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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  November 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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victim as you saw right there, we also have surveillance video that police say may have captured images of the person responsible. bensalem police are looking for the man seen in this surveillance video. investigators believe he may be the person behind home invasion and sexual assault of a woman whose identity we're concealing. >> i just was panicked. i knew my daughter was sleeping right there. >> reporter: she says she and her 10-year-old daughter had fallen asleep on the couch while watching a movie on friday night. then right around 5 o'clock saturday morning, the victim opened her eyes to find strange man on top of her. >> the next thing i remember is being awake. there was a man in my living room. and he had his arms around me holding me so that i could not move. >> reporter: that's when the victim's daughter woke up and screamed. >> it startled him enough that i was able to get my arms free and push him and kick him and get him to the front door
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where like one final push i got him out and he ran. >> reporter: a few moments later, surveillance video captured this man matching the description of the attacker entering the nearby sunoco on frankford avenue and knights road. >> people in the store that said that the guy came running in shortness of breath as if he had left somewhere so it's all matching up that this guy is certainly someone we want to talk to. >> reporter: ben seay salem director of public safety fred herron says the suspect may be a homeless man who frequents the area around the bensalem-philadelphia border. as the search continues for the attacker the victim says she's grateful that her daughter was not injured. >> she's 10 years old and she's worried she didn't do enough that her mom had to go through something and she couldn't help and i told her look like her only job is to stay safe. >> reporter: now, the suspect is approximately 5 feet 9-inches tall. he may be white, possibly asian and anyone with any information is asked to call bensalem police. reporting live from bensalem
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walter perez channel6 "action news." back to you guys. >> thank you walter. we are also following developing news out of columbus ohio. in the past hour officials have identified the man who went on the attack this morning on the campus of ohio state university. >> police say the suspect identified as abdul razak ali artan was a students at ohio state university. this morning artan used a car to target people walking on a sidewalk before jumping out of the car and stabbing people with a butcher knife. nine people were hurt before artan was shot and killed by a police officer. officials say it could have been much worse if people near the scene did not react in the way they did. >> we know that people did not try to be a part that of scene, they tried to get away from it which is the right thing to do. >> officials say artan was born in somalia but was living in the u.s. as a legal resident. a motive has not been determined. authorities say the officer who shot artan identified as 28-year-old allen harujko had
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been on the school's police force for less than two years. he was investigating a nearby gas leak when the attack happened. >> on a lighter note looking live outside our 6abc studios right now the corner of city avenue and monument road is lit up in eagles green ahead of a big game for the birds here at home. we are less than four hours and counting until kickoff. tonight of course the eagles host the packers for a prime time show down at the linc. >> it's a must win game and the birds have a small leg up. they are undefeated at home this season and the eagles know it has to stay that way if they want to keep themselves in the hunt for the playoffs. >> "action news" sports reporter jeff skversky live at the linc right now with much more. hi, jeff. >> hey, jeff. >> reporter: eagles nelson agholor benched and inactive against the green bay packers on monday night football according to multiple reports. this comes after that illegal penalty and that drop in seattle last week and afterwards of course he said he could not get out of his own head. now he'll get a shot to clear
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his own head on the bench tonight against the packers. darren sproles arriving just moments ago here to lincoln financial field despite a rib injury, sproles is expected to go tonight against the packers. safety mal i don't mean jenkins one of the leaders on did he first will try to protect that home field advantage against aaron rodgers. eagles are four and zero at home and the d allowing under 10 points per game here at the linc. >> we've played really well at home so hopefully that trend can that continue but we're going to have to show up week in and week out but right now it's nice to come back home, a team against a team that's desperate. we're kind of desperate as well. to have home field advantage is definitely a plus but we got to give the crowd something to root for. >> reporter: the eagles have not won against the packers here at home in 10 years. we'll try change that tonight on monday night football here on 6abc. coverage kicks offer at
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8 o'clock with our pregame slow followed by the game and of course our postgame show live from outside the eagles locker room. it is not just a big flight for this football team but former linebacker jeremiah trotter the four time pro bowler along with the voice of the eagles merrill reese, they will be inducted into the team's hall of fame tonight. a big night. hopefully the eagles can pull it outweigh w against green basement live at the linc jeff skversky channel6 "action news. >> jeff thank you. because of the eagles game tonight we'll be airing this year's cma country christmas special on the live well network. sugarland lead vocalist jennifer nettles hosts tonight's program at 8 o'clock. conviction follows at 10:00 then head to to find out how to watch the live well network on your cable provider. >> in wilmington, delaware, police trying to track down a gunman shot down a student while he was on his way to school. police say that 15-year-old a freshman at dickinson high was shot multiple times in the stomach and the arm. he was able to flag down a passing school bus for help.
