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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 28, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning -- recount battle. president-elect donald trump lashing out on social media, making claims about voter fraud that experts are calling stunning and baseless, as hillary clinton joins the recount movement. cuba begins its final farewell to fidel castro. david muir is in cuba with the latest. a major winter storm hitting right now. we're tell you where it's heading next. and cybermonday. gets started soon. and we'll tell you how to get a little known discount with some retailers.
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good monday morning, everyone. hope you had a nice holiday weekend. we're going to get started with donald trump's twitter rampage. he was railing against the recount effort under way in three battleground states. >> trump is back in new york, gearing up for another day of meetings as he considers more cabinet picks. the president-elect spent much of yesterday sending a barrage of tweets, taking aim at hillary clinton's campaign and lunching explosive allegations of voter fraud. this morning, donald trump seething on social media. a series of tweets if the president-elect, saying serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire, and california. so why isn't the media reporting on this? serious bias. big problem. and i won the popular vote. the the you deduct the million mls of people who voted illegally. that, so far, unsubstantiated.
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this after jill stein is forcing a recount in wisconsin. now, hillary clinton's campaign joining the effort. it could expand to michigan and pennsylvania. it's unlikely a recount would change the results. trump calls the recount effort a scam. adding so much time and money will be spent. same result. sad. trump himself warned for months that the election would be tapted. >> it's a rigged election. believe me. 1.8 million dead people are registered to vote. >> reporter: team clinton saying their own investigators have not uncovered any actionable evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter the voting technology. but they'll participate in the recount. a decision bernie sanders supports. >> it's a legal right. not a big deal. i don't think anybody, secretary clinton included, doesn't think
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it will change anything. and kellyanne conway calling this side sore losers. trump's team saying he's having regular conversations with president obama. one that lasted 45 minutes on saturday. the reaction to the death of former cuban leader fidel castro. workers have been preparing revolution square. >> nine days of official mourn rg now book in the square today. >> reporter: all across havana, we noticed the flags at half staff. the cubans honoring their long-time leader. the cuban people mourng fidel castro who defied ten u.s. presidents for half a century. he took power on new year's day 1959, promising democracy. soon throwing opponents in jail.
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there were executions. silencing newspapers. signing a pact with the soviet union. the u.s. would respond with saxs. president kennedy approving the invasion of cuban exills entering at the bay of pigs. it failed. castro won. 11 million people live here making just $20 a month. just 5% have internet access in their homes. on the streeting something else. the american tourists. more than there have been in decades. what do you hope for the cuban people? >> i hope to see them have a better life. have -- be open. more open, and happy. experience more. be able to travel outside of cuba and see other people. see how other people live. and enjoy life a little bit more, right? >> reporter: a nation numb,
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after living nearly 50 years undercastro's rule. the young people chanting fidel. cuba, just 90 miles away from florida. and in the u.s., a much different scene. in little havana, many of the cuban-americans who escaped castro, or whose parents or grandparents did, are now relooefd. now hope for beater relationship with cuba kout fidel castro. david muir, abc news. elian gonzalez became the face of the relationship with cuba. he survived a trip on a boat. this is the picture many people remember. a soldier taking the then 6-year-old from an adult. now, at age2, he calls castro a
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father figure who became a friend. >> translator: fidel began to be that father as all who start off as father. the difficult thing is for a father to become a friend. >> he says he last talked to castro a few years ago. >> cuban tourism up 1% in the first half of the year. starting today, american airlines will fly there from miami. those bring the total number of daily flights to more than 100. is syrian rebels have lost all of northeastern aleppo. overnight, syrian government forces capturing another key neighborhood of the country's second largest city. it's the biggest setback for the opposition in four years. it sent thousands of people fleeing. the u.s. congress is look to push through a $6.3 billion medical policy initiative before
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the session ends. the 21st century cures act would promote new ideas from the federal government. the main goal would be to send funding to the fda and national institutes of health. we all need it. drempling rains making their way east after hitting the west coast this week end the 7 the storms meant fresh snow across the west. resorts in the southern ka ka mountains were aided by several inches of power. california's sierra nevada getting up to two feet of snow. thousands of people heading to resorts for skiing and snowboarding. more snow expected in the western mountain rangs today as well as the dakotas. showers from seattle to northern california. donald trump has swapped his famous make america great hat for one with a more timely message. >> a new red hat. this one says usa on the front
