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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 11, 2016 1:37am-2:10am EST

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the streets of numerous cities. they are expressing their anger and anxiety over the election of donald trump as president. the protests come hours after trump took part in an american ritual, to meet his pred assessor in the oval office. it is thursday night. the big story is, first, a night of protest. this is how it looked in milwaukee. hundreds of people marching to speak out against president-elect, donald trump. the crowds were bigger in minneapolis. they were chanting, not my president. in dallas, they were saying immigrants were welcome in the city. protests in baltimore, los angeles, grand rapids and earlier in san francisco. trump posted this tweet. had a very open and successful presidential election. now professional protesters are
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protesting, very unfair. philadelphia also saw hundreds of protesters vent their emotions. dann cuellar is live near city hall. dann? >> reporter: jim, a multiracial feminist group wanted to come out and mourn and grieve the results of the presidential election. they call it a white lash against them and black lives matter. 500 protesters gathered to denounce the election of donald trump. >> not my president! >> not my president! >> our country does not support the hatred that donald trump is spouting. >> down, down, down with the right wing. power for everybody. black power. >> very angry about trump becoming president. he is not a good example for any
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of us and our children. >> you don't accept the election? >> i'm here to protest. >> reporter: the group later proceeds to march on jfk boulevard. dozens of police officers hovered around them to keep them from getting struck by a vehicle. it caused traffic havoc during rush hour angering motorists. >> ha are the people protesting? >> reporter: the election. >> oh, for crying out loud, get a life. the election is over. you have to accept it. >> oh, i don't like him, man. we have been stuck like 20 minutes already. we trying to move and not able to move. >> reporter: you are not a happy camper. >> i'm not. >> reporter: there were smaller groups meandering around center city, smaller than the earlier groups. they are promising more protests in the days to come. we are live in center city. dann cuellar, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you, dann.
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this was a scene few anticipated days ago. the president and president-elect met face-to-face in the oval office today. they talked for an hour and a half with president obama and donald trump talking foreign and domestic issues. then, in fronlt of the atemperaturabled media, they had nice things to say. >> most of all, i want to emphasize to you, mr. president-elect, that we now are going to want to do everything to help you succeed. if you succeed, the country succeeds. >> mr. president, it was a great honor being with you. i look forward to being with you many, many more times. >> thank you. >> the two men savaged each other for months during the campaign. trump called on house speaker, paul ryan, saying he can't wait to do spectacular things together. trump conferred with senate majority leader, mitch
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mcconnell. melania trump was invited to see michelle obama. mike pence was with joe biden. tonight, the associated press called arizona and 11 electoral votes for trump. it was one of three states yet to be determined. michigan and new hampshire are still too close to call. two days out from trump's victory, the dow jones average closed at an all-time high. it gained 218 points today to close at 18,807 points beating the benchmark set in august. banks and financial companies led the way today. it wasn't all rosy on wall street. the nasdaq fell and s&p 500 barely budged. yields for bonds rose on
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speculation about inflation and rising interest rates. a police investigation is under way. that's following the election. the superintendent sent this letter to parents, informing them of graffiti in the boys and girls bathrooms, including swastikas, disparagement to gai people and a quote, if trump wins, watch out. a latina student received a note telling her to go back to mexico. they were celebrating the 244th birthday of the marine corps tonight. it was a good opportunity to talk to marines and veterans about their soon-to-be commander in chief. christie ileto is live at 10th and oregon. what have they been saying tonight. >> reporter: jim, after speaking to many veterans here this evening, there's a sense of hope, optimism, really, of what
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the next four years will be like under mr. trump. a celebration at 10th and oregon. the marine corps turned 244 years old. they will soon have a new boss, president-elect, donald trump. >> he's not a veteran, but he knows how we feel. >> we want to seibert treatment. we want to see better jobs. >> better the veteran services at the philadelphia v.a. and all the v.a.'s. >> reporter: reform the department of veteran affairs. many admit they struggle navigating the va's red tape. >> overcrowded and dismal. i hope he keeps his promise. >> change won't happen overnight. >> i understand that. we have a president-elect who stands behind the veterans of this country. >> reporter: they played a critical role in trump's
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history. >> my uniform ready to go. >> reporter: they helped organize the veteran's thai parade. >> like to see more of that. really, really concentrate on the military. >> reporter: do you feel like enough has been done for the veterans? >> not enough. >> reporter: those not entirely sold, give him a chance. give him a year. see what he can do. >> reporter: again, change doesn't happen overnight. many veterans say they are interested to see when mr. trump will live up to his campaign promises. christie ileto, channel 6 "action news." thank you, flames took over the rowan mansion in west hampton township. the home dates back to the late 1700s. it has been vacant since the fire in june of this year. henry rowan, the benefactor of
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the university that bears his name died last year. temple university students hope police make quick work of getting two people. >> he had a gun in my face and said he was going to blow my brain out. i said i don't have money, i have $40. that's a lot of money to me. >> they made off with laptops, phones and x-box. money and keys from the home in willington. the crooks came up to a living room window. coming up on "action news" tonight, two police officers are ambushed in pennsylvania with deadly consequences. we'll get the latest on what happened to the gunman. rescuers wing it and figure out how to save this bald eagle.
