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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  November 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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urging people to be patient and leave plenty of time to get to their destination. it's wednesday fight and monica malpass is off and sharrie williams is joining us and the big story on "action news" is the travel trouble one day before thanksgiving. chad pradelli starts off us after the philadelphia international airport. >> reporter: hey sharrie, we are here in terminal d and behind me a line, nothing you wouldn't normally see on a given day. the line is moving rather quickly and we have been here for much of day and travel may be hectic in parts of the country here at phl it's going pretty well. thanksgiving eve is one of the busier flying day of the years. but philadelphia international airport is seems to be bus as usual. >> you have just gotten here what is it like? >> easy no people, no traffic. >> bad weather coming out of chicago but much nicer here. >> how about the lines?
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>> ticketing -- >> not at o'hare, pretty efficient over there. >> and it appears that philadelphia international airport know what's it's doing as well. nice weather had flights on time and the airport may not seem overly busy, tsa says it's due in part for extra staff used to make the security lines move. >> we are doing this for weeks to make sure we are ready for the big passenger holiday. >> like driving evenings and mornings are generally the high travel times and even if the lines get long, jordan johnson has the right attitude. >> stay positive. you know what i mean, there is nothing you can do it happens every single year to get worked up to it it's kind of childish. >> and as you know travel conditions can change in a hurry, if you travel tonight or tomorrow, make sure you give yourself extra time for parking and get yourself through
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picketing and get yourself through the security. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. it is expected to be a busy weekend at 30 and street station as well as we look live inside. amtrak says that 750,000 people are will he using the train to get to their thanksgiving destinations this year. that means every train car will be in use this weekend. >> all right from the trains to the roads, aaa estimates 90% of philadelphia area travellers will be driving to their destination for the holidays. the action cam found plenty of travelers off i-95 in newark to refuel or take a short break good for more on how the roads are looking now we turn to matt pellman, you are taking chopper 6 hd so your destination? >> i would like to reserve that for sure. good evening to you rick and sharrie we have issued on the rails this evening, because of an accident involving a trespasser on the tracks.
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between wilmington and newark and the northeast corridor on amtrak is halted as a result. and word is coming in now and they are starting to resume service, resuming the service with delays and service is resuming on the northeast corridor. septa's wilmington rail line is also affected and you are on the buses now. that is not horrific. meanwhile on the schuylkill expressway another accident this one eastbound in south philadelphia by 28th street involving a truck taking out the right lane, jams eastbound from montgomery to the scene and eastbound is heavy from girard to belmont where there was a truck accident now on the shoulder and don't use ridge avenue through east falls, there is a water main break stay on henry to get around that. a crash in horsham by st. joseph's curve at 611 and one near clementon at stone road at broadway avenue shs and monroe
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township, look for a wreck at jackson road at piney road. and no issues on the a.c. expression way if you spend the holidays down the shore. >> thank you. talking temperatures now as we look live outside from sky 6 hd showing you the center city skyline, the wind has died down in time for thanksgiving and clouds are moving in overnight. meteorologist, cecily tynan, is at the big board with the look at the holiday and parade forecast. >> we finally got a nice day, finally got rid of the wind, temperatures where they should be for this time of year. double scan live radar showing changes are on the way work have a line of some light showers working through central pennsylvania that is where the warm front is heading through overnight and most of that precipitation should be evaporating and the main storm system is across the midwest and that is heading to the northeast and what that will do is bring us moisture mainly in the form of clouds but also some showers. now, the good news one of the
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biggest travel days of the year. it's quiet, newark, new jersey reporting a 33 minute delay and i have been tweeted that delays in newark are typical. not a big deal there. heading to the midwest some delays because of the rain 22 minutes and minneapolis 23 minutes. your parade forecast not a rainout, 28, 42 degrees and by noon 50 degrees, i'm tracking another system on friday, details on that coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily. >> from our delaware newsroom now, a woman and man were both shot overnight in glasgow and they remain in critical condition. officials say that the 18-year-old female victim and male victim were both shot inside of a trailer home on patrice drive. they were rushed to christiana
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hospital. no arrests have been made and police still don't have a motive. >> earlier this week, pennsylvania governor wolf vetoed a bill that would have limited transparency across the state. house bill 38 would prohibit public officials from releasing names of police officers who fatally shoot civilins for 30 days or until the investigation is over. the naacp applauded governor wolf for taking action against the bill. >> there is nothing cowardly about this veto, the only thing that is cowardly from our vantage point is to shoot and possibly kill civilians that too observe are unarmed and hide your face and name from the public. >> muhammad pointed out today that police shootings are up nationally by 61%.