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>> we were sleep when we heard these big shots, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, like that. so we knew somebody was shooting. >> the teen was tine a.i. dupont children's hospital. he's in critical condition. so far no word from police on app suspect description. philadelphia police are also trying to track down two suspects who attacked a man last night in the city's overbrook section. this one happened about 11:00 p.m. after the victim left the stop and go on 66th and lansdowne. according to police, the suspects followed that victim out of the store approached him on a nearby corner, then opened fire. the victim was hit twice in the hip. he is expected to be okay. >> a wall street ratings firm says the state takeover of atlantic city will keep the cash strapped town above board for at least another year. moody's says the plan is enough to stop any default on atlantic city's $500 million of debt through 2017. the agency called the takeover
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a crucial step. the state of new jersey seized control of a.c. early this month after rejecting the city's own financial turn around plan. negotiations continue over a contract for teachers in the city of philadelphia. they have been working without a deal for three years. the district has offered $100 million agreement but the head of the teachers union says that's not enough. "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist is live at school district headquarters tonight with more on the story. sarah. >> reporter: and rick, the school district put this latest offer on the table earlier this month. today, the head of the teachers union told "action news" he rejects it and won't even take to it his members for a vote. jerry jordan president of the philadelphia federation of teachers says after three years without a contract, even longer without a raise, his members deserve better than the district's latest contract offer and he won't put to it a vote. >> because it's disrespectful of the years of sacrifice that our members have gone.
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members are going -- have gone it will be five years january 1st without a salary increase. >> reporter: under the proposal teachers at the top of the pay scale making around $67,000 a year would see small pay increases over the next four years. just a half percent in the final two years of the four year contract. newer teachers would also get annual raises between five and 8 percent but no retroactive pay. the last few years when they saw no salary increases. >> we're not going to be able to attract or retain teachers unless we show them at least the very is minimal of respect of paying them. >> reporter: city council person helen grim agrees the district can and should offer the teachers more. >> there have been four years without salary raises for teachers. the district has, you know, a significant surplus in the bank as a result. >> reporter: but superintendent is william hite
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says there is simply not more to give without taking something away somewhere else. >> and the five year if this plan we're already facing a $500 million revenue shortfall and so we have to begin planning right now to created a additional revenue to take care of that deficit or we're going have to do some of the drastic things that we've had to do in the past. >> reporter: the union also wants bonuses for teachers who get advance degrees, something it says is offered to teachers in the suburbs. the district also wants teachers to start paying for health benefits and work rules allowing principals to hire and fire based on merit, not seniority. this is by no means over. the union has already submitted a counteroffer and negotiations continue. live in the spring garden section, i'm sarah bloomquist channel6 "action news." >> thank you, sarah. time right now for a check of the "action news" traffic report monday night. >> let's go live to matt
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pelman in the trend and how was your weekend. >> it was great and hope you guys got your fill of turkey. >> still get emg fill of turkey. >> i'm sure you. we're getting our fill of traffic this afternoon. some accidents to contend with. there was one in juniata park at i near eerie. that's in the process of clearing out. there's one in ardmore along montgomery avenue at edgewood road and already plenty of slow speeds as you head towards that eagles game in south philadelphia tonight just 16 miles per hour that were on the blue route southbound. just six on the roosevelt boulevard. 12 over on the schuylkill. this is what 12 looks like live. eastbound come the headlights passing montgomery drive. looks like a police officer making his way through the crowd here but it is bumper to bumper on the schuylkill eastbound from 202 in the curve and then again from the roosevelt boulevard on in towards south philadelphia. there goes the cop as we watch live. still have that downed pole and wires from the earlier crash in east norriton. 202 is blocked. swede or whitehall some alternates. north wales watch out for a crash along north wales road
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at knapp road. we'll check it again rick and monica in the next half hour. >> matt thank had you. much more still ahead on "action news" tonight. remembering fidel castro, the thousands of people who lined up in havana today to remember the former long time cuban leader. >> and a former competitive runner hampered by lung disease goes the distance anyway for a good cause. his story of grit and determination coming up tonight in health check. cecily. >> well, double scan live showing a storm system that's bringing severe weather across the deep south with tornado watches. this system will bring us much needed rain. i'm tracking some rounds of rain on the way. i'll have details on the timing in the accuweather forecast when "action news" returns. >> ♪
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>> right now cuban is in a third day of morning after the death of fidel castro. castro's ashes were brought to this monument in half flan's main square today. thousands have been lining unsince -- ever since to say their final farewells to the man who led cuba for more than 50 years. and a public mass is schedule for tomorrow followed by a week of ceremonial services. back here president-elect donald trump says he may undo those recently reestablished relations between the u.s. and cuba. trump took to twitter today to threaten the ties if cuban officials are not willing to negotiate a better deal.