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and the number 45 is embroidered on the side. a nod to his upcoming inauguration. some might say a symbolic swipe at the recount effort. others saying he is, indeed, number 45. still ahead, now win super bowl tickets for life. >> yeah, that sounds kind of nice. plus, sales without the crowds. it's cybermonday. the best deals. and a freak weather event called thunder asthma that's
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we're getting a new look this morning at the devastation left behind by major flooding in
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northwest italy. hundreds of people have been displaced after torrential rain. more severe weather is forecast for the rege wron in coming days. in northern california, a reward is being offered for the capture of two men from the santa clara county jail. they broke out by cutting through the bars of the the cell and rappelling down from bed sheets. the section of the jail where they broke out was built in the 1950s. both men were being held on multiple felony charges. we're heerg the emergency call from the moment police found the missing california mother. sherri papini was discovered early thanksgiving morning. she underout of a car on a rural road in california. her wrists where chained. she had been beaten. >> advices she can hear a female screaming. >> advising she is heavily
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battered and sit confirmed kidnapping. >> i have a phone number for you. i need you the call her husband. >> investigators are examining papini's clothing and chance for dna evidence. they're hoping she can provide information on her alleged kidnappers once she recovers. on this cybermond, shoppers are expected to spend $3 billion. amazon is offering deep discounts on electronics. wa walmart already sold out of a tv. 43% of cell phone users say they'll use them to shop today. mobile shopping from phones and tablets was responsible for $1.2 billion on black friday. that's the first time over $1 billion.
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your financial information and confidently get an accurate mortgage solution in minutes -- whenever, wherever. ♪ lift the burden of getting a home loan with rocket mortgage by quicken loans. ♪ (whisper) rocket a rare november tornado touching down near red cloud, nebraska, yesterday. the twister was the first in41 years to have formed after thanksgiving in the state. the tornado damaged far equipment and outbuildings after touching down in a wooded area north of white cloud. roads will be wet in the northwest and from the gulf coast up to new england with flash flooding possible in the south central states. if you're flying, airport delays most likely in salt lake
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city, dallas, chicago, memphis, and houston. a frightening scene as gunfire erupted in the french quarter of new orleans this weekend. >> a horrible scene. a 25-year-old man celebrating his birthday was killed. and nine others were injured. all the victims were innocent bystanders. not the intended target. the manhunt is under way for two gunmen who got into an argument and started shooting. a rare condition called thunderstorm asthma is being blamed for the deaths of six people in australia. experts say it's triggered when unusually high rye grass becomes soaked and exploded, sending tiny particles of pollen straight into the lungs. that sounds terrifying. health experts say the development of a new vaccine could be the final nail in the
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coffin for hiv. a stud do will be conducted in south africa, where more than 1,000 people are infected every day with hiv. scientists say even in the vaccine is moderately effective, it could ease the burden of the disease in countries with especially high rates of hiv infections. bud light has started a promotion that seems to be straight out of willy wonka and the chocolate factory. instead of golden tickets. beer drinkers are on the lookout for gold cans of bud light. >> those who find them have a chance to win a pair of super bowl tickets for life. while the strike gold campaign does say for life, the small prinlt says up to 51 years. >> oh. >> i'll take it. the grand prize drawing is mid january. >> it doesn't netsdsly say how far up in the nose bleeds your seats are. >> no i'm pretty sure they give you good tickets. speak of football, the it's
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the packers against the eagles tonight in philadelphia. >> as for some of yesterday's nfl drama, we get the highlights from espn. good morning, america. if you're up now, which you are, because you're watching me, you might not have been up late last night. you missed one of the best nfl football games of the year. chiefs and broncos. it's in overtime. broncos have a chance to win the game. it's a really long field goal. if you miss, you give the other team really good field position. mcmanis does mis. that gives the chiefs some time to get in field goal range themselves, which they do. cairo santos. first brazilian born nfl kirk in nfl history. played high school football in florida. went to tulane. the 25-year-old wins the game. off the upright and through. chiefs beat the broncos late last night. earlier in the day, derek carr and the raiders. home to the panthers.
