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tv   Action News Weekend 9AM  ABC  November 12, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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campus. explosions unrest out west, a person is shot during a protest as police confront demonstrations condemning president-elect donald trump. back here at home, let's take you live outside, this is a live like courtesy sky6 live hd looking at the ben franklin bridge. we're waking up to a colder morning. the colder air will hang around a little bit. chris sowers tracking old man winter. >> reporter: for one day. let's get you outside and show you another sky6 live hd this time we're down in cape may. temperatures are milder this morning compared to inland. most locations are in the 40s. as you can see we have mainly clear conditions, we lost the gusty breeze. yesterday we had gusts 30 miles per hour. this morning we're seeing wind speeds in the 5 to 10 miles per
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hour. 37 in pottstown, chester, 39. center city, 42. glassboro, 40. agenda beach, 41. vineland, 37. the villas down near cape may, 43. hammonton, 39. smyrna, 40. here's satellite and radar along with action radar. if you were lak week it was -- last weekend it was bright and sunny. we're expecting a repeat performance this weekend. high pressure firmly in control, sunny and chilly high of 51 degrees. bundle up this morning, this afternoon it's not that bad. it gets milder tomorrow. i'll let you know in just a few minutes. >> thank you for the update. 9:01, developing this morning, a student at the university of oklahoma has been temporarily suspended as fbi
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tracks the racist the added the overriding concern is the safety and well-being of our students and we will continue to do everything to support them so they can recover from this deplorable incident. the students were moved to action last night and they talked to jeff chirico. >> i felt scared, because i didn't know where it was coming from. >> reporter: nate morris is one of those who found himself added to a racist group chat aimed at black penn students, the messages included racial slurs. >> they made a calendar evert saying it's -- event saying it's lynch day. >> reporter: a number of students gathered to discuss the incident. hundreds march on penn's campus in protest. >> this is one of the last
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places i would expect something like that. >> reporter: some connected the incidents to the election, another account called trump disciples was created by a user named daddy trump. in a statement, university president amy guttman called the account repug permanent and said -- we -- repugnant. mayor kenny said it is heartbreakerring -- heartbreaking to see the activity in the city of brotherly love. >> now that they see someone is in charge shares the same morals they feel confident project rejecting that. >> reporter: governor tom wolf weighed in tweeting a message saying this act is unacceptable. jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> as you heard there, emotions are running high following the presidential election for a third night take a look at this,
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hundreds marched through center city protesting the victory of president-elect donald trump. men and peacefully made their way from city hall to independence hall. some protesters voiced concerned in the lbgt community. dann cuellar will have more on the protest in the next half-hour. >> in portland oregon it was in the peace. , police had to use tear gas and flash bang grenades in response to rowdy protesters there. a man got out of his car an fired several shots after a confrontation with the crowd. search continues for the shooter. at this point it's not clear if the shooting was politically motivated. some say president-elect donald trump is softening his tomorrow on obama care, abc's marry bruise has a look at that
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and who could shape trump's cabinet. >> reporter: throughout his campaign, candidate trump said obama care has to go. >> obama care has to be replaced. >> we'll stop the obama care madness. we'll repeal and replace obama care. >> reporter: president-elect trump said he is open to keeping parts of the obama care law. in an interview he suggested two of the most popular provisions may be safe from the chopping block. >> when you replace will you approve people with preexisting conditions. >> yes we'll keep that. >> reporter: what trump's healthcare plan will look like one of the many questions facing his transition team which saw a major shake up on friday being led by vice president elect mike pence replaces chris christie
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who is taking on a lessor role and what about the cabinet. >> there are a number of people being talked about for different jobs. that's donald trump's decision. >> reporter: playing a role in the decision, trump's children, don junior, and ivanka and eric named to the transition team. the potential conflict of interest is drawing criticism. >> we're not going to be involved in government. >> because there will be a wall between you and your siblings and your father. >> reporter: cabinet contenders include newt gingrich and reince prebis andy former mayor, rudy giuliani. >> that was mary bruce, you can get more at our website at
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more on the issues facing the president-elect as he prepares to take office. developing overseas, the taliban has taken responsibility for a deadly bombing at a base in afghanistan. 4 people were killed and 14 injury inside bagram airfare. the -- airfield. the attacker may have been disguised as a worker on the base. an ambulance stolen from a delaware county firehouse was found in bucks county. the woodland fire rescue was located in warminster. the vehicle was swiped from the woodland firehouse while a game of bingo was happening on the inside. not clear if police made an arrest or in the ambulance was damaged. one person is dead after a car collided head on with a septa bus this happened before midnight on hog island road in
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tinicum township, delaware county. the bus was on its way to pick up employees finishing up the shift at the ups facility. nobody on the bus was hurt. if you use septa there's a change you need to know about. the transportation authority is about to phase in new i.d. cards for riders 65 years and old. the tab and go system will row place showing an i.d. to cashier or operator. septa will continue to accept other i.d. forms during the phase-in period. photo identification cards will be mailed next week. 9:08. much more to come on "action news" saturday morning. new overnight, a new jersey state police cruiser crashes into a marsh. local boy scouts are back on the on street for the a missn that's helping those in need. >> reporter: chilly this morning, temperatures in the 30s and 40s and we had windchills in the 20s first
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thing this morning. we warm up tomorrow and there's wet weather in the forecast tuesday, details coming up right after this. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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all seems beautiful to me. i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo? fobo. fobo...
