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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  November 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> a pleasant good morning to you, 6:00 a.m., saturday, november 19. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." runners plan to honor a man known for his bright red shorts an big smile after he died, days before the philadelphia marathon. plus, a tale of two seasons, our tempts will plummet in just a matter of hours this weekend. meteorologist karen rogers is in for chris sowers this morning. she has a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. great day today. >> reporter: sunday is going to be a rude a wakening. let's focus on today because it's not lasting. let's go outside and check out philadelphia international. sky6 live hd is live. it's one of the days that's chilly to start, but we're talking about unseasonable warm temperatures in the afternoon. grab the jacket and she shed it
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later. satellite and radar shows we have clear skies, you can see the clouds and the rain to the west. that will pull showers in, it's a weather changer for us, behind it we have much colder air working into the region. chilly start, 38 in quakertown, 40 in chester. 45 in center city. 38 in browns mills. 36 in hammonton. 38 in glassboro. 42 in dover, delaware. starting off with sunshine increasing clouds later, but it's nice and warm today. high of 71 degrees. we get showers later on tonight and some snow showers tonight and tomorrow into the poconos. not kidding look at this, real feel temperatures. it will feel like 71 degrees in the afternoon, great, tomorrow morning the windchills in the upper 20s. huge change coming you're way. deals in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> look forward to it, karen, thank you for the update. new this morning, a man walking along the boulevard was hit and killed when police say for some
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reason he stepped into the road. this happened in bustleton the boulevard in northeast philadelphia. the medics rushed the 23-year-old man to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. there's no word of charges against the driver who stopped at the scene. happening right now, philadelphia police searching for the driver who sped off after hitting and killing a young girl walking home from school. this happened at 63rd an landsdown avenue in the overbrook section. witnesses say the little girl was thrown 90 feet. >> she was laying in the street. >> a child got hit by a car. somebody ran and got the mother, she came, she was hysterical and everything. >> our thoughts and prayers with the family. one witness chased after the driver, but they lost him. a gray silver nissan you ultimar
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maxima. if you see runners wearing red shorts at the philadelphia marathon it is likely in tribute to a well-known senior athlete, the 84-year-old runner was killed doing what he loved. bob brooks has his story. >> reporter: it was a delaware valley legend famous for his red shorts. john shultz is a philadelphia icon. competing in 60 marathons. he was doing what he loved running home from choir practice not far from his wilmington home. shultz was hit and killed by a pick up truck on the way. >> he was on the trails. >> reporter: that's elaine and ron they own pretzel city sports that organizes run. >> john had the attitude he may
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be slow and last, but he would get there. >> reporter: the story is he ran home from work one day and the rest is history. the couple said shultz would stay with them at their home in reading competing up there way. >> one of strongest things he did, whatever he was suffering from age he kept moving. >> reporter: they loved to watch him run and it was amazing to spend time around him. >> even people who didn't know him, they knew him by his trademark red shorts. >> i'll never forget you. >> reporter: hundreds many more plan on honoring him during the marathon this weekend, they will be running in the short little running shorts. bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." >> 6:04 a.m., two alleged purse snatchers are off the streets. a man and woman were charged for
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purse snatching in three counties. officers caught up with them thursday night. police believe they are responsible for purse snatching at grocery stores in hatfield, montgomery county, pay paoli chr county and another store in the northeast. both have been charged with theft and other offenses. the judge who prided over jerry sandusky criminal case has removed himself from the appeal. he said he stepped away because lawyers for the former penn state football coach questioned his integrity. his lawyers site the judge's role in a meeting in a hotel the night before he waived his preliminary hearing. they claimed that waiving the hearing was a critical mistake by his dwebs team. people living in hamilton township lined up at the municipal buildings.