5:15 pm
the president-elect could face bipartisan opposition though to any reversal. lawmakers and business leaders alike have praised the obama administration for engaging with cuba for the first time in nearly a half century. >> turning to health check tonight developing news on the zika virus. it isn't just in mosquitos in florida. officials say it's now texas as well. >> health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman at the big board with us for details. ali. >> hi, guys, yeah. the texas health department has said it was only a matter of time and this afternoon they announced the first case of zika virus likely spread by a mosquito in the state. the patient is a woman in cameron county in the rio grande valley. she's not pregnant and hasn't been to mexico or other areas with active zika transmission. a mosquito patrol programs have been under way for months in the area. health officials don't believe zika will become widespread in texas but they urge residents to protect themselves against mosquito bites especially inners that are relatively warm.
5:16 pm
cameron county is home to south padre island. that's a popular tourist destination. also today, a story of grit and determination. a man with a terminal lung disease completes the seattle marathon in just under 11 hours. >> i feel pretty good right now. >> with his wife alicia and an oxygen tanks by his side evans wilson took on all 26 points 2 miles. he used to be a competitive runner running a mile in less than five minutes. but law diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. it's a progressive lung disease that scars the lung tissue making it very difficult to breathes. he completed the grueling race on sunday to raise awareness and if money for a cure with the final stretch came tears. >> congratulations. so amazing. >> he started the race at 6:00 a.m. and finished in 10 hours
5:17 pm
and 55 minutes. you saw that he's also joined by another competitive runner who says that she lost her father to the disease. wilson hopes he can continue to raise awareness and money for research. congratulations to him. rick and monica. >> all right, great story. thank you ali. administrators at a high school in delaware are literally rolling up their sleeves to help students tonight. william penn high school in new castle offers the only phlebotomy training program in the region. students spend a semester studying the topic and then to successfully draw blood more than 30 times to be certified. along with the experience the certification helps them get jobs after graduation. turn things around? what if you could... love your numbers? discover once-daily invokana®.
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[applause] >> wall street opened the week on a down note. after days of post election rallies, the market finished down across-the-board despite an uptick in oil prices. the dow jones slipped 54 points on the day nasdaq dropping 30 and change, the s & p 500 lost 11.5. hundreds of uber drivers planning to join a national protest tomorrow for higher minimum wages. their demonstration is part of a combined effort with on the hourly fast food and airport workers.