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for most families, thanksgiving dinner is 24 hours away and rush is on to get the last min groceries. the action cam is in the acme in bala cynwyd where plenty of them were trying to get their hands on the trimmings to make sure tomorrow's meal is perfect and complete. >> meantime people are looking ahead to black friday. that includes officials at the burlington county animal shelter that want everyone to consider buying something other than electronics or clothes this weekend. new jersey correspondent, nora muchanic, has the story new at 5:00. >> starting black friday, the folks at the burlington county animal shelter want you to consider bringing home for than tvs, toys or computers. the best deal would ber ee one animaled at the shelter hoping to find a home for the holidays. >> the holidays are about giving back. you give a second chance to the animal and rewarding to the individual as well. this weekend black friday
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through cyber monday, the shelter is waiving fees. they are calling the promotion home for the paw-days. >> they need poem homes and that is a good thing. >> they adoptd this cat, lily. >> i am giving a life to the kitten and the kitten is giving life to me. >> consider jed a yorkie that came in a week ago and could make a good member of your new family. >> rebecca picked up this tiny tabby called calvin. >> i now the adopting would be better than buying one. >> zap is picking up the adoption costs and donating $150 for every pet that finds a home and that goes to an animal welfare group for pets still
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waiting. if you are a burlington county resident you can pick out a new companion for free. >> eventually they find their forever homes and we care for them like they are ours and hope for the best. >> in west hamilton, i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> there is more ahead on "action news" at 5:00. new developments today out of trump tower. on the president-elect trump's new administration. and the first woman tapped by trump to join his top ranks come january. but first a break for holiday shoppers, courtesy of the ppa. the rates the agency is rolling back starting this weekend. when "action news" at 5:00 returns.
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police in tennessee say that the man behind the wheel on monday's deadly bus crash had no drugs or alcohol in his system that after a toxicology test performed on johnthony walker, five school children were killed in the crash and they say that walker was driving well over the posted speed limit before the bus tipped over. >> president obama did the final turkey pardon of his presidency. >> i hear by pardon you from the
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thanksgiving table. congratulations. >> that is tot the turkey and tater was also pardoned today. and now they head to virginia tech university. his nephews were on hand to witness the pardoning this afternoon. >> we at "action news" are gearing up for the oldest thanksgiving day parade in the country. the 6 abc dunkin donuts thanksgiving day parade taking over the parkway tomorrow morning. sara bloomquist is live at eakins oval where workers are putting the final touches telling. >> reporter: hi rick and sharrie. the stage is set now, you see the broadcast booth is ready to go, they have been letting traffic go through on eakins oval during much of the evening rush and then shut it back down again and rehearsals are resu resuming for the evening and all day today. this is a chance to make sure
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all the pieces are falling into place for the 6 abc dunkin donuts thanksgiving day parade. hundreds of young people from all across the area and beyond converged on eakins oval for one last rehearsal today before the show tomorrow. the annual 6 abc dunkin donuts thanksgiving day parade. and everyone involved is exuberant. >> everyone is excited and good weather it looks like and that makes everyone happier to be here. and yes, everybody is excited. >> really excited! >> this group of dancers from morristown, new jersey will perform with drew lachey and they were glad to meet him. >> this is historically one of the buggest holiday parades throughout the year and the longest running and to be a part of it and be with this fantastic group of people it's protectiony awesome. >> proud parents looked on and
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witnessed firsthand the effort and rehearsal that make this holiday tradition happen. >> i am grateful to the teachers and committee that makes this effort happen. >> we are gearing up for tomorrow, tonight already a busy night. the christmas tree lighting is happening behind me. adam joseph is up there. can you see me adam? hey! >> this is a beautiful broadcast booth, nice digs and lighting and heaters. look what i found -- ha, ha, ha -- 6 abc dunkin' donuts. you need them for tomorrow. one lick? i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news" they smell so good. >> one of them looks like it bad licked already. i thought so. put that over by cecily's seat. >> ha, ha, ha. >> thanks sara i won't be
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touching those donuts if you want make it down to the parade route we have you covered. join me cecily, karen rogers, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli for the full coverage of the 6 abc dunkin donuts thanksgiving day parade. it all starts at 8:30 here on 6 abc. >> all right, the city of philadelphia is reducing parking rates to give holiday shoppered a break this evening. starting on saturday meter parking is free city wide after 11:00 a.m. all the way until the new year. also six garages in center city will charge a flat $8 fee during the select hours on the weekends. >> well, "action news" helps you kick off the holiday shopping season with deep discounts and give-aways. here is nydia han with a preview of her report at 11:00. our annual black friday discounts are back and awesome freebies, and local retailers are giving away deals and
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discounts and one merchant is offering a free ipad mini with purchase and you'll fine something everywhere, kids and grown ups and they are exclusive to our 6 abc viewers. find them by using #6abcaction. .