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homeowners say they never received a notice that they had overdue sewer bills until they were advised they were sold at a tax sale. township blames the delay on the billing system. >> i'm a brand new homeowner i owned the home for just over a year. >> i didn't get a bill this is the first bill. >> reporter: that you're overdue. >> correct. >> those people not happy about this. some residents got the amount due reduced after talking to officials there. >> reporter: a storied bridge is open after a year, neighbors were delighted to go over thekn. a project was launched to shore
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up a major sewer line. >> those of us who are lucky enough to be living near its a treat and i am glad it's open. >> we're delayeded it's been shut down for far too long. we're glad they rebuilt it and they rebuilt it well. the knox covered bridge was ballot back in 1865. the walking trail along the valley creek will be opened up just in time for christmas. it will be a smoother commute in delaware as the new die verging interchange opens up today. the "d" vi is unusual because it requires traffic to drive on the opposite side of the road that design has been successful, it's a cost effective method of achieving enhanced traffic flow
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and safety without widening an existing overpass. the steakhouse in the bell view philadelphia has been closed since march. crews plan to reopen it in the spring with an updated new menu and new floor plan. the palm was gotten for having characters of local celebrities on the walls. 6:08. we have details on a giant sparkly donation. a woman helped a nonprofit with one incredible gift. you'll hear from david murphy as he is honored for his long established career. >> reporter: yea, one of my best friends, i was there last night. so exciting. >> reporter: a little fog, 7 miles per hour at philadelphia international. 3 miles in lancaster. we have a huge weather change. it is spring today, and winter
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tomorrow, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast is coming up next.
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>> take a look at this, the sight of lake superior in northern plains. then came the storm, it was the first winter storm for minnesota. the wintry blast included howling winds and whiteout
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conditions and made driving dangerous there. the minnesota state patrol reported 340 crashes and more than 550 spinouts statewide. back here at home, four forecast, no snow. >> reporter: but the poconos could get a little snow tonight and tomorrow after talking spring today. >> and then comes the snow and the cold. >> reporter: you have to pay attention to the forecast because we change season in that matter -- in a matter of hours, storm tracker 6 live double scan, showing we're dry. let's go outside, sky6 live hd looking at penns landing, it may be in the 70s as the ice rink opens at 11:00 a.m. in penns landing. why not it won't be cold. the tempts 45 degrees right now. it is a chilly start even though we're talking about a mild afternoon. the dewpoint, 43, the pressure is holding steady. the winds are calm and the ocean
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temperature is 54 degrees. satellite and radar showing we have mostly clear skies, nice start to the day, lots of sunshine, this radar kind of tells it all. first we start with the sun, then we see the clouds and then we get some rain, behind that big temperature change, here's the front we've been watching. you see a narrow band of precipitation, it's powerful because behind it we've got a lot of cold air, you can see the low wrapping around. look at the snow showers in the poconos. we'll see this moving in our direction later this evening, and we'll see a huge change in the weather. let's go over it hour by hour, high of 71. 8:00 a.m., 47 degrees, 10:00 a.m., 57. lunchtime, 67 degrees, 3:00 p.m., more clouds mixing in, 71. 5:00 p.m., we'll be getting the showers and temperatures dipping to 61 degrees.
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there's the clouds you see the showers in the northwest suburbs they will move in the rest of the region by 7:30 p.m. you see this that's snowfall in the poconos and far northwest. allentown you're on the leading edge. by 7:30 p.m. it will be rain showers, maybe you will see snowflakes mixing with the rain at 9:30 p.m. in the poconos they will be getting snow showers. it's not a lot, but it's a big change for us. even at home we get the wrap around from the area of low pressure that pulls in more snow showers off the great lakes and the poconos. maybe in the northwest suburbs you'll see snowflakes, as well. tonight and tomorrow, a big change in the weather. it's warm ahead of the front. then the front moves in. the cold air settles in overhead. sunday and monday. tomorrow windy gusts 40, 45 miles per hour. morning windchills in the upper 20s tomorrow. afternoon windchills in the 30s and the poconos to get a coating to an inch of snow, that's tonight and tomorrow.
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the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 16 degrees above average, enjoy today while you can. 71 degrees for the high temperature. we get showers for most of us in the evening hours tonight. in the poconos we start to get snow showers tonight and a few more tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow is windy and colder. in philadelphia we stay dry. but you get a couple of showers maybe wet flakes mixing in the northwest and snow shower in the poconos with the wrap around moisture. monday, colder, 45 with the winds howling. tuesday, mostly sunny, 48. wednesday, not as cold, the winds relax, 53. travel day, should be okay, showers arrive at night. we'll get showers on the thanksgiving day parade. just a few showers possible at this point, cloudy skies, not a terrific day. doesn't look like the winds will be bad, 54 degrees, friday, partly sunny and 54. sooner or later we knew it was bound to happen.
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>> reporter: bundle up tomorrow. >> a big congratulations to a member of the "action news" family. david murphy has been inducted into the broadcast hall of fame. he accepted the honors at the hilton on city avenue. he talked about how he went from reporter to meteorologist. >> i look back and i think had did this happen. a lot of dominoes had to fall for that to happen. i get in the door, they were like do you want to try weather? now i have this great job it's kind of a miracle. >> karen rogers, there she is right there in the middle, i was looking for the purple dress. as as well as matt o'donnell, and bernie prazenica to come comment on his achievement.
