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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  November 21, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> good morning, everyone, 5:00 a.m., monday, november 21. tam is off, nydia han joins us. breaking now on "action news," several people including children were taken to the hospital after a fire erupted in a block of row homes in new jersey. we're live at the scene. >> a delaware county mayor is accused of driving under the
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influence, witnesses say he smashed into parked cars and ran from the scene. a frosty and windy start to the workweek, bundle up it feels more like winter than fall right now. accuweather is tracking the latest. >> let's get the latest david murphy is here and matt pellman is in for karen good morning. >> reporter: a wind advisory is extended into tonight. throughout the day and into the evening look for wind gusts as high as 45 miles per hour. that could put branches down and trash and debris in the roadways, as well. current wind gusts up to 33 miles per hour in philadelphia. we could be in and out of these gusts up to the 40s at times. we don't have that right now. satellite and radar shows clouds mixing with sunny breaks. there could snow showers up in the poconos. in terms of. temperatures it's cold to start out. 38 degrees in philadelphia. mid 0s in allentown and reading. and lancaster. 37 in wilmington, trenton and millville, and 38 in cape may.
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the windchills are making it feel like the 20s. we've got temperatures in the 30s, but it feels like the 20s, again winter coats important this morning as we go through the day it will stay chilly, this will be the coolest daily of the cool patch we're going through. 36 by 8:00 a.m., 41 by noon, high of 45. 6:00 p.m., 39. we'll have a touch of rain in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: the winds david spoke of are affecting us on the traffic front, as well. we've seen a number of downed trees, one of them was right here on the schuylkill expressway eastbound approaching gladwyn. all that is left now is the lone flare off to the right shoulder. the tree is out of the way. both eastbound lanes are open and ready on the schuylkill expressway.
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there's a downed tree on willow grove 611 southbound side by barrett road by the presbyterian church. one lane is blocked, but something to watch out for. crossed off a down tree on the schuylkill expressway approaching grad win and crossed off a crash near girard, we're doing okay. vine street expressway is ready for you, crews will be out here tonight at 11:00 p.m. we're watching fire locations in new jersey, one in row homes in trenton, mercer county along residential weinberg place with smoke blowing around, would you want for smoky conditions. a fire near red bank avenue use evergreen avenue and cooper street. matt you have more details on what's going on there. all right. >> all right, i'm take this one. thank you matt, we begin with breaking news out of woodbury, gloucester county new jersey, as matt pellman was mentioning. flames ripping through three
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homes and brush. this is the 700 block of mahorder boulevard in woodbury. itwinds are making the fire difficult to fight. the entire block has been evacuated. we understand seven people have been injured. 6 have been taken to the hospital. one person has been taken to cooper university hospital. we understand the person taken to cooper jumped from a second-story window. again, seven people injured in the fire in wood -- woodbury, new jersey. three homes on fire an cars, as well as brush. >> a multi-alarm fire is burning in trenton, new jersey. there are numerous injuries and reports of injuries including burns and medics are on the scene transporting people to area hospitals. katherine scott is along
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weinberg place. it's been a smoky scene this morning. >> reporter: it has been, matt, we got an update from the trenton chief of the fire department. he said there are injuries, he does not know the injuries or what the conditions are. he said the when the fire department arrived there were four homes on fire, they are delayed access to getting to the flames because there were live wires down. the flames have hit 8 homes in trenton. it is an active scene as the fire department remains here trying to get the flames under control. viewer video, the fire is on the unit block of weinberg place called in around 3:00 a.m. thick smoke in the surrounding streets. authorities say the fire started in one and spread, when fire got there it was in four homes and it has spread to 8 homes. they are trying to prevent the spread from further homes at this point. there are heavy wind in
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trenton. according to deputy fire chief who we spoke to, said the wind didn't play a major role it was the live wires that were down that had a major issue for them accessing. he wasn't able to give us how many minutes it delayed them. if you look at the other video we shot hear, it's very smoky, there are emergency vehicles on a number of surrounding streets, there are reports of burn injuries and medics are on the scene transporting occupants to hospital. we heard the fire department requested buses to the scene for dozens of occupants on the block who are unable to get back inside their home. the air is thick with smoke. here's what one woman had to say. >> it's hard to breathe because of the rubber smell. it's a lot of smoke. >> reporter: okay, you take a look back here live on the scene
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in trenton you can see the fire department is on the scene, as well as police all the units in trenton have been dispatched the scene has been elevate to do a five-alarm blaze. pse&g is on the scene as well. the power is out on surrounding streets as they work to battle the blaze. back to you. >> now no new castle county, delaware, firefighters extinguished a massive house fire and rescued an elderly woman. the fire broke out on marry an drive. several pelt cats died in the fire -- several pet cats died in the fire. they are working on a cause. up handle borough mayor is accused of being under -- upland borough mayor is accused of being the under the influence when he crashed into two parked
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cars. police found him a block away from the crash. a woman told him to stay at the scene. >> he was getting out of his car. sir is that your car. he was like, i'll be right back. >> his vehicle was towed he was released on his own recognizance >> a young man is on the mend this morning after being shot twice. house on the 2900 blockout of turner street in the strawberry mansion section of philadelphia. someone shot the 22-year-old man in the thigh and the hand. emergency workers transported the victim to the hospital in stable condition. police say two suspects was seen running toward oxford street. they are working to figure out a motive. new on "action news," federal regulors want railroads across the country to test operators for sleep disorder.
