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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  November 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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we have a live report tonight and the big store tonight is donald trump and president barack obama meeting each other for the first time today. and it happened at the white house. the transition has begun, just two days after donald trump won a stunning victory shocking the so-called experts, despite all the extraordinary hard things that trump and obama said during the campaign it's about transferring power and they only have seven days to do it. gray hall was at the white house today. >> jim, this was a meeting of epic proportions imagine barack obama not turning the white house over to trump. soon president-elect trump will be living in the white house. >> we talked about the organizational issues in setting up a white house and talked about foreign policy and domestic policy. >> it was a private meeting and
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trump and obama one-on-one after 90 minutes of meeting, president obama let reporters inside of the oval office. it's safe to say not all of this differences were handed out in the meeting and both men say they are now on the same page and want to unite the country. it lasted for an hour and a half. and could have gone for a lot longer. it was not the only meeting on the agenda, paying a -- trump called it a great honor, seeing the two in the same room shaking hands and all the harsh criticism of one another. >> it's important for all of us regardless of party and regardless of political preferences, to now come together work together to deal
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with the many challenges that we face. >> mr. president it was a great honor being with you and i look forward to being with you many, many for times in the future. >> we note that melania trump met with michelle obama and when asked about his highest priorities he said health care, jobs and immigration. reporting from washington, d.c., gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> and we are now looking down on the crowd that marched from msb in philadelphia all wait to 30 and street, they are on their way. this is billed as a vigil organized by a group called philly women in formation. opposed to the election of donald trump it may have grown larger than that. john rawlins was walking with the group and what is going on there? >> we just passed the 20th street here and heading west on
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jfk toward 30th street station they wanted to get the crowd out and walk and had a lot of passion and tension and the decision by organizers was to get them moving and that is what they were doing right now. there was a vigil, the idea behind it was that people were mourning the election. and we talked to some of the hundreds of people here. i can't tell you how many hundreds, this is what they had to say. >> donald trump doesn't represent me or my community. i have two daughters and it's important that i set an example that i don't abide by bigotry. >> i am not old enough to vote, this is how i can voice my opinion how i don't think trump is qualified to be president. >> i feel like that is where we are right now, we are divided and a lot of hatred and fear in
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our country since tuesday and it's time to start rolling back our sleeves and doing the work. >> so the 30th street station and the second night of protest, it's not clear where they will go once they get to the 30th street station and turn back into center city and back to the thomas paine area past msb we have to wait and see where they are going. as they say in the chant, this is democracy in action. live in center city. channel 6 "action news." >> john, quick question, it seems like an almost exclusively female crowd. >> i don't know if exclusive is right, but predominantly. it's a multiracial feminist
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organization, they are the organizers but open to everyone, but yes you are right predominantly female going to it's organization billing themselves as a feminine coalition. >> thank you john. >> a uniquely delaware tradition lived on today in georgetown, return day brings on the winners and losers after the general election for the ceremonial burying john carnie and lisa blunt rochester were among the election winners on hand today. return day is believed to have returned in 1792. when voters would cast their ballots on election day and return to the county seat two days later to hear the results. our coverage continues online at there you can watch the full meeting between president obama and president-elect trump. read the latest on the election
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results and the political scene across the country. it has happened again, a violence crime, a home invasion targeting students a block and a half from the temple university campus. sara bloomquist is live along the 1400 block. sara what happens there overnight. police and victims thought this started out as a burglary and then the suspects came upon the temple students in a bedroom still inside of the house and they described the moment of terror when he and his girlfriend came face-to-face with a gun. >> he had a gun in his face saying he would blow my brains out. john described what happened this morning at 1:00 a.m. he and his girlfriend about to go to sleep wearing a face mask and hoody and put the gun to their
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head. >> i said i don't have any money, i have $40 and is a lot of money to me. he saw our electron ics and laptops and told us to delete the icloud off of it. it's not something i know how to do, they had to walk us through it. >> the pair fled with laptops and xbox and money wallets and keys, another student away from the house rushed home when she got a text about what happened. >> we try to respect the community and we don't expect this in return, and it's disturbing this would happen when we were trying to get an education. they came through the window leaving the victims to believe they burglarized the row home and came upon the students inside.