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while the merger goes through the approval process. ford is getting the help of snap chat. it's the first time they used a social medium to unveil the car. with it i believe available in early 2018. ford has not announced the price. ride share company lyft is replacing their signature mustache with a new color on the dashboard to make sure they are getting into the right car. lyft expects to roll out the dashboard device next year. an iowa company is turning old water bottles into winter coats. it is all thanks to the keep america beautiful organization. old plastic water bottles are
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recycled and turned into warm fleece coats. they were donated this week to the quad city coats for kids program thanks to this unique recycling program. a woman in ohio has left a generous gift to a charity. a 5 1/2 carat diamond. she started in the memory of his father, the mission to help others become the best version of themselves. she believes that a promise kept no matter how small makes the community and the message better. a woman made the very generous donation. >> she said she had something she wanted to give me. i ran back to my hotel room to grab my stuff because we were going to eat lunch. she said i want to give you this diamond. >> it was a big diamond, there it is. the diamond came with a
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certificate of authenticity. it's worth over $235,000. he said he is keeping the diamond safely tucked away in a safe-deposit box. he said it will go a long way to help others in years to come.
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>> reporter: good morning, everyone, here's the forward forecast, tomorrow, windy an cold, next week, chilly through most of the week. storm tracker 6 live shows a powerful cold front. the area of low pressure bringing snow to chicago. tomorrow we'll see a coating to an inch in the poconos. a lot changing in the forecast.
6:25 am
by 7:30 a.m., the windchills will be in the 20s. feeling like 26 degrees. the afternoon will feel like 34 barely above freezing after today feeling like spring. tomorrow night it will feel like 25 degrees, a huge change coming in the weather. let's look ahead to thanksgiving, the big parade. i know everybody is excited about that, i am. the weather is not exiting. cloudy and chance of showers. thanksgiving, 7:00 a.m., low 40s, 9:00 a.m., 45 degrees, 11:00 a.m., 49. clouds, a shower at any point him they can watch us on tv, we'll be there, gray. >> in sports, on this philadelphia marathon weekend the eagles may look to run on the seahawks out west, here's jamie apody. >> reporter: good morning, here's the bad news, the eagles who lost four straight on the road have to travel cross country to play a team that's 35-0 at home and it might rain
6:26 am
tomorrow. and zack ertz is questionable with injuries. the key given the success of last week might be to keep the ball on the ground. >> we have to have the ability to run this week, it takes a little pressure off the quarterback, number one, last week it was great to see our offensive line really took it to heart our backs played and ran extremely hard and extremely well. we'll have to continue to do that going forward. >> reporter: jay wright addressing casual friday. josh hart moved to a career high 34. nova wins 96 high pressure 77 to improve 4-0. drexel and hartford, 44 points for lee, they get their first win as dragons coach
6:27 am
87-63. st. joe's beats loyola 6-year-old seamus wrote a letter to claude giroux to come to his house to play hockey. he did one better sharing his famous sandwich in the locker room with seamus. >> sometimes it hits you a little bit more, we have time to do those kind of things after practice, the flyers did a good job of helping us. anytime you can meet a kid like that. >> adorable for both of them. >> reporter: coming up later this morning, i'll sit down with coach matt rhule, temple
6:28 am
football play book, 9:45 a.m. that's later today. that's sports, have a great weekend. buckingham palace is about to get a facelift. the government plans to spend $400 million to upgrade the home. it will take ten years. the palace has 775 rooms.
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>> this morning the search continues for are a hit and return driver who killed an 8-year-old girl. fire causes major damage to a south jersey home overnight. president-elect donald trump's administration takes shape as he agrees to sets a lawsuit affiliated with his university. first, karen rogers is in for chris sowers with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. it's going to be great today. >> reporter: try to enjoy every minute, because, man, is it going downhill. look at that, kind of peaceful as we look live in cape may. we'll see beautiful sunshine today. it's going to feel good. in cape may, 52 degrees, 44 in the city. in most of the suburbs we're in the 30s.
