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tv   Action News Weekend 9AM  ABC  November 5, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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workers septa strike that paralyzed public transit in our region. a shopping center parking lot where people had to be rescued after a major water main break. it is finally drying out. those stories, but first we turn our attention to the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. meteorologist chris sowers, good day in store. >> reporter: a good day today, tomorrow is nice as well. look at the blue sky, no humidity out there and the temperatures are comfortable and gentle breeze. yesterday we had a whipping wind, this morning a gentle breeze 41 in allentown. millville, are 45. cape may, 44. dover, checking in at 45 degrees. high pressure is planted right there, over the washington, d.c. and baltimore metro areas. that means the storm track the line of clouds will stay to the north and push through new england today and tomorrow, as well.
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high pressure disom -- dominates the weather pattern so get used to this, this will last through the upcoming week. 9:00 a.m., 46 degrees. 11:00 a.m., 53. 1:00 p.m., 59 we get into the mid late afternoon hours we'll shoot into the 60s. 62 degrees by 3. 5:00 p.m., 63 degrees. breezy and not windy sunshine, 63 degrees. it's a near flawless weekend, we get a warmup in time for election day. we'll vaton of sunshine. i'll have all the details in just about at any minutes. we have an update about this right here, the massive water main break that flooded the east falls parking lot. the water has receded, but it's a muddy mess outside the baker center on fox street. 75 people had to be rescued. they are okay, but stores are trying to do business while adding up all the damage. philadelphia water department
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said this is the fourth time this has happened in the area since january 2014. 6 million gallons of water spilled out into the streets this time. >> rescuing or moving across the water about 75 people. sheltered another 150 in various locations around the shopping center. >> the water was all the way up here, i took the rag and i was stomping it and wringing it and stomping it. >> reporter: the water mains in the area are 100 years old. there were talks to reroute the transmission lines, but it takes a lot of time and millions of dollars. time 9:02, we have learned that a man shot in a car alongside route 42 has died. new jersey state troopers and medics found him on 42 southbound in runnymede overnight. we are told that he had been shot several times. policing asking anyone who witnessed a shooting to call new
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jersey state police belmawr barracks. (856)933-0662. the late information, the victim -- the latest information, the victim has died. you can fientdz -- find more at there's a search for a suspect or suspects who fired shots in chester, delaware county. we know kids were caught in the crossfire of the 600 block of central avenue at the children were taken to children's hospital. the boy had to have surgery. two men were seen running from the shooting. thousands of workers are walking the septa picket line. the judge was called in to
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settle the dispute. >> reporter: attorneys for the union praised the judge who ruled that the septa strike is not causing a clear and present danger to philadelphians pointing to those who rely on the transit services the most, school children, the city's poor disabled and sick. the union maintains it's not that bad. >> people in philadelphia are finding alternate ways to get where they have to get. they are walking, riding bikes and leasing cars and sharing rides. >> we're not going to lie down and watch our passengers suffer. we're not going to do it. >> reporter: the strike has stopped 900,000 transit rides for days leading to gridlock and long commutes. >> this traffic is no good, spending more gas, more time. >> let's go septa get on the ball, back to work, these people need to get around.
