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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 16, 2016 1:35am-2:10am EST

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chopper 6 is live over a shopping center in the 900 block of veterans highway in levittown. witnesses say they heard a burst of gunfire from inside a pizza shop less than an hour ago. you can see a large police presence at the scene. crime scene tape across the area. authorities are releasing no information about what happened here. but we will stay on the scene. and if we get more details during this broadcast we will let you know. s it not unusual so see gunfire on tv, real or dramatized. but it is unusual for a bullet to come through the tv. that's what happened in the 2600 block of north stanley in the strawberry mansion section of philadelphia. and tonight a man is in the hospital with a bullet wound. action news reporter dann cuellar is live at central
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detectives. what's the full story? >> reporter: well, jim, police say it was the most unexpected thing for the 69-year-old man. sitting in the home, watching television when the bullet flies out of the screen, striking him. a bullet fired by someone outside. this is the tv set that the victim, harry haskin was watching. a large bullet hole in the center of the screen. it was after 4:30 and he was doing his usual routine. >> visiting friends in the house like he normally does. he even has his seat that he normally sits in the living room. >> reporter: the homeowner was upstairs shaving, and it was good because he would have been sitting alongside his friend, harry, when the most unexpected thing happened. someone outside fired six shots through the front of the row home. >> one passed through the center of the television that the 69-year-old male was sitting and watching when he got shot. >> reporter: he was taken by
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paramedics to temple university hospital and being treated to a bullet wound to the shoulder. >> a 69-year-old innocent victim. normally people don't shoot at 69-year-old men sitting watching tv at a friend's house. innocent victim, wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: police believe a younger man who lives in the home was the intended target but he was not at the home at the time. right now police have been interviewing potential witnesses to develop information on the gunman. live here at central detectives. dann cuellar, channel 6 action news. >> dan, thank you. an 80-year-old woman was killed in a house fire tonight in the brewery town section of philadelphia. the blaze broke out on north hollywood street at 7:20. it took only 15 minutes to get under control. but fire fighters then found the victim dead on the living room floor. officials have yet to determine the cause of the blaze. officials at rowan
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university say another female student has been sexual assaulted on campus. it is the second incident within a month. live on the new jersey campus is christie ileto. christie, what is the latest on this? >> reporter: well, jim, this alert was sent out to campus students earlier today. and like the october incident, apparently this happened inside this dorm that houses freshmen and soft mothers and left many students unsettled. >> it's a little scary. you know? i mean, i don't live in the dorms. but it's the second one we have gotten this year. >> reporter: allison murphy is talking about this campus alert sent to rowan university students reporting a second sexual assault on campus, this time over the weekend. they say a female student met a male student in the elevator, went to the room and fell asleep, but was woken while being sexual assaulted. >> you don't think this happens all the time. >> reporter: last month
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another student said she woke up in the same dorm while being sexual assaulted. she apparently walked back with a college-aged male from a party where she was drinking. >> i have been a victim of it. >> reporter: this freshman tells action news her encounter predates college. but today's alert is personal. >> it's very hard to get over. it happened a couple years ago for me and it still hits home, hearing about it. >> i do think there are probably a lot more that go unreported. >> reporter: do you feel there's a culture of silence here? >>less so here than other places. >> reporter: the university hasn't said in either incident is connected and have no suspect description. >> it's the sad reality that it happens. on campus it's best to avoid and help people to the go through it. but, you know, can't control everybody's actions. >> reporter: now, many students that we spoke with say they do feel safe here on campus
