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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  November 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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reaction was mixed to the election results but whichever side they were on, every person we talked agreed that the results were shocking. >> i'm terrified it feels like the end of the world for me. >> i'm so excited what an amazing win for donald trump. >> here at the reading terminal market. we found that a divided nation remains a divided nation. and the reality of donald trump as the next president of the united states. >> i am shocked and devastated of the election. >> oh my god i am on cloud, this is terrific, the cubs won last week and trump won today. >> both sides are equally shocked by the outcome. we asked how did trump do it? >> i think there was a lot of donald trump supporters that didn't want to advise people
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that they were voting for him and came out and voted on election day. >> i don't think the people of this country realize the ground swell behind what was happening. the average american out there is so tired of washington. so tired of the bureaucracy. >> think the media was pushing hillary clinton and the republicans all got out there at the end of the day -- >> this too they agree on a nation in need of some serious healing. >> i have a lot of faith in the united states i think we can pull together, i really do. >> how to better treat anyone like a man and move forward. >> we did interview trump supporters and some told us that they knew their choice was unpopular so they told no one not even their own families. that too explains why all the polls and predictions were so very wrong. live in center city, sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> all right an historic night
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for sure. that is reaction from the delaware and lehigh valley. and the nation is talking about the change taking place in america. for more on that we go to lauren lister in washington, d.c. >> reporter: this morning hillary clinton facing the nation after her shocking loss. >> this is painful. and it will be for a long time. >> emotional at moments, clinton urging supporters to move forward. >> donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and a chance to lead. >> and president obama aiming to unify the country behind the new president elect. >> we are rooting for his success and the peaceful transition of power are one of the hallmarks of democracy. >> everyone is sad when their side loses in an election, we have to remember that we are all on one team. the presidency and vice presidency is bigger than any of
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us. >> donald trump capturing the presidency in a historic victory. and taking historic democratic strongholds from clinton who polls had her leading into election day. >> ours was not a campaign but rather an incredible and great mom. and the triumphant trump delivering a speech. speaking to the whole country. i promise you i will not let you down. we'll do a great job. republican leaders reacting. >> let me say this is the most incredible political feat i have seen in my lifetime. >> trump will lead with a house and senate controlled by republicans and tomorrow he meets with president obama here in washington here at the white house. >> i'm lauren lister, channel 6 "action news." >> while voters are digesting the election results philadelphia leaders are doing
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the same. jim kenney talked about moving forward. >> in philadelphia our diversity and our inclusion has always made us stronger and we'll continue to rely on that strength as we work to find unity. >> mayor kenney went on to congratulate president elect donald trump and confirmed that election turnout in the city was great than ever before. >> well, sharrie we heard from house speaker paul ryan calling this the most incredible political feat of his life. it's hard to disagree with that. look at the electoral map here. and still a couple of states that are not called. when we saw in donald trump make the march up of the east coast winning florida and north california. it felt to the blue wall states, included at one time pennsylvania, but you see here pennsylvania is now red. here is the vote total. 100% of precincts reporting,
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donald trump 2. and clinton's 2.8 million votes. look at the map he flipped three counties that were blue, he flipped eerie and and northampton county and gained ground in the center part of the state. hillary clinton automatically had quite a bit of work to do to gain that ground. that is why she spent so much time campaigning in philadelphia and the suburbs to drive up the vote totals, they flipped chester county, for mitt romney four years ago but lost ground in philadelphia. held where barack obama was years ago but donald trump did better than mitt romney did. he flipped three counties and did a whole lot better in this part of the state and lost ground in this all important
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philadelphia area and in bucks county. where she needed to do well. you do the math and it did not add up for hillary clinton. pennsylvania the lynch opinion that lost this. >> the margin is laser thin. republican pat toomey is going back to the senate for a second term. he narrowly beat challenger, katie mcginty. a measure helping the gop keep control of the senate. and the race was not called until early this morning and toomey won by 2% points. delaware senator chris coons admits it's difficult but is encouraged by trump's victory speech. >> donald trump last night in his victory speech. focused on three things, bringing the country together and respect and support our
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veteraned and trying to rebuild our roads and bridges, those are three things i can support and work with him on. >> the election proves that americans want less division among lawmakers and more solution. good news came via wall street. when it was clear that donald trump would be the victor. dow futures plummeted as well as falling 700 points but today they rallied on this news, the dow up 257 points and the nasdaq 57.5 points and the s&p rising today nearly 24 points on the day. election coverage continues at and we have more on donald trump's ascension to the white house. and those that will lead and represent the tri-state area. time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> lets do it.