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one of the victim's mothers drove through landsdale. >> they have not had issues up until last night. >> i'm a film student all the work for the last three years was on that computer and everything is on my phone. >> more importantly he and his girlfriend were not physically injured. there is so much student housing off campus now that there are surveillance cameras everywhere. police are hoping one of them captured the suspects. live in north philadelphia, i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you sara. 91 new offices joined the camden county police officers today. the new recruits were sworn in during the police administration building. it brings it's number of sworn officers up to 410. today is the 241st birthday of the u.s. marines, they shut down
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an entire block to celebrate the occasion. this is the the 900 block of oregon after knew. outside of cookie's tavern, probe because of according to legend the first marines were recruited in a philadelphia bar with the promise of beer and adventure. it bad called tun tavern near penn's landing. coming up we'll look threw the lens of a 92-year-old veteran from king of prussia. quarterback matt ryan takes on him home town team and how the eagles plan to defend against the highest scoring team in the nfl. >> the past few days temperatures at more seasonal levels and tracking a blast of cold air for the start of your weekend. i'll explain in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> those stories and much more when "action news" continues.
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a group of protesters on their way to jfk boulevard to 30th street station. it's safe to say that the group numbers in the several hundreds, a group by philly women in formation protesting the election of donald trump on tuesday night. the plans when they get to 30th street we do not know.
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but they have started arriving. that the roof of 30th street station and this group started to arrive at 20th street station and we will monitor those activities. on this day before veterans day, not only took part in world war ii and recorded. >> i'll always remember what i saw. a 92-year-old millt he was a photographer in the 95th squadron. sent to nagasaki after a nuclear bomb detonated over the city. >> where the bomb when off there was not much. it's important to have it documents. have people know about it. he had been stations in guam part of a photo recome and intelligence unit.
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after the war ended they had to domthe damage on the ground. >> frankly i didn't know the consequences. >> with he's speed graphic camera and wearing no protective gear for several days he walked through the port city taking snapshots many people and buildings decimated. >> i was not prepared for that. >> he still takes photos, he when to central high school where he was the editor for the school paper. this is video from his 74th reunion last month. in september he was invited out to ohio to speak with members of the 14th intelligence squadron. little was photoed of the tech squadron and their work and the commander of the 14th wanted to learn more. they could only track down two men. he was one of them. >> these are the only physical records. >> the air force made copies of
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the photos, the two veterans spent several days speaking to the squadron. >> the first time i walked in setp in florida. and i thought it should be continued to be told. >> katherine scott, channel 6 "action news."
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the atlanta falcons coming to town on sunday. the hits just keep on coming for the birds and the eagles host the falcons. a difficult game to face, they lead the south division with a record of 6-3 and the eagles defense will be tested. you don't sleep well the each tire week. >> jim schwartz is losing sleep over the offense of the falcons, and matt ryan. but the exton native is not the
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only concern. julio jones has the most touch downs in football. >> we are not sleeping good and this will be a challenge. the number one offense we'll face all year i think. >> the falcons are playing well they are not a one trick pony and we talk about matt ryan and julio jones. come sunday it is just as important for the eagles offense to keep up. and keep the ball out of matt ryan's hands. that is a lot of pressure on the shoulders of a rookie quarterback like carson wentz and ryan feels his pain. >> he seems to have a good shoulder on his heads out there it could be tough growing up and tough on their teams for sure. but if you are winning if you win any place it's good. >> a calm, demeanor guy and very quited and i love the game and packs nate about it. and calm when i need to be. >> to alleviate the work zone on wentz and the d.