5:21 pm
the group is called fight for 15. uber has said in the past drivers in its top 20's u.s. markets average more than $19 an hour but drivers complain of aggressive fare cuts and no accounting for expenses like gas repairs and insurance. >> peco energy customers in chester county will have access to natural gas. officials with the energy company broke grounds today on a natural gas expansion project in that tredyffrin township. it includes a pilot program to reduce the cost of extending natural gas planes to neighborhoods where they are not currently available. an beautiful section of delaware county is even greener tonight. the county just bought this 240-acre beaver valley property in concorde township. the land was originally given william penn by the duke of york back in 1682. it's also near where general george washington's troops fought the british in the revolutionary war. now hikers bikers runners and horse back riders can enjoy
5:22 pm
it. >> nice. much more still ahead on "action news" monday night. a check of the forecast for you. >> let's take you live outside our studios here on city avenue where we have beautiful green lights to show our support for the eagles versus the packers tonight at the linc. go eagles. meteorologist cecily tynan with that exclusive accuweather five day forecast when we come right back. >> ♪
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>> time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. >> meteorologist cecily tynan has the latest on a somewhat changing forecast as far as precipitation is center. >> yeah, we've got some rain on the way and that's good news because we do need the rain. the rain is not here though tonight. we are live on sky6 taking a look over the ben franklin bridge. it's clouded over after a sunny start to the day and temperatures a little bit above normal. 50 degrees right now. we reached a high of 53 earlier. that's 2 degrees above normal. allentown 48. wilmington 48. cape may 50. and trenton 48 degrees. satellite6 along with action radar showing kind of the big picture. this low pressure that's spinning northwest of minneapolis and what's that's going to do is throw disturbances our way and that will bring us two rounds of rain and some of it will be heavy at times but tonight just dealing with clouds so that's great news for monday night football at the linc. mostly cloudy with the clouds and winds light out of the south-southeast temperatures
5:26 pm
really not falling much at all. kickoff temperature 49 degrees. by the fourth quarter, 48 degrees. and it will be dry, just lots of clouds. future tracker showing, though, the situation changes tomorrow morning. seven clock in the morning, the showers are here especially philadelphia and areas to the northwest, so this could slow down your morning commute especially with leaves on the roads. it can get slippery. by 11 o'clock, this really fills in. i think this is when we'll see the heaviest rain and again, specially north of philadelphia and then it begins to lift up to the north by the evening commute. philadelphia maybe a few sprinkles but some heavier rain in the northwest suburbs and then we get a little bit of a break in the action tuesday night before more rain moves in during the day on wednesday and wednesday night. so, future tracker showing next two days we're looking at a really good soaking. generally about an inch to 2-inches of rain and this is great news because it has been extremely dry especially areas north of philadelphia. philadelphia, allentown,
5:27 pm
trenton, running six to more than 12-inches below normal so far this year. wilmington also in a deficit. the only place atlantic city toward the coast that temperatures -- rainfall actually more than 3-inches buffer normal but most of our area really needs the rain desperately. so the five day at 5:00 showing tomorrow breezy with much needed rain arriving. the heaviest will be right around midday. the high 65 degrees. wednesday the morning not a lot of activity but the afternoon and evening some heavy rain, perhaps some thunderstorms. the high 69 degrees. so we're in the warm sector of this system. thursday we dry out sun mixing with clouds 56. friday it's sunny breezy 53. saturday mostly sunny, 51 degrees, nice weather in annapolis for the temple game but then we could be dealing with another storm early they can creek. adam will talk about that in the accuweather 7-day forecast guys. >> as long as it's wet and not white cecily. >> at this point that's what we're looking at. >> all right, thank you. quick brink, more news when we come right back.
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stay with us. in in are are
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>> hello again and here's what's happening on "action news" monday night. eagles getting ready to take on the packers in monday night football. we've got the latest.