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lets go to adam joseph. it's gloomy but it's your birthday. >> happy birthday. >> you know it's always a bright note when it's your birthday. despite the rain out there we see the patch of green in the heart of the delaware valley, pops of rain working through the schuylkill expressway 95 the vine street expressway and the split at 422 and the pennsylvania turnpike, some really busy roads this time of year getting heavy rain passing through in and around philadelphia. and also an area down to the south, salem you see heavy rain working from wilmington to salem just to the east of port penn and we watch that area sink to the south into southern new jersey. not only is it treery with the rain and clouds, 53 allentown and 55 in philadelphia and millville 55 degrees and the same for cape may. overnight tonight showers and a
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round of steady rain continue to push through. a .10 to .25 inch. yellow echos on the radar could see up to a half inch. with the wet leaves and also the sun almost about to set. watch for slick roadways, the leaves when they are wet are extremely slippery and all the rain exits the coast by tonight. a nice turn around coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you, a raging four alarm fire, consumed a vacant textile mill racing across five different buildings. firefighters raced to the complex at mill road just after 12:00 this morning. 68 units from the tri-state area responded to this massive fire. it took crews seven hours to get control of it and they have spent the day putting out hot
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spots. the buildings were vacant and luckily and amazingly no injuries were reported. and to determine what sparked this fire. "action news" report walter perez is following the story, speaking to neighbors there in wilmington and have it on "action news" at 5:00. >> it's time now for the "action news" traffic report. live to matt pellman in the traffic sent. >> a lot of people are sleepy today after a long night last night get the coffee and caffeine and watch out for the problems brian and sharrie. mar ton, route 73 busy 73 is shut down because of a crash that brought down a pole and wires, the nj crews here at the bank, closed from lincoln drive to that point at greentree road. alternates are spring dale or church road.
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but 73, busy 73 out of commission for your wednesday ride home. cinnaminson a crash at 130 close to 73 and a vehicle flipped over on the boulevard in northeast philadelphia. red lion road partially blocking the inner drives. and outside live along 95 it's wet and a crash involving a tanker truck on the northbound side by the vine street expressway. the right lane out of commission extra jammed from the walt whitman and christiana watch for a crash on highway 1 southbound on 95. as you head down to the mall. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this hump day afternoon. a crash along center road and watch for that as well. we'll check it again brian and sharrie coming up in the next half hour. >> thank you. next on "action news" at 4:00, the state of knowledge is officially in control of atlantic city, we'll explain what that means for the people that live there. plus, armed with a camouflage
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shotgun, the details on the crime and the search for the suspect coming up.
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the state of new jersey has officially taken over. the gambling resort town saddled with roughly a half billion dollars debt is under state control despite a strong effort to avoid the state takeover. chris christie's administration seized power in a.c. the local finance board voted to take over the city's functions and has the power to decide to sell off assets like the former bader field airport and the water utility. and the man there, timothy cunningham, the head of the finance board will make all the decisions taking control over
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from mayor guardian and the city council. >> the magnitude of the responsibility that has been leveled upon me today. i think that my great preference is to work with the city as much as i can. but i now have a responsibility, i'll have to answer that question saying there is a balancing act and find out the best way to find the resources of the city. >> today's decision gives cunningham the authority to break union contracts and oversee hiring and firing across the city. they fought hard to retain control of the city and call today's decision devastating. >> we'll follow that very, very closely. >> gun fire erupts in a parking lot of a burlington county bowling alley. the victim was shot outside of laurel lanes in maple shade. and the victim was rushed to cooper hospital.
