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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  November 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the very latest. bob. >> reporter: monica and rick good evening. you got to feel bad for the people down here. the damage speaks for itself here. you can see this home is burned down to its foundation. the two homes on both sides they're badly damaged as well. you see cars here, they caught fire as heavy winds overnight made this thing really hard to stop. with high winds overnight the fire would only get bigger and harder to control. cell phone video captures the flames at their peak. neighbors say they rose 15 feet from the home. this picture taken by app witnesses also shows its immense. it started with what she things is a explosion. >> i heard a loud boom i looked out the window and i could see all the fire, the blazes. >> reporter: that's stephanie. she captured this video. the fire spread to houses next door and to ones down the street. >> probably at least 15 to 20 feet above the house. it was huge. >> reporter: ian picking was one of the people living inside. >> i just grabbed a blanket
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and i came running outside. >> reporter: he was treated at the hospital and released. in fact, he was one of seven from inside who was taken for treatment. he says one of his roommates had to jump from the second floor window. >> we drag the guy across the street e stuff is falling down. >> reporter: he came back this afternoon to find everything he owned destroyed but turned this thanksgiving holiday he's grateful it looks like everyone will survive. >> we all been protected how. >> reporter: back out another live look here. there is just nothing left of this home. we do know that one person has been taken to cooper medical, they are in critical but stable condition. i can also tell you that just afternoon today crews had to come back here because of these heavy winds. this thing started smoldering again but luckily fire crews are able to put it out again. to are now reporting in woodbuob brooks channel6 "action news. rick. >> bob, thank you. the damage was even worse in trenton after fire tore through an entire block of row homes on weinberg place this morning. the flames broke out at about 3 a.m. officials say a series of
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downed live wires delayed them from fighting the flames. windy conditions also fueled the fire and soon nearly every fire truck in trenton was on the scene helping to fight the flames. tonight this is what remains of nine row homes. all have been destroyed. two people were taken to the hospital but they're expected to be okay. we're following developing news out of japan tonight where a tsunami warning is in effect for parts of the country after anake there. this is a live look at fukushima where a 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck offer the coast just about an hour ago. you can see the wat moving out of the bay which happens before a tsunami washes ashore. fukushima is home to the nuclear power plants that was destroyed by a massive tsunami following an earthquake back in 2011. no word on if that plant has sustained any more damage but right now people at the coast are being told to evacuate right away. >> right now authorities in
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texas are searching for a killer after a deadly shooting involving a police officer. the incident in san antonio was just one of several attacks on police this weekend. in all, four officers were ambushed in three different states. abc's elizabeth hur is live in new york with that manhunt under way in texas. elizabeth. >> reporter: monica, authorities in san antonio say they created a special task force and police are working around the clock to catch their suspect and there's now a $25,000 reward for his arrest. >> it's disgusting. >> not justified. >> reporter: dismayed and disheartened. >> just sort of punched me in my stomach. >> reporter: community members in san antonio are dropping off flowers and leaving thank you notes for detective benjamin marconi shot and killed just outside police headquarters, police say for just doing his job. >> absolutely felt targeted. i feel we were targeted. i think that the uniform was the target. >> reporter: according to
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the san antonio police chief this is their suspect caught on surveillance video at the police station sunday morning. >> he asked the question. the clerk said that they would help him with that he said never mindut. >> reporter: only to return hours later and allegedly open fire hitting marconi sitting in his patrol car twice in the head before driving away. >> vehicle drove through headquarters parking lot. >> reporter: marconi is one of four officers ambushed this weekend. in saint louis another officer while sitting in his squad car was shot twice in the face. in florida and in missouri two more officers were shot and wounded during a traffic stop. all three are now home recovering. back in san antonio, a community continues to mourn to let detective marconi's family know they are not alone. >> everybody's life matters. so that's why i thought i would come and show appreciation. >> reporter: and this afternoon the marconi family released a statement. they said that they are mourning the loss of a