5:30 pm
also more than a dozen neglected dogs have been rescued from a new castle county property. >> ♪ >> now the details of this morning's campus attack at the ohio state university that injured 11 people. authorities say the suspect was a student who shot -- who was shot and killed by police. >> officials say abdul razak ali artan was his name. he attacked several people with a butcher knife then drove a car onto a curb and hit pedestrians. now investigators of course want to know why. abc's kenneth moton live on campus in columbus ohio with the very latest. kenneth. >> reporter: good evening. the rain is coming down on this scene of the campus of ohio state university. we now know it was a heroic university police officer by the name of allen [inaudible]
5:31 pm
it came in as an active shooter call, shots fired on the campus of the ohio state university. >> i was walking down 15th many people started running up 15th. a couple people were like don't go campus there's an active shooter. >> reporter: police and fire swarmed the campus after reports of a gunman on the loose. the university alerted students and staff tweeting active shooter on campus run, hide, fight. >> there were three gun shots and it sounded like a handgun. >> reporter: around noon app student captured cell phone video. police standing over the suspect they shot and killed. the scene secure. it turned out not to be an active shooter but a man police took down after he crashed his car into a crowd of people. >> medics to 19th and college. we have a vehicle that struck several pedestrians. >> reporter: and then police say the suspect pulled out a knife. >> a plan way knife running around cutting people. >> a male suspect drove a vehicle over the curb west 19th, west of college avenue,
5:32 pm
struck pedestrians. he exited the vehicle and used a butcher knife to start cutting pedestrians. >> there were multiple injuries related to lacerations or cuts most likely as the chief said from the stab wounds from the butcher night. late monday afternoon investigators identified the suspect as an osu student abdul artan born in somalia living in the u.s. as a legal resident. investigator its -- investigators continues to dig into his background. a social media most says he was upset about recent attacks on muslims. kenneth moton columbus ohio. >> on the 6abc app we'll alert you to the latest updates on this story as they unfold. find photos and videos from the scene and the violent incident on this campus. the 6abc app is a free download for your mobile device. world news tonight of course with david muir will have much more on today's attack at ohio state university.
5:33 pm
you can watch there following "action news" at 6:00. >> in other news, officials in california say they believe that the mom who went missing three weeks ago and was recently found was indeed kidnapped. 34-year-old sherri papini went missing after going for a run near her home and then never showed up to pick up her children. she was finally found last thursday thanksgiving day on a road about 150 miles from her home. the woman who spotted papini says she was chained to an object it wasn't visible that she had been badly beaten. >> i saw a woman, well, a woman with long blond hair by the side of the road kind of frantically waving what looked like a shirt. >> papini told police that two armed hispanic women took her and held her captive. investigators are analyzing the restraints along with papini's clothing for any dna evidence. she was treated for her injuries at a hospital and is now back home with her family.
5:34 pm
>> a manhunt in california continues at this hour for two inmates who broke out of jail last week. police are offering a $20,000 reward for information. chavez and campbell have been on the run for four days. police say they broke out of their jail cell in san jose wednesday night by cutting the bars off a window then rappelling down two stories using blankets and bed sheets tied together. >> this is the window they came out of where the bars are missing. you can see they cut one of the horizontal supports also and pushed the window out. >> investigators are still trying to figure out how the inmates acknowledged cut those bars. they say there were about 20 inmates in the cell at the time but of course no one is talking to authorities. >> a would this who took a photo of a naked woman in a locker room and posted it on social media has pled not guilty to invasion of privacy. former playboy playmate danny mathers was in court today in los angeles when her attorney entered the plea on her behalf.
5:35 pm
the 29-year-old faced widespread criticism after she shared the photo on snapchat with the caption, if i can't unsee this then you can't either. she later apologized and deleted her social media accounts. >> from our delaware news room police have released the names of the suspects they say led officers on a chase through the streets of wilmington. they are facing gun and drug charges tonight. police say they found 465 bags of heroin in their car following a chase late friday night. they say it all ended when davis crashed his car into a dart bus and flashed a gun as officers approached. davis allegedly complied when police told him to drop the weapon. both davis and coles were then taken into custody. the bus driver was treated for a shoulder injury. new castle county officials say more than a dozen neglected dogs are recovering tonight after they were rescued from a millsboro property last week. authorities rescued 14 emaciated dogs on wednesday
5:36 pm