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comeser the engineer's deadly crash in hoboken station was diagnosed with sleep apnea. the attorney for thomas gallagher said his client was analyzeed after the crash. he slammed into the terminal at double the ten mile an hour speed limit. one woman standing on the platform was killed. >> it's beginning to look a lot like winter across the northern u.s. this was the scene in west milford, new jersey, where folks received up to 4 inches ever snow. folks took at advantage. prewinter wonderland. snow and sleet created dangerous driving conditions in upstate new york. it was fall up to an inch an hour. >> in michigan, people witnessed the first major snowfall of the season. winter like temperatures and gusty winds mate it rough to -- made it rough to walk around center city yesterday.
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many were bundled up against hats scarves and several layers of clothing. everybody except report. >> i love the weather and looking forward to snow, and then i'll put on pants. we'll see. >> will the wind and cold weather stick around through thanksgiving. i bet it rhymes with so. >> reporter: we'll see the wind die down, temperatures will come back a little bit. the biggest concerned for thanksgiving. maybe a touch of rain. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows we are basically precipitation free. there's a little bit of a shower pushing away from trenton. we've seen blips of snow showers activity in the northern suburbs, but that appears to be breaking up. >> reporter: as we look outside we have sky6 live hd. i wouldn't be surprised to see the cameras locked down and not bouncing around a little bit. 38 degrees in philadelphia. 37 in wilmington. and 37 this trenton.
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so, as you look at the numbers, it's still on the cold side. in fact this afternoon it will be the chill chilliest of all the recent afternoons. the numbers will be dropping a little bit. we'll look at a mix of clouds and sun this morning. get the sunglasses read in -- ready in case the sun is out from behind the clouds. in the lehigh valley, mix of clouds and sun, windy and chilly, high of just 43 degrees. down the the shore, looms a cool one with a high of 48 degrees. clouds with sunny breaks, windy and chilly. the wind getting blustery. in philadelphia, high of 45 degrees. there are the winds across the region really you can expect them to be gusting as high as 35 to 45 miles per hour at times. right now we've got the gusts in the mid 30s and that wind advisory has been extended across the region until 7:00 p.m. tonight. overnight tonight the wind are
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not as strong, but it's blustery and cool. 34 degrees under partly cloudy skies and the wind gust up to 25 to 35 miles per hour overnight. what to expect today? winds will be gusting 40 to 45 miles per hour. windchills in the 20s and 0s. could have snow showers up in the poconos. unfortunately it looks windy tomorrow, but not as much so, but we're looking at a chilly condition with the highs in the 40s today and tomorrow. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 45 degrees is the high. windy and very chilly. tomorrow, sunny and blustery. the wind may not be as strong, but noticeable high of 48 partly sunny, less wind high of 50. thanks, thursday we're looking at cloudy skies, a better high of 54. parade temperatures starting in the low 40s in all likelihood there's a chance of a touch of rain. you want to keep your eyes on that part of the forecast as we
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get closer to thursday if you're planning on going. 56 on friday and staying cool over the weekend. >> one police officer is dead and two others shot in three incidents across the condition. we'll break down the tragedy for an officer in florida. >> kanye west goes on a ten minute tirade bashing beyounce and cancels a concert the next night. we're live on broad street, pattison avenue construction later in the day. right now we're good. we'll talk about construction in bucks county and talk about a pair of fires in new jersey when "action news" continues on this monday morning. >> just about 5:16 a.m.,
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monday, we're following several breaking stories, including this one, the action cam is live at this fire scene in woodbury, new jersey, where firefighters are trying to punch holes in the structure to try to air it out, as you can see the flames are burning right now they are being swept up by the heavy winds that are moving across the region right right right now. this is in woodbury where the fire started at 2:30 a.m. 6 or 7 people were injured, several had to jump from the second floor. bush on fire and cars, quite a scene we're following it. >> let's go over to matt pellman with traffic. the -- >> reporter: quite a scene, red bank avenue is where the fire crews are stationed right now. stick with every green avenue
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and cooper streets. we have a fire location in trenton, a lot of smoke is blowing around with this one. the fire is on weinberg place by brunswick avenue and olden avenue and spruce street. some of the major routes in trenton are being impacted, as well as the smoke blows and the fire crews remain on the scene. coming into pennsylvania off the trenton-morrisville bridge. this is route 1, southbound goid it was closed overnight for construction, the crews have cleared out. they will return tonight at 9:00 p.m. and close the super highway once again. old lincoln highway closes during the midday that's been going on for a month or so. use 213 or 413 as the alternates. have a downed tree in willow grove at 611 southbound side.