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and are hoping that both incidents are isolated. meanwhile, anyone with information about either case is asked to contact campus police. reporting live throughout rowan university, christie ileto. >> thank you. a post secondary school career training center called star career academy has shut down without warning. closure affects all of the school's locations across pennsylvania, new jersey, and new york. in a letter posted on the door of the school's northeast philadelphia location the school said a declining student population caused a negative financial impact leading to the sudden closure. more than a thousand students are now on the hook for loans. >> $18,000 with no way to get it back. and all this time into getting an education for with a? for nothing now. >> reporter: on a sign -- >> reports say star career academy lost a class action lawsuit for defrauding students in 2015. amounting to a $9 million
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settlement. the philadelphia school year could start earlier under a plan proposed tonight. next year's school year would begin september 5th and finish june 14th should the plan be adopted. then in 2018, begin before labor day on august 27th and end on june 4th, 2019. the school reform commission is scheduled to take a vote on the plan in december. this was a star-studded night at the kimmel center in philadelphia. they handed out the marion anderson awards to three philadelphia legends. action news reporter jeanette reyes is live on the avenue of the arts. jeanette. >> reporter: well, this event wraps up just a few minutes ago. quite a spectacular night. you had the honorees, patti louisiana bell, and gamble and huff. received their award after amazing performances from local philadelphia artists. the 2016 marion anderson award gala was a star-studded event
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for some of philadelphia's best talent. the night filled with great music from r&b bands like the soul survivors and the three degrees. all performed in honor of ground breaking musical icons. and this year's honorees, path ie labelle. >> thank youing to everyone involved with this special evening. it's like my dreams came true. >> reporter: and legendary duo, the founder of philadelphia international records. >> i'm a piano player that migrated to philadelphia from camden. and i came to philadelphia rocking. >> reporter: action news was a proud broadcasting partner of the event emceed by our own monica malpass. >> this is a tribute to three philadelphia legends. artists who have helped to shape american popular music as we know it right here in philadelphia and around the
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world. >> reporter: general manager bernie was also in attendance. the award named in honor of marion anderson is presented to critically acclaimed artists who have made a mark in their respective industries. previous honorees include jon bon jovi and oprah. >> a tremendous example of the talent pool we had in philadelphia during the years they were coming up. >> reporter: and the great thing about this seventh part of the proceeds benefit some local artists. not just a night of fun, there is a lot of good that comes out of it as well. reporting live in center city, jeanette reyes. >> thank you, jeanette. a special holiday delivery in center city, philadelphia. action news was there as this year's christmas tree made its way to city hall on a flat bed. >> the mayor was there to inspect it before the workers loaded it on to its base. the tree lighting is set for
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saturday, november 26th. you may have heard about the campaign to save ben franklin's grave marker. tonight the go fund me surpassed the goal thanks to a $5,000 donation from jon bon jovi and family and another $5,000 from the philadelphia eagles. the stone is cracked and in need of repair. probably due to tourists throwing pennys on it. an old cuss tom. and it's due to moisture and the age of the marble itself. still to come on action news tonight, a break tonight in the search for the gunman who killed an airline employee at an american airport. plus turmoil reported inside trump tower with more shakeups of the transition team. >> well, unseasonal warmth building across much of the nation. including here. this will continue through the week, but big changes in the weekend. details in the accuweather forecast. investigative reporter joining us with a special
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report. >> yes, they are coming after us. cyber criminals are going to great lengths to get your money. a local man thought he was applying far job. instead he was being set up to be ripped off. show you what to watch out coming up. plus the flyers take it to a shootout against ottawa. ducis rodgers with highlights on the ice when action news continues tonight.
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oklahoma police say the suspect in the deadly shooting of a southwest airlines employee today has been found dead. the shooting happened this afternoon outside oklahoma city's will rogers airport. police found the suspect a few hours later in a pickup truck in an airport parking garage with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. nobody else was hurt.
