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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  November 26, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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♪ action news tach mcgrath delaware valley's leading news program. pleasant good morning to you. saturday november 26. here's some of the stories we were working on. breaking news, fidel castro, the long time leader of cuba died. we will take a look back ats had life and rule over the nation an exchange of gunfire during a police chase in port richmond. a woman were you hurt after she was caught in the cross fire. plus it is time to turn your shopping focus to small businesses here in the community. it is small business saturday. thank you so much for waking up with us. those stories in a bit. first good to have chris back.
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evening you're battling with the sore throat. >> it's like a seven. >> how is the weather >> let's get you outside and show you what's going on. quiet and fairly mild with temperatures into the 40's. especially south and east. so that's one of the benefits when you have a mostly cloudy sky. this time of year. it actually helps to insulate things. 38 right now in allentown. 46 philadelphia, 48 in millville, cape may close to 50. 47 in dover, lancaster 41 and poconos checking in at 36. satellite 6 along with action radar lots of clouds can expected. breaks of sunshine as the day roll thes on and all the moisture up to the nofrj and south, all of that will fill away so it should be nice and quiet this afternoon and breezy, winds will start to pick you
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mean. we'll go partly sunny and breezy with a high of 53. we'll take a look at your forecast. there's a storm coming out of the rockies. that could disrupt travel and have your accu weather seven-day forecast. >> thank you so much for the update. 5:32. fidel castro has died, that news coming early this morning from his brother and current cuban president raul castro. 90-year-old castro never whatevered from his commitment to socialism and defied the president presidents. fidel castro was born august 191936 in: he went on to study law at the university of havana. he became an activist. went on to rule rubio cuba with
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an iron fist >> i feel honored to be communist and hope i will be. >> reporter: he joined forces with the soviet union. in 1961, president jfk improved a ciainvasion who went assure with the bay of pigs in 1962, they discovered he'd allowed the soviets to put nuclear missiles in cuba. the soviets backed down in exchange that america could not attack cuba. the economy castro created produced descent, in known 80 thousands. in early 1990s the fall of the ussr cost cuba bills of dollars in trade leading a widespread
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shortages in. the eyes of the world once again focused on castro during a bitter state of the state of a 5-year-old cuban boy. george w. bush announced his issues for a new cuba say he would main the embargo unless he stepped down. in 2006 castro temporarily handed over some powers to his younger brother, that same career, cuban tv broadcast the celebration of his 80th birthday which included a meeting with ven swale lend president. . many will wonder if the government will continue over his brother. 5:34. we're following other news. now that black friday is over. the focused is on small business saturday. this is the day that shoppers are asked to shop exclusively as
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mom and pop stores in the neighborhood. maybe local stores will be offering discounts to attract the customers. the marking campaign known as small business saturday began seven years ago to help give small independent retailers a boost during this busy holiday shopping season. you can shop with ease today the parking authority is offering free meter parking city-wide after 11:00 a.m. saturday. six garages in center city will charge flat $8 fee. black friday is the traditional and unofficial start to the holiday shopping season and consumers are hoping for the big deals that stretcher their hard earned dolly retailers are hoping they're in the mood to spend that money. shoppers left with bags of items thanks to those holiday gifts. it was crowded but easiblely maneuverable for those who decided to venture out for black
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friday shopping. at the concord mall in delaware, it was difficult to find an open space in the parking lot. that's never fun. inside shoppers kept busy going from store to store checking out all of those great deals. act news reporter checks out the black friday frenzy across the were delaware valley. >> reporter: bargains has some shoppers setting their alarms. from target on city avenue >> i thought if i come in here, do a few things, i'd get a bargain and i did. >> reporter: to center city and down in are delaware >> worry having a ball. >> reporter: these marathon shop we ares packing the parking lot to get traffic stopping steals >> 4.88. >> reporter: the king of prussia is now offering an alternative >> if you valet park, you get a free car wash. that's a myself perk. >> reporter: good news for those
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planning to shop until they drop >> we already went through the course. >> reporter: for some these crowds and chaos have become part of their thanksgiving traditionally >> we do it every black friday. we start early in the morning, been here since 7:00. we go every year. you get your favorite clothing 50% off. >> reporter: checking off their list of who's been naughty or nice >> i did not get everybody on my list, but there have been good deals. >> reporter: if the crowds are the mall are any kind of indication it is going to be a merry christmas for residents and retailers in our area, wendy saltsman channel 6 action news. new information, a man is in critical condition after a shoot-out with philadelphia police, here's what we know, investigators say two officers on patrol in port richmond saw the suspect put a handgun into his waistband around 10:30. they say they tried to stop the
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man along the 1900 block of clementine. that's when the man took off running. officers followed him and some time during the chase, they say that he allegedly started shooting at them. >> the male turns pulls the handgun and fires at the officers. the officers return foyer which point the male continues to flee on for the >> this came to an end on the 2900 block on amber. police and another group of five officers responding to the scene shot the man. he was rushed to temple university hospital listed in critical. an innocent bystander was hurt in this gunfire. she was treated for a bullet injury to her leg. this morning, police internal affairs are investigating. one person in custody after a serious crash involving a police car in southwest philadelphia, chopper 6 over that scene. two car answer police suv collide. the crash happened on i95 at the
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entrance to the platt bridge. no police officers were hurt. psychotics there's no word about any charges. from our delaware newsroom this morning, to men in jail after their car crashed into a dart bus during a police chase. the action cam at that scene of the accident 2nd and monroe streets there. wilmington. police say the car rammed that bus. it was attempting to enter a dart garage. after the crash, the suspects go out, the police caught them, the boyfriend has been bus driver was taken to christian. president-elect trump spent his black friday filling more of those top administration positions. he selected donald mcg an as white house counsel.
