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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  November 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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dann. >> reporter: that's right jim we just got word a few minutes ago from police unfortunately that the little girl died from her injuries over at children's hospital. meanwhile philadelphia police continue to search for the hit-and-run driver who has yet to be identified tonight. police say it was about 3:16 this afternoon that the eight-year-old little girl was walking home from school with her friends and struck by a man headed south on 63rd street. witnesses say the little girl was thrown about 90 feet from the point of impact. witnesses tell us they heard a loud boom and went outside to see what happened. >> i was in the kitchen. then i heard a bunch of people screaming and hollering so i came outside put something in the trash and then that's when i saw a line of ambulances and people were crying and stuff and then i saw somebody getting in an ambulance and i saw a little book bag so i figured it was a child. >> reporter: police say the driver of a gray or silver nissan altima or maxima failed to stop and render aid and sped off head south on 63rd.
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one witness tells us two men tried to chase after them but lost him. pieces of the car were scattered along the street that were later collected by accident investigators. neighbors say it was a horrific scene. >> then the mother came, somebody ran and got the mother and then she came. she was hysterical and everything so then they worked on her a bit and then drove off took her to the hospital. >> reporter: again, the eight-year-old child a girl walking home from school with her friends has died over at children's hospital after being struck by a hit-and-run driver who has yet to be found. we're live here in the overbrook section, i'm dann cuellar channel6 "action news. jim. >> thank you dan. an offer duty philadelphia police officer was shot in the hand late this afternoon in north philadelphia. the shooting happened just over an hour ago at tenth and ogden streets. it is not clear what led up to the shooting. we do know the suspect fled the scene and the officer is being treated at thomas jefferson university hospital.
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in hamilton township you could call it a bizarre but tragic case of mistaken identity. police say a woman shot and killed a man who she thought was an intruder. it turned out to be her boyfriend. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic is live in the 2100 block of genesee street. nor remarks it is almost a movie plot but this was tragically real. >> reporter: jim, the victim in this case intended to surprise his girlfriend. they were actually talking on the phone together as he slipped into the house but she didn't know it was him and she got out a gun. >> his life shouldn't have been snuffed a way like this. he was a great man. >> reporter: family members are trying to make sense of the death of 50-year-old kelvin watford of willingboro. law on the phone with his girlfriend identified as pauline lloyd of the 2100 block of genesee street in hamilton. investigators say watford told lloyd he was in north jersey
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returning from a business trip but in reality was at her house. he let himself in to surprise her but she thought he was an intruder and shot him in the chest. he died at the scene. >> he goes out of town and she thinks he's far away and somebody's coming in her house you can't blame her in a way then. just an awful tragedy. >> reporter: the manager of the dollar store just across the street also sees how this terrible mistake was made. >> so, i can see why if somebody is trying to get into the house and she doesn't know who it is what would make her react that way. >> reporter: lloyd is believed to be an army reservist at fort dix. authorities say she had proper permits for the gun used to shoot her boyfriend. shred no comments when she returned to her house. kelvin watford was the father of four and had four grandchildren. he worked as a trainer for construction laborers and traveled frequently. his car bearing personalized license plates was towed from the scene this morning. watford's family gathered today at his home in willingboro where they are mourning his death. >> he was a -- he was a great
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father, a single parent for over 20 years. all around good brother. >> reporter: now, the investigation is continuing. no charges have been filed. the mercer county prosecutor's office says that this is a tragic but an accidental death. live in hamilton township, i'm nora muchanic channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you nora. philadelphia police have captured two people they believe are behind a series of purse thefts across three counties. the first happened november 11th at a giant supermarket in the northeast. later that day the pair allegedly victimized a customer at the shop rite in hatfield montgomery county and a woman says the same man and woman stole her purse on november 16th. police caught up with suspects last night after they allegedly tried to snatch a purse at an acme store in northeast philadelphia. firefighters in gloucester
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township had a busy afternoon. they battled a townhouse fire on la cascata drive near kelly driver's lane. and the fire broke out at 2:30 and spread to adjacent homes. 45 minutes earlier crews fought a similar blaze just 4 miles away. flames started in a townhouse on the 400 block of drive. septa workers casting their ballots on their proposed contract settlement that brought their strike to an end the day before election day. john rawlins is live at the callowhill depot at 59th and khalil in west philadelphia. john, are you able to get a sense of how the vote has been going at that location? >> reporter: well, jim it's a secret ballot so anything we would know would be anecdotal and voluntary. that said, the folks we talked to for the most part volunteered that they thought the measure will be ratified.
