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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 25, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, remembering florence henderson. the "the brady bunch" star passing away thanksgiving evening. her impact on tv and the reaction just coming in. reunited on thanksgiving. the california mom who vanished while jogging found alive. police are now calling it an abduction. where she was found after flagging down a motorist. it is black friday. the mad dash to get the good deals under way right now. new video of the crowds scrambling. whoa. where to find the best deals. >> they're excited. good friday morning, everyone. i hope you had a nice thanksgiving. i'm kendis gibson. >> yes, i'm adrienne bankert in for diane macedo. we begin with breaking news out of hollywood.
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the quintessential television mom florence henderson has died. she will be forever remembered as carol brady. >> she was working on projects up until her death. more on her remarkable life from george pennacchio. ♪ here's the story of a lovely lady ♪ ♪ who was bringing up three very lovely girls ♪ >> reporter: florence henderson would eventually become a tv legend for her work as carol brady on "the brady bunch." the show hit the air in 1969 and has pretty much been airing in reruns around the world ever since. in recent years florence took the floor competing on her favorite show "dancing with the stars." she loved it and she loved being a part of it. she was just in the audience monday night rooting on her friends and earlier this season she appeared with her "brady bunch" tv daughter maureen mccormick in a number and miles an hour told me no was a woman
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who was filled with love and goodness and a huge heart and she spread it everywhere. she was a dear friend to me, sister, mother and someone i loved and admired so much. she will be in my heart forever. i am so grateful for her friendship. her career lasted more than six decades. >> well, mom. >> i've been very blessed in nye career. ever since i first started i loved the business. i've never fallen out of love with it and when i think of a lifetime achievement award i feel like i'm just beginning. >> reporter: besides tv she was also a big star on broadway in her life. she had a beautiful voice and she spent decades sharing it with us. ♪ i would swear i was falling [ applause ] >> wow, who knew she had such a
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powerful voice. >> we'll have more later on this morning on "good morning america." now to another story causing some shock, surprise, a california mother of two vanished without a trace while out jogging. the good news is she's been found alive. >> investigators say sherri papini was kidnapped and was discovered yesterday bound with restraints miles from her home. we have more now. >> reporter: after missing for 22 days, this california mother of two sherri papini turning up alive very early thursday morning about 100 miles away from where she disappeared. >> released by her captor on a rural road bound with restraints but was able to summon from a passing help -- help from a passing motorist. >> reporter: she was taken to a hospital to be treated and reunited with her husband keith. >> you never think you would be
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in a position like this. >> reporter: that was 32-year-old keith papini more than a week after his wife went missing. police say he was at work on november 2nd when sherri went for a skwog on this rural road, a mile from the couple's home. she wasn't seen again. when she didn't pick their children up from day care keith reported her missing and used the find my phone app to locate her cell phone found on the side of the street. her headphones still attached entangled with strands of hair that kicked off a search and investigation to find her. now -- >> the investigation is far from over. in fact, it is only begun a new chapter. we are confident that with the public's help we'll make an arrest on this case. >> reporter: police say they're looking for a dark suv with two hispanic females armed with a handgun. they did not reveal a motive and say the public should remain cautious until a suspect is identified. kendis and adrienne. >> our thanks to lauren lyster in los angeles. some of you are probably getting up so you can hopefully be first in line at the stores
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when they open on this black friday. we can only hope that you'll behave better than these shoppers in northeastern mississippi. >> this was a walmart. many chains did open last night, of course, even before the pumpkin pie was served. abc's janai norman has more. >> reporter: instead of focusing on food and family, some anxious holiday shoppers took their appetite for sales straight to shopping centers. some of the biggest retailers in dallas opening at 5:00 p.m. allowing for 30 straight hours of deals. across the country, businesses are now calling thanksgiving gray thursday as shoppers are staking out stores to gobble up bargains instead of gobbling down turkey. >> baby stuff real quick and head to walmart for a tv. >> reporter: the biggest deals on electronics like an hp laptop at best buy for $170. these amazon fire tablets for 33 and a 55-inch phillips smart tv
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at walmart for 290 bucks but in new york, some shoppers say the deals came with more than they bargained for. >> it was just a lot. a lot of shoving and pushing. >> i think it's too crowded. it's crazy. >> reporter: as those shoppers are stuffing their carts with thanksgiving deals, that means store employees are missing out on stuffing their stomachs with their families. >> taking care of the customer but i'm away -- i stepped out of my house and there was so much being done already and i want to be with my family eating and drinking and that's it and having fun. >> reporter: some stores are resisting the urge going for empty parking lots than the frenzy of bargain hunters on thanksgiving. others say that's just the warm-up. >> not that bad but tomorrow, tomorrow is the real challenge. >> reporter: janai norman, abc news, washington. >> overseas some intense times as a massive manhunt is under way in france where a suspect in a fatal stabbing at a retirement home for catholic missionaries. the body of an elderly woman was