after getting a tip call. another four were found dead on the property. at wood timmons the second of millsboro was arrested and charged with 18 counts of animal cruelty. the brandywine valley spca is now taking care of the surviving dogs. the medical staff is hopeful they will make a full recovery. >> in new jersey, fire officials responded to a home in mercer county today to investigate a possible incident of carbon monoxide. the call came in at 11:30 here on the unit block of leonard avenue in hamilton township. chopper6 was over the scene where several crews responded. we're told they did not have to transport anyone to the hospital fortunately. no word on where the carbon monoxide came from. pennsylvania's 12 day deer rifle season opened today. the game commission expects more than 500,000 hunters to take part. last year 27 percent of the deer harvest occurred on the first day of the season. similar numbers were expected today. some schools even had the day off to mark the occasion. >> students in south jersey
5:37 pm
packed up dozens of goody bags for children need today. holy cross academy in delran raise the more than a thousand dollars to buy duffle bags and all the items to go inside. they got toys, hygiene products and even blankets. they'll be delivered to new jersey's foster and adoptive family services. holy cross joined the nonprofit together we rise for this effort supporting children in foster care. very nice. >> 'tis the season. all right. one more time now let's get an update on the commute home on your monday night. >> over to matt pelman to see how things are rolling. hey, matt. >> i know we're all thinking green this season with there upcoming birds game. i'd like to give you the had the green light as you head to the linc for that game but unfortunately we're starting to see some backups here in south philadelphia. this is 95 northbound coming off of the girard point double deck bridge. the ramp here to broad street starting to back up as people begin to head to the linc and no shortage of back ups. red zones not green zones here along the vine street expressway. westbound a sea of taillights head toward the schuylkill and again each night this week at least the next four the vine
5:38 pm
will close for overnight construction. on the big picture and on the main line accidents on wynnewood road and montgomery avenue on the backside of suburban square this afternoon. also still have the downed poles from the earlier crash in east norriton blocking off 202 dekalb pike. swede road or white hall road are some alternates. germantown pike has an accident eastbound and in telford watch out for a crash along 309 southbound at 152 as you travel through bucks county. rick and monica, back over to you. >> all right matt thank you again. see you tomorrow. much more still to come on "action news" monday night. just a few more hours until the eagles take on the packers tonight at the linc. we're following all the excitement and we'll have a live report for you coming up. >> plus newly released video shows the damage caused by landslides in italy. authorities say there could be even more. >> also, scary moments for passengers on an american airlines flight after one of its engines went out midair. adam. >> been fairly quiet around here recently but we're tracking a pretty nasty system with a squall line, severe weather watches in the deep south and a couple rounds of
5:39 pm
energy will bring us some heavy rain. we'll have the timing coming up in that accuweather forecast. >> all right. that plus released its word of the year. we'll tell you what it was. those stories and much more when "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪ i work 'round the clock.
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>> italian firefighters released new video of damage caused by landslides triggered by floods that hit northern italy in the past few days. some areas roads were cut out making it difficult for people to get to their homes. tonight firefighters and volunteers are trying to contact families living in houses that are still under the threat of more landslides. russian did he first ministry says syrian rebel groups have taken over aleppo in a new offensive. aleppo's skyline was punctuated with smoke from heavy shelling today. the ministry says government forces are in control of 12 neighborhoods or roughly 40 percent of the city. the russian backed syrian army launchd its offensive late last week. >> an american airlines flight had to make an emergency landing in new mexico after one of its engines went out midair. officials say the plane was en
5:43 pm
route to dallas to lag vase last night when it he reported engine failure. it was able to land safely at albuquerque international airport a short time later. no one was hurt. still not clear why the engine failed. says its word of the year is xenophobe ya'. the web site defines xenophobe ya' as fear or hatred of foreigners people from different cultures or strangers. says police violence against people of color, syria's refugee crisis and the u.s. presidential race all spiked people's interests in that word and made them look it up. but the largest spike happened the day of brexit when the uk decided to leave the european union. >> all right. time for sports now. and excitement building for tonight's matchup against the philadelphia eagles and the green bay packers. you can see the game lie here on 6abc couldn't tonight. weaver lit the building green in anticipation of the big game and hopefully an eagles
5:44 pm