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health check tonight tis the season for giving and the season for eating. >> so a new spinning studio teams up with a local charity. hey ali. >> this couldn't come at a better time. just after thanksgiving and the holiday party starts and get a great workout and helping kids in need. >> the lights are dim and music is loud inside of cycle bar a new spinning studio in exton, pennsylvania. the class i tried is a prelude to a charity ride on december 3rd. the studio is hosting a special class and proceeds host the believe and acheer foundation. a nonprofit that helps low income kids,cate magee is the executive director and her
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brother brian is involved he plays for the atlanta falcons but is from philadelphia. a cycle ride is the perfect mix to do something for yourself and for others. >> cycle bar has a commune vibe going on and a great way to go out and do something healthy for a great cause. >> classes are 50 minutes of cycling getting your heart pumping and muscles burning. but many say it feels more like a party than a workout. >> it's like dancing on a bike and you feel like all of your cares are thrown out the window. >> and with different moves you hit all the major muscle groups. we do everything from pushups to crunches and squats a say on the bike and it's a total body workout. a fun and friendly crowd. riding next week with a common goal. >> i love that we give back to the kids and it's about commune. >> the special ride is december
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3rd and all the proceeds go to the believe foundation. we have information on how to sign up at check.
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i forgot i'm starting. i was waiting for you guyed.
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i was doing a dance, my preweather dance. welcome back to "action news." we are live on sky 6 hd taking a look at the commodore barry bridge and you can see traffic there a big travel day and clouds begin to move in ahead of a system that will bring you us a bit of for thanksgiving. philadelphia 47 and allentown 41 and wilmington 46 and trenton 45 and cape may 42 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar showing the system i'm tracking for tomorrow. it's not a really strong storm and the center of the storm is near chicago and that lifts up to the north and east. here is the warm front and that could bring a little bit of some scattered shower activity late tonight and the problem lehigh valley and the poconos temperatures will be at or below freezing and if you are not driving up to the poconos late tonight and there could be a touch of icing do be careful.
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allentown down to 30 and cape may 35 and wilmington 34 degrees, future tracker 6 showing wake up tomorrow morning and head to the parade at 8:00, the clouds are in place a gray start to the day but with the cloud cover it's not that cold. temperatures generally in the 40s and as we head through the morning we see generally light showers breaking out late in the morning at 11:00 and they start to fall apart and the heaviest rain is northeast of our viewing area. we will get generally less than a .10 inch of rain, if you travel tomorrow i-95 north to new york should be okay, just a little bit of rain, south of washington no problems, west on 76 to pittsburgh looking good if you head north though on the northeast extension towarded grant in the morning there could be icing. during the day for thanksgiving, plenty of clouds and again a shower at 9:00, 45 degrees and 3:00, 53. it will be seasonable.
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the five-day at 5:00, showing tomorrow 54 degrees and lots of clouds and a few showers, we have another system on friday that brings us a few scattered afternoon showers, 56 degrees and we clear things out and saturday partly sunny and 54 and good weather for the temple game and sunday 50 and mostly sunny and 54 degrees, looks like we'll cloud up and it will be dry for monday night football, tell you what if you want to get in the holiday spirit you need to go to the art museum stepped right now with adam joseph. get ready come on. you are a strong man push it! light the tree! >> i'm exhausted from the marathon on sunday. i have no strength. i'm trying to lift the switch and light the tree earlier but that is happening within the next half hour. 9,000 lights will soon be lit up. look at the crowd that has come out to watch this tree lighting. you guys excited to see the tree
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light up? [ cheers and applause ] >> you excited to see the tree? >> yes! >> we'll have the full accuweather forecast coming up. >> yeah, that putted you in the spirit for sure. quick break and more news when we come right back.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again monica is off and sharrie williams is joining us tonight. the rush is on for people around our region to reach their destinations ahead of the long thanksgiving holiday weekend. we'll tell you how things are rolling tonight. and the parents of a little girl killed by a hit and run driver is demanding justice for their daughter tonight. and president-elect donald trump chooses two women to take top positions including one that previously criticized his candidacy. we have the details. >> now the details you see through the sky 6 hd cameras pointing at interstate 95 at penn's landing and people are headed home tonight or to their holiday destinations.