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found gagged and tied up outside the building. no one else at the residence which houses 59 monks was harmed. unclear if it's linked to terrorism. in iraq the death toll from that horrific suicide bombing near baghdad is climbing. isis is claiming responsibility for the attack that left more than 70 people dead. most of them shiite muslims on a religious pilgrimage. it comes as isis is losing ground in the battle for mosul. triggering new fears that the terror group will continue to lash out elsewhere around the world. a u.s. service member was killed by an improvised explosive device and ied. marking the first casualty among u.s. forces since they were deployed there last year. the pentagon has not revealed the victim's name. about 300 special operation forces are in syria helping to organize an offensive against isis. back to the thanksgiving
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celebration, president obama had his last thanksgiving celebration at the white house. >> celebrating with family and friends by having dinner and watching football. the president also telephoned nine u.s. service members deployed overseas. it's so important to remember not only our military members but also their families this time of year. >> some 800 u.s. military personnel deployed had traditional fixings at a base outside of mosul. they're there to assist and advise iraqi forces attempting to retake the country's second largest city from isis. still ahead the brazen escape by several inmates some still on the loose. >> and donald trump and tensions growing in his inner circle and the concern that's growing about the number of the intelligence briefings trump has attended. the epic mannequin challenge at the thanksgiving day parade
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president-elect trump is spending the long holiday weekend with his family in florida. this, of course, while his transition team are grappling over who to pick for secretary of state. >> it's a big choice. rudy giuliani and mitt romney top the list with a unique outlook and style and sending foreign policy in very different directions potentially. here's abc's devin dwyer. >> reporter: holed up inside his florida estate donald trump faces a divided inner circle. tension over his pick for secretary of state now spilling out into public view. senior trump adviser kellyanne conway tweeting this headline, some trump loyalists warn against mitt romney as secretary of state. abc news has learned romney is a serious contender but allies of former new york city mayor rudy giuliani are pressing their case questioning romney's loyalty. >> you've got to surround yourself with people like secret
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service people who will take a bullet for you rather than pull a bullet in you. that's not who you surround yourself with. >> reporter: as trump celebrates with his family he is still tweeting. i'm working hard even on thanksgiving, he writes in a post about saving american jobs, trump now moving at full speed with cabinet nominees filling top posts more quickly than president obama did eight years ago. 78-year-old billionaire wilbur ross is the expected pick for secretary of commerce senior transition officials tell abc news, former trump rival ben carson in the mix for secretary of housing and urban development. >> the offer is on the table and there are a lot of other possibilities that we're considering. >> reporter: with the flurry of cabinet moves, trump has yet to deeply engage on another area. presidential intelligence briefings. trump has had just two as president-elect a u.s. official tells abc news. vice president-elect mike pence said to have received several more. he still has plenty of time to get up to speed. devin dwyer, abc news, the white
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wildfires are raging across parts of israel forcing thousands from their homes. the flames have been burning for about three days but intensified thursday. drought and arson which authorities are linking to terrorism is being blamed or the fires. france is sending firefighting planes to help battle the flames. crews from russia, turkey and greece are already on the scene. now to a story causing a lot of questions to be asked right now. a high school cheerleader is found murdered in her home. now her former boyfriend, a college football player is accused of killing her and her family -- rather, his family says that he was a devoted boyfriend. >> her family says he refused to accept their recent breakup.
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abc's ryan smith with details. >> reporter: an 18-year-old football player charged with killing a 16-year-old cheerleader weeks after their breakup. if convicted riley gaul could face the death penalty. according to police, in the early morning hours monday, a shot fired by gaul into emma jane walker's bedroom from outside her tennessee home killed her in her sleep. police arresting gaul tuesday night on charges of first degree murder holding him on $750,000 bond after having him under surveillance saying he was preparing to destroy evidence related to the homicide. the pair seemingly a picture perfect couple. the cheerleader and the football player classmates until gaul moved on to play football at a local college this fall. ryan smith, abc news, new york. >> ryan will have more on this story a little later on on "good morning america." in neighboring kentucky an annual family thanksgiving day tradition turned deadly. two people were killed and four others injured as gunmen
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exchanged fire during a youth football event. gunshots could be heard in this video taken by a bystander. witnesses say dozens ran for cover when it erupted. police are still searching for suspects who ran from that scene. family and friends in west virginia gathered to remember james means seen here, shot to death after he bumped into a man. they held marches and vigils for the 15-year-old teen. william pulliam is charged with first degree murder in means' death. pulliam is white and claims he acted in self-defense. means is black or was black. the fbi investigating it as a possible hate crime. pulliam was not legally allowed to own a gun because of a domestic violence conviction. a manhunt is under way for two inmates who escaped from a northern california jail. investigators say that four prisoners cut through the bars of a second story window and using bedding to rappel down to the ground. a deputy patrolling the perimeter spotted those two men.