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>> reporter: there's concern the work stoppage could affect voter turnout on tuesday. both sides return to court monday morning where septa will ask the judge to file an injunction for election day. jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." i would like to remind you the "action news" morning team will get an early start on monday morning, tune in a half-hour earlier at 4:00 a.m. for upto the minute information about the morning commute. voters head to the polls on tuesday, democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton returns to philadelphia later tonight. singer katie perry will headline a get out the vote tonight at the mann center. this is perry performing at the dnc in support of clinton in philadelphia. beyounce and her husband jay-z showed their support to
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the clinton campaign in ohio. it was an effort to draw support from black millennials in the crucial battleground state. >> we have unfinished business to do, more barriers to break and with your help a glass ceiling to crack once and for all! >> donald trump is leading clinton in ohio, but trailing nationwide, the polls show the race is a tight one. donald trump blasted clinton's use of star power to win over voters saying he can fill up stadiums without the help of celebrities. he spoke to supporters in hershey pennsylvania last night and had a message for philadelphians, as well. >> i believe i'll do well in philadelphia, that's where i want to school specifically. i love philadelphia, don't disappoint us, philadelphia. we'll do great things for
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philadelphia. >> no republican presidential canada has won pennsylvania since 1988, but polls show trump giving clinton a serious challenge in the state. he campaigns in the western pennsylvania tomorrow. "action news" will have live team coverage on election night. rick williams and monica malpass will be with the trump and clinton campaign as those results come in. of course, we'll have crews expand out across the region covering the major local races. tune in on election night for the special digital coverage. jim gardner and our panel of experts following local, state and national races after the polls close at 8:00 p.m. on the bridgegate verdict is in, new jersey governor chris christie said it's time to set the record straight. former aids bill baroni and bridget kelly are convicted of fraud and conspiracy for creating traffic delays on it is
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george washington bridge in 2013. governor chris christie maintains he knew nothing. he plans to address the lice told by the media and in the courtroom in the coming days. the governor has canceled two appearances at donald trump's campaign events scheduled for today. there's much more to come on saturday morning edition of "action news." a crash turns tragic and passion passion -- sparks a fire from a live wire. dressed to impress, police say she was up to no good. >> reporter: we'll be in the 60s today, and close to 70 by election day. i'll have that in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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in pennsylvania, a packet of heroin can be cheaper than a six-pack of beer and prescription painkillers are too easy to get. as the head of the pennsylvania commission on crime, i've helped local communities fund drug treatment programs to save our kids. i'm josh shapiro, and as attorney general, i'll crack down on the drug dealers and stop the overprescribing of opioid painkillers. i'm proud to be endorsed by law enforcement organizations representing 14,000 police officers. this is a fight we can't afford to lose.
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>> so glad you stayed with us on a saturday morning, 9:11, 467 degrees out there, sky6 live hd showing you this glimpse of the philadelphia international airport. meteorologist chris sowers says hey, get outside enjoy it. it's going to feel great today, right, chris? >> reporter: actually i didn't see a cloud out there. it's very clear. let's get you back outside and give you a shot of the commodor barry bridge. due -- do you see a cloud?
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i don't see a cloud. some areas might pick up high, thin clouds this afternoon, but nothing threatening. we'll do it all over again tomorrow. a nice weekend overall. double scan live no chance of moisture. the next chance of rain at best is wednesday, we have several days that will be nice and dry. 46 degrees for philadelphia. dewpoint, 38. the pressure 30.30 is rising. winds out of the southwest at 8 miles per hour. ocean temperature, 59. north and west we go most locations 40. 403, coatsville, same thing, quakertown, 43. martins creek, 33 there. warrington, 42. same time davids, 37. vineland, 34. agenda beach turn the numbers around. villas, cape may, 44. woodbine 39. smyrna 39 and dover, 40. satellite and radar as we were
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talking about earlier in the broadcast this is the storm track all the way up here into new england. high pressure in control over washington, d.c. and richmond. the virginias the carolinas when you have high pressure in control, the air sinks when they air sinks you can't get any clouds. you can see the arc here. we have a dominant high over the whole area. that's the storm track, look how far north this is, this is up into canada. we're not worried about winds and rain or anything for the next three to five days. this is monsoonal moisture for the great lakes and the lonestar state of texas. the places like the four corners and packed northwest, 80% of the country is dry. high pressure in control, breezy and quiet, seasonable temperatures, highs in the 60s. and then we get into sunday, the cold front drops in late in the
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day and it become breezy again. the air hind the front is what we call cool not cold. sunday is another nice day with highs in the 60s. hope you like it. mostly sunny and breezy, 63 degrees that's the call from accuweather. winds are light out of west at 10 to 15 miles per hour. a lot of sunshine from start to finish, high, thin clouds. 11:00 a.m. 53, 1:00 p.m., 59. from that point on we're in the 06 os. overnight tonight it will be cool. this morning we had temperatures in time 30s. tomorrow morning in the 40s a little bit better. 41 outlying suburbs clear skies, 48 center city. we move into election day, look at this, temperatures jump, lots of sunshine on tuesday, no excuses get out there and vote. 10:00 a.m., 54. 1:00 p.m., 64. 4:00 p.m., 67 degrees. tuesday the normal high is only 59. temperatures well above seasonal
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averages just another delightful day. the winning streak continues almost all week long. 63 today. 63 tomorrow. somewhat cooler monday, high in philadelphia 58. north and west, probably 35 -- 55 or 56. with the breeze it will feel cooler. it's a one-day cold shot. tuesday, 67. wednesday, 0% chance of shower. sun and clouds 63. thursday, 62. friday, 20% chance of a shower. don't forget to turn the clocks back one hour and change the batteries in the smoke detecters and carbon milked detecters. we're gaining an hour of sleep. a gala was held to help those affected by a rare disease that helps to raise money fore
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research forecastleman's disease. bernie prazenica was out there and "action news" reporter, alicia vitarelli served as the emcee. all right, time now, 9:16, temple football play book is 0 minutes away on 6abc, but first on "action news" saturday at 9:00 a.m., "shelter me rescue of the week." >> reporter: i'm monica malpass with marko with itself dogs saved who is our "shelter me rescue of the week" winner if you would like to meet marko and his friends tune into "action news" "shelter me rescue of the week" segment. for president. nomine and republican brian fitzpatrick supported trump. look, we just can't vote for fitzpatrick or trump.