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a 16-year-old high school student nor utah is under arrest tonight accused of stabbing five of his classmates this morning inside the boys locker room. investigators say the boys were getting ready for gym when the sophomore slashed five students before stabbing himself in the neck. the five victims are expected to survive. there are reports tonight that the trump transition process is being plagued by infighting on the transition team. in charge is vice president mike pence. seen her leaving trump tower after a long day today. but sources say there are agreements over top positions. and the chris christie purge continues. mike rogers was ousted as national security adviser on the transition team. reports say individuals associated with christie as else rogers are being dismissed. trump's son-in-law jared kushner
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who's father was prosecuted by then u.s. honor christie is leading the purge. marine ever reaching out to action news after being the victim of a month long scam that preyed on his career ambitions. chad is with us. this was no run of the mill con. >> reporter: you remember back in the day, the online scam was an email from a foreign prince asking for money. times are changing. a local man learned how elaborate the scams can be. and now out $10,000. brent carter thought he was getting his dream job. a project management position with pay expected near six figures. >> salary, 94,000. >> reporter: gb management consulting. it has a slick website. >> looks like a legitimate company. >> reporter: the ordeal began with an email in early september. >> they're telling me in the email that they saw my resume. they're very interested. >> reporter: he says a woman
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named claire sanders told him via email there would be an assessment period. he would be assigned a trainer and after a few weeks take part in a live project. >> my project in particular was to solicit vendors and obtain a bid or a proposal for 15 mackbooks. >> he obtained bids and a woman claiming to be a supervisor called him. ready to buy. total cost, $33,000. initially he was told to buy the computers and have them shipped to the house. but since he was not an employee, he needed to use his personal credit card. however, he would told he won't use his own money. he received what looked like a notarized document giving him access to a jp morgan corporate checking account to transfer money. >> they gave me a budget of $10,000. >> he said it posted to his card, but just before he
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purchased the computers his trainer said he should buy apple gift cards instead. that should have rang off alert bells. ments well, i understand that. and i agree. >> reporter: carter bought the gift cards online, emailed them with the pins to his prospective employer. his three week trial period was almost up. thought he had the job. instead he learned he had been scammed. his credit card statement showed the transferred money reversed, the gift cards, used. jp morgan told him the checking account was legitimate, but couldn't provide details since it wasn't his account. he filed a police report. investigators said the checking account was likely hacked. and little recourse since the crooks appeared to be overseas. >> oh, no, wait a minute. >> reporter: a professor at drexel university and an expert in cybersecurity. he did a quick search and learned the website -- >> it's hosted in the ukraine,
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right? which is a great location for these people. >> the criminal enterprises are getting more elaborate and sophisticated. > and they purposely keep the amounts below a threshold that would garner the attention of a u.s. attorney. >> the feeling was just heartbreaking. >> reporter: and carter's bank told him he was out of luck since he approved the charges. he's hoping this story may help. a quick check online shows many more people have also fallen victim to the scam. >> someone wants to involve your personal credit card, stay away. that's one red flag. >> absolutely. a big one. thank you, jeff. facebook and google taking steps to address the problem of fake news sites spreading misinformation. it's become a topic of discussion in the wake of the election. as critics question whether it swayed voters. the internet giants will now
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explicitly ban them on news sites to choke off their revenue or get them to publish facts. another new jersey democrat thrown his hat into the ring to succeed governor chris christie. assembly man john wizneski. he will face bill murphy in the democratic primary. if it wasn't for the trump taj mahal closing, things would be looking up. last month gambling revenue increased by 6% compared to october 2015. but the taj shut down cost nearly 3,000 workers their jobs. a community food bank of new jersey in egg harbor township received a generous donation tonight. action news was there as shop rite delivered 6300 gallons of milk. they collected donations throughout october. food bank says milk is one of the most requested but
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least-donated items. tonight, a big haul of milk. and we are asking you to join us tomorrow to connect, share, and give. it is our annual holiday food drive. sara bloomquist will host a live phone bank fundraiser from 4:00 to 6:30 p.m. volunteers and special guests will be staffing the phones taking your donations. we look forward to this event every year. she does a great job. and, of course, it's important to raise that money. >> that's right. and a lot of the members of the action news family on the phone. >> around 5:30, 6:00, call in. please. >> you have competitive too. >> bring a lot of money. good cause. >> let's get that accuweather forecast. >> great weather or not way. really the next four days. storm tracker six live double scan showing dry conditions out there. we started the day with a few showers early this morning. but they cleared out quickly. and what a gorgeous sunset. dustin posted this on my facebook page. the sunsetting at 4:45.