6:31 am
36 in allentown. 39 in reading, 38 in millville. 39 at atlantic city airport. satellite and radar showing yes, it's going to be a beautiful sunrise, we'll see gorgeous sunshine today. you see the change maker coming your way. here's a front that's powerful out to the west it will bring clouds and showers. it will bring snow tonight and tomorrow to the poconos. i kid you not. today's high, 71 degrees feeling like spring. 9:00 a.m., 46 lots of sunshine. peaceful at 11, 53 degrees, kind of quiet winds. 3:00 p.m., 71 we start to see the clouds move in. 5:00 p.m., 61 degrees, the showers move in. i want to show you the temperature change for tonight and tomorrow. today, 71 degrees feeling great. tomorrow the windchills will be in the 20s in the morning. huge weather change coming your way. all the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. gray. >> all new this hour a woman is
6:32 am
dead after a car collided with a tractor-trailer it happened in south jersey overnight. police say the woman's car slammed into the back of parked big rig on the southbound side of 295 at 4:30 a.m. in cherry hill. the tractor-trailer was sitting on the shoulder at the time of the accident. it took rescue crews a half-hour to free the we'll from the wreckage. she was rushed to cooper university hospital where she died from her injuries. right now philadelphia list are searching for a driver in a deadly hit-and-run. a young girl was killed walking home from school. police believe she was hit by a gray or silver nissan. dann cuellar has the details. >> i was afraid for their the family, it's devastating. i was praying for them. i was hoping she would be okay. >> reporter: the reaction of those in the 7000 block of 63rd in the weak of a terrible tragedy. it was after 3:15 a.m., the
6:33 am
8-year-old was walking home from school with friends she was struck by a driver at 63 shed and lands -- 63rd an landsdown. she was thrown 90 feet. >> she was laying in the street. >> reporter: the witnesses say the driver who was in a silver nissan ultima or maxima failed to render aid and sped off. two witnesses chased him, but lost him. the tragedy rekindled long-running concerns about how fast motorists travel along here. >> it's like a race tack all day everyday. >> reporter: police were ticking motorists who go too fast in here. >> if they were in their own neighborhood that some of their relatives or children could fall
6:34 am
victim to the same thing. it's a sad situation. >> reporter: this morning police were making an intensive effort to locate the driver and car involved in the fatal hit-and-run. the car should have significant front end damage, police say. anyone with information should call police, in overbrook, dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> time 6:34, a chimney is likely the source of a fire that destroyed a home in washington township. flames met firefighters responding to the unit block of corvis court. the fire burned through the roof before they got the blaze under control. two people were inside and they managed to escape safely. our cameras rolling as flames were seen coming from a second floor window, this happened in delaware county. chopper 6 hd was on the 2,000 block of west second street. two adjoining homes were damaged. nobody was hurt. this morning a philadelphia police officer is recovering after being shot several times,
6:35 am
an officer was hit by bullets while shielding his 2-year-old son from gunfire. officer was off duty at the time when there was a gun battle right where he and his young son happened to be standing. this all happened last night on the the 1100 block of paris street in north philadelphia. >> he was caught in the crossfire, he immediately covered his son, which any father would do. he was actually struck at least one time in the thumb, he took fragments in both legs and buttocks. >> reporter: police commissioner richard ross said the officer got his toddler son to safety at a nearby relative's home, the shoorpt -- shooter was not arrest. a woman accidentally shot and killed her boyfriend when he snuck into the home to surprise her. family members say she thought
6:36 am
he was an intruder. he was a father of four and grandfather of four. the woman had the proper gun permits and not facing charges in the tragic case of mistaken identity. members of septa's largest union have overwedge ratified a new contract. terms of the contract were -- overwhej ratified the septa contract. they will get pay and pension increases, but have to spend more money for healthcare. president obama is in the asia to participate in the -- peru, to participate in the asia pacific trade agreement. the feasibility study into the
6:37 am
free trade area of the asia pacific have been ordered up as a summit in beijing two years ago, this is his final stop overseas before he leaves office if january. president-elect donald trump is in north jersey this weekend meeting with more potential candidates to fill the key cabinets positions in his administration. this all comes as he agrees to a settlement with the university that bears his name. abc's maggie ruly has more on the report. >> reporter: donald trump abruptly settled all three fraud lawsuits against the defunct trump university for $25 million for 6,000 students with no admission of wrong doing. before being elected trump vowed he would never settle the lawsuit. >> he was willing to put his personal beliefs a side and focus on the issues that are facing the country. >> reporter: president-elect trump busy with the transition
6:38 am
team jeff sessions as attorney general. retired general michael flynn as national security advisor. sessions could face a challenging confirmation blocked in the senate 30 years ago from becoming a district judge over a racially charged comments. naacp and aclu criticized the pick. >> i am not a racist and supported civil rights activities in my state. i have done my job with integrity and equality and fairness for all. >> reporter: michael flynn tweeted fear of muslims is rational. >> islam is a political ideology, it hides behind the notion of being a religion. >> reporter: donald trump mets with mitt romeny now a contender of secretary of state. maggie ruly abc news washington.
