress there tonight? >> none that i have heard so far, jim. i spoke with both sides told they are working through a mediator. the scheduled face to face negotiations were called off this afternoon after septa filed a emergency lawsuit to order workers back on the job. it didn't work. >> i think the judge was clear
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today there is no competent evidence. >> attorneys for the union praised the judge saying the septa strike is not causing a clear and present danger to fill delphiladelphiaens. >> the union maintains it's not that bad. >> people are finding alternate ways to get where thech to get. they are walking, riding bikes, leasing cars, sharing rides. >> we are not going to lie down and watch our passengers suffer. we are not going to do it. >> the strike stopped 900,000 transit rides a day leading to gridlock and long commutes as would be passengers find alternate ways to travel. >> you have to spend more time. get up early. >> let's get on the ball and get back to work.
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these people need to get around. >> there is a concern that the work stoppage will affect voter turnout tuesday. monday morning at 9:30, septa will ask a judge to file an injunction for election day. >> thank you, jeff. >> former top aides to new jersey governor chris kristi has been convicted of fraud and conspiracy in the bridge gate case. the judge found they deliberately closed the bridge to punish that city's mayor for not endorsing kristi's bid for election. kristi maintains he knew nothing about the traffic jams. >> four days out from the election, hilary clinton is recovering from a polling standpoint from the fbi e-mail
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probe according to the tracking poll. she leads donald trump 47-43% nationally. that is technically within the margin of error. the race is closer in battle ground state polls. donald trump attended his third rally of the day finishing his final round of the campaign in hershey, pennsylvania starting in act on, a crucial state in the weak link in hilary clinton's blue firewall. trump then went to wilmington, ohio. we learned tonight -- we'll see. there are some reports that trump could be around this area again month. we'll see what happens. in cleveland tonight hilary clinton brought out the heavy hitters for the get out the vote concert. this is bionce, you can't get heavier hitting than that. where there is bionce, there is
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probably jay-z. that was the case tonight. they both introduced hilary clinton saying bionce is a woman who has been an inspiration to millions and jay-z has made music to deal with important challenges. which i knowhich i knowclinton t america can and should be. philly wonder was stain philader was the representative for hilary clinton tonight. >> officials in delaware county rejected 3400 voter registrations amid a fraud investigation. at a hearing and media today the applications were found to be duplicates, invalid addresses or other errors.
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another 1100 appear to be valid. they were gathered by the grassroots group called field works but arrived past the deadline. still to come, dirty laundry. a recall of washing machines for exploding at high speeds. and the head coach openses up on dropping hoffman. >> we could use some rain. i'll let you know if some is on the way. >> nadia han has a special report. >> it's all across the region. experts call it an epidemic. you could be the next victim. a must see for homeowners. >> that plus a
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>> we have a consumer warning tonight. on the heel's of samsung recall of galaxy phones, they are now recalling 3,000,000 washing machines. the lids may unexpectedly fly off the top of the washer while under high speed. nine people have been injured and 3400 models sold since 2011 are under recall. >> hundreds of homeowners claim a construction project of epidemic problems costing in the 6 figures. inydia han has more.
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>> this is stucco. your biggest financial investment could be a dud and you don't know it. the signs are often invisible. >> time and time again peeling back the stucco reveals rotting wood horrifying homeowners. >> you are wringing water out of the wood. >> you never know what's underneath until you take it off like this. >> it makes my heart drop. >> it's not stucco that's the problem. it's what's underneath. >> a combination of mistakes and the northeast water allow water to get caught behind the stucco allowing the home to rot all the way through. >> it's dangerous. >> i have told people to move
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their family out, keep the children out of the rooms. >> homeowners in development after development claim stucco related problems. the homes were built by various builders. "action newses" talked to the owner of 22 homes toll broth br. >> you should never be in the position to take down the outside of your house and studs to have it redone. >> we are handcuffed to the houses. we can't sell them. >> another seller, the david cutler group. 75 homeowners have filed against him. one couple was aregarded $317,000 after cutler engaged in unlawful conduct to hide the water issues and avoid repair. he is appealing.