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>> in south carolina the witness who captured the killing of walter scott on video has testified in court. the cell phone video shows police officer michael slager
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shooting walter scot in 2015. he did not turnover the video because he thought scott survived. he did not think the recording would matter. if convicted the police officer faces 30 years to life in prison. a woman is wanted for ripping off atm user on the campus of university of pennsylvania. the suspect installed a skimming device 3600 sansom street october 8. anyone who uses the machine could have their pin numbers and cards stolen. one landlord in florida is in trouble with his ten ants and police. when they did not pay up, he tried to rob them. officer body camera show what
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saturday morning, time 9:23 a.m., 46 degrees outside. meteorologist chris sowers says you need to get out and enjoy today and tomorrow, they are going to be great. in sports, labron james and the defending champions
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leave land cavaliers play the sixers tonight. the flyers face off against the canadians. we have a live report from the field before the crucial nfc showdown, both teams are 4-3. jamie apody looks at last night's shutout win over yukon that happens another -- at 945. monica malpass tells you about a rescue giving dogs a chance later on in life. >> reporter: jason and meghan took a chance on bear when no one else would. >> he is an orderly dog with injuries and issues probably that i felt -- older dog with injuries and issues probably that others wouldn't look at
9:25 am
him. >> he is a very affection nate and loving and happy. >> reporter: meghan and jason adopted bear from a rescue dedicated to saving older dogs. >> making sure they are nice and healthy an well-taken care of. >> reporter: the rescue provide hospice care for dogs. >> we've become her family and we adore her. >> reporter: omplet -- ollie was found with strut. >> lucille is missing teeth, but she will be milling. >> miss lizzie would be perfect for any home. >> she is great with kids, great with other dogs. >> faith and tilly are blind, but would make fine family pets.
9:26 am
>> she is around 10 years old. she is house trained she is sweet. >> this is marko, a 10 1/2-year-old chihuahua mix, a male terrific with children, cats and dogs, he is looking for his forever home. if you're interested in marko or any other animals visit the senior hospice website. if you would like to share your story, post the picture to the facebook page using the #6abc shelter me. we'll be featuring your stories on upcoming "shelter me rescue of the week" segments. with marko, i'm monica malpass channel 6 "action news." >> 9:26. top stories coming up next on "action news," plus, another check of the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast with meteorologist chris sowers. "action news" continues are
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after this break.
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>> happening now on "action news," saturday at 9:00 a.m., down to the wire, we're days away from the presidential election and the democratic and republican candidates are setting their sites and their hopes on pennsylvania. water woes, shoppers needed
9:29 am
boats to escape the grocery store. ride share companies like uber and others are no longer against the law in philadelphia. those stories, but first let's go outside to chris sowers. >> reporter: it's going to be nice today, it's chilly, but calm, temperatures in the 30s and 40s, we're steadily climbing. 44 in slatington and fleet with another. saints david, 39. center city, 46. gandys beach you were down to 32. up to 44. villas in cape may, 44. hammonton, 45 degrees, satellite and radar we have high pressure firmly in control it's situated over the virginias and the carolinas, that means you'll see a lot of sunshine out there. that high is very slow to go, as
9:30 am
they say moving west to east across the lower part of the scene. it will take several days to move that high. that will bring us a flawless weekend start to finish. a ton of sunshine both days and the slightest breeze out of the northwest 5 to 15 miles per hour. it's a very calm very relaxing area of high pressure and it will bring nice conditions to the entire eastern seaboard. get out and enjoy it, because this kind of weather rarely i don't want to say it's hard to come by, this is that time of year where things quickly change. we move into november, one day you could have highs in the 60s and lows in the 30s and rain/snow mix. call for accuweather today, 63 degrees. same thing tomorrow. unity cup at citizens bank park today, parade of nations takes place at 5:00 p.m.