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panthers had a furious comeback. so now, the raiders tied at 32-32, carr to michael crabtree. janikowski if i cans a field goal. raiders by three. time for the panthers to tie or twin game. fourth and ten. cam newton looking long. but khalil mack had an unbelievable game for the raiders. they win. 9-2. tied for the patriots. >> raider nation celebrating. up next in "the pulse." rogue one tickets going on sale overnight. a newly wed couple's first dance in traffic. the story behind that. a parent i changed as a person, drastically. ♪ i tried hard to quit smoking. ♪ but when we brought our daughter home that was it.
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it is your monday morning "pulse." it's starting with the cost of sooiber monday. one estimate of the cost of lost productivity is at almost $500 million. >> 49% of employees say they'll be shopping at work. most say they'll wait until lunch break. 8% said they'll do it in a conference call. 3% said they'll do it during a meeting. >> taking time away there their facebook time to do it in a meeting. >> good moipoint. >> i would be down for that. a little known secret, right? retailers do not like unclosed deals. if you leave items in your cart, some stores will e-mail you additional coupons. that is so true. and you get ads on facebook all the time based on what you searched. >> guilt douz duz that to me.
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well, today is the day. the star wars gift keeps on giving. tickets are now on sale for "rogue one" a star wars story. >> "rogue one" goes back to the time taking place between episodes three and four. lucasfilm has released a new trailer. >> the force is strong. >> tell me you a backup plan. >> again, tickets went on sale at midnight. fans already reporting most prime seats have been snachd up. the movie hits theaters december 16th. okay this is romantic in a way. finally, a couple proving that they know how to roll with the bunches even though they have only been married a couple of days. >> so, there they are. take a look. they're sharing their first dance. looks row maptic.
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the lighting and all of that. that's in the middle of a highway in ohio. they were on their way to the reception when they got stuck in traffic. >> an accident closed the road. they were stranded for about an hour. event eventually they got to the reception. kind roef mans on the road. at the same time, i'm thinking i don't want to be in traffic on my wedding day. >> i'm curious what sort of songs they played. well, congrats any way. oh, look. ...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to work on fine lines and... ...even deep wrinkles. "one week? that definitely works!" rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair. neutrogena®. "see what's possible."
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>> good monday morning, i'm erin o'hern we're following a developing story next on "action news." philadelphia police say a transgendered woman was followed home from a bar and shot. nine days of mourning after the death of fedel castro this as many celebrate his death. it's another day for deals. we're talking cyber monday, the busiest online shopping day of the year. those stories and the accuweather forecast and traffic next on "action news." by the way way employers say they don't mind if you shop on cyber monday, how about that. td hail, with the rain extending up into new england. 45 in boston? not bad. emotions are strong both
4:28 am
here and in cuba surrounding the death of fidel castro. >> here's a shot where the memorial gets under way later today ahead of his funeral on sunday. some are hailing him as a freedom fighter. others, include manager in florida, home his passing may allow them to returns is a chame bottle this woman has waited decades to open. a gift from her late father. >> it was hidden for all those years. open only when fidel dies. >> reporter: his death was highly anticipated. wished for. mostly because of the pain of families forced to split. she said good-bye to her father when she was 8. >> they took my father out on
4:29 am
the balcony across the street, all i co-could to was, bye, papi. >> reporter: what was going through your mind? you were so young? >> that hurt so much when i felt i wasn't going to see him anymore. >> reporter: today in florida, she's a county commissioner. >> i couldn't understand why i couldn't say -- express my opinions or why i couldn't say that i believe in god. >> reporter: childhood trauma defining a generation. this doctor, now a psychotherapist remembers it well. at 11 years ode, she left cuba without her parents on what's been dubbed the peter pan flights. those parents sending their kids to america when a bright future koumdn't be guaranteed. >> i remember when i was leaving my house, you know, kissing all my dolls. you know, and, saying good-bye to, you know, everybody. it was very -- it was a very -- i want to start to cry. thanks to
4:30 am
matt and tam are off, i'm erin o'hern along with gray hall. >> right we're following a developing story, two men follow a transgendered woman out of a philadelphia bar and shoot her. >> new information on a bucks county crash, police say the man hit while trying to change a tire with a roadside assistance worker. >> let's get to david murphy and karen rogers, are you stuffed from thanksgiving? >> reporter: no, kind of, still a lot of stuff in the


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