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wonderful father and a peace officer. they went on to thank the community and the country for the outpouring of support. live in new york, i'm elizabeth hur for channel6 "action news." monica. >> thank you elizabeth. pennsylvania governor tom wolf has vetoed a bill regarding the identification of police officers involved in deadly force then bill which passed the house and senate last month required the officers' name to be released if he or she was charged way crime. however if no charges were produced the officer's name would be with held. in his veto statement today governor wolf said in part "i am deeply concerned for the safety of the commonwealth's police officers but this legislation does not necessarily provide greater protection to law enforcement." >> all right, turning to accuweather and another cold night for the delaware valley. the action cam was on the campus of temple university today in north philadelphia where plenty of folks were bundled up for their walk outside. tonight remains gusty gusty
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yes. >> gut see. >> if you go without a coat it's gut see. temperatures are tricking up just in time for the holiday. meteorologist cecily tynan live at the big board with the forecast starting to feel wintry. >> it certainly is and what a rude awakening after two days when it almost felt like summer. friday 70, saturday 72, the record high 75 but then that cold front blew through. yesterday 44, today's high so far 45 degrees, that's 9 degrees below normal and feeling a lot colder than that thanks to these gusty winds. wind gusts right now philadelphia 36 miles per hour. we have them gusting more than 40 miles an hour earlier today. still, though, in lancaster wind gusts at 41 miles per hour. that westerly wind and the winds are creating wind chills that definitely feel like winter. feels like 30 in philadelphia right now, 26 in reading, 29 in wilmington, mount pocono feels like 16. they got four to 6-i snow in the poconos this weekend. so, wind advisory has been
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posted for most of our viewing area until 7 o'clock tonight with wind gusts more than 40 miles an hour at times. they will be easing a little bit but still it's going to be gusty tomorrow. i'll have details on that and an early look at thanksgiving weekend coming up in the accuweather forecast. monica. >> all right, thank you cecily. new at 5:00 tonight, 40 years ago today the movie rocky premiered in new york city giving philadelphia a hometown hero to celebrate for life. today tourists and locals alike celebrate there had film and its impact on the city. sarah bloomquist is live on those iconic art museum steps made famous by that movie. hi sarah. >> yo' sarah. >> reporter: i knew that was coming from rick. they're better flown here as the rocky steps. people come in all hours in all weather to run them to celebrate a film that premiered 40 years ago today and today rocky is as much a part of philadelphia as ben franklin or the liberty bell. up they go to the top of the art museum steps.
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they raise their hands in the air, triumphantly. just like rocky balboa did when the movie first premiered four decades ago on this day. >> i mean they do it all the time. they're like doing push-ups and stuff like there it's cool. >> i've been here a bunch of times and i've never done it and it felt like -- like a coming of age moment. >> reporter: the steps draw people from all over the world as does the iconic statue of the boxer from south philadelphia at the base. >> i usually go mouse seems and i do other kind of tourist things. i had to come. i really love rocky. >> it's all part of philadelphia and when you're here you have to do it all. >> i was 14 when i saw the movie. now i'm 54.crazy, crazy crazy. >> reporter: written by sylvester stallone in three days the film like rocky himself was long shot. made on a budget of only a million dollars and filmed in 28 days. it made over 225 million in 1976 alone and won three academy awards including best
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picture. >> yo' adrienne. i did it. [laughter] >> i think it's a greatest -- testament to endurance. >> reporter: 31 miles retracing rocky's training run through the city. >> people are just like rocky starting to take us seriously and recognize how great this city is. he epitomizes philadelphia. >> yo' adrienne this is the place to be okay. mike makes a living impersonating rock cohe lives and breathes the movie 40 years after its debut. >> every single time i come to these steps i think my god what -- not only sylvester stallone but the entire crew created has reached and inspired a planet. >> reporter: no doubt about it rocky's story of determination perseverance and grit continues to resonate with people all over the world, though likely -- they'll-likely still be coming here to run these steps 40
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years from today. live at the art museum steps i'm sarah bloomquist channel6 "action news." yo', rick, back to you. >> sarah you got the eye of the tiger. >> reporter: i want a do over. >> you're out of time. she's going to get me back for that. preparations are in the final stages for the oldest thanksgiving day parade in the country. >>♪ the dancers are in their final rehearsals and workers are busy getting the parkway ready for the big show. the parade kicks off at 20th and j.f.k. finishing in front of the oval of course and if you can't make it down to the parade route we've got you covered. so join me, cecily karen rogers adam joseph alicia vitarelli for full coverage of the 6abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day par raymond it starts at 8:30 right here on 6abc thursday morning. >> wonderful family tradition. >> yes, it. >> time for a check of that "action news" traffic report. >> matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. how was your weekend matt.