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a man with a camouflage shotgun is wanted for armed robbery in philadelphia. it shows him walking into crispy crunchy chicken on pugh avenue. he demanded money and the worker flied and the suspect then ran off. a school bus and pickup truck collided in olney, officials have not said if any children were on the bus but two people were transported to einstein medical center to be checked out and their injuries are said to be non-life-threatening, it happened near front street and godfrey avenue at 9:00 a.m. the work is underway to repair a water main break in northeast philadelphia. look at that, a pipe burst at 6:30 this morning along the 2200 block of tyson avenue, right near roosevelt boulevard. the standing water caused traffic problems during the
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mornings commute but the boulevard remained open and the water department tells "action news" that 50 homes are without water and will take a few more hours for crews to finish the repairs. >> and that added more water to what was a wet day around the region. >> but that will change. adam joseph is standing by for us. >> reporter: a change for the better and brilter. this is just one bump in the road as we go through the work week. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we do have quite a bit of steady rainfall again not good timing for the evening rush hour especially in and around center city philadelphia. the yellows on the radar is some of that moderate rainfall now working south of 676 there and crossing 95 across woodbury and brooklawn and camden seeing heftier rainfall amounts falling quickly here passing by. working in a north to south fashion as we lift to the north
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and west? reading heading south and you see heavier rain there now crossing south 222 in lancaster and central part of lancaster county, towards fleet wood. staying damp over the next several hours. off the coast at 9:00. it is cool 55 or so in philadelphia. millville and dover and cape may and cooler to the north at 53 degrees for berks and lehigh valley counties. you'll see a spin in the matt atmosphere a cutoff low pushing towards washington and richmond that enhanced the rain along the frontal boundary and the breaking line is north of buffalo and binghamton and eventually that will push in here overnight tonight. temperatures by the morning, 34 allentown and 35 in reading and 38 in wilmington and 41 in philadelphia and the early rain
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moves away and the winds kick up behind the system to dry us out. future tracker at 7:00 lingering showers in philadelphia and the clouds break apart to the north and west and that continues the trend to the south at 11:00 from wilmington to philadelphia to trenton and then setting up for a nice thursday here. temperatures upper 50s and sunshine and high clouds and seasonable at 59 degrees and staying in the low 50s at 7:00. and something to get you into the holiday spirit as well. only 15 days away from thanksgiving, the winter solstice 42 days and counting with christmas. just 46 days away. as we look at the four day at 4:00 forecast. 59 tomorrow and sunshine and high clouds and gusty winds on friday. warmer at 63 and a dry weekend. it's a little brisk and chilly saturday and a nice recoffee, milder and up to 60 here on sunday and we'll have the rest of the seven-day forecast coming
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up for in the next half hour. >> all day. it's going to rain today and beautiful before and after. >> we'll celebrate for you. >> be sure to rely on stormtracker 6 live double scan radar, as rain moves through the region, it's there at and don't forget stay connected with each of our meteorologists, the latest information by following each of them on facebook and twitter. >> christmas is still 40 days away and the sign of the holiday season arrived in philadelphia today. the base of the christmas tree was laid at city hall in center city. this morning crews brought in the set structure and the foundation for the tree. the wood panelling and base pieces are step one in working to repair the fresh cut tree. the tree itself is expected to be picked out sometime next week. >> nice to have something to look forward it.
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still ahead basketball stars put on a high flying show and comes with a powerful message. as we get closer to the winter months and dry air, we look at humidifiers. and in big talkers the story behind the cake that became a social media star last night. and coming up tonight on "action news" at 11:00. a grieving father turns to the troubleshooters for help. here is nydia han with a preview. >> how frustrating is it when you fight a company to no avail especially when you fight in memory of one of your family members. >> losing everybody, i'm alone. and then for them to do this is incredulous to me. how can you do this to a human being, how can you treat someone this way. it's a special "action news" troubleshooters tonight on "action news" at 11:00.
