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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  November 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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thursday night and septa workers are set to vote on a new contract agreement and thieves steal a purse from an 84-year-old woman. but the big story on "action news" is the arrest of the owner operator of a drone who according to police risked a catastrophe last night in center city. 20-year-old joseph roselli was released from central detectives today and he piloted the small drone from the roof of the evo apartment building with the drone scoping out the big anti-trump protest last night and police say that is not okay. john rawlins live outside of the high rise, what is the later story from there. >> reporter: jim, it's not just local authorities that say what occurred is not okay the feds are investigating. the faa has rules even for small drones, it should not fly at not and never above 400 feet and
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never near an aircraft. >> a tearful joseph roselli leaving with his parents after being arraigned for recklessly piloting a small drone from the rooftop of his apartment building where he lives near 30th and chestnut. his father says that joseph is a good bright kid fascinated with technology. >> no criminal intent. at the wrong place at the wrong time. had nothing to do with any protests or anything like that. just with his buddies seeing what was going on and i think that just snowballed. >> there was a street protest going on and above it a police helicopter. it's alleged that the tiny drone swooped under the copter and before that -- >> it came directly at the front of the helicopter the pilot was not sure if it hit the windshield of the helicopter before it veered off.
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chopper 6 hd followed it to the roof tom and the buck county native was later taken into custody and that the drone flew as high as 1500 feet and for a time was flying in restricted air space. >> it was restricted due to hahnemann hospital and drexel. and anyone that flew into philadelphia knows that is an approach for philadelphia international airport. >> could the little drone by a threat to a 3,000 pound helicopter. it could damage the rear rotor. >> if it struck the rotor we could have an aircraft out of control dropping into center city. >> roselli is out on bail tonight. he faces two christmas falcharge, reckless endangerment a misdemeanor and risking a
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catastrophe, a felony. we want to show you this week's robbery inside of the macy's at morristown mall. four bandits are arrested and police are trying to find out if the thieves are linked to the boyd smash and grab and the robbery at the macy's. gray hall is live in morris down tonight. what are the details here? >> reporter: the suspects had to fear of the security cameras and no record for the customers inside shopping at the time and strictly focused on the high end merchandise. >> the cameras don't lie the crooks were caught in the act. they targeted the macies in the morristown mall. they targeted the ralph lauren polo section and snatched as many coats as they could and stopped to pick up some after
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they fell on the floor. >> crazy we go there all the time. >> the suspects were tracked down in philadelphia. they were all arrested tuesday night. detectives say that the men were spotted casing the center city macy's store hours after that morristown robbery but after being spotted by the security they left in the suv that was determined to be stolen. they spotted the suv later and made the arrest. >> employees say that this is a frightening image and something in the back of their minds. >> it's frightening, for myself and this environment. >> reporter: detectives are trying to figure out if the morristown robberies are connected to similar robberies in philadelphia. at the boyd store in center city and macies in northeast philadelphia. >> one, they are bold and it's not right of course.
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people work hard for their jobs and work hard for this money. >> and back out live, the work continues tonight for the fbi and police to try to figure out if all the cases are connected. no word if the four suspects are cooperating. live in morristown new jersey, gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. an 84-year-old woman fell victim to aim crime of opportunity. philadelphia police say she was shopping at the giant supermarket at the 2500 block in the northeast when her purse was stolen. the enden on november 11th was captured on surveillance video, you see a man distract her as a woman comes in and swipes her purse and the suspect works away with the murs on her shoulder as if it's her own. an investigation continues into the fire that attacked the old ban croft mills. it was the scene of a big fire last year too and again last wednesday. authorities think that both blazes may have been the work of arsonists. lets get an update on the latest
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fire from "action news" reporter, vernon odom. >> more than a week after the inferno were put out embers up to 30 feet below ground are still smoldering. and the fire department continues to monitor the area that are too dangerous to reach and concerns continue for possible hazardous materials that may have spewed into the air after a civic meeting firsting folks from surrounding neighborhoods and fire officials everyone seems to feel reassured that the state department of natural resources were regularly monitoring the air quality in this part of town. >> feel that the neighborhood was calmed down after five people from den rack appeared and gave us an indication that they are checking the air quality. >> the area has been monitored
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by the state of delaware department of natural resources and they have not reported back to us of any danger in the area. >> but late tonight an official of the delaware official from the delaware natural resources told me they have not been out here for more than a week after the fire was put out. and will not be coming back. the hatfields that lived here for 50 years feel no ill effects so far. >> we call it the college because everyone had a piece of it. all the neighbors up in 40 acres and everybody worked there. and i was sad too when it burned down it was like losing a piece of our life. >> tonight the fire marshall believes that arson was the cause of this fire. and still lingering in the air bureaucratic questions on who is
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responsible for monitoring the air quality in the wake of it. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." septa union workers vote on their new contract agreement tomorrow. the tentative teal was struck on november 7th, ened a six day strike and got city subways and buses and trolleys moving again. willy brown, the union president, urged members to approve the deal. "action news" got a sneak peek inside of 1919 market street today. center city's newest high rise has 321 housing units and 300,000 square feet of cheshl space and a heated swimming pool and fire pits. it includes a state of the art fitness center and a catering kitchen. the celebration is tonight at 1919 market. coming up tonight the eagles are getting ready to tackle seattle's noisy stadium and challenging defense. >> a princeton school bus driver
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sending a letter to the parents of a children that are kind to a disabled boy. we'll have the story coming up. really the season's big winter storm is developing out west. jim is not happy about it. and this will have an impact on our weather. in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> the season's first big winner storm. here we go. you have the forecast tonight. all winter long forecast we'll see how that works. those stories and much more when "action news" continues tonight. .