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>> weekend was good. we had a parade of people this evening trying get home on the pennsylvania turnpike in chester county and they've been parked rick and monica, because of an eastbound accident east of downingtown. it's an improvement though. now the crash is off to the shoulder so both lanes are opened. you still have slowing though, in both directions. however, at this point i think i'd stick with the turnpike 'cause the alternate routes including the 30 bypass are jammed with detouring traffic sun glare and normal afternoon volume. several accidents in delco one in ridley township involves a pedestrian along holme road at macdade boulevard. also fire department activity right along route one township line road at lansdowne avenue by the kohl's and plenty of slowing on 95 as you can see southbound in south philadelphia we had a broken down vehicle and this crash on the uptick of the girard point bridge so it's extra heavy coming down from the walt whitman bridge and in south jersey earlier crash on 42 northbound near kohl's road is gone but speeds still in the upper 20's right there. we'll check it again rick and monica, in the next half hour. >> all right matt, will do. thank you. much more still ahead on
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"action news" at 5:00 tonight it's a revolving tore of a-list republicans at trump tower as the president-elect continues to build the administration. coming up at 5:30 tonight the transition announcements expected in the near future. >> but first avoiding an unexpected stop on vacation. how you can be ready in case something happens while you're away from home this holiday season when "action news" returns. >> ♪♪
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>> in health check tonight federal regulators urging train operators to be screened for sleep apnea and to be treated if necessary. >> it's a measure they say that would make passengers safer. health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman joins us with more on that at the "action news" big board. ali. >> this comes a few months after that deadly accident in hoboken new jersey. a commuter train slammed into the station there. the operator was found to have severe obstructive sleep apnea. new jersey transit already tests for the disorder but changed its rules last week to ensure engineers don't operate trains until they're treated. sleep apnea was also a factor in the commuter train crash in new york city in 2013 when someone has the disorder their breathing is interrupted multiple times throughout the night. it can lead to severe daytime drowsiness which can increase the risk of dosing off and
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causing an accident. the federal railroad administration will issue a safety advisory stressing the importance of screening and treating sleep app pia. speaking of travel, the busy holiday travel season is under way and there are some things to keep in mind prevent stress and also to stay healthy. a new nationwide survey by orlando health shows that one in four vacations unfortunately includes a trip to the emergency room. doctors say many visits could be avoided with better preparation. first, make sure you refill any prescriptions you need before you go. and put medications in your carry on bag not the checked suitcase. also, use your phone to upload important images such as x-rays or ekg's. >> you would be surprised at how many people have something brand new or acute like an operation in the recent past and have almost no details about who what or why they had their procedure. >> and if you don't feel well before vacation, don't go.
5:17 pm
traveling is stressful and your condition can quickly go from bad to worse. also if you're going outside the country consider getting travel insurance. medicare and some private plans won't cover you outside the u.s. and i want to stress if you are having a problem don't delay getting treatment just because it's the holidays. it is always safer to get it checked out. rick and monica, back to you. >> all right ali thank you. well, coming up tonight on "action news" at 11:00 an alarming new trend is happening online and it's forcing at least two internet giants to change their policies. you probably have seen them wild even wacky bogus stories and many people are falling for them. some believe the fake news was fluff to sway the presidential election. >> we have hundreds, thousands, millions infinite sources of information coming from everywhere. >> so, how do we decipher fact from fiction and what can be done to curb the saturation? watch our special report on fake news tonight on "action "action news" at 11:00.
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>> ♪♪ >> wall street started the new week on a high note. all three major indices closed at record highs. the first time a simultaneous record has been lit since summer.