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a bit of a temperature roller coaster ride. warmer air moving in tomorrow before a cool down in time for your weekend. i'll ek plain in the forecast. wendy saltzman has an inside look at what the dea says about the drug dealers. these are white coat pill pushers, doctors with medical degrees feeding dangerous conditions. doctors writing deadly prescriptions. we'll show you how far some will go to make cold, hard cash. ducis rodgers with the eagles looking ahead to the falcons and trying to get back on the winning track. "action news" continues in a moment.
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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one officer was killed and
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another wounded as they responded to a domestic disturbance call at a home outside pittsburgh. the two were ambushed as soon as they arrived. it happened in the town of cannonsburg. after a six-hour stand off, the police found a suspect and his wife dead inside the home. authorities identified a suspect wanted for a deadly hit and run in atlantic city. the 27-year-old carlos of pleasantville took off after striking amy smith with his vehicle. it happened along route 40 just before 7:00 at night. an "action news" investigation uncovers the biggest pill pushers today. it turns out, they are wearing white coats. dea is warning doctors might be the most dance rouse peddlers of
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narcotics. wendy saltzman joins us with extraordinary undercover video from inside t the pill bill tra. >> doctors driving lamborghinis and stockpiling cash are the biggest criminals for getting them hooked on drugs, shuffling patients in and out in a matter of seconds. they are sharing this inside look with "action news." >> going to get the -- >> yes. and xan xanaz, too. >> reporter: piles of prescription pads and a patient rushed in and out in under two minutes. >> yeah, sure. >> reporter: take a look at this. >> he's written so many prescriptions, his hands were starting to chafe. he was wearing gloves.
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>> reporter: pill mills have become an epidemic. doctors who turned criminal. like this one who operates a makeshift office out of starbucks. >> can i get the script for her? >> reporter: the doctor never sees the second patient, but writes the deadly prescription. >> 200. >> yeah. >> okay. >> the doctor who is illegally prescribing these medications is no better than the individual standing on the corner selling heroin. >> reporter: 80% of heroin users started by using prescription drugs. 47,000 people die from overdose each year, more than traffic accidents and homicides combined. >> white coat drug deals. >> times i have been in there less than a minute. see the doctor, he signs a prescription and you walk out the door.
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>> reporter: this is part of a team behind the biggest busts in our area, like dr. cynthia, a pediatrician at a local children's hospital charged with writing 496 prescriptions to herself and fake identities for her addiction. >> up to 90 tablets a day and treating children. >> reporter: in chester county, this oral surgeon confessed to giving narcotic out of his dental office. >> reporter: their mote vague? >> they are in the business for one reason and one reason only, to make money. >> reporter: they have uncovered cash, luxury cars. whatever the price. >> give me more business before the end of the week. >> okay. doesn't matter who it? >> i don't care. >> reporter: are they killing people? >> they are. they are. >> reporter: a visit can cost
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$300 to $1,000 cash. some of them have a discount program where they will pay patients up to $10,000 for referring them new clients. the d.e.a. in philadelphia say they are actively involved in cracking down on area pill mills. >> thank you, wendy. disturbing stuff. tonight, we learn singer/song writer leonard cohen died at the age of 82. his work spanned five decades. he may be best known for his song "hallelujah" covered by countless musicians. he never won a grammy, but he was enducted into the hall of fame. he wrote for james taylor, willie nelson and collins. he released an album just last month. on health check at 11:00, vitamin d could improve the prognosis of those with breast
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cancer. they found the benefit from higher levels of vitamin d. it led to odds of preventing an occurrence of cancer. two bald eagles got stuck in a storm drain in orange county, florida. an avian expert says they ended up there after getting into a midair flight over territory and fell into the sky. after an hour, one was able to fly away on it own. the second needed human intervengs. a team of firefighters and wildlife agents saved the bird after about two hours. dramatic video and a dramatic story from florida. >> hope they are doing okay. >> absolutely. accuweather forecast, i hope it's doing okay. >> for november, pretty well. ups and downs temperature wise. the live double scan showing a drive evening after yesterday's much needed rain and we did have
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enough cirrus clouds to create beautiful sunsets. kathleen posted this on my facebook page. you can see the clouds are thin. they are referred to as mare's tail. they look like the tail of horses. the sunsetting at 4:49. temperature wise, doesn't feel like winter. mild for this time of year. 50 in philadelphia. millville 50. cape may 53. wilmington, 47. the reason temperatures aren't dropping that quickly, the winds out of the southwest and that will bring a mild start tomorrow. satellite 6 along with action radar, if you look to the midwest, not much going on. there is a cold front, no moisture with it. with that, it will sweep through tomorrow and that will bring us gusty winds. it will be dry for veterans day and temperatures, relatively mild at 7:00, 46. by 10:00, 56.