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local heroes gathered today
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to honor heroes at the rutgers campus. the first purple heart center in new jersey. acknowledging rutgers progress for video providing services to veterans and their families. this morning harlem globetrotters visited fairless hills to talk about bullying. >> give me action! >> when the national campaign to stop violence and bullying is taking steps to educate children about stopping bullying before it happens. the globetrotters taught the children the abc's of bullying, action, bravery and compassion. reads from the sunday breakfast mission shelter received free haircuts in newark today. part of jcpenney's campaign give
4:27 pm
back. hair stylists in the christiana mall gave back to the community. the residents were happy and excited to receive the fresh cuts. >> looking good. >> it makes you feel good. >> it sure does. he is too tic to go to school so a student robot brings his class to him at home. >> plus, a humidifier can be a good investment for the winter months and the best rated machine coming up in what's the deal.
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"action news" continues with brian taff and sharrie williams. >> we begin with donald trump's victory that many call surprising and impressive. he defied the odds by defeating hillary clinton to become the 45th president elect of the united states. >> yes, mr. trump won battleground states of ohio and north carolina and our state here pennsylvania. donald trump finally gave his acceptance speech in the early morning hours. probably about 3:00 a.m. he wanted to reach out to people that did not support him to find a way to work together and unify america. >> hours was not a campaign. but rather an incredible and great movement. made up of millions of hard
4:30 pm
working men and women who love their country and want a better, brighter future. >> now, hillary clinton did not address the nation about her loss until late this morning. she called it painful and acknowledged we have not shattered the glass ceiling but hopes some day someone will. >> to all the little girls watching this never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world. >> we are now rooting for his success in uniting and leading the country. >> well, as you heard president obama also spoke this afternoon. saying the next step is the peaceful transition of power. mr. obama and mr. trump will meet together at the white house tomorrow. >> when election day dawned almost all the pollsters and political insiders in the
4:31 pm
country had hillary clinton winning the white house, but they all could not be more wrong. just how trump won -- >> reporter: this is not the kind of history the pundits and polls predicted would be made in this presidential race from the primaries up until election day. >> if you went to every single one of our toss-up states he is still short of the 270 he needs. they call ed impossible but trump cleared the electoral threshold turning some traditionally democratic states and banking crucial wins in the industrial midwest and his biggest group was whites without a college degree. and the democratic turnout fell
4:32 pm
short fueling trump's victory. >> there was 3 to 4 million democrats that did not show up and vote during the course of this election. this will have the lowest turnout percentage wise in 20 years. >> there is no clear answer some point to the possibility of an unexpected change of heart for clinton supporters after the fbi looking into her emails. and some trump supporters too embarrassed admit to pollsters which candidate they were supporting. >> thank you. our coverage of vote 2016 continues on there we have the very latest on donald trump's ascension to the presidency and the latest local election results and the stories of those that will lead and represent the tri-state area. a person was killed when two vehicles collided in hockessin and a car and dump truck crashed
4:33 pm
on wilmington road at 11:00 a.m. the impact of the crash sent the dump truck down into a small embankment. the driver of the car was killed. the driver remains in the hospital, and the roads were wet from the rain at the time but there is no word on if the weather played a role in this accidents. a driver was seriously injured in a crash early this morning in the park side section of philadelphia. police say that the man behind the wheel was going too fast. and smashed head on into a concrete wall. this happened on north 44th street at haverford avenue, the driver remains in serious but stable condition. also this afternoon a man is facing aggravated assault charges for a hit and run crash that left two philadelphia police officers hurt in german town, the incident started as a traffic stop last night on the 6200 block of north 21st street. police say that 31-year-old
4:34 pm