9:31 am
2:00 p.m., 60 degrees, 4:00 p.m., 62. and by 6:00 p.m. we're back down to 60. perfect conditions for soccer at citizens bank park. as we look ahead no scholt -- shot of rain this weekend. actually next week looks dry, as well. we have a slight chance of shower activity wednesday and friday. it's a 20% chance which means there's an 80% chance you won't see anything at all. the next three to five days looks really, really nice and we could extend that into next weekend, system with. gray, get out an enjoy it. when i come back in 15 minutes we'll take a look at the forecast for election and i will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. for now, it's nice out here. >> thank you for the update. time now, 9:31 just days from election. both presidential candidates are making final appeals to voters in pennsylvania. hillary clinton anne singer katie perry tag team for a get
9:32 am
out the vote rally at the mann center. >> i want my daughter to grow up seeing a woman lead our country. >> major star power campaigned for hillary clinton last night in ohio, beyounce touted clment owe clinton as an empowering figure. clinton under potential voters to yeas a hopeful --ce a hopeful an inclusive future. stevie wonder sang at 17th and walnut. >> i didn't have to bring j.lo or jay-z that's the only way she gets anybody. i'm here all by myself. >> donald trump's rally in
9:33 am
hershey said she does not have the respect of the military. >> who has voted? >> whoa! not great. but you're saving it for november 8. >> reporter: the race for the white house down to the wire and every last vote. hillary clinton and donald trump on a campaign binge through battle ground states. donald trump trying to pry the granite state into his column. >> we're going to washington, d.c. and we are going to drain the swamp! >> reporter: hillary in pennsylvania pleading for undecided voters. >> it is not as important that they think about voting for me, as it is that they think about voting for themselves. >> reporter: clinton drawing on her reserve spanning out across the maps, bernie sanders in iowa. joe biden in wisconsin and
9:34 am
president obama in north carolina. >> her name is hillary and i need you to vote for her. donald trump hitting ten states in three days. hillary clinton is picking up momentum, 47 to 43%. still a neck in neck race. and for clinton, the wow factor, a get out the vote concert by jay-z. an for mrs. clinton a surprise guest mrs. carter. maggie ruly abc news washington. and we'll have special digital coverage on election night join jim gardner and the panel of experts at local state and national races after the vote close. our special digital coverage begins at 8:00 p.m. on time 9:34 one person is dead
9:35 am
after a fiery collision in philadelphia's bustleton section. two cars crashed on the 1600 block of grant avenue around 2:00 a.m. the impact sent one car right into a utility pole brought down high tension lines igniting the car in a strip mall parking lot. the firefighters had to wait for me co-to shut off the power before putting out the flames. >> according to witnesses, the flames were 20 to 30 feet high. medics extinguished the fire and they pronounced one person dead inside the vehicle. >> two people in the other car are recovering at the hospital. they are said to be in stable condition. all right you have to take a look at this here, unbelievable scene at the east falls shopping center, 6 million gallons of water gushing into the streets after a major water main break. 75 people had to be rescue. this is not the first time
9:36 am
residents and businesses had to endure this. dann cuellar has the details. >> reporter: a gusher of water pouring out of the parking lot in the 3400 block of fox. it turned the lot into a river. >> another man came in he said there's water outside, i looked out the window i said hell no, i started hopping out the store. i just panicked, i didn't think i ran through the water not thinking. >> reporter: at first glance from the air it looked like a body floating in the water, but it turned out to be a mannequin washed out of the store. fire rescue crews were using raforts to get people -- rafts to get people to safety. the philadelphia water department said this is the 4th time the water transmission lines that runs through here has ruptured since 2014. because of the history. >> the valves were not fully
9:37 am
opened. we wanted to get a quicker shut. it's 100-plus turns. >> that's a lot of turns. >> reporter: yes. officials estimates 6 million gallons of water spewed out causing roughly $500,000 of damage to businesses and people's cars. >> water was up here, i took the rag, i was stomping it and wringing it and stomping it. >> reporter: some customers thinks it's time to find another place to shop. >> this place a cursed. >> reporter: this is the site of the old tastykake bakery, they were going to reroute the transmission lines out of here, but it takes time and at a cost of millions of dollars. dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> still no deal, day five of the septa strike a major court ruling appears to be derailing
9:38 am
talks both sides. the transit agency and the union will only work through a mediator. they called off face-to-face negotiations yesterday. that's when a judge denied septa's request to force striking employees back to work. the judge ruled that the walkout is not causing a clear and present danger to people in the city. >> people are walking, riding bikes, they are leasing cars, they are sharing rides. >> we're not going to lie down why we can't resolve this strike and watch our passengers suffer not going to do it. >> there is concern the strike could affect voter turnout on tuesday if contract talks go anywhere. both sides return to court on monday morning when septa will again will ask a judge to file an injunction to halt the strike on election day. we want to send along a message coming into "action news," a spokesperson for septa said riders should expect all regional rails to have up to 20
9:39 am
minute delays, she did not say when the issue would be resolved, sunny the regional rails are the only public transit trains running because of the septa strike. >> of course we'll continue to monitor the strikes throughout the weekend, be sure to check strike we'll have updates as soon as any new developments come in. >> just about 9:40 a.m., as commuters plan to rely on ride sharing services it's legal to have one in philadelphia. governor wolf signed it into law yesterday. the measure passed with bipartisan support allows uber and lift to operate anywhere in the state. here in the area, the revenue will be split between the philadelphia parking authority and public schools. a man who claims he was victim number two who was seen being accused by sandusky in a locker room shower testified for the first time.
