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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 10, 2016 1:37am-2:10am EST

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he is indeed an outsider. and for many voters that was a huge plus. but a lot of americans aren't feeling so good about donald trump's election tonight. they are taking to the streets of a number of american cities tonight including philadelphia. it is wednesday night. and the big story on action news tonight is president-elect donald trump. we haven't seen trump today. but this was the moment of triyum of shortly before 3 a.m., just minutes after trump received a phone call from hillary clinton conceding the election and offering congratulations. trump passed on harsh rhetoric to call americans to come together. >> to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation, i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. [ cheers and applause ] for those who have chosen not to support me in the past, of which there were a few people -- [
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laughter ] i'm reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together. >> trump also acknowledged the particular voters who likely gave him his victory. >> the forgotten men and women of our country. will be forgotten no longer. >> this morning hillary clinton appeared before heartbroken supporters. she called on everyone to accept the result of the election. but she, too, addressed a specific group of people. >> and to all the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams. >> in the rose garden today president barack obama said, we all want what's best for the country. >> we are now all rooting for a success. and uniting and leading the
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country. the peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy. >> trump will be obama's guest tomorrow at the white house. it may been awkward get together, but it may also serve as a demonstration that the transfer of power will indeed be a peaceful process. we have three reports tonight. christie ileto has reaction from members of different minority groups. dann cuellar has the story of the pollsters and the media. how everyone got it wrong. but first, jeanette reyes is brood at oxford in north philadelphia. hundreds of anti-trump protestors took to the streets tonight. what was the story? >> reporter: well, jim, they're kind of all over the place. but they walked by us about an hour ago. there were a bit rowdy with the media. but overall it has been a peaceful protest. they've kind of had a mix of emotions. bothing angry and disappointed.
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but the chant tonight is he is not our president. the chants could be heard from blocks away. hundreds of protestors took to philadelphia streets to express their outrage at a stunning election upset that shocked the world. >> we're not going to take anything laying down. this is philadelphia. like we don't take anything from anyone. >> anti-trump protestors started their march across from city hall and walked from over two hours north on broad street on temple, and down 17th and colorado streets. dozens of philadelphia police officers on bikes and patrol cars followed the crowd, putting in place rolling closures that angered motorists. >> reporter: to see the numbers of people who don't stand for it, gives a little sense of security in a very turbulent time. >> reporter: anger and disappointment, especially with pennsylvania turning red this election. still protestors are clear donald trump may have been elected, but not by them. students at penn also expressed
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their dismay through what they call the solidarity march. nearly 500 people attended an open discussion and voiced similar concerns. >> what's done is done. and donald trump will be the president come january. but that doesn't mean that our voices and our experiences are not valid. and that does not mean that all of the hateful things donald trump said over this past election cycle have gone away. >> reporter: and that protest is going on even right now. one of the questions that a lot of people have asked throughout the night, both on social media and in person is what is the point of these protests? and especially a day after donald trump was elected. and one thing these demonstrators said over and over again is that they feel many minorities are unsafe. they want to be in solidarity with them and they will not be silenced. reporting live in north philadelphia, jeanette reyes, channel 6 action news. >> thank you.
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similar scenes played out in at least ten cities from coast to coast tonight. in new york city it was gridlock along fifth avenue as upward of a thousand protestors demonstrated outside trump tower. downtown chicago, protestors targeted the trump tower there. located just blocks from the famed magnificent mile. in oakland, california, officials say a protest there has grown to 6,000 people. and in seattle's west gate park hundreds gathered before marching through the streets. one of the reasons why trump's victory was so stunning, it was so unexpected. most pollsters and many members of the media expected hillary clinton to emerge the winner last night. well, tonight there was a conversation in philadelphia to try to figure out what happened. action news reporter dann cuellar is live at the national constitution center tonight, dan. >> reporter: jim, when they organized this event they had no idea how important it would be to have this conversation.