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he looks to separate his position from the global empire. congressional democrats have made at least ten requests to review his potential conflicts of interest casey mcfarland has been named as trump deputy national security advisor. she's a former aid to henry kiss injure and served in the nixon, ford and also reagan administrations. there will be vote recount in wisconsin after green party presidential candidate jill stein filed a request with election officials. they've raised more than five million to cover the cost of recounts in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. if you ate too much during thanksgiving, don't be too concerned about working out those extra calories. we're going to tell you why researchers say you do not need to exercise more. a maryland woman talks about her frightening attack by a black bear. chris? cloudy and fairly mild out
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there this morning. temperatures down into the 40's across south jersey days coming up. next in the seven-day forecast.
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she is banged up a bit bruised by a maryland woman describing how she survived a bear attack. the encounter is the statement first ever attack on record. you see her there in the hospital. karen osborne managed to call
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911 herself as the mother black bear prepared to attack again. >> she put her paw on my back and pinned me to the ground. there was no way i was going anywhere. she had me down and wasn't letting me go. i think i was very lucky for the amount of time she bit me, and mauled me, i'm amazed. i really fell like there was an angel on my shoulder that evening. >> you are lucky. osborne is recovering if a broken arm and pelvis and a number puncture injuries. her doctors shay may have permanent injuries but she says i'm lucky to be alive. >> not scary at all. it will be nice and quiet out there. gray, both day and tomorrow temperatures into the low 50's and a decent amount of sunshine least for tomorrow. sun will be for itting off the cloud but overall it's a nice quiet weekend. that's important this being a
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busy travel weekend. 46 degrees right now in philadelphia. there's a due point of 36 pressure rating, wind out of the west northwest at 40 miles per hour. ocean temperature at 49. that's keeping the communities a little bit warmer. 49 in cape may, 48 in millville. but 30's north and west. reading and allentown 38 degrees, and the poconos checking in at 36. satellite 6 along with action radar, two areas of moisture, the good news is neither one is actually heading towards the philadelphia area, they're both pulling away. this will actually stay to the north and pull up into new england. if your traveling up there, there could be mixed rain and snow showers with this and this is a coastal storm that's going to mistake a bee line out to sea and head toward the canadian mar times up here, we will stay dry and stay dry for tomorrow. a couple of rainy and snow showers up through new england. this high will actually spread east during the day.
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and that will provide us with nice weather east of the mississippi, but if your flying out to places like, let's say, saints lewis, kansas city, dallas, chicago, maybe even minneapolis, there will be showers and thunderstorms, check ahead with your carrier, make sure your flights are on time. back home in philadelphia, it's nice out there today. partly sunny, breezy, 53, not bad that time of year. winds out of the northwest at ten to 20 miles per hour. end again it will be a battle out there today, sun fighting the clouds, kind of like i'm fighting my voice, 1:00, 50 degrees, 3:0052. by 5:00 overnight. overnight partly cloudy and breezy, freezing north and west, 38 for center city. the exclusive accu weather seven-day forecast, quiet that he is weekend. unsettled next week. 53 for today, invest tomorrow,
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monday increasing clouds with a high of 54 and tuesday and wednesday back up into the 60's with periods of rain. 62 degrees for tuesday, wednesday 65. and then things start to clear out on thursday with a high of 58 degrees and friday at this point, actually looks all right, little cooler but we'll see sunshine >> 60 and december is almost here >> the normal is 53, so it's not too unusual. >> i'll take it. thank you so much. remind you you can find the seven-day forecast and storm tracker 6 double scan radar any time. go to the website many people were working out the turkey to dinner. we were at the cooper river park in camden. the first night of the season. those who preferred to spend on
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a nonslippery circus. there was a merry go round and carriage ride. we'll be right back. flush
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♪ glad you're waking up with us on a saturday morning, team 5:50. it is 46 degrees out there. this is the temple university camera overlooking city hall and we expect temperatures in the 50's. we will see 60's later on. get out there and enjoy the weather before old man winter shows up. in health check, there's good news to tell you about as you contemplate those thanksgiving day left overs, a small study finds eating more than usual for a week may not actually be bad as long as you exercise on a regular basis. researchers from the university of michigan wanted to know what would happen to people's fatty tissue.