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>> and people are heading home on the roads, rails and skies in record numbers. >> at least 49 million people will travel 50 miles away from home to share a meal with family and friends and many people are on their bay right now. weather not a concern in our area right now but volume certainly is. things are moving along but as always airport officials are urging travelers and people flying in to check with the airline before heading to the airport to make sure the flight is on time. >> "action news" caught up with early bird travellers at philadelphia international airport and they followed the guys of the airport and airlines to arrive early and that seemed to be a good strategy to pass along. >> we always get the pre-tsa approval the line is shorter. >> everybody starts to wake up and everything will be out of control. >> airport officials say they
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have adjusteded schedules so more tsa screeners are on duty to get passengers through security lines even faster. >> now 30 and street station tonight. if folks are not driving the trains seem to be the next busiest mode of transportation and we are told that because of a police investigation there are big delays on regional rail and amtrak. >> lets see how people are dealing with the delays. matt pellman is back live in the traffic center with more on that. >> reporter: there are certainly plent of of them to deal with. first delays on the road, schuylkill expressway eastbound side a slow pace you can see from montgomery drive into 28 and street. the crash involving the truck we showed you there during the last half our is now gone and the eastbound lanes are reopen and the westbound side of the schuylkill is slow and slow on the vine getting to it. the westbound sea of taillights parked at the moment and the good news is nearby the ben franklin parkway is open for the
5:33 pm
evening rush and it closes again tonight at 6:30 for parade preps, for now you can get by on the parkway, you cannot get by on east falls at ridge avenue. and just getting word of a crash on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound toward lancaster, my homeland maybe, and speeds dropping there as we watch. in horsham, a wreck along 611 at county line road at the diner and one of word of a pedestrian. and here is the update on the regional rail, amtrak the northeast corridor is oning once again between wilmington and newark and they are vest getting the accident involving the person trespassing on the tracks and speeds are reduced on the trains and expect delays and septa newark line is shuttle busing between newark and wilmington and there they are not getting by just yet. >> thank you matt.
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now to a long standing tradition that is in its 97th year, the 6 abc dunkin donuts thanksgiving day parade. hundreds of performers filled the steps for the museum of art for a full dress rehearsal this afternoon and no detail was too small for this production that takes a year to plan from the music costumes and decorations as well. >> if you are not going down to see the floats and balloons in person guess what? we have the best seat in the house here on 6 abc, join cecily, karen, adam and alicia tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m. now to a developing story philadelphia detectives just released this picture of the silver nissan maxima wanted in connection with a deadly hit and run friday night. 8-year-old gianna powell was
5:35 pm
struck and killed. her parents hope someone comes forward with information about the person behind the wheel. jeanette reyes is live now in overbrook tonight where the powells ended a march for justice. >> reporter: that march ended just a few minutes ago at 53rd and landed down, the mother of little gianna powell broke down just yards from where she was killed there was sorrow and a sense of hope as well. >> no justice no peace. dozens filled the streets calling for justice for little gianna powell killed in a hit and run on friday. >> all we want is justice for my baby. >> her father james powell is heart broken but hopeful. >> we are going to catch that guy. have you to turn yourself in. police are feeling confident that the suspect will be caught soon. >> i would recommend that the individual involved for this
5:36 pm
just to come forward, because we are not stopping, we'll be relentless until we get justice for this little girl and her family. >> they released this grainy picture of the silver nissan maxima they believe is involved in the hit and run and still asking for the community's help. we have a galvanized community coming together and giving us as much information as possible. >> as for little gianna's mother she broke down at the end of the march. >> this is the spot that my daughter died at, so it's hard. >> she says her strength is in the memories that her daughter left behind. >> she is loving and caring and anybody that met her fell in love with her. smart and intelligent and wants to be a lawyer and was an honor role student, she was wonderful. >> that picture of the vehicle just released should have significant front end damage and the grill should have damage as well. now, police are saying that they
5:37 pm
have a person of interest but aren't releasing much more on that at this point. the investigation is ongoing, reporting live in overbrook, jeanette reyes, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. philadelphia police are hoping that someone recognizes the man in these surveillance videos, they say he is responsible for at least nine burglaries in port richmond this past month and on saturday he targeted five stores along the 500 block of aramingo avenue. each time he smashed the glass front door and stole various items. they believe the man is driving a light blue minivan and commits his crimes between 5:00 and 6:00 a.m. >> and the blaze in carbon county broke out at 2nd street and lehigh at 8:00 a.m. and quickly spread and reached four alarmed, neighbors with were woken up in a manic. >> all i could think about was
5:38 pm
getting my kids out, i grabbed them no shoes or jacket and ran out and threw them in the car. >> there were no major injuries in the fire and the fire marshall is still investigating the actual cause. all right, what a perfect way to usher in the holiday weekend and the lighting of a big colorful christmas tree for everyone to see. >> adam joseph is live at the philadelphia international airport with this week's special outdoor adventure. hey adam. >> the weather is perfect. to kick off the holiday season at the top of the art museum steps, there is quite a healthy crowd out here. they have their bellies full and candy canes or cookies and now entertained by mariachi with the christmas tree behind them. it has been a great nice here for folks to again gear up for the holiday season. and in fact we have timothy rub, he is the director of the philadelphia museum.