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or examine a master? how to be robots... or build robots? the njea believes students deserve a well-rounded education- including arts, music, technology, and so much more. that's why we're working with parents and communities to reduce the emphasis on high stakes testing. because when you limit the tests, they can test the limits... of their potential.
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there is a new space at a south jersey high school to honor and remember local veterans. highland regional high school in blackwood dedicated a new hon rare yum this morning honoring graduates that served or are serving in allnches of the military. if you are a parent you like to hear nice things about your children. this is about a mom and dad in princeton hearing nice things about their children. nora muchanic has the storier. >> you can do it. >> little analise and her brother jorge -- >> carry his backpack for him are the focus of a special letter by their school bus driver, cindy clausen.
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who helps one of their classmates, jackson blue who suffers from an ailment and has trouble walk. >> things are so rough and tough and these children did such a kind thing and outside of the home they were listening. >> the letter was posted online and got thousands of hits. when jackson's mother found out about it she was touched. >> it's amazing because most of what we see is about the bullying, so a letter to go out like this, showing there is actually another side to this, there are so many kids that can be angels like these to kids. >> being kind makes sense to analise. >> if you were mean they would be sad and cry. you have to have happiness in your heart. >> cindy clausen did not send the letter to get attention but wanted to point out the kids' behavior, but if something good comes out of this she is all for
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it. >> jackson's bus stop was recently change but they will remain friends, they got a play date for this weekend. nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." philadelphia councilwoman blondell reynolds brown can name hall-of-famer to her resume. she was inducted into the elementary school hall-of-fame. she is a graduate of the school in the mantua section of philadelphia. the time at the school helped to shape her commitment to service. reynolds brown shared her motto with the students and nevada let it rest until your good is better and your better best. >> it's beginning to look a lot like the holidays. >> the jim kenney put the first ornmany on the city's other tree. 6 abc president and general manager bernie prazenica was there for the festivities.
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channel 6 is proud to be a media partner with the festival. can you see the tree lighting on on november 26th.
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eagles fans wait for the injury report. today not so good right now. zach ertz missed practice with a hamstring issue. and the birds need everybody available to face the see hawks on sunday. and jeff skversky tells us they have a ton of respect for the seahawks. >> it's so loud you can hear the noise from another building today. defensive coordinator jim schwartz admits to taking it a step forward. we robbed some coverage techniques from seattle. you always in the offseason look
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at opposing defenses to get ideas to be able to steal from. >> whatever the eagles are doing after holding atlanta, the highest scoring team in the nfl to a season low 15 points the eagles believe they should be considered the best in the business. and the seahawks defense the lesion of doom. >> we believe we are the best defense, in our opinion we believe we should be in the conversation. >> they deserve the credit they get they won a super bowl and have been in two super bowls. we need to get more consistent. >> only two teams allow less points than the eagles and seahawks are one of them. >> we just got to stop the party and bring the party to us. that is starting fast.