allen terrell. and crashed into a police suv. he was arrested shortly thereafter and ditched the car nearby. one officer was treated tore a broken hand and broken ribs and the other suffered a broken rib. >> a driver was robbed at gun point and could help catch the attackers, look at the images of the suspect the night of the crime in port richmond. the pair threatened to shoot driver for yummy yummy chinese food. it's a long time coming but a new pennsylvania state barracks was dedicated today for troop k. last year's papal visit and the democratic national convention delayed the dedication here in winfield heights. troopers took part in the ceremony today and we should
4:35 pm
mention they are just around the corner. our neighbors, nice new house guys. >> a beautiful glass building. meteorologist, adam joseph joining us now it's a wet wednesday as you celebrate your birthday. >> it's not dampen my birthday. it's my last year in my 30s and i'm celebrating every single day. >> looking good. >> you are suppose to say that. >> you do look great. brian won't say it but i will. >> he wishes. sky 6 hd looking at the philadelphia international airport. 55 is the air temperature and dew point 30.2, and wet runways there if you expect to fly out this evening. check in with your carrier to see delays and the rain does not stop over the next few hours, there is the airport and the heaviest rain sinking to the
4:36 pm
south and east of the phl. woodbury and glassboro you are about to get hit by heavy rain working down 95 and the same foresalem. future tracker 6 winds behind the rain kick up by late this evening. and they stay breezy throughout the overnight hours. we'll talk about a better second half of the week and the weekend ahead. >> you can rely on stormtracker 6 live double scan radar as rain moves through the region, one resource there for you at and stay connected with our team of meteorologists for the latest information by following them all on facebook and twitter. >> well, donald trump's presidential victory last night created mixed feelings cross the country. that includes many republicans who are now looking ahead to the future. monica malpass is live in the newsroom with more on this story that has so many people talking. >> the keystone state went red
4:37 pm
for donald trump and the first time that pennsylvania swung republican since 188 and that has gop leaders hopeful for what is in store next year. vernon odom sat down with them after trump's big win he'll have the story next at 5:00. on the flip side, you mentioned last night's election stirred a mixture of emotions and some feel sad and others may be relieved. experts say it's totally normal. ali gorman breaks down post election emotions ahead. sharrie we'll see you at 5:00. >> thank you. some local business leaders were singled out for lending a hand to the younger generation. mayor jim kenney helped to distribute the jebs awards in center city. bob cohen president of acme was given special recognition for helping to create a college prep
4:38 pm
program for local students. there is more ahead at 4:30, smoke was seen for miles after a former steel plant went up in flames. >> and donald trump may have won the election, but one cake maker is not taking sides when it comes to making sweets. meteorologist, adam joseph, is standing by with the full accuweather forecast. when "action news" comes right back today.
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more than 100 firefighters sparked by a blaze of a hot light bulb. it fell and went up in flames at a former steel site. the building covers six sentire blocks were engulfed in flames and stores and businesses were damaged and destroyed but nobody was hurt. the new york doctor treated
4:41 pm
the once conjoined twins separate the last month. they are doing well. they were born joined at the top of their heads, the 13-month-old twins underwent a 27 hour surgery to be separated. the lead neurosurgeon for this case says the children are progressing on target if not ahead of the schedule. they have had their breathing tubes removed since the operation and the doctor has hopes they can leave the hospital for a rehab center sometime in the coming weeks. excellent news indeed and big talkers. we started in wisconsin where a fourth grader cannot go to school because he is prone to getting sick. instead he sends his robot to class. grady loper is wearing -- and it's risky to be around the other kids, he wants to be in school and his parents came up with a unique way to make him
4:42 pm
feel like he is there. a robot on wheels with grady's face front and center. >> he can navigate around the classroom. >> number one keeping him healthier and number two not missing out on the instruction. >> it works like skype and grady says he feels like he is there. but for the big question you may be asking, no, it does not do the homework for him. >> speaking of cool technology. wald disney world is all about dreams and wishing upon stars and now thanks to lum nated drones the happiest place on earth is magical. released ahead of a new nighttime air show. you see the drones creating a christmas tree in the sky. you have to look up for it. cool right, they haven't said when the shows will start in the disney springs. a downtown entertaining complex