5:39 pm
i have to say that is quite the sweater you have. >> oh tasteless, completely. >> turn it on for me. they are having an ugly sweater sparty at the museum. timothy will light this up and light up the big christmas tree. >> i will light my own tree. with this one here. which one will win out? >> that one. he will address the crowd and light it up. are you guys excited and happy to see the christmas tree light up? >> yes! >> look at the mariachi. >> we love that. we are dancing. >> never mind okay. >> still to come on "action news" tonight. president-elect trump makes two more selections for his administration. including a current governor that made it no secret that she did not support his run for the
5:40 pm
presidency. >> and a get away day for everyone else and the eagles are focus on their next opponent at home. green bay. ducis rogers has the details in sports. adam joseph is live at the philadelphia museum of art for the big christmas tree lighting when "action news" continues tonight.
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president-elect donald trump is broadening out his administration with two cabinet appointments announced today. strong female voices that were not supporters from the canal pain trail. >> betsy devoss and nikki haley are strong republican leaders but the selection to join the cabinet is a departure from his previous nominees, the first two females and in the case of nikki haley, the first person of color to join the administration but another were supporters of mr. trump on the campaign trail. >> governor haley supported marco rubio.
5:44 pm
>> some people think they have to be the loudest voice in the room but after the election she called president-elect a friend and says when the president-elect thinks you have a contribution to make to the welfare of the our nation that is a calling to ead. and now tweets i am honored to work with the president-elect to help make education great again. and doubled down on a campaign promise saying she was against common core. and this was a key platform issue of the president-elect. >> we'll end common core and have education. an an salute priority. >> meanwhile dr. ben carson says a role in the administration forthcoming. and jockeying for the secretary of state position. with mitt romney and rudy
5:45 pm
manufacture vying for the role. time for sports and ducis is here with eagles news but tomorrow cowboys and red skins, who do eagles fans root for? i want to say root for the cowboys but hope the ked red kins lose. >> you said cowboys gotcha. >> who will line up for wide receiver monday night against the packer, we still do not know. coach peterson met with nelson agholor. he had another case of the dropsies in seattle on sunday and admitted mentally he is not quite right and coach explains what will go into his decision to play aguilar or sit him. how he reacts to his teammate or the practice field with the things that sort of fall in his lap so, it's just how well he
5:46 pm
responds. and you know can he handle a little adversity in his career. >> we'll air the eagles packers game monday night at 8:30 here on 6 abc, join us at 8:00 for a pregame show count down to kickoff and stay with us after the game for a live post game report. time for our weekly chat with espn analyst, ron jaworsky, despite the 5-5 record and recent struggles with the birds, jaws has a good feeling about the direction of this football team. >> you have to be steady and you have to be consistent as a football team. and what i'm seeing is little quirks that bother me a bit and bother the coaching staff. overall i see good things out of this team, i see the team ascending and a nucleus for a team that could make a long run in two to three years. the flyers play the second leg of their back to back and skate with the lightning.
5:47 pm
no -- today he contouria is placed on injured reserve. to the hardwood. sixers look to make it five. five straight win as the home. they host the memphis grizzlies and joel embiid is a difference maker lately and he will play tonight and the sixers are looking for the third straight overall victory that has not happened sin january of 2014. penn state and michigan state meet in happy valley, a spot in the big ten championship is still a chance for the nittany lions. >> i think they are predictable. you look at trends no different than any other industry, in the last two games they played really well think they played the michigan estate style of football we have seen over the last number of years. finally professional soccer
5:48 pm
players are like magicians on the pitch make the ball go and do anything they want. on the free kick-whoop. i don't think he was aiming that way and the goal was to the left and blame it on the wind. >> might have been doing his rick impersonation. >> two left feet. >> i resemble that remark. today the philadelphia convenience and visitors bureau threw a party at the linc to celebrate the tourism they brought to the city in 2016 and the organization is celebrating their 75th anniversary and looking ahead to 2017 when philadelphia hosts the nfl draft and speaking of football two former eagles, ron jaworsky and mike reece were special guests at today's events. meg internet for the holidays.