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the pennsylvania attorney general is also suing cutler and alleges he failed to comply with building codes, a claim cutler denies. >> i knew there was damage. this is beyond. the repair costs can be crippling. >> ballpark $100,000 to up to $200,000. you are not getting it back. >> all of the homeowners say they alerted the builders months, even years ago but no fix, no money. many have gone to court. >> a builder has yet to say i'll fix it for u. >> that'for you?>> correct. >> do you feel they are dragging their feet? >> yes. >> last year there was a bill for repairs of $86 million. left untreated the condition worsens and spreads.
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this flaw is not just destroying homes built years ago. >> we are seeing it on brand new construction. this epidemic will continue. people will continue to fail until it's stopped. >> the building scientist says he knows how the problem can be fixed. that and more on 680. com. all of the builders insist they responded to customers in a timely manner. toll claiming they offered fixes before our interview. the customers say they are pleased to report we have worked with toll brothers to revolve claims. cutler found many without problems despite allegations. he says homeowners fail to seal their home as warranty advises. >> a home is your biggest
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investment. this kind of damage is devastating. >> it is devastating. people are taking from retirement, nest eggs. it's a hard situation. >> an important event took place to help people affected by a rare disease. this gala raises money for castleman's disease affecting the lymph nodes and tissues. bernie was there to lend his support and alicia served as the evening's m.c. let's get the latest on the weekend from accuweather. >> we have beautiful fall weather this weekend. dry conditions not a cloud in the sky tonight. with the diminishing wind and clear skies, temperatures are beginning to drop, 15 in philadelphia down from 62. redding 42, poconos 40.
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millville 37. warmer closer to the ocean. temperatures drop below 32-degrees on far northwest suburbs, 39 philadelphia. a typically chilly night. action radar showing, this is what you want to see when you are hoping for a dry sunny weekend, a broad area of high pressure building in through the weekend. that means loads of shine and dry. temperatures where they should be, 63 tomorrow, and 62 on sunday. the weekend will be an hour longer than typical. set the clocks back one hour saturday night, daylight savings time also a good time to check the smoke detectors. 63 tomorrow. sunday sunny and breezy, 62. the sun setting at 4:52. monday, the temperature dips to
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58-degrees and then a one day surge of mild air in time for election day, sunny and warm, 62. 63 wednesday, thursday, 64 and veterans' day a high of 62-degrees. we need the rain. it's not coming this weekend. 20% chance of rain north of philadelphia. for the most part next week is dry. >> coming up on "action newses," doug pederson opens up on jeff
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>> eagle fans learning more about the thinking going into the smif dismissal of huff. >> pederson released him after originally saying he would play. >> i tried. i think everyone in the organization -- we want to keep everybody if we can. we just felt, again, for the best of the organization, for the team, that this was obviously the best. >> with huff gone, bryce trags will be active for the first time. a former free agent released from the 49ers, says he's ready. >> are you excited? >> definitely.
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i want to show myself and put ourselves in a position to win, whether that's kickoff or touchdown, i'll do whatever they need me to do. >> temple took it to them. walker threw three touchdown passes in the first quarter, first two to his high school teammate. owl defense allowed 160-yards, uconn 21-0. we'll have more tomorrow morning on channel6. finally, if you had to wait 108 years for a parade, you would pull out the stops. 5,000,000 people showed up at the parade, to basically, no one went to work. how many people live in chicago? 5,000,000 people? >> i think the population is 3
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plus, but it's a big metropolitan area. >> they are all there. >> coming up on "action newses," cecily tynan. we are going to do high school huddle -- high school katie: my mom was a restaurant hostess
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at a neighborhood favorite - a place for a good, family meal. she juggled customers, cooks, waitresses - and never complained. my dad was a police officer walking his beat. i learned from both what it means to be honest, to work hard, and love family. big banks, wall street, special interests - that's who pat toomey's with. in the senate, i'll work for you and your family. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message.
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>> high school huddle is next now for cecily tynan. sure you don't want to do the weather? this is the entire "action newses" team. have a good night. >> "action newses" is sponsored in part by bob's discount furniture.
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it's an all new show today, "right this minute." a winding road and a dash cam prove -- >> there is no remorse for something. >> especially around a blind curve. >> no! >> a trapped animal fights to free itself. >> the deer is caught in an electrical rope. >> see why speed counts in one dicey rescue. a man with no arms decides that is no obstacle. >> if he doesn't inspire you, i don't know who or what will. >> a story behind a life being well lived. plus, bonus give away day means the buzz


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