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dow gained 88, nasdaq up 47, s & p 500 gained 16. when you head out this coming friday to grab deals on black friday for holiday gifts there are a few things you should keep in mind. philadelphia district attorney seth williams says on black friday you need to consider both your financial safety and your physical safety. >> one people when you're going to your car don't have your keys out in your hand where a would be carjacker might grab your keys and know your car and take off with your car. while you're shopping, if you do put things in your vehicle put them in a place that aren't visible to people that are in a parking lot. hide your stuff. >> d.a. williams suggests keeping a close eye on your bank account to be sure you are only getting charged for things you bought. >> a new push to help feed new jersey's children in need. state senate presidency sweeney and colleague raymond lezniak today united with anti-hunger advocates. a new funds would create startup costs to help school
5:22 pm
districts identify children need of a free breakfast. an advocacy group recently found less than half of low income children in new jersey receive school breakfast in 2016. >> hundreds of seniors lined up in north philadelphia to get a free turkey today and philadelphia police officers helped lift the bags filled with those big birds. city council president darrell clarke and councilman bill green lee identified scenes seniors who could use a helping hand. wal-mart donated all of the turkeys. >> still to come on "action news" at 5:00 a check that of forecast. >> as we look live outside sky6 hd showing you the ben franklin bridge on a monday evening. meteorologist cecily tynan has that bundle up forecast for you when we come right back. stay with us. >> ♪♪
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>> time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. >> meteorologist cecily tynan here with the forecast for the week ahead including thanksgiving. hi cecily. >> hi, guys. it will be warming up a little bit but it's beginning to look a lot like christmas in the poconos. beth posted this on my facebook page. this is from panther pennsylvania, northern poconos. she's at the top of a mountain and they've got 6-inches of snow up there from the system that pulled through here over the weekend that brought us this cold air. right now philadelphia it's only 41 degrees. the dewpoint 16 degrees so it's a very dry air mass. winds right now at 30 miles they're still howling society
5:26 pm
wind chill makes it feel like 30 degrees and those winds really will be with us through the day tomorrow, although they will be diminishing a little bit. right now it feels like 26 in reading, 25 in lancaster feels like 30 in millville and it feels like 30 in allentown. satellite6 along with action radar slowing this is why. we've got this low pressure, this very strong storm right over quebec and it's going nowhere fast and this is what's pulling down the cold gusty winds. it's also creating quite a bit of lake effect snow, parts te between the storm itself and lake effect reporting 3 feet of snow. so, you think about that. you don't want to complain about our we had because it's not that bad it's just going to be cold tonight and windy 34 in philadelphia, allentown 31 wilmington 30 and cape may 36 degrees with partly cloudy skies. tomorrow the wind chill tracktory, i can say -- tracker i can say that it's going to feel like 25 degrees.
5:27 pm
as we head through the day wind chills in the upper 30's so it's going to be cold tomorrow but not quite as harsh as today. future tracker showing if you're doing any traveling tomorrow there's a storm system developing and pulling out of the rockies bringing snow across denver. it will be really targeting the great lakes so wednesday big travel day some snow in the morning in minneapolis and then in the afternoon, some rain approaching cincinnati and this system will really be weakening as it pushes towards us on thanksgiving day. so, future tracker thursday 10 o'clock in the morning lots of clouds with some showers across central pennsylvania, a few of those may survive into our region but at this point looking at only a scattered shower, so all in all thanksgiving not that bad. five day at 5:00 showing tomorrow windy and chilly wednesday the winds diminish, 49 degrees. thursday lots of clouds, a scattered shower but generally rainfall less than a tenth of an inch for thanksgiving so again a decent forecast, 52 degrees, temps for the parade in the 40's. friday clouds some sun 56.
5:28 pm
saturday it will be seasonable 54 degrees. i'll let you know if any cool windy weather will return next week in the accuweather 7-day forecast guys. >> i remember some parades where we had snow cecily. >> not a bad forecast. >> much more "action news" coming your way. stick around. we'll be right back. >> okay.
