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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  November 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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new york and new jersey. sara bloomquist is live now in philadelphia. lost education, lost time and lost money a lot to consider here. >> jim, this was totally unexpect the and life changing and not in a good way. 225 faculty members lost their jobs, more than 1,000 students will be starting back at square one after months of job training and tuition paid. they got the news in a text message this morning letting them know their school was ceasing operations for good. >> i was devastated. >> devastated to get that text message telling them that star career academy is closing all of its campuses in new york, philadelphia and new jersey. not knowing what to do many students drove to the buildings where they attended classes hoping for injuries. >> security insized the building they will not let us in at all. and they said that all the instructions were this morning. >> they lose their benefits
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november 30th and all staffs and students got no refuns no nothing. >> most were training to become medical assist ans and some were just days away from completing their programs and thousands in government loans and no job training and no future job waiting to help them pay them back. >> $17,000 with the $1,000 i paid out of my own pocket. >> $18,000 with no way to get it back. for nothing now. >> on a sign posted on the door and website star academy explained after 37 years they would be closing because of the negative financial impact of stude students and students say they were trying to prepare for their futures and now they have no idea what the future holds for them. >> i have four kids to take care of. and i have nothing to show for
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it. whatsoever. >> can't even cross the finish line, no graduation, that was what i looked forward to, the graduation. >> according to published reports in 2014 star academy lost a class action lawsuit for defrauding students and the court awarded that they pay out $9 million in claims and court costs. >> thank you sara. one child was ejected from a car in a crash on i-295 in gloucester county it happened in the northbound lanes in logan township. police have not released the condition or age of the child. all lanes on 295 have since reopened. the whole issue of undocumented immigrants and deportation is the central issue during the campaign. now a face to the topic in
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center city philadelphia at the sanctuary church. vernon odom is outside of the art street united methodist church. >> 49-year-old javier flores remains inside of the church tonight where they are enthusiastically providing him with sanctuary as he deals with federal agents that want to send him back to mexico. javier flores a father of three held back tears as he explained hi situation and while he'll continue to accept sanctuariy inside of arts methodist church. he came here sunday because he was due to be deported the next day. >> grateful for the community's support. flores is an undocumented immigrant deported before and returned endured 14 months in jail and believed that ice agents are coming to get him again waiting for his ice
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application to be processed again. >> will stay here regardless of the times he gets deported he will come back for his family. >> some say that javier is an undocumented immigrant -- >> a host of the activists have protecting the native that came here in 1997 and started a family. >> javier is a courageously dedicated parent willing to risk everything to keep his family together. >> ice intends to adhere to guide an to apprehend individuals at locations such as schools and places of worships except in emergency situations. flores in fact helped bensalem police convict two thugs that knifed him during a robbery and therefore qualifies to remain in america. >> visa is granted to anyone
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that is a victim of a crime in the united states. javier was victim of a crime two years ago he was stabbed and left for dead two years ago. >> the two men convicted of those two men were deported back to mexico. live in center city, i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. well, the head of the philadelphia archdiocese charles chaput will be on the outs sunday when pope francis announces 17 new cardinals across the world. three will be from the u.s. from chicago, dallas and newark, new jersey. this is pope francis's third time picking cardinals and chaput will be the only archbishop of philadelphia not to wear a red cap sin henderson.