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at khalil depot a steady stream of union members voting yes or no on the tentative contract. the union urging yes saying the agreement delivers. it says there is a significant like in pensions, maintains healthcare coverage though there will be higher costs, reportedly the average worker's wages will go from $68,000 to $75,000 over the five year deal. >> i think it's going to pass. people are talking but it's really a good contract. and i think it's going to pass. i voted yes. >> reporter: people are talking about a vote no campaign. wednesday union president willy brown blasted "opportunity any of thes on social media urging members to vote against the contract. they are resorting to falsehoods misleading statements and bullying tactics "brown says. >> i've heard some talk in reference to individuals not satisfied with the contract but overall majority of the people i spoke with they're satisfied. >> reporter: some think the medical sharing costs are too high others want higher wages.
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still others wonder if what was won was worth a strike. >> they could have did that -- they could have signed contract like that the very next day. it was no points on going on strike a whole week for that type of contract. >> reporter: some think the vote could be close. >> 50-50. >> reporter: that uncertain? >> yeah. >> reporter: why are people saying vote no? >> i mean, it all depends on what you looking for. if you want to get out now or if you want your money or however. >> reporter: well, that 50-50 outlook is very much an outliar. most of the folks we talked with jim volunteered they thought that the deal would get a green light. voting goes on until 7:00 this evening. the hope is they will have a systemwide result by about 9 o'clock this evening. live in west philadelphia, john rawlins channel6 "action news." >> and of course we'll have all that information for you on "action news" at 11:00. thank you john. we are kicking offer marathon weekend in philadelphia. the ben franklin parkway is where the marathon will begin and end on sunday but there's
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a lot going on before then. for instance, the marathon expo at the convention center that's where ali gorman is live. ali there's a rumor out there that you're planning to run the 8k on saturday and then the marathon on sunday. that would be extraordinary. >> reporter: jim, that would definitely be extraordinary but that is definitely a rumor. i am not doing that. but the real runners are here. they're behind me here, thousands are picking up their race packets getting ready for their big run. and for some, they are preparing for some not so great running conditions on sunday. >> i've got a couple of friends that have run this marathon a couple of times and they rave about it. >> reporter: with a great reputation the philadelphia marathon draws tens of thousands of runners every year. mayor jim kenney says people come from all over the u.s. and from more than 40 different countries. this year the half marathoners run saturday. >> so, this is my brother and
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he's a first timer. >> reporter: jeff and his crew say saturday's forecast is perfect. but sunday for the full 26.2-mile race, the forecast is making some runners nervous. >> i can do cold. i run really hot. i'm concerned about 35 miles an hour wind gusts. a bit frightening. >> i'm scared to death. >> reporter: you live in nebraska. >> it is not -- it is not like this. >> reporter: like amanda many runners haven't trained in the cold but others aren't too concerned. >> it's not raining so i'm happy. >> reporter: alexander taylor says she'll be okay but her clearing squad isn't so sure. >> you got your hat. we got some hot hack chocolate or something while you're waiting for your mom to run by. >> probably yeah. >> reporter: runner shanice plans on staying positive. >> i'm going to be triumphant in this 26.2 so i'm excited.
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>> reporter: back out here live there are actually some very brave people who are running the half marathon on saturday and then the full marathon on sunday. so, those runners are actually going get a special rocky challenge medal for running 39.3 miles over the weekend. that's the latest here. good luck to all the runners. reporting live from the convention center ali gorman channel6 "action news. jim. >> ali thank you. coming up a historic bridge in chester county reopens after sustaining damage nearly a year and a half ago. and the flyers claude giroux responds to and makes good on a simple request from a six-year-old. >> well, we hit 70 degrees today. it's going to be warm again tomorrow before the winds of change blow in on sunday. i've got a taste of winter in the accuweather forecast. >> and the eagles getting ready to take on the seahawks when "action news" continues.