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jaime apody rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪♪ >> hello again. here's what's happening on "action news" monday night. one by one, president-elect donald trump is vetting his potential picks for his new administration. there are a few surprise in the mix. also two people are shot in the middle of the afternoon and are now fighting for their lives. also, a mindful citizen helps police flab a burglary suspect wanted for a crime that was caught on tape. >> now the details. president-elect trump has been at his northern jersey golf course interviewing potential candidates for his administration. it was a revolving door both solid trump supporters and even rivals. but there are concerns swirling around trump's old career possibly conflicting with his new job at commander-in-chief. lana zak live in washington d.c. tonight with more on that. good evening, lana. >> reporter: good evening monica. yes, trump's former campaign
5:31 pm
manager and nope special adviser kellyanne conway spoke about those issues and she also spoke about some of the people that we saw coming in and out of trump tower today as the president-elect dispatched a group of economic advisers here top washington calling them their economic landing team. one by 133 came to trump -- one by one they came to trump tower. some considered for cabinet positions and some of the meetings were with former critics of mr. trump. >> included a lot of his former presidential rivals, some of the so-called never trump, they all love america and they're all looking forward to having a say in what happens next. >> reporter: among the visitors former massachusetts senator scott down. >> we spoke about my passion and his passion which are ve and veterans issues. >> reporter: he says he expects to hear if he's offered a cabinet position after thanksgiving. the governor of oklahoma mary
5:32 pm
fallon said no offer was made to her. >> initial meeting way wide range of topics. tulsi gabbard of hawaii shied away from the press but released a statement after her meeting saying "i believe we can disagree even strongly but still come together ton issues that matter to the american people." and today his seen sore adviser defend one of those meetings that mr. trump took in the days following the election with business partners from india. >> not breaking any laws. he has many lawyers accountants and advisers to tell him what he must do. >> reporter: the president-elect will need to figure out how to disentangle his many business interests from his new role as a public servant representing all of the united states of america. he has more than 18 different countries in which he operates more than 100 trump organizations. so it will be certainly a big task. reporting live from washington, lana zak channel6 "action news." back to you, monica. >> thank you lana. no secret that
5:33 pm
president-elect trump has a rocky relationship with the media. today was though perhaps a step in a positive direction that's him he invited several network anchors including george stephanopoulos and lester holt wolf blitzer is. they came to trump tower for a meeting today. the nature of that discussion was not made public. one day after meeting with the president-elect governor chris christie of new jersey met with his own cabinet and new jersey lieutenant governor kim guadagno this afternoon in trenton. it's not clear what was discussed. when asked about the meeting with trump christie categorized it as "great." christie says he plans to finish his term of governor which ends in 2018. >> to the humanitarian crisis in syria. a un chief says conditions in rebel held eastern aleppo have gone from terrible to terrifying and are now barely survivable. officials say continued bombings have made it nearly impossible to sustain a supply
5:34 pm
clinton food medicine and other basic necessities. the last available un food rations were distributed nine days ago and only a handful of nongovernment resources are left. prices have also skyrocketed on fuel and gas for cooking. the death toll from india's worst train disaster in years is now up to 146 people. investigators say it's still not clear what caused the 14 cars to jump the tracks. about halfway between the 20y 27 hour journey yesterday. the impact was so strong that one of the coaches landed atop another. witnesses reported being thrown from their beds. today heavy equipment was brought in to move the cars to a separate investigation site. pope francis is allowing all priests to absolve all women who have had abortions. previously the pontiff had granted special permission tour priests to forgive abortions during the locally year which ended yesterday. but in a new document released today, the pope extended that permission indefinitely. he said that there was no sin
5:35 pm