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and a new proposal being considered by the school reform commission if the calendars are adopted next year it will begin september 5th and finish june 14th, the 2018-2019 would begin before labor day on august 27th and end on june 4th everyone the amended calendars are being voted on in december. big changes coming to beer sales in pennsylvania, today governor tom wolf signed legislation allowing the states 1,000 beer distributors to sell beer in any quantity. that includes 32 ounce bottles, four packs and six-packs and growlers, and allows bars to sell alcohol 9:00 a.m. on sundays, and allowing sporting venues to sell mix drinks, the law takes affect in six days. a water main ruptures and poured
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6 million gallons of water at a shopper center in philadelphia. john rawlins returned to the scene today. >> reporter: construction workers today repairing the area where large underground water mains failed allowing millions of gallons of water to flood the baker shopping complex. people had to be evacuated and misdemeanor was sub merged. >> this place is cursed i'll tell you right now. >> part of the job getting rid of damaged goods. >> some bottles were salvageable and those not will be destroyed. >> the labels were peeling. >> the broken mains have cost them millions in repairs and claims, they run 20 to 25 feet beneath the center. despite testing the department says there is no clear common
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cause behind the breaks. >> the reports and examinations never come back conclusively what took place. there is no smoking gun. >> the department decidedself months ago to design a replacement for the troubled mains. >> we'll replace all four 48 inch mains will be replaced in the shopping center to hopefully stop this from ever having this happen again. the hope is to have the actual replacement work underway in 2017. in east falls, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> four star general and former secretary of state colon powell was on temple university campus this afternoon. he helped to open the student accepter as part of the usa leadership forum. helping veterans obtain the american dream of home
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ownership. >> and a hist or group in philadelphia is raising money to repair ben franklin's gravestone. it's damaged from the ritual of visitors tossing pennies on it in honor of franklin's phrase a penny saved is a penny earned. they are seeking funds through a go fun me page. they hope to have the gravestone fixed in time for the anniversary of ben franklin's death in april. coming up eagles quarterback carson wentz talks about getting ready to take on the tough seattle seahawks. >> and some of us saw rain and the low is lifting up into new england, we are entering a warm stretch for december standards. >> those stories and much more when "action news" continues tonight.
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philadelphia will celebrate the accomplishments of three extra hi artists tonight at the kimal center. it's the anderson awards gala, paying tribute to patty bell, leon gamble and leon huff. >> we are a couple of hour as way from what is expected to be a star stud night. the recipientses of the marion anderson award. the patti labelle, and the duo of gamble and huff.
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>> the award gala will celebrate. patti labelle is expected to receive the award named after a civil rights activist and philadelphia native. former recipients are bon jovi and oprah winfrey. >> it's a legendry event in itself and to be able to pay homage to the greats in this entertainment industry those that paved the way, what better opportunity. you couldn't ask for more. >> the gala is held every year since 1989 and although the same spectacular night can be expected but tonight the award will go to several recipients and kenny gamble and leon huff will also be honored tonight an event that promised not to disappoint. >> i am expected to have a great
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time. expecting to share a whole lot of love in this room. i anticipate that everyone that is coming tonight is here to support, here to show their love and here to say we appreciate you. i'm expecting all of that. >> reporter: and this event is hosted by our very own monica malpass of course it will be a fun night. set to get underway at 7:00. there are ticketed available if you would like to attend. janet reyess channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. with the upcoming holiday season, we here at 6 abc are lending a hand to help feed our neighbors in need. so please join us tomorrow. for our annual holiday food drive event. sara bloomquist will host a live food bank from 4:00 until 6:30 p.m. volunteers and special guests will be on the phones taking your donations and information on how to connect, share and
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eagles getting ready to make their only visit to the west coast this season this coming weekend. >> a long way to go to face a very good football team. the hits keep on coming for the eagles. after facing and conquering the mighty falcons the birds head to seattle. they are unbeaten at home this season and the eagles struggled away from home. one win in five tries. they are tied for second in terms of sacks. carson wentz was on brett favre's radio show. >> as a rookie no team is easy but how do you feel about facing seattle? >> yes, you know we know it's a tough match-up. seeing them on film, everyone knows seahawks have a great defense and we have our work cut
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off for us but we are excited for the challenge. we got the monkey off our back we are 5-4 and will build on that. we know it's a fun atmosphere and a loud place, i think we are excited for this match-up. >> all right to the ice. the flyers and senators skate tonight at the wells fargo center and steve mason is in net. the flyers snapped a three game skid over the weekend. they currently sit at 7-7-2, that is a bit below 500. >> keep going every day and every day you come to work. and get over the .500 mark, it's important for us now. we have three games at home and make sure we pick up points. on saturday's you see bodies flying around the football field. it's what it took to get there and the softer side of the
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gladiators. jaime apody tells the story of one football player. >> you think of temple football you think of toughness and nobody is tougher than nick sharda. >> a stud in the blocking game so far tonight. >> a beast. i was running today and i heard the impact on a hit during practice and i was like man that is crazy. >> he is the lead blocker and takes him out. big blocksharga. >> he is the team's full back the key to the biggest weapon this season, the running game. >> i take pride in it, the whole offense type of deal. we make big plays and we know we have tal ened running backs and a big play may pop open. >> it may not come from football but maybe from his big family. the big family is an understatement. how big? >> two brothers eight sisters.