4:43 pm
they got permission from the faa to fly the drones, the parent company of 6 abc. >> finally today for donald trump sweet victory and a celebration cake that became quite the social media star. this confection a bust of donald trump made out of sugar generating millions of tweets and memes and even a few insults at the baker. melissa alt is a baker from new jersey, she spent 50 hours making the trump treat and did it as a surprise telling reporters she thought it was a good opportunity and she sent it over. to be fair she did not intend him to look angry or sad in this cake rather serious and one thing you should know. she made one for hillary too. maybe you didn't see that last night. hillary was an order for a
4:44 pm
private klein event. she said while i'm making this let me make donald trump and create both candidates in the spirit of the election and the paint is edible in case you were wondering. >> could you eat it and would you eat it? >> those are the questions. we have to see what happeneds to these. the flavors the whole thing. >> thank you. lets get a check of the roads right now. >> matt pellman is standing by on this hump day. >> a piece of cake the road home is not. it's a bust because of the wet conditions leading to accidents on 95 near the vine street expressway comes in and the good news is unlike the last half hour it's off to the side and 95 northbound backed up to tasker to girard. the betsy ross bridge to cotman and jamming to girard to the walt whitman to the girard point bridge, a lot of slow spots on 95. it's a parking lot both ways in
4:45 pm
center city still very wet conditions, really slowing us down combined with afternoon volume and you are not getting anywhere quickly on the vine near the schuylkill. and a crash and backup at buck county on the southbound side of route 1, the not so super highway, taking out the right lane bridge street and jammed off the trenton morrisville bridge off 95 be the scutter falls bridge where all the construction has wrapped up and farther south on the roosevelt boulevard a jove turned vehicle crash blocking the inner drive near the best buy. and chester county a crash shutting down newark road and hockessin they are investigating the earlier accident along lancaster pike. that is blocked. both cases 41 is the alternate around those problems and this is the scene in marlton where 73 is shut down at greentree road because of a crash that brought down a poll up ahead.
4:46 pm
spring dale or church are alternates. and cinnaminson, a crash near the pep boys that has cleared out. we'll check it again coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> thank you. still ahead at 4:00 another check of the forecast. sky 6 hd looking live at philadelphia international airport tonight. soaking runways right now. meteorologist, adam joseph, standing by with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
4:47 pm
at longhorn, tonight's special: great steak pairings. a center cut sirloin with a choice of bacon-wrapped shrimp, baby back ribs, or parmesan crusted chicken. you can't fake steak. longhorn steakhouse.
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lets call this a one day downer in the weather department. middle of the week here and on the upswing for the weekend a nice stretch of weather is on the way. the action cam is there on the
4:49 pm
delaware river overlooking a gloomy center city skyline. we need the rain we'll take every drop we can get since we are close to 2 to 3 inches below normal. stormtracker 6 live double scan will show we are seeing more of that rain and it will break apart north of philadelphia and still hits of moderate to heavy rain working into new jersey. one stop here moving south of south philadelphia. the rain starting south of philadelphia and picking up in glassboro and barnesboro getting hit by the heavier rains with the brighter echos on the radar, and same on route 49 south of salem. also seeing some rounds of steadier rainfall and this will continue to drift from the north to the south and eventually most of this rain will be off the coast at 9:00 tonight. temperatures are chilly so kind of a damp dreary rain 53 in
4:50 pm
allentown and same for trenton and not far from that in philadelphia and millville 55 in cape may and 45 degrees in the poconos. there is a little spin in the atmosphere you see right there there, as it rotates through a cutoff flow between roanoke and richmond. a couple ripples of energy going along the boundary a cold front passing through that enhanced the rain and there the clouds break apart in binghamton and erodes from the north to the south overnight. any earlier rain gone by 9:00 the winds kick up and dry the roadways overnight and 34 in the suburbs and chilly tomorrow morning 41 degrees in center city. back into the upper 60s and sun returning and winds switching from the north to northwest. a breezy day despite that it is brighter. another front is barrelling through here on friday.