that god's mercy cannot wipe away. >> tense clashes between protestors and police continue tonight over the dakota access pipeline. law enforcement officers respect defending their decision to use below freezing water cannons to control demonstrators last night. 17 people were hurt in that exchange. police used water, tear gas and rubber bullets to prevent the people from crossing a bridge that had been blocked off. protestors claim they were peaceful but police say they were throwing rocks at the officers and even setting fires. three women protesting the pipeline were arrested this morning in center city. the demonstrators chained themselves to a td bank. they issued a two points $5 billion loan for the pipeline. the women say they want td bank to stop contributing to the project. two men are fighting for their lives tonight after being shot in north philadelphia this afternoon. this is the scene in the 3500 block of north 15th street. detectives are still sorting out what led up to the
5:36 pm
shooting. one victim, a 21-year-old man was shot five times. the second victim a 24-year-old man was shot in the head. both were taken to temple university hospital. they're in critical condition. >> a 12-year-old boy was shot outside of a south jersey apartment and police are still trying to find the person who pulled the trigger. happened last night at the oak view apartments along 1700 block of east broad street in millville. detectives tell "action news" the boy was hit in the calf and taken to the hospital for treatment. witnesses say they heard at least five gun shots coming from a car driving through the complex. a man is recovering after being attacked outside the parx cass flow in bensalem bucks county. happened just before 4:00 a.m. in parking lot c. police responding to a 911 call about a fight found the man lying on the ground. he was taken to aria torresdale hospital. eats -- he's expected to be okay. still not clear who attacked him or why. >> a tip call led to the arrest of a wanted thief who
5:37 pm
is accused of going great lengths to get some cash. he is 55-year-old donald smack. smack is charged with stealing money from an atm back in october. he was caught on surveillance video forcing open the money machine on wadsworth avenue in east mount air regional rail he spent about an hour using tools to break into the atm. 2000 meals will be handed out to folks in need this thanksgiving that a thanks to generous donations the food poured in outside a shop rite in wynnefield. from the turkey to the apple pie each of these boxes has everything needed for a family holiday meal. brown's super stores which operates 11 shop rite supermarkets and a fresh grocer in the philadelphia area partnered with the urban affairs coalition for the efforts. and we invite you to connect, share and give this holiday. just head to to find ways that you can help a family in need as well this thanksgiving. and if you're headed to the 6abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade this thursday, be sure to bring a
5:38 pm
canned food item with you. boy scouts of america as always will be there collecting the cans from you or you can drop them off at any one of many designated areas. it's a wonderful effort. >> that time of year. it's that time of the evening when we get a check of the commuter situation. >> over to matt pelman to check it out. >> i'm sharing with i was very busy monday evening commute. give yourself a lot of extra time as you head home. let's focus on this red zone right here, a lot of red in both directions along the vine street expressway. red brake lights headed westbound toward the schuylkill white headlights head eastbound towards broad street and 95t a lot of volume on the vine this afternoon and of course the vine closes tonight and tomorrow night at 11 o'clock for overnight construction. had a broken down vehicle here on the schuylkill westbound approaching the boulevard. gone now but still heavy in those westbound lanes headed toward city avenue and on 76 the pennsylvania turnpike, there was a big eastbound accident earlier this afternoon off to the side but
5:39 pm
still just 5 miles per hour coming eastbound away from downingtown and now westbound past valley forge there's a crash taking out one lane. accidents in both directions on the turnpike. bucks county route one the superhighway going to close again tonight at oxford valley road starting at 9 o'clock. at that point you might want to use 95 but you don't want to use 95 right now in bucks county. northbound and southbound jammed solid. there's northbound construction at the scudder falls bridge not helping us out. rick and monica, back over to you. >> all right. thank you matt. much more still ahead on "action news" tonight t wild weather out west forces residents to higher ground and emergency crews into some very dangerous situations. >> and the birds suffer another loss away from home. ducis rodgers with more from coach doug pederson about what is ahead for the eagles. adam. >> the winds continue to lip through town. wind chills right now below freezing across-the-board. i'll let you know when the winds will ease and of course have that holiday forecast in that seven day. >> all right. we'll have those stories and more when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪♪
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>> a woman being charged with murdering a mother kidnapping her newborn baby after allegedly faking her own pregnancy.