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>> can you name all the siblings. >> andrea rose, andrea ruth claire and christine, and myself, nicole and jude emery and katherine. >> football and family just a piece of the sharga puzzle. >> just playing the guitar a bit. >> was coming in the weight room to do an extra stretch and he was in there playing his guitar. i was like what are you doing bro? >> a renaissance man as temple looks for a conference championship. >> counting his parents, 13 people in the house, jaime tells us two bathrooms so needed to be tough and have a tough bladder. >> coming up on "action news" the accuweather forecast. adam joseph in just a moment.
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november you are not talking long, but within the context of november it's 1ish. as we go into stormtracker 6 live double scan we had morning rain in new jersey and northern parts of pennsylvania and northern new jersey, but that pushed on pretty quickly and the sunshine returned faster this morning from the southwest to the northeast and we are not tracking anything on radar at the present time. in the highlights here this evening, we'll talk about the tale of two different stories or seasons. first up, is well above normal temperatures wednesday through saturday. so 60s for the next four days. that 63 for tomorrow, 7 degrees
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above normal and 62 on thursday and sunshine and spike into the upper 60s and saturday looking at close to 14 degrees above normal to begin the weekend and then flip the page to more winter like air for the second half of the weekend. sunday afternoon windchills near freezing at the peak of the day. 20s in pittsburgh and buffalo. the energy slams through the region to completely flip how it feels from the beginning of the weekend to the second half. right now 49 in trenton, 50 in allentown and 56 in wilmington and 49 in dover under a mainly clear sky. low pressure is winding up and pushing to the north. we saw a .25 inch for the area especially east and south of philadelphia and north of the city. new york city picked up 12 inches of rain and new england seeing coastal flooding but we
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dried out quickly on the west southwestern side of that cold aft system. for tonight partly cloudy and seasonable. we'll throw it back into the mid-30s for most of the suburbs, 41 for philadelphia and dover and at the shore. and the day planner for wednesday in philadelphia. lots of sunshine to begin the day and high cloud in the afternoon as the weak front comes through and temperatures rise from the 40s to 50s to 60s as we go into the afternoon. high pressure is building to the south than expands up the eastern coast here for the rest of the week and the beginning of the weekend sending the jet stream off to the north and that is why we are so warm and the high breaks down as low pressure comes in and the temperatures crash into the 40s for highs that is it here for sunday into monday and not only will it be cold but the winds are going to be extremely powerful here the second half of the weekend. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast it is flawless here for the next four
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days, with temperatures again in the 60s, so it stays beautiful and delightful here for the start of the weekend. in fact again, 69 on saturday, the second half of the weekend the winds could whip between 45 to 50 miles per hour on sunday, and low pressure is going to try to develop along this front that could bring a round of rain on sunday and even mixing at times with the wet snow if that was to happen, at 49 windchills again in the 30s, brisk and cold on monday and 48 and still with strong winds and calms down and relaxes on tuesday at 50 degrees, so quite a change on the way but you have several days to enjoy before in a happens. >> thank you. a friendly competition taught students how to recycle in cherry i'll, sixth graders at henry beck middle school were split into the teams for the trash dash challenge. there was trash and compost and recycling, the lesson was in
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honor of mercury cycles day. and world news is next on channel 6. and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams, and ducis rogers and we love to you join us for a special "action news" investigation at sec here on channel 6. scams by cyber criminals are getting more elaborate and sophisticated. a local man thought he was applying for a job and wound up losing thousands of thrasher and we expose this cma to show you how to avoid being duped. for the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner, we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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tonight, breaking news. the shakeup inside trump tower. president-elect donald trump's team, one of his top advisers on national security abruptly resigns. reports now that that staffer is also now out. also breaking, the airport halted at this hour, passengers stuck on planes after a deadly shooting. at one point, passengers told to shelter in place. the new isis threat tonight involving the thanksgiving parade here in new york city. brian ross standing by. the high school stabbing spree. multiple victims. authorities say the suspect was a straight-a student. and the stunning letter tonight from the mother of the boy who died in that hot car, her ex-husband guilty on all counts. what she reveals.


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