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fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now. up to 40% off, 24-months special financing, and free delivery. at hhgregg. it is 9:11, happening today, boy scouts hit the streets to take on hunger in the area. they will place bags on doorsteps in hopes that the community will make contributions. scouts will pick up the
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donations from homes next saturday. the effort is in collaboration with the 6abc dunkin' donuts holiday food drive. we want you to join us on wednesday for our annual holiday holiday food drive event. sarah bloomquist will host the live food bank. special guests will be on the phones taking donations. it will happen from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. more information at let's get you caught up on the forecast, chris sowers has been struggling with a soar throat. you've been doing a great job. >> reporter: thank you, gray it's nice to have the support. at least now i'm able to talk. will he go live looking at the ben franklin bridge, what a nice day, mostly sunny conditions from start to finish. it's chilly out there right now. numbers will rebound later on. double scan live is clear, now the next chance of rain isn't until monday night and tuesday
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morning, we have a good, 48, 62 hour stretch where conditions remain dry. 42 in philadelphia after bottoming out at 36. the dewpoint nice and low, 32. pressure is rising. winds are light out of the north at 12 miles per hour. take a look at the wind gusts from yesterday. poconos mountain -- mount holly, 40 miles per hour. reading, 35 miles per hour. this is a far cry from the gusty winds yesterday, 12 miles per hour out of the northwest in philadelphia. 9 in reading, 9 in millville. and ten in sea isle city. that's creating a windchill this morning so you will need to bundle up. first thing you'll need something with sleeves, heavier coat and gloves and scarf. 34 in reading, feels like 22 in the mountains. 33 in trenton. 42 in dover. feels like a blustery 36 degrees
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down there in cape may. satellite and radar clear as can be high pressure firmly in control. this is the jet stream right here, or the storm track. you can see how far north it is it is on the other side of the us/canadian border. as long as it stays up there, it will be nice and quiet down here for the next two to three days. rain chance we don't have anyway, slight channels on monday after the -- chance on monday after the evening commute. a small little coastal system that will bring rain must not night into tuesday morning. today, chilly, sunny, 51 degrees the forecasted high. winds are light out of the west/northwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour. there might be neighborhoods out there that might not see a single cloud in the sky. 1:00 p.m., 48. 3:00 p.m., 50.
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5:00 p.m., 47. it's a cold one yoanlt -- overnight tonight. 28 degrees outlying suburbs, 36 for center city. clear skies, light breeze, wind out of the west/southwest at 5 to 10. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, quiet weekend overall, chilly tomorrow, chilly today, somewhat milder tomorrow. 51 today, 59 tomorrow. there's the run threat monday into tuesday, 58 tuesday's high, wednesday, thursday, friday, all look good, temperatures near 06. a combination of sun and clouds, very seasonable and very quiet just the way we like it. >> calm and cool. 9:15, a popular winter attraction is open and ready fow to go out and enjoy. the rothman ice rink at dilworth plaza in center city welcomed the first skaters of the season. the rink is open from now until
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february 26th.