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>> blackhawk helicopters swarmed the beach in ocean county today. but this was just a drill that took place at island beach state park. new jersey national guard took advantage of the off season to hone their rescue skills. soldiers and airmen rappeled to the sand below then practiced roof rescues. state and local officials say that in the wake of superstorm sandy four years ago they continually work to improve their emergency domestic response. historic bridge in tredyffrin township chester county back opened tonight after a serious crash forced it to shut down more than a year.
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the old knocks covered bridge on yellow springs road reopened at 9 o'clock this morning. it had been closed since july 2015 when a driver slammed into it. the bridge was originally built in 1865. officials say at least 3,000 people use the bridge every day. national adoption day marked a new beginning for several families today in south jersey. there were plenty of smiles and hugs at the camden county courthouse as 26 adoptions were finalized. the families enjoyed lunch before leaving together. officials say camden county has the highest number of adoptions finalized in the state every year. a group of students put on an early thanksgiving dinner this afternoon for some senior citizens in west philadelphia. students from the wharton school at the university of pennsylvania served up turkey and all the fixings at mercy douglas residences. there they hosted the dinner because many of these seniors no longer have family and friends with whom to celebrate
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>> so on this very night your philadelphia eagles will be sleeping in seattle. >> yes, they will be. the last time they were out there and they won, 2008, todd herremans the offensive lineman caught a touchdown. carson wentz won't have to get that creative tomorrow. carson wentz top two targets may be listed as questionable for sunday in seattle but zach ertz and receiver jordan matthews say they will be good to go. that's good news. wentz is hoping he can shake matthews hand after a touchdown or two sunday afternoon against the seahawks. both matthews and ertz out here practice dag before the team jumped on its charter to seattle much wentz will take all the help he can get. the legion of boom is one of the hardest scoring teams in the envelope many to score on. >> they're fast. they're fast. they fly around obviously richard sherman is a great lockdown corner. earl thomas that guy can cover ground if any of you watch tape it's impressive. he covers some ground.
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chancellor down there in the box he does some really good things and it's a combination of a lot of good guys that can make plays so we got to be really sharp. >> eagles lock up two more special teams players today giving three year extension to john dorenbos the longest tenured athlete in the city as well as donnie jones. howie rows man says they're trying to keep this team together to compete for championships. all right, college hoops saint joe's hawks are three and o for the seconds season a row after beating loyola by 24 in a tournament in the virgin islands. jay wright beat up wake forest josh hart hit six three pointers he leads the way with a career high they're 34 points. dylan brunson seconds half top of the key makes the move slams it down one handed. over the last four season nova is 23 and o in november. think back to your childhood. imagine meeting were you ever
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your favorite sports heroes in this city and for one local kid today it is a dream come true hanging out with his favorite flier. jaime apody has the story. >> reporter: getting fan mail is nothing new for flyers captain claude giroux but something about this letter written in crayon from six-year-old seamus ethel was special. >> i am your biggest fan. you are my favorite hockey player since i was a baby i know are you busy but i have an ice rink in my backyard and you are invited to come. even my mom will make us grilled cheese. >> reporter: seamus knew the way to giroux's heart his famous food grilled cheese. instead of heading to his house for lunch giroux had a better idea. invite seamus and his parents to practice.
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>> no way. >> reporter: then the moment of a lifetime for seamus a chance to meet and eat with his hero in the flyers locker room. >> buddy, cheers. >> what was it like to meet claude today? >> good. >> reporter: what did you think of him? >> good. >> reporter: seamus a boy of few words was a little star struck but made a huge impression on giroux. >> sometimes it just hits i was little bit more and when we have time to do those kinds of things after practice, a chance to meet a kid like that so it's one. >> it's pretty awesome. i mean, there's no words really to describe the appreciation. >> i think he'll always remember this for sure. this is a big deal for himmism so what started way simple letter from seamus ends with lunch and memories that will last a lifetime. jaime apody channel6 "action news." >> what a great story. don't tell anyone but seamus says that his mom actually makes way better grilled cheese sandwiches than the flyers so don't tell anyone though. >> not supposed to know that. thank you jeff. cecily tynan and the accuweather forecast when we
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continue in just a moment.