victory. they are undefeated at home. >> they are. >> jaime apody here with the inside story. >> i lit my shirt green. >> i like it. >> doesn't look at green as it does in person. bring out all the cliches. tonight is the night to use them with the eagles sitting at five and five and the nine spot in the nfc. as far as the wild card picture goes this is as big as it gets. need we forget the world will be watching. let's head to jeff skversky live at lincoln financial field as we get for monday night football eagles and packers. >> reporter: can't wait for this team to kick off on 8:30. nelson ago schlor not expected to play tonight according to multiple reports. eagles coach doug pederson told me moments ago he's yet to make that official. he's going wait until 90 minutes before kickoff to make an official ruling on whether or not agholor will play. agholor has said all week that he will respect his decision either way. if not, paul turner will be
5:45 pm
active. let's take a look at eagles quarterback carson wentz. the first eagles player on the field in street clothes today. rookie at his phone, playing around on that phone as he gets his mind right so he can hopefully play well tonight against green bay in his first monday night football game at home. as far as the eagles defense they have their work cut out for them. packers quarterback aaron rodgers has the highest passer rating in nfl history and he has quite the history against the eagles. in three starts he is three and o with eight touchdowns and over 700 yards passing. >> aaron rodgers is aaron rodgers man. you give him an opportunity he's going make the most of it so, you know, it doesn't matter how he played last week, the week before he's a proven quarterback in this league and it's somebody we have to be ready forte moment. >> you still see a guy that's very, very accurate, whether he's standing still in the pocket. he's got the arm strengths mobility accuracy and roof us
5:46 pm
banged up at the running back position but they still find the way to make plays so pretty much the same that we've seen over the last few years. >> reporter: monday night football here on 6abc. coverage kicks offer at 8 o'clock with our pregame show followed by the game eagles-packers and then stay tuned for the live postgame show from outside the eagles locker room. now, hopefully the eagles can take advantage of a struggling packers team. they have lost four straight coming into monday night football. during this stretch they have allowed nearly 40 points per game. this could be a big one for carson wentz and the eagles out of 70's live at the linc, jeff skversky channel6 "action news. jamie. >> thanks jeff. losers of three straight sixers are in toronto. the bad news joel embiid will sit out to rest. need we forget sixers have yet to win on the road. flyers will play eight games in 13 nights. they'll host boston tomorrow after beating calgary
5:47 pm
yesterday. coach hakstol has been moving things around. brayden schenn back at center but doesn't mind dropping down a few lines. >> when you're inconsistent -- you know, we are win one loss one. the -- there's still a lot of hockey to be played. i'm sure he's looking for a little bit more chemistry everyone. >> i see no green in your tie. are your socks green. >> no. >> blue and orange. interesting. >> if they win i will wear green tomorrow. i already have my tie picked out. >> thank you jamie. >> we will be airing this year's cma country christmas special on the live well network. jennifer nettles hosts tonight at 8 o'clock. conviction follows at 10 o'clock. of course head to to find out how to watch the live well network on your cable provider. >> and still to come on "action news" tonight, tickets for the new star wars movie called rogue one are officially on sale.
5:48 pm
a lot of fans have already purchased there's. >> stepping outside sky6 hd looking live now at the ben franklin bridge looking terrific at this point and we'll have much more from meteorologist adam joseph with the exclusive accuweather 7-day next. >> ♪ fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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>> sounds like we're about to get some serious explain yeah, for the next couple days on and off. we've needed the rain. we've kind of been in a did he ever fit for philadelphia. over 6-inches below normal so far. going to make up a little bit of grounds. storm tracker6 life double scan, very dry right now. clouds have raced in this afternoon. stays dry and it will remain dry this evening through much of the overnight hours and it's really not until the wee hours of the morning that some showers will arrive from the west. temps are in the upper 40's to around 50 degrees right now. you can see some of the cooler numbers. wilmington, millville, dover. 47, 48 degrees. still settling around 50 for reading, philadelphia as well as cape may and a lot colder up in the poconos there at 37 degrees. satellite and radar, we have a spin right here. low pressure, this is slowly painfully slowly going to push to the east and kind of park itself in the western great lakes and that is going to continue to work a train of moisture up from the south with a very strong jet stream. the river of air in the upper
5:52 pm
part of the atmosphere will really fuel this system as it continues to journey its way to the north and east. even severe weather breaking out in the deep south with this system tractor-trailer at the present time. -- system at the present time. 8:30 p.m. is your kickoff temperature of 49 degrees. if you're not heading to the game you can watch it right here on your television. mostly cloudy, south-southeast four to 8 miles an hour winds so winds not a big deal either and by the fourth quarter we only lose 1 degree to 48. future tracker6 shows early tomorrow morning 7:30 a.m., some of those showers especially from wilmington, philadelphia, point to the north, that's where the commute will be a little tricky tomorrow morning with the wet roadways. a little drier the farther south you are. but then you can see everything kind of brightens up here on future tracker at plan to time tomorrow as a heavy round of rain passes through and this go around it looks like the heaviest rain both tomorrow and on wednesday is going to be north of