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for the parade, by 1:00, 63 degrees and then the winds pick up, gusting up to 35 miles per hour. temperatures begin to fall off quickly. at 4:00, 55. by 7:00, 49 degrees. saturday, we get kind of a one-day shot of winter-like temperatures. that will pull cool air from canada. saturday morning, windchills in the 20s. it doesn't last long. saturday afternoon and sunday, the jet stream moving farther up to the north. this is a zonal flow. that pushes the cold air back into canada. it will be mild with temperatures up around 60 degrees with winds out of the southwest. the weekend forecast, in a nutshell, saturday, mostly sunny, temperatures seven degrees below average. 51 degrees and sunday, a nice rebound and more sunshine with a high of 60. all in all, a nice weekend. the exclusive accuweather seven day forecast, windy for veterans day. sunny and mild, 63 degrees.
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saturday, despite the sunshine, cool. 51. sunday, up to 60 degrees. great weather for the eagles/falcons game. seasonable with winds 5-10 miles per hour. kick-audiotape temperature, 58. by the fourth quarter, 9. one with clouds, 60 degrees. the next chance of rain comes tuesday with a possible coastal feature, if it moves close enough to us, bring us some rain with a high of 59 degrees. wednesday clouds breaking with sunshine. our normal high for this time of year is 58. every day but one day the next seven days will be above normal. >> can't complain. >> not too bad. celebration of 250 years of education took place tonight in camden. rutgers university was founded on this day in 1766. tonight, they marked their
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birthday with fireworks. hundreds of students came out to watch. some keeping warm by the fire. rutgers was originally named queen's college. the main campus is in new brunswick. it became rutgers after henry rutgers. organizers of the puerto rican day parade won in the overall and high school categories. this year's parade took place in september. the scene here on channel 6. tonight's event was at the headquarters in the park. a food bank in new jersey hosted their annual fund-raiser tonight. it was in cherry hill and featured an evening of dinner and dancing. they could play blackjack for charity, of course.
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proceeds go to the food bank summer meals program. we are lending a hand to help feed our neighbors in need. please join us next wednesday for the annual holiday food drive fund raising event. sarah bloomquist will host the live phone bank. volunteers and special guests will be on the phones taking your donations from 4:00 to 6:30 p.m. for more information on how to
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eagles are getting ready for matt ryan and the falcons. >> one of the better teams in the league. they are here on supd. they are the nfl's highest scoring team. meanwhile, the birds are on a slide. they have lost four of the last five games. brent is set the play f defense knows if they are not on point sunday, it could be a long afternoon. >> the one we face, i think they
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play together collectively. >> we know those guys, can take it to the house. having a good year with the ball and doing those things. it's a challenge for us. we have to bring the energy and step up. >> fall cans matt ryan is a delaware valley native. fond memories growing up as a philadelphia sports fan. >> anybody growing up in that area is a fan of anything other than philadelphia sports. they have passionate fans up there. grew uprooting for the eagles, phillies, flyers and sixers. it was a good sports town to grow up in. >> eagles will visit baltimore neb month. three touchdowns, the ravens win
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20-7. cleveland winless, 0-10. sixers struggling, but they get words
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the sixers will host the pacers tomorrow night. the team is winless, 0-7. the players got a pep talk from a surprise guest, allen iverson. >> all i can do is hope my boys
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mean something to guys younger than me and guys that -- >> he just rolled. he is a.i. you know, it's sort of hit the areas i would have asked him to talk about and he did it all by himself. >> if you have ever played golf, you may have seen a rabbit or deer on the course. if you are good, experienced birdies and eagles. how about a mongoose. a pack of 20 stopped golf in africa. they know about lifting the ball without marking it incurs a one-stroke penalty. do you know what the plural of m mongoose is? mongooses. cocktails and cleats
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celebration tonight. players, staff and guests came to spring guarder to support the philadelphia union foundation. donations to the foundation helped build a playground, sponsor ooeting programs and a grant to big brothers and big sisters. jimmy kimmel live is next on channel 6. his guest is matthew broderick. "action news" continues at 4:30. we're going to find out in a second. cecily tynan and ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner.
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