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>> the eagles have an axe to grind they have not won since 2008 dawkins last season as an eagle. john middleton has taken over as controlling partner as the phillies and david montgomery will serve as chairman of the board. number three nova in south carolina to face western michigan with an 11:30 a.m. tip. and hart to reynolds, cats up by 11 at halftime. and long ball time chris jenkins knocked down three tiples today. >> and eric pascal leads the team with 17 off the bench and nova improves to 3-0. when the flyers take the ice tonight to face winnipeg one is missing. he will not play and he will not dress. dave hexall is trying to light a
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fire under him. it's about ability and growth. andre blake wins the goal keeper of the year award. he had six shutouts this season. last year it took them until december 26th, lesean holmes had a bucket late and the sixers got win number two and tonight they visit the minnesota timberwolves, joel embiid is scheduled to play in that one. >> thanks ducis. cecily tynan has the accuweather forecast for the next seven days when we continue in just a moment.
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cecily tynan says this is a particularly busy accuweather forecast. >> we are warming things up and cooling things down dramatically. rain mixed in and snow flurries and a lot going on in the next week. if you don't like the weather wait a couple of days it will change dramatically. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that we have dry conditions this evening. loads of sunshine today and the ac cam in fairmont park at courtesy stables under the sunny mild weather and the horses even seem to be enjoying the weather and we'll warm up more towards the weekend. the accuweather highlight shows the temperatures hovering in the low 60s and tomorrow 66 and saturday ahead of a strong cold front, 70 degrees for afternoon high, that is is a degrees above normal. but then temperatures crash. this shows you what it will feel
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like sunday morning at 9:00. philadelphia marathon, begins at 7:00, so well underway by then and we are looking at windchills across the board in the 20s. windchills in the teens in the poconos and we could even have a few snow flurries around. reading 52 degrees and philadelphia 58. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we have a strong ridge of high pressure of us, that is bringing us all the sunshine. the dry conditions, the mild air and on the flip side, really the season's first big winter storm is developing across the rockies, denver, colorado yesterday 80 degrees and right now it's snowing and parts of the plains and rockies could get 6 to 12 inches of snow. here with the high pressure over us, it's clear and not that cold for this time of year. light winds, overnight low 43 in philadelphia and 34 in allentown
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and wilmington and 44 in cape may. the day planner showing it's one fine friday tomorrow. loads of sunshine 46, and we are already at 63 degrees at 1:00 and 64 at 4:00 reaching the high of 66, 10 degrees above average, temperatures soaring on saturday. and what the front will do is drag the jet stream well down to the south. that will allow the cold air to stream down from canada and not just sunday but also monday and windchills stuck in the 20s and 30s, a little bit of a preview of winter. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow it will be sunny and warm, and 66 degrees and saturday you may want to hang up the holiday lights with a high of 70 and make sure they are secure, because that cold front brings high winds and again maybe some flurries and winds gusting 45 to 50 miles per hour. could have a few showers as well
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and i don't think it's a big rain maker, 48 is the high and monday still windy and cold. a high of only 46, and windchills in the 30s and temperatures rebound a little bit. 48 degrees and cool but it will feel much better, because the winds diminish, and wednesday a big travel day before thanksgiving, clouds roll in 53 degrees and rain developing by wednesday fight. early look at thanksgiving, mostly cloudy with a bit of rain timing at this point up in the air on that. shouldn't be all that cold, it's seasonable. a high of 54 degrees, talking about rain and not snow for thanksgiving, but tonight at 11:00 i'm talking about snow and how much to expect where you live. and how cold it will be, and remember last season we got almost all of our snow in one storm. this season will not be like that at all. >> meaning what?
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>> i'll tell you at 11:00. >> all right i'll be patient. grandparents play such an important role in our lives and today special ones were honored. philadelphia mayor, jim kenney recognized members of the foster grandparent program. in its 53rd year, allowing older people with limited income to support children with exceptional needs in return they receive compensation, it's lunch enheld at union lunch. please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers, and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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tonight, breaking news. will it be a team of rivals? president-elect donald trump, now set to meet with mitt romney after both traded bitter words during the campaign. is romney now being considered for secretary of state? we're at trump tower. also breaking, the deadly snowstorm, bracing for the blizzard. nine states now under a winter alert. and this system moving east. in some places, 80 degrees one day, 20 the next. the two explosions. the deadly gas blast in a town center. investigators on the scene tonight, after another explosion, this home incinerated. and tonight, authorities with a $30 fix. the confrontation on camera. the police officer trying to arrest a woman, then seen punching her in the face. tonight, police defending their officer. and america strong. we showed you


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