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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  November 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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talk about. "action news" reporter gray hall is live at a wegmans with shoppers are getting last minute essentials. cecily tynan is standing by with the important forecast. and john rawlins is live at the delaware welcome center on 95 in newark. 89% of holiday travellers will do so by vehicle, what is the current traffic situation on 95. >> reporter: that depends on which way you are looking. the southbound lanes is moving quickly. northbound lanes behind me here, take a look lots of taillights, bogged down going northbound for some hours now this is not an accident this is the traditional choke point for holiday travellers a number of people divert at 295 and the delaware memorial bridge about 6 miles up the road. >> here at the welcome center jammed. cars and people and pets taking
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a break after hours on the road this man started in center city and went south and now headed north. >> i came down to baltimore. >> to get me and now back up north to new jersey where her family is. >> 90% of those traveling this holiday will travel by car. it's not the busiest day for drivers. >> yesterday tuesday night was the busiest time in terms of road travel, a lot of people want to beat the rush and wound up in traffic last night. >> fueling much of this cheap gas prices but not for james mead he doesn't need a drop for his tesla. >> free super charging for life, it costs me nothing to travel across the country. >> no fuel costs from florida to new york. >> zero dollars. >> whether electric or internal combustion it's a time to be with family and a certain red
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velvet cake. >> my sister is cooking up a feast. i am greedy starving myself waiting for the cake and i'm not sharing with my brother, yes you heard me say that. >> a sibling rivalry there of long standing. >> an estimated 49 million people traveling somewhere over 50 miles for this thanksgiving holiday, some of them as we watch the northbound lanes of i-95 in delaware some moving slower than others. live in newark, john recall rins, channel 6 "action news" back to you sir. >> thank you. with the sun shining today, and the calmer winds weather has not been a concern for air travellers in this area. it has been a busy place today but the tsa add the extra staff to keep the security lines moving and nationally 3.7 million people are expected to fly over the holiday weekend.
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amtrak service came to a halt this afternoon through newark delaware, a pedestrian was struck and killed just north of harmony road at 4:00 and service resumed at 5:00. amtrak says that you should expect some delays tonight as service gets back up to speed and the agency says 5700 people will travel by train to get to their travel destinations this year and sunday is expected to be the busiest day as people return in time for school or work. >> lets check in with meteorologist, cecily tynan, and accuweather and cecily first and foremost the parade for the rest of the morning. >> after a full day of sunshine today double scan live showing the showers are advancing from the west and we have light showers pottsville and western lancaster county and this is pushing up to the northern and east and the main system i'm tracking is near chicago and you see the showers approaching
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cincinnati, some of them will be moving through during the day tomorrow but that is weakening as it pushes east. but the cloud are in place as you wake up tomorrow morning. i think this is the best chance of us seeing light shower activity and not a lot of rain generally less than a .10 inch of rain and with the cloud cover in place temperatures not getting that cold tonight but if you head to the poconos there could be a touch of icing overnight. the parade forecast temperatures where they should be for this time of year. we start off at 42 degrees at 8:00 and you don't have to bundle up too much and 10:00, 47 and by noon 50 degrees and plenty of clouds and a few scattered showers and at 11:00, look at this the winds 4 to 6 miles per hour and that is great news for the balloons. i'll talk about what is in store for after the parade in the full
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accuweather forecast. >> lets go live to "action news" reporter gray hall at the wegmans at king of prussia. does there seem like a lot of 11th hour buying going on there. >> it does jim. a steady flow all day, shoppers are loading up the baskets for the last minute items, you can see the lines are not too bad at all right now, if you are one of those shoppers that needs one last item. hundreds of probably thinking the same thing. >> it's not christmas the shoppers are making a list and checking it twice, the last minute dash to the store before thanksgiving. >> we have got pie, shrimp and dip and apples and cinnamon and cheese and potatoes and butter coffee asparagus and onions. >> it's not all about the food at wegmans it's the first holiday shoppers could pick up wine. >> i didn't realize that they sell wine here now so i get to kill two birds with one stone and get a couple of bottles of
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wine now for my family. >> expect company in the aisles but they will be stocked and ready even on thanksgiving day. >> it's shoulder to shoulder, you won't have the time to move around and everyone is bumping into each other. >> you have the huge list and the cart mowned. >> i forgot one thing and that is what i'm here for. >> shoppers are adding a twist to the tradition. >> i did chili and it was fantastic. oh my goodness, it was to die for, i wish i had some to give to you guys. >> i'm caribbean and i'll have rice and beans with miz turkey. as people enjoy the food they don't let the deelectricable treats cloud the meaning of thanksgiving. >> i get to see my sisters and i hope they come together it's important. >> thankful for everything. god gave to me. and i'm very happy.