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>> so glad you stayed with us, the white house has not said whether they will give the greenlight for the north dakota access pipeline. the pipeline is complete except for under the missouri river in north dakota. protesters vandalized equipment in an effort to stop work. technically speaking using your phone or watching tv just before bed can add to anxiety and stress. experts say shut them off an hour before bed in order to get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. to help stress, starting at
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breakfast, begin the day with foods high in protein. don't try to keep a to-do list in your head because doing that can add anxiety. keep a notebook handy. in sports, the phillies make a trade and the sixers get their first win of the season. here's jamie apody. >> reporter: i got a little over anxious and forget the sixers were the sixers in the 4th quarter, i said they were going to win and then they blew a lead, but then ended up winning. embiid26 minute, 25 points. he went over his minute restriction, he led the sixers 25 points in 26 minutes for
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embiid a career high. it is the first win. wayne simmons with the break away goal gave the flyers 3-2 lead. the leafs would come back to score four straight goals on mason. flyers lose 6-3. who is the highest paid position player for the phillies. kyle kendrick, he played less with with chase utley in town. he will earn $10 million next year, the last on his contract. battle of the birds, eagles and falcons, eagles have lost four of their last five, you can call it the dog days of november, and connor barwin bout
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bout -- brought miles his 7 week old golden doodle to practice. >> everybody loves dogs, i thought bringing him in today would lighten the mood a little bit. >> friday night football, penn hosting harvard, the quakers scored two touchdowns in the final 15 second of the game. fumble return to end it. quaker won 27-14. giving harvard their first ivy league loss, they are in a position to earn a share of ivy league title. nova with a seasonal opener. josh hart, chris jeng -- jenkins, nova win 88-48. temple blew a ten point lead with under the law 6 to go, forced overtime -- with under 6
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to go. al junior holds on to win it, 97-9 the. that's sports, have a great saturday. this is sold -- goldy one of our dogs saved all for paws. we'll tell you about goldy and her all friend later on "action news."
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z25nlz z5yz
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y25nly y5yy >> good morning, so glad you stayed with us, 9:24 time, saturday, 42 degrees, sky6 live hd over the philadelphia international airport. the high today, 51 degrees, not
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bad at all. a girl gets her wish when a family adopts a dog for the very first time. nydia han has the story. >> reporter: alex has wanted a dog for as long as she can remember. >> i started putting up shelter pups on the little white board we had. >> reporter: her mom caved when she met winniee6 years later, the family wouldn't be the same without her. >> she knows her place, she is a member of the family. >> reporter: the family adopted her from all for paws a foster base rescue. we rescue animals from high kill shelters they move into foster homes. >> reporter: since the inception they have found homes for 7,000 dogs. >> there's nothing like seeing the animals become the center of
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the family. >> reporter: five-year-old spok doesn't need the enterprise, just a loving home. >> typical lab loves everybody, house broken and crate trained and love a family. >> big teddy bear, loves cats, kids, he is a love bug. >> reporter: badger is a great pyrenes, and prefers a home with a fenced in yard. >> this is goldy, a 2-year-old boxer shepherd mix, rescued from a high kill shelter. she loves kids cats and other dogs and make the perfect family pet. if you're interested visit the all for paws website. if you would like us to share your shelter success stories post a picture to the "fyi philly" facebook page using the #6abc shelter me tell us where you adopted your pet and how much they mean to you.
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we'll feature your stories on the up coming "shelter me rescue of the week" segments. nydia han channel 6 "action news." >> members of the u.s. air force joint base mcguire addiction lakehurst spent their veterans day in service, they helped to feed those less fortunate. it is estimated that 1/5th of homeless people in philadelphia have served in the armed forces. we'll be right back with the top stories. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it...