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how did the media and the polling industry get it so wrong? did not see the anger across the country that would propel donald trump to the white house. >> the media didn't do their job. they didn't go out to trump rallies, meet trump voters. >> reporter: laura goldman is a blogger for the huffington post website, one of several attending the event analyzing the media's role in the presidential election. a media stunned by their failure to predict a victory of donald trump. >> why did we miss it? probably because we were too busy covering the candidate and not spending enough time covering the voters. >> reporter: busy covering every controversy that popped up surrounding donald trump that cnn senior editor dylan byers says his supporters were willing to look beyond. >> the people who voted him into office last night don't care and they don't trust us. >> reporter: and the polls, a strong majority of which were forecasting that hillary clinton would coast to victory. >> and i applauded the fact that the polls were wrong. it says to journalists, why did
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you waste our time. nobody wanted to admit they were for trump because of the negative things he said and had been known for si saying much but they couldn't bring themselves to vote for hillary. >> reporter: what does this say about the media and the polls. i guess you can't put trust in what you hear. >> reporter: is it time for the mainstream media to throw out assumptions about how the american public sees itself? >> people in washington need to get out of washington. the media. >> reporter: some believe this has been a terrible year for political journalism in america. and look at the methods that largely produced a result that did not happen. i'm dann cuellar, channel 6 action news. >> thank you. live to action news reporter christie ileto in center city. christie, no secret that some members of minority communities are very concerned about the election of donald trump. who did you speak to tonight and what did you learn? >> reporter: well, members of
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the latino, muslim, even the lgbtq community, they are still trying to process the reality of last night's election. and many of them are asking themselves, where do i fit in a trump-led country? >> with this election you see a lot of people's true colors. >> reporter: for those at ninth and washington, a trump victory is more than unsettling. >> worry about other people, spanish people, immigrants like me. >> reporter: gabriel has been in the u.s. for decades. now scared achieving his american dream could turn into a nightmare. >> we're hoping that he works with the immigrant population and he allows some of them to stay and the only ones that he really wants to deport are the ones that commit a crime. >> reporter: running the lgbtq home for hope and fears the momentum may be lost. >> we were on a good path, and now with this happening it's going to stop. >> this is a the man who spent his life as a democrat.
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>> reporter: but the once head of the muslim lawyers association? new jersey is optimistic saying his harsh tone helped muslims. >> for the first time people don't think of a terrorist, thing of a gold star family. for the first time people in reaction to donald trump have actually come to our defense. >> reporter: but there are worries about what the next four years may bring. planned parenthood says health centers nationwide including pennsylvania received a surge in requests for iuds today due to trump's aggressive stance to limit women's health care. it's even playing out on social media. >> it's definitely really upsetting and i -- there's no turning back. >> reporter: trump says he plans to be a president to all americans. and many of the people we spoke to said they hope that he lives up to those words. reporting live here in center city, christie ileto, channel 6 action news. >> thank you, christie. in his contract with the american voter here is what donald trump says had among his first orders of business on his
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first day in office. canceling off of president obama's executive actions with which he disagrees. canceling all federal funding to sanctuary cities such at philadelphia. withdrawing from the transpacific partnership and possibly nafta. we're renegotiating. proposing constitutional term limits on all members of congress. and a package of ethics reforms over lobbying. over his first 100 days trump then plans to work with congress on repealing and replacing obamacare, on a tax cut, nominating a supreme court justice, building the mexican border wall, and more. control of congress will remain in the hands of the republican party. giving president trump a greater chance of implementing his agenda. part of that republican majority is due to pennsylvania senator pat toomey's victory last night.
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he won re-election by two points over democratic challenger katie mcginty. toomey says he wants to reduce spending, waste, and regulations. lower taxes and keep the government from making health care decisions. >> i will do it in a way that respects the opinions of people who disagree with me and i'll do it in a way that will seek to find consensus and common ground so that we can actually make progress on the big challenges we face. >> our coverage of vote 2016 continues on we have the latest on donald trump's ascension to the presidency, along with the latest local election results. and you can learn more about the politicians elected to represent the tristate area. still to come on action news tonight, atlantic city gets dealt a losing hand from the state. and part of philadelphia's historic jewelers row could soon be demolished. >> we finally got some rain today. storm tracker 6 rainfall totals
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showing an inch in parts of the viewing area. now the winds. i'll explain in the accuweather forecast. >> i'm nydia han. we have a story that will pull on your heart strikes. a grieving father turns to the troubleshooters and a daughter needs our assistance to keep her mother safe. details coming up. >> the sixers take it into overtime against indiana. can they finally win a close one for the first victory of the season? action news continues continuesa moment.