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lets head back out to meteorologist, adam joseph, live on the steps of the philadelphia museum of art. >> they are getting ready to light the tree there -- >> five, four, three, two one! you hit is right! there it is! the lighting of the christmas tree at the top of the philadelphia museum of art steps here. you have 9,000 lights on that
5:52 pm
tree. the star at the top is six feet in diameter. this tree came from the yuille tree farm 300 miles away and the weight of it 6500 pounds. and you got mariachi. and videos -- and now officially start the holiday season here at the art museum. take a look at the temperatures, really pleasant here in philadelphia. 47 degrees after a high of 51 degrees. and allentown 41 and 39 in mill shrill and wilmington 46 degrees. locally a lot of sunshine here early on in the day and the clouds raced in and we have low pressure that is developing west of chicago, and that low brings rain in parts of the ohio valley and indiana and illinois and michigan and into northern michigan, that is where you have
5:53 pm
it bumping into colder air with snow. turning cloudy and late sprinkles developing and it comes in early enough later tonight north of the lehigh tunnel. if you are expected to go up that way poconos frozen precipitation and 38 for center city. 8:00 tomorrow morning, cloudy around here in time for the start of thanksgiving day parade. and the 6 abc dunkin donuts thanksgiving day parade sporty showers starting to pass through and light and not intense and not a washout and by 5:00ment the clouds are around and most of the steady showers start to pull themselves together for new york city. the parade forecast 8:00 in the morning 42 degrees and 10:00, 47 degrees and towarded noon when it all concludes and of course santa and mrs. claus will be walking up these steps here to this particular tree. temperatures will be around 50 degrees and there could be a
5:54 pm
couple of sprinkles by that time. everyone is singing, i want to wish you a merry christmas! >> the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast cloudy and a shower around tomorrow, less than a .10 inch of rain at 54 degrees and a stray afternoon shower or, and partly sunny and 54 on saturday, sunday sun and clouds and cooler at 50 degrees, on monday mostly sunny and 54 and eagles in town monday night and then mild air pulls in for tuesday and wednesday so rain as well from 62 to 63 degree, warmer air comes in a week from now with rain as well. take a look at these two here. you guys look so nice. what do you think of the tree lighting was that cool? >> did you do the count down? you did. are you eating turkey and stuffing tomorrow? >> yes! >> and dessert?
5:55 pm
>> yes! >> timothy thank you so much. you are inviting everyone into the museum tonight free of charge? >> free of charge tonight. if you are in the area come check it out. rick and sharrie enjoy oh holy night i will not sing for you all. >> beautiful there tonight. thank you adam. >> i'm in the spirit already. >> i'm ready to dance and fiesta. >> we'll be right back.
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right now jim gardner and the "action news" team standing by with these stories next at 6:00 by air road or rail, folks are on the move to their holiday destinations and the last minute rush to fill the thanksgiving table. for adam joseph, rick williams i'm sharrie williams "action news" is next at 6:00. >> happy thanksgiving.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. planes trains and automobile. not only is this one of the busiest travel days of the year, the expected to be one of the busiest thanksgiving travel days in 10 years, lower gas prices and economy on the upswing yielding almost 49 million americans traveling 50 miles or more to be with family on this thanksgiving day. wednesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is thanksgiving eve in the tri-state area, we have a lot to
6:00 pm
talk about. "action news" reporter gray hall is live at a wegmans with shoppers are getting last minute essentials. cecily tynan is standing by with the important forecast. and john rawlins is live at the delaware welcome center on 95 in newark. 89% of holiday travellers will do so by vehicle, what is the current traffic situation on 95. >> reporter: that depends on which way you are looking. the southbound lanes is moving quickly. northbound lanes behind me here, take a look lots of taillights, bogged down going northbound for some hours now this is not an accident this is the traditional choke point for holiday travellers a number of people divert at 295 and the delaware memorial bridge about 6 miles up the road. >> here at the welcome center jammed. cars and people and


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