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>> back out live shoppers are still here and no doubt be here throughout the night and the manager says a big hit at wegmans is the prepared meals that the chef will make for you, the turkey and trimmings and everything and you bring it home and warm it up and you are the hero. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. >> you can rely on into the long holiday weekend and keep an eye on stormtracker 6 live double scan radar for changes that may be headed our way and remember that staying connected with our meteorologists on facebook and twitter is a great way to get the latest updates from accuweather. >> other news at this hour. the man is in a philadelphia hospital tonight after being struck by a van and dragged 300 feet, that victim was trapped under the vehicle for 20 minutes. and the accident happened at 9:00 this morning at the
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intersection of bustleton avenue and bridge street in the frankford section of philadelphia, first responders rescued him and rushed him to hahnemann hospital. they have not released an update on his condition. >> a malfunctioning heating unit caused a carbon monoxide scare in pottstown. chopper 6 hd was over the scene at the 400 block of chestnut street. three people were taken to the hospital and they are expected to be okay. the family of a little girl who was killed by a hit and run driver held a rally today to demand justice. the family joined by supporters marched from west philadelphia to the scene of the accident. 8-year-old gianna powell was killed friday afternoon in overbrook as she was crossing 63rd street and the driver sped off and is still on the loose out there somewhere. police have now released a picture of the car that hit her
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it's a silver nissan maxima, do we have that picture? a silver nissan maxima or altima that should have damage to one of the front headlines and the front grill. >> coming up on "action news" tonight. practice makes perfect. so the stage is set for tomorrow's thanksgiving day parade. >> we'll have a preview of the festivities that own dann cuellar can give and the eagles have a long holiday weekend to work on getting back on the winning track come monday night. >> cecily tynan returns with the full holiday forecast from ac weather.
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one! there it is! the lighting of the tree. >> adam joseph helped to kick off the holiday season at the philadelphia museum of art the tree lighting took place a short time ago on the plaza outside of the museum. this tree is 53 feet tall and weighs 6500 pounds and contains more than 9,000 lights. it's a beautiful view before the parade think about what this will look like before the parade. for the 97th time we celebrate the parade tomorrow and it comes to a climax in front of the hughes email of art and for 17 years dann cuellar gives us his unique preview of the parade. dann cuellar in your 17th year how about a preview right now. >> amazing how time flies.
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america's oldest thanksgiving day parade in its 97th year and we would not miss bringing it you here on 6 abc. here is a preview. a cast of hundreds were rehearsing out here in front of the art museum for the parade. ♪ ♪ the details on it, will be performing to the legendry beatles and there is more. >> exciting balloons and new floats and one of our floats this year is an ice sculpture. >> an ice sculpture from the creative partner of fear no ice. it was made here in philadelphia. >> the parade of course features thousands including 20 marching bands from across the nation and 28 performances as well as fan favorites from music stage and screen and in this year in his memory they are doing something
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special for dear old captain noah. oh that is nice. we are excited about that, captain noah was a big part of philadelphia television history and so we are bringing it alive here at the parade. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you too. >> isn't that what it is all about giving thanks. i think will be fantastic, don't miss it. happy thanksgiving everybody. >> you too see you at 11:00. if you are not going to the ben franklin parkway you can catch autopsy the parade action right here, cecily tynan, rick williams, karen rogers and adam joseph and alicia vitarelli will bring you every angle our coverage of the 6 abc dunkin donuts thanksgiving day parade begins tomorrow morning at 8:30.
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philadelphia eagles get back to work for the green bay packers. doug peterson is giving them a holiday and getting something in order. one of their receivers need to do the same and no word on if nelson agholor will play against the green bay packers. coach peterson wants to see how he spons in practice. the second year receiver is coming off another sub par game after he admitted his head was not in the right place. he declined to speak to the media but his teammates have his back. >> i say hey bro, i like him regardless. he is my friend whether he catches one pass or a 100, it's not based on performance but who you are and he is a great person and i want him to come out and help us play better. >> i have a lot of confidence in him still. mistakes happen, he is the last guy that is trying to make mistakes, he wants to be perfect and wants to be great and i tell
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him i'm just positive with him. >> we'll air the eagles packer game here on 6 abc at 8:30, join us at 8:00 for a pregame show count down to kickoff and stay with us after the game for a live post game report. earlier today we caught up with ron jaworsky and overall he feels good about this football team but would like to see the mental mistakes addressed. >> the little things have to be corrected. we play ten games in the season and you have to correct alignment problems and holding penalties, sometimes things are going to happen but not the rate they are happening with this eagles team the fifth most penalized team in the league and rookies and inexperiences guys and rookery coaches but this is the 11th game, these problems should be corrected. >> to the ice the flyers visit the lightning tonight and steve
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mason is in net. he will be out four to six weeks for a knee injury and he went down is the second period. >> the sixers are home to the grizzlies tonight and they won four straight games at the wells fargo center and the phillies released pitcher, phillip buchanan winning own four starts last season and his era was near 7. and penn state could make it to the championship game but they need to beat michigan state home on saturday and need ohio state to take out michigan earlier in the day and coach knows his players will have an eye on them. >> all the game plays out who wins and who loses. and how people look at that and how that impacts you know our future. there is no doubt that that is going to be a factor. we have to go out and play well on saturday and focus on michigan state and after the game is over, then we'll find
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out kind of what our next step in our journey is and whatever step that is we'll embrags and be appreciative of. >> it's a remarkable turn around for coach franklin's squad. glen side chapter of toys for tots opened its doors towed to show what is takes to give thousands of children a happy holiday. volunteers packing and sorting toys for children that may otherwise not receive gifts. giving it down and the need is greater than ever. the glen side chapter served more than 12,000 children last season.