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"action news" saturday at 9:00. fbi said a college student several states away played a role in racist messages sent to black students at the university of pennsylvania. millions of smoke alarms are being recalled. we have the details. and saluting our veterans, a camden county community thanks them for their service. outside we go to meteorologist chris sowers and a check of the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. it was cold this morning, chris. it's cold right now. speaking of temperatures, take a look at where we started out this morning, it was the coldest morning. season. millville of all places bottoming out at 24. pilots, 26 degrees this morning. the poconos 28. mount holly 28. wilmington, 29 degrees. now we're starting to climb a
9:30 am
little bit. this will be the coldest day of the fall season so far. 38 degrees in quakertown. pilots, 40 in warrington. 39 in saint david. 41 in chester. center city checking in at 42 which is one of the warmer locations out here this morning. agenda beach, 44. smyrna, 42. woodbine 42 and the villas, 43 degrees, there's not much to talk about across the entire mid atlantic and the northeast because high pressure will dominate the weather pattern this weekend. this will be similar to what we saw last weekend. a lot of sunshine today and tomorrow. that's the call from accuweather be blustery, sunny, 51 degrees that's the forecasted high. you can see how the numbers play out here, 1:00 p.m., 48 and then by 3:00 p.m., are 50 degrees, as we look ahead looks like a beautiful weekend overall, it
9:31 am
turns much milder tomorrow, 7 or 8 degrees below average today. all of a sudden we get back into upper 50s and 60s. we're tracking rain monday night into tuesday, much-needed rain in the form of a coastal storm that will run up the eernd eeeastern seaboard. i'll have that when i come back in just a few minutes. >> the investigation into racist remarks targeting black students at the university of pennsylvania is moving forward. fbi has tracked a student at the university of oklahoma. the student has suspended and the bureau and police will find out if others are involved. a number of freshman were involuntarily added to a group massaging thread that had nooses
9:32 am
and violent images. a number of students who were targeted talked about the offensive post that threatened their security. >> calendar event saying lynch day, they are going to find any black person they can lynch. >> the university said they have increased campus safety anne released a message this morning saying in part our overriding concern is the safety and well-being of our students and we'll continue to do everything to support them so they can recover from the horrible incident. protesters once again hit the streets across a divided america for the third night in a row. marchs and rallies were seen held in iowa city. atlanta at that and new york and center city. "action news" reporter, dann cuellar has more on the protests that happened near city hall. >> reporter: about 250 protesters took to the windy,
9:33 am
cold streets of center city philadelphia denouncing the election of president-elect donald trump. >> after tuesday it felt like i was living an absurd joke, except it was a joke on all of us. >> it's nonsense, it's unreal. i don't know what we can do. not much. >> i know a bunch of people who voted strongly for trump. because i wasn't able to vote i'm going to stand up for my rights. >> reporter: corey taylor is gender nearly anne does not identify as he or she. >> many of the people i love around me i don't want to stand for it. >> love is love, is love is love. i can't live in a world where love is not accepted while hate is accepted in our county apparently than love.
9:34 am
>> reporter: the group ultimately marched to independence mall the place that gave birth to the nation the place where free speech was born to add their anti-trump message. >> anybody who isn't a white man is under the bus. he threw us under the bus, he is not fit to be president. >> reporter: various groups including the equality coalition are planning to stage a major rally in washington on inauguration day january 20th. in center city, dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> from our new jersey newsroom a week after being convicted in the bridgegate scandal two form former aids of chris christie filed a motion for a new trial. a jury convicted brigette kelly and bill baroni blocking all lanes to the girard point georgn bridge to punish a political opponent. the platt bridge is back open after a number of fender
9:35 am
benders shut down the westbound lanes, you can see the gridlock it caused at 5:30. eastbound lanes were getting by, but if you're heading the other way, well, you were stuck in that there were no injuries reported. new, three people were hurt after the crash, we learned one is a new jersey state trooper. his cruiser collided with a car along route 70 in evesham burlington county around 9:30. the car ended up in the marsh and he broke his leg and had to be rescued from the cruiser. two people in the other car were sent to the hospital. route 70 was closed in both directions for hours, it is now back open. a woman was hit and killed as she tried to cross a street in west kensington. chopper 6 hd above the scene the 100 block of east lehigh avenue. the 23-year-old woman had to be rushed to nearby owe --