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and a great view over the river taking a look at the strawberry mansion bridge. and we just had a few high, thin clouds late in the day to provide really beautiful sunset. right now temperatures dropping quickly. 46 degrees in philadelphia down from the high of 63. allentown, 47. millvale, 37 and cape may, 54 degrees. satellite 6 with action radar showing the system that brought us light scattered showers early in the morning well up north over northern new england. and high pressure, bringing us loads of sunshine tomorrow. the day planner showing a cool start, 7:00, 44. but then temperatures warm quickly. 1:00, 60. should make it up to about 63 degrees. again, don't forget the sunglasses tomorrow. you will need them. plenty of sunshine. and really the rest of the week, high pressure across the southeast will expand. and that means good amount of
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sunshine. temperatures in the 60s. right through saturday. but then things change. on sunday temperatures will crash. afternoon highs only in the 40s. wind chills in the 30s. and that change could also come with some showers and perhaps even the first snow flakes in the higher elevations like the poconos on sunday. sunday is going to be a dramatic change. so the exclusive accuweather seven day forecast, tomorrow, loads of sunshine. mild again with a high of 63 degrees. thursday, wall to wall sun. not a cloud in the sky. 62. and friday, may want to break out the shorts. 68 degrees. plenty of sunshine. and then saturday, first half of the weekend. the philadelphia half marathon, the rothman 8k. warm. 69 degrees with increasing clouds. and then on sunday for the full marathon, philadelphia marathon, it is going to be very windy, cold. the afternoon high, only 49 degrees. and, again, perhaps some wet
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snow flakes in the far northwest, higher elevations. keep the cold air monday, 48. and tuesday, sunny and stays cool with a high 50. so four days in the 60s and a big change by sunday. >> thank you. the lehigh defamation league celebrated what it called americanism tonight during annual award ceremony in center city. it took place in the crystal tearoom. each year the award recognizes individuals for their commitment to equality and fair treatment for everyone. among those who enjoyed the event, action news' erin ohearn.
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flyers extra period drama, right. >> and it doesn't usually work out well for them over the years, at least. shootouts, they have not been kind to the flyers tonight against ottawa with they would have not been in the situation if the defense had not fallen apart late.
2:04 am
dave hextall. pretty good. and tied at one, michael delgado, but there to clean it up, 2-1 flyers. late third period, two minutes away from victory. kyle turret. and we eventual go to said shootout. fifth round, eric carlson end the game and ends the night. flyers lose 3-2. in their last game the eagles had to deal with the nfl's highest scoring offense. next opponent features one of the league's best defenses. sunday the birds visit seattle. the seahawks are second in the league in sacks. >> a very talented football team. a very physical defense. and we're just going to chip away. keep chopping, first quarter or fourth quarter. we got to have the same mentality every play. looking forward to the opportunity to going out to seattle. a long road trip. and finally getting a really
2:05 am
good road win. tony romo is back. well, somewhat. romo will suit up if the cowboys in their game sunday against baltimore. he will be the backup to rookie dak prescott who has won eight in a row. romo's back is healthy, his ego is a bit bruised, but he understands the business. >> he's earned the right to be our quarterback. as hard as that is for me to say, he's earned that right. he's guided our team to an 8-1 record. that's hard to do. >> still ahead, lasalle and delaware meet on the hardwood. plus today's temple practice is
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temple visits tulane this saturday. the owls won four straight before the momentum was stopped with a bye week. excuse them if they seem anxious to hit someone, even a teammate in practice. a spot in the championship game is very much aalive. can we say the same about coach matt rule's playing career? nice. >> mathematically, maybe you're not, but in our minds we're out. it's fun to think that way. it's fun that there's so much riding. and you learn to enjoy the pressure and learn to focus on yourself. >> college basketball, delaware visiting lasalle. ryan daley, 19 off the bench. and demetrius henry, 11 for
2:09 am
them. first win, 74-68. that's sports. >> thank you. finally tonight a delaware county organization got a big surprise donation from a big name in sports. we saw him. let's see him again. philadelphia eagles tight end zach ertz teamed up with dunkin' donutss to donate more than $1400 to the ramblers youth sports organization. more than 200 kids will benefit from the brand new gear. jimmy kimmel live next. followed by nightline. tonight, casey affleck, lori hernandez and music from garth brooks. we continue at 4:30 with meteorologist murphy. for devontre'a tyler -- ducis r,
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cecily tynan and the action news team, i'm jim gardner. good night. sponsored z254jz zi0z


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