6:39 am
>> president-elect donald trump's pick for national security advice -- advisor said an exiled cleric from turkey should not be given asylum. he said he has a radicalislammi. he is not charged with a crime. president obama has not complied with turkey's demand to extradite him. >> the university of delaware is asking the state for more money requesting a small increase, and capital expenditures including $60 million for a science building. boy scouts are going door
6:40 am
to door to collect food donations. remember they left 1 million bags across the region. if you received a bag, fill it with nonperishable food items. leave the bag outside the door. the effort is in collaboration with the dunkin' donuts food drive. age 17 is aomantic comedy about the awkward teen years. meteorologist karen rogers in for chris sowers, you'll have your exclusive accuweather forecast, enjoy today, because cold is a coming. "action news" saturday morning continues after this.
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>> some wind caused problem in souix city iowa knocking brancheses into a house causing major damage to the upper story. thankfully the family was away. this happened during the storm that brought two inches of snow. 6:43 a.m., so glad you're waking up with us. rogers in for chris, you brought nice and warm weather with you today. >> reporter: you know what, that storm in iowa is heading in our
6:44 am
direction. we'll be get some of that wintry type of weather. storm tracker 6 live double scan, nothing happening, we're dry, we'll get showers this evening, though, let's show you outside, we have beautiful shots, a touch of fog in a few areas, we're looking live, you can see the beautiful sky conditions. just a few clouds up above. we'll have gorgeous sunshine coming you're way in just a little bit. the temperatures in the 40s in the city. the 30 ins in the suburbs. dewpoint, 43. the pressure steady. the winds are calm. we'll see gusts up to 50 miles per hour tonight and tomorrow. the ocean temperature, 54. satellite and radar showing we'll see lots of early sunshine. we'll get the clouds move in ahead of the front. this is a strong front. doesn't look like much as we widen out a little bit. kind of a narrow band of precipitation, you see the low
6:45 am
pressure and the winds wrapping behind it. we're getting snow showers in chicago. this system heading in our direction, it will be a huge weather chairng -- changer for us tonight and tomorrow. 71 is the high, temperatures well above average. 8578, 47 with -- 8:00 a.m., 47 with bright sunshine. 10:00 a.m., 57. lunchtime, 67 degrees. it will feel good for the lunchtime hour. 3:00 p.m., 71 that's the high. the clouds will start to move in and by 5:00 p.m. we'll see showers moving through the region, 61 degrees. let's look at this on future tracker 6. this is the temperature change you see quickly there. what we can tell you will the precipitation coming your way, here's a look at the precipitation at 5:30 p.m., clouds move in, light showers, not a lot rain. we advance this to 7:30 a.m. we'll see showers building and snow showers in the poconos you
6:46 am
may see snowflakes in allentown and reading, it will be in the poconos that you get that. here's at 90:00, a coating to an -- at 9:30 p.m. a coating to an inch of snow. even though the daytime is dry you get the wrap around moisture pulling the winds off the great lakes. the poconos will get snow showers and flakes in the northwest. today and tomorrow, huge changes and whipping winds and snowfall for the poconos. wind gusts 40 to 45 miles per hour. morning windchills in the upper 20s and afternoon mid 0s. the peculiars -- poconos could get an inch of snow. we'll be watching the eagles in seattle, 52 with the winds gusting in seattle. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today 16 degrees above average. human change in the weather, 71 is the high. showers arrive later this
6:47 am
evening, and snow showers tonight and tomorrow in the poconos. tomorrow it's windy and much colder. 48 degrees for the high. feeling just in the 30s even in the afternoon. we get the wrap around moisture, snowflakes in the northwest, snow showers in the poconos, monday, it's colder, but dry and 45. tuesday, mostly sunny, pretty nice, 48. wednesday not as cold you're in the 50s, but wednesday night, big travel day, wednesday night, showers, thursday, thanksgiving and thanksgiving day parade it will be cloudy with showers at any point. 54 degrees for the high. the parade temperatures will be in the 40s, friday, partly sunny skies and 54 degrees. we have a little everything, 70d 50s and 40s. >> are we done with the 70s after today. >> reporter: doesn't look like we'll be seeing more 70s, you have to wait for the spring. >> you can check storm tracker
6:48 am
6 live double scan radar at chopper 6 hd flew over peddlers village in lahaska, bucks county lit up in the festive display you see there. they flipped the switch on the 1 million jeweled colored bulbs for the celebration of the grand illumination celebration. the things that i consume on a daily basis, a lot of it is very acidic. the enamel on my teeth was actually weakening. the whiteness