5:43 pm
police in texas say this woman baby sophia's mom was shot to death last week by 34-year-old yasena sesnus. >> she faked a pregnancy and traveled to wichita where she committed the murder. >> the baby was found on saturday unharmed. >> dealing with cold and windy conditions in our region up north side they're shoveling snow. a storm system dumped up to 18-inches of snow in parts of update new york binghamton and syracuse got hit hardest. schools in central new york and western massachusetts called off classes today or had delayed starts and northwest connecticut got about a foot of snow. the storm is expected to wind down later today. heavy rain in california turned rivers into rapids trapping many people there. four folks had to be rescued from a neighborhood near the los angeles riverly they got stranded on an island in the
5:44 pm
water there were other rescues as well. nobody was hurt in this scary situation. world news tonight with david muir will have much more on the snow and heavy rains plaguing much of the country as well as the other top stories around the globe. you can watch all of that following "action news at 6:00. >> time for sports. ducis is here and you know it's going to be a long day for eagles when the quarterback caught a touchdown pass. >> he was the best receiver on the field including the eagles receivers. were the eagles overmatched by seattle? yes. did they shoot themselves in the foot with mental mistakes? again the sans yes. the eagles lost 26-15 to falafel to five and five on the year. nelson agholor had another untimely drop. at the game agholor was candid with jeff skversky. he pretty much admitted that his head is not in the game. >> it's not about the efforts. sometimes it's about, you know mentally being in my own head and, you know, taking
5:45 pm
away from what i need to give to my teammates. >> i will definitely have a conversation with nelson and i'll address that as we get later in the week but, you know that's -- those are definitely concerns there i have now that obviously he's come out and said that publicly. you know, my concern is for him as an individual, you know, as a person and i want to make sure that he's -- he's, you know, in a good spot. >> realizing they need receiver help the eagles activated paul turner from the practice squad. turner led the eagles in receiving yards in the preseason for whatever that's worth. he can also return punts to make room cornerback aaron grymes was released. several injuries to keep an eye on as the eagles head towards next week's game against green bay. ryan math news dealing with a new issue. fellow running back darren sproles has a nondisplaced rib fracture. he left yesterday's game in the second quarter. coach pederson believers sproles will be okay to play against the contact pacers. sixers home tonight to face the miami heat.
5:46 pm
sixers have won three straight home games. we'll take what we can get. villanova the number two ranked team in the country. cats beat central florida last night. nova will be in action wednesday at home against charleston. saint joe's wraps up its paradise jam tournament in the virgin islands against nc state. tipoff is at the top of the hour. to hockey flyers have a short two game road trip ahead. beginning tomorrow night they'll play back to back games against the panthers and lightning. tampa bay has won four straight games. meanwhile the flyers continue to hang around that .500 mark. >> have the very porn. we got to get back on track. not a better place to do it than on the road. it's a good challenge for us. >> it's going to be a good one. we got to make sure we're playing hockey the right way. i think last game we did some good things but not enough good things so we got to get
5:47 pm
back on the winning page. >> about a quarter of the way through the season plenty of time but you want to start making a move soon. >> absolutely. >> thank you ducis. former flyers players notched an assist today off the ice. bob kelly brian propp and danny briere took part in thanksgiving day meals delivery in kensington the flyers way of helping the saint francis inn prepare more than 350 meals. >> hockey players for a lot of years and a lot of people supporting us, it's a good feeling to give back now. >> flyers have made this heartwarming and belly tempting donation for the past 11 years. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder.
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get 150 meg internet tv and phone for just 79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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>> a breakfast staple for some folks messed up the morning rush hour in north carolina today. this truck rolled over hit a bridge and then spilled bananas all over i85. the driver apparently fell asleep before the wreck. he's okay but a stretch that of highway was of course closed in both directions for a time. >> all right. in the meantime meteorologist adam joseph is here now with a really interesting holiday week ahead of us. >> yeah, at least there's no big storms coming our way. we're not going to have these strong winds as we get towards the holido not too bad as we look at the travel day and thanksgiving itself. as we look at storm tracker6 live double scan we had some snow over the weekend in the poconos where they picked up some areas over a half a foot of snow, kind of an early start to the season up there but locally not much
5:51 pm