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to establish the run and rundown the clock and play keep away. jeff skversky channel 6 "action news." >> to basketball the sixers lost to indiana. they meet at the wells fargo center and the sixers are w winless on the year and pick me up from a special guest. alan iverson gave them a pep talk. >> i hope my boys hear something and guys younger than me. and guys that -- us guys paved the way for. you know what i mean, i hope they got any positive measure. >> he rolled. he was ai and you know it's sort of hit the areas that i would have asked him to talk about and he did it all by himself. i feel like any time you can dig into that it's good for us. >> avenue athlete looks forward to competing in his or her home
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town. garcia is set to fight vargas on saturday. he is 2-0 and ready to mix it up in his home town. >> i'm happy to give my fans in philly a fight and looking to bring more fights back to the city of philadelphia. this is the fighting city where it all started. garcia hopes down the line to get a fight with manny pacquiao. if that happens it won't be until the end of next year. cecily tynan coming up with the accuweather forecast.
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well tonight is the first night for the franklin square spectacle light show in philadelphia. made up of 50,000 lights, it takes place avenue evening until new year eve and franklin helped present the kickoff and franklin square give for the fire pit for cold winter nights right now cool fall nights. >> it's it's season. thanksgiving is in two weeks from today. >> almost unbelievable. it's going by fast. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that it's a great evening to be hanging outside near a fire pit. we have no rain out there. we did have high thin, cirrus clouds, it's enough to create a spectacular sunset. april posted this on my facebook
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page, from greenland, pennsylvania. the clouds are reflecting the light of the sunset. just beautiful. the accuweather forecast shows a nice stretch of weather, tomorrow for veterans day should be a great day for parades and the remembrances, win gusts up to 35 miles per hour and a mixture of sun and clouds, 10:0056 degrees and 1:00 a mild 63, and 4:00 dropping down to 55 degrees. those wind gusts on saturday picking up and below freezing in much of our viewing area and just enough breeze to have a windchill effect saturday morning. right now it feels nice for november. 54 in allentown and trenton 51 and cape may 55 and wilmington
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52. and satellite 6 along with action radar showing that front that moves through tomorrow afternoon not only does it have no shower activity with it. it barely has a cloud and you won't see much but feel the difference when the winds pick up. the moon lit sky, not too chilly for this time of year with the winds south-southwest and cooler in the suburbs 46 in center city. and tomorrow a great day and milder than today. 63 in philadelphia, allentown 60 and cape may 61 and wilmington 63. again, feeling cool in the afternoon with wind gusts up to 35 miles per hour. the chill on saturday, is not going to last long, we have the dip in the jet stream, that pulls down the cool shot of air from canada and even by saturday afternoon, the jet stream begins to move up to the north, so by sunday the jet stream has lifted well to the northern and shifts the winds to the southwest and
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brings milder air with temperatures rebouncing back into the 60s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast turned windy for your veterans day and a good amounts of sunshine and not bad. 63 degrees. saturday and sunny and very cool. 51 degrees and normal high is 58. sunday lots of sunshine and milder with a high of 60 degrees, great football weather if you head to the linc football weather 58 and fourth quarter 58 and winds westerly 5 to 9 miles per hour. monday we keep the air mass, 60 degrees and tuesday this is when we have the po ten for rain depending on the track for the coastal storm. we see clouds if it hugs the coast there is a chance of much needed rain and clouds break for sunshine 62 and mostly cloudy with a possibility of' shower and 60 degree. all in all a nice looking forecast and gusty winds tomorrow afternoon.
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>> thank you. abc world news tonight with david muir is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams, adam joseph and ducis rogers. and please join us for an exclusive investigation at 11:00. right here on channel 6. "action news" investigator reporter, wendy saltzman has a preview. >> they warn us that it's not the corner drug dealer but the doctor that is hooking people on pills. we'll show you the white coat trade. and show you how far the rogue doctors will go on "action news" at 11:00. for cecily tynan and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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tonight, face to face. president-elect trump and president 0 warm ma in the oval office. they had never met. you will hear from both of them and the comments picked up on mike. melania trump meets michelle obama. preparing the next first lady. then mr. trump take on the the capitol. and hillary clinton. 24 hours after conceding, the mom who was hiking discovering clinton walking her dogs. also tonight, a divided america. the new messages of hate now emerging in schools. the chants of "build that wall" in a cafeteria. >> build that wall! >> and this message in a high school hallway. >> white power. >> and the new protests after the election. also tonight, the deadly police ambush. one officer killed, another shot. what authorities then discover in the suspect's car. and the major fir


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