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not bad. not terrible we have had tougher thanksgivings. we have a few light showers trying to move in from the west and a lot of evaporating before they hit the ground known as virga. virga is one of jim's favorite terms. looking at the center city skyline from our temple cam. the clouds are rolling in after a full day of sunshine but the clouds keep the temperatures from dropping too low. 46 in philadelphia down from the high of 512 degrees below normal and wilmington 46 and cape may 50. i want to point out the poconos, 32 degrees and with a few light showers moving in could be a little bit of icing in the
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poconos tonight. so if you are driving up there do be careful. satellite 6 along with action radar showing you can see how the clouds are really advancing from the west. just a little bit of light shower activity associated with the warm front that is pushing through overnight and the main batch of rain is across the ohio valley and this system is not a big storm. it's not going to cause a lot of problems, and will bring us clouds and shower activity. for tonight clouds continue to thicken and sprinkles with 30 in allentown and reading and do be careful for a bit of a glaze. philadelphia 38, cape may 35, and wilmington 34 degrees, 8:00 tomorrow morning the clouds are in place, really no rain then and as we head late morning, this is when you can see, a scattering of light showers around 11:30. and i don't think we'll see much teddy rain, and that pulls out in the steadier rain is
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northeast of our viewing area by thursday night. all in all not a bad thanksgiving, if you do any traveling tomorrow there are delays thanks to the rain heading to new york city and heading to washington and pittsburgh i think have you to be careful especially in the morning up the northeast extension to scranton, that is where you could run into icing. planning your day plenty of clouds and shower activity again around the middle of the day at 8:00, 42 and by noon 50 degrees and 3:0053 degrees and you see the steam rising up from the turkey. my favorite graphic of the year. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow lots of clouds and a few scattered showers and temperatures 1 degree above normal with a high of 54 degrees, on friday another weak system moving through and that brings us plenty of cloud and stray afternoon and evening shower, it's high of 56 degrees beautiful and partly sunny and 54 degrees and partly sunny
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skies and temperatures take a dip down to a high of 50 and monday beautiful. mostly sunny and 54 degrees and clouds roll in monday night and should be dry for monnight football and then on tuesday that is when the next storm system cuts to the great lakes and what that will do is pull up relatively warm air and 62 degrees and rain moving in late on tuesday and wednesday looks mild and it looks rainy with the potential for a significant amount of rain that we need with a high of 64 degrees, so thanksgiving, lots of clouds and a couple of showers and not too cold. i think we can give thanks to a nice day. >> thank you cecily. abc world news tonight with david muir is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams and ducis rogers. and please join us for a special report at 11:00 here on channel 6 nydia han, birthday girl right? i think so. nydia han will show us how to kick off the holiday shopping
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season with deep discounts and give-aways. >> reporter: get ready the annual black friday play book is back and full of discount and deals and yes awesome freebies, local retailers are giving away gift cards and meals and a wide variety of cool products and one merchant is offering our viewers a free ipad mini with purchase. and something for everyone. and these deals are exclusive to our 6 abc viewers, fine them by viewing the #6abcaction. your black friday play book tonight on "action news" at 11:00. for is tcecily tynan is the the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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tonight, travel nightmares. a rocky start to the thanksgiving getaway. two powerful storms delivering a one-two punch from the rockies to the midwest. a record number of americans on the move, jamming highways. long lines at airports across the country. slow-going for millions on one of the busiest travel days of the year. donald trump's fex monext move. the president-elect nominating the first two women to his cabinet. two names who opposed him during the election. trump appearing to soften his stand against some of his critics. breaking news. police revealing the bus driver's toxicology report. and what we've just learned about the route he was driving. should he have been on it? parade threat. police increasing security and new steps to protect against a lone wolf attack. and black friday. bigger discounts waiti


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