happening. action cam south philadelphia near fdr park a beautiful day if you took the wind away. yeah, i was a -- it was a little bit on the chilly side, a mixture of sunshine and clouds but many of those trees stripped of their levers after these wind -- leaves after the last 24 hours. peak wind gusts in philadelphia today was 47 m 49 miles an hour, 46 in wilmington, 44 in atlantic city and in the poconos, as high as 52 miles an hour on your monday. and that's bringing those wind chills down so it feels like 30 allentown, philadelphia as below freezing for the atlantic city airport, dover 20's, that's it for wilmington, 25 in lancaster and in the poconos the wind chill at the present time is 16 degrees. low pressure continues to wind up here eastern canada northern new england creating that lake effect snow machine that continues in parts of syracuse rochester and just to the east there of buffalo but for most of the east coast, it is pretty quiet right now. there is a storm developing
5:52 pm
over the rockies and that will head its way into the midsection of the country and the great lakes for your travel day on wednesday. blustery cold overnight tonight mixture of stars and clouds winds still sustained about 25 miles an hour at times. 29 in the suburbs, 34 for center city. and and as we go into your tuesday in the lehigh valley the cold wind continues at speeds of up to 30 miles an hour. a-just 45. but wind chills remain in the 30's during your tuesday. same thing for center city. brought and chilly, wind chills stuck in the 30's with an air temperature of 48 degrees and at the shore for tomorrow, windy there as well. sunshine and just a few clouds and maybe a few degrees warmer than philadelphia and the northwest suburbs with a high of around 49 degrees. the travel day on wednesday if you're expected to go anywhere on the east coast fine no, weather woes whatsoever. it's 49 with high pressure coming in. there's the low that brings rain for parts of the tennessee valley ohio valley
5:53 pm
into chicago and then snow into the northern plains on wednesday and that system does pull through here on thanksgiving but it's going to weaken so we're not expecting a lot of rain here for the parade forecast between 8 o'clock and noon, temperatures in the middle to upper 40's, a lot of clouds. there could be a shower or two but at this point it looks like that would be it with a very light wind so no problems for the balloon handlers during the parade as those winds are only five to 10 miles an hour. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast upper 40's for the next two days, a decent amount of sun still windy tomorrow less wind ony. clouds comfor thanksgiving, 52 for a high in the afternoon way -- with a scattered shower at time. a lot of clouds lingering on friday. a few peeks of sun could be a stray shower at 56 but as of right now the upcoming weekend 54 degrees on saturday, mixture of sun and clouds, staying dry on sunday and then monday looking good, at 54 degrees with the eagles in town for monday night football
5:54 pm
so we've had parades where it poured and snowed it's gland icicles coming off our -- >> 40's. not too bad.andle it. >> we can handle it. >> you're in a booth with a roof and a heater. >> all right, all right. i still got to walk to the booth. [laughter] >> poor thing. >> we have everything you need to know about this year's thanksgiving day parade on there you can find out how you can win great prizes while watching, get a look at the special guests who will join the biggest show on the parkway and check out the parade map and parking information. find it all right there right now at apple says it will offer free batteries for some iphone users. the batteries will be replacements for iphone 6s models that began shutting down nor reason. phones made between september and october of 2015 are eligible for the batteries. apple says the battery concerns are not linked to any safety issues.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. >> player for the oaks turned into a teacher today at the
5:57 pm
linc. special teams coach chris taught children about the importance of eating right and getting crimes he led them in various workouts. this is a fuel up to play 60 event the nfl's fitness campaign. looks like fun. >> it did. >> right now jim gardner with the "action news" team standing by with these stories and much more coming up next at 6:00. >> i'm nora muchanic in trenton where firefighters are still hosing down a one block area where nine houses were destroyed overnight as that fire ripped down the. i'll have full details coming up next on "action news." >> and driving in circles penndot is adding more round abouts in an effort to keep traffic moving. we'll have those stories and more up next. for adam joseph, cecily tynan jaime apody rick williams the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass. have a great night. "action news" at 6:00 is next. >> good night. >> ♪♪
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪♪ >> monday night. delaware county mayor is charged with dui and a car crashes into a mcdonald's restaurant injuring a customer. but the big story on "action news" tonight is the probe into this morning's terribly destructive fire in trenton. the blaze erupted in one house but the wind helped the flames spread to almost the entire block. the fire even destroyed actually melted cars that were parked across the street. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic is live at the unit block of weinberg place in trenton. nora, what's the latest there? >> reporter: jim, the cause of the fire is still unclear but the damage it did is not. it effectively wiped out an entire side of the block here
6:00 pm
and what it did was it left nothing behind, a row of burned out houses that are damaged beyond repair. this is what it looked like this morning when a fast moving fire spread through a row of homes on weinberg place in trenton destrnine houses. >> i kept smelling something and when i looked to the window it was my neighbor house was on fire. >> i lost everything. i got -- i -- my life is -- is good. my family -- my husband is okay. >> reporter: mutual aid call was put in and firefighters from area towns joined the trenton fire department trying to fight back the flames. they were delayed b


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