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the four alarm fire consumed an abandoned textile complex along the brandy wine in wilmington. took fire fighter seven hours to get it under control, but not before five of the six were destroyed. a developer bought the buildings to convert into condominiums.
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no word on the cause, but the wilmington arson task force is on the case. the worst fears of atlantic city officials were today when the state took over the city. the new jersey local finance board voted to take over the city's main governmental functions after rejecting the five year financial recovery plan. mayor guardian called the decision devastating. the state can now sell assets including bader field, break union contracts and hire and fire workers. demolition notices are posted tonight along philadelphia's jeweler's row. the site of a controversial 16-story condo tower. the plan requires knocking down five properties on the historic block of samson street. the city granted permits today. tomorrow the historical commission will decide whether the site should be added to the register of historic places. merchants hope if that preservation is made it will help them block the demolition.
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the university of pennsylvania honored two police officers tonight who were injured during a shooting rampage in west philadelphia in september. the school's department of public safety paid tribute to philadelphia police sergeant sylvia young and police officer ed miller. the gunman, nicolas glenn, was shot and killed by police but not before killing a woman and leaving three others injured. time now for the action news troubleshooters. father mourning the loss of his son reached out for help. plus the saga of the steps. nydia to explain. >> if you have an older parent living with you you know how important it is. every area of your home is as safe as possible. especially the steps to parentheses falls. so tell me what happened here. this is the step that needed corrected. >> yes this top step. >> nina sherman lives with her 88-year-old mother. she says the middle step pleading up to their house was
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cracked so she hired a contractor to fix it. >> when they redid, when you walked, you pitched forward. to me, it's not safe. >> so she called the cement contractor back to repair it. >> he blew me off. i'm with a customer, i'll call you back. he didn't call back. called again, didn't answer. again, no answer. >> then sherman dialed the action news troubleshooters. our call for action volunteers called the contractor and stayed on top of the situation until the repair was, shall we say, cemented. the top step finally fixed once and for all. >> and i was really grateful. >> he was so faithful and he was so good. everybody -- couldn't believe how wonderful he was. he never complained about anything. >> william thinks about his son, mile, every day. michael had a severe form of muscular dystrophy and passed away at 47 in january. he wanted to put the year of michael's death on his grave
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marker and said he was shocked by the response from the cemetery. >> she said you have to pay for that. and i said what do you mean i have to pay for that? and she said it's going to be $195. >> he refused to pay the additional fee since he says it was supposed to be included in the $3200 price he already paid. >> i want what i paid for. >> he turned to the action news troubleshooters and got results. 2016 engraved on his son's gravestone with no additional fee. he was moved to more tears and gratitude, but still a few questions as well. >> missing everybody. i'm alone. and then for them to do this is just incredulous to me. it's like, how can you do this to a human being? how can you treat somebody this way? >> it is something we often ask ourselves. if you have a case for the troubleshooters, call 1-866- and
1:57 am or tweet or reach out on facebook. i'm nydia han, channel 6 action news. let's get the latest from accuweather now with meteorologist cecily tynan. >> and, jim, we needed the rain. got it, about a third of an inch in philadelphia. but double scan showing after a very well day the rain is out of here. but what we got tonight are some pretty gusty winds. winds this strong kind of unusual for this time of night. typically when the sunsets, the winds diminish. but winds out of the northwest and philadelphia, 15 miles an hour. the same in trenton. dover, 20 mile an hour winds. so that combined with temperatures in the upper 40s. meaning we have a wind chill factor. feels like 42 in philadelphia. 39 in allentown. 40 in reading. and it's going to be feeling a lot colder than that with the wind chills on saturday morning. satellite 6 along with action radar showing the system. it was a cold front. low pressure moved along to enhance that rainfall. that's pushed off to the east. you can see the clouds to the west are breaking up.