9:36 am
episcopal hospital. the driver is cooperating with the investigation. we have video that depicts the struggle between a police officer and suspect. the encounter ended with the suspect being shot after he tried to take off with the officer in tow as you saw there. nora muchanic has the details. >> i just thought cop shot the guy just auto of anger. >> reporter: when when she saw the dash cam video of the october 29 shooting in front of her house, she changed her mind. she is what it looked like on alabama road in camden when edmund brown took off during a traffic stop crash into a car across the street. the haddon township police officer gets him to get out of the car, instead of following directions he runs offs the officer chases him the weapon
9:37 am
discharges. it is officer struggles to get control of brown who was wrestled to the ground. it was after that that brown was shot. >> the cop pulled the guy over and he kept going. common sense is to stop, do what he says to do. >> reporter: the crash left the neighbor's car a mangled mess. when she saw the video she had harsh words for edmund brown. >> usual have stopped and everything could have presented, now we don't have a car because he decided he wants to do some dumb stuff. >> reporter: always -- as is procedure, the officer involved was placed on administrative lead while prosecutor's office investigates for excessive force. brown is facing a weapons charge and is in jail for $100,000
9:38 am
bail. >> the could be can't lie, nobody can lie, you got the stuff on video. >> reporter: in camden, nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." >> police say they were forced to shoot an armed man inside a pittsburgh area hospital after he stabbed several people. it's not clear how 38-year-old justin johnson gained entry in the security metal health facility. he pulled out a gun and large knife and said the facility ruined his life. >> my first instincts was to hide, i hid under a desk. from that point on he assaulted my co-workers in the office. he stabbed a couple of people. >> reporter: a somewhat team barged into the facility after received text messages that there were injured folks inside. he was shot, he was taken to the
9:39 am
hospital along with four stabbing victims. more than 3 million faulty smoke detecters are being recalled and you can have one inside your home. the recall covers the nighthawk talking combination smoke and carbon monoxide detecters. it's supposed to beep every 30 seconds when it expires, but if you replace the batteries it will not give you the cautionary beep even if the product is expired. that could mislead homeowners into thinking the detecter is working when it is not. the company is offering consumers free replacements. veterans day festivities continue in parts of the area. the township of willingboro, burlington county will host their first-ever parade to honor veterans. it begins at 10:00 a.m. at the kennedy center on john f.kennedy way. a south jersey town is saluting veterans, "action news"
9:40 am
jersey correspondent, nora muchanic has more. >> reporter: 6 veterans were awarded medals at a special ceremony honoring the sacrifices they made decades ago. >> it's nice to have it after all these years. >> they awarded the medals. >> reporter: helping to prevent the medals with a melinda cane who is son was killed in afghanistan in 2010. >> it is our duty and honor and privilege in this nation to give back to the men. >> reporter: some of the medal recipients were teenagers when they served. 60, 70 years later, they remember their service, sometime with heartbreak and always with pride. >> it gets me very emotional when i think about it or talk about it. that's what's significant. >> young men we left there.
9:41 am
[taps playing]. >> the only ones left were wounded. >> reporter: arthur was in the second wave of soldiers hitting omaha beach on d-day 1944. >> they are giving up part of their life then i think they should be honored. >> reporter: in cherry hill, i'm nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." >> president obama put politics a side and used the radio address to thank the veterans who served our country. this morning the president called our military the single most diverse institution in our county. he made his remarks on the heels of his last trip over seas. he leaves monday to spend 6 days in greece, germany and peru. he will talk about president-elect donald trump and talk about trade and foreign policy. next on "action news" at
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9:00 a.m., the philadelphia museum of art is offering a ten thousand dollar scholarship and it is inspired by essay connecting ghandi and hitler. we'll tell you how you can get involved. a pickup truck backs into a subway store. we'll have more when "action news" comes right back. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road.
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healthy, free, the world before me, mahatma gandhi.