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participants ate there's % more calories and researchers found no inflammation in fatty tissue. there are concern for parent who may have been exposed to the zeka virus. the finding comes from a study of brazilian babies whose head appeared normal at birth, then grew much more slowly than normal. most people infected with zika never develop those symptoms, infection could cause birth defects like micro sevenly, a condition causing a baby's head to be smaller. . a new study finds that if you want to kick that smoking habit, you should put up cold hard cash on the line. researchers had one group deposit $150 and told they'd get that money back. plus $650 if they did not smoke
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for a year. 52% were successful. another group decided $800 they'd get $800 if they quit for a year, and success rate was seven people.
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♪ ♪ good morning, we're glad you're waking up with us, it's saturday, 5:54, for example degrees. this is a stark image of the ben franklin bridge. if you ate too much turkey this will be great to go out and walk or run, temperatures expected to be in the 50's. there's couraging news, divorce rates here in the u.s. dropped to a 35 year low. find that marriage rates could be stabilizing. experts say they're not sure what led to the changes but what to factor such as aging population, changing gender roles and fewer people getting married. the state of utah has the highest marriage rate but also
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the highest divorce rate in the country. seems that social media is filled with fake news headlines and we took a closer look at what's fueling those false sites's how popular sites are fight back. their's matt o'donnell. >> reporter: the truth is tantamount to trust but in a hyper segmented world of online news sharing it could be difficult to separate fact from infection. where do you get a majority of your news from >> most facebook >> facebook? >> almost on facebook >> mostly google. >> reporter: a survey done reveals 62% of the adults in the u.s. get news on social media, particularly facebook. >> there's things going around on facebook, twitter all of that, why are you posting this? it's false. >> reporter: phony headlines can be enticing. some think it swayed the
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election in donald trump favor >> we have hundreds of thousands, millions, infinite sources of information coming from area. >> reporter: that's why it could be hard to decipher what is real and fake, hillary clinton cancels rally due to lock her up chant, michelle obama deletes clinton, ivanka disvows her father. all fake news a few days after, a twitter user sent me this video showed me it showed a blackmon beating up a white man voting for trump. it didn't happen that way. this happened in chicago and stemmed from an argument over a car crash. >> i think we all have to be critical thinkers. >> reporter: the seriousness of the-caused comment from president obama >> if we can't discriminate between serious arguments and propaganda, then we have
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problems. >> reporter: we reached out to facebook and google and both companies told us they're taking steps to address the problem of fake news sites. the internet giants plan to ban phony sites from publishing sites unless they publish facts >> if they discover this platform is being used for purposes that don't fit the way they envision the site. >> reporter: meantime you need to do your homework >> double-check what your reading. >> reporter: we've had a great discussion on the issue of fake news with you on of all places my facebook page. something that wouldn't have been possible 12 egg harbor before the site was founded. that's a good thing. let us know what you think by going to my page right now, matt o'donnell channel 6 action news >> we got much more action news coming your way in a built. the official white house christmas tree arrived in washington. but where are the first daughters?
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we'll have a big view of the animated musical. stay with us, we'll be right back. stay with us, we'll be right back. when heartburn hits, stay with us, we'll be right back. fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums
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valley's leading news program.
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good morning to you at 6:00, saturday, november 26th. stories we're following right now on action news, breaking news, former cuban president fidel castro has died. father of the communist island nation. back here at home, two children injured when their delaware home goes up in flames. this happened overnight. a south jersey police officer is injured in a head-on crash, those stories and more just a moment. we turn our attention to meteorologist chris sowers and the forecast. i know you're struggling with your voice. >> it's mild. it was fine a second ago. there you go again. kind of battling today. but as we get you outside, what you'll notice this morning is temperatures are fairly mild. we're already in the 40's in the normal high for this time of year is about 52. so not too bad, especially considering the time of year and it's quiet out there. not much of a breeze. we are expecting the breezes t


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