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>> once again marathon weekend in philadelphia. what about the accuweather forecast. >> cold changes by sunday. may wants to find your dr. dentons for sunday night. >> i know where they are. >> cold enough for that. storm tracker6 live double scan showing that it's dry out there. it was mild today. hit 70 degrees and the accuweather highlights will show you we've got another day of unseasonable warmth tomorrow. 70 degrees again in philadelphia. that's 15 degrees above normal. record high tomorrow 75 so not record breaking but certainly unusually warm.
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dover 72. allentown and trenton 68 degrees. cape may 63. so, if you like it warm, enjoy tomorrow because temperatures will drop substantially on sunday. sunday it's going to feel about 42 degrees colder when you factor in the winds. wind gusts 40 to 45 miles per hour so morning wind chills in the upper 20's. afternoon wind chills won't climb out of the mid 30's and there is a possibility saturday night through sunday morning that the poconos could even pick up a coating to an inch of snow. so, feeling and even looking a little bit like winter. right now, though, still pretty mild. philadelphia and trenton 58 degrees. wilmington 62. cape may 56. and allentown 54 degrees. satellite6 along with action radar showing not a cloud in the sky today. high pressure still maintaining control but it will be weakening and moving off shore tomorrow as this storm moves in. low pressure over northern minnesota bringing blizzard
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like conditions. that actually will skirt to the north. what this means it drags the cold front through our region tomorrow night. there's a thin band of some showers with that so we will get some wet weather tomorrow night but really the big change will be the air temperatures and the winds. so tonight quiet friday night, star filled sky. calm winds. it will be cool but not bad for november. philadelphia 45, allentown 37, cape may 45 and wilmington 42 degrees. the day planner for your saturday showing loads of sunshine. temperatures warming up very quickly. at 7 o'clock 48 degrees. bump it up to 58 by 10 o'clock. 1 o'clock 68 degrees. reaching that high of 70 and then as the sun sets the clouds will be rolling in along with some of those showers. future tracker showing around 4:30 some showers generally across the western suburbs. they move through on saturday night and then you can see first time talking about this this season some snow in the poconos, perhaps a few snowflakes in the lehigh valley and sunday we dry out
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here but that's when you get the winds of change. so, marathon weekends saturday for the half marathon kicks offer at 7:30, the rothman 8k later in the morning. it's going to be warm and sunny, 49 degrees at the start, temperatures rising through the mid-50's so you really don't want to dress too much on sunday for saturday. a tank, shorts should be fine. sunday, though, good idea to dress in layers for the full marathon at 7 o'clock. the air temperature at 39 degrees but again wind chills will be in the upper 20's with winds gusting up to about 40 miles per hour. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast beautiful tomorrow we hit 70. rounds of showers tomorrow night. sunday bitter cold winds, the high 48 degrees, a few flurries here and there. on monday 45 degrees even colder. we keep those gusty winds and tuesday the cold lingers. the winds diminish 48 degrees. wednesday increasing clouds with a high of 53. and thursday for thanksgiving, looks like we could be dealing
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with some wet weather, 54. friday partly sunny with a high of 56. i will have an update on the chance of rain on thanksgiving on "action news" tonight at 11:00. >> all right cecily thank you. abc's "world news tonight" with david muir is next on channel6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff sharrie williams adam joseph and ducis rodgers and then please join us for app special "action news" investigation at 11:00 here on channel6. investigative reporter chad pradelli found drivers flying through school speed zones and they are doing so with little consequence in philadelphia. please join us at 11:00 for a full report. for cecily tynan, jeff skversky, ducis rodgers and its entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00. >> ♪
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tonight, breaking news. as we come on, the bombshell $25 million settlement just in, after allegations of fraud against trump university. the president-elect once tweeting he would not settle out of principle. tonight, his team now responding. also breaking, the deadly blizzard hitting right now. moving from the midwest to the northeast. more than 300 crashes already. the school bus horror. the bus flipping. multiple injuries. students crawling through the hatch of the bus. tonight, the officer captured on camera punching a woman he was trying to detain. and now comes word, a major new development. the bear attack. the 63-year-old woman walking down the driveway in an american suburb. a 200-pound bear attacks. she calls 911, saying her arms and legs already broken. and the strike at a major


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