9:40 am
sandusky is trying to get his conviction overturned. "action news" chad perdelli has the story from bellefonte, pennsylvania. >> reporter: appellate attorneys for sandusky called victim number two to the stands during a contentious exchange the man testified he was the boy who mike mcqueary saw being abused in football facility in 2001. he told prosecutors and then defense attorney he was never abused by the iconic coach. during the criminal charge, victim number two was a defense witness until he changed his story and said he too, was a victim. he received a settlement from penn state, and appellate attorneys believe prosecutors hid information they didn't believe he was credible and victim number two, so he was never called to testify during the criminal trial. >> it's important that we get
9:41 am
what he said namely he was not abused and mr. mcqueary statements were incorrect. >> reporter: jennifer storm spoke on behalf victim number two who doesn't want to be identified. >> it's common for victims of sexual violence to be for the coming. you have to understand there was so much pressure on the young man. sandusky's attorney tried to argue that he didn't get an adequate defense because the attorney didn't have enough time to prepare. they believe grand jury leak hindered their defense. the jury charge told both sides to provide briefs all the arguments in the appeals hearing by next friday, then he will decide whether there will be oral arguments before he makes the ruling. in bell forant, chad perdelli channel 6 "action news." >> 9:41. temple football play book is next on "action news" saturday
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at 9:00 a.m. chris sowers returns with another check of the exclusive accuwether seven-day forecast. he says nearly peck -- picture-perfect. we're back after this. when government bureaucrats refused to approve a cancer vaccine equally for both girls and boys,
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i stepped in to change that rule. when my own party held up recovery funds after sandy hit us, i took them on and won. and when veterans were forced to travel out of state for health care, i brought in new local clinics and expanded services. but there's much more to do. my mission is to protect south jersey's way of life. i'm frank lobiondo and i approve this message.
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i'm frank lobiondo welcome to temple football play book i'm jamie apody. another big win for the owls in connecticut. keeping themselves in the
9:45 am
conference for the championship game, the owls facing 26th rank defense in the country, but yukon could not defend the pass. later in the quarter, not the same play, but same players, same result. two former high school teammates connect twice, temple owl 14-0. 21-0. owls d solid outline night long. temple wins their 4th straight, 21-zip. a nice bowl game, very much in their grasp after yet another big win and after the game our temple football reporter, morgan signature feed caught up with coach matt rule. >> reporter: congrats on your 4th win. do you think you're peaking at the perfect time.
9:46 am
>> yes. >> reporter: how satisfying is it to get a win on the road this time of the year. >> we have great kids to have a divisional shutout and run the ball for 200 yards and go for 200 yards it's a team effort by the guys. >> philip walker and jihad thomas led the charge early on and controlled the offense throughout the game. how proud of you of the effort in your scr -- senior leadership. >> back when they were freshman, on a cold night with yukon we lost the game. for them to get a redo was awesome. >> how impressive was the defense tonight to not allow a single point. >> i think the defense was phenomenal. everything, i thoughts all those guys all those guys, it came from everybody, no matter who was hurt. lights out, right?