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so the bus stop forecast tomorrow, the sign will be back. temperatures seasonably cool at 6:00. 37 by 8:00. 40 degrees, winds out of the northwest, 6 to 12 miles per hour. a breezy day. and tomorrow, generally pretty nice. sun with high clouds. so kind that have filtered sunshine. a cool breeze and seasonal temperatures. allentown, 58, cape may, 57, and wilmington, 58 degrees. then on friday, right ahead of this cold front temperatures will spike in the low 60s. 63 degrees, but that front blasts through with wind gusts up to about 35 miles per hour and that will bring us much colder air on saturday. so the exclusive accuweather seven day forecast, you can leave the umbrellas at home tomorrow, grab the sunglasses. high clouds mixing with sunshine. a high of 59 degrees. friday for veterans day, looking pretty nice except for the wind gusts. 63 degrees with winds including through the day.
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then saturday, brisk and chilly. the high, 51 degrees. but step outside in the morning. future tracker showing the wind chill in philadelphia feeling like winter. 28 degrees. but it only lasts for one day. we can handle it. sunday's sunshine, milder temperatures with a high of 60. great weather for the eagles/falcons. tuesday, on the mild side, 62 degrees. and wednesday watching the possibility of a coastal storm. if it comes close enough it could bring us some rain. right now the track up in the air with a high of 60 degrees. so our next chance of rain, possible raining with not until next wednesday. >> all right. thank you. one of the area's most renowned chefs is putting hesitants behind a new venture in new hope, located right next to the town's iconic theater. they broke ground for the new play house inn on main street next to the bucks county play house. it's expected to open in the spring of 2018. it was a celebration of family and recovery tonight in center
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city, philadelphia. this is the richard karen award of excellence gala at the kimmel center. it raises money for programs to treat addiction and brian taff was master of ceremonies tonight.
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dozens of people had a chance to get a sneak peek at the philadelphia museum of art's 2016 craft show tonight. the show features the work of 200 artists from more than 30 states. the show, which is now in its 40th year kicks off tomorrow at the philadelphia convention center. sixers look for that oh, so elusive first win of the season. >> it's going to happen eventual. >> did not happen tonight? >> you read my mind. the knock on the sixers is they can't close out games. their coach acknowledged that. tonight in indiana, more evidence. joel embiid did not make the trick, they are cautious. sixers down one, henderson from
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the wing. the three gives the sixers the lead with 6 seconds to go. 17 for him. but at the other end, paul george. have to play defense for a couple of seconds. two of his game high 28 points. headed to overtime. rodriguez turns it over. shoots 1 for 14 from the floor. rodriguez, the point guard. not good. the sixers are now 0-7. 122-115 the final. the eagles back to worked to and have much work to do. sunday host the 6-3 atlanta falcons. they were loose at practice today, but little to dance about. 4-4, dropped four of the last five. atlanta is the nfl's highest scoring team. the eagles defense knows it will have to be on top of its game. >> where we're going to have to show up is net turnover category. being able to come up with a couple takeaways here and there.
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especially the red zone, you know? we have to tighten up with the file shrinks and the deep shots and play action shots are no longer available, take advantage of that opportunity. but, you know, they're the number one offense in the league for a reason. that's because they do a lot of the stuff well. >> still ahead, college football. hear why penn state's ranking is of little interest to its
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penn state, winners of five straight visit indiana on
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saturday. the nitny lions, 12th in the ap, 10th in the college football rankings. coach franklin is aware, but not obsessed. >> i don't spend time thinking about those things or talking to the team about those things. that's the nature of this business. that's the nature of, you know, this profession. that's the nature of this game. >> kickoff for penn state and indiana is saturday at noon. watch it here on 6abc. sports royalty gathered in the fishtown section of philadelphia tonight. this was the davis scholarship foundations 18th annual awards, dick vermeil and others on hand. davis was a long time trainer for the eagles. helps students studying sports medicine. >> a fierce competition at camden county high school. middle school students competed
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in the annual academic olympics. the students answered questions in math, science, social studies and english. they also faced off in a contest styled after jeopardy. the student with the most correct answers won a $500 scholarship. and jimmy kimmel live next on channel 6, followed by nightline. jimmy's guests, robert de niro, music from willie nelson. continuing at 4:30 with pamela, matt, david murphy and karen rogers are traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire action news team, i'm jim gardner. good night. ♪ >> action news is sponsored in part by...
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