4:51 pm
doesn't bring much in the way of precipitation and a wind shift. winds start to turn gusty mid-day around 35 miles per hour. but it's a warm day on friday of 63 degrees and fresh high pressure comes in behind that boundary and brings cold air for the beginning of the weekend and as you can see a void of cloud cover and sunshine to come in for your saturday and sunday and a one day chill on saturday and we start to see a warm-up as we get into the second half of the weekend. the accuweather forecast. sunshine and high clouds around. warm but gusty winds, 63, brisk chilly saturday, 51 degrees and if we wake up on saturday morning, windchills in the 20s. so it is a cold start to the weekend and nice recovery on sunday to 60 and we'll stay there if not excel that into the new work week on the mild side and we are watching a coastal system that could bring us rain
4:52 pm
in the middle of next week. overall beyond this dreary wednesday, it's looking good for at least six of those seven days ahead. >> all good stuff. >> thank you. still ahead at 4:00 we are talking about relief from dry air in the coming months. humidifiers are good for health but which give the best for your buck. nydia han runs down the just announced list coming up. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder.
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get 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone for this amazing price. cable can't offer speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now.
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up to 40% off, 24-months special financing, and free delivery. at hhgregg. humidifiers are in high demand in winter when cold weather brings drier air. >> dry air can cause dry sinuses, itchy skin and even nose bleeds. a humidifier can help with the
4:55 pm
issues it's hard to know which is right for you. consumer reports did testing. consumer reports tested more than 30 humidifiers. evaporation tile that draws air through a wet wick filter and ultra sonic and vaporizer that emits steam. they measure moisture output. >> winter comes and you put your heating system on and your home tries out. >> testers look at features and noise levels and how easy a humidifier is to clean. they found bacteria can grow in every type of humidifier and some are better than others at keeping it out of the air. >> we found that the evaporation type are less likely to put the bacteria in the air. it may grow in the tank but not come out. >> consumer reports says this walgreens brand is a good choice for a medium size room and costs just 32 degrees, but keep in
4:56 pm
mind evaporation humidifiers are noisy because of the fan. consider an ultra sonic, the cvs brand is good for a small room and just $35. >> the safe approach is to empty andance and dry it out every day. and once a week follow the manufacturers instructions to disinfect the tank. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00 today. for sharrie williams, alicia vitarelli, and adam joseph i'm brian taff. hope you'll join me along with sharrie and adam joseph for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. hi thank you sharrie. coming up next on "action news" tonight. the message of hope and optimism from hillary clinton hours after her stunning loss to donald trump in a heated battle for the white house. also the vandal investigation in philadelphia that officials say
4:57 pm
is tied to last night's election outcome. >> and live at the scene of the textile complex destroyed by this early morning fire. coming your way next at 5:00. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road.
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healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. i know how disappointed you feel because i feel it too. this is painful. and it will be for a long time. this loss hurts. but please never stop believing that fighting for what is right is worth it. >> it was the speech many thought hillary clinton would never have to give. today the former secretary of state officially conceded the race for president with a message of hope and optimism. wednesday night the big story on "action news" is the day after one of the biggest political upsets in american history. >> that is right delicious's first remarks after her stunning defeat came late this morning in a crowded ballroom packed with donors and supporters. apologizes to her backers for
5:00 pm
not clinching the oval office. >> donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. our constitution democracy enshrines the peaceful transfer of power. and we don't just respect that, we cherish it. >> president obama also addressed the results this morning from outside of the white house, he congratulated hillary clinton by her campaign and is encouraged about the transition ahead. >> we all want what is best for this country. that is what i heard from mr. trump's remarks last night and what i heard when i spoke to him directly. and i was heartened by that. that's what the country needs. >> trump will meet with president obama tomorrow. >> and fresh off this congressional win house speaker


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