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now word is coming in of a overturned vehicle crash worcester township, stick with germantown pike as the alternate. >> new on "action news," authorities in florida arrested a suspect who shot and injured a police officer in is santa bell. the suspect hit the officer in a drive-by shooting and left the scene. emergency workers transported the officer to a hospital where he was treated and released. >> the eagles game in seattle took a brutal toll on the team with two key injuries. the birds took their only lead in the game in the first quarter and lost running back ryan
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matthews and darren sproles. the eagles went on to lose 26-15. >> there are so many mistakes that are hurting us, we're leaving scores out there. they are several things we have to detail our work, it's frustrating. >> the eagles host the packers on monday night football in one week. gllgt we're.
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we're so happy to tell you that a member of the morning team has been inducted into the broadcast pioneer hall of fame. david murphy, and long with members of our morning team to commend david on his achievement. congratulations, david. >> reporter: thank you nydia, it was such a loirch -- lovely
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night. it was great because my kids flew in from all over to be there. >> you're the hardest workingman. >> reporter: thank, matt. >> reporter: he is nice guy, too. [laughter]. >> reporter: regional rails are good this morning, everything is on time, the shut busing on the west -- shuttle busing on the west trenton line is over. >> reporter: 41 by noon, high of 45 degrees by 3:00 p.m. we'll have windchills in the 30s even at the best of times. at the airport, all green aircraft no major delays. in boston we have snow reported. jfk a little bit of
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precipitation as well. two places to keep your eyes on. an alarming new trend is happening online and forcing internet giants to change their policy. there are wild and whacky stories and people are falling for them. some people thing it was enough to sway the presidential election. >> we have hundreds of information coming from everywhere. >> what can be done to curb the saturation. watch our special report on fake news tonight on "action news" at 11:00 p.m. ♪
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west is acting crazy these days, he canceled his concert at the forum hours before it was to begin. he delivered another public rant on saturday, and that comes after telling fans he would have voted for trump. some one's cell phone captured him going on a rant about beyounce. >> beyounce disguised her you would perform unless you won video of the year. >> as you can hear there, fans
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responded with a chorus of boos. west canceled a tuesday night show in fresno. remember he is running for president in 2020. hip hop artist drake won four awards. justin bieber took home four awards. this is the 40th anniversary of american movie icon shot if philadelphia. november 21, 1976 movie audiences met philadelphia boxer rocky balboa. his story continues to resonate with fans. we asked the question, what's your favorite rocky movie. go to and vote in our quick poll. rocky the one that won best picture, 60%. creed in third place that's the most recent one, 10%. go to and tell us what
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you think, nid you -- nydia. one of the busiest airports in the country workers will go on strike. a massive fire leaves a city block in ruins in trenton. we're live with the very latest. those stories and more when "action news" continues.
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>> breaking on "action news," a fierce fire is burning on a city block in trenton. dozens are forced from there homes. >> more breaking news from new jersey, another fire damages three homes and downed power lines, this is a dangerous one to fight. >> they are fed by wicked winds that began yesterday, they will stick around today before they return to more seasonable conditions. good morning, everybody, monday, november 21. tam is off, so is karen rogers we have david murphy and matt pellman. >> reporter: all right, guys it's a windy day, the wind advisory has been extended through 7:00 p.m. tonight. we could get wind gusts 40 to 45 miles per hour enough to bring down tree barges and kick debris around the roadways. 33 is the current wind gust in philadelph


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