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>> so glad you stayed with us as you plan your day we would to get you caught up on the accuweather forecast. hi chris. >> reporter: how are you? we'll get you outside and show you it's chilly out there, it's blustery with wind out west/northwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour. not as windy as yesterday, but temperatures are colder than this time yesterday, it's almost like pick your poison here. clear skies, nothing going on this morning, we'll keep it that way tomorrow, as well. this has been a seasonable week around the delaware and lehigh valleys. below average monday, way above average, tuesday. below wednesday, below tuesday, yesterday we were back back and forth average 64. up and down and all over the blast over the last 5 to 7 days. 47 degrees, dewpoint, 22. pressure rising. winds sustained or constant out of the north at 12 miles per hour. again with that wind speed
9:46 am
coupled with temperatures in the upper 30s, it's currently giving us windchills close to freezing. pilots, 38. center city, 39. villas, 43. smyrna, 44. dover, 42 degrees. sky6 live hd high pressure in control it's not a canadian high it's a northern pacific northwest high. there is cooler air associated with it, but it's not cold. you will see that tomorrow, all of a sudden tempts will shoot into the upper 50s close to 60. remember the winds blow clockwise around a high pressure system, but it's too our west the air will be milder. the winds shift out of the south southwest that starts the warming process. today is chilly and tomorrow is nicer. it's a nice quiet weather pattern we're in. 51 degrees the forecasted high. the normal 58. we're about 7 degrees below
9:47 am
average. with the winds it will feel like the 40. millville, 51. cape may, 52. toms river, 50 degrees, overnight tonight, it's chilly again, temperatures are going to be similar to what we saw first thing this morning. 20s to the northwest, 36 in philadelphia tonight. 31 in millville. 39 in cape may. underneath a clear sky, dover 35. of course the all important eagles game tomorrow taking on the number one rate the offense in the league, the falcons, seasonable winds, west breeze, nothing to impact the game. 58 kickoff in the 4th quarter, 59 degrees. a nice quiet weekend overall, chilly today be milder tomorrow, 51, 59. monday we are watching a coastal storm coming up the eastern seaboard increasing clouds, monday night into tuesday morning we'll see a period of rain before clearing by
9:48 am
afternoon. the rest of the seven-day forecast looks nice, temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s combination of sun and clouds, nice and quiet out there. >> i won't complain. 9:48 the time. temple football play book returns next saturday at 9:45. the owls are off this week we'll hear from coach matt rhule and the team next saturday during "action news" at 9:00 a.m. happening today, a powerful new exhibit opens at the philadelphia museum of art it is one that hopes to inspire essay worthy of 100,000-dollar prize. the action cam was given a look at the covering letter an emersion experience sent in a letter written by mahatma gandhi, he makes a plea to hitler.
9:49 am
ajay raju inspires teenagers to create essay contest. >> consider people to have empathy to understand a new conversation we would like to start especially post election the most divisive election in modern times if not history. >> reporter: you can find more information at the prize for the winner is a ten thousand dollar scholarship. the covering letter will be on display through march 5th. 6abc a proud media partner of the exhibit and the essay contest. here's a look at what's happening in and around the area this weekend, the philadelphia museum of art contemporary craft show is taking place all weekend at the pennsylvania convention center. check it out today from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and tomorrow 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in wilmington it's the what he
9:50 am
will of the sale, the largest garage sale in the state of delaware, check it out sun set boulevard, off route 13 today, it happens from now until 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. we're back after this.
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9:52 am
>> oh, my goodness, thieves used a stolen pick up truck to back into a subway shop in chicago. the neighboring business owner said they knew what they were doing. philadelphia business hall of fame honored members of its community who give their time to mentor young people. the junior achievement of southeastern pennsylvania took place at the weston in center city. they heard firsthand accounts of
9:53 am
mentoring can accomplish. and they heard from brian taff and sharrie williams who emceed the event. "fyi philly" is coming up tonight on "fyi philly." here's karen rogers and melissa magee. >> bouncing around town. get in step with a dance workout that will make you sweat. >> you can drink wine in this whole foods. >> reporter: take a tour of the brand new super store. >> reporter: makers paradise everything gets a made in philly stamp. that's tonight at 7:30 we hope you join us. >> all right, folks, so glad
9:54 am
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9:56 am
you stayed with us, 9:55 the time. sky6 live hd giving us a beautiful glimpse there. a chilly start to the morning, but nice weekend. chris sowers has more. snow. >> reporter: no snow, smarveght smarveght -- as a matter of fact we're warming things up tomorrow. 1:00 a.m., 48, high is 51 today. 59 tomorrow, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, suddenly shows 06 monday, monday night into tuesday, a coastal storm brings a round of rain. from that point on, the rest of the seven day looks really, really nice as we move into wednesday, thursday, friday, highs close to 60 degrees, look for a combination of sun and clouds. that's not bad. >> thank you so much. like to remind you, jack hanna's
9:57 am
"wild countdown" is next on channel 6. "action news" continues later tonight. we'll be back tomorrow morning at 6:00. here's some of the stories we're working on for you, the eagles face the falcons at home, a big game we'll be there as they try to turn things around. a tony-award winning musical is coming to broadway philadelphia. we'll have a preview of an american in paris. for chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm gray hall, make it a great day. a
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