9:47 am
>> reporter: thanks coach. >> reporter: thanks guys, i won't leave you in the dark on this one, should the owls win the final two games they will repeat as champions and punch their ticket back to the aac title game. much of the success goes to philip walker, 1 tore 18, 215 -- 12 for 18, 215 yards. here's what walker had to say after another big victory. >> just the fact that we're moving the ball, getting great defense the things we did offensively we got rhythm going and we got going, i thought we played well in the first half. >> the first half was all they needed. >> coming up, when you think temple football the past few years, what comes to minds, toughness, excitement? all american is tackle with the
9:48 am
big boards is a pittsburgh steeler, we'll catch up with tyler when temple football play book returns. katie: my mom was a restaurant hostess
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at a neighborhood favorite - a place for a good, family meal. she juggled customers, cooks, waitresses - and never complained. my dad was a police officer walking his beat. i learned from both what it means to be honest, to work hard, and love family. big banks, wall street, special interests - that's who pat toomey's with. in the senate, i'll work for you and your family. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message.
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football play book, one player does not make a program, but if you were to ask for one name of a guy who epid -- he pid he epitomizes temple football, it's tyler madacovich. the form he were all american linebacker came back to town on his bye week. i caught up with him prior to cincinnati game.
9:51 am
>> we got the bye week, over the past four years, you build your own name and legacy, i mean it stuck with me, i hope everyone keeps liking me. >> reporter: tyler's first major welcome to the nfl moment is when he played against the miami dolphins and recorded 8 tackles. >> to have the opportunity to go out there and do what i've been doing at temple and translate into the nfl and show everyone i can do this. just being out there with guys like mike mitchell and james harrison, will gay. it's a dream come true, words can't describe that type of feeling. it is my effort who i am as a person. i try to to be a leader, even aa wrooky, you can do step up.
9:52 am
-- rookie that's something you can do is step up. >> reporter: tyler made it back to the old stomping ground on his bye week. he cheered on the pep rally. >> coach told us to be successful on the next level. all 89 things he taught me, i use them today. i tell got me through fraining camp and where i am now, i love it. just wearing that cherry and white it means the world to me. it's the stuff that i remember the rest of the my life. >> reporter: when tyler wasserman schultz an owl he -- when tyler was an owl they called him red hair and freckles and as a sterile he is called --
9:53 am
as a sterile he -- steeler, he s called dirty red. thanks for joining us on temple football play book. we'll have more "action news" right after this.
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this is an individual who mocked a disabled reporter... i don't know what i said, ahh... who attributed a reporter's questions to her menstrual cycle. trump: blood coming out of her...wherever. he is not a person who is equipped in temperament, judgment or character to lead our troops. donald trump has created a toxic atmosphere pitting one group against another. he's a mexican. claiming a person can't do the job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. forecast with chris sowers, if anyone is complaining send you a tweet or e-mail. >> reporter: send it to gray. it's growing to be beautiful out
9:56 am
there, gray. mostly sunny skies, breezy, but not windy like yesterday. 63 degrees, tomorrow same thing, breezy mostly sunny, high of 63. so excuse me as we head into tomorrow afternoon, eagles taking on giants. 1:00 p.m. start time up in the meadowlands met life stadium. traveling up i-95 it will be a little bit cooler and slightly breezy. even though you see temperatures in the 50s you will have to wear something with sleeves. kickoff temperature 57 degrees. in the 4th quarter, 56. back here in philadelphia, the bridge run, temperatures in philadelphia by 8:30 will be 48 and 52. new york morning in the new york city is the new york city marathon and temperatures there will be around let's say 45 or 46. slightly cooler start time for the marathon you up there around 8:30, by afternoon they are back in the 50s.
9:57 am
the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 63 today, 63 again tomorrow. 58 for monday, it's a little bit cooler, but then by election day we're up to 67 degrees and a lot of sunshine. overall the forecast is really, really nice. >> 62 tomorrow? >> reporter: 63. >> jack hanna's "wild countdown" is next, "action news" continues later tonight. we're back tomorrow morning 6:00 a.m. here's some of the stories we're working on for you. will the septa strike have an impact on election day? we'll have the latest on efforts to get striking workers back on the job. combining modern dance with hip hop we'll have the details on philadanco's newest team. for chris sowers, and the entire "action news" team, i'm gray hall. make it a great day.
9:58 am
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announcer: "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. jack: hi, everyone, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." to find spectacular species, we usually head into the wild. esmond: jack, look what we found. jack: but today, we'll visit a city park that has rhinos and lions-- look at this. this is beautiful. a beach shared by people and penguins-- sue: the penguins look like they just want to start a conversation with you. jack: and a california highway where zebras are a common sight. steven: you can see the skid marks where people have actually slid to a stop when they saw them. plus, my blooper of the week.


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