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two were captured on the scene and we know that two more are still on the run. let's switch gears and move to sports including turkey day football. >> our guys at espn with the highlights. >> good morning, america. hope you're recovering from all that food you ate on thanksgiving. >> hey, there was football played and a big game being dallas and washington in dallas. there they are. dak prescott, look at him, threat to run and pretend to run. terence williams, how did he get down? because they have training camp and they work on these type of things and he's paid. >> twinkle toes. it's not that big a deal but touchdown. ezekiel elliott is good at running the ball, had 7 yards. there's one. the pile. cowboys are 10-1. another game played thursday, "steals & deals" and colts, ben roethlisberger really likes himself some antonio brown. who planes him? three touchdown game for him.
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five catches, 91 yards and a whole lot of offense. not pictured le'veon bell, solid day, 120 yards on 9 ground. solid day for the "steals & deals" offense clicking on all cylinders. 28-7 the final. coals, a lot of injuries but give it up for that pittsburgh team. so says our producer. >> a lot of good turkey bowl action around the nation on thursday. a guy dressed as abe lincoln scored a touchdown. >> he won the day. >> good for him. >> don't shop too much. >> good old honest abe. up next in "the pulse," a must see moment when a santa loving dog gets to meet st. nick. a man chases down a suspected robber in his underwear. his interview now going viral. >> that's normal. ♪"all you need is love" plays my friends know me so well.
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♪ it is, of course, the day after thanksgiving so we're going to start with the parades and two great moments from the parade that you may have missed. >> i missed them. the crew handling the elf on the shelf balloon pulled off a magnificent mannequin challenge. everyone nailing their poses despite all the distraction. >> even the elf. >> the elf was very good. the proud author of that series tweeting this footage. >> then there was this, the crowd went, well, nuts over mr. peanut breaking out his best dab while riding on top of a float. the 100-year-old proving that he can keep up with the times and current dance moves. >> wasn't dabbing around 66th street where i saw him. >> you saw him. >> no, he saved it for later. now, everybody loves santa,
4:23 am
right? doesn't matter if you have two legs or four leg, no, well kaia adores santa and can't get enough of him. her favorite toy happens to be a santa claus doll. >> the owner gave the pup a treat and took her to the mall to meet the real thing. her owners know that she was extra nice and usually a little naughty and look at that expression. all right, this next story could only come from australia. >> yes, a man dressed only in his underwear led police to a driver who had allegedly crashed a car into a take-out restaurant. the nearly naked man became an overnight sensation in australia because of his interview. >> so i jumped out of bed and all i had was me undies on and walked out the front and i was seeing the car smashed and i seen the bloke walking back to the car so i said, what are you doing, mate, like you can't be leaving the scene and the guy is don't be a hero, mate. i'm not trying to be a hero but
4:24 am
the police are coming and they just went up the road. i said, no, so i jumped in me car and i started chasing him up the road then he went down a side street and police were coming and i flashed him and sent them off in the direction of him but all i had was me jocks on. >> meaning me underwear. >> yes. >> daniel mccormack is now a viral sensation. >> so glad he dressed up in the task top for the interview. >> me jocks on. more news after this. people say,
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good morning i'm tamala edwards it's friday, november 25th, black friday. shoppers are on their way to the malice and stores hoping to snag great holiday deals. hollywood is mourning the death of florence henderson, the actress beloved for her role as carol brady. we're in for another cloudy day. david murphy will have the details. some new jersey firefighters on thanksgiving. those stories and more when action news comes right back. c. 38 in minneapolis. finally for us the late night comics take on the news of the week. >>
4:28 am
front-runner to lead the department of homeland security appears to be kansas secretary of state and middle school football coach who is not allowed on the feel anymore chris kabat. >> something tells me he came prepared for the first 365 days and by something, this picture where he's clearly holding his strategic plan for the first 365 days. the only way those could be safer if he stored them on his private e-mail server. mike pence got a rude one when he attended "hamilton." he was booed going to his seats and cast addressed him directly at the end of the show. and this looks bad for pence. i mean when the theater kids pick on you know you are the least popular kid in school. i've been told that pence hamilton. i've been told pence absorbed the message of hamilton and has pledged to running the country.
4:29 am
then he went back to tweeting insults at the cast of "hamilton." >> how is it possible donald trump can get along with putin but not hamilton? first of all, mr. trump, the only president who gets to complain about the theater is abraham lincoln. >> donald trump demanded they apologize and tweeted the theater must always be a safe and special place to which muslims replied, two tickets to the theater, please. >> almost made me forget he just settled his trump university fraud lawsuits for $25 million. like trump's basically like, hey, america, look over here, rudeness, "hamilton," boycott, outrage. who do i make this $25 million check -- it's terrible. it's for fraud, right? >> funny but too soon for the lincoln theater jokes. >> oh, goodness. you know what, it's not too soon to go shopping.
4:30 am
enjoy ♪ action news. delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards karen rogers and david murph murphy. good morning, we're following new developments in the case of a two your child shot on thanksgiving. police have made an arrest. floors hasn'tder son, the actress best known for carol brady died it is black friday, stores are gearing up for crowds this morning. some shoppers ditched the pi of left overs, and there's a big tv in the lobby of my house. >> good morning to you, it's


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