5:53 pm
philadelphia and this is where we have a drought deficit or at least the most significant drought in our general area. it's not so much to the south is so good news that this go round the heaviest rain is to the north and west and that continues at 5 o'clock tomorrow evening for the evening rush hour, very slow in spots and even as you can see some pockets of downpours in southern areas. so, as we take a look at the impact scale here for your tuesday, in the morning, moderate. again, most of it is through the state of pennsylvania with the wet roads. but between 10:00 a.m. and noon for all areas a pretty high impact scale if you're trying to get around for lunchtime and then it backs offer a little bit between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. and then in general we're looking at one to 2 inches of rain much these are the four different models we look at for tuesday into wednesday so a pretty good seeking is heading our way. the seven-day forecast it's warm as well. 65 tomorrow and then more rain especially in the afternoon on wednesday, even a rumble of thunder near 70 degrees. it dries out the latter part
5:54 pm
of the week here on thursday and friday. sunny a-bit breezy, buffer average in the middle 50's. great on saturday 51 and then it clouds up on sunday and we could have another pretty strong system with more rain coming in monday at 52. the only bad thing here is it's going to rain up in the poconos as well. i know the ski resorts kind of want to open up before the holidays but no help from mother nature this go ground. >> thank you adam. of course with possible rain in the forecast on to get you through it. storm tracker6 live double scan radar is a state of the artery source. just tap swipe or mouse click away. you can get regular updates to the forecast by following each of our meteorologists on facebook and twitter. >> tickets went on sale early this morning for the very first stand alone star wars film rogue one but if you want to get a seat in the theater you better act fast. so many fans flooded fandango this morning for tickets the site reportedly crash. fandango activated await too many cue up excited fans. rogue one a star wars story
5:55 pm
hits theaters december 16th. the film was produced by a division of disney which is a parent company of us here at 6abc.
5:56 pm
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at the volkswagen sign then drive event. >> avid cubs fan and chef used his skills to put a holiday spin on the world series nearly a month after chicago's big win. he unveiled his gingerbread replica wrigley field. it's almost completely edible almost. the players are made out of legos. seats made out of crackers, the scoreboard is edible paper and the win december are made of gel tin. >> looks very cool. >> yeah, little tasty. >> right now jim gardner and the "action news" team are standing by with these stories and more next at 6:00 the search is on for a gunman who opened fire on a 15-year-old student on his way to delaware high school. and police thing this surveillance video shows the suspect wanted for that a sexual assault. hear from the victim coming up. >> and we'll take you inside the amazon wear louse in order
5:58 pm
helping to fill out those orders placed on this cyber monday. for meteorologist adam joseph cecily tynan jaime apody monica malpass the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams. have a nice evening. >> good night. >> good night. >> ♪ ok! impaciente! manolo! you're so cold, come in! what's wrong? take off your hat!
5:59 pm
no's, it's dry... your scalp? mine gets dry in the winter too. try head and shoulders' dry scalp care it nourishes the scalp 3 surface layers deep to help... ...prevent dryness and keeps you up to 100% flake free now we can cuddle the whole winter! head and shoulders' dry scalp care >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> monday night the president of the philadelphia teachers union rejects a contract offer and an ohio state university student goes on a rampage injuring where 11 students today. but the big story on "action news" tonight is an early
6:00 pm
morning burst of gunfire in a wilmington delaware neighborhood and a 15-year-old boy was shot. the teenager was hit near 27th, west 27th and north van buren streets. residents there said that there were five or six shots. the victim was on his way to dickinson high school when he was hit twice. "action news" reporter bob brooks is live at shooting scene. bob, what's the latest on this? what's the condition of the ninth grader. >> reporter: jim, good evening. not supposed to be like this for students. he's listed in critical condition. he flagged down a bus after being shot out of desperation. it happened just up the street from where we are. we're told this place is packed in the morning with students waiting for their buses and it could have been even worse than it already was. it was a chaotic scene, this school bus was on its route this morning when it was forced to a halt near 27th and van buren streets. a 15-year-old student stopped it flagging it down.


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