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with us, 6:50 topping our people scene. the new spin on the tale's oldest time is happening online right now. full first trailer of live action version of beauty and the beast has set a record. it was viewed 127 million times in the first 24 hours online. it stars emma watson, she posted it on her facebook page. the film is from disney the parent company of 6abc. it's the return of magic
6:51 am
for j. k.rowling at theaters. and coming of aiming comedy for all the teenager out there. >> you have a case full of monsters. >> reporter: good news for "harry potter" fans fantastic beast and where to find them is finally here. heeddie redmayne stars in the adventure. while experts don't expect a "harry potter"-like debut, they should open with 70 to $80 million or more. >> you've turned into a completely different person. >> reporter: those looking for alternative have a a couple of choices. the r-rated coming of age drama the edge of 17 is getting great reviews. box office watchers predict a
6:52 am
debut between 8 and $10 million. this week's underdog is bleed for this, staring miles teller, the boxer who battled back from a crippling car crash to return to the ring. analysts expect older audiences to deliver a five million dollar opening weekend. in hollywood i'm david daniel. g. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! give the gift of amazing sleep. only at a sleep number store, right now save $500 on the queen cse mattress with sleepiq technology. hurry, ends sunday. know better sleep with sleep number. at longhorn, tonight's special: great steak pairings.
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you can't fake steak. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, i'm meteorologist, karen rogers with this accuweather update. today, very mild. tomorrow, very cold. next week chilly. we have a powerful cold front
6:55 am
moving our way. we have an area of low pressure bringing snowfall to chick. that's moving in our direction. it's -- snowfall in chicago. that's moving in our direction. 8:00 a.m., 42, 9:00 a.m., 47. 11:00 a.m., 49. lots of clouds on parade day, a shower at any point. winds seem light that's good news for the balloons. looking forward to the forecast you might want to grab the umbrella heading to the parade. >> thanks are -- thanks for the update. diewf a vanity -- do you have a vanity you want to spruce up? here's a dyi. >> reporter: bedroom vanities like diamond can be a girl's best friend. check out our easy dyi project to create a style issue vanity mirror that won't break the
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bank. >> i have an oval mirror, i would like to use this piece of plywood and cut out following the lines of the mirror. >> you like that? what i got are two shelf brackets, i like the shape of them, it's going to look like it's cradling the mirror and holding it. >> he is that's great. >> reporter: we are measuring four inches around the entire mirror and cutting the shape with a jigsaw. >> awesome. after a quick sanding we're attaching the shelf brackets with a nail gun and glueing it. after painting the mirror frame we attach it to the original base. we knocked off the look by dy
6:57 am
dyiing this whole thing for $70 total. for more ideas go to live well network/knock it off. tune into knock it off sunday nights at 7:00 p.m. listen to this, a dinner bill was $26, but the people left 330-dollar tip along with a card reading please accept this random act of kindness, she said it gave her inspiration so she paid for other people's meals. she said she is grateful for the couple who inspired her. >> people thank you for the inspiration to keep it going. >> an act of kindness going a long way.
6:58 am
the cards are more than a campaign they strive to make the random acts of kindness a way of life. >> we have another hour of "action news" coming up. here's some of the stories we're working on for you, a big day for a little boy who wanted to help refugees. we have the video and the story who met president obama at the white house. plus, a powerful voice in music has been silence. karen jones has lost her battle with cancer. those stories when "action news" continues just a moment.
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> a pleasant good morning to you, 7:00 a.m., saturday, november 19. this morning plans are in place to honor a senior runner known for his bright red shorts he died days before the philadelphia marathon. police say this surveillance picture shows two thieves who have been busy stealing purses across the region. plus a tale of two seasons, the temperatures will plummet in a matter of hours this weekend. outside we go to meteorologist karen rogers in for chris this morning. it will be cold tomorrow. yeah, we're getting ready for big changes here. it's weather whiplash today. let's start off with right now, the national weather service posted this wind advisory that


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